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Oct 4, 2012 My Credit Card isn't going through? I've used multiple cards on this account before, and none of them are going through period. Help? All it gives me is an error, nothing else. All the information is correct.Weedsnorterx3 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 21, 2014 Cant get the level 90 quest from the Temple the quest line that opens the new area at level 90 is just plain not there! i went to the temple of the white tiger, and the tauren and the tiger he nothing for me. i was told that i must be glitched. i would recommend to have a quest to tell you to even go there when you go 90, idk how anyone figured it out...Throttlatar1 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 4, 2012 Disconnecting when I log with my priest I was doing the first boss in Blackrock Caverns, Rom'ogg Bonecrusher, when he used his ability chains of WoE he teleported behind me and I was close to a wall and it suddenly disconnected me from the game and I kept trying to log in but it disconnects me every time I try, I can barely see like 1 second into the game and I see my other groupmates corpses around mine and we are in like an orange area under the map, I can log in with any of my other characters so I opened a ticket but it says 4 days and 13 hours wait time, is there anyway I can fix this earlier than that? It looks like it fixed by itself, sorry for the troubles.Ticks1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Blizzard sending RaF with X-53 rocket mount? Hello I received an invite from Blizzard last night on my Battle-net only email account offering the X-53 rocket mount. It also used my real name. Is Blizzard bringing the x-53 rocket mount back officially, or did my B-net only email finally get phished, and they know my real name? Headers/footers/ip address/message source look legit(show as Blizzard) but I haven't seen the x-53 mount come-back listed anywhere. Thanks!Frostbringer4 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Forum post character change [Help please] I'm curious if it's possible to switch the character on a post? I wrote the sticky -> but in my derpy muffinness I posted in my mage ~_~; Makes it hard for people to armory the OP and what not. Thank you!Nagoto2 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 WoW Annual Pass, and my game is frozen? I have the wow annual pass, and I just got kicked out saying I ran out of game time, Blizzard what am I paying for than? to do dailies? I just clicked yes on my 4 free months from my C.E. D3, Blizz I demand to know whats up. I should have game time all the way into the next year with the annual pass and theses 4 free months which should be ending in november. >_>Magnusheart15 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Is this email address still being used? I was told to contact this email in regards to a locked/hacked account and got the following auto-reply: ... ... So does that mean that I was given a useless email? Or was that intended for the address from which it was sent?Nitori6 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Entire group disconnects in BRC I'm currently in BRC and can't log back in on this toon because I'm getting disconnected constantly. We engage the first boss and as soon as he does the chain move we all disconnect and log back in dead, but it keeps disconnecting once you log in.Atatatatata3 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Tried to add funds to balance Got an error and got charged the amount I was trying to add 14 times, never tried to add funds before, so I don't even know if this is just a glitch and i'll be refunded the money or if the money will actually end up in my balance. So I looked in my order history and none of it is there so i'm guessing these transactions will just be deleted after a day or two?1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 No Valor awarded for Stone Guard kill in Mogu Not sure if this should be reported here or in Bug subsection of forums. My guild killed Stone Guard Tuesday night and no one in the raid received any Valor points for the kill. I have found other threads here in the official forums as well as other non-official WoW forums (MMO Champion) suggesting that the encounter was bugged, with some guilds receiving Valor points and others not. If this is the incorrect place for this post, please let me know I will re-post in the correct forum subsection. Thank you in advance for your time.Salsaverde3 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 My Character is Bugged Hi I had a GM turn in the quest called "ANDUINS DECISION" Because I could NOT see the NPC named "ADMIRAL TAYLOR". So the GM logged onto my character and turned in the quest for me. I got the next quest called ''A PERFECT MATCH" and it asked me " Return to ADMIRAL TAYLOR at Pearlfin Village in the Jade Forrest". Well I still cant see this NPC named ADMIRAL TAYLOR. I'm not sure But you see I faction changed at level 88 and started the Alliance side quest line from the beginning. I think something along the lines got mixed up in my quest line and now My character is bugged and I cant see Admiral Taylor. So yes can you please help me out because my character's quest line for the Jade Forrest and so forth are screwed up. It sucks because I talked to a GM and he turned in the quest for me and I thought it was fixed but now I have to wait another four days to have a GM help me out again. This is a rare problem someone else replied on my BUG thread but that was only one person. The GM I spoke with told me I cant just fly around picking up random quest you are doing something wrong. I didn't do that I started over the alliance side questline at level 88 from when you grab the quest in Stormwind you know when the quest pops up on the right side of your screen. Anyways I followed the whole questline until I had the quest called Anduin's Decision and I couldn't see the NPC named Admiral Taylor. Anyways hope you guys can fix my problem I have a screen shot of my character not being able to see the NPC if that helps any.Snappo5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Race Change Character Locked I wanted to buy a Race Change for a character of mine, but at the final page where I submit all of the payment info there was an error, now its saying this character is locked.Fiddlesnarf5 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 20, 2012 QUEST NPC NOT FOUND BARRING ENTRY: NPC Lao Softfoot is supposed to be down the path near the entrance to the ruins and he isn't I have seen alot of ppl reporting this issue for awhile now and I just went and looked everywhere for him and he is nowhere to be found this causes issues when ur trying to get your rep up..... it has been made so we cant get mounts/gear and so on until our rep is up and we need golden lotus rep to work on the other areas so this is probably the worst place for a quest to be !@#$ched out! PLEASE FIX BLIZZ!!!!!!Trexia2 Oct 20, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 MoP 10 day trial! I was wondering when the 10 day MoP trial will come out im not sure if i want to buy MoP yet, shouldnt it be out by now, surly blizz you know when its coming!Jénkins6 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 You moved thread to bug support, i cannot post on bug report forum because this is an expired license! How am i supposed to reply to them if they ask me a question over there.Fascinate4 Oct 4, 2012
Jan 20, 2014 No Golden Lotus Dailies... I cannot see any Golden Lotus Dailies at the pagoda... I've done everything. I've done the quest chains, i opened the gate... I'm still neutral with them. I searched everywhere for any quests or dailies and found nothing. Am i bugged? Help please. Thank you.Dirtyginger24 Jan 20, 2014
Oct 4, 2012 Character stuck in the floor, can't log on. My mage is stuck in the ground and I can't log on the character. If I open a ticket, it will take three or so days to get on my character. Is there anything I can do while not on my character to have it fixed? or do I really have to wait 3+ days to play a character?Whatshealing3 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Does Sha of Anger always drop the box? Every time i killed him i at least got the box...but just this last time i got NOTHING i was in the group that killed him. so i am not sure if sometimes he drops nothing for someone, maybe i won an item and don't even know. that's what i'm worried about.Jixx6 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 LFR gear 463 req. but nowhere to get it?? To get into a LF Raid your gear must be level 463. So far I'm doing heroic dungeons, and Justice points and pvp gear and none of it is 463 leveled. So just curious how do you get geared to 463 if none of the gear outside of a raid is 463? Am I missing something?Vibram8 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Forum log in issues There isn't a ticket option for the forums, so I'm posting here from my iPhone. I've been able to log in to World of Warcraft just fine, but whenever I try to log into the forums, I am able to login, but if I go to another page, it tries to redirect me, finally bringing me to the page, but logged out from my account. Posting threads or responses is impossible from my computer. Anyone know what's going on?Liupeng1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Downgraded the Honor pvp gear /cry Hit 90 on like 2nd day. did ton of heroics to get gear. Pvp season came out pvp'd like crazy and DE'd all my heroic gear cause my pvp gear was better. Now my pvp gear is worse than heroic gear. Ugh!Aukake31 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 3 days not able to log in !!! Monday, Tuesday, Wed. All three days i've not been able to log in due to ques on Frostmourne. Since mop was released i've been able to log in ONCE... Once since the 25th and i'm paying for a <removed> yearly subscription 2697 in que = 6hrs que time I just spent 5hrs in que now its bed time, so what the <removed> are you gonna do? I cant xfer servers, i've been on frostmourne 4 years and my guild is there. <clipped>Headmaster6 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 5, 2012 Missing follow up quest for golden lotus. I did all the daily quests from the golden pagoda and whitepetal lake, then i was sent to setting sun garrison and competed up to "No Reprieve". After this quest i was offered NO OTHER quests. I have visited every quest site in the vale and nothing, no quest to be seen anywhere. What the hell do i do, i am really disappointed. I looked on wowhead and it is my assumption Anji Autumnlight SHOULD have given me the quest : Vyraxxis, the Krik'thik Swarm-Lord because that is one of the quests that gives the treasures of the vale reward, which i have not beeen offered today, also one that i have not done yet (and being this is my first time at setting sun garrison).Fascinate12 Oct 5, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Headless Horseman Inquiry What is the minimum level to queue up for the Headless Horseman fight this year (2011)? I need to know so I can get as many alts up to that required level point as possible. Thanks.Pwnrogue14 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 No posting access yet Just renewed mu subscription but don't have posting privileges yet. Can I get this taken care of or is there a waiting period before we can post after paying our subscription?Aveladé3 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Apprentice Riding not available? Ok, i got my Pandaren Monk to level 20 and there are no apprentice riding trainers anywhere. I checked the Orc, by the hunter/pet trainers in Org. The goblin in the goblin slums. The Troll in Sen-Jin village. I'm headed to Brill now but i think i'm starting to see a pattern here. They seemed to have been removed from the game. If I am missing something then please let me know. Thank you.Ungodly2 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Attack on Mistfall Village Bugged Currently Sun Tenderheart isn't showing up where she's supposed to be. Any word on an incoming fix?Gnimmi1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 My entire raid is stuck inside Moshugan Vault Hello! My raid just killed 25-man Elegon five minutes ago. We all got the achievements and whatnot, but Elegon did not drop any loot and his door is still up, blocking us in. We can't leave the room and we're concerned about if the loot will disappear if we try to exit and enter the dungeon. Please help.Bergg8 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Character Locked-Race Change Tried to race change today, forgot my CCV code and cancelled the pending transaction from the transaction page. I now have my CCV code, and my character (this one) is locked. Please unlock it. I have no clue how long it's locked for.Dyonesus6 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Compromised:Character names changed, no gold Hi there, Thank you for restoring my account and characters. As you can see, most of my characters have had their names changed. Is there any chance of getting the names restored please? Also, all the gold is gone from every character. (I checked via the Auction section of this website, I haven't been able to log in to the game yet). Hope you can help with these issues. Thanks!Lichslap38040 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Faction transfer bugged, credit payment I've started the faction transfer for my Druid, Yet.. I don't see any indication that the character is locked, nor is it in the service status as pending or anything but I've been billed for it.Alaphas2 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 ummm .. lag? Lol ... 50k + ping :D!!! not goooood! whats goin on ..Davidhardy1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Realm Xfer Error has occured I'm trying to xfer a toon to the Kel'Thuzad server and each time i type in Kel'Thuzad and click continue, the page just refreshs and says an error has occured. Saying An Error has occured. Please select a server.Sulfate5 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Kovok Noise Its making the game unplayable, the constant noise after awhile becomes bothersome. Turning off Sound Effects stops it but whats the point of playing if I can't hear anything. Takes away a lot from the game if I am forced to do this plus the constant drone might be damaging my hearing.Sakpata2 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 An error has occurred. im trying to change my Race before tomorrows Raid, and i am having a problem with it. and keep getting An error has occurred. An error has occurred. that is all it says ...any help?? Tried 3 different BrowsersRelio1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Faction change problems. I was trying to faction change this guy and my rogue, but it wasn't the intention of buying it. I was just seeing if the credit card was working. So now both my toons are locked until it "completes" the faction change. Is there any way I can undo this? It turns out there wasn't enough money on the credit card and I didn't know it. I just want to play my other 85s again.Inudeath0 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Can't Post in Diablo 3 Forums Hi there, I'm having an issue posting into the diablo 3 forums. I've tried to change the character profile and I don't have the drop down menu to do so. Also my batttletag isn't what is listed for my diablo 3 profile it just has the first part of it with out the numbers behind it. I've already tried clearing my browsers cache, cookies and files, reset my password through automated account password reset, and using anther browser. The support person i talked to on the phone suggested that i post here because the walk around he had would wipe my real-id friends and I don't want that because i dont have some the ID's for some of friends on my list.Shamry3 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Getting invalid password or email error. I've been trying for a few hours and check to make sure its correct but it still says its incorrect, is this only happening to me and is there a way to fix it?Yubbahubba2 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Mature Filter So I went to rename one of my pets (Lil' Ragnaros). I wanted to name him Cooking Fire because thats usually the times I have him out, and I was greeted with a message saying that the name cannot be used because it contains strong language. Can someone please explain to me how "Cooking Fire" could be considered strong language? And if so, Why is it then the name of a skill if it is not acceptable.Scrily4 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Scroll of Res I am in need of a scroll of Res. I was sent one and recieved notice that I was ineligible. This makes no sense as my account was last active on 02/28/2012, and the cut off date was March 4th, 2012 on the FAQ for SoR, and I feel irked because when it was last active it was a free 10 day trial. I know this is besides the issue but as you can see above I met the critiera to recieve said scroll.Kusami1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Extra Accounts Heya, just wondering. Can I get somebody to delete my extra trial accounts. It seems that I have account #1, 2 ,3 4 that are all trials, I must have mis-clicked something. They're just really bugging me, and I would appreciate it if someone was able to remove them. Although account #5 is my actual account I use.Haleros1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 What's wrong with my new account??!!! I tried three times to redeem my MOP code, but it says An error has occurred without any cause...Foreverjerry5 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Stone Hard Quilen Stone Hard Quilen daily located in The Golden Stair in the zone Valley of the Eternal Blossums they creatures I need to kill are not able to targeted clicked on or attacked. The Creatures are the Granite Quilen. If the quest is working as intended then you need to add more to the quest description because it is extremely vague.Devstrìke9 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Flagged for rename Hi, I put in a website ticket for this, but am hoping to get quicker service here. I recently realm switch and faction changed this warrior to Tichondrius, and when attempting to log in, I get the popup window "Your character has been flagged for a rename." I know this is a bug so if a CS representative could help me out here that would be much appreciated, thanks.Dietcokes7 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 SoR "Purchased 30+ days" question If I bought the Mist of Pandaria deluxe which gives me 1 month of free time, does that count as having purchased one month of time? If I am under the effects of the Scroll of Resurrection and I purchase that edition, would the bonus gametime count?Dejuva10 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 No longer able to quest in Pandaria?! Vagicore4 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 daily quest :Athea bugged Not the encounter itself but having to take rez sickness just to be able to retrieve your corpse seems like a design flaw. Just thought i would throw this out there.Maradornn0 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 My rep is gone and my ticket was closed I race changed on this character and lost all of my alliance rep. I opened ticket US31478132 and the ticket was closed with no resolution. I still dont have my rep. If this is a bug that will be addressed soon in some patch, can I at least be told that much?Freljord8 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 RBG mount account-wide? I know they said most pvp achievements/mounts wouldn't be account-wide and just be given to the character that got it.. But I have gotten the rbg mount on my alliance mage, and it gives the achievement to every character. I want to get it for my horde mage now, but it says I need 150 wins to get my mount, instead of 75? What happens after I get the full 300, am I just not allowed to have the mount on any other toons?Erasus4 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Can't move character because of mail. I can't log into my account to delete my in-game mail. I'm off at school and won't be back till Christmas. I want to transfer my character's and follow my guildmates to mug'thol but there is no way I can log in. Is there any way a GM could just delete the mail from my box. I really dont care what it is. Probably Brewfest Brew of the month. I just need it cleared to I can transfer. Please help blue.Feanala4 Oct 4, 2012