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Mar 5, 2013 No Realms Showing So after I launch WoW from my desktop icon it says that the game is up to date. So when I launch the game via the Launcher I notice that the version indicates 5.2.0 (16650) (Release x86) Feb 26 2013. I can sign into the game and it says Connecting, then Success but wants me to choose a realm after it comes up. What's going on ?Grindok0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Broken Armory? On my armory it says I have 424 hp, when in game I have 894. It also says I have 30.53% crit, but since I am a twink ingame I have over 100% crit (rogueness ftw). My dodge and resilience are wrong too. It seems to calculate my stats like I have no gear on.Unsanity1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Slow game start and "Connecting..." So after the patch and after my realm(Killrog) says it's back up with medium population, I start the launcher and hit play. About 3-4 minutes later the game finally comes up(usually only takes about 5 seconds). I try to log in only to get stuck on the "Connecting..." screen. Have waited for up to 10 minutes to connect and nothing. Re-checked the server status and it still says up and at medium population..... Now what? Yours truely, Slightly IrritatedCelestite3 Mar 5, 2013
Jul 13, 2013 Follow in BGs broken intentionally? Is it an intentional change in 5.2 that you may not /follow other players in Battlegrounds? Currently getting a "You cannot follow that unit." error.Katzenbar91 Jul 13, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Flagged for rename? I transferred from one account to another but stayed on the same server and when I logged in it made me rename my character. I know this is a bug but when I submit a ticket it tells me the average wait time is almost 2 days? :( Please rename me from Phantasmsz to Demon like I used to be!Demon2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Beats of Fable Quest...the goats disappeared Ok so I was making my way through the bests of fable quest, got to kun lai to the goat (idk his name) and there were like 15 other little goats and they all disappeared? What happened? Does he move around? I want my red panda :DTheredpanda3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Character crashes at load Hello, i recently logged into patch 5.2 and shortly after found a new rare spawn to kill. things were going well when all of a sudden i instantly disconnected. Now every time i try to log into this specific character i always get disconnected before the load completes. All my other toons log in successfully. Anyone experiencing this issue?Toxinated2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Cloud stuck on my mage Last night my GM rezzed a cloud for me to sit on before WoW went offline for patch & now I can't get it off Shaleh. Could you please remove it? I've tried everything & it's stuck on her. Thanks!Shaleh4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Can't login every time I try to log in it just says connecting.Elvun0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Broken Resilience The 2 Hander Resilience Bonus For the Weapons no longer stack when useing TG and 2xHander Weapons. This is a loss of at least .80% and i am no longer over 70% This was working in 5.1 and there have been no changes anounced in 5.2 regarding this. This is one of the only rewards for Dual Wielding 2 pvp 2 hander and has been removed/Bugged. Thanks SitaSíta0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 They Don't Even Wear Them Daily Bugged It would seem that the Burglarized Bracelet item, for the Tillers daily quest "They Don't Even Wear Them" will not drop. I've come to this conclusion after clearing out all three burrows, as well as a druid expressing the same trouble, and not having the item drop from any type of Virmen.Salyne39 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 i have no launcher and cant download patch For some reason i have no launcher and cant download new patch but wow work just fine before helpHowlerhealer1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Extending Raid Lockout from 5.1 to 5.2 My raid is working on Heroic Sha of Fear still and we've been extending the lockout now for a couple weeks. When 5.2 releases, if we extend the lockout (assuming we can) will the instance have the 10% nerf applied?Palinq10 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 No Heirloom Shields with 5.2? I noticed the new Heirloom OH item was for sale on the vendor in SW but saw no shields. I also noticed the OH item was not for sale at the DMF. Did the shields not get put in the game and will the OH item not be sold at the DMF?Wäggles16 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Disconnecting when logging in after restart. I have been trying to log back in after my server restarted and I keep getting disconnected when the loading screen fully loads. I have no problem logging in on any other character except this one.Neemzki3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Loading screen resets? So I've been trying to log onto WoW for a while now, but whenever I press "Play" on the loading screen, it bring another loading screen up, I press it again and another loading screen pops up, and again...and again...and again, I've rebooted my computer and reset my router and all that sort of jazz and I'm still getting it, I've gotten the odd time where WoW will launch but this issue is becoming quite bothersome. Anyone else getting this problem or has had it and fixed it?Abyssion7 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 WOW Launcher issues, Please Help! I am currently trying to open WoW, and it says the game is up to date, and when i click play it just pops up the launcher again. This issue has never happened to me before, might it have to do with the new patch? Please respond, thanks!Jessicageltz3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 4 months and another patch, still have issue i have done GM tickets, post i did in tech was axed, at this point this imo is a customer support issue i believe my account is flagged on your side causing me not to acquire certain questsTrixu0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Faction Change Problem (Portals) I just switched my Main char Mvpoet to alliance Illidan and I cannot access the portals to Paw'don Village.. Extremely weird as, I can on my priest and not on the newly faction changed character.Furiouzanger2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 6, 2013 Overheating? So I overclocked my Graphics card and it went up to 78C but its usually around 68C is it overheating?Bernael5 Mar 6, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 mobile device ? I have a windows phone and trying to figure out if there is anyway to get the mobile apps for it. everything im seeing is its only for iphones and droid phones.Mardew2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Honor Weapons Not Purchasable!? (5.2 Release) The conquest weapons from last season are now "available" for purchase with honor, but a season total oh honor is required to do so. This makes these weapons totally unobtainable, being that a season total of honor earned can not be built between seasons. Was this intentional? EDIT: A season total IS in fact being accrued. No issue after all.Pom0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Game time proposal At least one topic every Tuesday revolves around refunding game time that is lost due to maintenance. I have a proposal which is to allow the player to stop his game time from counting down. This would cut back on the complaints. As an example when we log off on Monday night we can freeze our game time from our account and then unfreeze it the following day when maintenance ends. The way I see it they can leave it up to us or do it themselves when maintenance begins. I personally don't care because it's only about 50 cents per day. --This might benefit the players out there who go on vacationAzrael6 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 bleeding hollow down in just 15 mins just went down now :( must be a server hiccup or something. for a few minutes.Gistene0 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 yay or nay? is it possible to transfer one of my characters from a NA account to a EU account?Cardyth3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Using PvE to grief/kill same faction PvE serv Is this actionable? I would hope so. Recently i have begun killing some rares at Domination Point and am frequently harrassed by the same individuals trying to "steal" the said rares that are already tagged by myself - on both PvP and PvE servers. They attack the rare getting on its aggro table, then round up as many surrounding NPCs as possible - putting ME on THOSE aggro tables. They then either drop aggro or die (usually the latter) and I am swarmed by those extra mobs, not having attacked ANY of them myself even once. They bank on the fact that I will probably die too and they will beat me back to rez and "steal" the rare tag since they died first. Also, the anti-flight mechanics at Domination Point are AoE and non-target specific so they simply fly over onto my character and I am pelted by the AoE originally shot at them - in an attempt to once again get me killed via PvE so they can "steal" the tagged rare after i die. The rares are not important, it's the abuse of game mechanics and harrassment - and it is widespread. I opened a complaint ticket and got replied that game mechanics are beyond the control of ticket-mods and cannot be changed by them - my complaint was about the HARRASSMENT of the players was ignored. Will players that continue to do this see punishment? It is griefing and harrassment in any form of the terms.Warglaive30 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 just updated to 5.2 and dif realm? i was in realm aggamar with 3 charaters and now im on medivh with no charaters and have to make new character? someone help please?Mejoe3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 5.2 patch help ive updated to patch 5.2 but when i log in it ask me to pick a realm then i have no realms to choose just a blank page so whats upTaladorac1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Recuit-A-Friend backwards. Hello I recently decided to play WoW with my boyfriend so we opened new accounts so that we could enjoy the benefits of Recruit-A-Friend. He plays the game way more than I do, so naturally we intended for him to own the Veteran account so he could receive the grant-able levels and RAF mount ect. We went about the recruiting process backwards! My account (this account) is the Veteran account. Is it possible to have this reversed? Please help :SWhiskeybones6 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Battle Bots I have noticed in some of the PVP battleground there are players using battlebots to farm honor. They wander the battlefield and only fight if attacked. They seem to be programmed to capture flags. The Love Umbrella/basket is an item which traps them temporarily. They think it is a flag and go after it. That can be used as a bot detector. It puts them in a loop. Can you please stop these bots.Felleynd1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 You guys told me to scan my account I was doing a dungeon on my 85 and I got a message from blizzard saying I needed to scan my account his name was <removed> I went on the website and I got a virus so I did a security scan and removed why did you guys give me a virusBeastlyclaws21 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 This is why i left wow last time... why do these maintenance always go over the time estimated. i get small windows each week to play and a two hour delay jus kills it...Slimboslice1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 [CS Lounge] /Gnome trap Hug Gnomies! What?! Did you think I was going to say EAT GNOMES! :pMerdrah500 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Realm choice problem When i sign in it makes me choose which realm type i like (PvP,Normal) and i am already in a realm that has my characters, and when i clicked normal it pulled the server screen and there's nothing on it. How do i get back on my favorite realm?Thaldiir4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Patch 5.2 Update for some reason, my client won't update to Patch 5.2. It's still right now patch 5.1. Please someone tell me how to update itMarshpro8 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Will there be a race change sale soon? or Faction change just making sure before i go out and change for patch 5.2 ;D didnt know where to put this thread figured customer support best,Vythrin3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Please delete DisregardWhiskeybones3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 log in issue i can log in just fine but it directs me to choosing a type of realm. (pvp, normal etc...) and obviously i have a character on a realm already. why cant i play?Whooty4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 moving to europe hey im just wondering if i can pay my US account once i move to spain with an european credit card, i dont know alot about credit cards but id like to know how can i keep my subscription if i move overseasVanghelov5 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Starter edition and battle chest installed Hello,I recently got the "Battle chest" set as a christmas present.The game is very fun indead but recently I noticed a problem.Everytime I opened my character list it showed a pop-up telling me to upgrade from starters addition to battle chest,But I already had battlechest installed,and under my account it says I have both installed.If I deleted the starter edition from my thats possible)would I still be able to play normally with all the benefits of battlechest?Jamhel7 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Few Questions Hello all :) So, i'm perm stationed in Kuwait, Military services, been here for a very long time, with that being said, i have few questions, but before asking them, i need to mention few things 1st :) My son would like to start playing wow, and ofcourse, the amount of titles and mounts that i have amazes him, making him ask me to play on the same account, here are my questions: 1- If i were to create a new account under my email for him, then xfer one of my characters to it, will he have access to the same titles / mounts / pets ? 2- My son plays on a Laptop and he uses his own wireless internet services, would that cause any issues login-wise for him? Example: two diff ip addresses and forcing password resets ? 3- I have an authenticator on my account, can i attach a 2nd one to his account under my email ? Or are we forced to use the same one that i have ? Last question is, if i were to make a brand new account under a new email address / new account, then xfer the character for him to it, would he still have access to all the mounts / titles / pets that i have ? Thanks a lot, and i apologize for the many questions :)Offensive4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Error code: BLZPTS00008 Hi, I am only getting the error code: BLZPTS00008. I removed the entire game from my system and when I try to re-install the game client it's still coming up. Can you guys please help?Zaaraah2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Farm bots in Hellfire Hello, I'm not here to Rage I'm just trying to bring what seems to be a very big issue to attention on the pvp cross realms that encase Spinebreaker. There are multiple farming accounts scouring hellfire peninsula for fel iron on a pathway that brings them all to the instance of shattered halls, you can stand here and engage them in combat and they will just ignore you and die, all of these accounts are horde or ally and lvl 80 hunters with the exact same gear, if necessary i will provide a screenshot with names edited out.Dudewhat13 Mar 5, 2013
Jul 11, 2013 Blizzard Launcher constantly updating? Every time I start the World of Warcraft Launcher, it keeps "Checking For Updates" as well as "Downloading Updates For Blizzard Launcher" before the launcher even shows. It's like a standard Windows Aero window, with Windows standard progress bar and the World of Warcraft logo in the window. I suppose what I'm trying to explain is that this isn't the game updating through the launcher, but some process before the actual launcher even appears. Just checked, and it seems to be doing this with Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 as well. But this is a constant thing as of last week, every time I start the Launcher, it checks for updates. Tried clearing "cache" files or folders, as well as run the repair tool on each launcher. Any advice?Nhuvasarim38 Jul 11, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 How to delete sub account/starter edition? Hi, my account has a account 1 started edition on it and It hasn't been used It was accidentily added a long time ago. Can someone help me how to delete it completely?Amrak2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 HALP?!! Launcher update stuck Every time i try to start wow up it says "updating launcher" and gets stuck at what looks like about 80% I have literally waited hours on end hoping it would work itself out to no avail. What do???Crowfather4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Question May I get a refund for my sub? I just did it today but I decided I don't want it. The servers are not up yet (go figure), so I actually have not used any game time.Wylehoof6 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Authenticator required for guild transfer?! I want to transfer a guild I purchased in v4.x (Cataclysm), and I'm getting a message saying I'm ineligible until I purchase an authenticator. I'm having trouble believing this...I've had two active accounts, nonstop, since TBC. I'm not susceptible to credential piracy in any way account theft is carried out short of acquiring my account password, my personally identifying information, my physical workstation, as well as my physical internet connection. ...Surely there must be a way around this? There are all of two members in the guild I'm trying to transfer...Me and Me on account #2. I need some good news.Frostmouron20 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Buying old Collectors Editions...get banned? Hey Blizzard support! I have the opportunity to buy unopened and unused collectors editions of the WoW expansions. Will this get me banned? The reason I ask is because my account now has the standard editions of all the expansions. If I try and redeem the codes for the collectors edition on this account, will that be looked at as a problem because I had not purchased the collectors editions when they were released individually?Kioti10 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 account hacked in 2008. can i recover? I started playing wow in 2008 and basically fell prey to a fake email stating i had violated the user agreement and needed to verify who i was. Once i realized this had happened, i called blizzard and they mentioned something about me having to mail a photocopy of my id to them to verify who i was. Instead i had decided to quit and when i started up again i just made a new account. Anyway, now I'm wanting to merge my original toon from that account to my new one and im wondering the steps i have to take for recovery?Plainjane4 Mar 5, 2013