Aug 22, 2012 Will melee have fun in MOP? I love playing melee. even with my terrible latency, I love it. But I have stopped having fun halfway through Cata. Fighting against ranged in open field (90% of the area at any BG) is too much one sided. I need to crusader aura away from mages and hunter if they look like they know what they're doing. I need to seek refuge in a small flag room or tower. And it's not fun. While I'm struggling to connect, there's too many stuns, incapacitates, roots, freezes, slows and snares (almost none of which take any effort to apply or are passive) and all this time my health is decreasing steadily. I'm wondering, and at the same time asking for input by those who have been playing the MOP beta, whether melee is fun at all, or if I'll be better off picking up one of my ranged classes. Thank youPinchula23 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 Lf a horde server that meets these reqs must be central not east or west pvp focused mainly high pop or solid medium pop and...go!Jékel2 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 BG Issued You think mabye A stat or gear should be issued for BG's instead of having to buy them to make Battlegrounds more of a skill battle than better gear wins battle.Balevir0 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 LF real ID's for 24 twinking bgs Looking for any and all real id 24 twinks for premades. I play eastern time and will play anytime I am online. Just leave a comment and I'll leave my real ID if this becomes popular.Mîsty11 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 Why don't people zerg in AV everytime? Back in Vanilla, it used to be fun to do AV the drawn out way, where you do all the stuff with the resources and blah blah blah. But now, in Cata, 7 years since it started, what I tell everyone before the game starts every time, no matter how bad my gear is (like on this guy who just turned 85) or no matter how stupid I think I will sound, I tell them to zerg. Take stonehearth, take the Buldar graveyards, and zerg Vann. And it works every time if you have: A) Healers who actually heal B) People who stay together C) Tanks at the ready It is simple and it has worked for me in the few AVs I have played tonight. However, currently, I am stuck in a game where not enough people went up to Buldar, so now we're stuck in that awkward position where we all rezzed back on defense, and everyone is having "too much fun" PvPing on defense (which is a way slower way to get honor than to win, and so vanilla). Why do people waste time doing anything other than zerging? It works, its quick, and it is the best way to "farm" honor.Camillus25 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 New BattleMaster Meta Blizz Please add a new version of battlemaster meta for the remaining battlegrounds!!!!Appolyin0 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 USING STEAM TANK TO GAIN UNFAIR HONOR KILLS What is fair about waiting for the other team to spawn and then using the steam engine to blast them or run over them, killing them instantly. Where is this balance????? WHERE IS THIS FAIR???? Last I checked it was a perma ban for using the mechanics of the game to unfairly gain an advantage. Was not this stated in Blizzards rules??? Why do you guys let this go unpunished. Why cant you put up an invisable shield around the spawn point in a base. Why cant you make the seige craft explode after entering a base and being in it for more than 15 seconds. WHY THE HELL DO YOU MAKE SEIGE CRAFT CAPABLE OF 1 SHOTTING PLAYERS AND NOT GIVING EVERYONE THE SAME CRAFT AT THE SAME TIME????? I know why not just have a god mode buff in the middle for the map, first one to reach it is god for the BG and wins the match for his team after farming the other team (ON SPAWN) for 30 minutes. Great FREAKING IDEA BLIZZ. ITS WHY I KEEP WASTING MY MONEY!!!!!!Ozmachine38 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 22, 2012 Glitchy flag cap. rage. leveling this toon purely in wsg, it's one of my favourite bg's, you can really see when you've made a difference. I'm quite happy with the win/loss ratio on this toon and I always give it "a fair suck of the sauce bottle" (to use the australian vernacular). I queued up for my first game today, I get a pop, and I zone in. 15 minutes to go and Horde is already 2 up, with 5 hunters at the top of the charts. alliance have 2 healers, neither of which are doing any good at all. game face on and away we go. 8 minutes later, alliance gets a cap, I go get flag, and manage to make it through all the mouthbreathing fotm rolling hunters and get to our flag room just as the timer hits 1 minute, I'm suddenly ambushed by a rogue stun him, see our flag get returned, so quickly run to the flag. rogue dies to a full holy power templars verdict, and wait... the flag isn't capping... sigh. the battle ends with me standing on the flag carrying the opposing team's flag and we lose thanks to the glitchy flag cap. great game. pity about the glitches.Endos0 Aug 22, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Please fix PvP heals!! Tired of doing pvp with immortal holy palis and disc priests. I person should not be able to survive with 5 dps on them. They not only can survive it but never run out of mana either. As it sits any 5 year old kid can play one and never die.Shivem67 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 That moment When your least favorite BG becomes even worse cause you jumped off the ship a little early in SOTA and get stuck in between the docks and the boat for whole offensive.Frostyclaus7 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 @ Arcane Mages LolAngstreaper7 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Arena Skirmishes Bring them back.Purj0 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 This is why BGs are F'd up Not GY camping, not gear gaps, not premades, not healers, not over the top end of expac burst damage but this... This is why pvp is so out of touch, this is why no one is satisfied with the way the game is. Take a good look at this picture. Thats my co-main druid Validon, now tell me what you see that is so out of place? After I saw it everything came into focus. This is why you get durps in pugs that completely screw off and ignore objectives, this is why GY camping is so common, this is why so many people feel WoW pvp is out of touch. If you didn't notice anything wrong in this pic let me break it down for you. 2nd in KB's, not that KB's matter but there you have it 2nd in healing, yes I was doing everything within my power to stay alive and keep my team mates going. First in caps First in returns. Dead last in honor gained for horde and a majority of the Alliance team got more honor than I did for losing WTF? I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but after this performance I put in this match F that I deserve to boast a bit because I literally carried this team. My reward? A giant FU because I got buried under a bunch of HK farming nubs who couldn't make their way out of our flag room. Normally I don't like to make QQ threads about why WoW pvp sucks but this just summed up everything for me. If Blizz actually does see this post please, for the love of all thats holy address the honor system and the way it is designed. There is seriously too much of an emphasis on HK's and not enough reward for team work. Do something to preserve the integrity of your game and take us to the promised land where team work, playing towards the objectives and strategy matter. PeacePained28 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Season 11 Ending/Honor Hey, I'm new to PVP. As season 11 is ending, I just have a couple of questions. 1. I believe the Season only counts for Rated BGs and Arenas. So, if I only queued for Random BGs, when the season ends, will I lose the Honor I made from those random BGs? 2. After the Season ends, can I still buy the Season 11 Honor gear from the vendor in Stormwind? I'm just curious, because I don't know about this whole season business (I think it's just for Rated PVP, but I might be wrong...) Thanks!Floron5 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 PVP Power next Patch Are they going to be putting any PVP Power on the current PVP gear when this patch hits live servers next week or no?Bloodcharged1 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Less Talk OK Straight UP, I'm sick of speculation about just about everything reguarding PvP. 99% of PvP guilds are like a chatroom for speculation on PvP, and Acheivement runs. I solo que PvP non-stop weather or not I need honor, because I love PvP. I have 8 lvl 85s, and no matter what class or spec, after a few hours, or even days of PvP, I will be one of the top players in every BG. When I join a BG although I do look at enemy team, I never assume anything until a few minutes into the game. Then by looking at the charts, I can see what is actually going on. I cant see guild names, nor do I care, and I do not even notice what realm people are from. THE PROBLEM IS most people dont PvP very much. There are 2 types. A: So called PvP guild leaders, and all of their followers, who prolly PvP about 1 or 2 hours a week. They will sit there and tell you heaping loads about what you should be doing, and every stupid thing they ever read on arena junkys. They sound like political talking points. Ego inflation through assumed knowledge. After I get done doing 20 random BGs, this is the guy who will log on, not PvP at all, and then tell me i should swap gems for and extra 2% of some stat. You are all garbage. Stop reading. Stop talking. Stop speculating. Try doing PvP a few hours a day, then talk to me. B: People who suck, who join a random BG, then are an encyclopedia of speculation, about what is going to happen. "OMG qq they have a premade, we lose" "OMG qq we have no healers, we lose" "OMG qq they have 4 healers we lose" "OMG they have 4 rogues, we lose" "OMG qq qq qq qq qq qq qq" I PvP 12 hours a day, my Warlock has Int/Stam in my blue sockets. If one more arenaboy wannabe tells me they should be hit, my head will explode. Im on my full ruthless, 2 week old Warlock, doing #1 Damage in BGs, for 12 hours a day, and the guy saying this, is useually the same guy who does not PvP, cuz he says "he does not need honor" but he is really troubled by the fact that my stats might be 1% out of place from where he would have it. Amazing.Slipryfinger26 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 IoC 80-84 Pvp...I love it...its why I play this game, BUT...IoC 80-84 is hands down the worst pvp experience in this game. Its boiled down to whoever takes WS first then spawn camp with the Siege. I was on both sides of this with my huntard this past weeked. Terrible terrible gameplay. IoC needs to die in a fire sometime before 9/25.Fatmaggie1 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 24 Twink Warrior Shirty #4 Video New little video :)Shirty16 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Warriors Why the hell can an an arms warrior heal himself more than a ret paladin can and still not be affected by silence? I can do one instant heal every 10 seconds for a small percentage of my health unless it crits, and I am giving up the ability to do damage in order to cast it, or I can do one full health heal every 10 minutes. Silencing effects void my ability to heal at all. Don't even get me started on the other heals like flash and holy, they're completely useless unless I want to be out of mana (1 flash of light give me about 15% health and costs 35% of my mana? really?) Not saying paladins are underpowered in PvP because I know they aren't at all, but I'm just wondering how it makes sense lore-wise that a warrior is able to heal himself so much that I'm constantly looking around for a druid that might be healing him, while a hybrid class such as myself am far more limited to what I can do as retribution.Vandalas104 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 New Enhancement PvP Movie Something I wanted to do before Cataclysm ended. Nothing super amazing as it was thrown together over the last couple days, but it shows Enhancement BGs/WPvP played at an above-average level. There are some minor editing issues that cropped up after compressing it (mostly audio synch stuff), but nothing too bad. Hope you enjoy. If you like it, be sure to check out my previous vids as well.Thunderbleem0 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 BoAs in BGs First of all, this is not a QQ thread, please read before you post something like "Stop QQing and L2P". Alright, i've been playing WoW on this account since the start of BC, and a bit of vanilla on a friends account, I do have twinks, and toons with BoAs, but I recently rerolled on a fresh server due to my friends wanting to play again, but on a lame PvE realm. Anyways, playing as a new toon, I noticed how difficult it must be for all the new players who do not have access to BoA gear, or access to twinking. I feel anyone with 3+ piece of BoA should be moved the the Twink Only BG (the one with no EXP). I noticed a lot of guilds have been going to BG with full twink gear, grab flag, and farm kills the entire time. Never cap the flag, so they do not get any EXP. Now I suggest them going to the twink only BG since it is unfair to any new player, who wants to BG, but just gets facerolled by all these old players who have an unfair advantage. TL;DR: BoA Gear is unfair in BG for new players, suggest to make anyone with 3+ pieces of BoA be moved to the Twink BG, to make the gameplay more enjoyable for the new players. OR: At least give an option to leave BG, without the debuff =/Friguey37 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 [H] LFG Res Victory anyone know of a grp or website were I can LFG to do this achv? Full T2 mage w/ legendary + cunningPeachgrove0 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 RBG's after the 28th - Still available? This is my first transition period so it's a rather silly question; Once the season ends the newest news post states arenas will be shut down until Mists. However - They stated that "Rated Battlegrounds" will once again award Conquest once Mists starts - I didn't see anything about them being shut down as well. Does this mean RBG's will still be available? Just not awarding conquest? I'm on the final leg for Veteran and I'm wondering if I need to crack down and try to finish the grind this week or if I'll have a bit of leeway with wins between the 28th and the 25th.Schwert2 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 80 mage alliance looking to join a rated BG 80 mage alliance looking to join a rated BG team (x server teams)Youdelete0 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Solving the spawn camping problem. WSG has gotten a bit of these in recent months. But it can also happen in other maps as well. One way to solve this is to have people spawn in many possible locations in a specific area. Another is to enclose the spawn area. Some would argue that all this would do is make the campers wait outside of the enclosure. They are right in this game at least. In other games camping the spawn area usually results in the entire camped team rushing out at once all guns (yes it is usually guns) pointed forward at the weary campers making the camping short lived. But for this game, if a large portion of one team refuses to spawn after X seconds, perhaps the game will accelerate timer till the end of match so to minimized the suffering.Trwdfn12 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 RBGs come the patch From what I've read only arenas will be closed come the patch? Can we Q for RBGs when this patch drops?Orala5 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 moved to right forum aSpurlin0 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Currency bugs with BGs Don't know if this is a bug or if I'm just getting super unlucky? But I've been having lots of problems with the currency not being tracked correctly from BGs. I was just in one and had 1138 honor, then after my team flopped hard got 133 points...and now have 1237...last I checked that was barely over 100 points. This has happened to me a lot and this game short changing me is getting annoying, is there something I'm missing?Nïghtwïng1 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 21, 2012 Solution for GY Camping This is how we can finally stop those pesky PvP'ers from ruining our BG's with their PvP (i.e. killing us in a BG!) Step 1) Make it so that once we all die and they approach our GY a GIANT wall comes up and they have to drop bombs on it and get demo's to knock down the wall, because we all love walls in BG's right?. Step 2) Should they get through the first wall Guards with nearly 1 million HP's, armed with Arcanite Reapers will spawn to defend us, because we want NPC's to do our PvP for us! Step 3) Should they manage to kill our OP Guards, another wall will appear. Along with this wall treasure chests full of better gear, fully gemmed, reforged, and enchanted properly, will spawn at our GY that we can all use them to instantly become better players. Step 4) Should they manage to get through that wall, a teleporter will appear which will teleport our entire to the middle, because we all know that making it to the middle will give us an advantage. (Wait...didn't we all wind up at the GY after initially being killed in the middle? Oh well, it will work this time!) Step 5) Use our new positions to scatter all over the map just as we did when the game first started, die, and head back to the GY. Step 6) Be given an invincibility so that the other team can't kill us, because who the hell goes to a BG to fight other players? it just isn't right! Step 7) Go to the forums to complain about increased number of bots and AFK's due to our new invincibility and OP guards, and walls, and buffs, which now help them do even less. I think this might work guys!Pensacola14 Aug 21, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Season Total Honor and Patch 5.0.1 I just want to get something clarified so I know if I should start farming now or wait. Currently, I really only PvP for Transmog gear, and that's why I will be doing it until Mist hits. Not having mandatory PvP talents and having to have two of the same spec will make this enjoyable for me. But to the point at hand, I have 17k honor earned in Season 11 on my shaman, and I want to get the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Redoubt. Will I have to re-earn 7200 or 15800 Honor before I can buy it, or will I be able to just pick them up.Dalent2 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 I want to RBG. I would love to do some Rbg's. I don't care if its cross server or if I have to server hop. I just like doing pvp so much and it's hard to find groups that will run on my server that aren't already full.Ihavecndy0 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Win ratio stat. where? Sorry for the nub nub question, where do i find the W/L ratio in Bgs for both horde and alliance toon?Kregonqt4 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Battlegroup or not to Battlegroup Are there still Battlegroups? I read a while back they were merged. But on my pvp toons, I’m noticing very common same servers in BGs. I notice Sargeras, Kalecgos, IIlidan are often together (where some of my pvp toons are) and I also notice Tichondruis, Darkspear, are often together (Where my other pvp toons are) Are they still running battlegroups for common servers or is it just one big US group and it’s a coincidence I’m noticing these commonalities. I’ve googled the subject and found conflicting information on the subject. Any information or a link to a reputable source would be helpful Kirrac5 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Finally, Battlemaster Conqueror and Battlemaster completed, on paladin and DK respectively. Excellent! It's been a long haul finishing those amazing Meta achievements!Exist13 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 19 Twink LF people who want to make 19 twinks, come to my server and join my guildGenius5 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 PvP gear concerning MoP I've heard a rumor saying this next week that all the PvP gear for cata is going to be able to be purchased by just honor instead of conquest points. Does this include Season 11 Elite gear too? Not sure when this starts; I have maxed honor points and not sure if I should spend it or save it right now.Funkycandi4 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 19 Twink? What class should I do. Hunter or feral druid I was thinking?Voodrood16 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 vash'j battleground idea Ive been dying for new battlegrounds and im excited for MoP. but i had an idea for a new bg. this would be better for cata but here we go. picture it as you will underater football field. now this bg will be great because it requires no gear so fulll decked out 2200 players wont be smashing your face. ok moving on. 10v 10 bg where you get on a seahorse with armor on it. having around 2 mil health. both sides will have a flag on the back of it and as a weapon harpoons. goal of this bg is to reach the end zone to cap the flag. this will be a 0/50 capture the flag except if your mount dies you die. and have to rez and start from the beginning. now obviouslyly im guessing health and captures. this may need to be tested and fine-tuned. first team to 50 wins. i believe this bg would be unique and fun with the ability to pvp without having to buy pvp gear for those poor players. im not one i just figured this would be great for gearing without being carried. i also have an idea of adding naga npc's to help kill seahorses. which is optional could be fun but not needed. ok moving on... please let me know what you think. positive feedback would be great and if you like this idea request sticky please. :)Archimonic10 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 lf geared level 70 twinks for premade bgs LF 70 twinks for premade bgs horde or alliance addd my real ID or 1987kx250@hotmail.caKlonopinqt0 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Healing in BGs - Not worth it. Healing isn't fun in BGs. It's not that I think healing is hard. Actually, I don't think healing is honestly any harder than anything else in this game. The results you get will be based off your gear and the skill you demonstrate while playing. But I'm sick of doing BGs solo. As a healer, I can only do -so- much for my team. On a strong team, a good healer becomes an amazing source of strength. And that's great. I heal them, I keep them alive, they peel and help me keep them alive. I tank for teams (Resto druid), run flags to better carriers, keep them alive. I hold nodes in node based BGs and heal at hotspots in battles. But there is one thing that I cannot do as a healer. I CANNOT make something happen if my team isn't helping. I can't just go kill the 10 stacked debuff FC as a healer. I can't heal my teammates up long enough to do it either if they never enter the room or help me get past midfield. I am limited by my team as a healer. They cap my effectiveness by their own effectiveness. I can increase their's, but only if they're at a certain point already. And this isn't -actually- a skill vs not skill discussion, or casual vs hardcore. This is completely a "What's in it for me?" talk. Because I don't see why I should heal anymore. In 95% of the BGs I enter, I'm top healing and only play by the objectives. But I'm positive I lose significantly more Bgs on my healer compared to my DPS. Because I can, long story short, directly outcome a match on a DPS. If they can't live long enough to take a base or cap a flag, then they can't win at all. This is still situational and skill based, obviously, but there is always HOPE for me as a DPS. There is no hope as a healer if my team simply refuses to try. And the very nature of BGs leans towards aggressive play. The stacks in flag maps, how base capturing works. I can do nothing if my team lacks skill or gear on my healer. So what are my options? Play DPS, or play a healer in a premade? How is that fair? It fixes MY problem, but it still leaves a game in which healers don't want to PUG because it's just too painful, too often. Which makes me unhappy on a DPS class, because then I can't happily find as many strong healers in PuGs. Long story short? I want a better reason than exists currently to play a healer in BGs. Something that links with the added frustration. Extra honor if I decide to commit to being a healer on a win would be fantastic. Yup. I just want something extra right now for PuG'ing random BGs. Maybe that's selfish, but so are the DPS who refuse to peel for me or CC people off me while I'm trying desperately to keep them alive with their 1500 resil.Banaritaz57 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 So ummm yeah to AV and IOC consider yourselves blacklisted come MOP. IDC if you are the call to arms or not I will never step foot in there again as Horde.Idlehand29 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Will 70's twink bracket still be alive in MoP I had a lot of fun in BC and was thinking of making one, unless the bracket becomes obsolete.Drextis14 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Wintergrasp... Does Blizzard ever plan on fixing Wintergrasp. It's so frustrating when one level 85 can single handedly defend for 30 minutes because the tanks can't even make it out of the damn workshops. I say buff the tanks or don't let people over level 80 join the battleground. It is already stupid enough, but come MoP there isn't even going to be a hope of winning unless there is not a soul defending.Manafiend3 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 This post is for Eldecar Hey man, I don't know if you still visit these forums or if you are doing Real life stuff these days, but do you MVP guys have an insiders access to what the dev's are doing for MoP ? anyways How're you doing anyhow ? Still playing your pallie ?Thenugent0 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Removed from BG? I entered a team of what looked like a Horde premade, and all they were donig was 'farming honor kills'. I told them we should play objectively then suddenly I was booted from the battleground. Did they all report me afk or something? I didn't even receive a notification or warning, I was just simply removed. This doesn't seem right, or even fair.Nightingäle5 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Grand Battlemaster With the new battlegrounds in MOP I think a new title should be added. Being Battle for Gilneas, Twin Peaks, and Isle of Conquest are not part of Battlemaster achievement, they should be added with the new battlegrounds in MOP to create an even higher ranking title..... GRAND BATTLEMASTER. You must be master of all the battlegrounds to attain this title.Bluepaladin7 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 Horde Never Win; Alliance Always Lose Last night was a good night for PvP. I have been rounding out a few different characters with a bucket list of acheesements before MOP hits. This particular character I want to hit 50,000 HK's. Off to random queue as a squishy Resto Druid. BG #1 TP Load into TP to see 5 Frost DK's all with slightly different variations of the same name. "Great a multi boxer" was the tone in BG Chat. We had 3 Resto, 2 Mages, 2 Hunters, 2 Rogues and and a Feral so fear bombs were out of the question. The agreement was to work as a team and Root, Sap, Sheep the 5-boxer in a calculated manner while putting the other two Mage/UH DK on KOS status. Horde pulled off a very calculating victory 3-0. BG #2 AB Load into AB and it appeared to be a balance team. Horde had 3 healers Alliance had 3 healers. The plan to rush BS, Mine, Farm with an small force to LM to harass the cap was established and executed once again to perfection. Horde 5 caps and I even got the "Lets Get it Done" cheese for winning under 6 minutes. BG #3 BfG Load into Gilnaes and the Alliance have 0 healers. Horde has myself and Holy Pally. The plan to hit WW and Mine was established and out the gates we went. The entire Alliance team went WW and even forgot to cap LH. What does the Horde do? Heads straight in to the WW Zerg and watches them cap while myself and a Feral broke off to LH to Cap and Hold with the Arrival of a DK. The WW Zerg then hits Mine and take it without a problem. The Alliance totally ingore LH the rest of the match while the Horde have 4 hitting WW and 3 hitting Mine at the same time. Horde loses due to lack of communication and situation awareness. Low DPS Mage ends the match with "You Guys Suck". BG #4 AV Zoned in towards the end of this one. Headed straight for our Keep with about 15 other Horde. We held off the Aliiance until reinforcements ran out. The Offensive team couldn't guard a tower in the Alliance Keep. We lost but the match. Valiant effort by the defense but too many uncoordinated HK chasers on Offense. Low DPS Mage ends the match with "You Guys Suck". BG #5 AB Zoned in, buffed up and noticed the Alliance had 6 healers to our 3. The "Healer Envy" started off the bat. Someone spoke up and said just play smart. It was a see-saw game that was decided by 30 points in the Horde's favor. A very good game indeed. The only flaw was the unguarded nodes by the HK chasers. When called out on it a Low DPS Mage comes back with "You Guys Suck". Horde win but the concept of the win was lost. BG #6 TP As always I check my BG Spy to see what we are up against. A well geared Full Plate team of Pally's (3 Holy), DK's and Warriors. Random queue is random. All I can say about this one is sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nail. A Low DPS Mage ends the match with "You Guys Suck". BG #7 EoTS This one started off shaky. The Zerg to DR forgets to stop @ BE and we left that one uncapped. We are down to 2 Nodes to 1 and the Alliance has the Middle Flag Train rolling. A Low DPS Mage says "You Guys Suck" and leaves the match. We battle for MT and get it and while the Alliance Zerg BE we hit DR and flip it. We held the 3 nodes while a Ret and I carried the flag as a team. I finished off the night with a romp in TB. 4-3 record for the night, earned about 350 HK's, a ton of Honor and about 250 Conquest points for my time. Moral of the story? Have fun guys it is a video game. You are not going to win every match you play. Foucs on fine tuning your skills and help your teammates become better players. All of this talk about requirements for Random BG's, Mulit-Boxer Bans, Premade Bans, etc are foolish. That is like particiapation trophies in sports. Not everyone is on the same level. Learn that early on and this game becomes easy. Also Low DPS mages suck.Dreaux13 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 blizzards love affair with pallys I just got out of a wsg, there are 5 of us pounding on this pally. I'm 5 piece boa rogue, im not A panty waist been fighting for 7 years and this pally bubbles heals stuns damages and lives...REALLY?? now i hear blizz is about to nurf rogues, NURF PALLYS ALREADY YOU FOOLSTipiklyhrmls10 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 An AV to Remember (long) I'm going to start off by saying this was the first Alterac Valley I had ever played on my shaman. This is a SoR level 80 character who I really got into playing PvE with, and am now geared with 397 valor/384 raid finder gear, for the most part. The other night, a friend and I decided it would be fun to try out PvP for a change. I hadn't PvP'd much since Burning Crusade (on a ret paladin) and I had no idea how it was going to go, especially considering my complete lack of PvP gear. Well, the random battleground popped and we entered to find the Alterac Valley loading screen. Our first thought was "Great. Alterac Valley. Nothing more than a race to the finish line," as 9/10 Alterac Valley battles are nowadays. That was not the case this time. In an attempt to make the battle interesting, my friend and I coaxed a few people to come and defend our Captain Galv. Of course you never really know how many people will come until you get there, but surprisingly enough close to half our team followed us into the Horde Captain bunker. We set up good there, I dropped both elemental totems, as did another shaman. Then, the battle for Alterac Valley began. Soon, almost the entire Alliance team had filled the bunker. I dropped bloodlust, and had chain lightning coming out the wazoo. We put up a valiant fight and managed to bring down about 3/4 of their team, but in the end they came out victorious. They killed Galv. meanwhile on offence, our team wasn't dealing with any Alliance defence, so we were able to kill Balinda fairly easily. Offence then headed to the Stonehearth Bunker, while the defence defended our two towers. With most of the Alliance offence diminished, that was a simple task. "We need more people at SH!" Mounting up, I decided to go help them out, while my friend decided to stay back and help defend our towers. When I got to SHB, a battle was just beginning. It looked like we had the upper hand, but they were all spawning at the SHGY, whereas we were coming from SF. Soon an epic battle at the bunker had unfolded. My totems were still on cool down, but I was able to bloodlust again, so I did. Nearly our whole team was outside the bunker pushing our way to the door. Finally we got there, and our team flooded into the bunker, taking the flag. Half of us occupied the inside now, the other half at the door to choke them from getting inside. The strategy proved effective as five minutes later the bunker was destroyed. "Move on to SHGY!" Our team went from there up the road leading to the SHGY. Of course, they had all respawned, and yet another epic battle had begun. Most of my team was sated, and we were outnumbered, so regrettably, after a large fight this battle was lost. We regrouped at SF to try again. "More people to SHGY!" My friend and a few others came up from our towers to help us. Since respawning we had dropped our sated debuff, and my totems had both finished their cool down. It was time to take the graveyard. When we got there there were only a few Alliance there, and we guessed they had moved on south. We took the graveyard with ease, and sent half the group back down to defend the towers again. I stayed at the graveyard. With all the Alliance being killed at our towers (They had nowhere to respawn but way up at SPGY), we captured it quickly and easily. We were about to move on when we saw a massive group of the Alliance coming down the road towards SHGY. "We need more at SHGY NOW!" A huge battle unfolded yet again as the Alliance fought valiantly for their beloved graveyard, but our reinforcements from the south got to us just in time, and we drove them back, killing every last one of them, as the graveyard was already ours. With our huge group we decided to zerg the SPGY, hoping that we would be able to have enough burst to catch them offguard at the choke point on the low road and push to the flag, capture it, and defend it at the bridge. Mounting up, we did just that. It went exactly to plan, we drove them back to the flag, then even further down to the back of their graveyard, where we could have farmed them for HKs, but we didn't. Where's the fun in that? We took the graveyard and set up a defence at the bridge, blocking them from getting to our SPGY flag. Their entire team would spawn at the aid station now, and we would have to hold them off until the Stormpike graveyard was taken completely. Calling up every last team member to the bridge, we blew all of our cool downs. I dropped both my totems again, bloodlusting when things got really heated. We had just managed to push them back, all the way to their end of the bridge, when... The game ended. The Alliance had run out of reinforcements.Zhulu36 Aug 20, 2012
Aug 20, 2012 lower bg level of some bgs in low brackets you have 2 choices. which was fine for a while but with new bgs being implimented i gotta suggest you lower some bgs. i enjoy EOTS and stransd would be nice in a 20+ bracket or possibly 30+ this would also give low levels random bg option. just a thoughtCappie1 Aug 20, 2012