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Aug 7 Guild Master Is it possible to stop it from being transferred to another person due to inactivity? I have an old guild I used to run that I mainly only use for the guild bank, and I have quite a few things in longer term storage in it. But whenever I don't log in for a long period of time, it transfers the GM to an old guildie who I then have to hope I can contact to get it back.Ticj6 Aug 7
Aug 7 prepaid over subscription Will a prepaid card supersede a reoccurring subscription? I started my subscription and then received a 60 day card.Searedflesh3 Aug 7
Aug 8 Items not displaying properly in bags For the past two days now, my bags have not been displaying the correct number on item stacks. For example, my bag currently says that I have 9 Chaos Crystals, but when I open my enchanting menu, I can see that I actually have 50 Chaos Crystals in my inventory. This seems to affect other profession-related items as well, including Blood of Sargeras. Initially I thought this was related to the AdiBags addon I use, but the problem persists even with all addons disabled. Has anyone else run into similar issues?Shamhanks6 Aug 8
Aug 7 Sholazar Basin quest For hose that maybe having issues with the quest Sholazar Basin where you speak with Archmage Pentaurus in Dalaran and he wont speak to you. if you acceprted this quest thru the adventure guide there is 2 ways you can complete the quest. One is to just self fly to the location in the basin or you can abandon the quest insight of Pentarus andreaccept the quest and the quest indicator will appear, then you will be able to talk to him.Elalin0 Aug 7
Aug 7 Is This banable My world of Warcraft mouse finally gave out on me, and unfortunately you can not buy them anymore, so I purchased a logitec proetus core spectrum mouse. Don't like it as much, but it comes with Logitec software. I was making out my new keybinds that are going to be hard to learn with a new mouse and found you can make Macros with it. for instance I can hit the 0 key and assign it to a mouse button... I can go into mouse software and click make macro. Then hit the 0 key over and over lets say 10 times. Then when I hit my mouse button assigned to that key, it will basically press the 0 key ten times. I do find this a huge quality of gaming life improvement as my fingers do not work like they used to... But I do not know if it is allowed or not. Would appreciate a Blue response that isn't shady, just a Yes or no it is allowed or not... ThanksBbqsammich7 Aug 7
Aug 8 Cant Log into WOW When I open the blizzard app and click play it says there is a new version to download. So I go to the downloader and it says it's updating the app and then goes to the app showing that it is updating the game... the update bar displays initializing and then disappears as if its complete. I then click play again and it runs through the exact same process with no different result. So any Idea what is going on here?Büll15 Aug 8
Aug 7 Wrong Server Boost? So my friend decided to give me a boost for my new account. And when i logged in i selected our server Greymane, made my druid and when i boosted it put me onto the Dalaran server. Any idea on why? I feel like it was a waste of a boost since i cant server transfer it without spending money.Sharký5 Aug 7
Aug 7 Raid loot in mailbox I didnt pick up loots from raid bosses and they went to my mailbox but they're grey and i cant claim them? what do i do?Skulltakerr1 Aug 7
Aug 7 Authenticator I have had my authenticator for about 6 years now but now it seems like my account does not recognize half of my codes. Should I get a new one or is there something wrong currently?Seiryuu3 Aug 7
Aug 7 Am I dumb or is spriest art. weap bugged? Hello there, I recently leveled this priest up and have focused on my Holy spec, until tonight. I tried to begin the Shadow Priest artifact quest and when I did nothing happened. The NPC that lets you select which artifact to pursue next has vanished, I have no quest in my quest log, there is a "!" on my map where the NPC was standing but it's not there anymore, and I have no idea how to continue, if I can at all. theres an ss of what I have.Por4 Aug 7
6d More hunter stable spaces!!! Will hunters be getting more room in there stables come 7.3 or in the near future?!? We have no more room and more pets keep coming out!!!Arihood6 6d
Aug 7 Old Guild related ticket followup Hi, I had an old guild related ticket that (from a long long while back) US46555128. I had followed up on the phone with someone about it beyond what is listed in the ticket itself and I was told that if the Guild Leader ever went inactive, I might be able to have you guys restore the guild to me. As long as he was active, you couldn't do anything but since he took over the guild and booted everyone else out, if he went inactive you could return it to me. I wanted to check and see if he was inactive (I know the character name but am not posting it here as I'm not sure of the rules about that) I am posting here as I no longer see any guild related options to open a "not listed here" style ticket. Thanks, KyKythania7 Aug 7
Aug 9 Constant DC I am constantly getting DC'd. I have tried everything, IS anyone else having this issue? It just started today.Saztrazy7 Aug 9
Aug 6 Trial lvl 100 problem I know they don't last long but I logged into my class Trial and went afk for awhile but tried to make sure I didn't get kicked for being AFK but I left the room for a second and got back and started talking to people and then looked away from the screen and looked back and the Trial was locked and to Unlock it I have to buy a boost.. I just want to know how can I get back onto that Trial? I have gold on him that I want to send over to my other toon so I can delete the Trial. Can I get some help?Moonarie5 Aug 6
Aug 6 Priest order hall portal My shadow priest can not get to order hall there is no portal and can not get help from blizzard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mazex1 Aug 6
Aug 6 DK Class Mount Quest Bugged, Can't Complete My class mount quest encountered a bug where I could not interact with the book within the Ruby Sanctum. Like other bugs I've encountered, I abandoned the quest in hopes of just starting over. I have been to every point thus far, and I cannot restart the quest, it is completely gone. How do I fix this?Chromalisk9 Aug 6
Aug 6 Friend suspended So yeah my friend's account got suspended for having a bot she didn't know about, sure I get it can't allow that. Though the only thing I ask is that she be informed by Blizzard what program it was, or what exact actions deemed it a bot. She doesn't want something like this to happen again, once she gets her account back, so I think that's a fair request. I would also like it if I could get anyone's advice on how to prevent a bot from getting on an account, or how to tell if your account has a bot you don't know about, it seems to be good to know to keep my account active.Alliam32 Aug 6
Aug 6 Dalaran Hearthstone How do I go about getting this restored? I tried through the automatic, but since it was months ago that does not work. I can not seem to find the button to open a ticket? was that feature removed? All the support page will do is lead me to the item restoration page. How can I get this restored if I can't even get in contact with a real person?Shangxiang3 Aug 6
Aug 6 I have a Battlenet launcher issue.... When I launch battlenet, I'm not able to interact with the options drop down menu. I try to access account, nothing happens. Try to access forums, nothing. any suggestions?Rhysiaana3 Aug 6
Aug 6 Nerd Rage Quit 6 months ago Hi, I raged and quit 6 months ago, but not before systematically deleting every item and toon I had on my account out of some sort of spite and reassurance that I would never come back to WoW. Welp, here I am back 6 months later and I want to play again. I used the undelete option to restore my toons, however I have been gone so long that the option to restore my gear is no longer available. I tried to log in and regear with just my artifact weapons but it ain't happenin'. What are my options at this point? I really don't want to start over from level 1 and I'm not going to beg on the chat channels for help. Is there a way to get any of my gear back?Rumguts6 Aug 6
Aug 6 WoW Token thingy not available Is that WoW token thing us idiots can buy with real world currency but then sell for WoW Gold, limited by location? My "Blizzard balance" is an amount is USD, but I'm not seeing the option to waste my money on a WoW token in the shop popup widget. Maybe it's because I registered my location as the Land of Sunshine and Smiles rather than 'Merica, but I'm fairly sure I've bought one before. Could have dreamt it, could have been drinking, but I've got a hankering to buy myself some purplies. Do I need to feed my "Blizzard balance" or strip and start dancing?Cuddlybear6 Aug 6
Aug 6 Questions About a Realm Transfer Hi I was planning to transfer realms and was wondering the following: 1. Does a realm transfer affect my class hall mission board? Will I lose any missions and/or does anything happen to active missions? 2. Will my mythic cache progress reset? If I have already completed a 15 for the week and transfer, will I still receive a cache rewarding me for completing a 15? Thanks in advance.ßrucechi1 Aug 6
Aug 6 Broken Isles Rares I'm leveling and I read that legendaries can drop from Rare mobs in Broken Isles. I have a big doubt, should I ignore Rares while leveling because IF I kill them, they will not be "Rares" anymore and when I'm at level 110 it will not drop it's "Rare loot" ? Or their "rare loot" (with a legendary chance to drop) will continue to drop even if I have killed it before?Noizevul5 Aug 6
Aug 6 Cant find my Account I played through all of WOTLK and cataclysm over on europe servers but moved over to australia and have been here for a few years now, after spending about 4 years away from wow iv decided to come back but cannot seem to retrieve my account at all. When i type my old email address in it says user or password is wrong, im certain the email adress is right but after 4 years the password is obviously forgotten. Do i need to go onto the european blizzard site or are they both linked? Is there any way of retrieving my account some advice on this would be great, would i be best to ring customer support if thats even over in aus? I have made this new account for now but would much rather have the old one back, let me know what you all think. Thanks, jaiJaiseph1 Aug 6
Aug 6 Artifact Quest Missing Recently transferred servers and boom, my quest for the artifact weapon went MIA back to never to be found land. i left new dalaran and came back multiple times to see if that little midget would show up with the quest but im stuck doing quests and boring my mind out since i cant do dungeons or anything cuz I DONT HAVE A WEAPON!!!! sent a ticket to blizz....still waiting, and seems that this is been an issue that have not been yet to be resolved by blizz!!!!!Ätïrä26 Aug 6
Aug 6 High Mountain Invasion Boss Glitch Final fight of high mountain invasion, boss keeps falling through ship evading attacks and not being able to dieBackstabbër1 Aug 6
Aug 6 Archaeology Artifact Changed I was trying to get enough fragments to complete the one Demonic artifact that I do not have a pristine version of, and as soon as I had enough fragments to complete it, the game suddenly changed the artifact to a different one before I could complete the one I was collecting for. Why? It does not make any sense. I have never encountered this problem before during my many years of playing this game and would like to know why it happened now.Andraelius2 Aug 6
Aug 6 Race change question I am thinking of buying a race change to human for the rep bonus and have few questions. I read the faq and it says some quests might be removed from quest log, what types could be removed. Does anything get removed from my bags or bank because when I went Horde to get Gon a quest item was removed now I do know that was cause I went Horde and the item was from Darnassus so if I change to human what could I lose. Thank you for any help.Azerothwolf1 Aug 6
Aug 8 Weaker pc's/laptops = can't do H-M Maiden Since it's crucial to jump into the shield 1-2 seconds prior to exploding, the slightest bit of of lag (which I believe is caused by an over-abundance of graphics/particle effects occurring) will bug the explosion and send the player literally to the edge of the platform, and ultimately - to their death. Is anyone else, on a lower-performing pc/laptop having this same issue? I literally follow every mechanic, jump at 1 second, and fall to my death - everytime. It has literally made progression impossible for me (maybe others?) and I shouldn't have to invest in a 2,000 computer or laptop just to survive a mechanic of one boss. Please, look into this and thank you.Stopitbro8 Aug 8
Aug 6 Refer a Friend Hello, i am a part of a refer a friend link with my friend, and i was wondering, as the recruit if i buy 6 months of WoW time will the veteran player receive both the 1 month and 2 month rewards, or will i have to purchase 2 1-months of gametime for him to get both. Thanks in advance!Anmatmo1 Aug 6
Aug 5 Can't quest anymore. Hi. i started my demon hunter yesterday. And I have not really been able to play the game since this morning. I am on the quest "The Hunt" And I am stuck. I get on the felbat for it to take me to the next zone from Dalaran. The big problem starts after I do this. I have a incredibly long loading screen. Once it finally shows on the loading screen I have hit the X. I disconnect. I keep doing the same thing over and over and over. I reported it as a bug twice in-game hoping someone at blizzard or a GM would read it and fix it. From then I went all around Dalaran to spend a bit of time. Then go back. Doesn't work. I log out and back in after 30secs. Doesn't work. I restart the computer. Doesn't help when back in-game. I have been off and on in the game seeing if it works again. No. I tried a few minutes ago and still nothing new happens. I figured if reporting it in game to the "Report a bug" feature won't help. Maybe someone on the forums can. Please I hope someone can help. It has been hours and I will probably have this problem all day. But I figured my last hope is on here. I CAN do dungeons but I am a little afraid of not knowing the legion dungeons. As well as I am lagging painfully bad in Dalaran. I think it is due to all the people. But then Stormwind would be the same and it is not. Is it all the lag? is it something I can help? Also. It every now and then says I am in a Scenario que when I didn't que for anything, Just got on the felbat. Then I remember it telling me two error messages in-game. "You have been removed from the group" which...I don't know how that relates to anything. And here is the more 'Interesting' one that deals more on the topic I think. "System error: No location found" It wasn't really THAT error. I do not remember the actual sentence. It just told me the flight wasn't found, Or the area. After that it disconnected me, And it was doing just that for a bit. Before just completely disconnecting me right after loading screen. I might not be able to play much today But I hope I can get some help as to what is happening. Thank you for your time.Blàckrose3 Aug 5
Aug 5 Constantly getting DC'd About every 2-5 minutes or so the game will log me out and tell me that I have been disconnected. I have reset all of the network adapters on my computer and checked both routers in my house. Other blizzard games like Overwatch do not have this problem and work perfectly fine. For some reason this is only happening to WoW and none of my solutions seem to be working I even re-installed the game just to be sure and the problem is still there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!Spookyskelly4 Aug 5
Aug 6 Fully disable action camera? I turned on the action camera to try it out for a bit and now I'm tired of it and want it off. However using the command /console actioncam off only disables it temporarily. Every time I mount, or load, or what not it enables it again. I even tried adding SET console actioncam off in the I ended up having to create a macro that I just use every time it pops back on, but that's getting pretty annoying.Rollus3 Aug 6
Aug 6 legion help? I would like to know if I could upgrade the silver hand to retribution because I went through soooooooooo much work to get it, and it has to be holy spec :(. Sometimes...blizzard is not fair. I could change my spec whenever I want, but I hate holy spec!! I want to take down demons in a flash! Retribution does so much damage...... And I want to know if anybody here is also high lord of the silver hand. I seem to be the only one in Draenor. PS. don't you all think the silver hand and other weapons should have a set to go with it, like the "silver hand set of armor"?Rennistus6 Aug 6
Aug 5 Cannot talk to class trainer I have tried new characters on two different realms, and each time I am unable to train at my class trainer. Has anyone else encountered this issue?Mordicae9 Aug 5
Aug 5 Weekly Keystone Chest Loot Missing Illidan Oregondruid Keystone Weekly Chest Missing items: Arch-Druid's Tainted Seal (ilvl 920 No socket) 3-4 artifact power tokens one of which was 125 mill artifact power and the rest I am unsure of the amount A few days ago before i went to work i checked on my weekly keystone chest to see what i had gotten for last weeks 13 that i ran. When i opened the chest i only had one open inventory slot available and only managed to loot the keystone (Neltharions Lair 14) and due to the fact that i was just quickly checking on the contents before i went to work i felt safe knowing that the rest would get sent to my mail. That being said i was wrong to assume that because when i got back on my druid last night to claim the loot from the mail nothing was to be found i even deleted a bunch of old mail in hopes that maybe my mailbox was full but with no luck the items still did not appear in my mail. I am hoping that there is someway you guys can check the accuracy of my statements and get me back the items i have lost to the system. Thank You!Oregondruid1 Aug 5
Aug 5 specs question Looking for new laptop to play on, can this handle legion even on low graphics? I know the processor speed is only 2.7 and I was told it's not that great of speed but my husband plays on an alienware and his is 2.5 and he raids lol I don't :) 15.6" Laptop - (Processor Model) AMD A12-Series (Graphics Processing Unit/GPU) AMD Radeon R7 (RAM) 8GB (Graphics Card) Intel HD Graphics 620 1TB Hard Drive (processor speed) 2.7GHz (Hard Drive RPM) 5400 revolutions per minuteShamnomnom2 Aug 5
Aug 5 Stop HACKS in bgs HEY blizz, do you routinely allow toons to take zero dmg and hit for over 500k every hit? you have issues with horde toons taking zero dmg. have done 18 million dmg to a horde rogue with no heals in sight hell their health never moved needed no heals I know a lot of the game designers don't play anymore but we need some gms to watch some bgs and like old times come into games to see the bs. just take a look at a sample of bgs at kills horde routinely beat ally by 6 to 7 times the killsJaeran5 Aug 5
Aug 8 (BLZ51900002) can someone help me with this erorr?Shankums14 Aug 8
Aug 5 STUCK IN OLD KARA HELP STUCK IN OLD KARA HELP I'm currently online stuck in old kara on the final boss with the game is in session debuff and I'm pacified. my herth gets interrupted, teleport to grave does not work, i cannot attack, i cannot jump off a ledge to my death, i cannot port to old dal i can't do anything and they cannot kill me. ive exited the game logged in and got on another character came back and was still in combat stuck here HELLLPPPPP ive been on this for an hour already trying to escapeArthagar2 Aug 5
Aug 5 Thank you Blizzard Just wanted to say thank you to Blizzard for fixing the issues with Twilight and the new mount. Now we are able to use it like any other mount including having the animation when we summon it and being able to see Twilight as a battle pet not a minion and its bugs being fixed.Azerothwolf0 Aug 5
Aug 4 Can't do Time walking. Let me start with this, I followed the recommended steps on your site already and they didn't work I didn't expect them to I just did it so we can skip that. Any attempt I've made this week to enter a time walking dungeon has resulted in my computer freezing for long periods of time and then forcing me to restart. I can do everything else just fine, I've finished my raid week, I go to org AH, etc. So why is this happening now? TBC time walking was just fine. WotLK breaks my game. I'm going to miss out on rewards for toons that are only being geared through event because having alts in this expansion are a bit more difficult to maintain then in other expansions. Please respond with something helpful.Razelux8 Aug 4
Aug 4 Something's not quite right I am currently not behind a Proxy server connection and for me it is same as normal. I am seeing non English text when viewing the armory here for this character. Logged into the forum and had been commenting on a number of threads. When I clicked on the armory profile it shows me the following; Aug 4
Aug 4 Being harassed by a guild Hello Recently we recruited a new member for raiding who came from another guild, He said their was a dispute over loot which caused him to leave this other guild, Ever since then he has been harassed by this guild multiple times and even me and my guild have been included, After several weeks he got a name change to escape that harassment but they found his new name and continued to do so. They have said that the only way for it to stop is to disable general chat and ignore them, Multiple people from this guild has joined in on this harassment and it is clear that they have no intention of stopping Is there anything we can do or do we have to disable and stay away from aspects of the game because some people are not that nice ThanksBigmelonz8 Aug 4
Aug 4 Queue Times Gotta love those 4 minute estimations while being 20 actual minutes. Average wait time 11 minutes time in que 30 minutes. Grrrr.....Chrisnielsen4 Aug 4
Aug 4 Giving me Euro and it should be American Im from South Africa and when I now go to the store to try buy the new mount, it keeps defaulting me to a Euro purchase, when I have only ever played on American servers. Why can't I get it to an American server? I can't make the mount and pet purchase anymore. This was never a problem before.Gorrlock4 Aug 4
Aug 4 Is Paypal payments not working still? The past week I haven't been able to use my paypal account to pay for anything on the Blizzard site or in game. I usually use this all the time and it's worked fine in the past (even in the recent past when I resubbed a few weeks ago). I called Paypal and they are clueless naturally, and I also put a ticket into blizz and they did mention there was an issue. Just wondering if there has been any progress on this so that I can actually use it lol. I stopped using my credit cards online and only use paypal to make purchases for the time being. ThanksNpeck11 Aug 4
Aug 4 I don't have my rogue questline I had AFK a while. When I come back, I don't have or lost my artifact questline. Could somebody help to solve the problem? Thank you.Zhaotong4 Aug 4
Aug 4 empower artifact not working I picked up both the demo and affliction empower quests, and completed both, then went to turn them in simultaneously. Only my affliction weapon got the new trait wheel, the demo weapon did not. I no longer have the quest for demo either, so now I have a weapon that should have the new traits but does not, and I have no way of getting it empowered. tried reloading, reclogging, disabling addons, fiddling at the forge, etc. nothing worked. please advise!Salazaar1 Aug 4
Aug 5 Twilight pet How long til we can fix from "Minion" to "Companion"? Its that really that hard to just go a fix this? Hello? WE ARE PAYING!... I've seen multiple post already and you haven't answer.... So good to take the money right away but your constumer service where is it?Arianagrande4 Aug 5