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1d Days left notice suddenly appears I noticed today that on my dashboard...or whatever you call it, that it notified me that I have few days left before my subscription ends. I never have this notice because its an automatic withdraw from month to month. So why is it stopping? There is nothing explaining it in my email. Nothing has changed with my bank account. My account says it renews on such-and-such date so why the sudden notice/warning? I'm just worried that my monthly renewal will be paid but I will still not be able to log on. Should I be concerned? Is this just a glitch?Ckat19 1d
23h artifact research takes an extra day now Before 7.1.5, all my artifact research on this toon took 3 days. Since the patch, all research work orders take 4 days. (I don't know if this is at all related, but I was at lvl 18. I had a research work order completed, but not picked up. I tried to use a compendium to get to lvl 20, but it wouldn't let me. The compendium is just sitting in my bank.)Scrubmuffin4 23h
1d Missing artifact appearance On my artifact stands it shows that i have obtained a new skin but it does not show in the forge of the guardian. Just wanted to know if this is a bug or not. 1d
1d Acc. Verification I keep on receiving emails asking to verify my account. Should I change my password/anything or is this a common thing?Dexecute2 1d
1d Scouring the desert glitch Glitch in scouring the desert. Absolutely no geysers on this quest. I've gone everywhere! Close to all the hives north and south of the Southwind village. Can someone help? Last quest in order to move on.Koaalii1 1d
1d Unable to continue with Class Missions I am unable to continue in my artifact weapon quest chain. A mission that was already completed and I received credit for is now listed as "In Progress" with 0 seconds left on time to completion. I am unable to do the next mission in the quest chain as my champions are still tied to the previous, completed mission. When I open the Scouting Map and click on "View completed missions" the first mission window pops up. However when I click "next" it simply closes. As I said, the mission that is stuck was successfully completed, and I already received credit for it. I should mention that though I completed the mission, in this case it is "Spy vs Spy", I wasn't able to do so yesterday. The same problem occurred then as well with the previous-previous mission, I believe I was only able to complete it because I opened the client fresh this evening to play. Here is a screenshot of my missions "in progress" with 0 seconds left. 1d
1d Dungeon Deserter, cant zone in Dungeon Deserter is not right. with all the fast pulls in the lfr their is no reason you should get dungeon deserter if they pull and you cant even zone in. Especially when the raid is in progress or on last boss. I should we have to wait 30min because they already pulled the last boss?Shockwávê1 1d
1d Nighthold music I was really hyped up about the missing part from ST Requiem for the Lost Cities as it was said to be part of the Nighthold raid bgm. Shame that it ended up not being used. Would really appreciate it if it gets added in through a minor update or something. Starting 2:00.Humph1 1d
1d AK research taking longer than 3 days mistakenly put this topic in technical support. I logged on to my alt to see when my next research notes would be ready, and I'm currently looking at it. It says the next one will be ready in 3 days and 1 hour. I remembered I used my last note yesterday; so this research note is taking 4 days to complete. This should be 3 days, as anyone not research level 25 is in catch up mode, and should always take 3 days (like my first alt who is hitting 25 today). QUOTEYoboo2 1d
1d WoW Website oddity Okay, so for a very long time now (I'm only just now searching for a possible fix for this) there's been a menu on both sides of my screen when I visit the WoW website. There is a small "x" and the top right hand corner, but nothing happens when I click it. In addition, this menu prevents me from clicking or interacting with anything that is behind it. For visual reference, here is a screen shot: 1d
1d How do I connect to calendar? Where do I find the code to link to the World of Warcraft calendar so I can link it with my personal calendar? I don't want to miss any of the new events! Thank you!Azureluna2 1d
1d My Death Knight has no Acherus Deathcharger. I recently picked up my Death Knight again, the title says, the Acherus Deathcharger is nowhere to be seen in my collection at all. /cast Acherus Deathcharger isn't doing anything for me either. I not long race changed this DK, did that break things? I'd like it back!Sibizjri4 1d
1d Grand's Marshal Transmog. Hi there! I do not know if this is intended or not, but when I buy some Grand Marshal's weapon from Lieutenant Jackspring, it doesn't say it is added in in my appearance collection, but when I sell them, it says that (Grand Marshal's ...) has been removed from my appearance collection. Are these appearances hidden in the appearance collection? Is it intended to not being an appearance? Or is it simply a bug? Any answer would be appreciated.Nothealed3 1d
1d Essence of Aman'thul I, like many others, opened their M+ cache without getting the Touch of a Titan quest. They later hot-fixed it so that if you did this, then you'd get the 15 essence once you picked up the quest. I now have seen people put in tickets and GM's reimbursed them the 15 essence! Proof here: I put in a ticket myself and was told I would not be reimbursed. Why? Why are people being reimbursed for the exact same issue I experienced, and why are others benefiting from the hot-fix and others are still stuck in the same position I am? I think its nuts that some GM's won't help and others will. I just don't get it.Laer21 1d
1d No Quest appearing Hi I am here to ask a question for a friend. They just stated playing WoW again and they got on their mage to check it out and they said no quest were available for them i told them to check the log and area around them but still nothing so they showed me their game and she was right no quest in sight which is weird because she has her arcane artifact weapon. Is this a bug or a glitch and can it be fixed?Raginfire6 1d
1d Order of the cloud serpent? i need help so i recently boosted from 1 to 100 mage with the legion update, i wanted to get one of the serpent mounts so i knew i had to go to the aurbatorium in the Jade forest (sorry for bad spelling). when i get there, there are only 2 quests that are available and they were too low level of quests to even get me on the board for having rep at the order of the cloud serpent? what i need to know is if i have to get a quest that will bring me to the aurbatorium or what do i have to do to start the rep at all? my reputation there is at 0... can someone please help.. thanks!Zandellana2 1d
1d Had to download again. Played in the AM yesterday and logged off came back to play later in the day and both wow and d3 we gone or at least the most recent patches. This is the first time I have this happen to me. Has this ever happen to someone else.Tinmaan5 1d
1d Question regarding Game Time On the launcher it says i have 3 days left of subscription, a hour ago i bought a key from G2A adding 30 days, it does say on my account "30 day Expires: 2/21/2017 9:27 PM" and was wondering when it reaches 0 on the launcher does it go to 30? i prefer cards because i live in the UK playing with my NA friends so this is easier for me then automatic renewing, should i keep the subscription on or can i redeem codes without keeping the sub on?Roguevale8 1d
1d Removing Starter Edition from Account Hello! Sorry to be a bother but could you remove the WoW2 Starter Account from mine, there was a code mix-up on the code redemption sheet I had gotten from purchasing the Warcraft movie, and now I am stuck with a WoW2. Please and thank you!Isisazariel13 1d
1d Outlaw Hidden skin drop rate Can we please have a buff to the drop rate of these items? I have run Neltharion's Lair 100 times now (at east, idk if a recent account merger may have lowere that number, but my stats page shows 100 total) and still no hidden skin drop. the other half from Vault took 16 runs. I know i can cheese it by unlocking the alt skins for the other 2 weapons, but i am after the main color of this weapon. By comparison my other 110s for theirs. Warrior - Prot - 3 tries - Fury - # world boss kills and maybe 20 Halls of valor kills - Arms - got it first time it spawned after the quest was buffed so it could actually spawn. lol. Priest - Holy - 3 runs after gettign Valarjar exalted Paladin -Holy - 2 hours of farming demons Rogue - Assassination - hour -ish of farming for it. come one, this is insanely out of whack with the other classes. and my number of runs is low still, some have reported over 200 runs to get just 1 of the 2 drops. give us a hand here and buff the drop rate, please!Khanley15 1d
1d How to report CASH for Raid Groups?? Hey CS. I noticed last night there where several raid groups made that listed cash for raid spots and linked a website to go to. No, I didn't go the the website, but what would be the right way to bring this to Blizzards attention? I was using "Objectionable Description" from the pull down list, if I remember correctly. Thanks! Edit: to correct wording from Orlyia's since memory is faulty. :)Frostyclaw7 1d
1d Name change question If I do a name change on a character, will people who already have that specific character added to their friends list see the change, or will they have to readd me as a friend?Rinöa2 1d
1d So, tell me when... Brightbrown8 1d
2d Just curious I've been playing WoW ever since it came out but only recently have I started getting fake Blizzard emails. I guess I should count myself lucky that I haven't had them before but, I'm wondering, how did they get my email address? No, I haven't fallen for any of the fake in-game spam scams. In fact, I haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately other than I've started buying game tokens from the AH. There are only two possible places I can think of that have the email/game links and that's Wowhead (I set up a user name for commenting a couple of years ago) and I have Curse client for addons. Is it possible one of these have been a bit slack with their security?Bétenoire3 2d
2d Post realm transfer restrictions I tramsferred a character to another realm recently and I would like to change its name as well, but the character doesnt show up in my character list when attempting to go through with the service. Is there a limitation for these kind of character services after a realm transfer? If so, how long til my character is available for them?Gimillippy13 2d
1d Abandoned a quest need help! So I did my "in the blink of an eye" quest. An a npc spawned an gave me the artifact quest. I abandoned it an cant get it back now.Araliun16 1d
2d Linking Two Accounts Hello! I was just curious if there's an automated way I can link two accounts under the same email. They were created under the same name and all, and I don't mind that they have to be paid for separately. I'm mostly wanting to do this so my achievements and collections are shared with both accounts. ;) Thanks for the help!Kai5 2d
2d Faction / Server transfer quick question. Im going to be transfering servers and faction soon and just curious about a question about the new quest with Night hold. The quest requires you to collect 20 Night shards. I know quest normally reset but was curious since the quest items for this stay in your bags do you keep the items pick the quest back up and continue from there or do these items in my inventory get wiped. I know the prior quest where you collected 30 corrupted essence from emerald nightmare would get wiped but those quest items were not stored in your bags. Thanks. The Quest in question is Into the Nighthold.Skyfer3 2d
2d Incorrect account time on launcher I bought a time card from Amazon yesterday to top off my account (since tokens are no longer affordable) and it still shows my account expires in a matter of hours. My account page says I am good for 2 more months, so I figure I am safe but just want to make sure.Nikolatesla2 2d
2d Headmaster/mistress title I unlocked the title on my hunter here, as she's the one with my highest archaeology. I figured, get it on her and then use it on my warlock. But I logged on to my Warlock just now, and the title's not there. Is the Title not account-wide? I saw on WoWHead that it is supposed to be but?Reila4 2d
2d Druid group spam farming Both on Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord i have come across 5 man guild groups that are running around on set program paths in the game spam farming area mobs for loot. The guild names are random letters and they are all Druids in moonkin form. These druids are often level 95 and higher to 100. They are able to port to Moonglade to sell the loot then port back to where they are zone farming. I believe these are made by spam gold sellers or players who are using programs or cheats to allow gold farming with quick bought accounts or fake/hacked ones. They are often online during midnight hours when customer service is offline. This kind of activity is illegal and also unfair to other gamers.Daishogun6 2d
2d Unknown cinematic caused screen flashes A few minutes ago I was doing the WQ to kill 10 of the dread riders outside of Greywatch. Suddenly my screen went dark grey and then began to flash from dark grey to light grey. I hit the escape key and a message popped up asking if I really wanted to cancel this cinematic. After several tries of the esc. key resulting in the same message, I clicked yes, and was kicked from WoW. I had no other applications running at the time. After disconnecting I ran my standard battery of malware/spyware scans, a disk and registry cleaner, a defrag and optimizer of both, etc. And then restarted the computer. I've never had this happen before and just thought you folks might want to know about it.Panseared1 2d
2d WSG wall climbing demon hunters Demon hunter grabed flag and climbed wall. I have screen shots of were if its important. he was reported by all even the alliance side I'm sure. I'm not sure were to even put this so I kind of put it everywhere. it really annoyed me. his name was -bleedinghollow Atlest make it so he couldn't LOS a DK I mean come on. death grip savior.Krullgar1 2d
2d Essence of Aman'Thul overcaps I had 48/50 Essence of Aman'Thul and when I finished my 2v2's it gave me 5 Essence of Aman'Thul thus putting me at 53/50.. but the quest takes all of them away.. making the next upgrade start at 0/50. Why not make them a currency that the quest takes from so people don't lose out of X amount of Essence of Aman'Thul.Paldale1 2d
1d It's Back Error BLZ51900002 and now wow51900328 Doesn't look like affecting many people. Everyone from my Battle net is still on. Anyways been going on for maybe 20min. It is bouncing between both of those errors. I know last time had to do with something timing out from your end I believe. Why everyone had to post logs from some app so you guys could fix it.Chewsham3 1d
16h BLZ59200002 I was getting this error message BLZ51900002 out of the blue trying to log in after getting dc'd, it was Comcast dns not working. Could not access Found out how to fix by going to this site to change DNS and it fixed it. 16h
2d Serious Cross-Realm Zoning Issues [Azeroth] Hello, I have been leveling a mage for the past 3 days and, throughout my adventure, I have encountered empty, or half empty zones. Quest NPCs will be missing, even though I can see their /emotes in chat. I have stood waiting for quest NPCs with other players, thinking they were being farmed by the opposite faction. This is temporarily fixed with a simple relog, but happens again in the next zone. Character: Tieh (Emerald Dream)Coolankel1 2d
2d Nighthold cinematic repeatedly playing The cinematic from the end of the Nighthold raid keeps playing while i'm just hanging around Dalaran. The southern bank, the engineer shop, the horde inn. I can't tell if it's something if I'm doing that make it start. Sometimes it takes a break, sometimes I have to cancel 4 in a row. Haven't logged out to try to fix it, but I'm going to be tempted to soon.Elluminea2 2d
2d Hunter Feedback - How do I help? Hello, I'm Madwolf and I've been playing a Hunter from the opening months of Vanilla, and I'd really like to help the Devs with some meaningful feedback on the state of the class. My expertise lies in Beast Mastery, which I've stayed with since TBC, and I mostly play PvE. These days I'm mostly a casual player that plays with some good friends, and we do all levels of content including Mythic+ and Raid content that we're well geared enough to tackle. I completely trust the Developers when it comes to the damage output of the class, because at the end of the day they worship at the alter of our Lord and Savior Math much more devoutly than I am able. However, when it comes to class mechanics I believe I can provide meaningful insight into why the Hunter community feels the way it does without resorting to the negativity. I will do anything necessary to help. If that means answering e-mails, phone calls, one on one feedback, or even running around with a Dev in game and providing stream of thought for a particular encounter, or occurrence I am more than willing to do so. Whatever it takes, and I'll be happy to do it. I can even fly to Anaheim. I really want to help in anyway I can. Hope you guys have a wonderful day out in sunny California. Send some warmth to the Midwest for me!Madwolf10 2d
2d NH FPS drop.. Anyone else been experiencing low FPS in NH? I have a GeForce 980 GTX and I ran EN perfectly with my graphics at number 7 which is what is recommended and my fps wouldn't drop but in NH I am dropping about 10 to 15 FPS by just being in some areas and some trash..Ketsuekki2 2d
2d Stuck in Ulduar I tried to solo Yagg-saron like a fool a tentacle has me and it wont let go I drop to 30% life then right 50% so I can not die , character stuck option doesnt helpRenjai2 2d
2d Mysterious Explosion upon entering the world Howdy folks, Upon entering the World there's a mysterious explosion. It happens every single time I enter the World but I have to move a certain distance before it will trigger. It happens only once and doesn't recur as I enter other zones. It shakes everything and leaves a puff of smoke much like a projectile from a battleground destroyer but it does no damage. The source remains a mystery and I'm not quite sure what the best route is for assistance...thus my appearance here. Any help is appreciated! Cheers!Brerlapin15 2d
1d WOW51900319 WOW51900319 Does anyone know what this is?Lohotou4 1d
2d Missing Mount So i got the 5000 timewarp tokens from timewalking dungeons redeem them For "Bridle of the Ironbound Wratithcharger" use the item and discover that I cant summon it because it dosen't even seem to have an entry in the collections page(collected or uncollected). I checked with the npc to make sure i didnt accidentaly sell it back, but no it says I know it . is this an error cause if the item has been removed it shouldn't be offered to waste your tokens on :(Ravnak7 2d
2d Essence of aman'thul / touch of a titan Touched by a titan was not available when server came up collected weekly mythic chest and was not able to receive the +15 essences i see many other posts here about the same issueKesu47 2d
1d Why are we being forced to do mythics Why are we being FORCED to find a group and do mythic dungeons in order to get level 3 recipes?Braitac132 1d
2d Living felslate Issues alright here is my issue. I switch gathering professions from mining to skinning when I need. I buy the book for 800g to get my patterns and stars back. I have rank 3 living felslate, When i re pick up mining and buy the book I head to suramar for felslate basilisks. When I start farming I will get an "extra basilisk" kill it and loot it, But not receive any ore from it when you should get 8-10 just for looting it. but it can be mined right after. Then i can mine it. First time this happened I put in a ticket, tried the infamous log out and back in, Left the zone mined ore till my mining was about 25 Went back and got 4 more basilisks same thing....Nothing maybe a grey item. But I am getting bloods and the mana gems on chance when mining which is the rank 2 star. Finally after a dungeon I try one more time and boom I am looting ore off te "extra basilisk" It is happening again today right now.....and its frustrating. Any advice?Binxies1 2d
2d WoW token problem Hoping someone can help shed some light here, my problem is that when i go to the ingame shop it dosnt give me the option to buy the wow token. i have been told its under its own tab but the only tabs availible are Featured, pets, mounts and game services and its not under any of those. i have tried going to the website but that only redirects you to go to the in game store. Is this a region issue ? everything i have read says that this is availible to all but yet it wont even show up on my in game storeShalizar4 2d
2d Forum Issues Hi, Not sure if this is correct place to post this so I apolgise if it isn't. I am currently having issues with logging on the forums. When I log onto my account and use the Blizzard authenticator, I can access my account info, but as soon as I click on the forums, it shows no character and tells me to log on. This happens intermittently. Sometimes it will show my character, and I am able to post, other times I cannot access any of my characters and it will say I need to log on. Also, My druid character of which I am posting on will not, and has not been updated since the patch, even though it says at the bottom it was updated on the 18th January 2017. My current transmog also is not updating either. Lastly, loading times to access the forums, or even the Battle.Net for that matter has become extremely slow for me. It has only been this way since the recent patch.Yvárhna3 2d
2d Healer loot bug?? So I recently came back to wow and have killed 7 world bosses. I have got 1 item to drop for 14 total loot rolls. I thought I read somewhere that world bosses are loot bugged for healers?? Can my luck be really that bad??Tazor1 2d