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Nov 10, 2012 Leg armor appearance stuck? I had Leggings of Burning Gleam on my worgen, and I really didn't care for the appearance. So I tried a different set of leg armor, and it looked the same. Now, no matter what leg armor I put on, it looks like the Burning Gleam. It wouldn't bug me if I liked the way it looked on a worgen, but it's really getting to me now. It doesn't happen with any other armor, just the legs. I didn't see anyone else with this problem, so I was wondering if I could get some help here? Thanks a bunch! KantoinaKantoina3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Spec change and guild tab problems Whenever I try to do either on any of my characters, the game lags and disconnects me seconds later. Anyone have an idea what's going on? I'm also playing on my laptop with wifi as well if that might have something to do with the problem as well.Felfur2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Faction Change Pending cant server transfer I did a faction change and apparently should have done a server transfer first? I have created the new horde toon logged into her and made sure she had no mail. I have attempted several times to do the server transfer now and it shows an updated icon and race change on the left hand side, shows the transaction as completed in my history, yet the faction is still pending in orange on the right and it won't let me start a server transfer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Montee2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 i need help I currently have WoW Cata so i wanted to test the monk class. i got the ten day trail for MoP but i left 4 heirlooms on him and i cant get them back can someone help me?Liond2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Bought battle chest but it says to upgrade. I bought the battle chest for wow but in the game it is telling me I have to upgrade my subscription to use the mail and stuff... I paid and the money is out of my bank account I just don't know how to transfer my trial account to a full account... its still downloading so should I just wait for it to finish or is there something else I have to do?Kmkiller1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Authenticator Value Invalid Hello I was forced to get a new mobile authenticator serial number and add another secret question, both values had green check marks when completed. Now when I try to log in I am getting subject error, same thing on the battle net site. How can we fix this issueZayni9 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Achievement progress missing Last night when i logged off, my achievement progress towards collecting 250 pets was at like 244/250 , this morning its 0/250. I still have all of my pets, but why isnt progress happening/showing as i collect more? ... I've only checked battle pet achievement but have noted that the progress is missing on multiple achievements.Bontemps2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Should I report my incorrect conquest cap? Hinrichs4 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Unable to remove authenticator Recently, I broke my smartphone that the authenticator app is located on, thus is unusable. I haven't got the money to get it fixed, therefore set out to remove the authenticator from my account before it locks me out. Naturally, I logged in my email and password into the account section of, and hit "Can't log in" after I was prompetd for an authenticator number. I selected the I lost my authenticator and I want to remove it from my account." option, and filled out the necessary details until I came to the "Government Issued ID" part that seems to be required. I have no idea what this is and I'm looking for some help. Any ideas?Battlemaiden5 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 changing email & secret question One problem that I've had for awhile, and stupidly didn't take the time to resolve, is that on my other account I apparently don't know the answer to my own secret question. And trust me I know what my first car was, and have tried numerous permutations on the answer. Also tried a handful of clever indirect answers that I might have been inclined to use. All were wrong. Now I can't change the email on that account, and I'm concerned about the upcoming opportunity to change one's secret question. I would expect that, similar to changing a password, we'll be asked to enter the old answer first, then the new one. What are my options? Are there any besides simply calling Blizzard (and spending 3 or more hours on hold during business hours, which I simply don't have)? I'm hoping there will be an online solution to this that I can use without tying up my business line for hours.Nebliina6 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 world wide chat or lfg chat hey does anyone else want a world wide chat or maybe a lfg chat? I know blizzard want to promote us getting into the wow world but its hard to do things when we have to stay in a major city to read /trade chat to look for rbg groups or any groups in general. If we had a world wide chat or even a lfg chat we could do our dailies and quest while we wait for a group opportunity. It just sucks not being able to do anything because i'm lf a rbg. Just an idea. Hell it might even clear up the trade chat. I know we can make our own chat rooms but getting a entire server to join a chat room to lfg is probably impossible. Please leave me any comments if you agree or disagree with me. Maybe if we get enough agrees we can have something added for us.Hachiiroku5 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Item Restoration Roadblock After spending a few days agonizing over responses from GM's in the negative regarding a couple of uniquely modeled/colored pieces of quest gear available from a quest which I completed back in Cataclysm prior to the self-restoration feature (effectively making these pieces impossible to obtain), I decided to look into exactly what Blizzard's policy regarding Item Restoration amounts to. Officially: Restoration for sold, destroyed, and disenchanted items is only possible through our Item Restoration web form. The web form may be used once every 30 days. When a disenchanted item is restored, any materials gained from the disenchantment will be removed. If the materials are no longer available, restoration will not be possible for that item. For more information on the Item Restoration service, see the Item Restoration article. Restorations for items lost any other way need to be reviewed by Customer Support manually. Enter a ticket in-game or on the Support site with the name and realm of the affected character, the name of the missing item, and any other details that may help our investigation. Being exceedingly dead set on completing this transmog set (all of you are guilty of having that one perfect set you envisioned), I decided to make my case here in the hopes that someone working on the subject, maybe a few years down the road - I will absolutely still have this set, minus those pieces, at that point - might see the point I'm trying to make. As I'm sure everyone has gone over and over the subject of unique models as quest rewards rather than a farmable drop or a vendor item, I will leave that subject untouched. What I want to address is instead the ease with which one could circumvent this problem altogether. Admittedly, I am not even sparsely knowledgable regarding this game's coding. But I do know that it is completely possible to view the completion status of a quest via an in-game command, as any Loremaster-related addon relies on that information. Understandably, we want support staff to have to work as little as possible, and the self-restoration service was a great step forward in that regard. What I propose is that, somehow, these two features be related in some way through which (in list format, dropdown options, whatever) a user can - in line with the materials, sale cost, and limited uses per month - choose to restore the reward of a quest they have already completed. Please, take this into consideration. Break my heart if it is impossible, or make me a happy Dwarf by saying that my request is reasonable. I just want to be pretty. ;_;Penseroso4 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 WoW starter edition question What happen after I reached level 20. Do I can still continue game without being able to level up, or I could not log on into game without upgrade?Elvenizer2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Changing regions Hi, Im from Australia which uses the american (and oceanic servers) and my account is on that region. My problem is that i am currently in egypt which uses the european servers, and i downloaded the game with the european servers. i just want to know how to switch regions without having to re-download the game if possible, so that i can play on the american servers.Biosinc6 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Arena Pass In the account management area it says Arena Pass (Open) When i click it, it says Registration for this season's Arena Tournament is disabled.... Can this be fixed?Vennah1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 10 Day MoP Question I just activated the ten day trial of MoP. Will I be automatically charged at the end of the ten days? I don't want to be billed for more game time after the trial (just wanted to test out MoP for now) so I'm not sure if I have to preemptively cancel some kind of subscription now?Raein1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Conq Cap Bugged I guess i was online during the hotfix, but my conq cap is still at 1650... and didnt get bumped up with the hottfix. Would love this changed <3Tróy0 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Need help hello i am newbie just started play wow and i had been playing as starter edition till reach lvl 20. my issue is i have 2 wow in my account which are wow1 and wow2 and today i just upgrade my wow 2 to battle chest(because i thought my character was in this). but what i find is that when i log in my character that i play is in wow1 and the game ask me to upgrade to full player again. my question is that can i merge WoW1 and Wow2 on my battle net account? sorry for my english.Demile3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Please stop duping TCG mounts and blood sprit Im shcoked why do so many level 1 selling TCG mounts and hundreds blood sprit ! No doubt they were all duped ! Why u still helping these dupers? U can see many level one seller selling them every realm! deathcharger only need 7k,the sands 10k.u know what they really value? So,please stop ur stupid behavior,Dont harm the enviroment of wow!Mauul2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Battleground UI Would you guys pplz fix the freaking scoreboard toggle... Every time i try and check the score board quickly i end up leaving the bg cause you guys made it so you cant just click the horde symbol anymore. Instead, every time i have to right click the freaking symbol and make sure i dont accidentally click leave bg. Why you guys changed it in the first place is beyond me. Put it back plz.Koritora1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 I just bought the Battle Chest, but It says I just bought the Battles Chest, but it says I still have the starter edition. However, when I choose my character it says Wrath of the Lich King in top left. Now in game when I whisper someone it says this option isn't available to starter edition accounts.Zogil2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Was wondering if a GM/Mod could answer this I have a question regarding the reward from archaeology "Spear of Xuen". I plan on setting up a multibox (5 Druids) later on and was wondering if its possible to receive this reward on the one character multiple times? Or would i have to level all the way up to 525+ on various toons... Thanks!!Otterbox3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Scroll of Resurrection transfer failed I recently accepted a scroll of resurrection from a friend, and used the combination of automatic bump in level to 80 and free transfer on my Draenei Hunter character. After an hour or so, I was told the transfer had failed and that I should unlock the character to try again, so I canceled and it will not let me reinitiate because of a full mail box (mailbox is empty) and it looks like it will want me to pay. I accepted the scroll with the understanding I would get a free transfer and it looks like I am not going to get that. What can I do? ThanksSolamon1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Recover a deleted character Back before the Cataclysm Expansion, I had a level 80 Tauren Restoration/Balance Druid by the name of Unbearabull on the Demonsoul server. I deleted it before the expansion came out and I stopped playing. I recently started to play the trial edition, and again my enjoyment for this game came out. I upgraded from the trial today and was wondering if I could revive my druid.Inamorta1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Locked at 85 so i did the MOP trial, and right away liked it, but noticed that once i hit 100% exp, it didnt level me. assuming this was because it was the trial, i went and bought the full version as well as 30 days of time. however, im still locked at 85. will this change once my 10 day trial time is up? and will any exp i earn between now and then rollover when i finally do level?Ramoc7 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Level 85 pvp gear with new patch??? Where do I get level 85 pvp gear for my mage. I just turn 85 and it used to be in old town, but now I don't know where to get it. I don't have mist of pandaria, but should still be able to get level 85 pvp gear right?Dassene8 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Another phishing email *sorted* editedThorstar5 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Having trouble adding subscription - postcode It says my postcode is wrong everytime I try to add my card for the subscription, I definetly entered it right though. I tried removing the space or leaving it in but no joy.Kyrìe15 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Recruit a friend - grant a level issue I am trying to find out exactly how the "grant a level" system works, what the level restrictions are, proximity limitations, and anything else that is defined in the parameters of how the system works and why it might be bugged or broken. Issue is thus: I recruited a friend, they paid, I received the free month and the mount, but we have of yet to able to use the grant a level system. Regardless of how close we are, which of us is the higher level, the option is always in gray and unusable.Izzydedyet3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 (Exploit?) Free Gold as Blood Elf Paladin As a belf paladin you can acquire a replacement Blood Knight tabard from the tabard's vendor for free. You can then sell it back for 50 silver, then grab another, and sell it back and so on. Obviously if you were so inclined you could make a lot of "free" gold from doing this. However I would imagine this would lead to a quick ban if discovered, it's still extremely simple to do.Netana1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Characters are gone. So i was gone for a while and havent payed or been online for months, and when i get moiney and time, i wanted to see what my characters were like again cause i was just a curious man. When i came to look at them, they are still in my profile but when i try to look at them it says Oops this character is no longer available. Pls help, i just got into an accident and now a paraplegic. I really wanted to play with this toons cause its the only life i will have, thanks guysAdremalech1 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Total Max VP not updating My weekly max VP total is updating properly, but my current total stays the same (I am not capped). I started with 320 total and then did LFR and killed all 6 bosses. My weekly max VP went up to 560 but my current total VP stayed at 320. Is this a known bug? I did a search and couldn't find anything about it. I hope I don't lose my VP.Liasis0 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Is this just spam? or hack attempt? don't know what this is, just started today, i reported the player who spammed me and they went away, when i logged out and logged back in the same ones were there. just wanted to know if it was spam, hack attempt, or just a error in the game. [Removed]Soulweaver2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 realm log-in crash i am just logging in to my wow and it asked for my realm and i usually it doesn't so i just put ravencrest but once i wait it just goes back to realm selection I've tried over and over but it continues. i need helpDöwnload0 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Is this how it is going to be? Hello, My year’s subscription is about up and I have a few questions before I renew. 1)I enjoy pvping lot and I have to ask a) Are there any plans to limit the rogue stun? Standing in place until you die is not fun. Just not fun. b) Why can a hunter use Stampede in an arena and a death knight not use Army of the dead? c) Paladin’s immune, really… in an arena …. Any thought to changing that?? 2) Do you have any plans to make the game more playable to the casual player? You know the people who work to pay the subscription fee. I get it that the best armor (pvp and raid) is only available to the hard core, but any thought of making some decent stuff available to people who have limited time? If your armor (or weapon) sucks you can’t win an arena or have success at a raid. So then you can't get the raid gear or get a 2200 pvp rating. Just my 2 cents, KhrenKhren3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Faction change bugged from expired CC? Ok so I'm trying to Faction change my warrior from Horde to Alliance, i accidently confirm payment with an expired credit card. So i get an email from Blizzard confirming my faction change is complete, but i have to Finalize my payment. I then go to the link provided and try to finalize payment w/ the correct credit card I have funds on to pay for this faction change, and it gave me an error has occured. I then log on to see if the faction change went through, I look at my character list and see the original character's name and then a duplicate of the character w/ the same name but some ltters/numbers at the end of the name. I then go back to my account management to see my faction change transaction and cancle the faction change. I tried doing this whole process over again and I'm getting an error and the same email saying i have to finalize this? I need help on to what's going on, i just want to get this done. Thanks..Stj2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Still Haven't revived RaF rewards.. I recruited my brother a while back and i didn't get the mount or free month, so i was told i had to wait until the trial wore off of his account and the first payment went through, well i waited and its been a month and a half and i still haven't revived my rewards...Whats the deal?Lubú10 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 banned how long does a ban last if you spam chat?Waron8 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Cant merge account I tried to merge my old wow account to play again, because i quit before this whole battlenet thing, but i have been told that my account is already connected to a different one and i want to get it on my account so i can play again.Mastir4 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Tiller's Exaulted but still only 12 plots I became Exaulted with the Tiller's early this morning, but the rock is still in place and I still only have 12 plots. What do you think? SueRunaroundsue4 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 get rid of bots 85-90 help blizz get rid of bots 10 or 20 bots in one bg do something blizz i seen REAL ppl leaving cuz of this stop sitting and watching taking their money or more REAL ppl will leave and this game will be a bot game with no real pplLeôn16 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Sha of Anger bugging - receiving nothing Same as last week, 2/4 of my characters are not receiving anything - not even a cache of sha-touched gold or ability to coin roll. Is this being looked at?Theleetbank2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Objectives Tracker is bugged Hello, I'm having an issue with my Objectives Tracker. Right now it shows that I'm tracking 7 (Quests/Achievements) but I never tracked anything (I never actually clicked track). The header for the Tracker is on my screen but the most I can do is right-click it to bring up the tracking options. I tried disabling all of my addons but it remains even after a reload. I went through my entire quest log and every achievement (which took a while) and nothing is being tracked. This is what it looks like: The drop arrow is grayed out and is not clickable. Also, I disabled Automatic Quest Tracking and everything else, In-Game, that I am able to disable. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?Sataniel3 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 [Payment Problem] Goods not recieved hey, I recently bouth a race change for my character, BUT it said transaction failed, heres the thing though, The payment did in fact go through, so I payed for the item But the race change was not registered as bought. I left a messege on the tweet line as they have been uber helpfull to be in the past, but I like to keep extra avinues upDatocus4 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 A quick question regarding the forums. Hello, I have a question regarding one of my accounts eligibility with posting on these forums. The account had been banned due to my honest misconduct. Although I appealed to wowreportedpost, months went by without receiving a single response back. I sent the my appeal several times over, but still, no response. Because I had not received any feedback, I stopped playing the account all together. Having the opportunity to post and share my ideas regarding the game on the forums is hugely missed by me. Is there any other way that I could have another chance? Thanks, Lawlshotz.Lawlshotz13 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Jumping Animation Breaks when entering HoF I put this in as a ticket, but I get spit back an answer that's 95% frustrating more than it's ever going to be helpful. The issue is this: As I go into the Heart of Fear raid, the animation for jumping no longer works. My character simply stands there. This isn't because I unbound my space bar for jumping. This isn't an add-on breaking making my space bar no longer working, it's simply the animation of my character to jump. That's not to say that when I begin a spell with a cast time, if I hit the space bar, the character simply doesn't stop casting. It just doesn't jump. When I offered a reason why this might have been, I pointed out that I have the Klaxxi buff that allows for a bigger/longer jump. However, the GM that responded to me saw that I was a night elf and reminded me that whisps don't jump. Nothing beyond that except a full paragraph of LAPRing. I would normally say that it's an add-on of mine, remove all add-ons, and play it as such. However, I've gone that route and once I enter HoF the animation just breaks. I would also say it isn't an add-on issue, because it's happening sporadically to other guild members who have various add-ons but never the same collection as I. Could someone seriously look into this. And also smack the GM for wanting to LARP before actually dealing with my problem. That's far more frustrating than being spit out "disable all add-ons, delete all folders, spin around in a circle, praise Chris Metzen, and you can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat."Mackenzie2 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 Guild Server Xfer: "checking for eligibility" I am currently attempting to transfer my guild to a different server. When I check the box to do so, the little spinny thing that says "checking for eligibility" appears and fails to resolve. However, the "Continue" button does become active, and I can move on through the page that lists the conditions of the transfer and stuff. However, it doesn't like it when I enter my intended destination in the box. I have experimented with a couple of other realms to no avail, so I do not believe that my destination is ineligible. Edit: Also, I have attempted this on both Chrome (Mac and Win) and Safari(Mac).Pixley34 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 How to report rude language in guild request? I understand with the new right-click -> report player for language option, that GMs no longer accept in-game tickets for these sorts of issues. Obviously when the issue is in a guild request, it's not possible to right-click and report them, so I was wondering how I'd go about this. Thanks.Backfire5 Nov 10, 2012
Nov 10, 2012 I think your CS staff is a bit confused. Greetings! At first I thought it was a fluke, but this is the second time this has happened now so I'm reporting it here. A while ago I made a report, and I can't remember for the life of me what it was about. In one of the replies from a GM, the answer had absolutely nothing to do with my incident. It was a minor blurb so I didn't think much of it. However, yesterday I opened a ticket reporting someones very inappropriate name. Since your new report system is somewhat flawed in that you can't report someone without targeting their unit frame or something they said in chat (I had no time to do this), I was unable to use the "appropriate" system to report this person, so I opened a ticket and explained why I had done so. However, I got two replies. One related to the inappropriate name, and one related to moving a headless horseman mount to another character, something which I have not asked of Blizzard. I had noticed last night before I went to bed that my ticket had been "escalated" -- an odd thing to read when you were merely reporting a bad name. I fear someone else's ticket may have gotten attached to mine and the GM may have goofed thinking someone wanted to transfer this mount to or from my account, and the actual owner of the ticket may have gotten an inaccurate response from Blizzard as a result. The GM staff assisting me at the time was Game Master Clemascottre. They appeared to have signed off on both my name report and the report about the mount. I just thought I should bring this to your attention.Flimflam8 Nov 10, 2012