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3d Character not found Character not found on any of my toons when I try to log inDrukam11 3d
3d CS blaming us for the problem there is a locked page where a blule post says We're aware of "Character Not Found", "Character Creation Timed Out" & black character screens when trying to log in. This appears to be due to the number of players attempting to log into game currently. Please try again later. the fact that it is only affecting some accounts and that other accounts are able to freely log in and out, makes this statement really insulting. you really gonna just put the blame on us when this is obviously an issue on your side.Grimhowl4 3d
3d 7.3.5 login issues I've seen a lot of friends online. When I tried to login, I had an issue with a black screen appearing, and taking forever to load characters. Once the characters loaded though.. I'd click on one, and go through the loading screen, just to be pushed back to the character screen, and a pop up tell me, "Character not found". I've restarted my PC, and all that. I don't know if this is an issue with Blizzard, or not? Anyone else having this issue?Zarity32 3d
3d Accidently abandoned Silithus: The Wound Didn't realize what Silithus: The Wound quest was. I abandoned it like a dummy. How do I get it back?Pewfimacat8 3d
3d Lost Character after patch! character not found after patch! This is my main character I play everyday. WTFWarsil48ECEC25 3d
3d The First Saytr's Spaulders i am missing "The First Saytr's Spaulers" after this last patch, it says not collected but i clearly have that appearance in my armory, i got them relinquished months ago.Symboom3 3d
3d Authenticator So Ive had an authenticator on my account since 2008, so why cant I earn the extra 4 slots?Corinthin9 3d
3d New pet? One of my pets that is suppose to be a red succubus looks like a blue and white checkered box when i summon it why is thatRevanent2 3d
3d Seat of the Pantheon Raid Finder Seat of the Pantheon Raid Finder is currently bugging out. It spawns you at the incorrect place & no way to get to the correct bosses or the raid wipes and spawns everyone in the wrong place as well. Is this being looked into?Sprinkles1 3d
3d Character not found My friends logged in successfully and smoothly. Why am I stuck on that character page for one more hours?Ebycco11 3d
3d 24 Hour Credit? Hi. I was wondering with all of the problems that WOW is having if I could get a 24 hour credit on my account? Today was my only day off and I have been waiting to play all day and I am having loading issues, my characters are not found, and my 100 level character boost disappeared. My account expires tomorrow and I am on the fence about whether or not I want to continue to play WOW. I may have things in my mailbox that I have to attend to and I have to work tomorrow. Please advise and thank you.Daphneye10 3d
3d Second authenticator in place of SMS protect? Since SMS protect can remove authenticators and change passwords it feels like a less safe method than allowing someone to use a second FOB authenticator as additional protection. This way if the first authenticator is lost or dies you can revert to the second one to gain access to your account. Then you buy a new FOB and regain the bag slots. With SMS protect it feels like if your phone is hacked or spoofed you lose your account since SMS protect allows you to do everything to take control of an account. Please consider that for those of us who do not trust SMS protect or who do not have a phone that supports SMS protect.Ariktu0 3d
3d Authenticator but no bag space increase? I have an authenticator on my account, but I don't have the four extra backpack slots I should have now?Drazana20 3d
3d could not find my character when choose my Character, game loading and stop at 90%. and tell me can not find my character! what could I do now?Wilhelmd2 3d
19h Missing transmog items Logged in to find I was missing the cloak I use for my main's transmog as well as a few other random pieces. Leather gloves from my rogue and shoulders from hunter. My mains gloves and pants also had their appearance changed back to their default though I still have the appearance I used for them.Torá43 19h
3d Login Problem: Character Not Found I'm experiencing login problem on all my character. After a few minutes, I get the message "Character not found". This problem started after today's maintenance. I need help resolving the issue. Thank you.Shonnius51 3d
3d Character Not Found Brazyboconut3 3d
3d Cant log in at all Its not showing charachters or allowing me to enter any realms or create new charachtersRettalla2 3d
2d Massive DPS drop on 16 Jan patch??? Wow... just got home, install the update (2Gig download), and fired up my L26 Worgen druid. MASSIVE DPS falloff... A spider damn near killed me because my attacks that were working perfectly last night are suddenly terrible. Was there some kind of (failed, maybe?) DPS adjustment made? At this rate I'm just going to delete this toon, it's that bad.Ravenashe10 2d
3d Cant play at all ?? It wont let me on any server since the update/patch. i try to log into my main one and no charachters show up even tho it says i have one in there, i go to another and it doesnt let me even make one to playRettalla3 3d
3d Character not Found It's telling me "Character not Found." Whenever I try logging into my DK. Please help, I got Heroic Antorus in like 45 minutes. In fact, it's not even letting me post on these Forums as my DK. lol...Munchlock7 3d
3d Character not found Trying to log in after server update and getting nothing. Been almost an hour after servers are back up. No characters across all the servers I play on are workingBloodstòrm6 3d
3d Character not found ater the patch Character not founnd adter the patch?Scotti9AB72F2 3d
3d Wierd chat bug Not sure if its an add-on i have or an in game bug but every time someone or I logs in, in my guild , their charater or mine says GH, after several other charaters say somthing along the lines of : GV?17166?17166?7.3.18Aliatra1 3d
3d Demo bug or intended buff? Fel Lord swinging very fast, intended buff or bug? Just trying to cap my 2s 3s and rbgs, want to know if I should stop playing, please respond ASAPHerecomedots0 3d
3d SMS phone number already in use Trying to set up SMS protect, and When i enter the code that is sent to my phone, I get an error message saying that "this number is already in use for for another blizzard account.". Any advice?Cattiebriee2 3d
3d Trying to transfer to main server I am trying to transfer this toon (Draenor) to my main server (Echo Isles) which they are both connected...but when I go to do it says "Caged Battle Pet please fix before continuing" what does that mean? none of my battle pets are cagedVixenrose5 3d
2d Missing mats from guild bank after patch On the 7.3.5 PTR, I was worried about low level enchanting / crafting mats disappearing once the patch came out but figured they'd be converted. I was happy to log in today to see that they were indeed converted and placed in my mailbox. I also had some enchanting mats in my own guild bank, but those flat out disappeared. I made sure to get on the guild leader character and there was nothing in the mail.Thangor3 2d
3d Why the 8 hour Maintenance? Why the 8 hour Maintenance? Blizzard is getting a little out of hand when they announce a very long Maintenance and don't give any information on it. I PAY to play not to sit for 8 hours wondering what you will mess up again ...i;e: your game loader is still acting up. I am thinking of all the stolen hours you have taken over the years, it is considerable, you take but give no game credit, you take and there is no information on why. To charge a monthly rate then steal time is still theft.Glendpal190 3d
3d Black Character Select Screen After the recent update (7.3.5) i logged into my game only to be greeted by a black character select screen. I can change realm, click the rotate character button, go to addons/menu, and back. I have tried to change realm, but each realm has the exact same problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Screenshot: 3d
1d Bad FPS with new patch? My FPS wont go above 30 anymore since patch and everything is choppy. Anyone else have bad FPS?Kirr10 1d
3d Patch Notes Unclear? Long story short, I've reread the patch notes and I'm not seeing anything about items being removed. ---Leather shoulders from the end of Emerald Nightmare seem to of disappeared. Just kinda sad to be honest, I just got my cow looking fancy a couple days ago and its gone as if it never was.Supercowman4 3d
3d Refund for day A few years ago we used to get a day credit for the days we didn't get to log on due to maintenance. Anyone know if we will be getting a refund for today?Brinka9 3d
3d lost shoulders from appearance tab I have also submitted a ticket for this. There are shoulders I had for months and months. ---The First Satyr's Spaulders Only ever used them as a transmog. Would switch back and forth from hiding to using them. Tried to use them again after the patch and well now they are gone. I cant find them on the item restore, which is frustrating.. I was on a different server when i got them or maybe i am just not searching back far enough - but i cant find them even trying the name unless i typo'd them. I am sure there must be a database that you can verify that i had them when on this server (as a transmog) and my previous when i got them. I really want them back as they are neat (if a bit, as per usual with wow shoulders overly large). I have had a mount that i bought disappear after a patch before and all i had to do was exit and restart the game to get it to come back. But no such luck with my shoulder appearance. Cheers!!Àzazel9 3d
3d Mimiron's head mount I'm not seeing it in the adventure guide anymore since the 25man option is gone. has it been removed from the game or what?Dirtyj8 3d
13h What happened to my TUSKS? Okay, my last transmog had me visually wearing the tusks of Mannoroth! I know I had them because I ran siege of Orgrimmar with my best friend! He won the shoulders but he gave them to me, and that was a trade off since prior to it we ran the Thunder King raid and when I won the crown, I gave it to him! Why can't I transmog the Tusks of Mannoroth anymore?! I know I had them, and the RNG is a pain to get them! They are an essential part of my great Warchief transmog!Thokron32 13h
3d Current Wakening Essence Not Multiplied?! So, while I appreciate this new change with 1000 Wakening Essence getting you a Legendary item, I have an issue: Before this patch, I was 41/50 for my legendary upgrade that I need, and you guys changed it so that is now 300 to do that, and while that's great I'm now at 41/300 Wakening Essence. Why did my Wakening Essence not get multiplied as well?! I'm not going around collecting this again! This took over a week after work to get! This is the biggest slap in the face I've ever received! How was this overlooked?Althrin5 3d
3d Screenshot crashes my Mac? Deluta1 3d
3d ilvl Scaling Issue? Hello, Has anyone noticed some crazy issues as far as damage goes? For instance, I'm ranging between 40k and 1.7m dmg using Heroic Throw against the same types of mobs (level 90 Students of Chi in this case), and being ilvl 936 at level 110...this is a big change. I'm not sure if this was intended, but not being able to reliably one-shot lower level mobs takes the fun out of steamrolling older zones.Taurenbeak1 3d
3d Character not found On Kil Jaeden and Stormrage, on both my account and my girlfriends, we are dealing with the following issue: Character selection screen background and character are all black. All frames show but have no characters in them. After about 5 minutes the characters will load and upon trying to load into game, we get the message "Character not found"Tracesnow11 3d
3d "Character not found" Loaded WoW, arrived to a black character screen. I thought all my characters were hacked and deleted. After waiting a few minutes, all my characters showed up. I then try to log into them and it takes me to loading screen to about 90%. Then it gets stuck before kicking me back to character select screen telling me "Character not found"Dobly24 3d
3d LFR Aggramar Currently wiping on LFR aggramar teleports back to "The Burning Throne" teleporter, with the doors shut to the Coven room and no way back to the boss. Not to nag, but the raids been out for what, 7 weeks now? Seems like this is something that could have been tested in that time. Also, it wouldn't be a 12 hour patch day with at least one glaring bug once the servers come back up. Double gold star A++ for the day, blizz.Kooral3 3d
2d Transmog removed from collection The First Satyrs Spaulders transmog has been removed from my transmog collection and its extremely frustrating. This patch has broken something and its gone, I don't want to farm endlessly again for it. Any response from blizzard would be appreciated Edit- IT WAS REMOVED FROM THE NORMAL XAVIUS LOOT TABLE, THUS REMOVING IT FROM TRANSMOG COLLECTION IF EARN IN NORMAL. THIS IS A BUGBloodbane11 2d
3d Stuck in LFR Exhaust during Aggramar LFR Hey I just queued for LFR Aggramar and a group of us got in. We wiped and couldn't find our way back to the boss. We all clicked on the teleporter pad and now we're stuck on the Exhaust. I doubt there's anything you can do to help my group now, but I wanted to let you guys know this is an issue.Mandrel3 3d
3d Class Color Nameplates Chat I am back from over a 3 years break, and before I had it set, in game I believe, that the class colors showed in chat(Trade/General/ETC) on players names. Is this removed and you can only get it as a add on now? Or am I very blind X_XPriestiality2 3d
3d subscription expired icon? has subscription expired icon on it and I get disconnected when I try to log in. When I log in to my Blizzard account it tells me that my account is Active: Subscription 1-month Automatic Charge Recurring Next Billing Date 2/10/2018 11:06 PM I verified that the payment took place and it shows up. Any idea?Asana20 3d
3d maintennance dear blizzard please bring back the 3am shut down time on Tuesday pst shutting down at 7am u effect a lot of players who play during the dayElmerwudd6 3d
3d Why did maintenance start so late? I don't mind how long it's taking, but I do mind that it was started at 7am rather than the usual 2am or so. I have a raid scheduled for 5, right as the servers are scheduled to come online. We won't be able to get the ball rolling at a reasonable time tonight.Anthonia4 3d
2d Armory: Only half of raid team got credit? My guild killed the Mythic Felhounds of Sargeras on Saturday, but only half of the team's armory pages are showing a kill on it. The kill isn't showing on my armory page, nor some DPS, nor either of our tanks: But some other heals and DPS do have the kill: We were all present for the kill. We all got the achievement for the kill. Because of this, Warcraftlogs shows that we have 0 kills on the Felhounds. :( Which is a huge bummer.Caelus4 2d
3d DC'd character on Brawl My husband and I queued for a Brawl last night. When we got in (We are the tank and healer), one of the other players on our team (a dps) was disconnected. There was no way to kick them out of the group. So we got our butts handed to us immediately within entering the brawl. Is this a bug or...? We got over it (obviously) but it just seemed like an issue to bring up, considering maybe it was a bug or something that needs to be fixed for future brawls.Fleur0 3d