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4d Character Transfer Time I just payed for a character transfer for my main 110 character, so I go to look at my account orders and the transfer says "complete". So I login and my character is gone from the realm I'm moving him from (obviously) and I go to the realm I wanted to move him to. He isn't there? Is this normal?? (I just payed for the transfer about 3 hours ago). I haven't transferred a character for a couple of years so it isn't the "30 day wait transfer period". This is a big problem due to me having a trial with a Mythic guild very, very soon.Christophen10 4d
4d Mogu'shan bug I get to the end boss in the Forge of Endless and when i activate the control console, it doesn't do anything. Im running it on Heroic 25 man by myself. What is going on? I have even reset the raid to try and fix it and reloaded my UI. Nothing works.Chihiroruin3 4d
4d Live Web Chat Broken? Keep trying to make tickets through the live web chat option but after submitting instead of the usual popup window it keeps submitting it as a regular ticket. Is it a bug?Purrowl1 4d
4d Legendary Drops Broken Something has gone wrong with the legendary drop system in the last two weeks, for me or in general I'm unsure. They're taking much, much longer to get than they did previously. Is BLP working? LFR raids removed from BLP increase? Something seems wrong.Unleàshed24 4d
4d The name of an item is incorrect this is item is: Judgment Heaume instead of Judgment Crown?? This seemed to happen after legion expansion.Beardmode5 4d
4d Water Elemental NOT Working Properly!! Help! 7/13/2017 My Water Elemental has not worked properly for months now. It piped up out of nowhere when I started a dungeon instance and it worked fine. "Defending me and attacking when I ordered it to or when I was attacked" after I was out of the dungeon I dismissed the Elemental thinking it was back in working order. WRONG! Once I summoned it again it was back to the same old stuff. This is super frustrating and makes questing so much more difficult without being able to have my Elemental working properly. Please help! Thoughts? Advice? Insight?Ganndalf6 4d
4d Fabulous billing and account staff. Just had a ticket open trying to change my contact info(changed country) and after the first ticket, he changed the country with no issues. I take a peek after, and go to update my address properly, and I notice it's still showing my state of California... Sweden has no states, and there is no state field in the address change thing. So I open the ticket again and the wonderful account/billing staff fixed it right up for me. Less than two days for two simple tickets. In fact, the first one was sent late evening yesterday my time, so it's actually been less than 24 hours. I've had almost nothing but positive experiences with Blizzard's staff. Well, there was one incident but we don't talk about that one. *giggles* Here's a cookie. *hands cookie* Cheers!Sakiri4 4d
3d Character Boosting Less Drastically Hey all! I haven't played in almost a year and I'm just starting to jump back into things. My buddy is levelling a DK on my server, and I would love to level with him. Trouble is, I'm just not into DKs. What I'd really love is to start a priest, druid, or pretty much ANY other class (as my order of preference is Everything Else > DK) at about level 60, to be able to keep up with my buddy. Grinding levels 1-60 just to be able to start with him, is not something I want to do. Don't get me wrong here, I've got several level 90/100 characters, most of which I actually levelled, rather than boosted. I'm no stranger to the grind. It's just not fun to do alone! So here's what I propose. Blizzard, please sell me chunks of 5 levels at a time, for $5. As you offer 1-100 for only $60, a $5 for 5 levels price point is MORE than reasonable -- it's practically highway robbery! And yet still I would pay it. Why 5 levels at a time, you ask? Dear Everyone Who Has Played WoW For A Long Time: What dungeon do you hate? What zone do you hate questing in? What part of the levelling grind do you hate SO MUCH that your character inevitably gets stuck and benched until you roll your eyes, crank up your music, and just go at it until the worst is finally over with? For me, it's level 43. All my toons stop there. They wait for months, even over a year, before I'm willing to get them out of that rut. But if I could buy just 5 levels, just to get me past that zone / dungeon I never want to set foot in again, it would make the rest of my experience so much more enjoyable. There would be so much less "Ugh, I don't want to do Maraudon" and so much more "YES I GET TO GO STRAIGHT INTO BRD!!" And Blizzard. I'm sure you get tired of hearing everyone moan and gripe that one particular zone or instance needs a rework. You know what would be a real easy way of figuring out which part of the game is so unenjoyable that reworking it should be of higher priority? Just watch which 5 levels players choose to skip most frequently. Some limitations should apply to this service, of course, such as... 1. No additional gold income would be granted for the 5 skipped levels. You skip doing it, you skip farming it. 2. The 5 levels purchased MAY ONLY EXIST WITHIN PREVIOUS EXPANSIONS, not the current one. Want to boost from 95 to 100? $5. But if you're level 99, and you pay $5? Congratulations, you just bought one level. The new content is there to be enjoyed, not ignored. 3. No profession boost in buying 5 levels. Veteran's bonus is for veterans. I'm sure there would be others, but that's a good start. So please, Blizz, let me play with my friends, and catch up as needed.Astarra5 3d
4d Looking for new info on add-ons I am trying to find out current info on why most of the add ons are not working since the new update. I really depend on the quest trackers as I am disabled and helps with memory. Can anyone tell me what add on is working to show on the map the explanations showing where quests are.Piperprue3 4d
4d Periodically broken DH animations Around the launch of 7.2.5 I feel like something changed that caused the animation of Vengeance DH's metamorphosis to not animate correctly. It appears to "fix" itself shortly after activation but it looks extremely odd. I've linked to a short gif I took and I am actively doing things while it looks like the top half of my character is just locked in place but the bottom half is moving appropriately. Is there a client side fix for this or is it just something that would need to be patched?Neferpìtou0 4d
4d Artifact Refund Didn't Work Hi. I just spent 13,000,000 artifact power to refund my traits and it only reset the enhanced traits. I decided to spend another 10,000,000 after that thinking I had only paid for the enhanced traits and the 10,000,000 is for the rest of the artifact. So 23,000,000 AP total, and I actually lost a trait because of it. My goal was to refund the points so I could get the new traits first. Was there something I didn't read? I'm really sad. Please help. <3 -ABAssbeater14 4d
4d Can't add any more AP My DK has 54 total ranks purchased and The Hungering Maw is at 20 and when try8ing to add more AP I get 'Your Artifact is at full power'. Will I get a quest to complete so I can add more AP, should I gather more AP items and wait for the next patch or any suggestions on how to continue? Thanks in advanceBackstabbing2 4d
4d Is the War Supplies cap account wide? Is the Legionfall War Supplies cap account wide or applies to each toon? I just completed one of those 900 elite class hall missions that gives 500 war supplies. I had about 200 in my currency and the 500 from the mission was in red and My main ended up with only 864 total. I looked at my other toons on the server and I have a total now of 939 so I'm guessing the cap is account wide even though we can't shift them across toons. If that is the case then I'm not sure 1.) why that elite mission was available and 2. why does it have to be account wide. That hurts my alts more than my mainPlondorenigh6 4d
4d Account Xfer Issue Hi Guys I need customer support to help or someone to shed some light please As I need to xfer a character real quick, The below situation Character a is on account a on battlenet a I xfered character a to account b on battlenet a - Staying on the same faction and realm so just account transfer I want to now xfer character a to another realm and faction but staying on the same account b and battlenet a when i go into the the character xfer screen on my account b i cant even see the character to select, it doeskin even show up to say its ineligible I need to xfer my character I didnt know this but I have a trial starting in the new guild on another server and faction and I really want this opportunity. anyone shed some light or possible do something to help me outCraigopolas3 4d
4d transfer aborted instance not found this is annoying enough when using portals but today it happened while on a flight path thru highmountain and my death knight was dumped off to the ground like shoddy realm coalescing of 2012 yeah, i'm peeved enough to make this topic because i couldn't reach my corpse and had to take another 10 minute rez sickness time outDarthvixen1 4d
4d Cross Region Battlenet? I've been playing WoW on US servers (from UK) now for around 11 years and been playing Overwatch on EU servers since launch. I've built up a list of friends in both of these games and in both these regions and get so frustrated that I can only log into either US or EU battlnet to see friends. Whilst in US then EU friends can't see me to chat and vice-versa. Whilst I understand that WoW can't be played cross region i would have thought Battlenet would be able to and I'm sure that there are a multitude of other guys out there in similar situations. The ideal I believe would be a Battlenet that showed all friends to text and voice with and some kind of flag tag showing which region they are currently playing thier game in. I think this'd be a huge quality of life improvement ThanksFendal1 4d
5d This character might be someone... Hey all: I have a problem on only this character. Every single time I try to send mail from her, or to her from another character, I have to click into a confirmation box "This character might be someone you don't know" I've reset my UI completely, added all my character to her friend's list, and I can't think of anything else to try. Has anyone had this happen, and found a fix? It's not game-breaking in any way, just irritating.Lavender2 5d
5d Realms By Datacenter Where can I find a list of the realms by Datacenter? I'm in Hawaii and I'm looking for a PvE realm with good Horde pop. in the LA Datacenter, any ideas? Currently stuck on Thrall as it's home, but need to move to Pacific in order to be able to consistently raid.Naruum10 5d
5d DK Class Mount Quest Bugged, Can't Complete My class mount quest encountered a bug where I could not interact with the book within the Ruby Sanctum. Like other bugs I've encountered, I abandoned the quest in hopes of just starting over. I have been to every point thus far, and I cannot restart the quest, it is completely gone. How do I fix this?Chromalisk7 5d
5d Bot farming in Suramar Over the last 3 days I've spotted and reported around 7 or 8 people that are using a bot to farm herbs/ore in Suramar. Although I've reported them, I'm not sure if anything will be done about it, so I thought I'd post it here.Motgutrak30 5d
5d GM Server Transfer not working I've been GM of my guild for months now, and added an authenticator 9 days ago. No battle pets anywhere, nothing. I logged into my GM character shortly after activating the authenticator. I keep getting this message when I check if I'm eligible for the transfer yet. "Your Blizzard Account needs to be protected by an authenticator for at least 7 days before you can initiate this service." It's been 8 days on the timer and 9 days on the calendar. All of my officers have already moved servers, as well as a handful of my raid team. I put in a ticket on Saturday (which would've been day 7) and was told according to my login times I should be able to transfer, but for some reason or another it wasn't counting the first time I logged in. It seems to not be counting any of my subsequent logins, since I logged in last Sunday and did quite a few dungeons all day, and am still getting the at least 7 days message. Is there anything I can do? I'm almost wondering if I should toss GM to one of my alts or one of my officer's alts and wait the 7 days again if it's bugged out.Grisanne8 5d
5d Sub card not working! I got a pre-paid subscription card for 2016 Christmas, and it's a 60-day card. I entered it in today because my subscription expired last night, but it's still acting like I have no subscription! Please help, I don't want the card to be wasted ;-;Antivenin10 5d
5d Cross-realm nuisances Not sure if this has been brought up before, I imagine it has, but its really annoying to go through the steps repeatedly to have something done via interaction with other players just to have it all fall through because of the many different servers there are I can't interact with anyone who isn't on the three or four servers connected to mine. being a rogue(lock boxes) and preferring chanting/engi/tailor as my go-to proff's for whatever toon I happen to be on at the time, it gets really annoying how often it happens. In addition to the general concern of how ineffective this system is for general/everyday face-to-face interactions with other players, I'm wondering if it's still a feature just for the sake of being able to see other players in the cities? is it just cosmetic/aesthetic? unless I'm missing something major here we still que for our dungeons and run with our own guilds and whatnot so why is this even a thing? Are you not able to make it doable that we can actually interact with the many players in our world? I mean interacting with players is interacting with players and I understand exploits can happen but to me this seems to push the game toward the feel of isolation, not only is everything done at the click of a button without any need for peer-to-peer communication but now we literally can't interact with the vast majority of people we do see? its not just about professions either, similar issues come up quite often while leveling through quests or dungeons, grinding/farming and things like world pvp or exploration. Two-cents. EDIT: is this in the right place?Rooky4 5d
5d Writhing Essences in Inventory I received 5 writhing essences doing the quest to upgrade legendary armor but they ended up in my inventory instead of counting toward the 50 total needed and will not transfer or be used to complete the quest. I have gathered the 50 needed at least twice but still have these 5 in my inventory. I am positive they were never used toward the requirement as I monitored it closely. How can I get the credit for these?Squiddy2 5d
5d guild ownership So, I understand there is a button in place to take over ownership of a guild when your GM abandons the place, but is it possible to extend it further? Everyone in the top 3 tiers of rankings has been gone for over a year now and aside from my toons, only one other person has been on since legion dropped. I contacted customer support to see about taking over and they told me only persons rank 3 or higher can do so. If you can't change that, is there a way to promote me in the guild to a rank 3 so I can take over? I have several characters in the guild that have been there since cataclysm.Aleeana2 5d
5d Druid can't log on I made a new druid yesterday afternoon got him to level 3 before having to log i want to log back on him and level him more but the game won't let i have to delete him and start again? yes i know he is only level 3 so it's real easy but would rather not have to do thatReidin6 5d
5d Sub card not working! I got a pre-paid subscription card for 2016 Christmas, and it's a 60-day card. I entered it in today because my subscription expired last night, but it's still acting like I have no subscription! Please help, I don't want the card to be wasted ;-;Antivenin5 5d
5d DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering Kosumoth the Hungering is up in the Eye of Azshara zone (south of Dalaran) but his World Quest is not popping. There are currently no invasions up in this area which would prevent the WC from not popping, nor have I ever looted the mount which would also prevent the WC from popping. Please fix this as he will despawn in approximately 19 hours! TY! You can see the WC that is supposed to be up in this area here: 5d
5d 3rd artifact quest trouble I'm having difficulty getting or finding the 3rd artifact quest. I'm not sure if something's wrong or if I'm overlooking it on this characterArchimelo3 5d
5d Recruit a Friend not working? My wife sent RAF invitations to both of my nieces just today. When they try to create an account they both get an error "Sorry, but we cannot process your request at this time." Initially the error occurred after entering all their information, now it happens as soon as they click "Create a new account". My wife was able to create an account for herself without using RAF. Is RAF disabled, or is there a technical problem? Are we doing something wrong?Nightroad4 5d
5d Prof Paladin Problem TW Black Temple? Have any other prot pallies ventured into the new TW version of Black Temple? The entire night, all bosses were "Immune" when I tried to use Hand of Reckoning to taunt. This wasn't a super big issue until Illidan, but I ended up stepping out because of frustration in not being able to taunt. I'm hoping I just derped and made a silly mistake with something... but am wondering if this is a known issue or if anyone else has had trouble. Thanks for the feedback!Atilakai3 5d
5d Fake blizzard admin/GM: account phising screen shot proof: <> and if the link is followed it really does look just like's login. I devoutly hope that the persons behind this despicable act are subject to serious legal action by blizzard itself.Snachie13 5d
5d Good Suramaritan: Statecraft Good Suramaritan: Statecraft. I've done all the Statecraft quest line through Friends with Benefits. However, I didn't get the check on the Good Suramaritan achievement. Everyone seems to believe that you don't need to do the 3 dungeon quests that are tacked onto the end, but ... no check. (I have used the quest checker to make sure I did all the run-up quests, and yes, I did.) Can someone confirm whether I need to do the Arcway (etc.) to get that check?Vizco5 5d
5d Sold Important Item I was doing ToT Hero to farm for some mogs and I accidentally sold a cloak I always use, I can't buy it back since the vendor doesn't let me see all the items I sold. The item restoration will be available july 25th, is there nothing an In-game GM do or do I have to go raid without my cloak.Celestral4 5d
5d Does it Transfer? First of all i am a wow noob and this may be a question that everybody knows, but me. I bought the deluxe edition of Warlords of Dreanor and i started a new player and now i am thinking about buying legion buy i am worried that my deluxe items will come over to legion like my mount, my pet, etc?Unholylight5 5d
4d PVP traits popping up on flight paths Not sure where to put this so if it needs moved please do so. My problem is I have done some pvp world quests to get the artifact and marks of honor for transmog gear but also I have unlocked some traits used only in pvp which is fine cause 99.9% of the time I am in pve areas but then I am on a flight path and all of a sudden as I fly over a pvp area the traits I unlocked pop up on my screen on my action bars messing up my settings how I have them arranged. Is there a way to stop the pvp traits from keep popping up on my screen and messing with my settings for action bars? Each time they do this I have to manually go into my interface settings and uncheck the bar that they popped on.Azerothwolf6 4d
6d Paying for a Second wow account on BNET My girlfriend wants to play wow with me weve been sharing the same account so she can play her druid i was wondering how to create a second wow account on my battle net so i can transfer her character over to here account. Pls help and thank youDntdodrugkid6 6d
6d Have warglaives, killed Illidan, no transmog 03/04/2015 - Got achievement for having (both) Warglaives of Azzinoth (Alliance toon) 07/15/2017 - killed Illidan in timewalking Black Temple. (Horde toon) No "I'll Hold These For You Until You Get Out" achievement, can't transmog the weapon appearance on my DH. I'm pretty sure that the announcement said that I could have the glaives on any toon on my account, kill Illidan on any toon on my account, and I would get the ability to transmog the appearance for my Demon Hunter. Since I've met the criteria, what the hell?Nephethys18 6d
6d Realm transfer Says it's complete and my character is gone from my current realm, but it has not appeared on the new realm? Is this normal?Tapata1 6d
6d where to next where should i go after completing plaguewood temple i dont think im strong enough to do strathmore dungeonNinabuck2 6d
6d WOW No way to contact WoW anymore!!!!! just wow. I have tried all available methods to try and resolve a simple question today through this ridiculous self serve setup you put in place. No where did I ever see Live chat, a solution to issue, or anything that allowed me to get a resolution. Even trying to submit a ticket in game failed 3 times. No ticket created after submitting those times What happened to you Blizz?? I even tried foolishly to call the number I have had for literally years to end up with a recorded message telling me to try the loop of fail again. I really do remember having the best service of any game available to me for years from you. Nothing now......Rymer20 6d
5d Timewalking Black Temple - Problem, Critique My guild set up this raid together, and we were super excited to do it. We cleared all the bosses but illidan, and then a bunch of people had to leave. So we optimistically put it up on the calendar for the next day. We ensured we had 10 people who were there, all night and had the same lock out and queued together before attempting to add new people. We were able to queue up while being saved to the raid, unfortunately this meant that we had to clear the raid from the beginning - without loot. We understand this is working as intended. But.. It's stupid, and here's why - If we have to go to all of the trouble to form a pre-made group, we should be able to pick up where we left off. There should be a second option when we queue - "Start fresh" (that warns us we'll have no loot on bosses already killed) or "Use existing lock out" that warns people we have "x/10 bosses killed, do you want to proceed?" so that groups like ours can make a fun and engaging group bonding activity. Or a queue guild group option where only members of a guild and their realID friends can join. Could something be done for this for future instances of the timewalking raids? I know this isn't a one size fits all solution, but it would make it a lot more enjoyable and use friendly for non-PUG raiders who just want to spend time together, but maybe don't have the time all at once. Thanks for listening to my whining. I appreciate feedback, including why that may or may not be possible, or an alternative methodology.Amastrasza10 5d
6d Realm transfer, toon is missing from account? I bought a character transfer to another realm. after i paid, it said that the status was 'pending' for about 45 mins. Now the status says its completed, but i don't see my toon anywhere. Not on the old realm or the new one when I log in? Should I keep waiting it out? even though the status says "completed"?Voldimort3 6d
6d expansion i bought the digital deluxe edition of legion does it include the expansion setNinabuck3 6d
6d Swirling boss rooms causing motion sickness I know this has been asked before (notably in Draenor, and then Wrath earlier) but is there any consideration for a "super low effects" mode that could stop skyboxes/rooms from turning and swirling during fights? KJ's room isn't as bad as Grimrail, and EoE was but it's still motion sickness inducing and it's extremely depressing to have to bench myself for kills because the alternative is vertigo and vomiting. I realize my particular issues are uniquely severe but several people have joined me in complaining and whinging about the swirling rooms. ToS has been a fantastic experience thus far and I'd love to see the ending. On the suggestion of guildmates I've tried: Pointing my camera at the floor zoomed completely in (helped but 99% useless that way), color blind modes (nothing), and turning graphics to minimum (Nope, nothing).Almilydia1 6d
6d Hunter campaign and unlocking Followers My wife's account almost has flying unlocked, and only has two followers unlocked. No campaign quests for Hunter are showing, cant see no quest icons on map anywhere in the world. Pillars of Creation, The deceivers downfall, Trial of Valor (Raid), Alter of Aegis, Eye of Azshera and Soul Prism of the Illadari, and a couple quests to continue in Suramar are all she has Is she missing something? She has the "A "Noble" Event" from the mission board, but basically cant do it because she has no followers to do the mission with a high %. Unlocking followers is probably the most confusing part in this game. She has all the Pillars unlocked and done, done every zone except Suramar.Coug19 6d
6d RAF level grants available On my WoW8 account can yall tell me how many level grants each toon has, please.Hamask10 6d
6d Missing characters after transfer I've got an issue where I just did a server transfer for two characters from Black Dragonflight to Bleeding Hollow, and they're not on Black Dragonflight anymore, but not on Bleeding Hollow. The transfer has said completed for a while now, so I'm hoping nothing went wrong.Menoet2 6d
6d My Title I made this character back in vanilla/classic world of Warcraft. Along with being a player during that time, I did my fair share of PvP, enough to get me the "lieutenant commander" title. But being alliance for all these years has grown boring. I want to transfer over the horde. But my worry is what will happen to my title? Will I get the horde equivalent? I'm just worried and want to make 100% that the title just goes away before I do switch.Ålcapwn1 6d
6d tidestone quest lock up Tidestone questline lock up. come out of cage to talk to Farondis. load screen stops at about 60%. everything locks upEvilnasty2 6d