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Nov 3, 2010 Welcome to the Customer Support Forum! The Customer Support forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, discuss in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. The representatives who staff this forum are dedicated to providing our players with the information and resources necessary to help ensure in-game experiences are as [EPIC] as possible. As part of this effort, visitors of this forum can expect to find a host of information pertaining to in-game and account issues, including (but not limited to): Account Security and Compromise Recovery Account and Character Services Customer Service Interactions Notable Customer Service Policy Changes Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Customer Support forum. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines below. As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative to the email, telephone, or in-game petition queues. To request assistance, please contact our customer service staff directly. (Contact Blizzard Support ) We hope you enjoy your time here on the Customer Support forum. Have fun!Khromuk4 Nov 3, 2010
Jan 10, 2014 Support Contact Channels If you are looking for support on a particular aspect of the game, please use the following list to find the right location for assistance. 1. Account & Technical Services, Game Masters , Web Chat, Forums, Social Media 2. Bugs, Suggestions, Cheats 3. Reporting a Post/Feedback 4. BlizzardCS Twitter 5. BlizzardTutorial Youtube Account Services & Technical Services Start Here: Get Help Game Masters Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Start Here: Get Help **Note** Patch 5.3 introduced in-game tools that allows you to access the support site and submit a ticket. Live Chat When browsing through the Support Site or when going through the Support Ticket submission entries, you may be presented with a Live Chat option. This option will allow you to interact with a Customer Support representative via a chat window who will assist you with your issue. Callback Support Instead of calling a number (and potentially waiting on hold) for support, you’ll use the Blizzard Support Site to set up a callback. Just enter information about your issue after selecting the callback option, along with your phone number, and a Game Master will give you a call back! Forums Technical Support Mac Technical Support Customer Support Forum UI and Macro Forum Social Media (For Breaking News, Service Outages or Game Interruption info) BlizzardCS Twitter BlizzardTutorial YouTube **Note**Some cases may still require you to submit a support ticket or otherwise contact Support directlyRoraks5 Jan 10, 2014
Apr 25, 2013 Multiple Security Locks? Try this! We've been receiving reports from players who have been experiencing repeated account locks due to "suspicious activity" and we wanted to provide what steps we could to help get you back in the game and/or access the WoW Remote app. Generally, if our systems detect a change in your normal access pattern (i.e. how you connect to the game and services), it may temporarily lock the account and require you to reset your password. This password reset provides a simple verification that validates the play session and allows you to access the account and game. Some players who are using the mobile app have recently been getting locked out even after the session validation/password reset. If you are experiencing this issue, please follow these steps: 1. Make note of the platform (game or mobile) where you received the lockout message. 2. You have two options to unlock the account. a. The first is if you attempt to log into the account, you may be directed to a security check page. There you'll be able to enter a security code sent to the registered email address for your account or answer your security question. b. The second is if you click on "Can't log in?" and select the My account is locked option. There you will be prompted to enter your account name and then to answer your security question or supply a game key from your Blizzard retail box. 3. With both methods you'll be sent a code to the registered email address on the account. Entering that code verifies your access and unlocks the account. 4. When logging in after unlocking the account, log in using the same device that you encountered the lock on. This will ensure that your device is authenticated, and reduce or eliminate the chance of being locked from this device again. If you experience frequent lockouts otherwise not associated with this specific situation we highly recommend using one of our additional options for account management and security. The SMS Protect feature is available to those with a standard cell phone in a supported country with a data plan. This feature is available for free (standard text messaging fees would apply) and allows you to manage your security options for the account. Specifically it will send a code to your phone that you can enter on the site and unlock the account instead of resetting the password. Note - if you experience issues when clicking on the Add SMS Protect button on that page, you can still apply SMS Protect, by logging into your account and choosing the security settings. To find those options, choose 'Account' from near the top of the page. There in the middle of the account screen you will see options for adding SMS Protect and the Authenticator. We also have available the Authenticator. This comes as a mobile app which is available for free as well as a physical device which is available through the Blizzard Store. This security option is taken into consideration by our systems and while it may not eliminate all lock outs, it can greatly reduce them. If you need additional support with a locked account, you may use our live chat feature or open a support ticket. Chat (Hours may vary) Contact Blizzard Support Account, App & Store ► Account ► Can't log in ► Unlock account ►Select a Contact Channel ► Live Chat Support Ticket Contact Blizzard Support► Account, App & Store ► Account ► Can't log in ► Unlock account ►Select a Contact ChannelVrakthris0 Apr 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2012 Payment & Purchase Tips! If you are experiencing difficulties upgrading your account, or completing a character service, please follow these tips: Payment Option/Billing Profile A Billing Profile is required in order to successfully place most Character Services requests and Online Store purchases. 1. Log on to Account Management 2. Click on Settings and select My Payment Options 3. Click on Add a Payment Method 4. Add all the required information and click Save Payment Method when you are done 5. Success! You are finished adding a Billing Profile Multiple Billing Profiles and Primary Payment Method If you have multiple Billing Profiles on your account, make sure that the card you are using to make the purchase is set as the 'Primary Payment Method'. 1. Log on to Account Management 2. Click on Settings and select My Payment Options 3. Look for the card you wish to use and click on ‘Make this my primary payment method’ Credit Card Payment Assistance/Invalid Credit Card Errors If you are encountering credit card errors and have already added a Billing Profile, please verify that all the information is entered as it appears on the card. This includes: Card holder’s Full Name Full Card Number Expiration Date Billing Address Verification Code Additional troubleshooting steps can be found in our Common Credit Card Payment Issues page. **Note** For security purposes, please DO NOT post any of the above information on the forums. Should you continue to experience any payment related issues and you have already talked to your financial institution, please contact our billing and account services team directly.Roraks0 Jul 25, 2012
Apr 27 Legion - Patch 7.3.5 - Info & Known Issues Patch 7.3.5 is Live! Some features that you'll find in this patch: A Scaling World Every zone in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, and Draenor now use the level scaling system introduced in Legion. This new scaling system greatly increases the amount of options you have when deciding where to quest and when to move on to the next zone. All corresponding dungeons and the rewards therein now scale as well. Ulduar Timewalking A long-forgotten evil has awakened once more. Travel back in time with 10-30 other adventurers to cleanse Ulduar of Yogg-Saron’s evil influence. While you journey through this memorable Wrath of the Lich King raid, your character will be scaled to player level 80. Your fate is sealed. The end of days is finally upon you and ALL who inhabit this miserable little seedling. Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh. Silithus: The Wound Players who have completed Antorus, The Burning Throne will be summoned to your capital cities, from which you’ll travel to Silithus to investigate the strange events surrounding the impact of Sargeras’ blade. Look for this new questline upon logging in. New Battleground: Seething Shore The Alliance and the Horde fight over a precious new resource, Azerite, in this new 10v10 battleground. Seething Shore is a king of the hill battleground where the first faction to collect ten pieces of Azerite from randomly spawned nodes, wins. The Seething Shore will become available as the story in Silithus unfolds. List of content and features available in the new expansion and first couple patches. World of Warcraft: Legion World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1 - Return to Karazhan World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1.5 World of Warcraft: Legion 7.2 - The Tomb of Sargeras World of Warcraft: Legion 7.2.5 World of Warcraft: Legion 7.3 - Shadows of Argus For those just returning or who otherwise need to be caught up we have various blogs and videos available to update you on the next content available and upcoming for this patch for Legion's launch. Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide video Legion Patch 7.1 - Return to Karazhan Survival Guide video Patch 7.1.5 - Survival Guide Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras (Including Patch Preview and Survival Guide video) Patch 7.2.5: Survival Guide Patch 7.3 - Survival Guide Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes Legion 7.1 Patch Notes Legion 7.1.5 Patch Notes Legion 7.2 Patch Notes Legion 7.2.5 Patch Notes Legion 7.3 Patch Notes Legion 7.3.2 Patch Notes Legion 7.3.5 Patch Notes As with any patch it is important to make sure that if you use addons that they have been updated. It may be a good idea to reset your UI to default to make sure that the old files aren't causing any issues. Resetting your User Interface Helpful links for various tech issues: Installation and Patching Troubleshooting World of Warcraft Disconnection Problems World of Warcraft Latency Problems World of Warcraft Performance Troubleshooting World of Warcraft Lockups and Crash Errors Error 134 When Launching WoWVrakthris5 Apr 27
Apr 27 Battle for Azeroth Beta Reminder With the Battle for Azeroth launch coming closer every day, we've been seeing an increase in players requesting access to the Battle for Azeroth Beta. While we are happy to see so many of you excited to try it out and provide feedback, please remember that Customer Support is not able to grant Beta access upon request. To verify you've opted in, visit the Beta Profile Settings page in Account Management and make sure the Warcraft box is checked (as well as any other games you may be interested in Beta testing!) Good luck & we hope to see you in the Battle For Azeroth Beta!Harlsoco0 Apr 27
May 31, 2013 Spotlight on: Virtual Property Scams! With the introduction of our new mount, Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel, the subject of virtual property scams remains an excellent subject to cover. With this we hope to help raise awareness about possible trade scams involving such items. Please remember that the transfer of these, and similar items, for in-game gold (virtual currency) is not supported. While our In-Game Support staff may be able to investigate these matters and take appropriate actions towards the scamming account, we are likely unable to assist with the reclamation of any virtual currency exchanged for the product. As mentioned above, and to expand further, this applies to all such transactions that fall into this category including: purchased virtual pets and mounts, game time cards, and Recruit a Friend and Scroll of Resurrection promotional benefits. ...BATTLE.NET® END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT For further clarification, any virtual items that can be placed on the Auction House for sale, such as the majority of TCG pets/mounts or other in-game non-combat pets, which are Bind on Equip/Use, may be purchased for gold. Cosmetic Helms: While the helms themselves are considered virtual, they cannot be traded in-game and as such, should not be purchased for gold. Attempting to do so can have negative repercussions the least of which could be that the other person is scamming you and you will lose whatever gold you traded as well as the helm.Vrakthris0 May 31, 2013
18m Will Mist of Pandaria Deluxe items be available as well? I notice that the legion and WoD Deluxe items are available, even though they were originally planned to be for that certain amount of time just like the rest of the Deluxe items. I realize that it would be impossible to add the older Expansion items as they were Physical copies. However, if you guys are gonna provide the WoD and Legion and they are going to stay in store, would it not be right to add MoPs Deluxe items as well? Since it was a digital deluxe items?Voidara1 18m
1h Grouped/Guilded majority vote to kick abuse in random dungeons. Random queue dungeons need to stop allowing people to enter in groups of three. I just encountered a group of three death knights, guilded and from the same server, who, upon my entering the dungeon, immediately started spamming vote to kick on the druid healer, who was unrelated to the three of them. This went on through the first two bosses of the dungeon. They were asked to stop, they were asked why they were spamming on the druid. Their response was to play ignorant like they had no idea he was being voted on. It continued and continued until they began playing the game of voting on themselves to attempt to trick myself and the druid into not paying attention and voting yes on one of us by mistake. After two or three rounds of this obvious toxicity and negative behaviour, we slipped up and the druid was voted out. IMMEDIATELY after, I was harassed by all three of them as to why I voted him out. For NO REASON they were doing this. These three players were queueing together simply to be malicious and abuse a system that cares only about who has the majority. THIS. HAS. GOT. TO. CHANGE. This is not the first time I've been the victim of what can only be described as cyber bullying. The in-game reporting system is not cut out to specifically enable someone to report this type of specific negative behaviour and these toxic players know it. This system has to be changed so that players can no longer randomly queue as a majority of the party. This has to happen or the reporting system needs to be changed to allow abuse of the vote to kick feature to be specifically mentioned. I'm tired of being abused and bullied in this manner with no apparant mechanism to defend myself or others. I've writted a very detailed in game harassment ticket including the three players names and servers and am waiting for a reponse there but I fear it wont be enough. I want to bring this issue to as many authoritative eyes as is within my capability.Sartharion29 1h
4h [CS Lounge] Infiltrating Stormwind Hey, The other CS Lounge got capped. So making a new thread. :-) Couldn't really think of a good title, So I posted the one I did as it sounded cool. So enjoy! :-) Xanlorash [The Insane] Follow me on Twitter: @XanlorashXanlorash380 4h
4h Deadline of pre-purchase? Hello, My girlfriend wants to play wow with me. She need to set up a new account. As per the WOW complete collection (Battle for Azeroth and 110lv boost include) is good for her, is there a deadline for purchasing? That is to say, what is the last date that I still get this good deal? Thanks, Your friendYakurutoro9 4h
4h name not changing...? so i paid the 10 bucks to change my name, put my card info in, but a pending charge for 1 dollar on my bank statement from blizz... but my name hasnt changed and that little orange icon with the gear isnt next to my character anymore... so... did it not go through? i understand the change isnt immediate, but its not even saying its processing anymore is this a bug?Lunarkin10 4h
4h Stuck in Ashran while alive. Stuck in Ashran Alive? I was in Ashran, died then revived as everyone was leaving and then I couldn't teleport out, walk out, or see anyone. Please assist me.Velyniara2 4h
4h Forum Post History Issue I find it annoying that I have made forum posts that I cannot find anywhere, even recent ones. The access to forum posts made from your account should be easier to go back to. Having to search all your characters and still not finding your posts is very very annoying. There must be a change made on this.Thundenarian6 4h
10h Stuck Artifact weapon So I've read the post where people have lost their artifact quest line. The suggestion has been to use WowHead or Icy-viens to try and back track where you left off. I have tried those and tried looking on the map to try and match up the quest. but I have been unable to do so. I"m feeling very frustrated as the plan is to try and do some low 110 dungeons to learn to Resto Heal. I just came back to wow after a 2 year lay off and already feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I hope someone can provide better guidance regarding the acquisition of the Resto artifact weapon. I have the Feral and Resto Artifact weapons. Some one please help me get the Resto!Haylehsandra3 10h
13h Deadlines for legion Is august 14th the deadline for doing everything that gets removed in legion? Or is it during the pre-patch (early july-ish)Waffle0 13h
15h Character account transfer Thank you :)Lythes1 15h
15h Gernal Question about Character Transfer I've got a friend that is thinking of transferring to my realm but she is unclear about a few things. We read the Char Xfer F.A.Q but it doesn't define a few things. Mainly regarding items in her bank and or void storage. Do all items have to be soulbound? Will consumables like; Flasks, potions, etc, will they transfer.Carbonfated5 15h
15h Legion + Battle for Azeroth Bundle Hi, i am returning to WoW and don't have Legion yet. My question is if I purchase the bundle with Battle for Azeroth does it come with a free month?Slykitsune3 15h
17h Player Killers on RP servers If we choose to play on non player killing servers. Then why are we now having to put up with player killers in the Broken Isles and on Argus?Lynayah4 17h
17h Garrison follower ability doesn't counter I have two garrison followers with abilities that counter "Group Damage" but no matter what the situation "Group Damage" never shows up as countered in my missions and I can't figure out why. This is the only mission obstacle that is behaving this way and it's been like this since the I got my first follower who could counter this obstacle. I have since picked up a second follower who is supposed to counter it, and still nothing. I have screen shots showing the proper abilities and that the missions are not registering them but there's no way to open a ticket for this problem with the customer support system, so what do I do?Scaldo2 17h
18h WoW BFA Complet Colection... What all is included in World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth Complete Collection....Rydian4 18h
18h How to get Garrison ability call to arms I have call to arms ability in Draenor. My wife's characters do not. The npc gives her option to pick from. Yet no button or spell book option. I tried the macro /run DraenorAbilityShowFrame:() It gave me script warning clicked allow nothing happened.Kreegonhunts5 18h
18h Problem retriving old char I just have logged to my account after almost 10 years out. But I cant find my old characteres. Does anybody know how to solve this problem?Guioda40AE944 18h
19h Lag Lag Lag and DCs! Been trying for like all day to stay online. I keep getting pushed out not even a minute after I log in.. Help? Please???Raeinna1 19h
19h ToT Eye boss Mini Boss So i was in Throne of Thunder, and i got to the Eye boss, and i got one of the mini boss quests, where the 4 eyes pop out of the 4 sides of the wall instead of the Marsh monsters, I charged to one of them and it glitched me under the map and killed me and it DC'd me. Now i cant log back in as it shows im dead for 2 seconds and then it Dc's me. Please help.Ishane3 19h
18h Big bucks for rare items What's the rarest animal om WOW? I just watched a article on the internet that talked about people paying huge bucks in real money for rare items and wondered what the rarest item is in WOW?Babank10 18h
20h timewalking is timewalking missing for any 1 else or is it just meRakrup6 20h
20h Character transfer 'queued' and 'pending'. I understand that due to having to contact a bank and make sure the funds are there, a transfer/change/etc can take up to three days. But when I am using battlenet balance, there IS no bank to contact, no funds that need to be held, the 25$ is already deducted. Why is my transfer still being 'pended' to process payment? It's all Bnet, and it's been hours! It might sound overdramatic but I switched to using bnet specifically to dodge these 'gotta contact the bank and verify payment' delays, and until now it's worked like a charm.Chattoway25 20h
19m No WoW 4 me 3 days of "Waiting on another installation or update", I've tried everything short of uninstall … any suggestions ?Patiencè5 19m
21h Lag related Crashes (Latest Patch) Anyone else facing a multitude of lag related crashes after the recent patch? I have had these crashes 5 times now, while in a BG. The game just lags out, everyone stops moving and I have to alt - tab out to close the game.Bewakoof8 21h
22h combat rogue secret artifact glitch? Hello so I made a regular in game ticket and it went from 5hours left to 13hours I just want to get it over with so around 3am I got both bindings for the windlord combat rogue Appearance and I am level 6 artifact and everything but the dragon on the hill isn't there I flew around stormheim about 50 times and I did every extra quest to unlock the dragon and none did I am getting really tired as I have been up for 20hrs+ trying to get this finished please helpLucifèr2 22h
22h LOL just randomly lost all my gear after going through a portal. LOL i think i found a super bug or something this is what has happened to me. signed on checked mail and collected gold Went through the portal in the middle of dal Lost everything all gear , bags on me and in bank can i get a fix ?? ticket says it will take 15 hours to answer :)Ðiesel27 22h
22h Hidden combat artifact bug/glitch Hello so I made a regular in game ticket and it went from 5hours left to 13hours I just want to get it over with so around 3am I got both bindings for the windlord combat rogue Appearance and I am higher than 6 artifact and everything but the dragon on the hill isn't there I flew around stormheim about 50 times and I did every extra quest to unlock the dragon and none did I am getting really tired as i have been up for 20hrs+ trying to get this finished I went to every area where quest spawn and none are up also says I did all chapters so I don't understand if its glitched out or what my ticket has been up for 10hours so far please helpLucifèr1 22h
23h Heirlooms Decayed in the Mail I just returned to the game after being gone for a few years and when I went to check out my heirlooms - of which I had all the valor heirlooms available - there were some missing. So I am assuming they must have decayed in the mail and I was wondering if there was anyway to get them back? Thanks for your help!Larka2 23h
2h not letting me load wow I'm trying to just play wow in the blizzard launcher and there was some initializing that was going on and it wouldn't work. I closed it and reopened it but now I can't play wow at all. When I click the play button it says that the games already running but it's not.... So I tried to just click the wow game in the folder and nope it just doesn't work. I can't play wow now.Tesuya20 2h
1d Change of terms and conditions Not sure where the best place to put this is, so hopefully Blizzard will see it. If you change the user agreement or terms and conditions please give us a "what's changed" synopsis, don't just force us to re-read the whole damned thing. If it's only a few items that have changed that's all I (and I'd assume most users) really need to know. So it'd make sense to provide just the changes and then provide a link to the full T&Cs if we choose to read the whole thing. Thanks.Carnacki24 1d
1d Dethrone not working My guild has not had any of the officers on for years now. There is only one other toon that has been online and that was 4 months ago. I have no options to dethrone anywhere! Why is there no ingame option?Kadiddlhoppr2 1d
1d Trial account Dear blizzard can you remove my trial accounts please.Filnzarbez3 1d
5h 2h frost, its a choice. Bring back 2h frost in BFA, Its about playstyle, and my playstyle is break face with 2h weapon in frost spec as DK. makes it hard when they take it away. most people used duel wield anyways, but i loved 2h frost. and so did alot of my friends.Ðrakø2 5h
1d Antivirus Firewalls? Failed logins? Just an off the wall idea I tried disabling some of my antivirus firewalls for world of warcraft and a couple on battlenet and seems that I can log in every time now. Before I could not log into battlenet or wow even using the WoW-64 executable. Maybe this will help... and if they ever get this bug fixed I will try it will the firewalls enabled again.Eoltiwele4 1d
1d Character transfer stuck, appears on BOTH realms... plus more! Attempted to transfer the character from Frostwolf to Blackrock. I added money to my balance for it, as one does. My transfer history says "completed", but the money is still on my balance. The character also now apparently exists on BOTH servers, however I can't log in to either one, as it says "Please wait for transfer to complete". When I look back through the transfer menus on the website, it initially said the character is locked on Frostwolf, and the copy on Blackrock says "Unknown error". Now on the Frostwolf character it changed to Pending, but that was about 2 hours ago. It's been 5+ hours since the initial transfer began. I've googled the **** out of it - no mails in the inbox, no pets in the inventory, I can't cancel or finalize because it's "completed", I can't double check my inventory or bank because I can't log in to the character or it's weird duplicate. I'm considering deleting the one on Blackrock in the hope that it will reset the situation and allow me to restart the transfer, but at the same time that sounds like a terrible idea so I'm waiting. Clearly some sort of stroke has occurred; please and thank you for your help!Cryptbreed4 1d
1d Can't login to Bnet My problem seems to be a bit unique. I can't seem to login to my account on battlenet, but using the same desktop I can login to my SO's account. I've tried restarting my pc, router and flushing IP/DNS to no avail. Any idea what's going on? The error message simply says: Could not log in to 1d
1d Infinte(non)help loop So I have a simple bug I need help with in WoW, but the help options provided never lead to opening a ticket, it was just a bloody infinite loop of "did you try this page?". I dunno where you guys hid the "Open a Ticket" option but its hidden better then yer secret mounts.Bear3 1d
1d End User Agreement keeps popping up Hello, This started happening today. I have been having disconnection issues which require me to relog on the Every time I have to restart the launcher, I get a pop-up saying the End User License Agreement has changed & requires me to click ok. Is this suppose to be happening? When I logged into the forums, it popped up again on my windows screen. I had to click ok before it would redirect me to the forums. I tried to copy the URL, but it just takes me to the forums again, lol. In the past, we had to scroll all the way to the bottom before we could click on the accept button. This one, you don't have to do anything but click accept, which I have done multiple times now. Is this a legit pop up for the EULA. I am very concerned.Dasserlond13 1d
1d just wow things so im just strolling alone in argus doing quests when the quest "Visions of torment" fails to understand ive both followed the npc and seen the vision and failed i go off to a raid for "antourus, the burning throne: the death of a titan" NPC to turn the quest into is no where to be found in the vindicator WTF IS HAPPENING IN THIS PATCHTyroneholy1 1d
1d World Latency Issue - increase of ping(ms) Hi guys, Pretty much ive been playing this game very consistently for the past 2-3 weeks. However, the past few days 3-5 not sure exactly, i've been getting bad world ping. Before the issues my home ping was around 31-34ms and the world ping was 32-35 ms. Now it fluctuates, specifically the world ping. Especially when I Enter a dungeon or BG it increases to 220-250 consistently. I have done a WinMTR test, but i dont know how to attach it :/ Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much :)Pluston1 1d
22h Driver update I think I posted this previously, but I can't find the post. In any case, my game keeps saying my drivers are out of date, but the link it refers me to is dead. Can someone tell me where the website is to update my drivers? I know the ones on my PC are up to date, but the game says otherwise!Sheenah3 22h
1d Change payment method This is probably super easy to figure out, but I still can't get it. I currently use a debit card to pay my sub. However, that card was damaged and I got a replacement. They've issued me a new card and therefore a new number- meaning that when the time comes to pay again, the card currently on file won't work. How do I update it with the new number? There's an option to add a new payment method but I'm not sure if that's what I do or not.Kerguelen2 1d
1d Stormheim - unplayable lag past few days There is an unusual amount of lag that currently makes Stormheim unplayable. I and others have experienced this in the past 3 days. It happens on all my characters, and it only happens in Stormheim. Inability to interact with objects. Can't hearth out. Can't even log out. Have to alt+f4. There will be a few seconds here and there where you can interact\hearth out. No lag in Dalaran or other zones.Solidstate2 1d