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19h Brawler's Guild shirt buffs removed?? My brawler's guild shirts from expansions past (except for the last achievement one for getting all the others) suddenly are no longer giving the cosmetic buffs they used to give. What's the deal?? Is this a bug or intentional? If intentional, it's pretty damn lame duck, since people who have those shirts took a lot of time and spent a lot of gold in repairs to get them. Significantly changing rewards -- in this case, basically removing the rewards -- after they're issued is a great way to tick people off.Turandotte5 19h
6d Rogue Thunderfury quest unavailable Pheq-Aerie peak for toon reference. I was fortunate enough to get both bindings the same day, one by myself and another a friend who just so happened to already have it. I went to the quest-giver to accept the quest and turn it in, but I don't have the quest available. The dragon simply tells me to finish my business and talk to her once I'm done. I've completed the Stormheim storyline, so I don't feel I'm missing any quests that are preventing me from starting this quest. No guides or anythingn have helped me. All just mention to take the drake to the peak, which I've done, and to accept the quest. The rest of the videos are just poorly made montages of farming strats.Toastyame9 6d
Jan 15 Unable to use Artifact Knowledge Compendium So i have Volumes I-IV but it wont let me use it, Says "You already posses all of the knowledge that are in these pages." I am sitting at Artifact Knowledge 19, So why cant i use the item to boost myself to 20?Kardimine18 Jan 15
2d Extreme FPS drops in Dalaran Hello WoW community, I've got my system to update WoW Successfully. So now I'm noticing since my return to the world of Azeroth in patch 7.1, is that my game lags when I'm in the new Dalaran. I have all of my settings on low and the only thing I added was the fix in the wtf.config folder that stops my game from taking long load times. But even before that, new Dalaran lagged bad for me. Has anyoen else experiencing FPS drops in the New Dalaran? When my settings are on low, I have about an average of 50FPS, but sometimes I would drop to 6-17FPS, then things spike back up to the normal settings.Lionstrike5 2d
Jan 14 Can't fight in brawlers guild. From everyone I've asked, there is no limit on weekly fights, and I'm stuck at rank 5, on black Mange, problem is guards no longer let me do ranked fights, thought it might fix itself but hasn't worked since last night. Anybody know what's up?Revlol1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Title was not rewarded after 1000's of arenas I have finally reached prestige level 9 : honor level 50. and was not awarded my title of "The Prestigious"Chaozx5 Jan 14
Jan 14 To Meet Mother Kashur glitch On the aforementioned quest in Nagrand. Kashur isn't showing up. I flew around the place, reloaded my ui, tried abandoning and re-taking the quest. She's not shown despite the ? on the ground. Cannot target her either.Looshie1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Seal of Broken Fate Order Hall I think my order hall upgrade actually bugged out and skipped a few days to finish. When I went to the vendor to make a shipment all it does is give me the quest but doesn't allow me to place the work order. Halp!Nagasis3 Jan 14
Jan 14 Token Uses Read an article about token uses, I searched the forums and patch notes but cant find. Anyway it said that you can purchase tokens and use them for other than game time uses. I was wanting to use them for character xfers and such. If anyone has knowledge of this please let me know.Proturazz1 Jan 14
5d Fix flying in Pandaria! This seems to have become my own personal white whale. Why do you still have to wait until level 90 to earn flying in Pandaria? Most people have leveled on to Draenor before they even hit 90. What good does it do to learn flying for a zone after you've completed it? They say there's a tome called, "Wisdom of the Four Winds" that's supposedly available on the BMAH. I've looked every day for 2 months, and I've never seen it drop. If there's a reason why Blizz doesn't want us flying in Pandaria, when you can already learn flying at the start of every other zone that has flying available, whether through purchase or a meta-achievement, please tell us.Merren14 5d
Jan 14 Can someone get my info via a Trade Window? Someone just gave my lowbie 1,000 gold. I have no idea why. But then he snickered and logged out. Should I be worried?Atenstein7 Jan 14
6d Suggestion I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post in about this. I apologize if it is not. I have a suggestion regarding the textures and models of capital cities. Also, I would like to throw out a few ideas to make places such as Silvermoon City more useful since almost nobody goes there. Orgrimmar and Stormwind have seen major overhauls in terms of aesthetic appeal. This happened several expansions ago. I would like to see this happen to the rest of the capital cities. Considering Sylvanas has taken up the helm as warchief, it would make sense that her city should see some improvement. For instance, the Ruins of Lordaeron are occupied by Forsaken NPCs that have absolutely no function. You can get lost in this area that serves absolutely no purpose. Of course, it would only make sense to do this if the cities were more useful to players. Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been the major hubs for players since before Burning Crusade and have remained that way to this day. How can you call Silvermoon, Undercity, and Thunder Bluff capital cities when nobody uses them? Perhaps providing an incentive for those races to be in those cities could help provide a more vibrant atmosphere for the cities instead of looking like ghost towns.Shadowstalk2 6d
Jan 14 STUCK Hi I have a level 100 Hunter that is stuck in Terrace of the watcher inside 2 big bouldersSarndor6 Jan 14
Jan 14 Abandoned quest for artifact I believe I didn't mean to abandon my artifact quest now I can't find it to pick it back up I'm in my class hall and it don't show it.Zaraisastar1 Jan 14
Jan 14 To Blizzard Entertainment On January 11, 2017, NetEase, its Chinese agent, froze nearly 10,000 players’ one-month game time at the excuse of killing Maracay. My question is the account closure was supported by Blizzard or it’s the private act of NetEase? On the Neverland, some people still rapidly increase honors by taking advantages of bug. Why are these players’ accounts not closed? Why is the Fisherman's Beach Incident still in the air? We hope Blizzard could act impartially to give players a satisfactory answer. Ray AdasCaledfwlch4 Jan 14
Jan 14 Where's my game time! I redeemed a 60 day free pre-paid gift card. But when I went back to my wow account, it still only had 14 days left. I restarted my computer thinking it didn't load yet, that didn't work. I shut down my computer and turned it back on, that didn't work. I tried redeeming the code again, but apparently it says I have already redeemed this code. So that's why I'm wondering, where is my 60 days of game time!Norowareta3 Jan 14
6d Major issues with Artifact Research Hi there, I opened a ticket yesterday regarding my character and the Artifact Research Training. I will post here for help since im days away from an answer. Since Tuesday's patch, my artifact research training has turned into a vendor and unlike my friends, I do not have the option to "resume training". Prior to patch day I had my final 2 research ranks in queue is was hours away from getting my level 24 rank. Then patch lands, both queues disappear and I cannot continue the training.. Now I have fallen 4 days behind, lost my queue which was almost complete for rank 24. Can you guys fix this problem? and also provide me with a rank 24 research note for losing the previous one and falling behind. I shouldn't be penalized for a bug. Thanks in advance. Appreciate any helpAthenadh4 6d
Jan 14 Well, Come to the Jungle (Quest) Quest asks me to find Bort in Orgrimmar, but the only thing that you see there is Illidari base and no Bort. What should i do?Overlordus1 Jan 14
4d Unable to resurrect in battleground. I get no rez timer in battle ground. and after I corpse run twice, my corpse disappears and im left wandering as a ghost the rest of the BG. I tried reloading, restarting wow, restarting bnet client and restarting my computer and nothing has changed.Cofrancesco7 4d
Jan 14 Soul Shards above target I know that recently I was seeing my current number of soul shards displayed above my targets as well as under my health bar. This was useful so I did not have to look back and forth to know the number I had. Recently however I seem to have turned this off and I am not sure how. Does anyone know how to turn this back on I cannot seem to find it in the interface anywhereArendur3 Jan 14
Jan 14 I gave my guild away. Grìmzombie7 Jan 14
Jan 14 Atonement Recently Atonement has ceased to engage correctly in PVP situations. Spell book states Atonement is applied when I use spells >>> Plea, Power Word: Shield, Power Word: Radiances, and Shadow Mend are used. Only Plea applies Atonement in PVP combat. This is very bad in PVP combat to be forced to use Plea every 5 seconds of game play (in group especially). I don't have or use mods. I reinstalled the whole program again today, but the problem is still there. I submitted 2 Bug Reports, but have no idea what happens to them when I select SUBMIT. This character is virtually unusable in PVP combat against comparably geared individuals. I guess I just...Blap3 Jan 14
Jan 14 Problem Adding new account to guild I'm having a problem adding a character to my guild. The toon is on a newly created account. I recall hearing that there were new limits on adding new accounts to guilds to prevent players new to wow being spam invited, but cant find those limitations anywhere. What are the requirements to get this person into the guild?Gridari1 Jan 14
Jan 14 World Quest preventing quest completion I am attempting to turn in the quest [Survey Says...] in Suramar. I am at the end of the quest where I am supposed to place the item on the beacon, but every time I get near the beacon to turn in, the current world quest fades in and makes the beacon to disappear. This is beyond frustrating seeing as I am terrible at the mini-game that the WQ consists of, and it will last for 2 more days. Is there any way to make it to where the WQ will NOT activate and force the beacon to disappear?Draier5 Jan 14
5d MM Hunter random world aggro While doing WQ and just farming leather (all solo), I've noticed that I've been pulling some mobs from BEHIND me as I'm killing other mobs. The mobs attack ME, not the pet, and being pulled from >20 yards away from either of us. There are two other hunters (one of them is a good friend of mine) who've had the same odd issue. Not sure WHAT is causing it, but it's somewhat irritating having to kill previously neutral mobs that are now swarming around me from my left, right and rear. Anyone else been having this issue?Lårs3 5d
Jan 14 Token uses I have a few token on a character and am considering taking a break from WOW till maybe 7.2 my question is if i let my account lapse can I use a token to activate it again even though the token is on a character of a account that isn't active ? thanksTruebow3 Jan 14
Jan 14 The Dark Truth about Trolling Kopizza5 Jan 14
Jan 13 Rank 3 - Infernal Alchemist Stone Proc It appears that the rank 3 extra Infernal Alchemist Stone now procs an extra stone every once in a while. This was not happening before 7.1.5. The bug is that, unlike other rank 3 alchemist procs, it uses extra resources when it procs. This can be problematic if you just wanted to make a set number of them and use your bloods and mats for something else. Can you give us an update on this and an eta for a fix? NarcNarcissus1 Jan 13
Jan 13 RaF Issues Recruited my brother a few weeks ago and we finally hit 90 on the characters we wanted. He made an alt so that I could grant him levels but when I go to the option it doesnt turn white for me to press it. Is it a bug? TLDR It wont let me grant my recruit levels.Nagasis3 Jan 13
Jan 13 hi It feels so good to be back with my friends. the love the comrads the fun. Hi everyoneNoginfoger2 Jan 13
Jan 13 I still haven't received my RAF rewards The account I RAF'd bought 2 months of sub and it's been almost 2 weeks since I've referred them. I still have not received any of the RAF rewards.Thehonlyone11 Jan 13
Jan 13 PvP Rewards & Faction transfer Hello, Im looking to transfer my Hunter over to the Alliance and I was confused as if I would receive the correct rewards once the arena and RBG tittles will be redistribution, for anyone who isn't aware about arena tittles being redistributed this link should clear up a lot of information on the topic. I know that problems can and in most cases will happen after you transfer but its been 5 or 6 weeks since last season ended and they haven't redone tittles yet this is kind of a special snowflake problem since I am expecting to be rewarded gladiator (I hardly missed the original cut off that will drastically lower by 150-250 points) Since I participated in the season as horde im expecting to be treated as a horde for the faction specific tittles but im worried if I transfer It will cause problems down the road and I know I know better to be safe then sorry but I have a real life friend wanting me to play with him on Alliance. So its kind of a iffy situation since tittles have already gone out but will be having a second wave to calculate for the unintentional mess up and wondering if somebody has an accurate answer since It was an extremely long grind and I would hate to miss out on a reward that I was already suppose to have then miss out again because I decided to faction transfer a month later so tl;dr Assuming I was within the redistributed gladiator tittle range will I still receive my reward if I transfer today?Pbnjtime3 Jan 13
Jan 13 Ulduar Dark Rune Sentinel BUG So for a while now I have been running Ulduar in 10 and 25 Man Normal and this only started a few weeks ago but everytime. After I am finished the Razorscale boss fight, it doesnt seem to register that i have finished the fight. Throughout the Raid i will constantly have his minions "Dark Rune Sentinel" either popping up while im running through the raid/ killing other bosses. At first I thought that it was just a one time bug but its been happening everytime for they past few weeks on both my hunters. It doesnt do that with any of my other alts so far. If anyone could help me with this issue that would be amazing!Jazzmynn3 Jan 13
Jan 13 NPC Missing from First Legion Rogue Quest On the quest "Call of the Uncrowned" and the NPC to turn it in to doesn't exist. I've checked Wowhead and Youtube for videos, and everything indicates he should be at the end of the table, but he isn't. I've reloaded, relogged, turned off all addons, abandoned and recompleted all the objectives. I can see the yellow question mark to turn it in, but even a /target Lord Jorach Ravenholdt doesn't find him. I can't do anything until I can talk to him.Dargons5 Jan 13
Jan 14 No credit for wqs? My priest is doing the class hall campaign for 20 wqs as well as the weekly and it SHOULD be even, right? The weekly count is at 5/20 and the priest quest is at 6/20. I also just did the Dalaran pet battle wq with Stitches Jr Jr with the Bloodgazer baby on the team (he doesn't need to even battle, or hasn't in the past) and didn't get credit at ALL for the weekly, priest OR Bloodgazer quest. None of my pets died either, I basically soloed him with the iron starlette. On my shaman, I've done several dungeon wqs that aren't counting in the weekly quest count either..... not sure what's going on? Yes, I've reset my UI, yes, I've reloaded my UI, done all of the usual crap....Birenni1 Jan 14
Jan 13 Class Hall Quest Abandon hi I abandoned a class hall zone quest on my priest cause I did a dungeon and it didn't port me back there and now I cant get the quest back or know where to continue to complete my class hall quest chain as it is very important quest chain to complete. any help would be appreciated.Akx3 Jan 13
Jan 13 I can't see PvP objectives in battlegrounds. For a while now I haven't been able to see PvP objectives like the flag carries or orb holders in PvP. This issue only affects my paladin for whatever reason. I've just recently built a new PC, completely fresh installation of WoW with no addons and the issue still persists. I've tried the console command "/console displayWorldPVPObjectives 1" but that doesn't seem to work. The problem started months ago when I tried using tukui, and ever since then I've not been able to see objectives on this character.Seifer0 Jan 13
Jan 13 account merge? Is it possible for me to merge two accounts together? I used to run two separate accounts but would like to drop down to one but keep all the characters. Is this possible?Ladonsia3 Jan 13
Jan 13 AK Level Issue Hi, I already posted a ticket but the response I got was not particularly helpful as I think the GM misinterpreted what I was saying there, so here I am. The night prior to 7.1.5's release, I had an AK note finish while I was sleeping. When I woke up, I completed the repeating quest in which you exchange Order Hall resources for AK notes as many times as I could, and then picked up the one that had finished the night prior. I went through the entire day of 7.1.5 believing I had an AK level of 15. The next day I was looking at my artifact traits and noticed my level was, in actuality, 14. The repeating quest was gone, so I filed a ticket. It took around 35-ish ours for a GM response, and all he did was pick up the AK note that had finished this morning, which should have put me at AK level 16. I really don't want to wait another 35 hours for such a simple solution to such a simple problem. I'm wondering if any GM's (i'm stupid sorry i don't come to forums often) can help me out here, as my artifact level should now be 16, as another note has finished since, though I'm still stuck at 15. Additionally, I would probably have several more traits in my weapon due to the 600% difference between Artifact Knowledge levels 14 and 15. It would be wonderful if I could get the net that was lost due to this bug, as farming for additional Artifact Power I should have in the first place really slows the game down and is probably the least fun aspect of the game, for me. Thanks for any help, sorry for the scattered post, and sorry if there are a lot of grammatical errors in here.Bubbicus18 Jan 13
Jan 13 How long does it take to reflect an upgrade? How long does it take for a starter account that then purchased the base game to activate in game? Last night my wife upgraded her account and it still wouldn't let me trade with her after.Apak2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Addon management? I recently reinstalled WoW and now I can't use any addons. They're installed in the Interface folder like they always have been, and Curse has them up to date, but in game not only do none of them show up, but I can't find a menu to manage them or turn them on/off in case it's just the latest patch. Any help is appreciatedThor1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Malware ? What is ""? My malware protection keeps blocking it. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Detection, 1/13/2017 06:52 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 63865, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, Detection, 1/13/2017 06:52 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 63865, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, Detection, 1/13/2017 06:54 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 63925, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, Detection, 1/13/2017 06:55 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 63985, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, Detection, 1/13/2017 06:56 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 64021, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, Detection, 1/13/2017 06:56 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 64024, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, Detection, 1/13/2017 06:59 AM, SYSTEM, JOHNS-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,,, 64113, Outbound, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Wow-64.exe, (end)Lilmagee6 Jan 13
Jan 13 King of the Guild "Brawler" title. Brawler title doesn't show up in my title list despite having gotten the achievement.Drtydeeds5 Jan 13
Jan 13 Faction Change I read the FAQ regarding a faction change; however I still have questions about it. Will I lose my seals of fate? If I finished all zones and their questlines. Including all of Suramars and Insurrection. Will I have to redo it all, or can i just pick up the nighthold guldan quest again? I already have exalted with all the Legion reputations, will I be able to keep that (loremaster)? Thank youTonberrys1 Jan 13
Jan 13 CRZ is so great.... Sungamnori2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Bonus Roll Loot I am trying to find out how many other people feel the same as I do when it comes to bonus roll loot. Let's just say you have your loot specialization set to guardian (druid). When you defeat a boss you get no loot. So, you use a bonus roll and get a restoration piece instead. What kind of nonsense is this? It's either one of two things...(1) what is the purpose of loot spec? or (2) what is the point of a bonus roll for what you want with loot spec. I have already been told that the bonus rolls are whatever, meaning it could be any spec and not the spec you choose. So, now it seems pointless to play a toon and you can't get loot for what you want if you use a bonus roll. Feedback?Watthahoof4 Jan 13
Jan 13 Realm Incompatible? Sister about to drop WoW. IMPORTANT NOTE: When my sister downloaded WoW she says the game downloaded directly and she can't find any bnet exe or anything. WoW just starts up directly. She also says she was never asked to instal such thing as Battle net. Some people say it's because her bnet is outdated, but the only bnet thing she has installed on her mac is a folder with 3 "exes" that apparently do nothing but create another empty folder... So my sister just started playing WoW and she has had a horrendous experience so far, around 5 tickets sent in two weeks only two of those having a proper solution. The latest issue she has ran into after she eagerly logged in after so much frustration is the COMPLETE REALM LIST displayed as "incompatible"? We tried to send a ticket but can't find any proper report type so we are here in hopes someone can help us out. Most of them asking for tedious ID's and traceroute stuff to be sent. She hasn't had this problem before, this just happened and we don't even know why. She is pretty frustrated and seriously considering dropping the game at just level 23 because of all the issues she has ran into.Hadoukken6 Jan 13
Jan 13 In Game Shop Error So I recently tried to purchase a level 100 character boost, but was given an error. I realised I probably had my expired credit card on file, so I changed it. Now I'm still getting errors while trying to purchase a character boost. I've shut the game down completely, Bnet included several times and still getting the error. It's not giving an error code so I'm not really sure where to go from here.Denleron4 Jan 13
Jan 13 Sunwell "Burn" debuff being spread on MG Same as on other realms earlier today. Stormwind currently affected.Tigrya4 Jan 13
Jan 13 WoW Token in game shop option is gone? Ever since I came back from my 1 and a half year hiatus from this game I saw the option to buy the wow token with real money from the in game shop is gone. I thought it was something they temporaly removed. Now 3 months and a minor patch later, the option is still not there. A guildmate said he can see the option to buy it just fine. I disabled every addon I have, but there's still no option to purchase the token. What's going on?Lenarios9 Jan 13