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1d Missing Garrison Blueprints I have a character who recently leveled through the Warlords of Draenor content. I'm still using the garrison to level some of my professions. However, the game won't let me build any buildings on empty plots now. It tells me blueprints are required even when I should have the blueprints. I wanted to build a scrapyard and I've completed the necessary quests in Spires of Arak to unlock it but it says I need the blueprints. So I bought the scrapyard blueprints from the blueprints vendor but then the game wouldn't let me use the blueprints because it says I already know them. And it's not just the scrapyard. For example, I can't build the Lunarfall Inn because, again, it says I don't have the blueprints even though I do.Despayr2 1d
1d Didnt click scroll in Endless Halls Just sat and guessed my way through 4 hours of beating the Endless Halls puzzle for the Lucid Nightmare mount, when i was ported to the golden room I teleported out and forgot to click the scroll on the table. Now if I try to eat the ash again I can just simply walk through the shadow in the different entrances, and there is no way of getting out. Is there anyway I can be pushed to the next part of the mount run, where i have to get the chest at the bottom of the catacomb, or im I eternally screwed?Brawshal4 1d
1d Power Ascended Achievement Issue Greetings! I have completed the achievement "Power Ascended" on 06/19/17 and have the achievement for it. However when in my class hall I am not able to purchase "A Tiny Set of Warglaives" . I did recently race change this character so that might be part of the issue. Cam you please look into this for me as I would like this toy on my Demon Hunter. Thank you in advance!Idemon11 1d
1d A way to check login history? Is there a way to check when someone has logged into WoW with your account? I went to use the armory app to check my auction house sales, but got the error message that my character was logged in and I couldn't use the remote AH, although I wasn't logged into WoW, haven't even played yet today so it wasn't open. It's possible the app just glitched a bit and thought I was online when I wasn't, but to be safe I changed my password. Is there a way to check when I've been logged on to make sure my characters weren't online when they shouldn't be?Xygras3 1d
1d Unlocking Suramar Questing on Alts I've been looking around for information but nothing I could find was answering my question. I want to get world quests for Suramar on my 110 alts so that they can get chances for the Llothien Prowler in the emissary caches when Nightfallen is active. So I was wondering, do I really have to complete on every alt all of the story campaigns of every Broken Isles levelling zone in order to unlock the quest from Khadgar to get into Suramar? Or is it possibly related to the artifact campaigns? It seems a little odd to incentivise levelling through legion invasions with the massive exp gain and then walling everything off behind story progression that a main has already done. Thanks for your help!Murkette5 1d
1d Intellectual Property? or Open Season? Hello Blizzard, I am Starting my own Youtube/ Streaming Project that focuses on my Casual Gameplay, Making Guides and entertaining guild events. My guild is called <For The Sindorei> NOTE THAT WOW CALLS IT Sin'Dorei and i call my in house streaming room <Sindorei Studios> and My tag is Sunstrider#1610. The thought process is that Kael thas and my hunter were cousins and im leading a guild to fight against the legion in the Sindorei name. Its a pretty cool concept i believe. However my concern is Whether i am allowed to boast the Sindorei Name and brand it in my own way. My channel would be revolved around sharing my love for World of warcraft and Blizzard games. I am a nintendo fanboy so i will have a variety night playing paper mario or something like that. I BUILD custom computers and sell them , I also Modify N64 consoles and all of the classic consoles to produce a high resolution picture. I would also be showcasing my work and will sell them on ebay. ONCE again my my aliase and my channel is named after a race and lore from WOW. IS THIS LEGAL and is it just a tip of the hat toward Blizzard? Or could i get in trouble naming myself after my beloved 10 year long connection with wow?????? if so how can i do so without stepping on blizzards toesFoxstrider8 1d
1d Don't see any lesser invasion points I don't see any lesser invasion points? Where are they? I thought there were suppose to be three at any time? There is one greater one, which I can't do, and that's it. I've done the quest to do your first invasion point (and so have done one), so they should be unlocked. But when I look at my map, I don't have any (other than the greater one) in any of the Argus zones?Allawyn3 1d
1d Band of Trackers I went on wow and ice and could not find a solution. I also asked the general public players and no one answered. I have 2 bands of trackers. I do not know where to pick them up. All I want to know is how, or where do I pick up or access the band of trackers. I tried to paste a picture but there is no option to paste the picture. I also tried to make out a ticket, but the option to make out a ticket does not seem to exist any longer.Trianela2 1d
1d Can't find Blizzcon Mount I purchased the virtual ticket and the sale says complete but I am not seeing the mount in my mount list. Am I missing something here? I didn't have any mail either.Moonzephyr2 1d
1d Stormheim starting scenario is bugged Stormheim starting scenario is bugged it wont let me teleport in and when it does after dropping the quest and picking it back up, while also skipping the cut-scene immediately i can walk for a few steps in the scenario before it teleports me back into stormwind harbor, ive seen posts detailing the problem from august 2016 and nothings been changed, is there any work around for this its completely impossible to level my alt because of this unless i que for dungeons for the whole time.Coolfedora3 1d
2d want to chech on my accounts standing I happen to have messeging disabled cuzz I sead something craysy in traid to get gamemasters attention as there is no way for me to open a ticket and am wondering if there is any way to check on the standing of my account frankly i am tired of devs alienating themselves from there player bas as no form posts have been addressed and customer service is not there any moreHealbeemtwo32 2d
2d lag in raids! I wouldn't be here if it was fixed, I've been getting really bad lag in raids to the point where its unplayable, round 14000+ framerates and I have done all the recommended settings. I've also taken my less than a year old gaming laptop (MSi GE62) down the road to get repaired, ( win10 creators update) messed with my drivers, they say everything is now sorted and up to date, ( they had to uninstall win10 and reinstall) since I couldn't roll back to the previous version. so everything on the computer a fresh install. halp this is driving me insane. >_<Berrtha7 2d
2d Web Ticket I can't tell you how frustrated I am. I tried to open ticket but the tree does not have anything applicable. So it appears if I have something not covered - then a ticket is not possible? Is this intentional? How do I open a ticket for issues "not otherwise covered"? Did I mention that I don't have words to describe my frustration? As an aside, when Blizzard eliminates easy contact channels, I feel disrespected. Thanks, KeelerKeelerodis7 2d
2d Question Hi everyone looking to see how long a transfer to another realm and faction change would take also I know it locks the person you are moving so u cant play them but does it lock the account so u cant login and player another character thanksTtankk1 2d
2d Invasion Point Offense wont work? Ive sent two tickets and had no reply i think i may have done it wrong.. id just like to ask if anyone else has had this problem, i did my first invasion point and i got a quest to do 3 more i did 2 that were avalible and the one i did to get the quest is still there and everytime i enter its done already i tried entering the greater invasion point but even that wont let me What is going on?Drahzie2 2d
9h NPC won't appear in vanilla raid so I am trying to run ruins of ahnqiraj for the jagged obsidian shield recipe, which Lieutenant general Andorov is supposed to sell for me. According to wowhead, after you kill the first boss, (which is Kurinnaxx), he is supposed to appear, but he doesn't. nothing happens. please help?Shadoburst5 9h
2d fluctuating Ilvl Hi! My item level fluctuates between 932 and 934. This is without putting any new gear on. One minute it's 932 and then 15 minutes later it will show as 934. I think my profile shows 933 and in game it says 932.Devilsbkbone3 2d
1d Triumvirate keystone didn't register This morning I ran with a group a +15 triumvirate that we failed due to learning curve and we decided after to do a +14 in time. We noticed that it was not registered in the leader board for some reasons.. Is it a known bug ? We are kinda sad about not seeing our results after having it completed with one minute left. as you can see the 15 did register but not the 14... we were wondering why? SKSkwin6 1d
2d DK quests missing! Hi, folks! A little while ago I transferred my Death Knight from Horde to Alliance and WRA to Moon Guard. At the time, I was partway through one of the early DK class hall quests on the character. Now, when I go to Acherus and Dalaran, there are no quest givers. Nothing. There's a silver "!" over the Highlord's head, but when I click him there's no indication that I have a quest from him. My quest log is totally empty. I can start quests for each zone in the Broken Isles via my scouting map like usual, but that's the only way I can get new quests. Please help!Blunderblade5 2d
2d Blizzcon mount purcahsed as a code? Can the blizzcon mount be purchased as a reedeemable code like the first blizzcon mount?Zukès15 2d
22h Prospecting in Argus Second day in a row I have prospected over 100 empyrion and have received only 2 crystals total. That's a 1% drop rate and that sucks. I have received almost 50 useless gem chips in the process. What's up with the prospecting rate? And to top it off the empyrion mines are few and far between as are the basilisks. Can we get something done about this!!!!!Soayja4 22h
2d Highmountain Invasion Bugged-Dalaran US Hello! If a GM sees this in the next 3 hours, the highmountain invasion is bugged for Dalaran-US. On the step Holding our Ground where you have to kill Incinerator Vythe, one of the ritualists is bugged, so nobody can advance. We have been here since a bit after the invasion started. Please help!Bearfighter1 2d
2d Does name get locked after I delete a lvl 1? That's it. I have some saved names on my account, with level 1 characters. If I delete them, does the name become immediately avaliable to other players, or is it subject to the 30 (90?) day lock?Loberine2 2d
2d Can't Recover Titanstrike! EDIT : Alright, So I actually got this resolved :). Many thanks to the amazing GM's!Chaosrealm5 2d
2d No 21:9 Resolution Option Hi, I have an LG 34UC79G Ultrawide monitor that runs 2560x1440. Apparently WoW supports 21:9 but when I enter the setting the highest resolution available is 2560x1080. I have tried both windowed and fullscreen and there is still no option. How do I get it to run at 21:9 ratio? ThanksAcindor2 2d
3d Bring back negative honor Would there ever be an implementation of some sort of negative system to stop people from killing lower levels zones like honor hold, etc? Other factions camping the zone, killing lowbies, and killing quest givers. I don't mind world pvp what so ever, but stopping people from even being able to play the game is ridiculous. If nothing else make the guards higher level to counter them to an extent. I miss the days of negative honor. At least then there was some draw back to being a piece of crap.Rokafellor4 3d
3d Serpentbite skin I did the quest to unlock the Serpentbite BM Titanstrike skin but after going to Dalaran to turn it it i didn't get the skin. I stood in the circle and pressed the buttons and then mages powered up my weapon but no skin. I did already do the MM quest before this and got the skin is that why i didn't get the BM one?Doragonzasso3 3d
3d WoW Tokens disabled? Hello! I have been trying to buy a WoW token but it keeps saying unavailable! The price keeps going up on them. What I want to know is, Why are they down? How long are they going to be down? and how much more will they go up before they are available? My time expires in 16 hours lol thanks!Iysha7 3d
3d Argus: Can't find Velen! Hello there. So, i've started doing the Argus third chapter yesterday, until the point of the "A non-prophet organization". After finding Velen inside his house, i had a little chat with him, watched the Cutscene till the end. After that, i took a little break of 2 minutes for food, and when i got back, Velen had disappeared. Then, i decided to do this storyline on a alt of mine. I noticed that, after that cutscene, there is a dialog saying that Velen and Turalyon are going to patrol the area around the seat of the triumvirate, and wait for me there. The thing is: i didn't acepted the 2 quests from Turalyon, and the 1 main quest from Velen. The exclamation point still on my map, like if Velen was there, but he just vanished. I've tried to search around argus, around the seat of the triumvirate, on the very same coordinates that my alt has gone, but nothing. Can somebody help me? I'm getting crazy to understand this thing.. I've done almost anything, re-loged, re-started the game, and nothing.Ivengar7 3d
3d Mist/fog effects Is there a way to turn of the "mist" effect shown in my screenshot below? I have chronic migraines and this is making it worse. Thanks in advance. 3d
3d No Trade Chat in Global Channels tab Trade chat doesn't show up on the Global Channels tab in the settings. I can not open trade chat at all. the / 2 or / Trade / Join Trade DO NOT WORK[u][/u]. I only see 1. Genneral and 3. Local Defense there is NO 2. Trade Chat. How do I get it back? this is only happening on one of my toons, all the others have it and I can talk in trade on them. Any help please!Emeraldkill6 3d
3d Haven't Received Recruit a Friend Rewards I sent 2 of my friends recruit a friend emails and they used the codes however it has been multiple weeks and I still have not received any rewards. They definitely have bought game time as I've been playing with them and it's been more than a week.Sundercliff4 3d
3d legion flying....why so hard? After grinding for the past 3 months and spending about an hour or two per day working on it I'm still nowhere close to unlocking legion flying I'm wondering if moderators/gms have any plans to make it more accessible for those who work full-time and can't spend all their time grinding just for the freedom of flying aroundSneaky4 3d
3d AP bug/game freezing at load Having a strange issue with my hunter the past few days, the night it started I was using some AP items on my survival spec, after a few 100mil, the game froze and stopped responding, windows looked for a solution but found nothing. I booted up the game again and tried to login to my hunter, but again the game froze, except this time at the loading screen right when it finished loading. I gave up. Next day, same thing, and the next day, until today, still having the same issue. After searching the forums for a bit, couldn't find anything that sounded similar to my problem. Any ideas what happened/how to fix it? I didn't yet max out my survival tree with the 35th trait, so I'm thinking maybe all the extra "trait points" (last I saw it was +70 traits to add) messed something up. Please help :cMiasmata3 3d
3d Character Transfer I am thinking of transferring this toon to another realm. I love the guild I am in, and have known these people since MC days. However, seems there is hardly anyone on anymore. Since the release of ToS, I have been raiding with another guild each week, and I hang out, do mythic plus runs, help gear their alts, etc. Anyway, enough of the backstory, on to my question. My question is, while the transfer process is working its mojo, can I still play my character, or will he be unavailable? If I decide to pull the trigger, I need to figure out the optimum time to do so, if I cannot play the character in the meantime. I mean his /played is somewhere in the 244 days or 234 or something like that haha. This is my original character, and pretty much the one I do most stuff on. Anyway, I know this forum can point me in the right direction. Appreciate the help.Mastadon13 3d
3d Elvui Language So normally, when you press enter and try to type there is a little language bubble that shows up which allows you to change your language. With elvui I have no idea where this is, would anyone mind telling me?Adriendeath1 3d
3d Lost essence swapper What happened to my essence swapper for my hunter ? I was moving it from 1 spot on my action bar to another & my finger slipped. Now it's gone. I looked on wowhead website & they suggested to talk to "Image of Mimiron" to get another. I tried that & all he talks about is changing Hati's appearance back to old (original) look. I tried to open a ticket but none of the options for "character problem" are applicable (character undelete, restore profession, etc...). I looked under item restoration (nothing there either). I even submitted a bug but got no response (email, web ticket, in game talk with GM). I am lost. I don not know what else to do. anybody else having same issue ???Huntrezz4 3d
3d ingame shop issue i'm trying to buy a 60$ boost ,everything with my adress/credit card /information is ok i'V doublecheck. but its keep blocking its saying ''zound internal error'' .Pepitux9 3d
3d cant see my group when i enter a pvp match or raid group i have no raid framesJimzdrood2 3d
3d Time remaining clock...on BN page I took a break and came back Aug 28 buying 3 months time.... The clock says I am down to 2 months--is that thing right?Randyknight3 3d
3d Question about Legendaries As far i am aware, the % chance on Legendaries will reduce the more you have collected, if this is true, will the percentage of finding a new one increases if i destroy (trow away)/ sell some legendaries (that i dont use anyway) ?Duivel5 3d
3d Having problems creting character A couple of hours ago, I RAF my friend to join WoW. He bought the game right away so that he could make a DK, but when logging in it continuously told him he could not create a DK on a trial account. We found out he might have to wait 72 hours for the transaction to process. We decided that we would level other characters in the mean time but when he goes to create a new level 1 character, he gets a message saying 'a name can only contain letters' even though he is only using letters. Not a great way for a new player to start things off. Could we get some help please?Comecuddle5 3d
3d Issue with ingame shop I'm trying to buy shadow from the ingame shop, I press "buy now" it says "connecting to shop" then all that happens is the screen goes blueish and a black square appears in the middle with an "X" to close it. I've tried to use the ingame shop on multiple characters, with and without addons enabled and also at the character screen. The issue persists when trying to buy other pets, mounts and services.Blindsidez7 3d
3d Can not process quest for class mount I have tried to get help from General discussion, but so far not work. Basically I try to get my class mount for Shaman. I stuck at "champion of legionfall" quest. I can get the quest, but can not get the "A humble request" to start the chain quests. I have finished the shaman campaign. I have finished Armies of legionfall, Assault of broken shore, Begin contruction, Aaigen Point, Vegenance point, Defending Broken Isles. The orginal thread: Please help/ Thanks a lot.Wolfist17 3d
3d Game disconnects Recently, every time I use the Dalaran teleport stone the loading screen progresses so far but eventually I'll be disconnected and booted back to the account log-in screen. No idea why it's happening though I have noticed the game seems to take longer to respond recently, as in players loading/appearing in zones etc. There's nothing wrong with my internet either. Also, when traveling on boat from Stormwind to Northern, the loading screen that tracks the ships travel (with the dots along the map) only disappears when I've actually arrived tin Northrend, sometimes it takes so long that I've found when the screen disappears, I'm actually coming back into Stormwind Harbour from Northrend. I've been force quitting the game mid sail so to log back in and hope my character is sitting at Northrend which is incredibly frustrating. Any help/thought appreciatedHorathol1 3d
3d Virtual Ticket Hi, I am trying to purchase a Virtual Ticket, I do not care about watching anything, I just want the two mounts. The problem, my account is North America, but I play from South Korea, I ve lived here for 8 years. So the website wont let me pay. I hit support, Korean web site, I don't read Korean. So how can I get these mounts?Skulspliïter1 3d