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Jun 17 Highmountain Invasion Bugged Realm: Lightbringer Character: Carenzz Quest: Legion Assault Thunder Totem (following 4 invasion locations complete) Completed 100% of 'invasion forces killed' but cannot interact with frightened natives. Also cannot interact with injured protectors. Joined a group, and several others also had same problem. Chat on General and Local Defense channels also had numbers of people with same issue. Cannot complete quest. Cannot abandon quest. PLEASE HELP!Carens2 Jun 17
Jun 17 Can't view character on armory Oops Character Not Available. When i try to look up: I get this error yet my character is in full use all the time.Razerdream2 Jun 17
Jun 17 Assassin Weapon Quest not showing up Hello, I can't seem to start the quest for the assassin weapon. Is there a way to see what part I'm on if I had started it before? There is nothing in my quest log or order hallRhoyce4 Jun 17
Jun 17 Invasion NPC issue Unable to calm Thunder Totem Natives for Invasion I, nor anyone i have met, cannot interact w/ these NPCs to finish this part of the invasion and move on to the scenario... I've gone cross realm, joined groups and relogged as well as gone out of the zone of the quest and back in... nothing worksHotkarla18 Jun 17
Jun 17 Character transfer complete but not on server I paid for a character transfer from Maelstrom to Thrall today. Status shows the transfer as completed. The character is no longer on Maelstrom and is not on Thrall either. I've restarted the game a few times and still nothing.Kindre3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Server Transfer I transfered my war Anuku from wyrmrest to emerald dream and it vanished. Its been over three hours since it stated completed online.Ronnagh2 Jun 17
Jun 17 TCG Pet Duping - US Hyjal (Horde Side) I was browsing the auction house on a whim and noticed this player is duping a ton of TCG Pets. Not only the ones shown. Please look into this. Link RemovedXysaerv1 Jun 17
Jun 17 Using Mobile App when Overseas I'm going to Japan for 2 weeks from Australia. First I was going to disconnect my authenticator (hard copy one) but thought better of it. Won't have same phone number so can't use the txt authenticator. Decided to bring authenticator with me so I can do my Legion missions. However. Have since read all kinds of horror stories of people getting locked out of their accounts because they logged in from another country, even with an authenticator. Should I just not bother?Narthexia8 Jun 17
Jun 17 Trying to transfer servers. I just get repeated password requests. Dunno what to do from here.Gromdar2 Jun 17
Jun 17 ToS Item Level Increase I'm wondering if the item level for items found in Normal/Heroic/Mythic Tomb will be increased, It feels pretty crappy knowing that obliterated crafted gear is just as good as drops in normal ToS.Lestibournes5 Jun 17
Jun 16 Time Walking vendor in Pandaria FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN IT BE MOVED TO A NON FLAGGED PVP AREA. been trying to turn in tokens all day but nope 10-15 horde have been there all day making this VENDOR USELESS SO I GUESS I WONT PLAY THIS PART OF THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Exil3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Error BLZ51900037 When I try to log into the game I'm getting "The Login server is currently busy. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact technical support" Maintenance has ended according to twitter.. What's up?Hasil14 Jun 16
Jun 16 mounts My mounts are not on the p;age any more helpDemonsbain1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Broken Shores - Lag + DCD Hey there, curently having lag issues and random disconnetions on the Broken Shores. Dragonblight-Fenris realm. cheers!Hyppocrates3 Jun 16
Jun 16 Can't learn Artefact research 40 I can't find the last research in my bank, mail, void storage or inventory and I can't start a new one... and I can't buy the last Compendium... Someone got any idea whY?Denycarry7 Jun 16
Jun 16 Not getting REP WQ let me say i quit in nov i came back for 7.2.5 for flying so i resubbed last week and been working my tail off only to start doing world quest's today i need 248 for Dreamweavers so i do the last one i see on the map for today and it said "370 Dreamweavers" great i'll be rev NOPE i got the completion and gold BUT NO REP!! this is BS farm/grind since i came back to find this crap not getting what i worked for!Demonhizzle1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Acct question I received an email this morning about Yahoo being sold to a popular competitor and how my email acct will remain the same for now but in the new future will be required to adapt to the new system changing my email. What can I do to make the transition smooth for my acct here in changing my acct email since its what I use to log in? Is it wiser to wait till the change or should I use an already established alternate email acct? Ty for any help u may provide. /die wellBrunehildae4 Jun 16
Jun 16 Arsenal: Warglaives of Azzinoth Hello, I'm a first time poster to the forums so if this is not the right place, I apologize in advance for that. I had submitted an ingame ticket about an issue and was told to post on the forums about the issue, but was not told specifically where, so I guess I'll just post it here. ------------------- I have a question regarding the new item added in 7.2.5, Arsenal: Warglaives of Azzinoth. From what I understand, this is awarded to you if you defeat Illidan Stormrage during BC Timewalking while having the achievement "Warglaives of Azzinoth" on any character on your account. I have an issue with the criteria for this achievement. I own both the Main Hand and the Off Hand Warglaives on my hunter (Orcestra-Gorefiend), but because he cannot actually wield the weapons, I do not actually have the achievement "Warglaives of Azzinoth", even though I do own the set. My question is, am I really being asked to farm them again on toons that can actually wield them just so I can unlock the transmog? It took me quite a few years to obtain them in the first place, so I believe that is quite an unreasonable expectation. Perhaps the achievement could be modified to include simply killing Illidan while having the Warglaives in your bags? I know it's a complicated issue, and very specific, but I hate to miss out on the opportunity to finally use the Warglaives just because of this technicality. Thanks for your time, and for any insight you can grant me! Sincerely, a loyal customerIamgroot2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Desktop App vs Account Page I bought some game time last night and entered the code. My account says expiration is in August, the desktop app says this coming monday. I want to believe the account page is correct, but the desktop app makes me a little panickyTaldrath1 Jun 16
Jun 20 The Stable Master For a couple months now The Stable Master achievement is not working properly for me. I have the necklace, I have the mounts in training, but no matter how many times I kill the Moth of Wrath, the achievement progress is still reading 0/6.Malveyan7 Jun 20
Jun 18 Deaths of Chromie Event I have a item level 897 protection tank. There is NO conceivable way to beat that 15 minute timer on the Dragonshires. You guys have nerf'd our dps so badly even with Chromie spec'd to be a cloth bazooka you cant beat that timer. Not for all 5 shrines. I choose the time Boosts when offered. Any suggestions cause i might have used my ret weapon twice..... not one shred of artifact power in it. So...... is this event sorta just for dps classes? The rest of us get to watch from the sidelines? What does a healer do? This should be a 3 man scenario...... plain and simple.Bàbayaga9 Jun 18
Jun 16 Update on character stuck in processing For the past few days ive been experiencing an issue trying to log in on a character that i payed to have boosted. I wrote up a whiney post about it and got my fair share of negative attention... I was assured by the people who weren't GMs that this was a bank issue, meanwhile the GMs said it was technical. So of course i stuck by what the GMs were telling me and stayed concerned despite the negative feedback from people who 'knew what they were talking about' being that it was a transaction not clearing. Finally the 3rd or 4th GM put the puzzle together and found the issue. I ordered a faction change the day before the patch. On the day of the patch i ordered a character boost. Thats where things went wrong. The system is supposed to block out a 2nd service in a row because of processing (even though your character seems finished) and not allow it for 2-3 days. Right after the patch something wasn't working right, i was unaware of the service cooldown, and thus my char got stuck inbetween the processing of them somewhere. Now a tech has to manually go in and fix the problem. This is less of an 'i told you so' and more of a warning... There's a cooldown for services if you didnt know, and even if it allows you to proceed in the website you still may have the same issue, so wait a couple days in between services to be safe. Thanks for all the dislikes yesterday ;)Zeshii1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Mount count To my delight I got the Infinite Timereaver mount from TW, but when I learned it it didn't increase my mount count for the achievement Lord of the Reins, which I am 2 mounts away from getting. There any reason a normal mount like that would not increase? Any tricks to trigger it increasing?Nakahana2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Account merging is it possible to merge my account with my wife's? everytime i try to do it the little window comes up and says " Your login was invalid. Please try again." even though its the right login information?Gorelol6 Jun 16
Jun 16 Bosses in first 4 Draginshrine's not Spawning I tried searching but didn't see any other topics on this issue. On both of my 110's I've completed the required steps in the first four Draginshrines to summon the boss however the boss never shows up. Chromie has the "complete" question mark over her head but nothing else. I've now tried this on this character and my other 110, Veltis, on the same server. I have read up on what is required and completed the steps but again the boss never arrives. Not sure how to proceed, thanks in advance for any help!Rmrf0 Jun 16
Jun 16 delete me Voided - Found the issueCaptnook0 Jun 16
Jun 16 DH questline issue After completing the main DH questline, I was never able to start the Protecting the Homefromt quest, and am unable to start the legion quests. Am I supposed to do something before hand to be able to get the quest line? The Npc in stormwing was not there, and there was to portal in SW Keep to fake me to dalaran. Please help!Karramell2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Class Hall Mission iLvl So I am currently working with 5 110's on my account, and my most recent of the bunch "my rogue" is having serious problems when it comes to using the class hall. As it is known, leveling a new character in legion does not take long, in-fact, it only took me aprox 10hrs to go from 100 - 110. And that is where the problem begins. So I rapidly hit 110, and immediately began on the broken shore questline to get my class mount, and in doing so, got a new follower at ilvl 850. This in conjunction with dropping what few armor pieces I had onto one character has made it so that of 7 followers, 5 of them are still below ilvl 800. Again, this shouldn't be a problem, however, I no longer get any missions that are below 850. Because of this, I cannot level my followers through missions, and I rarely can even complete a quest to provide ilvl upgrades. Now with 5 toons you might think that I have no real reason to complain, but it really feels like my new 110 is being punished when it comes to things. If I cant do class hall missions, I am severely restricted on getting AP, raid tokens, or broken shore specific items. So...TL;DR Please make it so that class hall missions are available for the entirety of the followers.....not just 2/7.Soupsandwich2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Zone Assaults on Broken Isle's Question, is there an approximate time guide for players to get an idea of when assaults are likely to occur in the Broken Isle's. My friend keeps missing out on doing them because of his work hours. And this evening I've missed one because I logged in as the servers are going down.Kalbie18 Jun 16
Jun 16 Unable to access legion content Okay so I am a returning player and I purchased legion and used my level 100 character boost I was thrown into a huge battle with a ton of demons then sent back to stormwind to repel a small demon invasion in the throne room now I am unable to continue as I am not given any quests to progress I would really like to be able to play the content I paid for I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or if my character is glitched or what's happening hereHalyonus6 Jun 16
Jun 16 Unable to log in Since the latest patch, I've been unable to log into WoW at all. I've tried scan-and-repair, fiddled with my anti-virus, hard-reset the modem, everything short of deleting WoW and re-installing (and if you're an Oceanic player like myself, you know I'd probably be downloading WoW for a month solid with the state of our internet right now, thanks to the god-awful NBN program. They are connecting fiber-optic cables to COPPER NODES, for the love of god, and re-routing W.A.'s entire system through Pinjarra, which is notoriously under-equipped to handle the sheer bulk of the traffic, but that's beyond the scope of this complaint). I hit the 'play' button, and no matter how long I wait, the actual WoW program won't load. Is there some sort of work-around or do I have to do the slash-and-burn method of deletion and then reinstallation to get around this?Gentarn1 Jun 16
Jun 17 Companion app AP rewards wildly inaccurate? In the companion app, you can tap on an Artifact Power reward item to see just how much it will give you. Since the app updated itself a day or two ago, it's giving me numbers that are, shall we say, optimistic. Like a single item that awards 905.2 million AP. Sadly, it's a lie: when I collect it in-game, it awards 20.8 million. (I also saw one that claimed to award about negative 2 billion. I haven't had the nerve to try that one yet.) I don't seriously expect a billion AP from one item, but it would be nice to get accurate numbers. Is anyone else seeing this?Tasmia2 Jun 17
Jun 16 DK Mount Missing After Character Transfer I just transferred a few characters from one account to another. I knew that the account bound mounts from the previous account would be gone, but It seems my Death Charger was also unlearned. I also transferred my Paladin and Demon Hunter and both of their class mounts were available. Any help would be appreciated.Glacíús2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Unable to finish quest to new Dalaran I ran the Broken Shores quest line to Fate of the Horde. I ran through the whole quest scenario including the Pledge to Warchief Sylvanas. After that, nothing. I expected to be told to go somewhere or do something. I've searched all over for Archmage Khadgar (per internet searches for solutions) to no avail. The portal to Dalaran in Orgrimmar doesn't show, and i can't use Mage created portals to the new Dalaran. What should i do next? Can i reset the quest line somehow and do it again? I'm Trindol on the Silver Hands server.Trindol13 Jun 16
Jun 16 2 person flying mount not working 2 person flying mount not letting other person on any ideas?Poormonk9 Jun 16
Jun 16 Question regarding Deleted Characters Do posts and threads created by a character get deleted from the forums when such character is deleted from the account? Or do their profile picture simply turns to a silhouette like appearance? I ask this cause I have some really lengthy threads like RP guides under a certain character but I am in the process of substituting that character for a character of the same class but with higher progression and level so I don't have two characters of the same class in the same realm. And this is the only thing that is worrying me.Benziel5 Jun 16
Jun 16 bag icon not showing in calender! i'm sorry if this seems trivial it isn't to me i use my guild calender to help me remember and track irl events and what days they fall on relative to what day it is since i am somewhat forgetful. so today i opened my guild calender and saw there was no bag icon on my guild event i had set up for several events. this bag icon is really important because it helps the event to really stand out that i have something going on that day. now it's just small text on the day itself which is hard to make out even with my glasses and forces me to mouse over it to even see it. is this intentional or is this some sort of bug? also sorry if this is in wrong forum but i didn't know where to post this. am i missing something? i tried resetting the ui and logging in and out. still no bag icon. i tried logging onto different characters still no bag icon. i even remade the events and still no bag icon.Breadisfunny0 Jun 16
Jun 16 Chromie go home Customer support please have a team check out the chromie quest line i am hearing complaints in guild chat in general chat and in my Demon Hunter class hall and top it all i have wasted a whole day tying to finish the dragon shrines i have finished 3 of the 4 shrines but the 4th shrine Azure Dragonshrine i can not kill the void lord so i have wasted a whole day trying and trying for nothing. So don't bother replying you can even delete it BUT please have someone look at it and fix it . THANKSShlarian10 Jun 16
Jun 16 910 upgrade quest removed? I was very close to finishing.Crisalide4 Jun 16
Jun 16 Retrieving old abadoned guild So I had a guild I used with my friends in mop, this character my dk and my hunter were in it but I had to move them out to raid in another guild for wod and gave it to my friend to hold on to. I just realized that my alts in the guild i had unknowingly deleted and my friend has not been on since mop. Is there anyway to transfer the guild back to my paladin? Guild was <My Little Pony> (dont ask why we picked that name)Rynér8 Jun 16
Jun 16 Cannot Enter Deaths of Chromie Scenario I have done the Chromie scenario on my hunter, and wanted to do it on my Mage as well so that she can get the title (it doesn't seem to be account wide). However my Mage cannot see the Deaths of Chromie quest from Chromie, nor the scenario. She was able to get the breadcrumb quest from the Adventure Guide, and I've dropped and readded it through Khadgar, but nothing seems to work. I have checked on another one of my characters, and I am able to see the quest and scenario, so I don't think anything is wrong client side. The character that cannot access the scenario is Proxi, on the Moon Guard (US) server. She is a lvl 110 Mage.Bibigun11 Jun 16
Jun 16 Character stuck out of phase I recently completed the quest line for the Dominance Offensive and after finishing the last quest "Breath of the Darkest Shadow" I used my garrison hearth stone and ever since then I have been unable to see other players, mobs or most npc's unless I'm at Domination Point. I've tried killing my character and resurrecting at the graveyard and joining a group via LFR but to nothing has worked.Ðudeman2 Jun 16
Jun 20 lack of instruction on quests what is with the lack of instruction on quest this expansion. why not tell us what we need to to, if someone is sending you on a quest it's there job to tell us what they want done. we don't read minds. i think before legions i looked up maybe 3-5 quests and i played sense vanilla. in legions i have looked up over 30 THIS IS NOT FUN, i want to play the game not look up how to play the game. please let us know what we need to do and bring the fun back.Warbringers24 Jun 20
Jun 16 Gametime HELP!!! I need 10 min back in game to buy token?!?!!? Raid is in 5 minThèpøøh4 Jun 16
Jun 16 Underlight Angler Having a problem with the Underlight Angler. It still works when equipped, as far as I can tell (I get the buffs I'm supposed to, anyway), but the item icon and tooltip are bugged. The icon has a yellow "!" as if the rod is a quest item, and when I right click on it to equip it, it doesn't switch into my weapon slot; instead, I get the blue-outline finger pointer, the one that's usually associated with applying an item effect. Also, the tooltip has a bunch of bizarre stuff. It lists the item name as "Heroic" in green text, says that it is only usable by certain races, is item level 187, <right click to read>, and a number of other seemingly random things. Finally, when I do have it equipped, I see no artifact power bar.Timerren1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Paragon Reputation Rewards I noticed that the extra reputation past exalted for legion factions no longer give you the caches but rather just give you artifact power. I am unsure if this is intentional or not and some people in my guild said that it was the same for them too. I couldn't find any information on it online either?Korinthin2 Jun 16
Jun 15 Your Artifact is at Full Power Ok .. I'm at step 11 / 15, doing the Broken Shore achievement. I cannot use Artifact Power items without getting the message in the title. Searching Wowhead tells me that maybe I missed "A Gift from the Six"? I have already achieved my class mount on this server's hunter and priest, and did not manage to get myself into this mess on those characters. I've flown from Dalaran, to the island, and back to my class hall multiple times, but I am beyond stuck.Chimpossible2 Jun 15
Jun 15 Artifact Weapon Bugged My Arms warriors artifact weapon is bugged. I just returned after quite a while away, and I understand that the final trait with 20 points is now just 1 point. However, it is in fact 20 points on this character still and after filling it (ak 40), I can't gain any more AP. I know there are supposed to be additional traits available but they aren't. Is there a solution to this? Thanks.Brikt2 Jun 15
Jun 15 48 Hrs later..Still processing...wth... I got a character boost for my pally on the day of the patch. The next day it still wasnt done by the end of the day so i asked a GM and they said they had no clue when character boosts would get done processing because they were experiencing issues. So i asked for a refund so i can just do that later and play on my pally for now. They said ok the refund takes up to 3-10 business days (wtf, my money was taken in 3-10 milliseconds) and the character should be playable soon. The next day, today, still not playable. I got a faction change for the pally the day before and it took no more than 2 mins. Someone please explain how a Character boost can take days longer than a faction change? isn't a faction change more tedious? everything from mounts, gear and reputations have to be altered, and changing my characters level too 100 and upping the professions is SO much more of a task? To top it off, why is it taking so long to cancel the process? Meanwhile my character isnt playable at all and none of the GMs can promise me any kind of timing "check back later if the problem persists" This situation is so frustrating and i can't help but feel like they could care less. It can't be that hard for these guys to fix this, so why am i still waiting around for NOTHING. Come oooooon BlizzZeshii21 Jun 15