Dec 27, 2012 LF RBG group I'm looking to join an RBG group that is trying to push 2.2k.Radekk0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Stealth and AOE damage! I think AOE - stealth classes should have an AOE damage limit! Let me explain, if I jump off the cliff in Arathi Basin on the road to mine I take damage but do not lose stealth. I think the same principle should be used for Rogues and AOE, I think the AOE damage should make the Rogue partially visible but give the Rogue an opportunity to keep the stealth and get away or have the Player fully target the Rogue. There is so much AOE, in terms of shouts and fears, damaging spells its so hard to get around in stealth and without stealth Rogues are pretty tame.Paníc133 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Warlock Gates Any chance we'll be able to target these to destroy them at some point? Not saying they need to be super easy to crush but the ability to take them down would be nice. I have to waste a glyph slot if I want my creations to be anything but a minor speed bump.Grybnak9 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Nothing but bots in random BGs So stupid and sad to even try and gear up now.Shînobî1 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 random battlegrounds are just full of bots there's almost no real players I was in a sota and me and another guy from mal'ganis were laughing as we watched our entire team stand in the same spot the entire game just moving around a bit, on the beach. ... 8 years and Blizzard's pvp has come to this how pathetically sadGulrezim1 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 LF core RBG team Experienced pvp hunter looking for core RBGS team, I'm available on Sat/Sun-Tues. If you need a hunter to fill your team send me a msg. ThanksChetdicon0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Wheres the low level revamp ya'll promised? Average health 7k. Pally TANKS throwing shields for 4k. Feral Druids healing better than Resto Druids no to mention 2-3 shotting people. Shadow Priests LOLing everyone. Not saying end game pvp doesnt need balancing but I recall GC specifically stating that "soon" after MOP release they were going to do number tweaks across the entire board for pvp. 5 of us chased a single Feral druid for 5 minutes. We couldn't dent her. Not so much as speed, her heals as FERAL were ticking 300 more than my Heals as Resto (and yes I'm pretty geared at 62) and I sure in the hell cant do DPS like she can.Locruid2 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 how do you kill MW monk in bg? i notice dps just kind of gives up.Maxsteiner14 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Can we stop distruction warlocks crits plz I want to know why would a warlock needs that much crits its not even fun to play against them. (Destruction warlock) Chaos and conflagrate crist are hard.Finaali28 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 LFG RBGS im looking for a core RBG team to start doing RBGS. If your in need of a arms warrior whisper me if interested thanks!!!!Paulylawls0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 LF core rbg team Prot/arms warrior 1672 with mic and skype etc.Bazóoka3 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 55.35% Res. and still sucks I have 55.35% and I keep getting hit really hard. I thought this much resilience would save me from some damage. I keep getting hit by 35k- 96k. Warrior kills me 4 shots, and I have over 350k health. I dueled some people outside Stormwind to see when they think. I keep hitting them for 10k while they hit me for 45k. They tell me something is not right. Is there any bug?Gagreflex8 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 For those "alliance/horde always loses" Hi, here are some tips for how to increase YOUR random battleground win rate: 1. check out your own talent build see if it's more towards pvp or pve direction, and check if you have your spells keybinded/macroed, if not, do it right away. I know it's different now in mop than in cata, but sitll you should be doing this as you're expecting to win more 2. Please play over 1000 arena games( 2s and 3s to be more specific, 2s might be more suitable for pvp beginners who are still need to learn what capability of every other classes, and what are the "left out" spells could you be using in certain situations) 3. Check out the big names for your classes as well as other classes. A good pvper(a multi seasonal gladiator or at least 2.2+ arena player) can often inspire you in terms of macros/keybinds/play styles and etc. Check their armory and bookmark them in your browser and re check them once in a while see if they're making any chenges in terms of geming/ enchanting/ trinkets/other useful gears/a specific weapon/ professions. 4. Do duels while waiting for queues, it also helps you to understand/study what are the new spells other classes have now in this new expansion, and thus have a better prediction on when they're about to use them and what/how/when you should be using your spells to counter. 5. You can queue with a premade for random battlegrounds. However, individual abilities still counts even if you're in a premade. I've seen/experienced premades got owned by the opposite team simply because we/they outplayed them/us. Please do realize every move/every second counts. 6. If you have entered in a middle of a game while your team is being camped at graveyard, or 0/2 flags. Please do not quit immediately, instead go out there and try as hard as you could to change the table, if you failed to do so, please don't feel bad about it but be proud of yourself. Because it could be an another way to gain your confidence if you happened to have some blow kills even in that sort of tough situation. If you're a healer, try out-heal all other healers. If you still lose that game you should still be proud of yourself because you've done what you could have done. I hope that the complainers actually read through my advises and be benefit from them because that's how I play pvp. In my case, I failed to reach 2K+ in my first arena season and I'm not complaining anything but only have realized how hard pvp can be if you're looking for competition in a rather high rank, and I have only learned how to do better when situations getting tougher. I do not have any proud pvp achivements but I sincerely believe that making efforts on your own is always better than making a thread complaining how alliance/horde always lose lose lose in random battlegrounds. Making threads about how you lose every single game on this forum is only meaning admitting that you're bad, you're one the problems for your faction/team, and arguing with other people when they analyzing your problems or giving you advises only explains why you're still bad: you do not listen and do not want to learn. Here are some of my random battlegound stats(just a bit of a prove that I'm not some random garbage player that suck really hard in pvp but thinks he's a pro): Battlegrounds played 3,540 Battlegrounds won 2,152 Random Battleground win rate:60.79+% Arenas played 909 Arenas won 597 Highest 2 man personal rating: 1761(I didn't play many 3s for my first season simply because I realized I wasn't really ready for that much of details in 3s as a disc priest) In arena there're too many things to be considered, such as positioning, timing, mana managing, etc. and when you getting used to pay so much more attention to every details then you'd carry that good mindset to every single random battleground you play in, so it's predictable that you'd have a better random battleground win rate in a long term. Thank you. P.S: If you just going to ignore all of the above than I think you do not have the right to complain about losings because pvp is like everything else in life, it takes efforts and it takes time to get any better.(not even consider being really good)Florencia55 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Mop PVP class > gear > skill = fun.Moongle5 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 I need to vent I'm so tired of endless CC's. This design is way over the top and I think Blizzard should seriously reconsider their design. I feel like playing in BG's is just an endless experience of loss of control. Once control is regained, half the time you are hit by another loss of control affect and if not, you have to spend 3-5 sec trying to get back to the target. If that target is a ranged then it's game over. Forgive me if there is another thread or this has been said before. Like I said, I need to vent. I realized people can argue that it makes it more strategic and I respect their opinion but my opinion is this is a bad design. I would be willing to give up my stuns for a reduction in stuns and loss of control affects altogether in PvP. Plain and simple this isn't fun. It's just frustrating.Magdalum2 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 RBG recruitment Horde US This is a different call to arms: I am recruiting a progression oriented RBG team: This team will play 3-5 times per week with the mindset to get advance as far as possible in the rating system. Classes that are needed at this time, 2 will be selected for each position and both will alternate days and hopefully be available to cover for one another if something were to conflict. To apply, you must have a minimum current rating of 1675 and have t1 weapons, all gems/enchantments in place, and be prepared to function as a team. Vent/skype/mumble/teamspeak capability. Skype is our preferred method of communication. These positions for a deep roster are being interviewed and accepted Flag Carrier: Prot warriors x2 Healers: Holy pally X1 Resto druid/shaman X2 or one of each. Monkx1 Holy or disc Priest x1 DPS Frost DkX2 - target calling position Frost or fire mage X2 Spriest/lock X1 Arms warrior X2 boomkin x2 Subtlety or assassination rogue x1 Elemental/enhancement shaman x1 All members of the team will be given equal play time and rotate rbgs. Battlegrounds will take place in the evenings generally beginning around 5 pm central server time and vary slightly to be convenient to the majority of players. personality compatibility is required as well as vocal confidence and ability to call CCs. Minimum Current ratings will be enforced as the group progresses, anyone who falls below 100 points of the minimum due to rbg play with other groups will be disqualified from participation until they have repaired their rating. No carries for anyone at this time. Serious players struggling to form static teams and break our current MMR are exactly who I am looking for. TomServo#1434 is my battletag. PST for skype interview.Slyck17 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Random BG Suggestion This is just a suggestion I thought might help Random BGs be more fun and challenging for everyone. As a casual player I see lots of premades in random BGs, on both sides, and statistically from my view these are almost always wins for the premade team. While we all like to play with friends I notice when other players realize there is a premade some just leave or give up right away. Now I myself can say I've been in my fair share of great groups camping graveyards, holding the flag just to farm kills with an obviously overpowered team, this gives a certain amount of enjoyment, dominating. But it's not really real, not when your team is far better geared and balanced while coordinating efforts over services like team-speak or jabber. My suggestion is simple and I hope others will agree. I'd give up some of the already quick queue times for some sort of team balancing, both in gear ilvl and heals/dps, match premades with other premades, while also restricting changing of specs the 2 min before the BG starts. Anyways that's my 2 cents. IMO the best BG's are the close ones.Luminarious2 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 How good are WW monks in PvP? A lot of people tell me they are horrible. Are they really that bad? I'm thinking about leveling one but I dont want to level one if they are bad in PvP.Ditzule7 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Arena's and Bg Balance System is Whacked Not sure the exact number of losses to wins on my Warlock lvl 90, but its 90% losses i'm sure of that! The balance system in BG's is so bad right now, and Arenas are the same. I've been with WOW for close to 7 yrs now and if stuff dont start getting fixed and fast I'm leaving and I will never come back again. Very Sick of going into a Eye of the Storm BG or any other one and get 4 capped with a zero score, because not one person in that bg is even close to the same as opposing team in gear... I got into arenas and bg'ing last year and now I'm so sick of the unbalance, that I'm very seriously considering LEAVING WOW for good. PVE you guys are great, But PVP and Arenas this is the (worst I've ever seen it).... I'm not alone and your losses will be very significant if you cant fix the worst pvp expansion in the History of the GAME. You may as well remove Wintergrasp, 2 people to play it, as it was not updated with content from MOP at all, its pretty pointless to even have a que for it. Your Blacklist of 2 BG's doesn't work properly either, Black Listed Warsong Gulch all day and been put there 90% of my BG's. GOOD LUCK BLIZZARD (if u dont believe just watch trade chat any realm on bgs and arenas, or check the 1000's of posts on the Arena Forums, its sickening to see all the complaints (which as far as I have seen in game, HASNT EVEN BEEN ADRESSED....Nofeerz4 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 A message to Ghostcrawler, Love Fire. Due to the said infrastructure, you can’t without breaking it, WOW wasn’t planned with the millions that have happened, and no one can plan for that. I’m a futurist, one of a lucky small few, and even smaller that play WOW. They are indevering to cater to a small country, profit from it, control it, and try and make it evolve. And there doing a great job, but notice I used the term small country. Like any small country, you need a police force, so recruit them, volunteers. Special mounts, power to remove the bot’s. More efficient to monitor a small group of volunteers, that are highly visual to the population, and seen to be contently doing something about the problem, does wonders for morale, someone that’s able to do something about the problem on the spot. I’ll bet you gold CAP, that you’re headed this way, but this is just a napkin write up. What more info or insight, come and post personally, I doubt you will though, but one can hope.Fire11 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 imo... you should be able to petition the BG if you're getting farmed to end it... its pretty annoying to go into a warsong, and get 2 capped within the first 4 min and spend the rest in your graveyard while your team feeds them more honor.Datslootz70 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Warlock LF RBG team i'm geared and skilled and can play all 3 specsSpellgate0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 twin peaks blacklist doesnt work? i done this everal times sometimes evn get this bg as soon as it pops. and it feels like just this bgZaldrelia2 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 BG que wont let me que up I am in a group with 4 ppl- 3-35s and a 34. It wont let us que for a BG saying all players have to be in the same BG level range...., but all of us have the same list in PvP. is there currently a problem?Stormm1 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 My favorite part about pvp I love it when one small thing goes wrong and the kvetching starts. It's hilarious to me when one person starts calling out the rest of the team for being "bads" and when someone else points out they were trying to help that one guy on the team starts telling everyone else how to play their character and what they did or didn't do, like somehow one obnoxious douchebag knows what everyone else did with their character better than they did. Between that and when after only 2 minutes someone starts telling everyone else to give up because there is no way we can back from a 1-0 or a 250/90 (depending on the objective) score deficit, it really is my favorite part of pvp.Grybnak4 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Tanks effectiveness in killing? I want to roll a prot warrior and I mainly do world pvp and battlegrounds (arathi basin and kotmogu). Are tanks at a disadvantage to dps classes due to their inability to put out as much damage as them? Or do the defensive capabilities of tanks make up for their lack of damage?Runeheart3 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Suggestion to Bliz: how to detect bots Very simple: add "vote to kick", just like in PvE raid/dungeon. Current "report player" doesn't work effectively. Detecting bots by program may be hard, but not difficult by human. Yes, there will be spam, but has anyone complained about "kick" spam in PvE? Rarely. Yes, people will get kicked for various reasons: botting, afk, fighting on road, cursing... That's fine. How many people will vote for kicking a good player that helps to win? Yes, occasionally you get into heated argument with bad players and get kicked by mistake. Maybe you should make your argument more constructive next time, instead of cursing, or you could simply "vote to kick" bad players, instead of arguing with them. In fact, I bet this will significantly reduce cursing on Alliance side, which is a good thing. I've seen that some people want to kick players with bad gear. That's fine. In PvE raids, a lot of people yell "kick people with PvP gear", but I've never seen any player actually gets kicked because of this. If you're fresh 90, maybe you should get some cheap PvP gear from AH. Personally I'll never kick a player with bad gear. I clearly remember this fresh 90 player with 200k health in AB. He constantly defends LM with message like "2 inc LM, please help, I'm in crappy gear". To me, he's 100 times more helpful than a player with full PvP set fighting on road. I know people will bring up many corner cases to argue against this. The bottom line is: will this make BG experience better or worse? Current situation seems to be the worst. We can't get any worse. So why not try it?Xuanyuan4 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 tb and wg Want to make these fun again? Peak time on a pvp server and we are lucky to get 6 alliance! Many times the horde wont even try or show, up we go to icg and all afk till the timer ends now that bh is outdated ppl dont try controlling tb to run it. Everyone already has the mounts and pets and the gear is outdated. Can we plz get some rewards like the old vendor had. mop we gained 2 bgs and they are nice but we lose both of these?Simlife0 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 [H] Shadow Priest LF Resilient Victory group I'm a competent shadow priest with 47.5% pvp power and 60% res. I'm looking for a group that is working on Resilient Victory for AB. Let me know if you are interested in having me, and I will be happy to share my battle tag or realID.Shamypriest0 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 [A] 2,200+ Hpaladin LF RBG team I broke 2,200 this season in 3v3 as a Hpaladin healing an EleSham/Spriest. I am looking for a competetive RBG squad. Preferably over 2,000 MMR but I will make exceptions under the right circumstances. I can also play Ret in RBGs if needed. I have my 2,200 Conquest weapon and am fully geared. *** Add me -- Unfiltered89#1562 -- if interested!! --- T.Y.!Ðemigød0 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 oQueue It was working fine just last week but now I can't seem to find any premades on it. Anyone else having the same issues?Skkar11 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Looking dedicated and competitive RBG group Greetings and welcome to my recruitment thread. I have been running into issues finding a dedicated group of equally skilled players. My server is quite lacking in the RBG department and I have resorted to looking cross realm. Teams I have found seem mix and match with skilled players and alternatively players getting carried. This is fine for the weekly cap, but I am looking to play competitively with a team. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am quite vocal and team oriented. I have deep knowledge of classes and battleground strategies. Throughout my life I have played many sports and been a part of many different teams. Battlegrounds have always interested me because they fill this competitive void. I have played since early vanilla and have experience PvPing as a warrior, hunter and druid. I found my niche as an elemental Shaman early in Cataclysm. The general consensus is that elemental is quite weak at the moment. I truly believe the problem lies in its perception as a "pure" dps/cc class. It certainly feels inferior to other "pure" cc/dps casters. This perception is short sighted in my own opinion. Elemental brings a versatility no other class can match if played correctly. I could never fully explain my play-style because the depth is.. well I am just beginning to understand how powerful elemental can be. Feel free to check out my spec. It is unusual but highly effective. I provide undeniable utility both offensively and defensively raid wide. I bring to the table much more than a "pure" dps/cc. Great burst, cc, peels, offheals, mobility, survivability and most importantly great awareness. That is the key here, the player behind the scenes. All of these tools amount to nothing if they are not recognized and utilized. If you are interested in seeing what I can do and feel that your team can synergize with my characteristics please don't hesitate to add me. I am very frustrated with the quality of players I have been playing with. My battletag is Djinnjin#1690 I look forward to hearing from you.Djinnjin2 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 What happened to diminishing returns? I was sure I had read that there was people that did balancing for PvP.....where did they go? I thought there was diminsihing returns for stuns, silences, fears, CCs in general? Tired of getting chain full duration silences and stuns from monks in particular...cant do anything with 15+ sec of spell lockout at a time with burst dmg still being able to be dished out while being able to lay down that style of cc....just had 3 full duration spell lockouts from the same source chained with no diminishing return....made me wonder what happened to that.Magami6 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 80-84 MoP Greens starting in the 80-84 bracket i noticed people with 100k+ health and wondered how the hell this happened when i was sitting at 25k upon reaching 84 fully geared in pvp i noticed i only have 50 but people were still sitting at 100k+ i inspected a few and seen GREEN mop gear. wtf?! why is green pve gear for our lvl so much better for pvp then the purp pvp gear is. so i fully geared myself in Mop greens and now im sitting at 100k with everyone else along with my damage skyrocketing. again the question arises how and why is the gear so much better. this just doesn't make any sense what so ever.Bakaryu12 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Frost dk Pvp Hi im curremtly leveling a frost dk and was won der how to open . atm im going in with howling blast plauge(or outbreak if its up) strike ,hb,hb,hb... until km procs them oblit and fs as runic power dump is there a proper way to open beacuse as of now im not sure? also do you use plague strike at 90 or just get the glyph of outbreak and pop that as soon as you can??? please help tyMàtt15 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 wintrade/carrying rbgs do something about it Seriously blizzard, its really no offense i know you guys have alot on your table with dealing with everything in this game but there is ALOT of win trades where people carry people in rbgs for payement. This is mainly from but its not really fair for those of us who are trying to legitly getting rating in rbgs. Granted you cant really just stop this from happening but can you do something about MMR que's for people who do that? i dont see why 1 person who is in a 2200 avg group who has 0 rating or even less then 600 rating can drop the mmr of the group as a whole to below 1900. Can we get a blue post to atleast let us know that your "working" on trying to solve this issue? (working as in yea we know the issue and we will get to it whenever we feel like it, it would just make some of us feel better knowing your all aware of it)Kacarôt0 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Alliance RBGS - How to find them? Question. 90% of my toons are horde and I just use battlemasters for running rbgs. Well now that I got my dwarf shammy I can't even find a group, let alone one past 1500. Is there a site that is more popular for alli? if not can someone recommend a server I can find RBGS on. Also if anyone is running rbgs and needs a sham feel free to add me. FritoMaster#1274 Thanks.Stijin1 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Honor distribution seems to be broken I've been grinding out pvp gear for the last week or two and I've noticed something very disappointing about honor. It isn't rewarded to those who follow the objectives of each battle ground. Take wsg for example. In one game I've gotten top heals by over 300% and capped 3 of the flags but at the end of the game I had second lowest honor gained that battleground. I thought to myself maybe it's because I'm not getting many hk's so I did a test. Instead of going for the main objective I would follow groups getting a lot of kills and just heal them for all I've got. Near the end of the game I had equal hk's with the highest, but when we finally won, I was still way down at the bottom of the honor list. Now I know there are certain things like the guild buff that boosts honor gained but I still can't understand why I'm not getting a decent amount of honor. In an example game, I've gotten 231 honor while the highest in the group got 420. Now this is no small difference and greatly affects the amount of time it takes to grind out a pvp set. What I'm wondering is what I need to do to get top honor in each game. So far nothing I've tried has worked. But overall I'm just very disappointed in the way blizzard has decided to allot honor. I understand that they can't just give a ton of extra honor for flag caps because only a max of 3 players per wsg could get that extra honor but it just seems unreasonable to expect people to play the bg as it was meant to be played but not reward that effort at all.Shaturn7 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Suggestion: Elder Charms = Battlegrounds Sorry if this has been suggested before or it is already planned on being implemented / if perhaps I am an idiot and it IS already implemented, it's just something that has been bothering me since I use my one elder charm per week on Sha of Anger, and then I have some leftovers with no purpose. Perhaps we could use the Elder Charms of Good Fortune after a battleground / arena win? In addition to the chances for gold / honor / conquest, perhaps also a very low chance for a mount / pet? Just an idea, might put those to use.Bhanok0 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Looking to hit 2.2k please read Alright, I am so sick of running pugs with people with 2k+ rating and obviously got carried.. my CR is 1801 im looking to hit 2.2k real quick and need a nice group that doesnt wanna mess around and do anything but rbgs. If i have to pay ill pay but i need your guy's help!Synäx5 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Warlocks too much Cc? Am I the only one who feels this way?Vernix15 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Hero of the Horde cutoff Anyone know what it might be? Considering now that so many people are doing the stupid win trading shouldn't it be available to more people? Also, is it calculated through the battlegroup and faction or the whole battlegroup or just everyone pooled together? Hope someone can give a useful response! Thanks <3Verelyse5 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Tier1 1h weapon PvP upgrades unfair cost I just notice that the 1h pvp weapons mainly the melee dps weapons require 750 conq points per weapon to upgrade. Which means you would have to pay double the amount of conq points than the 2h weapons just to get the same stat benefits. Is this a known issue or am I just doing the math wrong?Meanmuggin9 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 docks is imbalanced alliance is always tacking it about 80% of my CTA queues when isle of conquest is up is a loseKungfùpanda99 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 29-bots in Eye of the Storm Went into an Eye of the Storm battleground where I was the only real player. The entire Horde team, and the rest of the Alliance team were bots. Video of it here: Oh and Ally bots won, despite being two players short.. myself and an AFKer sitting at starting point the entire time lolDactylion15 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Extreme BG rez lag Every time I die in a BG and release spirit now, there's a 5-second delay before the rez timer appears. This used to happen in TBC/wotlk every once in a while if the base was newly-captured, in AB, for example. However, now (as of MoP or patch 5.1; not sure, since I haven't played many BGs in MoP yet) it's happening every single time I die no matter whether the base was new or not. Sometimes, when the timer finally pops up, it's at something like 28 seconds, meaning if it had just popped up some time before that 5 seconds had passed, I would have been rezzed. It waits seemingly in order to avoid rezzing me, and this is very frustrating. Can whatever change that caused this new bug be reverted please? Also, would Blizzard please acknowledge that this is happening publicly? As someone who's been playing for a very long time (>500 days of in-game played time across all my characters), I'm 100% certain this is a bug and it's not been happening forever.Bujutsu7 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Rated BGs and the conquest pt cap I am open minded enough to understand/accept why rated battlegrounds will net you an bonus of 400 extra points above the arena conquest point cap, I don't necessarily agree with it but I'm willing to accept it. This does concern the 400 point difference. Keep in mind before reading and taking all of this in that is considerably harder to put together a decent RBG group on the less populated servers. I understand there are plenty of ways to put together an RBG group but I simply don't want to put in X amount of extra time just for those bonus pts each week. So, I offer/suggest another option. Random battlegrounds and the holiday battlegrounds currently offer some conquest points so I suggest we can use that to fill the hole in the cap difference. Doesn't differ from RBGs too much and it encourages players to queue up for said battlegrounds that really remain meaningless to someone who has "progressed" enough. More options to achieve something is never a bad idea. (As long as we aren't handing anything out)Madmartigen1 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Silvershard Mines - Distinct Advantage Horde Please fix Silvershard Mines - It is not fair that Horde can cap the first cart just because they are closer to water and lava. There is no way to cc them from getting there first either. Getting behind a whole cart in the first 5 secs of a bg just because you are on ally side is garbage. Idk how you can fix it but clearly there is problem. If I am overlooking some obvious strategy to prevent this from happening please enlighten me.Actiom113 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 30 Players, 28 are Bots...with pics Can it get much worse? Queued into an Eye of the Storm where my entire team ran to BE and sat there. All bots except for one other person and me. Pic: It gets so much better though. I start towards the Alliance and see their entire team sitting at mage tower. All of them. All bots: The hilarious damage totals a few minutes into the game: I finally managed to train one of the alliance bots towards my side at which point an all out bot war broke out and I watched them all auto-attack each other for the duration of the game. We need some banhammer in this here house. Bots be everywhere mon.Meenamoo31 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 TolBarad/Wintergrasp Suggestion Dear Blizzard, If I may, I vote that you introduce xrealm pvp to TB/WG. Sync all the battle-timers together within those realms so that some of those realms will enter TB/WG at the same time instead of having to fight only 5 people on the opposing side on one server. In this case, since I'm on Illidan server, 0 people to fight (97% Horde - 3% Ally). I know, most servers wouldn't have those kind of numbers on one faction side; however, if on one or few servers is full on TB/WG, those extra people can be put up against whoever is left in queue...or something like that. I still miss when there was sooo many people in WG. I'm pretty sure, nowadays, everyone is just only throwing themselves into queue for both TB/WG only to hope that they're lucky enough to get in, even when queue'in directly at 15 minutes before the battle. -HëllhåmmerHëllhåmmer1 Dec 26, 2012