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Jul 7, 2013 Netherwing Reputation and Nether Drake Missin I quit playing wow quite a while ago and decided to play again today. I havent done any transfers or anything of that such. Upon logging in i realised that my netherdrake is missing and my Netherwing reputation is also missing. I went to my character page and realised that my rep with Netherwing is now hated. Since i have previously farmed for the reputation and got it exalted to obtain the Netherdrake, i am feeling abit sad to say the very least T_T Is there a bug or a reset that occurs?Felly2 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Heirloom Disappeared In February, I let my account expire and I just reactivated it yesterday with the hopes of leveling up my warrior who is 54 with full heirlooms. Upon logging him on, he had his mace and his armor, but was missing his bloodied arcanite reaper. I logged on my other characters, checking their bags and the banks to try and see if maybe I had mailed it somewhere else for some reason. No luck. Last night I contacted a GM and woke up to this ticket response: "Thank you for taking the time to submit a ticket. In regards to the issue with your missing BoA item, Arcanite Reaper. I've personally investigated this but unfortunately, I was unable to locate the item. I'm sorry for any inconveniences." I don't know if anything can be done, but it is an inconvenience and a little annoying that it can't be restored. My account has over 10 heirlooms on it. It isn't a big surprise or shock that I had one more. Thanks for your help/research in this matter. Sorry that I can't offer more details - it has been months since I last played. Ransomed20 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Lost Heirlooms? Hi, I have the yellow warrior shoulders and the boa sword for plate wearers and I cant find them on any of my toons. Any suggestions on where they could be?Biago3 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Guild master transfer recently i have decided to get off my terribly dying server. me and a few friends were interested in bringing our level 25 guild, which was currently inactive, with us. my alt had been holding the Guild master position for me while i was in one of the few active guilds on the server. tonight i made my main character the guild master and tried to server transfer only to find out you have to be GM for 7 days. i think that this is ridiculous. i have been paying for this game since 2007 and all i want to do is transfer my guild. i already have raiders waiting for me on this other server since i did not know this was going to occurSymbiiotic1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Realm Transfer Issue When i refreshed the page where it gives you the option to choose a realm, to check on the status of my toon. It went from "pending" to "failed". I mouse-overed on the failed status, and it said something like "Character transfer failed, unlock your character and try again". I have no idea what any of that means. "Unlocking" ? Is that an option that comes with the service, is that an option in game? Is that an issue i have to bring up with customer support? "Try again" Do i pay for the service a second time? Do i cancel and reapply? I can't even click on the character i want to transfer over since it's still in "pending status". It's been 3 and a half hours, average is 1, so i suspect something is broken. What do i do? TL;DR Issues: 1. Can no longer log into the game with other toons that share the same realm with the toon i wanted to move. This means i can't access 10 characters that had nothing to do with the realm migration. I simply get disconnected. 2. "Unlock character and try again": There is no option to "unlock" anything, anywhere,within the account interface. Or more specifically, the service page that handles the realm transfers. I don't know what it's asking me to do. 3. One page said the transfer "failed", the other said it's still "pending". Either way i can not click or interact with the character i want to transfer via the account page anymore. It's essentially frozen.Winnipeg1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Merging account Problems Hello, I am trying to merge one of my old WoW accounts from 2006. Whenever I try to merge it, I can no longer connect do any page. I was wondering if you had any solutions to this. ThanksDotts3 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Giving the gift of WoW? My friend is thinking of coming back and needs to upgrade from Cata to MoP. Is there a way I can buy him the expansion in a way that's not buying the expansion from a B&M store and mailing it to him?Verraine1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Littlest pet shop Any one else having a problem with littlest pet shop achievement because I'm still stuck at 142 even tho I collect about 12 new pets I didn't have that should of have me the achievement. just wondering is it just me or other people have the same problemsDeathbul6 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Upgrading from "trial account" Hello, A friend of mine just downloaded wow and started with a trial account. we then upgraded him " bought the battle chest with BC and WotLK", and got his subscription going. It is not letting him have any of the regular account features however, "no yell function things of that nature and is not showing a character for him on his account. Does this just take time or is this abnormal? Thanks in advance.Vesuvial1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Got hacked Got hacked, they deleted my toons, do i open a ticket ingame or i have to email blizz or what?!?!Klenex1 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Selected wrong quest reward Hi - quick question for anybody who knows. I recently completed the "Quel'Delar" quest chain in Northrend. I was interested in the 1H version of Quel but accidentally selected the 2H version. I'd like to exchange it for the 1H and was wondering if this is possible via the item restore service? ThanksSkagerrak8 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 In game tickets How long do they take to answer... again. I havd a ticket open, got answered WHILE I WAS ONLINE, with no in game chat, nothing. All the answer was was a simple copy pasta response that did not actually answer my query. I responded within 1 minute and now am waiting over 2 hours for a "Your ticket will be answered" message, no time. Since I already had it answered once I would have thought responding to the same ticket for the same query would not follow the same 24-48 hour turn around, considering no one actually spoke to me.Akaraven20 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 The Weekly Barrens Quest is not appearing The weekly quest is not showing up for me. I finished the prerequisites all the way through the last emperor quest. At razor hill tower, the troll doesn't have the blue point on his head. I went back to the shrine and checked around there. I checked at lorewalker cho. Is there another npc that I should be getting it from? I did submit a ticket but thought I would check here too.Poshpearl2 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 This just happened... I was doing a dungeon with my friends and i was just about to go afk for a bit after we finished it when i get a message from someone called Blizzards saying that they are a game master and that i need to go to a website because they think im botting otherwise my account will be suspended ? The person did not have the Blizzard sign next to there name so are they just trying to scam me? Thanks for readingEryene2 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Character Services. I was wondering if someone could Clarify the Services provided. Character Transfer: what all is included in the transfer? Faction Transfer: what's included in this transfer as well please?Yohei3 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Botting allowed? I read some threads about botting and this makes me wonder. If botting is allowed as long as you don't annoy other players. This GM post give me the idea. Jul 7, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 Guild Bank exploit <removed> Toon was at lowest guild rank, with one withdrawal per day for the first tabs. Emphasis, because the official advice from Blizzard on the topic of avoiding guild bank theft is to restrict or eliminate bank access for low-ranked toons. This was taken on board as our guild policy after som previous incidents. Apparently, he found away around this, managing to make more than 20 withdrawals in a single day, before quickly leaving the guild. There is NO way for me to report this in-game without the toon standing right in front of me to right-click. The game will not let me post a ticket request for cheating. So I am forced to post here. The toon was noted as having a spate of log ins/outs on that day, but we simply thought he had a bad connection, until someone checked the logs. We would like our stuff restored, if at all possible, please.Dragontail9 Jul 7, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Black Market AH issues? Before I put in a ticket, I wanted to see if this behavior was normal? On Thursday I put in a bid on the black market auction house on my hunter, on my server the Blood-soaked invitations go pretty cheap, so I put in a bid of 1050g. I checked again yesterday at around 10 am EST and it listed the item at 2-12 hrs left, still my bid. Today when I went back to check on my bid at around 11 am EST (over 24 hrs...) the item is no longer on the AH. The issue is that I don't have the invitation, OR my bid back. Does it usually take a long time to get either of them back? Having never used the BMAH before I wasn't sure if this was standard. Thanks!Eisli4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Can someone throw me a scroll of resurrection Id like to try playing again. Thanks Email: [Removed]Lifeosuction12 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Play time expires in 30 mins over and over? For the last hour and a half, "You play time expires in 30 minutes" window has popped twice already, funny. My subscription is still active for another 28 days. So far my service has not been interrupted, but the announcement window is annoying. Suggestions?Soulden4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Cant enter my old account About a year ago I had a Battle net account under my email which I can provide, but since then I have not been able to regain that account because I cant remember my password, answer of my secret question, and I have no physical purchase to use as a code, and the phone I probably used as the number for that account is basically dead and I move that number onto my new phone. So I'm really kind of exhausted of options at this point and really willing to do whatever to get that account back, it kind of makes me angry that I have access to these emails blizzard sent to the account I can't get into :( I will appreciate anything, thanks :3Frootsnax3 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Grant Levels, how many left? Hello I need to know how many more grant levels I have left on the characters below please! Thanks Yoloski - Savage Gaming level 80 Undead Warrior Wrathios - AFK AGAIN level 80 Tauren Druid Cyrakar - Unemployed Assassins level 80 Tauren HunterBlazer2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Cannot complete quest "The Thunder Forge" Thanks for nothing.Achaos3 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 My character name has been flagged for change On yesterday, I was transferring my level 86 mage on different server from my home server. I were playing my level 86 mage for good hours before going to my bed. So right now, I tried to log in; it forced me to change my name even though my name doesn't have any inappropriate genitalia, swearing, or so forth. Is it a bug issue?Saintliness4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Ethereal Soul-Trader (tysm Blizz!:) I was sad when the ethereal soul-trader was shrunk, but am so glad to see he's back to his old self. Thank you tons, blizzard! I know this issue effected only a very small minority of players and it really speaks well for your company when you take the time to tend to the needs/wants of the few.Deirdra0 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Satchel I queue by myself as tank for one reason, to get the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries. Three times now in the past week I didn't receive the satchel. Of course the GMs all say they can't do anything about it and make excuses as to why it happened, none of which are accurate. Just posting here because the GMs assured me it would be read and addressed...........Kaithas10 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Account Locked Hello, Recently I recieved this email: Blizzard has locked the account (email removed) due to an unusual change in its access pattern. If you recently changed your connection pattern, you can unlock your account with a simple password reset. Visit the Password Reset page to begin the process. The form can also be reached by clicking “Can’t log in” on any login page. If you did not recently change your connection pattern, someone else may have attempted to access your account using your password. We encourage you to follow our security checklist to secure your computer, and then performing a Password Reset to unlock access. Once you’ve regained access, consider adding SMS Protect, a free service that allows you to quickly recover your account using a mobile device. For more information, see the SMS Protect FAQ. Regards, Blizzard Entertainment ** What I found strange is that I have logged into this computer before. Did something get tripped up with the IP addresses, or did someone really attempt to hack my account? Since I use various Wifi networks I am trying to understand if there was an actual attempt from an outside source to access my account, or was it due to myself logging into a different computer 3 miles away from my house? If you could confirm the reason I would be grateful, because I am not finding any nasty surprises on either my home computer, or laptop. Thanks.Hippyliberal7 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Recruit-A-Friend vanished? So me and my friend decided we were going to play on the server emerald dream. Everything was working perfectly: 3X experience, summon, etc. Later on we decided that the server wasn't for us, so we re-rolled new toons on Zul'jin come to find out the perks were gone. No longer are we getting the experience buff nor can we summon each other. I went to and checked under recruit a friend and it said we were still linked until August 31. Does it only work for one toon? is there any way to fix this? because I already deleted that character with the benefits.Ciccera1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Please add an Item Shop. <3 So, an Item Shop that would be PURELY cosmetic.. With the exception of EXP boosts. I would spam buy those and die. o-o But anyways, I would spend SO much on things like.. Level 1 armors that are replicas of level 70/80/90 armor. I love how characters look at those levels, the armor is just so neat. I feel almost half-assed with the uglyness you wear from 1 to 60... :c Consider this, please! c:Zimara2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 disabled game tooltip I accidentally disabled the in game tooltip. this includes everything that pops up when you mouseover, like item details and player details. halp.Doctersnipez1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 I want to come back but my old server ... ... has a really low population. Any way to get a free transfer for my main? I was on Smolderthorn.Strigio6 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Moving Real ID Alerts Out of Center? Hello, I've just recently added a lot of Real ID/Battle tag friends, and I'd like to know if its possible to move the alert box that alerts you of friends logging off and on out of the center of the screen, possibly to the corner near the chat box. On one of my other characters, it's by the chat box by default, but now I can't figure out how to put it back there, and I feel like i'm being spammed now by this box... I really don't want to outright disable this feature, because I really want to know who's logging on and off.. Any help/fixes for this issue would be greatly appreciated... Thank you!Gladdius1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Quick Item Restoration Question Hey there. I want to find out if in the past I deleted a cape from LFR. I want to use it for PVP, but I can't recall if I ever got it. Is there a way to view past deleted items without engaging my "once a month" item restoration quota? Can I view the list in the restoration menu then just exit that tab, or does it dock away your quota as soon as you're viewing the items deleted list page. Thanks.Secondtime9 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Account locked (new cell number) I tried to log in on my buddies Mac book, but i got locked out due to suspicious activity. Well, the problem here is i got a new number and i forgot to change it in the SMS protect. Now, i'm locked out and can't do anything since i cannot receive the text verification text to reset password. Can anyone please tell me how i can access my account again?Verwüstung2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Goldtrading Hello, I was wondering if I should report a player for buying gold? Is this against the rules of the game? Is it classed as cheating or not? Also how do you report a player if they are not present in chat or near you?Ithferila1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Mobile AH Account Locking I have kind of a weird situation going on right now. Over the last few weeks as I have been traveling, I have been using the Mobile AH to buy things that are listed too low and relist them for a more accurate price for my realm. The most profitable items have been the 80-85 Pandaria rare items, and I have been buying and selling many of these items over the last few weeks. So imagine my joy when I saw two items that were worth well over 1000g posted this morning at 100g a piece. This is not uncommon on my realm as many people are unaware of the value of these items and often put them on underpriced. These 2 items were put on by the same player, so I figured he must have just finished leveling and was selling off the blues he had gained. Here's where the problem came in. When I went to relist these items using that function on the Mobile App, I received a message that said "this item can not be traded." This happened with both items, so I decided to log onto the forums here and see if there was some sort of known issue. However, when I attempted to log onto the website, I got a message that said my account had been closed due to suspicious activity. I checked the email Blizzard sent me and they said it was because I was changing my log in pattern. I reset my password assuming the error was caused by my leaving the wireless I was on and moving to data from my cell company. After I reset my password, I attempted to post those items again. The same problems all repeated themselves. It couldn't be traded. Account was locked. I reset password. I am starting to feel like my logging in from different patterns is not the issue, but rather my attempting to relist those items is causing some trigger to go off and lock my account. This is especially true because I had just claimed gold from the AH and relisted another Pandaria rare item right before I ran into this series of issues. Is it possible that those items are causing my account issues? If so, how is it possible for an item I buy legit from the AH to cause my account so many issues. If not, why is it that I can't relist those items. They are clearly listable (they were listed by whoever sold them to me, and I have another one of the same items sitting on the AH as I type this). This all happened on my main character Gipsie. Thanks in advance for your help with these issues.Gipsie1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Free trial still open? [Starter > Retail] Hello I am thinking to play World of Warcraft again, but only with a friend of mine who is new to the franchise. I have some questions first: If they have Starter Edition and upgrade to retail, do they still receive 1 month free trial? Does the Recruit a Friend share Real ID when enacted? Thank you.Pungent2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 I can has empty mailbox? Anyway to have my mailbox cleared without be logging in? I want to move this character to my actual account (SoR Character) but she has mail and this account is inactive now. I don't want to have to pay $15 to activate only to pay another $25 to move :(Trillissa24 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Reporting Arena Names? Yeah-I've got a pretty high tolerance for weird/bad/etc names on wow...but "<removed> Come on Blizz... <removed> Tried to report this in game, but there's seemingly (as far as my husband and I could tell), we both way to report inappropriate arena names.Vampiras11 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 so i turned in the verdant sphere last night. and upon doing so........exactly nothing happened. no "breadisfunny and her allies have defeated kael thas and his allies no kael thas coming into shattrath. nothing. and no there wasnt someone else turning it in. is it possible to ticket a gm to have the script run so i can experience the script at the end of the questline?Breadisfunny1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Guild Dethrone questions.. Am I unable? So my guild has been quite inactive for a very long time.. Guild leader has not been on for nearly 6 months. Only person who has been on within a month is a random level 1. Now, the notification for dethroning is available to me, but it says I don't have permission to do that? But I can't see why not? I've been on very often the past 2 months and not a single person has been online while I was. Only thing I can see is the random level 1 logging on, perhaps to hold the guild from being dethroned? I'm not sure. Would love for a little more insight. Am I missing something here? Wouldn't want a level 25 guild to go to waste, would like to turn it into a running PvP guild. Thanks!Datis5 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Item Disenchants into... nothing? A couple of minutes ago I had hearthed to the Golden Lantern and checked my mailbox. Then I disenchanted four items in my bags - two blues (got one shard each), a green 400-something chest (got four dust), and then a 429 2h Mace (green) and got nothing. Just an error saying "There is no loot".... Is this some kind of "Matrix" thing or play on there not being a spoon? Is this a unique error? is it even possible? Just curious - didn't know where to take this question. Thank you for any feedback :-)Nefario3 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Change the name on my account? Hi, so this account was opened by my father whe. I was much younger. Now i pay for it and own it and wanted to put the name under my name. What would be the process and what would i need? My father isnt around right now so will that affect anything? Thanks.Pàndainboots6 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Starter edition When i upgrade can i switch realms i joined for new players one can i switch when i upgrade?Onishimazu2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Orange Trail/Path?! Whenever I loot something like a random loot box on the ground, an orange trail appears and creates a path wherever I go from where looted it, in the middle of my screen. It doesn't go away until I leave the area, and it reappears when I go back. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Did something get messed up with my settings or something?? Please help!! It's SUPER annoying!!Adelaidah2 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Altar Of Storms(i dont know where to post) sorry if this is the wrong Fourm to post this. But what should i do i have my lvl 90 druid on this realm. but this realm is so dead that i cant even get into a arena ive checked how much people have been on and there has been 50 on on ally side. This realm use to be so good and i know i could pay 25$ to get off but why? its not my fault i cant play on a realm. it use to be good thats why i was on it but now u cant do nothing..... so what could i do beside paying 25$ to transfer?Flamesup4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 150 mount achievement = nothing? I have read posts that there is a panda kite mount for the 150 mount achievement. Just wondering where mine is. Thanks.Draeneir4 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 WoW Subscription I was thinking to add 6 months game time using credit card but im not sure if im going to do it because of this:<br/><br/>Does it charged you instantly when subscribed? Or it is charged after 6 months game time used?Lowreyn1 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Starter edditon account promblem I have 2 starter edition accounts on my one battle net account i made one when they started the level to 20 and i just recently downloaded it again. Months later but when i went to login i didn't have my old characters so i made a new one but when i log on here it shows my old character on my account and not my new one im confused on what to do. I want to buy a subscription soon so please help.Zilent6 Jul 6, 2013
Jul 6, 2013 Tillers - Last farm quest ? I have just reached exalted with The Tillers and i have not yet got the quest to get the last four plots (remove the boulder). I have done all the pre-quests (yellow quests) whenever they were available to me and i have given it 24 hours since exalted and still no quest appears. Is there something else i need to do to get the quest ?? ThanksHewozuoai7 Jul 6, 2013