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6d Why can't DK be every race like Monks? I'm kind of lost on this one, Wondering if anyone had an answer. The reason why i'm asking this is because of the New Allied Races that were announced. Apparently the new races can travel to panderia and learn how to punch and kick with the best of them, but when it comes to dying and being reborn as a death knight, well I guess the no one ever died after cataclysm? The first DKs in lore were souls of warlocks put into dead bodies of stormwind knights by gul'dan, they were pretty much destroyed. Next came like the lich king, but then again it was dead bodies used for his resurrection of the DKs, unlike gul'dan's dk, these ones possessed unholy strength. Also with these ones, some mortals just gave of themselves tempted with immortality and the promise of power like i.e Baron Rivendare. It just seems like to me DKs are getting snubbed, I'm pretty sure with the coming wars and everyone jockeying for power, don't you think the new lich king, or atleast the acherus ones would be running around and gathering some more powerful and skilled fallen warriors, heck we even went to try and make Tirion Fordring a DK. I guess my last question is, Doesn't blizzard want my money? I'm pretty sure there would be a interest across the board from the DK community in having some new blood come into our ranks.Frostform58 6d
Nov 10 Model Addon Hello I was curious about a mod/add-don I found. I want to use a mod/add-on to change the current worgen model to the alpha worgen model. Does that go against the terms of service?Branwynne5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Problems with guild master transfer service The guild master service has turned out to be quite painful as of late. Still pending after 5 days, guild can't raid, half the people transferred due to impatience, etc. The new process requires you to put PayPal money into the blizzard balance. Then while you watch the money come out of your bank account, your character is held hostage along with the guild bank for days on end. I still have an open ticket (second attempt) about this where the GM sends links to me to finalize transfer and the links go to the page I already have, with no finalize option. This morning I was prompted to log out and log back in before I was allowed to post to this forum. When I logged back in my entire site was set to the EU region. I think you have some serious gremlins in your website Blizzard. I would like to know what resolution will be provided when I've used this service multiple times in the past with no issues. I'd rather not pay for a service and not get..well, service. This has been a disheartening process to say the least.Rheshe2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Legendary item drop chance if an artifact hidden appearance drop, does it reset the chance of you getting an artifact piece?Kuruyou1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Name Change-Fixed! Hey! I recently paid for a name change (about 2.5 hours ago now) the name is showing up as I'm typing this in the character square on the side, but not in-game :( I was just curious how long this would take? The last time I did a name change it was almost instant! Thanks! Edit It fixed itself xDMeowja2 Nov 10
Nov 12 something wrong with a file so if, need a code fixed error, BLZBNTAGT00000840 update problem.Thunderleaf11 Nov 12
Nov 10 Stuck at loading screen I'm having several problem since last 2 3 days. 1. Stuck at every loading screen.At starting loading screen, when I'm use any portal, entering random instances, even at battle app and browsing web services.I cant use live chat or sending my problem through blizzard ticket's service. 2. Random lagspike.sometimes 25k++. 3. Sometimes I cant log keep telling me I'm offline. 4. Loading like forever when I'm using web services. Please help me.thx p\s : I love my englishRemoovable17 Nov 10
Nov 14 Guild Mansions Being a GM is more fun than grinding for items im bored tired of mog hunting and desire more to do with my guildies other than just doing more instances or raids or achievements ect blah blah Id like a Mansion that GM's could purchase and the whole guild donate for the payments of it monthly would be able to decorate it custom to your guild and meet up there for dueling and dancing this is such a great idea and they could be put all over the World of Warcraft. Big question why can this not be done ThanksDannisilvey8 Nov 14
Nov 10 Mischief Pet not Coming? I bought Mischief with my left over Balance and I'm sure its supposed to appear in a gift box in your pet gallery, I dont see it in there or even the mail (Dont know how pets work anymore) I tried reloading all my addons, any solutions?Ghøsts2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Spell alerts When I’m playing on my demon hunter none of my spell alerts show up around my character and I have the opacity of it set to high. Any idea what it could be? ThanksExploitz1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Did not receive a wow token. I made a purchase for one about half an hour ago. Made sure it was completed on both pay pal and blizzard side. I also made sure I didn't accidentally use it by checking game time left. Just wondering if it could take a bit to receive it or did something go wrong?Rogerwarlock3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Realms joined for play How do you know which Realms are joined in order to play??Delwitch4 Nov 10
Nov 10 How do I go about freeing up a name? I really want the name "Dva" or "Hanasong" for my Death Knight however both are already taken on my server. As far as I can tell from armory both of these characters are inactive. Is there some way I can request a GM to see if they will allow me to take the name? If not is there anyway to do this? I have heard of people freeing up names before.Blueygooey2 Nov 10
Nov 10 Virtual Ticket Content Access Length I got the virtual ticket for Blizzcon. How long will I have access to the content? I still have a lot to watch.Kelryth3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Missing Weapons I have all three of my Hunter Weapons for Legion. However, tonight I got a relic to proc for the Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners Bow, and I went to my bank to retrieve the weapon and place the new relic. The bow is missing from inventory. Then I realize my Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods is also missing from inventory! I play BM, but I keep my relics up to date in my off weapons as much as I can, in case I want to use them. I checked my bags and my bank several times, and neither weapon is there!Kinners4 Nov 10
Nov 9 Quest Objectives Gone I have tried turning Addons off but nothing works. I don't have any quest objectives showing at all anywhere. So when I finish a quest, I can't see it on the main map, only if I get close enough to the objective in my mini map. Same thing for quests wehre I have to kill something, or find something, nothing shows up on my major map, only on the mini map. Any ideas? Right now it's super annoying..cause I have to Wowhead where I turn the quests in at. x.xAraceli4 Nov 9
Nov 9 champions of legionfall Quest I'm stuck like so many others. No help on WOWhead. No help on Twitter. So now I'm here asking for help. as I cant find what I'm missing to complete this quest. I have checked the other threads for this and still can not find the right info.Addshuntard7 Nov 9
Nov 9 Can't get into New Dalaran None of my toons and can get into New Dalaran. It either says "world server is down" (When I try to log on a toon that's there), or unable to locate instance if I try to go there with another toon. I have restarted my computer, tried the Blizzard fix it utility, disabled all add ons, deleted wtf, logs, and cache. No help. Trying to get Blizzard help requires a Masters degree in computers. HelpUlak2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Green warglaive thingies Are they Available to demon hunters for transmog ?Derardø2 Nov 9
Nov 9 100s of marks lost thru glitch So I was on my warrior my main account and I have him mogged into the full Grand Marshal set. So I decided to go to Area 52 and get the rest of my gear that I had got before. spent 80 for one set, then 80 for another and kept spending until I had bought them all. Then I looked.....there were ZERO sets under purchased. I know for a fact that I selected the 80 token package for all of them until I had every set and all I ended up getting were a few pieces from just ONE SET. Merciless....that is all I got and from that, only helm and shoulders. None of it went to my inventory or to my bank or into my moggable section. I immediately mounted my mog mount, the thing you get from panda land called Grand Expedition Yak. I went onto it and sure enough, not a single one of ANY of sets appeared. All that happened was several hundred marks of honor disappeared. And trust was a lot of work to grind all of those. I have been doing NOTHING but PvP all day every day for about 8 to 10 hours a time. I have all the rbg titles, have glad on another unlinked account, have some rbg titles on my demon hunter and so had that toon mail some Marks of Honor to my warrior and also had my warrior farm some Marks as Well. And my goodness....they just disappeared. I have enough to buy all of that stuff all over again but I really don't want to. I just want the gear. It even SHOWS that on my warrior You have already collected this set, in red letters. But... there is nothing there. I bought the mog on my warrior. He has like full mog from some legion seasons But it only shows it as being those complete sets. I saw a guy right in front of me buy the same exact stuff that I bought and a couple of achievements flashed across the screen saying he collected this and that.....I did exact same thing and end u having all of my marks go away I have less than a few hundred left like maybe about 150 or so now. So I cannot really go out and buy all of that stuff all over again just to risk I happening again. I talked t the guy who earned the achievement and he did the EXACT same thing that I did....he bought the sets and bought everything else he could. So when I go to the sets to look at them, it says that have purchased it, yet all the individual pieces claim that I have not collected the appearance yet. I pretty much have EVERY obtainable PvP season gear ever made on my warrior, pally, dk and some on my mage. Oh and also 2 sets for my rogue. BUT when going out to buy this stuff it simply glitched. My pally has full High Warlord stuff , my warrior just changed factions and so has the full Grand Marshal stuff even though the belt looks kind of ugly so I toggle that off as it is kind of bulbous and sticks out. My pally has the High Warlords Sword thing that I kidnda forgot what it is called. My warriors has all of the gear from vanilla wow mog stuff, but not a single piece of TBC gear that I can mog. as it all disappears and to make things even more weird, I already have ALL of the TBC glad gear sitting in my void bank thing and have had it there for well over a decade I'm thinking. Its like 2017 now and that is from the 2007 Expac so yea......I also got my WoLK gear back in WoLK and al of that gear can be mugged on all of my toons that have it. But I sometimes use Bryntol the bone Arbiter I think it is called in place of my DKs ax except for S8 gear which I have ALL OF ofc. Which was Wrathful Season if I remember right. So I ended up getting my vengeful glad gear back year and years and years ago I like the sword as it seems to be the biggest sword in the game. Merciless gear is my favorite mog from TBC by a log shot and I remember trying to grind that on my warlock and failing back in TBC cuz I kinda suck with my lock. BUT. I did get it for all my pate toons. I am 100% certain that Blizzard DID NOT retroactively put DK gear back in TBC so I have never checked for that class over there. But my pally got the gear back when it was still relevant, got the full HWL set so imagine my disappointment when Several hundred marks just glitched away out of existence today. So can I submit a ticket from for this and have it restored? I have multiple accounts. My MAIN license is full of account and cannot ad anymore. So what I did was mail several hundred marks from My HORDE demon hunter on my second best account to my ALLIANCE warrior on my main account. I would mail them in bulk every once in a while as I got them. So I was really happy to get and finally complete my pvp sets. With this, I would have had EVERY PvP set in the game fully completed. Because I really have no life. So this is what I do. And today I had this terrible glitch. I do not want my marks restored come to think about it. I just want my mog to work. it is a very odd glitch indeed that I had this TBC. Warrior ONLY got Grand Marshal gear because of my faction changing and I got to say, looks kinda more epic than the High Warlord set. I will probably always be Alliance with my war now so is THAT where the glitch happened? Was it because I sent across accounts, across factions, across servers? So it was about as drastic of a change as it was possible to be. Maybe that for some reason bugged my marks and gear. For a TL: DR I sent marks from one toon to another, it registered buying them, it claims that I bought the set, written in red letters and yet all of the individual pieces say in blue text "You have not yet collected this appearance . yet the full set for 80 marks claims that I bought it, I had 8 empty bag slots before buying them and had 8 empty bag slots after buying them. So all that happened was Iost many marks. AND oh yea...I just checked it does NOT say you have already collected this set in says Already Known in red. Yet I cannot access it anywhere and not even a mog vendor can pull it up.Beefpatty10 Nov 9
Nov 11 Character in shadow One of my characters is just a shadow on the character page. It shows all of her items in the boxes, but her profile pic is just a shadow.Saberia6 Nov 11
Nov 9 Battle Pet help I submitted a ticket to Blizzard from my main set of accounts and it said this exactly So Blizzard. I was doing a pet battle right after I got done owing absolutely everyone in the BG that I was in. And so I go and do a pet battle. I am really good at them too you understand. So as I was doing this pet battle I was all like Oh my gosh, here is a level 25 RARE Rapana Whelk. So I did the pet battle and I owned it just like always. I did a couple before then and so my pets were kind of at low health. I had my baby Blizzard out just like always becuase he is my favorite battle pet I had my Sister of Tempation out and was also leveling my Winterspring Frost Cub. So as the battle progresses, I notice that Oh YEA I am going to win this and get another rare as I only had 2/3 of this pet. BUT as soon as the time came to caputre it.....a message came onto the screen that was all like saying that I had too many of that battle pet 3/3 of them. No I do not. It was a level 25 that i was fighting along with my RARE Baby Blizzard Bear and my Wintersrping Cub. And the SoT. So...It didn't let me catch the pet not even when I forited from the battle. To Re do the battle just to try again....Now I dont have the RARE pet that I was trying to get......because of a glitch. So I was wondering if maybe I could just have a level 23 RARE Rapana Whelk put into my pet journal as it will not let me catch and more of them look at my batttlepet log, I won which is something that I always do so can I please have this pet. 23 as it would have been weakened in the battle. It was a rare look at my logs. That was my exact ticket on my main account. Can I please have the pet now. Thanks. You guys will be getting a ticket that looks EXACTLY like that no joke so after you read it, can I please get the battle pet. I am still logged in game and I will not log out until I get the pet that I earned.Beefpatty10 Nov 9
Nov 9 Fake GM's in whispers back again. It would appear Blizzard those fake GM's are back at their mess again....I just got a fake warning whisper from some one Named Blizzard saying that my account was abnormal and if I didn't go to a certain site my account would be suspended. I did report the name too you. I haven't had one of these in years ...last time was back in LK.Moused3 Nov 9
Nov 9 HoTs email So today I received an email stating I received a free upgrade to HoTs. I wanted to know if that is legit because I cant find it on my app. It said I had up to December 8 to claim. Orig add. email@em.blizzard.comZäneketsu7 Nov 9
Nov 11 high world latency after legion update high world latency after legion updateBopep23 Nov 11
Nov 9 Repurposed fel focuser issue When I try to use it, it says performing this action will make this item non-refundable. I'm not interested in performing this action, I'm interested in using it. Suggestions?Sevardo4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Transfer from PVP to RP realm as GM I want to change a character from a PVP realm to a RP realm the problem is he is a Guild Master but no guild members. Is it possible.Souldestroye11 Nov 9
Nov 9 Gift from the Six question After completing the "A gift from the Six" quest, the Concordance of the Legionfall trait on my artifact was reset to level 1 from level 16. Is this normal?Bludrax10 Nov 9
Nov 9 cannot log into battle net I am very unhappy that I cannot log back in to my battlenet using my blizard password. Now i cannot upload updates to my new computer since my last computer's hard drive crashed. now i am paying for a subscription and i cant get in to play.Spritedust4 Nov 9
Nov 9 missing WoW token Hey last night i put a WoW token in the AH it was there for about 3 hours, then when i logged back in it wasnt in the AH, or bank or inventory and nothing saying it was sold any ideas?Nogreatnamet3 Nov 9
Nov 9 help im stuck my character is glitched in game and he is falling so I cant hearth and I am getting disconnected before I can just use the in game stuck optionFurysbad1 Nov 9
Nov 11 Problem with camera on a character Hi I'm having trouble with the camera on my tauren shaman. Its really close to her, and cant seem to move it. I have tried changing settings and disabling all addons to no avail. this is a screenshot from my shaman: For comparison a screenshot from my rogue: Thanks in advanceNirdvandva7 Nov 11
Nov 9 Raf not working Just made this account little while ago to do raf with a friend we leveled up to 15 but raf has not been working no bonus exp and no summon button did i mess something up when doing it?Lassa6 Nov 9
Nov 9 Character Lock? I'm trying to faction change my warrior (Laliho - Hyjal), but it says "This character is locked." It will let me faction change any of my other characters, just not my warrior. What gives?Giotti7 Nov 9
Nov 9 You cannot log in until the character update "You cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is completed" So my family bought my character "Ghóstcall-Stormrage" a character race change, and I believe the paypal didnt go through but I'm not too sure. When I attempt to log-on my character I get something that says "You cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is completed" So I'm not sure if it went through, or not, or just erroring and locking me from my character.Ghóstcall13 Nov 9
Nov 9 New Expansion Pre Order? I am curious why with the new Expansion announcement at Blizzcon nothing was mentioned about Pre Orders? When Legion was announced at gamescom preorders opened that very day? Why has nothing been mentioned?Salesdude5 Nov 9
Nov 9 How does looting enemies work with the mail? Some times I get items in the mail that it says I lost. I'm wondering how exactly this works. For example can I just stop looting mobs now and then check my mail later and get it all the gold/items I didn't pick up?Thent5 Nov 9
Nov 9 How does armor work when swapping roles? Barring Legendaries and Trinkets, which have specific procs/effects that are better for Tanking/Healing/DPS. What I'm asking is if I decide I want to tank (specifically I want to do the mage tower tank challenge before the expansion ends) do I need to set my loot preference to my Tank spec and then get all new gear or do I just need new Trinkets and Legendaries?Thent2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Authenticator Error - No Connectivity I have re-connected a blizzard Authenticator to my account after moving to Australia - I get an error saying No Connectivity Your device is not currently connected to the internet It works when I enter the code manually but I don't want to have to keep doing that.Grimhøwl1 Nov 9
Nov 9 Nalak is my New Sha Macro to target and insta cast, yet it doesn't target, so many fails and that's the only chance i have cause its dead. pfft. 15mins begins....againQae4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Item Restoration for Item not listed? Hey there, folks. I recently logged onto my old Warrior here and was looking through my bank. For fun I pulled out this item: The signet of expertise, a quest reward for becoming an armour smith back in vanilla. I clicked on it, because that's supposed to summon this item: The Hammer of Expertise. Instead, however, the signet disappeared, and no hammer was placed in my bag. How do I go about restoring this item, because it doesn't appear on the "Item Restoration" page? I'm kind of choked, this is an item that was a reward for a lot of hard work, and I can't get it ever again. Thanks.Gruklatron3 Nov 9
Nov 9 Technical Question on Crafted Legendary Item So I didn't think it warranted a ticket, but I want to make very sure that I can have more than one Prime Wardenscale in my bag at a time. So I do the quests, get the Prime Wardenscale, don't make the legendary but have all of the materials ready, do them again and get another Prime Wardenscale while I still have the one from before. I just don't want to do the quests a second time and not be able to receive another one if it's not possible.Kirela4 Nov 9
Nov 9 Issues with harassment Too bad blizzard doesnt do anything to help players being harassed, open a ticket to get told to [Language Removed] Can anyone help figure out how to block a battle net tag rather then trying to catch and block every extra toon this guy makes to try harrass my guild?Korrox5 Nov 9
Nov 9 Can't update, so I can't play. I can't update WoW for some reason, so now I can't play it even after going through all of the trouble shooting for BLZBNTAGT00000840 (this was the the error code it gave me). I'm not sure if it's from having recently downloaded League of Legends or not. Wouldn't surprise me. Though I haven't been able to remove LoL from the computer to see.Acheronstyxx12 Nov 9
Nov 8 new gift in my gift box? I just got up and went to log onto WoW. I had a gift in my gift tab to accept from me getting the virtual ticket. Silly me clicked it without reading it so I am unsure of what I got. I do know it was not there yesterday and that I all ready have the horde and alliance mounts so not them. There was also a counter on it that I had to accept it before the new year. Can someone give me some insight so I can goggle what I got and what it is for.Moggrann5 Nov 8
Nov 8 Subscription issues My problem still persists from 4 days ago. Re-occuring membership not sticking.Thanatós11 Nov 8
Nov 8 Buying game time for a friend I'm trying to lend my friend money for a month of WoW game time (and a race change) but we have some problems. We can't pay for it with gold cause his time ran out, and I can't send him money through other means like paypal due to the fact that he doesn't have a credit card. I don't know if I can send him a $50 USD Bnet card, cause he's using an EU account. Is there any way I can get my friend back in the game? Thank you. :)Tyrisla5 Nov 8
Nov 8 how do you know if a gm looked at your forum i said a lot of good ideas and yes ik they may be some bad ideas but ik their a lot of good ideas but how do ik if a gm already seen what i said. these are the 3 forums i made i said so many things and their more than one page long. i said a lot of things on each page that will make warlocks a lot more fun and better. i would of made a 4th one but it was deleted because i use google:( i said some things like hunt (stick bomb) being like a priest mind bomb because your a melee spec wont it make sense for it to stun the target instead of knock them back and (disengage) maybe give it to surv but make it so if i move forway it makes me leap forward if i go left or right or back it leaps me left, right, back like a heroic leap. i forgot what else i said. anyways these forums are all about locks and if a gm is reading thing please read my ideas and submit them because idk if a gm did already or not but i feel 100% that most or some of these ideas will make warlocks better. please read everything i said and do what you guys do if its talk to other gm and deside yes or no but really think hard about it because you guys can twink the dps down or up if need to be but it will make the rotation/ play style and ... better and... also relies i'm also Dranklinced to Nov 8
Nov 8 Hack attempt An FYI just a moment ago on this character I got a whisper from a character claiming to be a Gm Administrator and saying (in broken English) and that my account was abnormal and I needed to log into a .cn site to confirm my account information or be suspended.Syrannia9 Nov 8
Nov 8 Fake Beta Invites Not sure if this is the correct place for this but, here it goes. With the new expansion launched, and notice of the Beta and being able to opt in for it please be careful when going through your mail, as it seems the scammers are already sending out emails. I got a fake email earlier today about a beta invite, I'd hate for people to fall for it and compromise their account; be on the lookout!Worgandonor10 Nov 8