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Nov 5, 2012 Phone support is terrible! I submitted a support ticket to get help with an old account and was told I would have to use phone support due to security issues. Unfortunately, after a week of trying to call i've yet to get through. My problem : I'm trying to re-activate a account last played approximately 5 years ago IF the characters are still playable. The issue is I do not remember the account information. Any advice or help greatly appreciated!Grryz4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Thanks but no thanks - Extra Faction Change A while back (when I was level 60, during the cataclysm) I got a faction change from alliance, to horde. I used it, and I became a blood elf by the name of Tyrilon. Oddly enough, this came with an extra faction change. At first, I was like, "Eh okay. I'll keep that in case I want to change again." (Which of course, I didn't, for horde is superior :3) But now the time has come where I want a Race Change. Now I don't believe I can't perform a race change, whilst I have the sneaky faction change lingering. So, could I please have this removed, so I can race change?Tyrilon2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Cant get back to pandaria... I leveled from 85 to 90 as a worgen and just recently transfered to horde but now I cant open the portal in Org to pandaria. Im guessing this is because I never did the horde quest for getting there but it wont appear because I already did the alliance quest.. help?Geovoden3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Setting up Parental Controls I am trying to set up my parental controls but this has become a nightmarish process. I dont understand why this has to be so frigging complicated. I try to set up parental controls and it tells me I already have it, it asks me to put my "parental email address" that I don't even have anymore. It also gives me the option of using my current account email to fix this parental email situation. however it would help if Blizz actually sent the email. I try to go through the Game Ticket process and it requires some identification thing. I am only trying to set up the parental controls to stop myself from logging in during the day instead of at night. There is no parent/child thing going on here. I have been playing wow since 2003 or 2004 (idk when exactly) and I have never really used this system. Can you guys just delete the old Parental account so I can just make a new one? the amount of BS i have to go through is just too much.Fellashar9 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Bots in Battle grounds!! Out of control. Bots are getting out of control, more than half of the players are either afk or auto following other players. Don't even feel like pvpn anymore. Can Blizz please do something about this? I'm enjoying everything else in the game except for this, makes me a sad panda.Apaolin1 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Tried to pay for faction change Hi, I tried to pay for a faction change for one of my characters. After clicking submit I got an error and something about the character being locked. I went back to the list of characters eligible and found that my character I wanted to faction change said he now had a service pending. My wife did a faction change as well, hers was submitted after mine, and this morning I find that hers is complete while mine is still pending even though mine was submitted first. I really need to get this resolved for tonight as I have to get my weeks conquest points before the reset tomorrow. I submitted a ticket and have not received a reply. My character list is showing two of the same character now, and the faction change is not completed in game. Can someone please look into this? This is relatively time sensitive.Thessik11 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Blizzard, again... Today is the thrid time and the third day in a row that I have had some GM come onto respond to a ticket that I have had open for bout a week now... Telling me that a name that I have requested is available and to go ahead and pay for name change quickly before someone takes it only to find out that the name is still unavailable, one of the gms actually had the nerve to tell me that I should wait three months before responding to them again... hmmm 90 days and a name change sounds bout like 60 bucks they asked for while telling me basically to kiss off... Asked if they could manually change the name they said that they arent, which is confusing as they can tell me that it is "available now"<---(venting*)Chunlee2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Mobile AH down? Anyone else having issues with it? Just stays stuck on logging and nothing else. Worked fine earlier this morning.Larathus1 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Obsessive single stack items on AH So, I wanted to price a stack of mogu pumpkins before posting and about 5-10 pages go by before I realize all those pages were filled with posts from the same person with the same price. I continue and it was a total of 62 pages of single mogu pumpkins. not stacks of 5, 10, 20... single pumpkins.. Is this a reportable offense for spamming the auction house or is this something that's just overlooked?Salisin6 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Ok.. just admit it.. the devs cannt do it... Playing wow since december 2004 Years and years have passed.... Today i'm still seeing some chineese farmer bots teleport around Pandaria with their level 86 toon from mineral node to mineral node. After 8 years of wow, can we agree that your developers are unable to fix this problem... or you simply dont care about it... I give up reporting them.... reported them for 8 years now... patience is gone.Warla29 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Picked Wrong Quest Item. As all of you know sha of anger gives. The claw of anger. more or less the quest item that gives you item lvl 476 of your choice. I have chosen the wrong piece and was wondering if there was a way of getting the item switch from [Furyheart Treads] to the ones i need [Sandals of the Shadow]. I went to item restoration and seeing nothing that is really helping me. Is there a possibility of this being fixed? or am i stuck with my mistakes?Kalk2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 using LFR locks you out for other Raids? I was told that if I do an LFR I will be unable to any other type of raid including, say a 10 man guild raid is this true? and if so why.Evildeadtwo3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Lost and Found disappeared before I could... ...loot it. I have a ticket in on it. I took screenshots of the achievement and the place where it was looted. Do I need to post that to an internet picture site for verification or can Blizz look at my screenshots in my folder? Thanks!Geeguspius14 Nov 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 Logging in to game server- Stuck When I logged in this morning I was at the Server selection page instead of my normal realm. I chose my realm, and I now have a popup that says, "Logging in to game server." It won't fully load. My server is not down. What am I doing wrong?Angsti5 Dec 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Hozen-Slayer Debuff I recently server/faction transferred to alliance and whenever I am in the Jade Forest I have a debuff called "hozen-slayer" that won't go away. I submitted a GM ticket and all I got was the standard delete interface, WTF, cache, as well as some extra files and the hidden folder on my PC. None of this has fixed the problem. What else can I do?Sepulslayer2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Sha loot. not sure where to post. So i got into a group for sha, and i am a restoration druid. The person spams class check and each time i selected healer. It showed me in the raid bar as being a healer. I healed, yet i got a piece of DPS gear Malevolent Gladiator's Belt of Cruelty , i was told i would get gear for my specialization which would be Malevolent Gladiator's Belt of Meditation Is this working as intended? could i have gotten a piece of guardian or feral gear even though i was restoration? or was it a bug? any information would be helpful.Åthënä7 Nov 5, 2012
Jan 25, 2013 US Arena Pass Gamemaster told me to post my question here : Hey there, im from europe and i want to ask if u guys can unlock my US acccount for the US arena pass? would be very nice.. i was allready in both s9 Arena Passes in EU. im now flagged with my EU account for arena pass but ONLY for EU thats sad... i allready was a Annual Pass holder and MoP Beta tester. i hope you can help me outDoffi10 Jan 25, 2013
Nov 5, 2012 Help i'm stuck in Shado Pan Monastery. This char is stuck in this dungeon I can't get out or leave I used all my options ( unstuck, hearth,etc) I really want to be able to play but don't want to wait the 2 days and 11 hours for help. It started when I disconnected then a huge lag spike then when I went to leave I wouldn't leave like normal and the exit is closed to I tryed to exit the manual way but didn't work.Jadaxa3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 A way to make Path of the Titans work Firstly, the mechanics behind it are pretty good, but the idea of Titan cults doesn't really fit. So, when doing my usual thinking of ideas (which I mostly decide that they won't be good), I thought of an idea of building mental traits. Building each trait would lead to out of combat abilities, and a few in combat ones. Working similar to Mists of Pandaria cooking ways, different mental traits would be leveled by using opportunities to practice them. To start learning them, first a quest will come up that will show that developing your mental traits is necessary, and different zones will have a quest giver who will activate each trait, letting you level them. They could level up to a certain stage while leveling, but max level would let you go all the way. One could level each trait from successful use of it in chat dialog, doing certain things in the world, and rewards for certain tasks, where the reward giver will say something that challenges the appropriate trait and level it. Certain ones could be done passively with professions or certain quests only, to make it a bit less linear. To make it more interesting, you could have both primary and secondary traits - Primary being more streamlined and easier to achieve (who wants to put in too much effort to get 2 stats for raiding/serious PvP?), while secondaries will require some work. Non-combat abilities will range from chat options that allow new options, cheaper vendor purchases & special rewards, to passive bonuses like extra node-resources, special vendor items when looting, extra quests or dailies, hidden items, etc. Combat abilities would be in the form of extra secondary stats. Depending on your progress in a trait, it will give you the choice of using its stat bonus. To mix things up, there could be a primary bonus, then a secondary bonus giving 50% of an extra stat bonus. Ideas for traits; Perception Wisdom Logic Knowledge Morality Improvisation Resourcefulness Of course, achievements could be loaded up for it also.Eschatonin2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Sealed Crates From Darkmoon Isle I've been fishing for Sealed Crates on Darkmoon Isle with my friends for Embersilk. However, I'm not getting Embersilk from the crates, but rather Windwool Cloth. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else or if it's a bug, but I think it's really unfair that I can't make nearly as much money as my friends or the rest of the people fishing for these crates.Gemzêê17 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Race change stuck in pending Stuck race change ,got email from Blizz and they also charged my card.Trainfire2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Server Balance: Alliance & Horde On my server, Horde simply out numbers Alliance 3-1. Sure I can't back that up with factual data. But I can back it up with my experiences playing on the server. I have tried playing at different hours of the day and different areas... but even chat is dead for finding people to group with for dailies. Plain and simple...out numbered. I enjoy pvp but this is a slaughter. This bothers me because I for one don't want to play horde and don't want to transfer, I have been on Burning Blade since Vanilla. (But I will if necessary) I have been following the free transfer services but I have never seen one for my realm. Am I really this much without option? Even if I wanted to pay to transfer where would I go? I have been hearing that in general alliance is lower in numbers. Does Blizzard have anything to say on server balances?Validin4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Character Transfer Within Account Why can't I transfer my level 70 hunter to another active subscription on this same battlenet account? Separate issue: Also extremely irritated that the transfer service showed one toon "Raffer" as being in my old guild - the one that I've been trying to get back due to a small mixup made worse by a horrible dethrone policy. So I thought he was in there, so I could get my guild back... turns out he was GUILDLESS. So I just shelled out $15 for a sub to find out that the information on transfer service (saying that he was in the guild) was entirely incorrect. 2 minutes of logging in and feeling cheated - nice way to spend $15.Andy2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Quick Question. Since it's impossible to get a response on the Arena Pass forums and several people are asking, why were the ATR realms taken offline? I've searched the forums and found nothing on it. If I over looked something by all means, enlighten me and apologies for being derp. Thanks.Koalakisses0 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Mountian O' Mounts Question Do the Pandaren mounts count toward this achievement? And if bought with a horde character, would they cross realm to my alliance character for the achievement? Thus far, all the mounts I've gotten toward this achievement have been on my alliance character. Thanks for the help. =)Periwynkle4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Just bought a new Laptop. Problems already. Okay, so I just bought a new laptop and it's really great. Purely a gaming laptop, but for some odd reason it's being really slow. Not laggy or anything, but it's processing stuff really slow. It could be that it's still downloading in the background as I play. I can see the little green circle on the top of my screen flickering red, but I never had it so slow. Can anyone verify that this is the problem? I can't even send anything between characters. I'll click send and it will just sit there with the button in grey. It's been sitting there for literally 30 minutes and I'm too afraid of restarting WoW in fear of losing my heirloomsKotomí3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Adding game time when status is pending So I thought my sub had failed for this month because of a slight pay hiccup. I went and bought two new codes through the Blizzard store and added one to my other account, which had failed, and the other was for this account. However when I log into this account it says status is pending. Does this mean if I add the time code now, it will stop any further credit card transactions?Syirinx1 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Will I lose my pets if I delete certain toons For example on my rogue I obtained a TCG mini pet. I realize that my pets are now on my journal but will I lose the pets that were added to it (i.e. my Hippogriph Hatchling) if I delete the character that obtained it?Yumieko6 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Race Change I recently tried to go through with a race change and after taking around 3 hours I canceled the transaction to try it again and now it says their is an error and won't let me do anything now. What could be the answer for this issue and how can I fix it so I can get my transaction completed within a timely manner.Vinylv4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Character legitimately stuck I was driving through Dalaran and I fell through the World, and I got instantly disconnected, every time I try to log on, I get instantly disconnected, please help!Moertos3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Alt deletion I've been trying to delete an alt for a bit now.. I have nothing on the AH, no bids or anything.. Nothing in my mailbox. No BoAs on that toon, no unlearned mounts or pets, and my bank is empty. And it's still giving me the same "BoA/Mail" thing. Idk what else to do. I have absolutely nothing on that toon now.Vannissa6 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Account locked when switching location Hello all, I recently Scroll of Resurrected a friend. Sometimes he likes to bring his laptop over to my house to play rather than us using voice chat. However, every time he either A) logs on using my Internet after using his Internet, and B) logs on using his Internet after using my Internet, his account gets locked due to "suspicious activity" and he has to go through a password recovery and come up with a new password. None of my other friends have this issue. Is there a way to prevent this?Vadagar5 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 MOP trial question Didin't see this in the FAQ, but was curious if i were to upgrade to mop at any point during the mop trial do i get to keep the rest of the free 10 days?Thacis2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Account name change? Interesting predicament.. I don't know if anyone has had a situation like this before... about 5 or so years ago I created a second account (this one), not knowing if you were allowed to have more than one account i made a second email and put it under my girlfriend's (at the time) name. I know the email and password (obviously) security question, address... everything on the account and I wanted to merge it to my main account so i could transfer some old characters of mine... however since they are under different names it doesn't seem like I can do that ... how would I go about getting this fixed if I can at all. thanks in advanced.Ahshleigh14 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 I want to multibox but... I was told I either had to use ISboxer or octopus multiboxing software. I was under the impression that using third party software was against the TOU, can I please have some clarity.Discover6 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 RACE CHANGE Today I purchased a race change on a lower level toon of mine, and although my patience can be deemed extraordinary, I am clueless about why customers must wait hours and even days for a PAID service? On top of that, $25 is not a gargantuan amount of money, but it's not exactly dirt cheap, either. I just would like to know how much longer I am expected to wait for this service to be done. Thanks, Nick EDIT: It finally worked and my race is changed.Kamiikaze3 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 annoying friend requests I have 18 "xxxxxx" in my ignore list. I get 2 to 3 more friend requests from "xxxxxxx" every time I log in. Is there any way to get rid of this annoyance?Graffomar4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Mop Refunds for Monk players I am considering asking for a refund, where should i ask for this? I do not care if you say no, then i want to talk to the next person above you. If you refuse, i will document everything. Then start a petition for refunds too repay the complete disappointment of the new class of monks and complete ignorance of the game developers. I will wait till 5.1 for serious changes, however i want to know where to start if this the wow community continues to be ignored.Throttlatar14 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 MoP Trial ? will i lose my pre-existing game time if i choose not to upgrade after my MoP trial expiresElementfire2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Tichondrius Lag Yo GMs: Tichondrius is lagging for every single player. The time at the moment of this happening is 11th of November at 8:30-9:00pm PST. I don't know why the server is lagging but it just started at 8:30 and has been affecting everyone currently. Something that might be related is the zoning in and out of players and npcs, and the system message that appears to everyone saying "you feel normal." Any ideas , oh, mighty blizzard gods?Orphello1 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 I hate the new cross realm playing I paly on low population realms for a reason. Everything isn't farmed out. Well now it is constant battles. People are farming all over the pleace. What is the reason for the cross realm addition? Is there a realm that isn't infected with this disease?Jolinshunter4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Cant upgrade to MoP FIXED*Bullwork0 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Valor back bugging on anyone else i log into today seeing my ilvl only being 441 which was strange and i noticed my back now needs Shado-pan rep up to Revered when its suppose to be Honored so its no longer counting it to my gearYevonslayer4 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Do players get banned anymore? I am seriously wondering what it takes for players to get banned these days. There is a toon on the Wyrmrest Accord server who spams, griefs, trolls, makes obsene and vulgar jokes and has been doing this for months. People keep reporting him, but no perma bans are issued and it is probably because he is using a trial account. I've also seen him actually hack! He's a level 12 orc shaman who apparantely can float high in the air of SMC with no levitation spell cast on him. I reported this as well, but even hacking the game doesn't seem to be enough to slap a ban on him. Come on, Blizzard. This is getting ridiculous.Chei11 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Your character has been flagged for rename. "Basically, if you transfer a character and the name is already taken on the destination realm, your character will be flagged for a rename. When you log into the character you'll be prompted to select a new name that isn't currently in use. In many cases where a faction change is done in addition to a transfer those using the service often change their character's name through that service, giving them a name that should otherwise be unused. Unfortunately, this method of renaming does not remove the flagging that was placed on the character in the first place. In these cases the flag must be removed manually by a Game Master (by submitting a petition or support site ticket) or by selecting an entirely new name." I'm having the issue described above however, when I try to login it says flagged for rename... even though I've already renamed. 'Officialvip' is the desired name for the character currently named 'Officialmlg' on Frostmourne server, Ticket US32598362.Officialxx1 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Cant LOGIN?!>?! for some reason i cannot log into my lvl 49 character because i keep getting disconnected after 1 sec of logging in but if i log into my other characters it will log in fine.. how do i login with my 49?Zbrandyn5 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Account Compromised Just logged on after a few days break to find out that I got 'hacked'. 180k+ gold gone, Gbanks emptied, all my items vendored (Poor Shadowmourne D: ), etc. Interesting to note, they left my main character's gear on. Most likely so I wouldn't notice on the Armory. I opened a ticket and filled out the account recovery system on I'm just curious if anyone has had positive experience getting their things back. The last person I knew to get compromised barely got their main gear back so I nervously have little hope for my mountain of assorted things. I've spent 6 years collecting vanity items, gear, items, basically... well you know.Unsounds2 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Account Pending - Late to cancel my account? I wrote on my calendar that it ended on the 14th so i wanted to wait till then to cancel my account but i went to check to see how much a character transfer would be for my friend and noticed that it said my account was pending....So without having to call them up, is it too late to cancel it? The button on my account "cancel subscription" is greyed out....Ladorian1 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Heart of the Aspect problem I bought this mount and redeemed the code but i didn't receive it in-game, im not sure what went wrong. I am thinking it is because i am not level 20 yet. If anyone could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.Rageseeker7 Nov 5, 2012
Nov 5, 2012 Darkmoon Treasure Chest Won't Spawn Hello, At least on Malfurion US, the Darkmoon Treasure Chest isn't spawning the arena. Korgull Crushskull will do his emote warning people the battle is about to being, but it never starts.Dirti3 Nov 5, 2012