Oct 26, 2012 (A) WW Monk LF Rated BG's I have a good handeling on the class and normally come out near the top on damage. I am avalible most nights as needed. PST me for more info. ID: MadArgon#1260Acupuncher0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 WHY DOESN'T ANYONE WANT FERAL IN RBG's? Seriously wtf? What ever happened to bring the player not the class?Moltke5 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 (H) Frost/Fire Mage LF RBG'S Looking for an RBG team that runs weekly on Friday-Saturday-Sunday at anytime during those days. I have been playing since vanilla know my class pretty well mostly play frost but can go fire if you want. I CC and DPS both well. Looking for a guild thats been together for a while and knows what they are doing.Diddlydan0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Enough Bots. With the release of MoP, it's quite understandable that people are bored at the prospect of having to level your characters up again. Those 5 levels can be excruciating if you are a slow leveller, or don't have much time on your hands. However, this doesn't make it right to bot. Botting has ruined battlegrounds. I've even had to adapt by predicting bot behaviour to help our team win. Here's an example Isle of conquest, our team of 40 had approximately 12-15 human players. Before pulling Agmar, one of our dps somehow managed to lure all the bots (on OUR team) to Agmar's room. I always knew bots existed for WoW, but i always assumed they were mainly in gathering and questing. I've played WoW since classic (though having quit 4 times and coming back) and i've never noticed them in BGs until now. I expected within a week or two after MoP release it would die down, but instead its grown. It seems people already have their lvl 90 monk, but also want a rogue, warrior, warlock, shaman et cetera at lvl 90. Even if you, the reader, aren't a botter, i hope you would at least report them afk. I personally dont want someone too lazy to level up spamming ice lance at enemies and feeding them to the Wrecking Ball, while getting experience points for it. If you too are against botting, here are just a few ways you can detect one and report them: 1. Bots travel in packs, somehow i think they use the same program mostly 2. Bots have instant targeting 360 degrees. This makes stealth capping impossible. i Found this out the hard way on my rogue main. 3. Bots will walk instantly towards a warlock during preparation as soon as they start casting soulwell. You will then see a wall of text "creates [Healthstone]" a split second after. 4. They really, really, really suck at pvp, but with good gear, an ele shaman botting can top the damage charts. 5. When trying to cap a flag/node, they will continue casting the "cap action" for the whole duration despite the fact that someone has a 5 second headstart on the cap. Thanks for your attention.Gildan6 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Regular RBG Team <Avatar> is seeking strong PvPers for its RBG team that hopes to mirror the excellence of its historically PvE agenda. The RBGs run on Mon/Tues from 5:30-9 (Pacific Standard Time). The team began fielding two months ago and over that period of time reached an RBG rating of 1848. While this is a solid start, we're looking to push higher. That being said, <Avatar> is looking for dedicated, mature, focused and skilled PvPers who are interested in approaching RBGs in the same fashion that raiding is approached. This type of structure caters well to individuals whom have the ability to budget his or her time well since team field time is used as efficiently as possible. We take pride in this type of structure as it fosters the types of players that allow teams, both PvE and PvP ones, to be successful. If you have any questions feel free to respond on this forum or you can find me in-game. Lastly, the age requirement for the team is 18. Real ID: If you're looking for more information regarding the guild's structure and organization or simply looking for the apply button follow the link below: Thanks, -PallysavantPallysavant0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 [A] H-Paly LF Rbgs team hello you can check my achivement, im looking to get back into Arena and Rated BGS Team. You can contact me via real id or in game. I raid Tues-Wend-Thurs-Sunday 8-11:30 Eastern. Please put why you are adding me in the real id, Like Arena Partner or RBGS Team. Im very serious about it thanx you and have a great day. Skype is UmoktharFrënchÿ0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 [A] Recruiting RBGs thursday at 7pm Central LFM RBGs 7pm central. Must have skype and mic. Group is puggers from server queueing up at 1800mmr, looking to rid the less skilled players and push for 2k this week. Must have bg auto release and bgtargets addon. Really looking for a solid FC but considering all applicants. Send an email to include: Class/spec- Experience- Skype info- Armory link- Thanks all and I look forward to grand marshall this season!Lytes1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 @Oak of Khaz'goroth Hi, friend. I wanted to express my sincere wish that I made your night by eating that 800k CB and wanted to know if you were laughing as hard as I was. <3Detriment0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Sitting in a bg.... Gilneas with 9 Bots do i win? even my shadow OPness cant do it =(Ghøstfàçé2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Honor vendor? Where is the honor vendor for alliance, or is it still not released yet?Chargengg3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 The new Battlegrounds are actually fun I am honestly surprised by thisDrakmor2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Warlocks in Bg's/Arenas? Hey guys, my friends are rolling alts after im fully geared for PvP, its to kill time while we wait to cap our CP again the week after. I am a ex range player (my old mains were hunter in Cata, and Mage in Cata) but i've always been a fan of Melee with plate.We also decided all we will do is BattleGrounds, and the 2 classes i want to play are: Destro/Demo or Aff warlock, and Ret Paladin. My friends need me to dps regardless of what type (range or melee). Besides me we already have 2 healers, 2 melee dps. Im not asking you to make up my mind for me, but an outside perspective would be awesome. Im just wondering how Destro fairs early on compared to Ret, but all around i would like to know late game. I play neither classes so i have no idea how they do, and i'm not a FoTM player, im not looking for "whats op", but im looking for a class i can enjoy. I've played warrior on and off for almost 5 years now, totalling to a month play time on Spartan alone, i also just hit 90 yesterday on him.Spårtån3 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Bot Queueing Hour Has anyone else noticed that after 1am in the 85-89 bracket that it's literally all bots. I joined one just to derp around for a round and it's literally all bots. Every single alliance stays at Lighthouse for BfG where all the horde have set paths that run in between Mines and Waterworks. this is very irritating to come into and somewhat creepy to be honest. Will something get done about it. Probably not. End RantShaqattâck15 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 New to BG's. Which class? Im kinda new when it comes to PvP, I did do some PVP on my mage but nothing too serious. I would like to do some arena later in the future when im good at PvP but BG's will be good for now. These are the toons 50+ Mage(90) Warrior(89) Hunter(85) Rogue(85) S-priest(60) Warlock(50) Mind you, leveling isn't hard with all the perks//boa's//Halloween buff as well so it wont take long to get my classes to 90. What do you think would be a good class for me for starters, even if I pick a warlock or priest I can do BG's at low level and get used to the classes and the other classes I fight also.Jshadows5 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 [H] Frost DK looking for RBG team LF a team to play with. Pretty bored of joining the trade chat pugs and tripling the next guy in damage. Had exp playing with/against top arena players in RBGs during the first season. Just renewed account for pandaria, and unfortunately don't know many PvP people on horde faction. Battletag: TianZi#1634Nitecore0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 RBG League Hey guys, so I'm here hoping to grab a couple more recruits for a professional gaming league that's starting up. We're currently recruiting both horde and alliance, and looking for some more people for 3v3 and a couple RBG teams. If anybody is interested in joining, or looking for some more information on the league itself, please go to the league website at and send in an application! All the applications will be looked at, and tryouts are this Sunday at 4PM.Badwings0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Wintergrasp Bug Has any other player encountered the bug in Wintergrasp that occurs near Flamewatch Tower? What happens is that if a player or multiple players are in any vehicle and are heading up the path towards the tower to destroy it, the vehicle is destroyed by nothing about halfway up, and the players Ranks reset. It causes the Battleground to be unfinishable by means of taking down the towers. The only way to complete the BG is to wait for the timer to run out. I've sent a bug report into Blizzard so they are aware of it, so hopefully this gets resolved soon :)Ramenpaw1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Arms Warrior LF RBGs Hi, I'm looking to join an RBG team. Arms Warrior. I play 100% PVP only. No PVE so I'm available every time I'm on. Let me know!Classic0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Frost Mage LF: RBGS! Solovei#1900 Geared and experienced.Vietnow5 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 RBG Comps Looking for the best comp so far for mop. Please lend me your wisdom.Bearing1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 So how do I get into an RBG? Getting tired of pounding on bots...... better yet how did YOU get into one? I cant find a guild that wants to do themVanhishikha4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 [H] Spriest LF RBG Low pop servers make difficult to find pvp <2300 arena exp <2000 rbg exp Days available (Pacific time) Mon, Wed - 1pm to 5pm, 930pm to morning. Tues - Open to anything Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun - Open to anything Battletag Joseppp#1272 Disc arenas s9 though s12 Shadow arenas s10 through current Disc RBGs in s11 Shadow RBGs in s12 Started RBGs as pug on my server but low pop server often leads to failure, started off server recruiting, then eventually xfered for arenas/RBG which lead to sub 2k rbg before half the team disbands and xfers. Xfered back, not interested in transferring again. Have skype, mumble, vent, ts available, working mic, very vocal with dispels and MDs and availability of CDs.Azn0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 its like everyone chose to be a healer i swear its like i can't kill anyone because they have 2 healers behind them. when did everyone rerolled to a healerDudlert10 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Can't enter BG's on flight path. Why can't we enter them while on a flight path. Didn't we use to be able to do this? If not, then why is it there? Can someone tell me?Bonzu2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Any chance Blizzard does something about bots ????? At this point it is very doubtful. Bots have been around how long? Jesus christ. Get off your lazy asses and do something, bots have ruined BGs since BC.Vnum4 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 PvP gear iLevel confusion That piece shows in the armory as Epic 464, but in game, it's blue 458. Why the difference? Oh, and don't mind my gear. I'm trying to build a PvP set piece by piece. As soon as I get more PvE gear, I can enchant/gem my PvP pieces properly for battlegrounds.Halfsmoke2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 why does the alliance suck at 10v10 and 15v15 It seems like the alliance is only good at AV and IoCMythelm2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Full Premade WSG and Others! Using an addon called AV enabler it will allow me to run 10 people into a bg of choice. I am starting with a few WSG and will casually grow into a larger battleground. This will primarily be for alts gearing up for Rated BGS. But, also will be doing some for just the fun and to get more experience for an organized group. Nonetheless The only requirements are that you be level 90 and have the crafted gear set and be able to use vent. Times/days vary by whenever i want to do some. add Battletag Ubernewb#1763 If you AFK or have an attitude that isn't friendly Your name will go here and a reason as to why to not invite you. Just so i know and others know.Ryeleigh1 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Hero of the Horde - Fire Mage - Currently 2k LF RBG Group with 2k +. Currently on BlackRock. Fully Geared with season 12 and have weapons at the moment. Was at 3k Rating when I got my Hero of the Horde title. Real ID : ZEDD#1357Zedd0 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Deserter Debuff Hey recently left a bg instead of being farmed for 15 more minutes. Ragequit the bg and got deserter debuff, and now my armor is all red. I repaired it and it still is red. Is this blizzard making it a pain in the !@# to desert or is this some glitch? Edit: link to the picture edit2: still there even after deserter debuff wore off...Healar2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Having trouble deciding on a melee class... I like playing classes that just dont die. I only play BG's. I could care less about arena or RBG. I have played (and own) every class up to 85 except a shaman (70) and a warrior (30'ish). I like tank classes, like prot pallys, blood deathknights, and druids. Which classes have the most lasting power in melee? Is a warriors second wind THAT good? Is it worth it to level one up? Or should I just stick with a deathknight?Tiamax2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Stormreaver Xrealm RBG team (sponsored) Hey guys,I am looking for people to RBG with x realm to slowly look for a full 10 man to recruit for <Lzuruha> to push for hero of the alliance on the realm of stormreaver. Please go look at to get an idea of who we are and get in touch with me via this post by posting Name- Class- Spec- Exp- Battle tag- Note, you are not required to realm transfer! Just searching for potential people now! Free pet! Get to know us and win for giving your opinion! Mylzh.netDivinitÿ73 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 Why the hell cant alliance win BGs? is this more horde favoritism on blizzards part or are ally players just all a bunch of idiots? ally cant even win the easiest BGs, its really sad. BFG, they cant even hold 2 areas capped but they can fight on the roads and die. SSM, gain a cart then run off for others leaving the horde to take them and cap them. EOTS, ally just cap 2 areas and run for flag while horde ends up getting 3 and getting flags while they try defending only one tower at a time. Is this why premade groups are a must?Neofury7 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 26, 2012 MoP BoE's in 80-85 bracket Holy cow. Not good times.Theismann2 Oct 26, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 lfm rbgs at 8pm central need a couple more for rbgs at 8pm central, not a serious comp at 0CR most players have 2k+ arena exp full on healers must have skype add bbackus#1758 on realid and send message "rbgs"!!!!Lytes0 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Nice PvP Videos (And Some Funny Ones) Amazing mage pvp, and some random stuff. If anyone goes there, hope you enjoy!Rozenzo0 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Warrior LF RBG hi cherexx here and am currently looking for a consistent group to run rbgs i have 1800 exp in arenas. I want to find a group to run with that's fun to play with and viable comp I can fc or dps whatever is needed but above all I want a consistent group :).Cherexx0 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 No conquest from normal bgs past 1350 cap? never noticed this till now (havnt pvpd too much) ... we dont get 50 conquest after the first cap? as in once you get 1350 you cant go beyond that unless you actually do RBGs??? in cata we were able to get to 1650 (slowly) by doing randoms... 50 conquest per winMästerbäbe2 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Super Geared and Skilled F DK LFG 6 mal pieces, never been out damaged in an rbg, lf core team to push and go hard pst.Anonymityy1 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Kamil: Ret Paladin MoP PvP Video (BGs) Note: This is NOT Kamil 5. This is Kamil CR: Tales of a Cosmic Mother!@#$ing Paladin 2 (featuring Emagdnim). I promised a short PvP video based on Battlegrounds. Here it is. Nothing special. The clips are not the best, I admit. This is a PvP/RP/Music video. Casual play. I will be releasing an Arena video sometime in the near future (hopefully). My standard editing: lots of %^-*ing random stuff, pictures, lyrics quoting, Dicklocks and !@#$-Knights getting stomped, etc. My Fraps has been giving me a hard time (randomly dropping FPS), so I can't record everything, but meh! I might be going WIDESCREEN for my next video! Whoa! If people like this video, I might make another one like this. I HIGHLY OPPOSE DICKLOCKS AND %^-*-KNIGHTS! For more videos, check out: Kamilogy and Wisdom of Michaeal Brown: Make sure you watch part 1! CHINA IS GREAT! Stay mighty! ;[Kamils1 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 The determination of who wins a battleground. Which team has the most bots loses. That is all.Kroxic5 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Class for my PVP alt? Hello and thank you for taking a second to read my post. I'll try to keep this short to prevent you from getting bored. I have not been enjoying pvp as any spec on my monk. It's not a bad class nor do I think ill of it. I love him in pve but I'm looking to make an alt to focus on pvp. My main focus for now is to do battlegrounds for fun and eventually once I feel competent with my skills and gear to move on to rated bgs and some arena. What I currently have is, 85 DK 88 Sham 75 Priest 83 Pally 85 Lock 80 Hunter My interests atm are being close to "bg hero" as possible. I want to be able to support as well as dps (not interested in healing primarily). I have fallen in love with the concept of ret paladin and shadow priest being able to dps, cc, and heal. I also have thought many times about making a mage since they have always had great control which works both offensively and defensively for teammates. What are some suggestions I could consider before I choose my new pvp alt? Maybe some insight from people that play these classes both in random bg's and higher level play could be given? Thank you all for your time! P.S. The bg hero thing I am talking about pertains to situations like this. Ret paladin can toss a freedom to a friend, throw out a few off heals and when the time is right, pop cooldowns and push for a kill. They have great defensive cd's as well. Shadow priest could be similar, tossing renew/bubble on friends. Fear/disarm mindflay snare etc to help peel. Then turn around and mind blast devouring plague burst ( I know I hear spriest burst is non-existant). Similarly mages can use pet nova to peel off friends, poly, cs, lots of control. I guess I'm looking for the best combination of at least 2 of the following. DPS, Heals, Control. Hopefully by now most classes have sufficient defensive cd's that I don't need that to be a stipulation.Moxecute9 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 OMFGWTF OP Frost DK LF core RBG Never been beat in damage, out dmg'd Thegodofdmg everytime i've played him, can call targets, vocal, epic strangulates. LF non suck team want to push and go hardAnonymityy3 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 In defense of new conquest cap system I like it. To an extent. I don't like the weirdness of having to get conquest in a particular order (if you do rbgs first, past the 1350 mark, you're capped in arenas & bgs, makes no sense). But I like the new incentive to get people into RBGs. And it seems to be working. My win-loss ratio last season was like 1-4, this season it's been closer to 50-50. And I've been forming rbgs almost entirely with pugs (thanks to cross-realm). It's easier to find people for rbgs. It's easier to win at low mmr, since non-perfectly-geared people are going in to gear up. Personally I think it needs tweaking, maybe have each of the 3 ways to get conquest have individual caps. But anything that gets people into rated bgs, I like.Exrier1 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Fix Battleground Reputation Gains!! It takes YEARS of grinding to attain exalted in WSG and AB under the current reputation gains. This is just unacceptable. I've played this character since the beginning of BC and I still haven't hit exalted with WSG or AB. This is a PvP-dedicated character... why in the name of Azeroth is she not exalted yet? I've been a vanilla player and I've never hit exalted with WSG or AB on any of my characters... the amount of games you must play in order to hit exalted is ABSURD, please acknowledge that these numbers need at least a little tweaking Blizzard. Thanks for listening.Cetra5 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 honor pvp gear Does anyone know when the honor weps will be released? I'm just starting out with my first attempt at heavy pvping, and i know it will be several thousand out of my price range, but i would just like to know. Dreadful Gladiator's Bonegrinder looks like too much fun to be passed up :PFengot10 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 What's a good (non-elitist) pvp server ally? I'm currently on Uldum, which has a total of maybe 20 pvp players. Nearly impossible to find someone for a quick conquest cap. I am not a super cereal pvper. I went on Sargeras because I heard they were full of pvpers and not elitist. Me in chat: What is pvp like on this server? Thinking about xferring here. Any guilds looking for casual pvpers. Not looking for high mmr? guy 1: Link 2200 3's achieve or !@#$. We don't want you. guy 2: You obviously suck guy 3: Link achieves before asking for answers. So, what is a more relaxed server where PVP is a common thing. Not a multi-glad, and not looking for people expecting it. THanks guys! :)Brbwithflag7 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 85-89 Bracket full of bots HAR HAR BLIZZARD LOVES MONEYDimaskdd13 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 Havent played in YEARS need links Is there a guide on how to get started in pvp? I have an 80 Shadow Priest I would like to level to 90 and focus on pvp. I have a few questions... 1. What is a good strategy to get a pvp set? 2. Are Arenas and raiding mandatory for earning pvp gear asap? 3. is there a link with a good overview of all "points" needed for getting a pvp set. I have googled these topics and the links i found were less than clear. I was a twink for a long time and not fully versed in "modern" wow. Please help! tyMømmie1 Oct 25, 2012
Oct 25, 2012 New to PvP Last time I was big into PvP was wrath... any guides, macros, addons, you recommend for a DK? I also think that people who are fully geared with 483's shouldnt be allowed into normal bg's :/ it sucks to get geared when people like that flash you a look and you die.Ransiv3 Oct 25, 2012