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May 11 seeing in game items on the WoW website is this still possible? before the armory was updated, you could click an item from the armory page and it would take you a webpage with information on that item. maybe I'm just blind?Bigly24 May 11
May 11 Flight Glitch? As of late, my character is running in place after I leave a flight. When I use the flight master and arrive, the running normally subsides after a few seconds. But, this time it kept going for a few minutes. I know I did not DC because I was watching other players move around. Any help with this would be appreciated.Shinsu0 May 11
May 11 Notification noises are deafening I'm pretty new, so I'm not sure how to accurately name what the notification is for. Whenever a rare enemy spawns, or I get close enough to it, it shows me a picture of it near the top right of my screen and blows my ears out with a drumming noise. I haven't found a sound channel to turn that specific thing down or a way to disable them altogether. The sound of me getting a dungeon queue is just as loud, but at least that has a purpose. Does anyone have advice, or should I clarify more?Raggedragged3 May 11
May 11 Phone App and Mythic + Cache Is it possible to open the Class Hall Mythic + Cache from the phone app?Raintola2 May 11
May 11 Getting rid of WoW2 account Hello, I have been trying to contact Blizzard's contact support number for 3 days now and I have gotten a busy signal each time. All I want to do is remove my WoW2 account because it is a starter edition, I don't need it. Every time I log into WoW it automatically logs into my starter edition, instead of my WoW1 which has all my characters. Can someone please assist me in removing my starter edition? Thank youJalidri4 May 11
May 11 merged accounts,lost items I somehow throughout the years ended up with two bnet accounts. I had hearthstone overwatch diablo on one, and wow on the other. I thought hey,lets see if i can merge this and make life easier on myself. So i did. Now,im missing tons of stuff on my wow account since certain things are "account bound." Like the grove warden mount,or the perky pug companion. I contacted customer service and found no help. All they told me is that i gave them my ID so i agreed to what was going to take place. So now i have completed achievements,yet no reward for completing them. How does this make any sense? Cant they change the end result to either wiping achievements,or transfering over the rewards you already had? Has anyone else run into this,or found a remedy?Boho6 May 11
May 11 Boosted character issue My fiance boosted a character with me around the first of the year. She hasn't had any issues until tonight. She was looking for a quick way to Draenor and couldn't find her garrison hearthstone. So she went to the portal and walked thru. Did the starting quest line and established her garrison. The problem is it's level 1. Don't boosted characters come with a level 3 garrison? Has this been changed or is she experiencing a strange bug with that boosted toon? I've been trying to help her, but can't find any information. By the way, the character experiencing this is Monknomi - Turalyon. Thanks for any insight. Just seemed like a really strange issue and the characters I've boosted hasn't experienced this at all.Glaivetoss3 May 11
May 12 How do I get a second Warlock artifact? How do I get my second artifact for my Warlock? He is a level 110 Warlock, completed Pathfinder Part 1 and working on Part 2. His first artifact appears to be bumped up as high as it can go. I'm banking artifact power like crazy and reluctant to sell it if I may need it.Biggage16 May 12
May 11 a Player name Blizzards without Blue logo i had Someone name Blizzards GM but he was Fake bc he did not have the Blue logo and i have the SceerShot of it How do i Post a Pic of itShispione1 May 11
May 11 Exchange for Level 100 Character Boost? I was wondering if it is possible to exchange the level 100 boost I got with Legion for something else. I simply have no interest in gearing up another toon, and if I did, I would much rather level them myself. I was hoping for credit for a realm transfer... not now, but in a week or so maybe. Edit: I feel compelled to ask why in god's name would so many dislike a simple question-- Do you hate that I had the gall to ask such a question of the great Blizzard? That I should think customer service might actually address what would be a common question with a coupon at any other establishment?Vailance1 May 11
May 11 New friends for Alliance or Horde New friends for Alliance or Horde Hi, I'm looking to make some friends on here. I've made a few by posting outside of the game. I didn't know that this was a community or know how to post until just now. I have two characters one on Alliance and this one on horde. Anyone with some gaming tips that would like to correspond then just reply.Troublesomec1 May 11
May 12 WOW US RBG LADDER Has not updated in 10 days. Please fixLifehousex3 May 12
May 11 Transmog issues I have had an issue with my hunter for a while, named Potatogun. I can't transmog my shoulders. In fact my hunter can't collect shoulder appearances as a link to a picture I will post at the bottom shows. It's got a red circle with a line through it like I'm not wearing shoulders. I'm a bit confused about this and am not sure how to fix it. It doesn't happen on any other characters I'm using and I have deleted my WTF folders and tried without addons. Please send help and muffins. May 11
May 11 Got scammed - No support from Blizzard? A player on my main's server offered 20k gold in trade chat to someone who would fly him around Gorgrond for 30 minutes while he completed quests and bonus objectives with an Elixir of the Rapid Mind buff active on him. It took longer for us to get all the bonus objectives to the "near-completion" point, so he agreed to paying 50k, since it took triple the time expected. This was all agreed to in-game chat. When we finished and he got a bunch of level-ups, he disbanded and /ignored me without paying anything at all. I put in a ticket, and was told Blizzard can't do anything for "unsupported transactions". Additionally, there was no mention of any penalizing action that would be made against the offending player. But the GM did say, "In transactions like this, we are able to take away any profits made by the scammer, but can not return them to the person who was scammed." I highly doubt Blizzard de-leveled that player's character, or took any action at all against him. I'm not too upset, but I'm honestly surprised this kind of behavior is considered completely passable to Blizzard. All of the evidence is in the chat logs, and all we're gonna do is shrug our shoulders and say "Oops, guess that's too bad, huh"? I just feel like garbage right now seeing that someone could use me like that, get away with it, and then I get zero support from a GM. But I guess the lesson is learned. I'll be sure not to do any "unsupported transactions" in the future, and I would advise everyone else to do the same. In retrospect, I should of asked for the 50k the moment he used-up the elixir and hit the 15-minute buff timer. Now, THAT would of been good. :) Update Turns out the character he scammed me on was an alt, and his main was an active mythic raider in one of the top guilds on the server. I informed a guild officer of the situation and he was promptly kicked out of the guild on both characters. Additionally, I happen to have his BattleTag as he gave it to me before we started. It's directly associated with every post he's made on Reddit, which include his name, age, location, and led me to all his social media profiles. I informed him that his mother might be interested to know about her son's indecent activity on the internet. He immediately gave me the 50k gold and then some. What a moron.Yaff112 May 11
May 11 Guardian Artifact Quest I've completed my druid campaign and I still dont have the guardian weapons or a quest to get them. I have all other specs weapons but not guardianNarkwell13 May 11
May 11 Character Transfer Marked as completed but character nowhere to be found on this account, help?Mariahcurry7 May 11
May 11 Sha of Anger frustrations.... Sha of Anger. Could we please do something about this boss. As he is now it is such a frustrating waste of time. Please increase his hp to a level where you actually have a chance to reach him before he dies.Krup10 May 11
May 11 Holy Warrior Plate Set (gold and blue) This set was removed at the end of Mist of Pandaria. The whole set looks extremely transmog worthy. I was wondering if this will ever be reintroduced in future patches or updates? I truthfully just want the belt from the set. If I could get the rest though, I would do it in a heart beat. Send me a message either personally or on the forums. I'm interested to see what's the final conclusion. Thanks May 11
May 11 class boost request Trollzhunt3 May 11
May 11 Blizzard banned friends account Aylá4 May 11
May 11 Waiting two weeks for authenticator removal I had a key chain authenticator that was destroyed when I was at a bonfire, got drunk, and left my keys to close to the fire. My authenticator melted and was therefore unusable. Now I am unable to log into the game cause it keeps asking for my authenticator code. I sent my information in to get it remove with a picture of my drivers license about two weeks ago and have heard nothing back. Please help :(Darknymph12 May 11
May 11 Race change include gender? Does buying a race change include a gender change?Juiceypune4 May 11
May 11 Character locked at 100 My character Kyarri is locked pending that I purchese the legion upgrade for my account, but when I first created my account I did pay for that upgrade, but it will not let me continue untill I pay the amount of $60.Moollia4 May 11
May 11 Missing WOW token purchase Today less than an hour ago, I purchased a WOW Token (not for time but for gold). The message said that the transaction was being processed. I went back to check a few minutes later and I ended up buying a second token. The second token arrived in my bags but the first has not. I was going to put in a trouble ticket but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that anymore. Please send me the token or remove the charge from my credit card. Thanks!Morrighana5 May 11
May 11 Suggestion for Closing Tickets. Suggestion for tickets when a CS or a GM answers them. Due to the nature of some tickets, its not really applicable to use either "Problem Resolved" Or "I still have a problem" Buttons. There are times where a resolution just isnt reached, whether its a player or a GM/CS that just cant get a solution to work. For those rare instances that this does happen, there should be a third choice, "No Resolution Reached" It would close out the ticket, but also mark the ticket that the problem couldnt be solved, possibly letting it be reviewed at a later date.Dalaneã6 May 11
May 10 bug in the shipyard on draenor my shipyard says that i have 10/20 ships as a lvl 3 shipyard it will not let me build more ships. it says that i have reached my max of ships but when i go to delete a ship it says that i cannot delete any ships until i have reached my max of ships.. which is it is my lvl 3 shipyard maxed out at 10 ships or not and if not how can i go about making more ships...a bug in the system you thinkAnnieworgen3 May 10
May 10 Leatherworking quest at the Darkmoon Faire How do I get the quest for the Leatherworking profession at the Darkmoon Faire?Peopeomoxmox2 May 10
May 10 A week of DC's needing a Force Crash. For the past week or so, I have been getting DC's. The world around me freezes. I can still move, but i cant use abilities, and I see people running in place. Interestingly, I can however... type and converse with others in chat. The game never DC's me completely out to the log in screen like it used to. I have walked away for 20 minutes and still been in the game but... not in the game... if you get my drift. Again, no way to exit other than force crashing and restarting, upon which i load back in as if nothing happened, other then I clearly still "moved" while "DC'd" if I was moving at the time of it. It matters not where I am, or what zone I am in. It happens anywhere. It also has been surprisingly consistent. At times... once an hour at minimum. What is going on?Toxine9 May 10
May 10 Healing Challenge Mage Tower Feedback This is a gripe, and a fairly fair one given the circumstances. The last segment of the healing challenge where you must keep your three party members alive while also nuke healing three ghosts to full health is exceptionally hard. Part of the reason for this is that the ghosts themselves? Are completely immune to being healed until they've moved into the inner circle area, which is roughly 30% of their total movement, making this already difficulty challenge absurdly so without Mythic Nighthold gear. I've gotten to the last stage several times, either my Allies kill themselves because I'm nuke healing the ghosts and the healing they get from my beacons appears negligible at best, or I have to pause to get their health up meaning multiple ghosts reach the middle. I know it's doable, even to the point of healing 8 ghosts and getting no adds (if you're 910+ with bis gear). But the wait time before you can start healing them seems entirely unnecessary if not a bug. That's the only major complaint that I have in that regard, let us start healing the ghosts are soon as their selected.Dawnsky1 May 10
May 10 Old Name Unavailable I got a name change on this character so that I could use the old name for a new toon but it is saying that it is unavailable. Is there a wait period or is something wrong? Thanks!Charon4 May 10
May 10 Battle of snowblind mesa wont appear Hi guys, I'm trying to do the achievement ain't no mountain high enough so I can work towards flying in legion. I've completed 6/7 of the requisites leaving only battle of snowblind mesa left. I've escorted both chieftains from just outside thunder mountain in next to mayla and completed those quests but the quest for snowblind mesa just isn't showing up. I've looked over wowhead and I'm 99% sure I've done all the quests I need to. I have a ticket in but if anyone has experienced this before and has any tips it would be appreciated. The ticket number is #59755812 thanks.Kylern3 May 10
May 10 A Fevered Plea Does this item still drop or did they get rid of it? It starts the First Aid quest but I have quested through Aszuna 5 times and never seen it.Santanicus5 May 10
May 10 No quests at the Darkmoon Faire Why can't my Death Knight get any of the quests at the Darkmoon Faire? His profession levels are; fishing = 399, cooking = 201, first aid = 447, blacksmithing = 131 and smelting = 185Peopeomoxmox7 May 10
May 10 Guild Rank vs Authenticator I would like to know how this feature is suppose to work? Because actually i can't rank up a guildy because the system told me he has no authenticator and of course it's wrong since he have one! BTW i just add him to the guild and it's a well know person to me. Any clue?Mypiggybanke5 May 10
May 10 Log in still not fixed for everyone!!!!! TWEET to Twitter stated log in issues have been resolved ! If so, why the hell can I not log in ? This happens EVERY time you guys do maintenance ! Usually, resetting UI and resetting them when in game fixes the issue, but not this time!Nightbrude3 May 10
May 10 How do I find my Auctions Where is Armory Auction option now??? I know I must be the only one who hasn't been able to find them i don't see this topic. You use to be able to go to You toon and have the Auction tab But i do not see that nowJastinis8 May 10
May 10 Payed for the wrong service. I intended to buy a race change for this character but payed for a faction change. I havent redeemed the faction change service, but still up on my character. How soon can this be switched to a race change?Dappy8 May 10
May 10 replace a lvl 100 toon If I delete myself, (free lvl 100 startup character), can I create a new lvl 100 character to replace me?Bormran4 May 10
May 10 Character Transfer issues HELP: How can I figure out what attention I need to give my character before it's allowed to be transferred? I'm trying to move from Zul'Gin to Dalaran on a toon that has less than 30k but every time I try I get this message: Oops! This needs your attention: This character is not eligible for this service. I've removed all battle pets from bags and bank, tried different browsers and she's level 104, currently a member of a guild, but not the GM. Please help.Jeronimoe2 May 10
May 10 Search Forums by Author? Can you still do this? You used to be able to search for author:CharName but that doesn't appear to work anymore...Katya2 May 10
May 10 World Server is Down Im trying to log into one of my characters who is in Eye of azshara but it keeps saying "World server is down"Eggor4 May 10
May 10 Transfered char not showing I transferred last night and received the confirmation email saying my char was ready to play but it is not showing on the server list. I've tried switching between the old server and new to see if it would pop up but hasn't.Norsemang1 May 10
May 10 Trait Fangs of the First bugged I tried to put in a ticket on this but got no where but pointed to wow-head so I did put in a bug report but when I bought my last trait of all of them the little circle of 4-5 new traits never appeared. Now the last one you can buy is Fangs of the First should only let you buy it once, 1/1, but when the new ring of traits never popped up I clicked it again and it let me apply 1.9 million ap for another level and the ring of new traits STILL haven't shown up. I tried log out and in, /reload, and a few other things but nothing has fixed it. Any suggestions since I can't reach CSWrenntok2 May 10
May 10 Can't log into app corner of the launcher "Error code: BLZBNTBGS8000001 I decided to see if I could log into the game. it tells me I've been disconnected! my internet connection is normal problems at all.Garzarlok1 May 10
May 10 Field Medic title not account wide? I completed the Field Medic achieve last nite on this guy and I can't use the title on any other characters but my hunter. Is this intentional? If so could you pass this along to the devs and please get it changed so it's account wide. Thank you.Ramsay10 May 10
May 10 Character missing after transfer?! I did a transfer & faction change for my character Byucknah from Antonidas to Agamaggan. The status page says its completed but the character is nowhere to be found. He is not on my character list for Agamaggan and he is not on Antonidas. I would contact support with support chat but it looks like the support website is broken with an HTTP Status 500 error. Kinda want to know whats up and where my paladin went...Byucknah3 May 10
May 10 Bonus Roll same item Question. Just helped dropped Brut in Broken shore. Scored [Clasp of Burning Demise], then bonus rolled and lady luck, snake eyes, blind jimmy drops me:- [Clasp of Burning Demise] again.. lol? I though there was a wee bit of RNG protection? Honestly, I'd rather some AP, than the same item... Working as intended?Arnstopable5 May 10
May 10 World Boss Rotation It was communicated that Ana-Mouz and the other Suramar world bosses were on a separate time from the main rotation of world bosses, which would have meant that certain other world bosses that haven't been in the rotation for some time would have been potentially spawned this week. Is it a bug that only Ana-Mouz was spawned as a world boss this time around? Many folk are still waiting on certain bosses to spawn for their hidden appearance items, and the bosses that drop said appearances haven't been available in months, Nithogg for example.Faerri5 May 10
May 9 Maintenance = Wasted Invasion? Just wondering, since there is an invasion that just started on Stormheim, if the timer on it will pause or continue during the maintenance.Jarclan7 May 9