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Sep 11 Tarlna the Ageless not Spawning Saurfang This has been ongoing for weeks. trying to get Tarlna so i can get whistle but Drov is the only one that's ever up. checked everyday and week. can you make both up at same time now pleaseHerne4 Sep 11
Sep 6 Something went wrong with a file? An update started last night for WoW only it won't update, I keep getting the same error message. Help!Melnebene8 Sep 6
Sep 6 Glyph of Ember Shards can't be learned My inscriptor (this character) got the Glyph of Ember Shards recipe this week, however whenever I try to learn it I get the error "The spell is not available for you". Is this a bug?Hamurabi2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Champions of Legionfall I am not getting this quest, and I think I know why. I have completed my class hall campaign and earned the Forged for Battle achievement. I have also done all the legionfall quests up to Champions of Legionfall, but have not received this quest nor are there any quests available. With this toon, when I started on the legionfall, I was given an option to skip the starting scenario since I had completed it before on other characters. I wonder if this is causing this toon not to be eligible for it?Aaeros1 Sep 6
Sep 6 BoA items mailed to a non-existing character? So uh... this is something I didn't know could happen but apparently did. I was sending some BoA items via mail to another character of mine named Nefertaris (on Earthen Ring)... but thanks to the auto-complete function of the mail, it did send these mails to "Nefertaris" ... but from another server/realm (Dentrag). Granted, I had used that name for an alt on that server... but I deleted said character long ago! How was I able to send these BoA items to a character I deleted (enough so that it doesnt even show up on the restore character thing, I think it was during the Pandaria expansion) and more importantly, how can I get these items back? Edit: Just tested it out to confirm if I am not just crazy, by sending a random heirloom gear to that same character that should no longer exist, and it did send.Roseblades3 Sep 6
Sep 6 Feature Suggestions Auction House: When Searching in profession designs IE: jewelcrafting and the like add a checkbox to exclude already known pattern's, designs etc... Reagent Bank tab: Add a separate reagent tab for each XPAC Vanilla, BC, Cata, panda's....This would greatly enhance the storage of crafting mats. It would be even better to make this repository account wide (limited to realm-faction) of courseLatexman8 Sep 6
Sep 6 Race change not working It's been about 4 hours since i've purchased a race change, the money is off of my card, and I have tried to force a reset by creating new characters / restarting client. What is going on?Fotmrolled9 Sep 6
Sep 6 Lost rep with Army of the light I just lost 1000 rep with Army of the Light knocking me back from revered to honored with no clue on how is that something that can be fixed because this is a nusiance.Manales16 Sep 6
Sep 6 Female Blood Elf Jump Animation "Bug" Hello. I'm not sure where else to post this. My female Blood Elf character has an incomplete jump animation - she does not crouch and touch the ground with one hand. Instead, the animation stops abruptly just before landing and looks incomplete. It is extremely annoying and turns me off from playing the character. After discussing the issue with some of my friends on Horde, it would seem the issue doesn't just affect me. I can see the animation complete on other female Blood Elf characters just fine. They can also see my animation complete. However, it seems that they also cannot see their own finish unless they are moving around while jumping. It seems this issue is limited to jumping in place. I've done some google searches and found a lot of posts of other people reporting the same issue. I've checked the knowledge base and there seems to be no information provided by Blizzard about this. There aren't any ticket options for it either. I have gone and reported it through the "Report a bug!" option in-game, and hopefully that helps. However, I'd like to know if there is anything I can do on my end to "fix" this. Is there? Or do I need to wait for Blizzard to get around to fixing this issue?Mercÿ1 Sep 6
Sep 9 Primal Sargerite We have had to deal with relearning to play our toons , I guess professions is next. My BlackSmith has done Invasion Points, Quests, loot Boxes, killed every Boss at least once and still has 0 primal Sargerite. It is so exciting to know that I have months of learning a profession now beacuse apparently Blizz dont want non-gatherers getting these things?? Which makes my BS useless. Thanks BlizzScrug6 Sep 9
Sep 7 WoW is blurry When I start up WoW, everything appears blurry, in the log in screen and the in game screenHánnara7 Sep 7
Sep 6 ReRoll Token Quest on Transfer? I will be server transfering this week. I was wondering if it will have any effect on the bonus re roll token quest. I did not want to get my tokens at the moment because it will put me over the cap. Will the quest still be available after the transfer? Just wondering because I have transfered before and other things have gotten messed up, so was wondering about this particular quest. Thanks for any input its appreciated! KowKowmakazie2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Game time problem? My friend bought himself 90 days game time yesterday then logged on and played for 2 hours then logged off now come online today and it won't let him in game and it says he needs game time...why?Cayia3 Sep 6
Sep 6 My Tech Support Post Instantly 404'd? Title. I just spent like 15 minutes writing about a problem I've been having with my GPU getting hotter since 7.3 launched, and like.. immediately after I posted it, it 404'd and was nowhere to be found. Why did it get deleted? I didn't do anything wrong in the post.. Is it possible for you to restore it?Berronax6 Sep 6
Sep 6 Paladin Artifact Quest - Help Needed I have a few characters, and at the beginning of legion did a few quests on each to see which one I wanted to level. I ended up going with my Shaman, but now would like to level up this Paladin. HOWEVER, I am completely lost as to where I left off, and I'm sure it's an error on my part. I have my Dalaran Hearthstone and I'm in Dalaran with no artifact quest. I've tried hearthing in and out, but nothing changes. I tried visiting the Paladin Order Hall in Eastern Plaguelands, but get stunned and teleported out. I've trioed looking all over my maps to see if I can find any sort of abandoned quest, but have had no luck. Does anyone know how to help?Naisultima3 Sep 6
Sep 6 RaF I recruited a friend o mine. He accepted it and supposedly he got it. When we got on, he couldn't trade with me. Ik im supposed to wait a week for my rewards thou.Yournice4 Sep 6
Sep 6 add ons for new build ok so i built me a new computer. downloaded game everything looks good except all my add ons and settings. is there a way to get them off old computer and put on new one without having to start from scratchTommyjr4 Sep 6
Sep 12 Arcanite RIPPER, hooooo!!! Hello! During the pre-WOTLK event, I was one of the few lucky enough to score myself an Arcanite Ripper, an item with (in my opinion) one of the coolest item effects in the game. At the time I thought I would always play my level 70 Dwarf Hunter, but times changed, as well as servers, and my Dwarf Hunter became long forgotten. Every now and then I'll log into him and blast my Arcanite Ripper once or twice, and then log out for who knows how long to play all of my main toons on a realm my toons have occupied now for 8 years. Having it available as a transmog is the biggest tease of all, because as cool as the weapon itself looks, it just isn't the same without the effect. I submitted a ticket not too long ago about having the item transferred to a character I know will be around for the longhaul, but alas the GM was unable to make that happen. They did have an excellent suggestion though: what if it were an heirloom? Give it the same stats as the Arcanite Reaper heirloom, but with the added bonus of the rocking effect! It's just a shame that such a cool item, no longer attainable in the game, is just left to rot on the 9+ year old toons we used to play. Please Blizzard? :)Marginalized8 Sep 12
Sep 5 3rd artifact quest line bug so i decided to start my 3rd artifact to have it done and i talked to Emmarel Shadewarden <Unseen Path> accepted and selected my weapon then she vanished with no trace for me and i have no quest to follow... any ideas?Ulminia7 Sep 5
Sep 5 A few questions about joining guilds... For one thing, I kinda wish there was a way to search for a particular guild instead of having to scroll through a looooooooooooooooooong list trying to find it. If there's already something for that, let me know. But my bigger question is that if I join a guild with one of my characters...Is it account-wide? Like, is joining a guild based on your BattleNet username, so you can use any of your other characters in the same guild? And are guilds connected to all realms? My co-workers gave me the name for the realm they use and their guild-name, but I didn't think to ask them if the guild is only on that realm; I'm still relatively new to the game and I'm playing on other realms. (I also can't seem to add my co-worker...They gave me their BattleTag, but it's giving me errors in-game saying "player not found." They did tell me that their WoW account is inactive right now...)Zaraverlina5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Selected wrong monitor I accidently pressed Monitor 2 in the setting, when I only have 1 monitor. Now World of Warcraft refuses to open in my taskbar, so therefore I'm unable to revert the changes to my setting back to Monitor 1Truerenegade3 Sep 5
Sep 5 No rewards from invasion point Joined a friends invasion point as it ended and got no rewards at all, and it completed it. So it wasted an invasion point. I'd love a reset please. It happend to me, and my buddy Speciat.Hyghafwheezn2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Skipped broken shore, no class hall quest So i wanted to level my shammy. I dusted him off and faction changed him from ally to horde. I skipped the broken Isle quest and I haven't had that guy pop in Dal that's supposed to give you the quest line for your class hall. Its been almost 24 hours since I did this and still no NPC has came. I went to the NPC in front of Org and I can still choose to skip the scenario but there is no option to complete it. When I click to skip it it just sends me to Dal again and nothing happens. In Dal if I go to Archivist Elysiana and click the option to complete the scenario nothing happens. I cant progress at all and this has been really annoying lol. I cant seem to write out my own ticket either because the support just keeps sending me to useless websites and not even giving me an option to write a ticket. Someone please help lolol. How do I fix this pleaseMagicfingers1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Turn off Mail Confirmation Can someone tell me how to turn off mail confirmation? I mail to my alts all the time, and waiting for that confirmation window is really messing me up. Is there a way to turn it off for your own account at least? This may not be a huge issue to others, but it is to me. Can someone please help? Thanks.Drashnar13 Sep 5
Sep 5 Can't get the" in the blink of an eye" ques I'm new to wow, just spent a week to level 100, but after the broken shore and uncover the demon invasion quests, what is next? i heard there is a quest send me to dalaran, but how do i get the quest "in the blink of an eye" ? i can't level now either. thanks for any help!Mingxv5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Moving countries Hey guy! I might be moving to Canada for work 6 months from now, and was just curious will I still be able to play my WoW account? As in will my latency be okay? Or will I have to pick up a EU account? Also if I stick with my US account will I be able to use Canadian currency for my subscription or will I have to keep paying in US dollars? Thank you!:)Draghall9 Sep 5
Sep 5 Item was made BoE while I was wearing it I equipped Primitive Mantle on this character in MoP. It was a white non-BoE at the time, so I expected to remove it and give it to another character someday. I quit until recently, and was a frustrated by the fact it's now green and soulbound. I want a non-bound Primitive Mantle so I can give it to one of my other characters to wear. If you could transfer it soulbound to my character Antifaith on this realm, I'd also be fine with that.Shakyamuni5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Buy Legion + 30 days? Hello there. This week a friend of mine buyed Legion. But, the thing is, the account that he brought it just had the starter edition. Today the game has ben activated on his account, but still there is no gametime credited. From what we've read, it is supposed to come with 30 days game time plus a 100 boost correct ? Whenever he tries to create a new character, the game just asks to "reactivate" the account buying another 30 days game time. Does he really needs to buy 30 more days of game time to "activate' his account .? Or his game time that came with Legion will be credited and there is no need to buy another 30 days?Jayzebra7 Sep 5
Sep 5 No option for my 2nd artifact Sup, i'm level 103 as you can see, and I went to my class hall to get my second artifact and it's not even option, I have quests for other DH missions and stuff, but no quest to get my second artifact. I know this is a topic from forever ago and I haven't seen a solution for it, so i'm wondering if anyone figured out an answer or whatever.Sandoresh5 Sep 5
3h Invasion Point Offensive not giving waystones I completed the Invasion Point Offensive but did not receive the quest items (Argus Waystones). I abandoned the quest and tried to do it again but when I enter the portal everything is gone like I completed it. I can't complete it though.Moonzephyr32 3h
Sep 5 Blood Elf ears and eyebrows piercing helms. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I'd like to bring it up again to see if there is any progress on this issue. When will elf ears and eye brows be kept within equipped helmets that encompass our head. It's just strange to see my blood elf ears and eyebrows popping out of my helmet. Has there been any recent motions to conceal the ears and eyebrows? I know it's just a game but I do know that fixing something like this wouldn't take too much effort because Blizzard only has the best programmers on staff. Blizzard has been making quality of life changes and releasing new and great content as of late. Can something be done about this? I understand it's a very small issue but I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like this change. Thanks to all in advance. - Heavens Lightstrider PS My eyebrows are piercing through my helmet even in the forum pic. :) [Mod Note] Moving to General DiscussionHeavens13 Sep 5
Sep 5 Legion Deluxe I currently own WOW Battlechest, and I have 5 days left of game time. I just purchased WOW Legion Deluxe so do I need to install the Deluxe version or am I okay?Westcoastfoo5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Can't Post on TutanShamun Hi, I am currently unable to post as my shaman "TutanShamun". is there any reason for this occurrence? Thanks, SapzillaSapzilla19 Sep 5
Sep 5 What is wrong with Dark Moon Faire? Ok my keybinds don't work on half the stuff down there, even when redone. I start the race through the gates and get dc'd and come back and have to do it all over again. Only this time the gates are missing. Then I go on the fish and I can't cast because I am silenced. I can't open a ticket. My rl day has sucked and I just needed to come in and burn frustration and have a bit of fun not face more !@#$e.Teacavy3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Cant refund item to Timewalk vendor I accidently bought a bunch of Wildhammer rep tokens when I meant to click Ramkahen... I was so close to exalted and I purchased the one right next to it by mistake. It's telling me there's no sell price and that the merchant doesn't want the item back :( Why can I refund anything in the game but these rep Commendations? Theyre unused sitting in my bag. Please helpKhil9 Sep 5
Sep 5 "A Found Memento" Anduin missing at throne I'm working on the Legionfall quest line on my freshly 110 warrior, and when I got to Stormwind to turn in the quest to Anduin - he's nowhere to be found. I've tried server hopping, relogging, reloading; nothing has worked. Wowhead said it could be that I haven't finished part of the quest line to unlock Argus, but I've done all of those on all of my 110s already. Not sure what else could have me phased out and unable to see or interact with the boy king.Olania4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Can't log into any Blizzard game My husband and I tried logging into Overwatch. That didn't work. We tried WoW and it didn't work either. Is anyone else having this issue? We were both able to log into WoW a few hours ago...Chûbbypepper15 Sep 5
Sep 5 Friend referral I just did a friend referral and he bought the game. But somehow i don't get the mount. Please let me know what to do. Friend's account is [Removed]Koredake5 Sep 5
Sep 5 "Load More" uncollected pets not working The Load More option, under character profile, for uncollected pets is not currently working for I have tried multiple computers and multiple browsers to no avail. The Load More option for mounts works fine for both collected and uncollected, however. I am trying to make an Excel list of the uncollected pets, but I can't use the copy paste function because it won't load the complete uncollected pets list.Izalia1 Sep 5
Sep 5 2-Seat mount problems Ok, so I play with my daughter. Two accounts under 1 account. Our problem is that when we are out questing, she'll normally ride on my sandstone drake mount between quests. Periodically, she is unable to mount. We are in the same party, she gets the green arrow but nothing happens when she clicks on my mount. And it happens EVERY time we play. Anywhere from 2+ quests, it starts happening and the ONLY way to fix it, is to log off both accounts and log back on. Then it works again. Reloading the UI doesn't help, disabling ALL mods doesn't fix it. Only logging off and logging back on. I've seen other posts from years ago where this was reported but nothing recent, and I know I had this problem back in Pandaria. Anyone else know of a fix for this or had this happen to them and resolved the issue?? We either don't use our hard-earned two seater mounts, or we spend half the night logging on and off again to fix it.Feraaera5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Returning To WoW So.. Not sure where to start and i will set aside 99% of my concernes and questions for the moment and focus on this. the "Formula: Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats". You know, the one you buy for 5 Heavenly Shards and costs 3 Heavenly shards and 3 Maelstrom Crystals? Why when it very clearly sayes it gives 20 to all stats that when i buy it it sayes it only gives 8? yes i double checked.. i checked it 5 times before taking a screen shot and coming here. (rant started) I started this game during vanilla and played into the first month or so of cata before having enough of the loot pinata catering and the game becoming less about the strategy and mechanics of a fight and more about spamming the same cookie cutter builds you are forced into because there is no customization anymore "oh but you can change your armor to make it look like almost anything you want now" oh yah? you used to be able to change your SKILLS and ABILITYS to fit your play style NOT be stuck with the same thing everybody else that wants to be any good at their spec HAS to take, "but you can chose were you put your talents" yes, yes you can... NOTHING like what it was, yes it is easier but it takes a LOT of the fun out of building a character when you know it will be EXACTLY like all of the others out there. "but you can chose your talents.." NO, ive taken a good look at them and no... it is a illusion, there really are no real choices, you can pick between 21 talents sure.. but if you want them to actually do anything worth while you really of have 2 MABY 3 choices... (rant ended.. mostly) Back to the problem at hand.. As i sayed i just picked the game back up forcing myself to come back with the mindset of "this is NOT WoW this is something else entirely, im starting a new game i have never played before.." i had to have that outlook to get past the disgust of seeing just how far it fell after the first couple expansions. Now i am trying VERY hard to NOT compare it to how it used to be and for the most part i can, but then there is this enchant... why? HOW? does something like this go unnoticed? it is not like it is terribly hard to fix after all. No it is not a game breaking glitch, no it isnt something the players can exploit... however it is VERY misleading.Witeshado25 Sep 5
Sep 5 Argus Champion Chests Issues Hi, The Argus Champion Chests that are awarded from doing the missions with 200% have been giving me old green champion equipment eg Fruitful Baubles. I have 2 issues here: 1. Why are specifically Argus named boxes giving old equipment? 2. Why are the 200% reward boxes giving greens? The older champion boxes were changed some time ago to only give blue or better. I can understand 2 being the case to make us grind the missions given that the new greens are better than the old ones. However 1 makes doing the missions a waste of time for a small chance at an Argus piece of champion gear. In my experience i have done six 200% missions over 3 characters and gotten Argus stuff twice. Very small sample size but troubling from a time/resource investment angle.Daigotsu1 Sep 5
Sep 5 merging two accounts i found my old account and was wondering if i can merge my new and old one together? do i have to pay for both accounts if i was to play both of them? how would i get all my class from old into my new account?Relynne5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Argus Champion Chest issues Hi, The Argus Champion Chests that are awarded from doing the missions with 200% have been giving me old green champion equipment eg Fruitful Baubles. I have 2 issues here: 1. Why are specifically Argus named boxes giving old equipment? 2. Why are the 200% reward boxes giving greens? The older champion boxes were changed some time ago to only give blue or better. I can understand 2 being the case to make us grind the missions given that the new greens are better than the old ones. However 1 makes doing the missions a waste of time for a small chance at an Argus piece of champion gear. In my experience i have done six 200% missions over 3 characters and gotten Argus stuff twice. Very small sample size but troubling from a time/resource investment angle.Daigotsu0 Sep 5
Sep 5 new computer I just built me a new computer. do i have to buy the entire game again ??Tommyjr6 Sep 5
Sep 4 Watching guildmate be hacked This is really becoming a morale issue for myself and my guild. Our main tank has been hacked 4 times in as many days. I have been to his house, ran anti virus, anti malware scans, we have changed his email, secret questions, password, he has an authenticator that is supposed to ask every time someone tries to log into his account. Yet here I am powerless to do anything while I watch someone ransack his toons yet again. Blizzard this is not supposed to be possible. Main tank stops playing because of hacks Progress stops People leave the guild or stop playing. I need help to make sure this doesn't happen.Sayden20 Sep 4
Sep 6 Not loading into raids DC ISSUES I cannot load into raids. The load screen shows but doesnt start loading it simply sits there and kicks me from the load screen outside the raid a minute later.Gameroid7 Sep 6
Sep 7 True Bearing cooldown reduction True Bearing seems to reduce the cooldown on every ability except Crimson Vial, Riposte, Cloak of Shadows, Curse of the Dreadblades, Blind, and Blade Flury. Why aren't these abilities cooldowns being reduced? Is this a bug or are these being ignored deliberately? I haven't been able to test other cooldowns from the honor talent tree as I'm not 110 yet, so there may be other abilities that are not affected. Feedback would be much appreciated as I'm interested to know what I should be expecting from an ability that says one thing and does another. This effect is consistent with the Restless Blades ability as well (cooldowns are not reduced by Restless Blades).Octavaria4 Sep 7
Sep 4 Get Your Mix On Changed from inscription to alchemy. Not being offered the starting quest by the legion trainer. Help?Danililly2 Sep 4
Sep 4 Waited 90 days for name release A lovely friend of mine race and name changed their character to release the name (I'm not saying it here, I don't want anyone to take it). For me. I posted on the forms the day they did it in order to figure out how long it would take... It's been 90 days, I'm still unable to make a character with the name, but it's name is NOT appearing on the armory. It's.. I'm upset. really upset. Is there anything I can do?Liahu17 Sep 4