Dec 16, 2012 prot war lf guild that runs rbgs often Prot war 1966cr 2.2kexp 10182resil LF guild that runs often that is trying to push 2.2k..can server/faction change if neededDublplatinum0 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 BGs feel like wading in glue. Playing in BGs these days feels like wading through glue with all the CC. I've loved BGs since I started playing in early BC, but this just isn't fun anymore.Glodd14 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 so about all these bots.... So I came back to the game all of a couple weeks ago because some of my friends were coming back, and we had all decided to pvp this time around. After I reach lvl 90 on my priest, I start to run battlegrounds, come to find that normal bg's have virtually no incentive that's worth working towards anymore thus, people seem to think it's okay to run bots and/or be afk during a bg. Now idk about the people that play this game anymore, but I for one am paying to PLAY the game, as should everyone else. When the system is this easily exploited, it makes me have my doubts about returning to this game and spending actual money to play. Long story short, something needs to be done about this NOW; the players can only notice/report so many times before we decide it's simply not worth our time/money to be the game's "police dogs."Neofate1 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 FINALLY So happy, the nerf to healing means that 2 healers are better then 5 finally!!!! So awesome. Used to be if the other team had 4-5 healers no one on the other side died. Ever. Now, the extra dps on the side that doesnt have 5 healers makes the other sides healers actually go OOM. +100000% to blizzard. Finally starting to seem balanced awesome job blizz! you hit the nail on the head.Ãpollo47 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 If SLT and HTT are the problem... (Copied from my original post in the Shaman forums so Blizzard MAY actually read it.) Why not just move SLT into the Water Tree? If that were to happen, you could no longer stack SLT and HTT, giving Blizzard no reason at all to keep this poorly executed nerf in effect. No matter how nice it would be to use, you can't stack totems of the same element. They even got rid of a talent early on in MoP development that would allow you to stack totems due to it's extreme effectiveness. I would love to hear Blizzard give any explanation other that stacking SLT and HTT to why totem's are "Too Powerful". Searing - Easily avoidable, minimal damage, 5 HP, Only real effect is to stack Enhancement Buff for LL Capacitor - Five Second charge time (3 if Glyphed), 5 HP SBT - Poor absorption compared to any other absorb spell in the game, 5 HP EB/EG - 5 HP (100 HP for EG), 5 second slow for EB, damage breaks EG Stormlash - Great CD if used with "perfect" timing, Easily avoidable damage due to 5 HP and instant CC on dps WindWalk - 5 HP, effect stop upon killing totem SLT - 5 HP, Closest totem to being OP due to effect, 10 yd range HTT - (based on my own current HP with MY Resto Gear; 3,190 HP) MTT - "See Above" (total gain of roughly 48k mana based on MY gear) HST - 5 HP, minimal healing (13k ticks with MY current gear) Grounding - Easy to avoid by using any /stopcast macro + casting any instant (ie; Ice Lance), Opposing Searing totem, Mirror Image, Water Elemental, Shadow Fiend, Gargoyle, etc, etc, etc will kill the totem in most instances before it's even useful Tremor - With the amount of Fear, Charm, Sleep effects in the game, the CD doesn't justify the overall effect. 5HP, party members must be within LoS and within 30 yds for effect to work to maximum potential Earth Ele - 5 minute CD, not stackable with Fire Ele Fire Ele - 5 Minute CD, not stackable with Earth Ele Magma - Only usable to "attempt" to break Stealth Even with the overly glitchy Totemic Restoration, none of these totems are worthy of being considered OP other than SLT, and that is really only due to stacking it with HTT since you can CC the Shaman to avoid most of the healing while HP is being redistributed. Also, if using SLT + HTT + CotE is too powerful, increase the cd of both SLT and HTT a whole 1 second and they are no longer usable for CotE. I'm am absolutely BEGGING Blizzard to inform us of what totems are "Too Powerful" and WHY. And even if they are powerful. You're going to tell me that SLT + HTT is more powerful than Divine Protection + Any Paladin Heal? Or how about the fact that I can Hex a Hunter's Pet "which is a beast" but can not Hex a Druid in any form other than caster due to the theory that "The Druid is a Beast while in form"? I could go on and on and on about spells and effects that are extremely more powerful than any totem in the game, even if stacked with another totem.Synthetixx2 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 About the Isle of conquest and docks Did blizzard ever say why they need to give the alliance a single node that can can win the game so easily for them? I mean did they just come out and say that the alliance need such handicaps ala AV style or what? I mean they get there a full 10 seconds before horde can and glaives are the most powerful seige in the game so its not like we can take them since that is only thing the alliance need (all 40 go there). Horde get to the hangar first...yeah...not even close. So did blizzard ever comment or just admit "we play alliance" or something?Necroxiong16 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Spriest lf rbg's group, 1744 CR (alliance) currently i am breaking 1900s in 3s know a lot heals for rbgs full malevolent besides trinks willing to call out targets available anytime can actually switch targets unlike most (omg soo good right?) might be willing to heal my self depending on how good the group is (2.2k+) add me rl id - skruffyskrap#1946Heãl2 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Good strategy for Gilneas ? In RBGs? We don't do well at all in this map. Looking for any tips.Spetnas3 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 PVP gear standards Why do we have to deal with people under geared or with PVE gear in BG's ? I'm tired of hearing "I just leveled" so how can I get gear....answer is simple buy it or make it. There is item level standards for dungeons why not BG's ? Battlegrounds have become the trash dump for gaining points only to convert to justice because PVE players rely on PVP people to carry them through. I just want gear standards for pvp the same as pve players get. Becoming way to frustrating with the amount of people loading up bg's that dont belong there.Zakwild19 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 New Boomkin PvP Video Will be putting out new videos Daily Including Boomkin, Combat Rogue, and Soon Frost mage! Like and subscribe please and thank you! :)Fibbin0 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 12-0 in randoms New to pvp, but had a good streak tonight. Please watch my style in this first-time vid. Feedback welcome. Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Where do I even start doing RBGS? Hey guys, Uzuko here and I'm literally trying to find a group that does RBGs. Starting by low MMR and what not. This isn't my first time pvping and this isn't my first time doing RBGs either. Been trying to get some ratings by cooperating with other people by doing CRZ in certain pvp realms yet I did not get a low MMR invites as a Frost Death Knight. There are certain things that i do have and don't have to be quite honest and I am really trying to start getting some ratings due to RBGs. Here are the followings I have: I have: Years of PvP Experience At least Dreadful geared (Probably more than that) Know the specs Runs arenas quite alot (Tired of being trained =[) Great teamwork (I literally am a teamplayer) Skype and Ventrilo I don't have: PvP experiences isn't really high enough Not much of a high rating Full Malevolent set (In progress) High MMR rating Don't get the title being "good" An idea where to start doing RBGs. I want to have: 2.2k rating (Ultimate goal as a DK and keep that rating afterwards) A very nice teamworking premade that cooperates well and win. So to ask, while i'm making progress of getting conquest gear along with gems, enchants and specs. Where do I even start doing RBGs other than going into other realm and look for invites? Any help would be much appreciated.Uzuko11 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 afk honor farming So I keep getting kicked without even getting that cow debuff. Did they change it somehow? Am I gonna have to autorun into enemies every now and then?Skoll4 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Is flag capping bugged? I recently notice that thrash is not preventing people from capping the flag, I talked to my guild's RBG tank (a guardian druid) he said he noticed it as well. Since I wasn't sure if thrash should stop the flag capping (because it is a dot), I just started using swipe instead. Yesterday I was on random AB, there was only a warrior on the flag, I had my cds up and was trying to kill him, I was spaming ravage on him, and somehow the flag got capped (he died soon after), anyone had this problem before?Garhal6 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 70 Twink Rated bgs. Does any 70 twinks still do them?Insàneqt8 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 LF ally/horde guild on Tich (noobs) Hey guys, So I kind of got bored with PVE and got into more pvp related content. Love it so far. I had heard through a former guildy that Tichondrius was one of the better pvp servers in the game, so I moved here. Enjoy it so far, except for one small problem. I am a feral/resto druid and I have a full dreadful set with a couple of malevolent pieces. Still need a weapon of course. I found my current guild that I am in here now, seems like a good group of people, but it also seems like they are way ahead of me as far as "pvp progression". I never get to go on rated BG's because of gear requirements, and I was mainly wanting to see if there was maybe a smaller or newly formed guild that was more on my level. I don't have any arena or rated BG ratings, as stated, I have the full feral set and am working on my resto set. Most people in my current guild overlook honor BG's because they are only on the conquest gear level so they only seem interested in RBG's and arena. Any of you know of any guilds that might be more on my experience level? I also have a hordie on Illidan, and I was thinking about moving him here unless there are some horde guilds that also might fit the description on that server. Thanks for the help everyone.Lucyen0 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Loving the 19s Did a few bgs today, queues are about 30 mins but queuing dungeons help pass the time. Anyway, the games I was in were great, lots of competition on both sides. Got to see 2k hp shaman wolf form flag carriers, ambushing me for 650 Rogues, mages that throw 350 bolt crits, 2.5k pallies that won't go down because WTF healers critting heals for 1.8 lol. And omg boomkins will win in any standoff , I saw boomkins tear through any ranged class, all I've learned today is that hunters aren't what you need to worry about any more lolShasty0 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 my god The area with the abominable snowman is SO fun. Completely farming alliance to the point of full blown lulzyZeroizer3 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 16, 2012 Matchmaking in bgs Plzzz do something with this so old matchmaking system, keep grouping people starting to gear and in the other side we have all people already geared. More than 8 bgs lost in a row is extremely frustating.Outcry5 Dec 16, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Expertise and aviodance in PvP zones Why not just make all classes require a 6% hit cap and remove expertise and aviodance entirely from pvp. A caster req's 6% not to miss and once 6% hit is reached they do not miss, a melee is 3%hit + 3% expertise but even @ 3% expertise im penalized by attacks still getting dodged and parried whats worse is when this happens from a caster or healer. This RNG nonsense should be fixed.Meganfoxadin0 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Viability in RBG's Hey guys, I'm trying to pick which of my 90's to focus on for RBGs. I have a lv90 DK and Lock, and I can't decide which I should roll for arena and rbgs. I have experience doing Unholy and Frost on my DK and on my lock as Destro/Demo. So, I would like you all to help me decide. Which class is more viable and why? Thanks in advance.Bozniak5 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 More XP in BG's and from HK's I think some system should be added to increase the xp you gain from getting honorable kills while leveling up but you get much more xp for attacking objectives or defending them, much like how you level up in games like Call of Duty and perhaps you gain a percentage more honor when you get a kill streak at max level and doing the BG objectives count more towards the killstreak which gives you more honor, even if they added something like diablo prestige levels but you can only gain levels through getting hks and objectives and maybe by completing pvp dailies, also doing pvp dailies out in the world will encourage world pvp on pvp servers and people will want to gain prestige levels for increased honor gains and bragging rights, however I don't think the prestige levels bonus honor gain should stack with the guild perks and it caps off at 50% bonus, also it should increase how much rep you gain in a BG with that faction (defilers and warsong outriders are a pain in there current state with no quests) Just a suggestion and something that I think would be interesting to see implemented, also to encourage wpvp they could double the xp/honor you gain when you kill a player in a wpvp quest hub. I'm excited to see everyone elses feedback on this and hopefully a blue can post and tell us how they feel about it :)Ladord0 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Premade 10 mans So its bad enough that we have to deal with all the bots that Blizzard has done nothing about, but now we have to deal with 10 man premade's top of this its almost impossible to win a random bg as a solo q. Please do something about this to stop 10 man bg Q's or at least make them wait to face another 10 man premade because right now BG's are no fun at all.Scaverous85 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 5.1 Death Knight Blood Tanking PvP NERFED HERO TO ZERO blood pvp was great till the Nerf on the Death Strike I stop playing my main character i loved pvping in blood i could last a long time and do strategic planing while fighting and it was a fair advantage cause i couldn't hit hard enough to crit someone down like a mage or rouge or hunter could i could stand and fight and stay alive for a good amount of time enough to cause distractions or even keep people off the flag now we got a huge healing nerf ad i get two shoted by a druid and beat by a holy pally i mean come on really this is one of many changes they keep making and shouldn't we get use to playing a certain way and the people that have jobs and just concentrate on one toon are having a very hard time there is a tip that says play in moderation well you have to constantly play if you want to have fun playing wow cause when they nerf stuff they shouldn't like the ability to heal with a death knight to help the healer in pvp so you can tank like a real hero class should be it turns people away from spending time and money to play when you rely on what that class spec is going to provide for you and the groupAtradies7 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Recruiting Level 70s! Pertaining to Burning Crusade raids at Level 70!ìøv23 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 What gear is better for PvP 80 twink? is it better if i have All Best in Slots Pve gear or all PvP gear with all the 409's? For BG and ArenaEphixx4 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Your plan is working Blizz. It's clear you want to eradicate the healing classes from pvp, and it's working. Already today I've seen countless random bgs where each side is full dps. There have been a handful of games where someone goes heals and then quickly realizes how big of a mistake it was. There is not enough healing output to counter the amount of ridiculous damage in this game. I do my best to protect our healers but they can't even heal themselves right now much less an entire group. Already I'm seeing DPS cry and whine at the start of a bg about not having any healers and then continue to cry and whine because they end up with 15-20 deaths by the end of the match. In the rare occasion that a healer does join a random bg they are instantly the target of trash talk. "Learn 2 Play" "I hear healing is hard" "Our healers are garbage". I can't help but take pity on these guys because in most cases it really isn't their fault, it's your's Blizz. You guys should "Learn 2 Balance".Pikafoo151 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Is pvp weapons good for healers still? After reading about all the changes to healers and pvp power for healing getting nerfs. I've been wondering if it is even worth it now to buy my [Malevolent Gladiator's Energy Staff] or just focus on conquest gear and get the sha touched weapons like [Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm] + [Fan of Fiery Winds]? Please don't give me comments about how amazing pvp power is for your dps chars I'm not talking about dpsing I'm talking about healing and I just want to know if I should even both as a healer with the pvp weapons and pvp power any longer. Thank you!Nykuba2 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 I'm just curious about something... Hey there alliance, I'll go ahead and get this out of the way "OMFG U GUYS ARE ALL GEARED OUT AND HAVE FIFTEEN HEALERS IN WSG". Okay, now that that is gone, I would like to ask, queueing into randoms, do you feel like you win the mass majority of your games, or lose? I'm not sure if I'm getting slammed with the bad team stick over and over, but I am lucky to win 1 out of every 4-5 games. Does it feel like it's the same for you playing on the alliance side, or if its the inverse of my current rates of winning? I only ask because a guildy of mine claims that the system blizzard uses is designed to balance your wins and loses out to 50\50. Right now, I'd say I am 40\60 (w\l). Heck, at the rates im getting honor, I'm going to get full malevolent from doing two's every week before I get a full set of dread. Thanks for reading my rant, flame away!Zulukas55 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 PROOF WARRIORS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! Kimjongskil10 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 What If Resilience... ...reduced the duration of CC? Let's say that all CC in PvP was reduced proportionally to the percentage of Resi a given character has. Since every character has 40% to start, that would be an immediate reduction that would greatly impact World of CCraft. Imagine what would happen for Resilience stackers.Josarian24 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 bots are getting crazy I did many bg's this morining and in the battle for gilneas the bot's are just insane. once the whole horde team but one was all bots serveral others most of the alliance side except 2-3 were bots. and this isnt the only bg it happens in. Blizz if your going to remove the ability to do premades like you have your going to have to correct the botting problem.I'm also not complaining more concerned then anything. The more players that see this go on and nothing being done the more that will get bots and use them. Plus the more players that abide by the rules will stop pvping all together or just find another game. I'm also fine with not doing premades but, until you can fix the amount of bots in bg's give us something to avoid the bots anything, ive seen lots of good ideas all over the forums. Any of which would be better then where we currently are at. I also have a question regarding botting is there something were able to do, to get the people we know are botting banned. do we do a ticket? or is there someway to report them like in game chat where you just right click and report for cheating?Worggý1 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Feeling useless in bgs. So I have never posted once on this forum to complain about damage, overpowered-ness of a certain class, etc, but what just happened in the battleground I just completed is beyond ridiculous. Twin Peaks, thirty seconds in, I ride up on a frost mage wrecking a teammate of mine. He cast on him twice, and he had my pal at 20%. I dismount and start to cast Mind Blast. He blinks over to me, counterspells, Deep Freezes, and damage from him goes as follows: Frost Bomb hits you 203,927 Frost (49,743 Absorbed) (Critical) Fire Blast hits you 39,535 Fire Frostfire Bolt hits you 76,528 Frostfire (Critical) And he actually followed that up with a 6,380 Ice Lance crit, while I was in Dispersion, which would have been another 63k damage. Roughly 420k damage in a three second span. What do fellow players? PS I have a screen snip if anyone thinks I'm exaggerating out of anger.Slendaman41 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Healers in BGs Thanks Blizz for adjusting healing in BGs, was much needed. Now, are we going to see that fix that balances healers on teams anytime soon? Because Horde no heals vs alliance with 3 resto druids and a holy pally in WSG is pretty much not doable.Xaiozen49 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 A suggestion for Battlegrounds Maybe a match based on the equipment in every battleground would help players to enjoy more and have more chances to get the points needed to buy their own PVP equipment. I have been observed in many battlegrounds that there is a really big difference of Item LVL and gear (both as dungeon and PVP gear) between players. It's really frustrating when a DK on the other side, arrives with his critics of 160K, defeat the whole group, and I only make a 5-20k damage with my skills, it's the same with Warriors, Druid, and all kind of DPS, even healers do more damage. Some times you are lucky and you end in a team with a super power PVP gear, but the same happend to the other team, they can't enjoy the game, it's like "HEY THERE IS A SHAMAN OVER THERE!" and they just killed you with only look at you. What im saying here is that it will be great if in any battlegrounds the teams will be "SUPER POWER PVP GEAR vs SUPER POWER PVP GEAR" and "LOW LVL vs LOW LVL". It's only a suggestion, i would like to read some more opinions.Shandell4 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 WSG Bot Wars Hello I did quite a few warsong gulch early this morning on both this rogue and my alt paladin. In approximately 5 games (most of them one after the other), 8/10 players were bots. here is the kicker : On both sides ! So a big battle of the bots was heaving in the middle in all those matches, these guys were the same players often from one bg to another. It was for me funny but it's also stating a lot on the state of botting. If you would watch warsong matches in that time frame , (seems there is a lot of botters really early in the morning) you would be able to identify a LOT of accounts , and this without having any trouble looking for them . If i can identify these accounts so easly , why isnt something like that done from blizzard? (take a GM from your company, make him watch some bg's early in the morning). It's pretty silly to see 17-18 bots in one WSG wich has a 20 player maximum if you include both sides . People might say : there will always be bots and such , but if you BAN or suspend for a long time the accounts , word will spread that bots are unsafe again (right now obviously no one is scared of doing it) . Then the problem might not totally dissapear but it will go down in numbers at the very least. Maybe a WSG with 2-3 bots instead of 18 ?Craterz16 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Exploiters in RBGS I never understood how teams are -800 mmr. Is that when they queue up and don't enter? Then I see guys like this: Obviously no PvP experience and hits 2400 rating in a day Are these typically the same group of people?Bnzz3 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Reporting enemy players for botting I find when I'm doing battlegrounds, I'm much more likely to realize botlike behavior from my opponents than from my allies. This is simply because I'm often more focused on my enemys actions and movement than the others on my side. It seems at the moment it is only possible to report those on your team for botting, which I typically have a harder time picking up on. Is it possible in the future to see the implementation of a way to report enemy players for botting in a bg?Chompy4 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Whos a better RBG tank? DK or Druid?Customs2 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 randoms battleground turning out to be bots does anyone know if this is 24/7 cause it seems when i pvp there always bots i did a warsong and out of 10 only 4 of us wernt bots blizz need to do something ive seen other post yeah you can say do a premad not all the time your freinds are on and or on a low pop realm it just sad :(Lizy0 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 RBG makeup With the recent nerf to PvP healing, we are finding it quite difficult to keep our teammates' health up with 3 healers while the opposing team pop's all their CD's. Would a 1-tank, 5-dps, 4-healer comp be viable at all? I only have 1700 exp in RBGs, so I was hoping to get some opinions from people with a little more experience.Regidruid0 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 so.. let me get this straight moderators.... So when it comes to healing classes and armor - Paladins get increased armor due to plating - shamans get a totems to increase their armor ( and wearing mail) - priest get a buff to increase theirs (imo they should have it) Seems a little unfair from a pvp perspective that Monks and Druids (had one then lost it (druids). don't give me crud over Incarnation) don't get an armor increase? it would be fair to give a passive buff for a resto druids or Monks. It's not a 'L2P BS, it's a 'Balance all healers'Risingearth7 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 30% Less Healing Should = 30% Less Mana Cost Yurp.Post0 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Upgrading PvP gear- Worst Idea ever? I just want to see if I'm alone on this or if others feel this way too. Is it not the stupidest idea to have the upgrades on PvP gear? I came back to WoW a month ago and am starting to get frustrated with how outgeared I always am. I will never have enough points to catch up to people, and in addition to this, I like to play Holy AND ret, so I really will NEVER have the points for this. I want to level my alts and do arenas but I know it's going to be the same crap just worse. Blizzard has effectively made PvP gear based and not skill based (Hur durr im an upgraded warrior/mage cy@). Why would you not want to put PvP on an even playing field, isn't that why you took rating away from helm, shoulders, and weapons? It is beyond me..... Anyways, anyone else have any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this/reasons why you think upgrading gear is good?Swageerr18 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Geared Resto Druid LF RBGs Demon Soul is dead and Im looking for a good group to run with.Chucknøurish1 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Un-Justified "Non participation" Suspensions Recieved This lovely email this morning: ... Called blizz Support, and they told me that i was AFKING / Not Participating in Battlegrounds. When i asked them to tell me when I was not participating they told me to contact a game Master. I submitted a ticket, then the ticket disappeared after i hit submit. So now i'm here to see if anyone else has received these unjustified bogus suspensions? I don't understand how i could be flagged for not participating? If i wasn't participating wouldn't the AFK system have removed me from the battleground? In the last several weeks I can't remember a single time I was removed from a battleground for being afk. The reason: I PARTICIPATE AND TRY TO WIN THE BG. Rather PO'd about this, as I can barely get in a BG not filled with bots, and not I have to worry about being reported for being afk because i was Defending a Tower in Alterac Valley? Talk about some backwards sh**t. Has anyone else had a similar experience recently? Other Notes: ...Ronburggundy16 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 85 twinks are here come join us part 4 85 xp-off community information Players that have not upgraded to Mists of Pandaria will automatically be queued in the experience-off bracket. For those that have Mists, join the community by visiting Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar to turn off your experience. Season 11 (Cataclysmic) gear is available at vendors in Dalaran Sewers and Gadgetzan. Currently there are gear sets missing for hybrid classes. Monks do not have gear available yet. Both these issues are expected to be resolved... sometime. Advantages of twinking at 85 Fast queues (generally 5-10 minutes during peak hours) Less gear disparity than many other brackets, particularly 80-84 Healers aren't Godmode like at 70 Zero/minimal bot presence Disadvantages of twinking at 85 It can be expensive to level professions, gem, and enchant your gear - but once you're done, you're done! No endgame gear treadmill. Some BiS items require camping either the auction house for rare items or camping rare spawns in Pandaria (but viable alternatives exist) Professions of note - max level 600 Through Archaeology you can acquire Spear of Xuen, upgradeable through honor to iLvl 471. Also available is Umbrella of Chi-Ji, upgradeable to iLvl 471. To farm these items without a level 90, do not level Archaeology past 525; that way, all your Archaeology sites will be in the Jade Forest. Alchemy trinkets are also upgradeable to iLvl 466 Blacksmithing allows you to add two more MoP gems to your gear Engineering has powerful and entertaining tinkers Herbalism allows you to acquire Water Spirit and Life Spirit in addition to Lifeblood (2880 haste for 20 seconds) Arenas To queue for Arenas, you will need to toggle your xp to "on." Rated Battlegrounds Coming soon! Raiding Battletags are used to organize raids and pvp groups. Browse the thread for current information. Guilds Horde <DONTGETMADGETGLAD> Area 52 <Axiom> Frostmourne Alliance <Puritania> KargathVinses500 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 LF PvP Guild Warrior looking for a PvP guild that does RBG's and Battlegrounds and Arenas together hit me up not 90 yet but will be very soonßløødlust3 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Rogues and PVP Hello, I play a Rogue(was Sub, but now Combat) I came into WoW late cata. I started to do RBG's near season ending and didn't get into any much ; then season ended. MoP comes out. I grind to lvl 90, got geared and starting PVPing. I really wanted to do RBG's since i really like to PVP. So i try to look for some RBG's, hours trying to find some in other realms such as Illidan, Tich, ect. (I am Horde) I did get whispers from people that looked like this "No one wants Rogues GTFO" , "Go re-roll like everyone else you damn noob" "WTF really GTFO out here Rogue noob" and "Rogues are !@#$ leave." I was surprised on how "BAD" Rogues are right now....I personally think Rogues are at the bottom right now but not BAD as in where i can even freakin do RBG's and Arenas because no one wants them. I like to play Rogue and i'm a very good rogue player. I do very decent enough to where i think im eligible to do RBG's and Arenas...BUT people don't think that...people know rogues sucks butt right now...okay they do but if u know how to play a damn rogue you wouldn't be as bad. So i think it is unfair that everyone hates Rogues and do not allow them in RBG's and such....I know there is people out there who do like rogues and maybe have them but its rare. I cant do what i like because all the hate on rogues and stuff; This is my ONLY character i have, I understand people have more than 1 char but i don't like to. So please fix this and make rogues are better name in MoP ; I WANT TO HAVE FUN AND DO PVP(rated). I am 1665cr but only because of my friends; that don't RBG anymore. So i'm stuck there. Thanks for reading and i know alot of Rogues know what i'm talking about. I personally think Rogues arn't that bad baaaaaad, its just the player who plays them..Yes there suckiest right now but hey if you know how to play you will be fine.Nightzblade16 Dec 15, 2012