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May 17 Lara /2 chat ban Shoutout to all the people in chat who got me banned. Really great guys (-:Larallivia4 May 17
May 17 Server Transfer Hello everyone, So I'm trying to transfer my 110 rogue to Emerald Dream from Wyrmrest Accord and I keep getting "This character is not eligible for this service " Everything is checked out, been off WoW for a good hour but still not working, so I go to the forms and found one with my similar problem and did what they did, used a different web browser and it STILL doesn't work. The only thing I haven't done is clear caches, simply because I don't understand how to. (Please don't flame me, I dont understand technology these days q.q) If thats the only thing I'm missing in order to work can someone share a step by step on 'how to' or any other advice on what could be preventing this problem? Thank you.Rosamuerte9 May 17
May 17 Subscriptions & Game Time Applesauce12 May 17
May 17 Overly Long Logouts For the past several weeks (perhaps since 7.2 idk), I run into a few performance issues. The first is when I use a flight path in the Broken Isles, I am unable to move or mount when landing. I run in place for up to a minute or so. The second is when using WoW's own Group Finder to fight a World Boss, the lag is horrendous. Next is when I try to log out of the game, Warcraft takes up to several minutes to successfully log-out. I can't ever alt-tab to use my web-browser. My computer is locked up until WoW finishes logging out. My tried updating my drivers, reducing settings (even below what is recommended for my card). Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.Pwnbroker3 May 17
May 17 Character Transfer Stuck In Processing Status I did 2 character transfers last night and they have been stuck in the processing status for around 12 hours now. Please fix this.Guron3 May 17
May 18 Class Development Why do the class developers ignore any and all feedback from its community? I think the vast majority of the wow community is frustrated because: 1)Blizzard said that due to the nature of artifact power, that players would not be forced to change their spec in the middle of the expansion due to buffs or nerfs 2)Blizzard said that they would "bake in" mandatory talents and provide meaningful choices on each tier 3)Blizzard has said that they would communicate more frequently with its community All three of these have turned out to be lies. Honestly, I've been playing this game since Vanilla, and I am a loyal employee, but enough is enough. I am on the verge of cancelling my subscription, and many other people are as well.Arcanosaur111 May 18
May 17 DK class hall perk hitching post bugged? For several days now I've been unable to interact with my (yes I still have it) class hall perk hitching post for my DK. I try clicking it and nothing happens, try relogging and it's then poofed as though I looted it, even though no reins are in my bag. Other DKs that I've spoken with have the same issue. Yes, I've done the usual work-arounds, reload UI, reset UI, disable addons, yadda yadda. It still happens. :( It makes aoe questing so much nicer.....Birenni0 May 17
May 17 Accidentally deleted Item after mog run... Basic story is this. I did a Firelands transmog run, I equipped the stuff I wanted to keep to put it in my wardrobe transmog closet, and then vendor-ed a bunch of crap old purples in my bags, and one of them was an item I use for raiding, or different situations. The item, is called, Jeweled Signet of Melandrus and goes in the ring slot. A bummer for me, because I have the set bonus with the shoulders and get some nice Haste procs, which is awesome as a Shadow Priest. I'm pretty, sure this is what happened, because I can't find the item anywhere in my bags, my bank for my character Shadowthor, and even went to the buyback screen on the NPC vendor, but I had unloaded so many old epics that I'm sure I was way passed getting back the item I wanted. Like I said before, I would be more than happy to just do a character to get the item sent to my mailbox, but I already did one of those a few days ago, and my character is not eligible to do another one for another two weeks, or something like that. Is it at all possible for you to restore this item as soon as you have time to do so? I know I could just wait a couple weeks for Item Restoration to become available again, but my guild is trying to progress in Nighthold as we speak, and that would come in handy. Thanks so much, and best regards! Aaron S. EDIT: I honest to God, have no idea if anything can be done about this, or I'm just gonna have to wait out the two weeks to get the item back? But there's no way of knowing for sure unless you give it a shot.Shadowthor3 May 17
May 17 Items disappearing from backpack Hiya, lately things have been disappearing from my backpack when i click on them. 20/30 mins ago i clicked on the chest from Farondis daily quest reward and it disappeared. I logged out and back in again thinking it may have glitched but it wasnt there when i logged back in. Need help please. BallbreakerBallbreaker6 May 17
May 17 Follower Equipment So is their any way to remove and keep a follower equipment slot? Because I accidentaly placed Pouch of Wonder on a non body guard follower and would be such a waste to destroy it.Cordana3 May 17
May 17 Selling account Not sure where to post this so if there is a better place please put it there On facebook i am in a couple different WoW groups and i just seen someone was selling a account on one of them...last i heard this was not allowed but i'm not sure Has this changed?Denlin14 May 17
May 17 World server is down got booted from Icecrown and when i log in i get the world server is down message.Tabmow5 May 17
May 17 Overly Long Logouts and other issues For the past several weeks (perhaps around the time of 7.2 idk), I've noticed performance issues with World of Warcraft. It began with becoming stuck at flight-points, where I run in place for up to a minute or two before being able to move or mount after landing. When I use WoW's own Group Finder to fight a World Boss, the lag during fights is horrendous, to the point I don't know if I survived the fight until after the lag stops. Now, when I log out, no matter how long I've been playing, it takes several minutes to log out. I'm unable to do anything on my computer until I successfully log-out. I can't alt-tab out. I can't do anything other than wait the several minutes for WoW to close. I update my NVIDIA drivers every time there is a new driver. I reduced the graphics settings below what is recommended for my card, but that didn't seem to help. I've started closing InDesign and Photoshop hoping that freeing up RAM would help, but nothing seems to help. Is there any solution available?Pwnbroker2 May 17
May 17 No more transfers? I am trying to buy 3 different realm transfers for 3 different characters but i can't find where to go anymore on the store I am wanting to transfer my level 80 Death Knight[ level 70 Hunter [ level 100 Warlock]Kogon3 May 17
May 17 Odd UI Issue (Updated)(Resolved) Hi I have a an odd one and it apparently is tied to a single character. This hunter, whenever I use a key-binding or mouse click will consume all sidewinder stacks. Rather I will have two, it fires one set of side-winders and then I have no stacks and the refresh CD starts. I have reset all bindings and deleted this characters folder in the cache and had no change so far...I have checked all UI settings I can see and I cannot see a reason why this is happening. I have another hunter on a different server and this doesn't happen with that one nor does it happen with any other character with abilities with more than one charge. I am somewhat perplexed and could use a suggestion. I have several raiding character and would prefer not to rebuild their config and auras by globally blowing away the WTF and cache directories. Update: Aimed Shot procs from lock and load do not have this issue, only Sidewinders.Wideshotbill7 May 17
May 17 Artifact weapon power bar on UI I am puzzled to why I cannot see the bar that shows how much my artifact weapons are charged to the next trait upgrade with my demon hunter. On my 110 mage and pally, I have been able to see that bar since I got the weapons with them, but for some reason I cannot on my demon hunter. Why? I would appreciate any suggestions on this. By the way, it was not due to an addon, I didn't start using addons until after both the mage and pally reached 110.Eloranis1 May 17
May 17 Booted for what? Anyone know what error code (wow51900319) is i keep getting booted with this coming up.Kalden5 May 17
May 17 Intense Latency in Mythic Nighthold Certain groups on the Lightning's Blade server cluster have been experiencing 200+ ms in Mythic Nighthold. The groups have nothing in common other than Mythic Nighthold and the LB server cluster. For me, I zone in from Suramar at 80ms and my ms slowly climbs up to 200+ (because the ping indicator ingame is an average over a range of time). This issue is not unique to this week, we (and other guilds on the server) have had these issues every once and a while since mid-april came around. It's like we are playing on an AUS server while in the US.Toastie4 May 17
May 17 character activity feed How do you view a characters activity feed such as recently looted items achievements and boss kills on the new armory character profile pages? thank you -XasthurXasthur2 May 17
May 17 Disconnected During World Quest While I was doing the PVP world quest in Highmountain (Forgot the name of it), I disconnected right when I completed the world quest. The reward was a ilvl 840 item, but I didn't have it in my bag. The world quest is gone from the map (cause I finished it) and I checked my mail to see if the postmaster gave it to me instead, but I can't find it. Anything I can do to get the item?Cotiane3 May 17
May 17 Horrible memory So, lastnight I ran heroic NH with my friends guild, killed normal Elisande, then ran Mythic+0 Maw and Darkheart+0 (to finish weekly quest)... followed by a +15 DHT. Why does this matter you ask? I for the life of me cannot remember what I received from the weekly cache from running 4 mythic dungeons. I remember I got Draught (905! :D) from Gul'dan heroic... and I even remember running up to the quest giver to turn it in (because I remember watching my sister loot a belt from her cache on her druid) But I am blank. I really don't even care if I forgot to turn the quest in, but at this point it's really bothering me just to know. Did I turn in the quest? Did I get something and just forget. You may say try looking up the Guild News feed.. well I tried that, but for some reason it only goes back to the drops within the last 6 hours, then jumps back 4 days to Thursday - same with the armory version of the guild news. Would I have to open a ticket to get the question answered? Or it this something that can just be reviewed here for my sanity? I am fully aware if I forgot to turn in the quest there's nothing to be done but wait until it comes around again, I just would like to know! Estimated time I would have turned in the quest: 8-9 p.m. pacificThrill3 May 17
May 17 problem accepting more than one quest for example: if a questgiver has more than one quest, I can accept the first one but it will not then let me view the second quest without escaping the dialog window and reselecting the questgiver. Same problem turning in multiple quests as well.Archångel5 May 17
May 16 Do your weekly mythic+ chest expire? Between the 23rd of May and the 13th of June I will be traveling out of the country and most likely unable to log into my account during that time. It's even likely that I will be not have access to my computer after the maintenance ends on the 23rd. If I were to complete any mythic+ dungeon during this week, an AP token and some piece of loot would usually be waiting for me in the class hall chest come reset day. If I am unable to claim the contents of the chest before the next server reset, will I lose whatever was waiting for me?Sizebot2 May 16
May 16 Dialoge Bubbles This is like being on-line with no ad blocker. I am having to turn off pop up windows every 30 secs it seems and it is driving me crazy. I had them turned off at one time, but I cannot find where I did it at. Will someone please help me get rid of these?Trill3 May 16
May 16 Scheduled Maint period The 3 hr maint window is over where is the game? Try to keep an on time schedule.Puffigone8 May 16
5d Eredar Twins Bugged The Eredar Twins are bugged in two different ways: Firstly, I defeated them earlier this morning without any problems, however, Muru did not spawn afterwards. I left the instance, hoping a soft-reset would fix the issue, but now they're invincible. Bringing them to 1/XXX health and they're still going strong. Edit: After going invisible and waiting for the reset, they're now both properly dead and Muru spawned as appropriate.Terrya3 5d
May 16 "Internal Bag Error" when collecting gold. Hey should I be worried about myself not actually getting gold? Also, could a GM check my account. A friend claimed he was getting the error often as well and wasn't being given gold and that a GM fixed the issue. It's this toon.Olweri2 May 16
May 16 Can not do Highmountain assault due to phasing issues... There are 2 quests I can not do at all because of phasing. I was able to do the other 4. Now I am at the point where you need to kill Incinerator Vythe but I can not complete it because as soon as I enter the area everything phases away.Proglatilka7 May 16
May 16 BLZ51900002 error I have been trying to login for over an hour and still continue getting this error (BLZ51900002). Is anyone else receiving the same error? If not, can someone in BLIZZ please answer the question as to why??Pirunn4 May 16
May 16 WQs not working? My world quests seem to be broken. They show up on the map, but i cannot interact with or complete any of them. Is this just a symptom of being too soon after the servers come up or a larger issue? Others in my guild are saying they have the same problem.Coldeen43 May 16
May 16 Cross-realm trading It is amazing how many realms there are in World of Warcraft. I find it discouraging though, that I cannot trade items, send mail, or find items on AH that a friend put on AH for me that is on an unconnected realm from mine. Such as with most of my characters on Anvilmar and friends I have like on Bloodhoof. We want to help each other but are not able to. I am even not allowed to send items to my characters on my account if the characters are not connected by realm. I think it stinks, that I can see, talk to, run raids or dungeons with, but cannot help others on other realms not connected to mine.Thundenarian3 May 16
May 16 Bought the chest need help So I'm new and have things to ask from buying the game to end contentMiniterps2 May 16
May 16 Thank you Thank you Blizzard GMs and Customer support! Recently our guild has had some issues regarding various bugs ect. We recently hosted a transmog competition with prizes and whatnot. During the competition a guildmate brought up a problem he had with a particular questline he was doing and didn't have much hope for help from the GMs. I suggested he open a ticket and clearly explain what he was trying to do. I've always had good GM interactions so it was a no-brainer to ask for help from you guys. Within 5 mins of him submitting a ticket he was contacted and the problem resolved. He probably won't post anything about it but I thought you guys should know that I definitely am grateful. -IrasmusIrasmus1 May 16
May 16 Trade Chat Ban? For a couple of days the trade chat option was grayed out to me so I'm assuming I was banned for some reason. It would have been nice to have received an email notifying me that I was banned. I know you guys use automation so without receiving an email stating the language I was banned for players could get bans without proper cause.Tinxie10 May 16
May 16 Sever restart Gezhongkeng2 May 16
May 16 Remove Ticket Option Restrictions Hiya, I was going to open a ticket in-game regarding the dreaded Artifact Research Compendium Chapters I-VI item, but none of the categories actually pointed me to the appropriate topic. It wasn't until I went to the feedback link at the bottom of the page, which then pointed me towards this forum, that I saw a blue had given advice to another player to use the "Stuck on a Quest" category; while this may make sense to some, it didn't particuarly make sense to me (and apparently others) - this is the first time that I've tried to use this particular system, and because of that, I didn't undertsand how the item was supposed to operate, so "Stuck on a Quest" was not a consideration for me lol. So, while I understand that using the current ticketing interface helps with efficiency (it ensures that tickets go to the right area and helps to promote self-service), it is extremely frustrating not being able to actually launch a ticket in game when the issue doesn't fit the specified categories. Please, either remove the categories or (preferably) add another category "My issue isn't listed here..." that sends the web ticket to a general area, who can then forward it on to a more specific area. It wouldn't take a lot out of an agent's efficiency, and I believe that it would relieve a lot of frustration (it certainly would have prevented the frustration I was feeling up until reaching this forum! Haha). Thank you for reading. :)Velianth16 May 16
May 16 Glitched/Flying under map. STUCK So I took the boat from ratchet to booty bay, after the loading screen was finished i was immediately already on a flying mount heading north as if i was on a flight path. im not on any designated path, im just flying north and if i hit a mountain i will just fly through it and keep flying under the map. ive opened a ticket awaiting response, the unstuck button doesnt work because it says im mounted. any suggestions?Tinkerstab2 May 16
May 16 Help with server can I play on the uk server or well I have to pay for it ? I have a payed us accountAnazaysia3 May 16
May 16 In game The new in game help support is just aweful. It gives you the run around when trying to submit a ticket. And it keeps trying to get you to go to wowhead... Please revert this change back. Can't even submit a ticket. Did the devs do this intentionally? Cause right now it seems like its impossible to submit a ticket on anything .Sendrunna4 May 16
May 16 Reporting players for vote kick abuse? I got booted from the Legion Assault scenario with 5 minutes remaining in the Legion assault for no reason. Just happened randomly toward the start of the scenario. I'm willing to bet one memeber threw up the vote and the other member just clicked yes on the popup either on purpose (for the lulz) or not paying attention. I now have a 30 minute debuff timer and the event will likely despawn before it wears off. Can anything be done to report people for vote kick abuse? Edit: I just pulled up Recount and found both are on my server, willing to bet they know each other.Thraggra15 May 16
May 16 hunter pets account wide like battle pet Why cant hunter pets be account wide like battle pets i submitted i ticket on moving my rare spirit beast from one toon to another cause i dont play it any more they suggested making a post about this you can do account wide battle pets from one faction to another why cant hunter pets be done also it took me over 4 months camping to get all the spirit pets prior to MOP thats alot of time to try again and if i can get that lucky so please tale this into consideration on doing thank youDasu11 May 16
6d No boat at Rut'herean village About 4 or 5 of us are waiting on the boat to take us to Stormwind at the Rut'herean Village. (Blackhand/Gala) realm. Boat is glitched or something. It isn't showing up. Did the boat sink and were there any survivors?Nokneecaps7 6d
May 16 Mount collection count bug? Hi all, I'm curious about something. On my mage (this toon), the game says I have 213 mounts. The web/armory says I have 223. The mount collection achievement says I have 178. Sometime this week I bought two faction based mounts - one was Klaxxi, the other was Saberstalkers, and a third mount was just a griffon. The Klaxxi mount did NOT update my mount count, the griffon didn't update it either, and the Saberstalkers one did. So, I'm wondering why one faction mount updated my mount count, but another didn't. I can use these mounts on other toons, and the achievement (from how I understand it) is the most you can use on a toon. I have other faction/class toons, but I can't find a 40-ish mount discrepancy. For example: I have one engineering mount. I have maybe 10(?) horde mounts. I can't seem to find a difference of close to 40 mounts. Someone on Wowhead said that they put in a ticket and got their mount number fixed, so is there a known bug?Voliska7 May 16
May 16 Character Transfer Hello! I just did a character transfer and I just received an e-mail saying it was completed, however I can't seem to find my character anywhere Can you assist with this?Fateløl4 May 16
May 16 High world MS in Mythic Plus Entire group experiencing ~300 world ms in mythic plus upper kara. Home ms at 34. Hearth to dalaran and MS returns back to normal. Testing another mythic plus Edit: was only happening in karaAndois1 May 16
May 16 Breastplate of tarnished bronze? I was looking through appearance collections today, and I found the legs, gloves, belt that go with this breastplate. But no matter how hard I searched, I could not find it. I'm not sure if it was removed from the game or something, but I read that it's dropped by a cataclysm time event coming soon.. I'm really unsure if it's a bug or not. But just very curious. I know Death knights can use it. Incase if anyone is wondering what the other pieces are: Chrono Boots are the boots Girdle of lost heroes is the belt Gauntlets of temporal interference are the glovesSämhaîn4 May 16
May 16 GMs dumping problems into the Forums This drives me up the wall to know end. I open a ticket with support. They come back saying there is nothing they can do them add in to go to the forums. Now, I have been in the forums before and when I have a big problem, I know better them to open a ticket most of the time but when a GM says to go to the forums, I see "GO[Removed] yourself, I do not care about you or your problem" The forums are for talking about things in the game or even outside of the game, it is not a place to send someone that is having a game issue. [Removed inappropriate language by Moderator]Shezow51 May 16
May 16 Warlock mounts missing I posted this in the Bug forum but I'm starting to feel like it belongs here rather. I couldn't find a way to make a ticket about it in game either. I have a Warlock and I can't find my felsteed or dreadsteed either under spells or mounts. I tried looking if it had been removed from the game but that doesn't seem to be the case. It only mentions the quest being gone. In my case, I used to have the mounts and I don't anymore. I can't figure out why. It's not because of the filter options either just in case you ask. Thank youCyanure4 May 16
May 16 Justice Quatermaster Issue Good Afternoon, I had an issue where I bought some of the older pieces from the old justice and valor vendors for cash. I learned the appearance but lost it when I sold the piece back. I tried equipping the piece and taking the gold loss to keep the appearance. However, I still lost the appearance when I sold the piece back to the vendor. Any suggestions? Thanks, RexRexkrammer10 May 16
May 16 No Order Hall mission spawn for quest Doing Return to Karazhan: Master of the House, I've completed all stages of the quest except I've been waiting over a week for the part to spawn in my order hall mission "An Odious Task". Is there a cap for how many quests you can have in your order hall mission table? Because admittedly I've been saving my followers to do this quest as soon as it spawns but it hasn't happened. I've been trying to do 1-2 quick ones at a time to try to make it spawn but no luck. Cheers, Z.Zoinka2 May 16