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Nov 3, 2010 Welcome to the Customer Support Forum! The Customer Support forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, discuss in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. The representatives who staff this forum are dedicated to providing our players with the information and resources necessary to help ensure in-game experiences are as [EPIC] as possible. As part of this effort, visitors of this forum can expect to find a host of information pertaining to in-game and account issues, including (but not limited to): Account Security and Compromise Recovery Account and Character Services Customer Service Interactions Notable Customer Service Policy Changes Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Customer Support forum. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines below. As a reminder, the Customer Support forum is not an alternative to the email, telephone, or in-game petition queues. To request assistance, please contact our customer service staff directly. (Contact Blizzard Support ) We hope you enjoy your time here on the Customer Support forum. Have fun!Khromuk4 Nov 3, 2010
Jan 10, 2014 Support Contact Channels If you are looking for support on a particular aspect of the game, please use the following list to find the right location for assistance. 1. Account & Technical Services, Game Masters , Web Chat, Forums, Social Media 2. Bugs, Suggestions, Cheats 3. Reporting a Post/Feedback 4. BlizzardCS Twitter 5. BlizzardTutorial Youtube Account Services & Technical Services Start Here: Get Help Game Masters Support Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Start Here: Get Help **Note** Patch 5.3 introduced in-game tools that allows you to access the support site and submit a ticket. Live Chat When browsing through the Support Site or when going through the Support Ticket submission entries, you may be presented with a Live Chat option. This option will allow you to interact with a Customer Support representative via a chat window who will assist you with your issue. Callback Support Instead of calling a number (and potentially waiting on hold) for support, you’ll use the Blizzard Support Site to set up a callback. Just enter information about your issue after selecting the callback option, along with your phone number, and a Game Master will give you a call back! Forums Technical Support Mac Technical Support Customer Support Forum UI and Macro Forum Social Media (For Breaking News, Service Outages or Game Interruption info) BlizzardCS Twitter BlizzardTutorial YouTube **Note**Some cases may still require you to submit a support ticket or otherwise contact Support directlyRoraks5 Jan 10, 2014
Nov 12, 2013 Recruit a Friend - Promotional Information Hey folks, With the newly re-released Recruit a Friend promotion we've seen a lot of folks interested in the upgraded program. If you have questions, many of them may be answered in the available Support Articles and Blog. Please make sure that you have reviewed them prior to creating a post. :) Recruit a Friend Program Blog Recruit a Friend In-Game Bonuses WoW Recruit a Friend Link Problems No Rewards from Recruit a Friend Recruit a Friend Video Not sure if you are linked? You should be able to check one of two ways. Summon Friend: Invite your friend to a group. Select and right click on their character portrait and you should see the option to summon them. This will only work for characters on the same realm, of the same faction, and who are under level 90. Experience bonus: While grouped, you can check to see if you are receiving the experience bonus by looking in the combat log after you kill a mob. You should see (You gain X experience (Y exp Refer-A-Friend bonus). Characters must be grouped, within 100 yards of one another and the mob killed cannot be considered trivial to either of you (trivial is usually considered gray or more than 4 levels below you). Note: If you have confirmed that you are not receiving the in-game benefits make sure to have both accounts (the Veteran and Recruit) log out completely (of the game and of the Desktop app if you are using that). Wait about 5-10 minutes before logging back in. You can also try creating and deleting a new character and/or try changing your password. That can force the account to update and may help resolve the issue. Rewards: Mount/Pet and Game Time rewards will be available 7 days after the recruited account adds the qualifying game time. Known Issues:Vrakthris0 Nov 12, 2013
Apr 25, 2013 Multiple Security Locks? Try this! We've been receiving reports from players who have been experiencing repeated account locks due to "suspicious activity" and we wanted to provide what steps we could to help get you back in the game and/or access the WoW Remote app. Generally, if our systems detect a change in your normal access pattern (i.e. how you connect to the game and services), it may temporarily lock the account and require you to reset your password. This password reset provides a simple verification that validates the play session and allows you to access the account and game. Some players who are using the mobile app have recently been getting locked out even after the session validation/password reset. If you are experiencing this issue, please follow these steps: 1. Make note of the platform (game or mobile) where you received the lockout message. 2. You have two options to unlock the account. a. The first is if you attempt to log into the account, you may be directed to a security check page. There you'll be able to enter a security code sent to the registered email address for your account or answer your security question. b. The second is if you click on "Can't log in?" and select the My account is locked option. There you will be prompted to enter your account name and then to answer your security question or supply a game key from your Blizzard retail box. 3. With both methods you'll be sent a code to the registered email address on the account. Entering that code verifies your access and unlocks the account. 4. When logging in after unlocking the account, log in using the same device that you encountered the lock on. This will ensure that your device is authenticated, and reduce or eliminate the chance of being locked from this device again. If you experience frequent lockouts otherwise not associated with this specific situation we highly recommend using one of our additional options for account management and security. The SMS Protect feature is available to those with a standard cell phone in a supported country with a data plan. This feature is available for free (standard text messaging fees would apply) and allows you to manage your security options for the account. Specifically it will send a code to your phone that you can enter on the site and unlock the account instead of resetting the password. Note - if you experience issues when clicking on the Add SMS Protect button on that page, you can still apply SMS Protect, by logging into your account and choosing the security settings. To find those options, choose 'Account' from near the top of the page. There in the middle of the account screen you will see options for adding SMS Protect and the Authenticator. We also have available the Authenticator. This comes as a mobile app which is available for free as well as a physical device which is available through the Blizzard Store. This security option is taken into consideration by our systems and while it may not eliminate all lock outs, it can greatly reduce them. If you need additional support with a locked account, you may use our live chat feature or open a support ticket. Chat (Hours may vary) Contact Blizzard Support ► ► I can't log in ► Account locked and needs to be unlocked ►Live Chat ► Support Ticket Contact Blizzard Support► ► Can't log in ► Account locked and needs to be unlocked ►Submit a TicketVrakthris0 Apr 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2012 Payment & Purchase Tips! If you are experiencing difficulties upgrading your account, or completing a character service, please follow these tips: Payment Option/Billing Profile A Billing Profile is required in order to successfully place most Character Services requests and Online Store purchases. 1. Log on to Account Management 2. Click on Settings and select My Payment Options 3. Click on Add a Payment Method 4. Add all the required information and click Save Payment Method when you are done 5. Success! You are finished adding a Billing Profile Multiple Billing Profiles and Primary Payment Method If you have multiple Billing Profiles on your account, make sure that the card you are using to make the purchase is set as the 'Primary Payment Method'. 1. Log on to Account Management 2. Click on Settings and select My Payment Options 3. Look for the card you wish to use and click on ‘Make this my primary payment method’ Credit Card Payment Assistance/Invalid Credit Card Errors If you are encountering credit card errors and have already added a Billing Profile, please verify that all the information is entered as it appears on the card. This includes: Card holder’s Full Name Full Card Number Expiration Date Billing Address Verification Code Additional troubleshooting steps can be found in our Common Credit Card Payment Issues page. **Note** For security purposes, please DO NOT post any of the above information on the forums. Should you continue to experience any payment related issues and you have already talked to your financial institution, please contact our billing and account services team directly.Roraks0 Jul 25, 2012
Nov 2, 2010 Account Recovery Form Items missing? Characters transferred to realms you haven't even heard of? Being asked for an authentication code even though you don't have an Authenticator? If any of these questions match the ones you're asking yourself right now, your account might be compromised. Now, don't panic. Blizzard Entertainment's Customer Service teams are here to help you. There is no need to create a trial account to be able to submit an in-game petition, nor are you required to have a friend submit one on your behalf. To restore access to your account as quickly as possible, please visit our Account Recovery page and be prepared to verify your account information. With the introduction of our new Account Recovery Process, you should no longer be required to try calling or e-mailing our Billing & Account Services department to remove an authenticator that may have been placed on your account without your authorization. All you will need to do is fill out our Account Recovery Form. How does it work? Consider this your “One-Stop Shop” for reporting a compromised account. We'll ask you a series of questions that only you should know the answers to. After we are confident that you are who you say you are, our automated recovery process will take over and attempt to restore your access to the account as soon as possible. This aspect of the account recovery process is similar to the password retrieval system, as it will send a password reset email to your account’s registered email address. In addition to the password reset email, a service ticket (similar to a petition) will also be automatically opened on your behalf to have an investigation initiated. While you will be unable to view this ticket when logged into the game, you should, however, receive a message your e-mail address containing your ticket number and other information. Rest assured, a dedicated support representative will review your ticket and work to assist you in every way possible. What do I do after I fill out the Webform? Check your e-mail account for two e-mail messages: one to reset your password and one containing your service ticket information. Consider adding a Authenticator to protect the account. Take a deep breath... Our customer service team will do the rest.Auryk1 Nov 2, 2010
Mar 3, 2015 Spotlight on: Harassment While adventuring through Azeroth and surrounding lands you will encounter a myriad of other players. They could be out questing, exploring a dungeon, trying to smash the opposition in a Battleground, defeat a raid boss or simply be hanging out in town. The one truth about an online game is that you will likely be engaging in conversation with these other players to one degree or another. Some communication will be helpful, adding to your experience in a positive way, other contact may not be so rewarding. With so many diverse people throughout the game you will encounter folks who share your views and who you may get along with, and others you do not. The bottom line is we are here to have fun, and bad behavior tends to contribute to a negative environment that few would actually enjoy spending their time in. It is for this reason that we are constantly looking for new ways to help protect the environment that you play in and find ways to address those negative disruptions. First, we ask that everyone review our Support Article on In-Game and Forum Conduct. These are the basics that govern our harassment policies and give a good overview of what areas our Game Master staff will be able to intervene, though it is not a full list or cover every eventuality. So, what should you do if you feel you are being harassed? We have tools in game the allow you to report other players for several different policy violations. They are Language, Spamming, Cheating and Name. More on those can be found in here. If someone is using inappropriate language or subject matter it is important to report this through the Right Click Report option to report it. You’ll do this by: Right clicking on the offending player name in chat. Choose Report Player For: Language In the event that the person or persons continue to contact you, you’ll want to place them on ignore (which will be covered below). If someone circumvents the ignore option, either by logging onto a different account or having others contact you on their behalf to continue the behavior, that may be considered Ongoing Harassment. Ongoing Harassment As we said before you are likely to encounter those that you may not get along with or otherwise wish to interact with and for the most part our Game Master’s will be unable to intervene in normal social interactions. However, ongoing harassment has a special set of circumstances which usually involves the offending person needing to circumvent your ability to place them on ignore and stop communication. In such situations you would need to submit a ticket. You can do so in-game by opening up the main menu (ESC key by default) and clicking on “Help”. At the bottom of the list select “Open a Ticket”. You’ll then select from the available dropdown options: Gameplay > Report another Player > “I want to report ongoing harassment”. Click continue and then Submit a Ticket. Fill in the reported character name and realm and the approximate time frame this happened. In the description provide any details that may be relevant. It is important to establish a history when it comes to this type of harassment so be sure to place the character on ignore, do not engage or argue with them and submit a report. Our staff will take it from there. Could I just report them on the forums? No, this is not an appropriate place for such reports and could be considered harassment itself. We do not allow what is considered “naming and shaming” and any such threads are likely to be edited or deleted. No investigations will be initiated as the result of a forum post and could result in the temporary loss of forum posting privileges. What will happen to the player once I have reported them? The Blizzard representative in charge of your case will thoroughly investigate the chat-logs and judge whether further action is required and what action that should be based upon our policies and internal procedures. This action can range from a simple verbal warning all the way up to complete account closure depending on the severity of the case and the player’s previous account history. Most on our penalty system can be found here. Will I be informed of the action taken? No. Due to the privacy associated with these investigations, we will be unable to release details regarding an investigation's findings, actions taken, or its final outcome. Additionally, you should be aware that, depending on the circumstances, any action taken on a player’s account may not happen right away; it would be unwise to assume that nothing is being done.Vrakthris1 Mar 3, 2015
Jul 11 Missing characters after transfer Just a quick note on this folks - this continues to be a thing for some. If you've done a transfer and it looks 'done' - but the character isn't on your new realm, creating a new character on that realm should force your list to refresh. Something they are continuing to look into. Thanks!Orlyia10 Jul 11
Jun 13 Legion - Patch 7.2.5 - Info & Known Issues Patch 7.2.5 is live! Here are some of this patches features: The Death of Chromie: Time to Act Tome of Sargeras: Raid Preview & Schedule Class Mounts Legion PvP Season 3 Ending List of content and features available in the new expansion and first couple patches. World of Warcraft: Legion World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1 - Return to Karazhan World of Warcraft: Legion 7.1.5 World of Warcraft: Legion 7.2 For those just returning or who otherwise need to be caught up we have various blogs and videos available to update you on the next content available and upcoming for this patch for Legion's launch. Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide video Legion Patch 7.1 - Return to Karazhan Survival Guide video Patch 7.1.5 - Survival Guide Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras (Including Patch Preview and Survival Guide video) Patch 7.2.5: Survival Guide Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Notes Legion 7.1 Patch Notes Legion 7.1.5 Patch Notes Legion 7.2 Patch Notes Legion 7.2.5 Patch Notes As with any major patch it is important to make sure that if you use addons that they have been updated. It may be a good idea to reset your UI to default to make sure that the old files aren't causing any issues. Resetting your User Interface Helpful links for various tech issues: Installation and Patching Troubleshooting World of Warcraft Disconnection Problems World of Warcraft Latency Problems World of Warcraft Performance Troubleshooting World of Warcraft Lockups and Crash Errors Error 134 When Launching WoWVrakthris2 Jun 13
1m No healers in BGs ? Time after time I am in a BG and there are no healers on the horde side. Needless to say on certain BGs this will cause the game to be very lopsided. How come the system gets 12+ people together without a healer ?Braimon0 1m
41m Legion experience issue Hello! I just started Legion for the first time this weekend. Since then I have noticed that when I kill mobs i only get 30-50 exp each. Does this sound normal? I was in Azsuna last night and also finished the Gates of Valor questline in Stormheim and only went up like 25% in exp after like 4 hours of questing and killing. I've read that Legion is slower but i feel like 50 is too low. I am leveling with a friend and we are not wearing heirlooms or any other type of buff and he is getting about 500 exp and I am getting 10% that. Thanks!Adulrüna0 41m
13m Skull of Nithogg Please, Blizzard! Are you every going to present Nithogg as a world boss? I hit 110 on my warrior in January. I have been watching weekly for this boss to drop, so i can get the hidden artifact. Nothing. 6 months without once occurring? Something is terribly broken. I know they are random. However, you would at least expect it once every 2-3 months. Several have occurred multiple time. Some two weeks in a row! This weeks frozen king is a prime example. It has gotten extremely frustrating that this one boss has only dropped once or twice. ( I can remember it once last fall ! )Tjf4 13m
5m World Boss Why do we have the same dang world boss this week as last week? When will we have a different one? Like this is getting old of having the same world bosses, We havent had a different one other than 3 of em for over 2 months now.Falanna15 5m
1h Cannot log into wow ? Why cant I log into wow ?Huntron86 1h
1h [CS Lounge] Without hope, witness or reward. Flats, I hope you saw the recipe. I can type it out again if need be though. So ready for the Christmas special. Who else watched?Foolysh280 1h
1h Why Use An Authenticator? So I just came back from an extended break, I have an authenticator on it... it is my cell, I VERY rarely require an authentication for whatever reason. In either case, I came back at a friends behest to a new server, no worries, however I just went back to my old character and server and My skills have been undone, My guild has been removed, and The toon is in a different area... while most of this is minuscule... It begs me to inquire. "Why use an authenticator if it does nothing to fix the issue of hacking because people are still able to access the account without permission?"Limedisease5 1h
1h RAF is a bit unfair!!! I think the XP and other thing is cool but the fact that people go out and buy the game a get 2 months and don't have the option to get a mount as well is screwed up. I believe it should go both ways the recruit should get a mount as well , to me that would serve as great incentive to get the next month and to keep searching for people to find others to join.Kasede2 1h
1h Sex changed w/o requesting it It's been a while and I really don't care but am curious why I can have and level up a Male character and suddenly w/o requesting it, I log on one day and it's a different gender.Stealthist3 1h
2h Can't change weapon enchant transmog For any weapon I equip, it's saying that I'm not able to change the weapon enchant and is stuck showing Illusion: Nightmare. 2h
2h hacked with no recourse hey, well, been gone for 7 years and thought I would give the game another look. I downloaded Legion and upped for a month. apparently, in my absence, someone logged in and wiped all but 4 characters. they sold or transferred anything that wasn't nailed down. the thing to do? contact Blizz support. i don't have a cell phone and they want me to send a govt ID photo. well, i can't. i need a phone number that i can use to talk to a real person. did any other returning players receive such a wonderful homecoming? rykarzRykarz10 2h
2h One mission at a time in Order Hall Currently I have this problem with my priest Consacre. I only receive one mission for my followers at a time and do not get another one until that one is completed. I also have to wait various times before the new mission will even appear. Anyone else having this problem?Consacre3 2h
2h down? says i can only login through offline-mode. I was in game when got a message saying my blizzard services were now unavailable. error code: BLZBNTBGS80000011 anyone else have this problemTinkerstab149 2h
2h Updates How many Updates does this game got on Tuesday went from 5.00 AM Till6.oo AM now from 7.00 AM till 10.00 AMSinror1 2h
3h Level grants available Hey there, Can you tell me how many grants I have on my WoW8 account? I'm about to boost up my last toon to complete my altoholic collection and want to ensure I have to enough to bang it out all the way to 90. I know the 90 warlock should have 30 and the 83 mage should have 16. The monk has zero, outside of that I'm not sure. Really and truely I just need to know how many the level 57 hunter has.Rheusaw4 3h
2h DH Fel Rush Like seriously Blizzard, is this a joke? When felrushing as a demonhunter, disconnecting? It's happened multiple times, and it just happened in a 3s match... Like are you joking or trolling or what? Can the bug not be fixed, this has been going on since I started a DH back in WoD... Like seriously?Slarken9 2h
3h Missing "Sell" tab @ auction house I recently upgraded my PC to run WoW, 3 days ago on old PC I was able to sell goods from auction house, for the past 2 days on new PC the Sell tab is missing, I can still buy goods but can no longer sell. I am new to Warcraft so not sure if I did something, if it is due to the PC change, a bug or if it is normal.Tuxydoh4 3h
4h Need help in regards to a silence Hi all, Never had this issue before and I am curious exactly what I did to get this: "Action(s) Taken: Player created content was deleted Account Silenced Violation: Abusive Chat Your fellow players reported you for abusive language multiple times. Due to these player reports, we have deleted your premade group post in the Dungeons & Raids Finder. As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances. Due to these player reports, we have silenced your World of Warcraft account until 2017 July 26 13:20 UTC. For more information, please visit our Account Silence article. As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances. If you understand this and still want to appeal our decision, please submit a ticket. Regards, Customer Support Blizzard Entertainment " I am not sure what my offense was exactly. I do not attack people in chat channels and if I am ever rude, it is in tells and in response to being verbally abused. I also have an authenticator so I do not think I was hacked and spamming or anything else like that. It is apparently only a 24 hour silence but I am not sure what exactly I did. Would help if they added that in the e-mail so I would know exactly what to avoid in the future. Anyone have any idea what this would be about? Thanks in advance.Râziel5 4h
4h Refund for Master Flying So I just accidentally purchased Master Flying because I thought it was Wisdom of the Four Winds and would thus allow me to fly in Pandaria. I wasn't thinking and didn't pay attention to what I was doing. I know i should have paid attention to the name and cost but it was not my intention to spend 4500 gold! Is there a way to reverse it and get a refund? Obviously i know i will lose the achievement and everything like that. I just would much prefer the money! Thank you for your time!Levana2 4h
6h Ashran Everytime i'm in Ashran it puts me on Horde even though im Alliance. Any help?Kiobabi1 6h
7h Transfer Complete Char Not Showing? Title. No I do not have two extra character slots. Last spot is available for the character that is supposedly completed but not there.Zerofactor2 7h
8h Hunter Artifact Reset Glitched? Hello Support, I tried to reset my Survival Artifact, and the NPC next to the table won't let me reset it. Is there anything that can be done? FawxNinja75Elÿna1 8h
10h Fists of the heavens problem I was doing the artifact quest and after completing the 7 stages I went to the temple of five dawns. I should have got the quest to empower my artifact but I didn't so I guessed I had no more and went through the portal to dalaran only to realise I had no quests and cant get back to the temple. Please help. Thanks.Gallenry3 10h
12h Can't receive guild invites Hello, for some reason I'm not able to receive guild invites on this character. I dont have the block option checked or anything. I havent ever had this issue on any other character. Just this one. No matter what i've done i cant receive any invites to guilds. I was going to open a ticket but not sure which section to put it under so i came here insetadAlistortian9 12h
15h Quests not Auto-Tracked (No Add-on's) For a while now i have been unable to auto-track the quests i pick up, i have always needed to go into the map/quest log and shift+click them to track them. I put it off thinking it was just an add-on bug that i would put up with, but recently i have tried disabling ALL of my add-on's and the problem is persisting. Is there some sort of in-game setting i have disabled?Avetraa8 15h
15h Download WoW w/o having to use the client app How to download World of Warcraft without having to use the flippin app....I have been downloading since Sat 7-22-17 and I not even to optimal yet...I have now lost 3 days of game play on my 2month card, just to re-download the game because it was not acknowledging my account or authenticater. I also am not able to activate the sms thin on my is not accepting ANY phone number I put in...even though I have updated my number in my settings. About to say forget it...and not play anymore. Been a player of the game since the beginning....but tired of all the stuff....I want to actually speak to a live person not have to "chat" with them online.Lilandrah8 15h
17h Transfer Aborted: Instance not found I would say about two days ago I was queuing for some battlegrounds and once the queue popped I tried to join and I was greeted with "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found" or something along those lines. I fixed it with a couple reloads, however it kept happening. It is growing more and more annoying as I keep playing so I wanted to ask if anyone has found a fix or if this is a server-side issue. Thanks!Hëlï3 17h
18h A "Noble" Event Today after months I received the quest for the fox mount, but my followers are on the 3 day missions, I just want to know if the quest will be there until friday because it says that expires in 1 day, but my champions will be up until mid thursday.Dkurama3 18h
19h Logged in from a different location? I had WoW open in the background of my computer and I got distracted and forgot about it. Eventually, I heard the music change when it logs you out and returns you to the login screen. Instead of the normal "You have been disconnected for being inactive." message, it said I was booted out of the game because someone had logged in from a different location. I use an Authenticator on my account, so I'm hoping the game just bugged and gave me the wrong error message. Can someone please check my recent logins just to be sure?Forums5 19h
2h Glorious tyranny - MOP I earned it in MOP, i didn't play much in WOD. Now in legion, the enchant is gone.. However i still have lots of heirlooms weapons with my glorious tyranny enchant from MOP it's called "bloody dancing steel" and it share the same red effect as the glorious tyranny. Blizzard, i dunno if this is the right place to post in, but i have no other choices forgive me for my bad english and grammar - been waiting for ever for this to happen i earned something that i cannot illusion while watching others running around with them makes me sad. I earned it in MOP with 2200 in 3s, i have heirloom weapons with the "Bloody dancing steel" enchant. Just make the "bloody dancing steel an illusion" for the people that earned it in MOP before the wardrobe system. Please blizzard read this and don't ignore it, it means a lot - much love <3Dogmsdog12 2h
20h cant do raids/dungeons hi, i am unable to do any instance based things in game as whenever i enter one it will say "you need to be in a group to enter this instance" i have tried disabling addons and restarting my game and nothing seems to work, any help would be appreciatedBigdiccedwin5 20h
20h Advertise in-game item for in-game gold? Just what it says on the tin. I have an item I'm told is worth 5 million gold or so and I want to advertise it both on the Transmogrification forum and on my realm forum. Am I okay doing this?Veliko5 20h
20h Dreamgrove lag and dc I try to log on and i get severe lag then i d/c in a min or two. I can log on all my other chars and everything is fine. Just the druid in the dream grove . Tried running scan and repair and same issueAntimatta1 20h
20h bug in orgrimmer hi im cazjel i found a bug in orgimmar when i was On My Way! to the calendar event for dancing in the auction house which is by the way AMAZING i couldnt believe my eyes tens of people were dancing on the dance floor of the auction house in ogrimmar it was so much fun im definitively going to have to go to bed early today and take it easy tomorrow haha it was so much fun tho i cant wait for next years dance party i wonder if it will be in a different city or if it will stay in orgimar just something to think about!!! anyways ya i found a bug in ogrimmer i have attached a screenshot i really think having this bug near the entrance to a big city such as orgemmar when a global event like the auction house dance party 2017 is going on is a bad thing for the game and i wanted u guys to fix it! heres the bug please fix this i tried to kill it but it continued to spawn i was hoping if my level 25 singing sunflower was out it would override the code and prevent the bug from spawning hope this helps!Cazjel5 20h
20h Beast Master bug in Cathedral? On my beast master hunter I just had to leave Cathedral of Eternal Night after the first boss because my pets wouldn't attack anything. Kept saying over and over again, "pet has no path available". Very annoying and frustrating because I basically couldn't do any dps. Reloaded ui, relogged, closed wow, and nothing worked. Ended up rebooting my entire computer after leaving. Now, the instance is locked out since I was trying to do it specifically for the AP WQ. Anyone else experience this before on their hunter?Thundrerocke1 20h
21h unable to see... anything been re logging, reloading and restarting. no quests, npcs or enemies. but I can talk in whispers to friends....Beastiboy9 21h
21h the aspirants challenge (broken?) I don't know where to post this, I tried the bug section but didn't get any help there, I read on wowhead that someone reported this problem to technical support and they were able to fix it for him so I'm hoping to get the same kind of help. I tried the in game technical support report but there's no section for quests. This seems to be a known issue with this quest, that when you talk with Squire David when trying to summon your challenger, no one appears, I've tried everything and making sure I did everything right but I'm still not getting any challenger to appear. Any fix to this would be appreciated!Takata4 21h
21h Authenticator and Factory Reset Hi, I have an authenticator on my phone, but I decided that I want to factory reset my phone today, and I want to make sure I am doing the steps correctly. Do I need to remove my authenticator via the webpage first, get the phone factory reset, and then reinstall the authenticator on it? I'm a bit concerned about the vulnerable time I will have between authenticator removal and reinstallation as I have been hacked very recently. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to tighten up security a bit more? ThanksKimeru5 21h
2h Suggested idea In the next expansion blizz should make it so you can buy houses and housing properties throughout azeroth at specific zones so we can build houses along with a carpentry professionRükor7 2h
1d wow on vaca I'm going on a trip, unsure if I can play wow while away. ill be on my computer but at a hotelMychuck2 1d
17h Wow not loading once logged into Battle net. I recently started having issues with trying to load WoW. I can log into battle net, but when I push play for Wow, nothing happens. It says it is loading and then also says game is running, but then it goes back and says play a few seconds later. I have the authenticator on my phone. I have tried the scan/repair program and I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Nothing is working. Diablo 3 still loads and I can play that game. I have AVG and Malwarebytes and they find nothing wrong. What am I missing?Srpullsout3 17h