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Apr 8, 2013 Enhancement Shaman Dps so Low I'm pulling all the right cool downs according to the websites Icy veins and Noxxic. My DPS average right now is like 18k. Please give some advice.Codyson5 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Unable to connect Every time I try to sign on, it says, "Unable to Connect. If problem persists, contact customer support at blah, blah, blah... My 10 Mbs internet is working just fine so is the server down in SoCal?Herrvon1 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Shrine of the seven stars Please, Please, Please get rid of the laughing dwarf in the shrine he is driving me up the walls. He laughs every 2 or 3 seconds. Please if there were a bouncer in that inn he would have chucked him long ago. Thank you, A Big Eared Night ElfGalamage3 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Confused... So I am a little confused on how the ticket system works i opened a new ticket to address an issue i was having and it says your ticket is being esculated not sure what it means but i waited a bit longer then it said serviced soon. It's been about 2 hours since it said serviced soon and i feel left in the dark about this... Does it mean its being looked at or what? Sorry i'm just really confused i had opened a ticket before like this in the past but this seems different. Thank you.Shahadshsdn2 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Suggestion Time? Since there isn't a suggestion forum, I figure this is the best place to post this. I was thinking of the phasing system and would like to suggest applying the phasing system to the ignore system. When you ignore a character, they become out-of-phase to you, so that they can no longer harass you by kicking a soccer/football in your face, tea-bagging you, or generally being a nuisance.Nexusfur8 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 Not sure where this post goes Mal'ganis server needs a restart bad. For the past 2 days the lag has been debilitating in Orgrimmar. NPCs and player sprites are very slow to load, mailboxes don't always show up, the Auction House sometimes shows as empty, Profession links open into a blank window, ect. It's not just me, people have been complaining about it in trade and guild chat. People are starting to migrate to Dalaran or Undercity to escape the lag.Redbrik1 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 8, 2013 This game is not easy to return to Seems disingenuous to take and easily bill me for the Pandaran expansion, and not allow me to even play the game after a billing plan is set up. If it takes up to 72 hours (which I did not see a notice for) then the game time should reflect that, and not begin until the player can actually play. There should be a notice that it is recommended to set up a payment plan AFTER a game card is submitted because of a possible 72 delay (if in fact this is what I am experiencing). There is a loss of up 72 hours game time when a full 30 days has been paid for. Yes, I know, the three days are trivial, but thousands of players loosing three days, or even 1 day of game time, it all adds up to "free revenue" for Blizzard that is no longer trivial. So here I am, spent the bucks on the Collector's Edition of the latest expansion and I can't even play the game.Loxa5 Apr 8, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Guild name change Trying to change my guild to 'From the Ashes' on Khaz'goroth, but it seems to be taken. Cant find the guild anywhere is it a phantom or lost?Lucrona2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Name flagged after xfer/faction change I recently faction changed and server transfered, after which I got the name Cliptis, after logging in today I was flagged for a name change, Id like to know why I was flagged for a name change AFTER your naming policy/convention showed it as available and let me use it AFTER I was on my destination server, this is not the typical account transfer leading to a name being reserved by the original account issue, or atleast it doesnt seem the same to me.Cliptis2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Abandoned one of starting quests for Pandaria I abandoned one of the quests in the Pandaria questline by accident and I can't remember which one it was so I don't know where to go to try to pick it back up. I can't remember exactly which one but I was doing the few quests you have to do after you go down the rope from the gunship and before you get to Pawdon village so I can't get any Jade Forest quests. ???????Qùeenice2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Scroll of resurection So I am never playing world of warcraft again because I cant use scroll of resurectionOmald5 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Stuck as a trial Its been over one day and i'm still a trial account. I wouldn't mind but i'm trying to do recruit a friend and i'd like to use some BoAs. ThanksRabeckya9 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Laggy and sad. Good afternoon. For the past few days I'm having high latency and so many disconnects that I just end up logging off in frustration. This has been a *minor* issue before (happening a few times per day, annoying, but do-able) but since last night I can't do a thing. Trying to move in Orgrimmar today, I keep running into invisible walls, then I lag out and DC again. I'm not a techie, so I have to believe my husband when he says that my computer is fine, our modem is fine, and the problem is not at my end. My server is Moon Guard, could it simply be that it's the weekend and it's overloaded? I'm not having to wait to log in, so I don't think this is the problem. Is Blizz uploading more patches in the background while we play? I wish I knew why this is happening. Today all I wanted to do was get my dailies done, and I can't eve do that without latency turning red and disconnects. My husband plays on his own account on a different server at the same time I'm playing, and he's not having these issues. Help?Feleina2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 MoP Trial Hello I recently started a MoP trial version. I have now purchased MoP however, I am still unable to level past 85. My question is, do I need to purchase actual game time & not be on trial time?Pura4 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 I just got my ticket canceled, twice. So, what happened to customer service? You guys used to be helpful, and cared. Now, you guys talk like robots and then when a customer asks to speak to some one else, you cancel the ticket, not once, but twice. I didn't verbally abuse anyone. Its not like I was screaming EFF THIS EFF THAT YOU ASSHATS.. no.. I just said I wanted to speak to some one else, because those robots were not helping. WTH? I'm not currently subscribed to WoW, and I was thinking about doing so if I could get my issue solved, in a decent way. This... is horrible. Bad. Bad.Alicemalice35 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Fishing? Or real Blizzard request? I got this whispered to me in game: [Blizzard] whispers: [Game Master]GM: Hi Blizzard Entertainment notifies you (abnormal account)! [Removed] sure that you are the original owner of the account. Or the system will suspend your account. Is this someone fishing for my account details so they can steal all my gold? or is this an actual Blizzard request. The .tk makes me think it's not Blizzard. In addition to the grammar errors. In addition to the lack of detail in the whisper.....Picket7 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 "Abnormal Account" Fooroo7 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Cross realm crap the last straw Well finally had enough blizz i just can't stand this cross realm crap anymore you guys have been getting tons of feedback reguarding this and no changes have been made. Trying to collect eggs for finish out my meta but each one of the starting towns on my server is slammed full of toons 99% from other servers which makes doing this take 10 times longer then it should. Ya and i know why do i not just cross realm myself to make it eaiser the responce is i shouldn't have to my server is already high pop enough without allowing all these turds from other servers to come on it. If they want on my server so bad then they should pay the money and transfer. Everyone always wonders when the next big game aka ("The WOW Killer") will come around and to be honest i don't think blizzard needs to worry about another game they need to worry about themselves if anyone is gonna kill wow it will be blizzard. I for one am done not that means !@#$ to blizz other then the fact I know I'm not the only one. So you guys can count my 14 bucks a month out it was fun while it lasted :(Stinkyplague3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Oondasta It's kind of stupid putting a world boss that has been nerfed so many times already in a spot that allows for people to train mobs in to have those mobs kill other players. The dino's aren't being trained into raid groups so the players can get the free bones, they are being kited directly to oondasta to ensure that raid members get aggro through aoe, tanking abilities, or healing members that were damaged by the dinos. That's pretty much dumb. I have turned off chat so I am not party to the stupidity in chat, but kiting mobs into raid groups to kill them and affect attempts on Oondasta seems to be a direct violation of whatever made up rules you have in this game. Players under ilvl 490 should not be allowed at the isle of giants and players under level 90 should be banned for glitching the game to get there. Either that, or just remove world bosses from the game.Uruc18 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Honor Points have be and can't purchase items Why is it that you earn all these honor points and you can't purchase the items you want... I have 2703 Honor Points and wanted to purchase the Malevolent Gladiator's Slicer. Item level 470... But I must earn 7250 Honor points for the season in order to purchase this item... Why doesn't blizzard just make the [removed] Price 7250 if that is what it's gonna take... Really Bliz... My friends and I are really getting tired of your little [removed] Scamming games. I know business is business. I work for a living. But this is supposed to be recreation.Vileator4 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Transfer question I am gonna be transferring my shaman from one account to another, they are on the same BNet account, and they are staying on the same server, just transferring to another account. Will I be dropped from the guild I am currently in? I'm not moving servers or doing a race change, just switching accounts.Ravenwülf2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Haohan's Vote III: Pure Poison, Cannot loot! I just picked up the quest: Haohan's Vote III: Pure Poison. Collect 1 Bloodbloom, 1 Cave Lily, 1 Ghostcap, and 1 Violet Lichen. I cannot pick up any of the items. They are 100% not in my bags. I have logged in and out of the game multiple times, abandoned/picked-up the quest and disabled/enabled my add-ons. Is anyone else experiencing this? If not, got any ideas on how to fix it?Notaurious5 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Is the "report lag" option gone? This support article says it should still be there, but it doesn't appear to be. Area 52 is having server-side lag issues in Orgrimmar (only Orgrimmar, everywhere else is fine oddly), don't really know where to report it since the option is no longer there.Mogrigg0 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 We have an issue with the level 80 promotion. Hi, so my friend bought world of warcraft a while back and is eligible for the level 80 character promotion. We logged in earlier today and saw it, and i convinced him to buy all 3 expansions. I got him all amped up about us playing together. So before he used the promotion that was available to his account we first purchased the expansions. He logs in and the promotion has vanished right after he dished out 60 bucks. His money and his happiness was gone. Hopefully we can get this resolved quickly, i did talk him into buying the expansions for that promotion so we can play tonight. The reason he is not posting with his account is because it wont let him select his character to be able to create thread. I will give any information a gm needs about his account, and hes also created a ticket about this issue he is having. ThanksCruciation12 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Oondasta, no bag? I just killed Oondasta about 2 minutes ago and received no bag. no loot. no gold. It was the first time this week. Is there any way somebody can send me a random bag? Or atleast remove the lockout so that I can do it again and get something?Mòòfaza9 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Race Change I just what to know if I do a race change will I keep my spirit beast pets?Sindrimm3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 ERROR: Server Unavailable Hello, I'm trying to use the item restoration system for one of my characters and it keeps popping up with ERROR: Server Unavailable. I tried another character on a different server and it would allow me to use it with him had I had any items deleted on him (is a place holder character for a potential future realm transfer). I would post with the character this is affecting, but currently the character hasn't been added to my character list yet so I'm stuck using this character that has long stopped existing (was a test character) and has been stuck on my character list for years lol. Anywho, any suggestion as to what the problem may be? If it helps the server which my character that is getting the error is on is Borean Tundra and the character I tested and got past the Error was on Proudmore.Relsyn2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Sorry Blizzard but i.. uninstalled wow :( i dont like this game anymore.. so i was gone for 3 months and wasnt planning on playing wow again untill summer and just recently i got an email from blizzard entertainment giving me 7 free days of game time .. so i took the free game time .. logged into my account and played my warrior .. who is also my main character ( the one im using to make this thread ) i did a few random bgs since i do love to pvp but this game isnt fun for me anymore idk i was so addicted to this game but now i lost the feeling and i jst dont think the 15 $ a month is worth it just to play this game again .. goodbye everyone i have decided to quit wow .. i am gonna miss those summer nights doing raids bgs world pvp with my guild and friends .. oh well :(Garrchomp6 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Error #206 upon log-in attempt My account was momentarily frozen pending an automated payment, which I have now put through. In my account, the game appears active, yet when trying to log in, it will not allow me to play. Just wondering how long it will take for the game to kick in and say "Oh yeah! You payed." :)Gekitha2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 How do I report an inappropriate pet name? I ran across a hunter that had used a very inappropriate name for their pet. However, I wasn't sure how to report it. If I right click and report the player for a naming violation will the pets' names be looked at? Or will they just look at the name of the player and then move on?Kithayl12 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 flagged for name change why was i flagged for name change? recently transferred a character to illidan. reason i choose that realm was because the name i wanted was available. transferred and played yesterday with no problems. I decided to log in today and it came up i was fagged for name changem. want to know whySalym5 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Raid Window Issues For about 2 weeks now I have had issues with my Raid Window, the one that displays the team members. When I have the window open it goes over the top off all other windows, like somehow I have an Always on Top option going on. This is annoying as [removed] as when I try to open my Character or any other window the Raid window is covering it, and depending on Raid numbers it may cover the entire other window that is open. Anyone know of why this happens and how to fix it?Akaraven1 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Charms of good fortune 2 Elder charms of good my question is in regards to charms of good fortune being traded for elder charms of good fortune. is there a quest or a vendor other than the one in Halfmoon Inn? please please help me!Shamylicious2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Can't use forum I just renewed my subscription on this account, but my access to the forum is still limited. Does it take time to renew full forum use, or is this a bug? thanksSanguilash1 Apr 7, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Character transfer fee - Unreasonable My guild is transferring off server due to low pop issues. I'd like to go with them. I got my credit card out, and I get an error message stating that my character is over the max gold that can be transferred. That just got me thinking.... If gold is limited to 50k per character transfer, and it cost 25 us dollars to transfer each character. I would have to transfer three characters to get all my gold over, for a total of 75 us dollars. When I already pay 15 dollars a month, to play on a low pop realm with nobody to draw from for raiding purposes, I'm really not getting my 15 dollars worth. It is completely out of my control to change, unless I pay the additional amount to move to a different server. Blizzard should recognize the limitations players face when "stuck" on a low pop server and provide a solution as part of the 15 dollar a month fee in order to promote continued business. One of my guildies stated that it took 40 minutes from the time he initiated the character transfer to the time he was back online, on the other server. I get the mental image of a Blizzard rep with a file queue, going thru working each character transfer. I'm estimating it must take 10-20 minutes to complete each character transfer. Now... what i'm looking for is simple. I don't want that story about how difficult and time consuming it is to complete a character transfer. I want a Blue to admit that Blizzard charges the $25 as a company with the desire for profit. It prices the service charge based on the inconvenienced players willingness to shell out the extra amount to cease to be so inconvenienced, regardless of actual monetary value of Character Transfer service.Ventolin19 Dec 4, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Scroll of Resurrection after 10 day trial Has anyone recently had success receiving a scroll of rez after using a free trial offer? After being gone for a long time, I activated a free trial, bought MoP, and paid $55 to transfer a char to a different server/faction where my friends are. Now I am unable to receive a SoR. I read some old posts about trials unintentionally making an account ineligible to receive a SoR. I also read that blizz can do a manual scroll of rez on their end if a trial makes your account ineligible. As far as I can tell, I would have been eligible if had not used the trial, and I would have been able to transfer for free and boost an alt to 80.Babadoo3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 Retribution Paladin Razer Gear I recently bought the Razer Naga Epic and it brought my damage up amazingly! I have just learned a few tricks on creating macros and such. So, i was wondering what other equipment should i pick up from Razer? Keyboard wise, i was thinking the Anasi because of the 7 extra keys that you can program for macros, but i would like to get Deathstalker ultimate. So, what do u guys think i should pick up? Keyboards,Mouse Pads, or microphones?Mylilpally5 Apr 9, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Summon Charger - Human Paladin I have a lvl40 Human Paladin. I bought the Journeyman Riding Skill, however I cannot find a way to summon the charger. Apparently this should be available at lvl40. Upon going to the Paladin trainers in Stormwind - Cathedral Square I see that the summon skill is not available. Please help in clarifying how summon charger at lvl40 Human Paladin is possible - if at all.Greendestiny3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Flagged for rename Hello, I had a character transfer/faction change on this toon and I have now been flagged for a rename. I think this is a bug as there is no reason I can see that this character needs to be renamed in the rules. This has happened before on another of my toons.Leatherette5 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 BMAH 535 item missing stats On my server's Black Market Auction House there is currently a potentially Best in Slot item for me: Beady-Eye Bracers. It is a level 535 heroic item. According to the item description it should have a random enchant on it for the secondary stats, like crit and mastery; however, the item does NOT list any secondary stats, making it far from comparable to other level 535 bracers. Before I invest a fortune on bidding for the bracers is there any way to be assured that they will have a relevant secondary stats on them if I win them? They would not be worth the starting bid of 20,000 gold without the secondary stats. I would like to know what the "random enchant" would be before I consider investing my entire savings on them. Please help ASAP as the auction will end in less than a day. Thanks. FYI- I opened a ticket; however, the wait time is over 4 days which would make the inquiry moot. Please refer to WoWHead for the note on the random item enchantment: Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Transmog issue? I've been trying to xmog my rifle commander's eyepatch (leather) to my stained shadowcraft cap which is also leather but every time I do it makes a zap noise but doesn't actually change it. Am i missing something? I can't change any armor. I can only change the look of my weapons...Yuzuki3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Scroll of Resurrection. HELP!!! Is there any way i can scroll of res my friends account????? He has been inactive since like june 20 something.... is there any POSSIBLE way he can recieve one?? he wants to come back and get to lvl 90 and do stuff with me, but he doesnt want to lv his 26 druid ALL the way to lvl 90.. He has been playing guild wars 2 and is getting bored and wants to come back. i already sent in invintation but he said hes not eligible soooo can someone plz tell me if he can EVER be eligible or not because i really want him back Thanks.Antiholy3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 My friend lost his authenticator My friend lost his authenticator and hasn't been playing for a few months so we're wondering how he can get access to his account.Yarltock2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Odd question. Reporting rank names. Very odd question, and likely one to inflame some, but anyways, I need to ask it. What do you do if you find a guild rank name that violates policy? Like... some guilds use ranks of Officer, Knight, whatever... I found a guild that has a rather.. incendiary rank system... and that can't possibly be allowed. Also note, I am not in this guild. ElvUI shows a players guild rank name in the tooltips, like mine is Quel'Delar(got a sword theme going on here). Anyone using a UI addon that shows ranks will see it as such. I just can't fathom how it's appropriate to have guild ranks involving the F bomb and racial epithets...Nashoba4 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Name Reported Hi, I recently transferred an alt to my RP server and named him 'Vellos.' However this morning I logged on to to see his name had been reported. I looked at the naming rules for RP servers and it didnt seem to violate them. I googled it, and all that seemed to come up was some small restaurant in Florida I had never heard of. With the free name change I just changed it to "Vellose" so i could log in and ask my server what happened, but I would prefer to have it changed back to Vellos. Thanks in advance :)Votive1 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Character name flagged, please help! Hello, I recently completed a character transfer and faction change on this character (Discover) and had no issues. I played immediately after transferring and ran into no problems. Now, this morning, when I tried to log in I was unable to as the game states I need to change my characters name. I checked the Armory database and there is no other character with the name Discover on this realm. Please help! Similar issue: Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Suspicious Activity - Account Disabled My girlfriend was playing on her account last night and everything was fine. This morning around 6:30am she received an email from Blizzard stating that her account had been disabled due to suspicious activity. We both believe that her account has been hacked. She's unable to go through the account restoration process/resetting password ordeal because the hacker changed the answer to her secret security question. She's unable to log into her account on the site to open any tickets. And of course, the Blizzard customer support phone lines and online chat are offline.Ridakiå2 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Forum Posting. Hi, I added game time to my account, deleted cookies, cleared cache, logged out and relogged into, changed my password and then changed my password again, and tried logging in from a different browser but still have limited posting status on the forums. :( How long after adding game time should this process take?Alyssra8 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Farm Rep Quests I had the quests for GL and SP, I planted the veggies and picked them but the turn in quest did not show up nor can i get the quests again from the banner at my farm and im not exalted with either faction.Viggora3 Apr 7, 2013
Apr 7, 2013 Key to the palace of lei Shen I received my first key this week from a chest, am I still able to get one as a drop off mobs or will that not happen now? I know you can get one from each, but I was wondering if I had to get the one off the mobs first.Aerodox5 Apr 7, 2013