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Oct 1, 2012 Welcome to Mac Technical Support This forum exists to provide World of Warcraft customers with a place to discuss Mac technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. While Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum, it is not meant as a place to resolve complex issues, due to the nature of forums. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we highly recommend contacting us through other means. We have many self-help solutions that can address certain issues without needing to speak with us directly via phone. For these issues, the website will help you locate these solutions and other helpful resources to address your questions. Please see our Customer Support Contact page for details. If you need to submit a ticket, that option will be presented. These changes to the Blizzard website help us serve you in the easiest, most effective way possible. Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Mac Technical Support forum. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines below. As a reminder, the Mac Technical Support forum is not an alternative to the a support site ticket, telephone, or in-game petition queues. To request assistance, please contact our customer service staff directly.Machkhan2 Oct 1, 2012
Jun 15, 2017 Common Connection and Latency Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jun 15, 2017
Feb 8 WoW Performance Guide For Macs - Patch 7.3 The World of Warcraft Performance Guide For Macs - Legion - Updated 9/06/2017 Introduction Hello everyone and welcome to my WoW Performance Guide For Macs! It's not often that such drastic changes occur within the lifespan of a single expansion that this guide needs a rewrite, but here we are. So In the hopes of trying to update the needed information and trim the fat, I'm going to condense the guide. Hopefully making it easier to read. Patch 7.3 brought a lot of changes to WoW under the hood. OpenGL has officially been killed off on any Mac that can support Apple's Metal API in preparation for macOS High Sierra, which is out now. As a point of conjecture, I kind of doubt the next expansion will run on anything other than Metal. So if you're running an older Mac that doesn't support Metal, I'd start thinking about buying a new Mac in the next few months. You have been warned. On the plus side, things aren't so dire as they were a year ago, generally speaking. Apple has refreshed the Macbook Pro lines with much faster AMD Polaris-based GPUs while completely eliminating Intel integrated solutions from it's 15" MBP lineup, and has released the iMac Pro with AMD Vega 56 and 64 GPUs. A brand new modular Mac Pro to bolster it's waning Pro market is also supposed to be in the works. The Polaris and Vega Radeon GPUs in the current lineup are leaps and bounds more powerful than any Mac prior to 2016. Things are definitely looking up for pro users and Mac gamers alike. Now I want to be clear here, any Mac with a Retina Display still isn't likely to play WoW very well at the screen's native resolution, but these new Polaris and Vega-based Macs can play WoW pretty respectably at reasonable settings. As long as you keep expectations within the realm of sanity, gaming on a Mac is probably better these days than most people think. The Settings: A Precursor If you only read part of this guide, this is the part you should probably read. The term "Retina Display" is just Apple's marketing term for putting very high resolution monitors in their Macs. The problem is that Apple pairs those displays with relatively weak graphics cards or "GPUs", which is what renders all the pretty graphics on the screen. With Retina Displays now standard on virtually all Macs made within the last several years, I need to point out the most crucial thing of this entire guide. Not a single Mac on the market has a GPU powerful enough to play games at native resolutions. The 15" Macbook Pro has a 2880x1880 resolution display, and the 27" iMac has a 5120x2880 "5k" resolution display. Neither of these Macs have GPUs anywhere near powerful enough to play games at these resolutions. Even a GTX 1080 Ti, the world's fastest video card, struggles to play games at "5k", and the GPUs in these Macs aren't even close to that. The only GPU that could come close is the Vega GPU in the upcoming iMac Pro. But that Mac is rumored to have an 8k display. So even that iMac Pro will have to deal with the same problems as the rest of Apple's current lineup. Worse still, the baseline 21" iMac, the 13" MBP, and the standard Macbook all use Intel integrated graphics instead of dedicated GPUs. So playing games at reasonable resolutions like 1920x1080 "1080p" is difficult even at modest settings. Let alone at the much higher "Retina Display" resolutions. In layman's terms, if the graphics listing has "Intel" in the name, it sucks. It's an integrated graphics solution bolted onto the CPU, and is NOT a dedicated graphics card. Intel doesn't even make dedicated GPUs. So if it has Intel on it, just assume it's barely capable of minimum settings. WoW will run, but not well and it'll look like garbage. The only real way around the "Retina Problem" as I've dubbed it, is to do one of two things. Either lower the game's resolution, or lower the Render Scaling to something under 100%. Let's use my Late 2016 Macbook Pro with a Radeon Pro 460 Polaris GPU as an example: ... As you can see, I've generally kept my settings on the modest side for my Macbook Pro. Though I've disabled some of the more demanding settings like Sunshafts and SSAO. Another thing you might have noticed is that despite my above warning that Macs can't run the game at the native resolution, I've kept my resolution as such at 2880x1880. This is because I've lowered my Render Scaling to 75%. It's explained in greater detail below, but render scaling essentially renders the game at X% of whatever your current resolution is, then scales it up or down to match. 75% of 2880x1800 is 2160x1350. So the game is actually being rendered at 2160x1350, and then scaling up to look like 2880x1800. That's why the Anti-Aliasing is set to "custom". The Render Scale uses it automatically as part of the scaling process when scaling anything above or below 100%. Depending on my tastes, I could probably lower the Render Scale to something like 50%, which would essentially be like rendering the game at 1440x900, and then raise some of the other settings like view distance or spell density. Ultimately it's up to you to fiddle with the settings and decide what you're most comfortable with. The Settings: Explained Graphics > Display Display Mode: This lets you choose between running the game within a window on the desktop, or to run the game at fullscreen. Setting it to true "Fullscreen" may increase performance. Resolution: Resolution has one of the highest impacts on game performance. This combined with Render Scale is where the vast majority of your game's performance will be affected. Lowering the resolution will drastically improve the performance of the game's frame rate and lessen the load on your GPU, but it will look noticeably more pixelated, blocky, and blurry. One of our resident MVP's on the Mac Forums, Tiapriestess, has provided Retina Mac users a way to scale the game down to resolutions the Mac's GPU can more easily handle without the UI HUD icons scaling with it: The resolution setting lets you lower the game's resolution to a fraction of your screen's native resolution, which is usually the highest shown option. Note that recent version of WoW have limited the list of options to mirror the actual aspect ratio of your display. So if you have a 1980x1080 screen which has an aspect ratio of 16:9, all of the optional resolutions will be of the same 16:9 aspect ratio. You can use Tia's advice in the above link to bypass this restriction. Refresh Rate: Sets the game to match your display's refresh rate, the rate at which the computer's monitor can refresh the images on the display. In most cases, at least on Macs, this will be locked at 60Hz. Note that for most intents and purposes, 60Hz can directly be interpreted as 60fps, so unless you make a point to go out and buy an external monitor capable of 120Hz+, you're literally wasting power if the game's running at higher than 60fps. As the screen itself can't display anything higher than its max refresh rate. So if you're getting 80fps in your game on a 60Hz monitor, you're not seeing that extra 20fps. The screen is incapable of displaying it fast enough, regardless of how fast the rest of your computer is. Monitor: Let's you select which monitor WoW is defaulted to display on, in the event that you have multiple monitors set up. Anti-Aliasing: As the in-game tool-tip says, it is a graphics filter used to smooth out jagged edges. In general, the severity of visible jagged edges changes drastically depending on the game and the graphics engine used to display it. The different types of AA listed are shown in order from the least taxing/worst quality to the most taxing/best quality, from top to bottom. Describing each type of AA goes beyond the scope of this guide, but suffice it to say, MSAA is generally the best compromise between quality and performance. FXAA is a sort of lens filter that overlays the entire screen after the game has already been rendered, and acts as a post-render effect, blurring everything including the UI elements like action bars. MSAA is added during the rendering of each frame, and only smooths out the edges of textures. SSAA is an extremely taxing method of AA that renders the AA at a much higher resolution, then downscales it to match your game’s current resolution. It’s by far the best type of AA, but it kills most graphics cards. For more info on the types of AA, go here: Moderate to High performance impact. Use MSAA for best balance. Vertical Sync: (Note: This setting is flat out broken in Legion.) Vertical Sync aims to reduce the amount of "screen tearing" that occurs when the game's frame rate drops out of sync with the monitor's refresh rate. The result is a more fluid image at all times. The trade off is that it does this by limiting the game's frame rate to a multiple fraction of the screen's refresh rate. So if you have a 60Hz monitor, and the game's running at 60fps, but then drops below 60fps for whatever reason, V-Sync will instantly drop the game's frame rate down to a multiple of 60fps, such as 30fps as opposed to 59fps, to avoid tearing. This can sometimes throw players off if they're not expecting the sudden drop and jitteriness in motion animation. Use whatever your eyes are most comfortable looking at. Graphics > Textures Texture Resolution: Changes the sharpness of the in-game textures like flooring, player armor, NPC skins, etc etc. Setting this higher doesn't require much more raw processing power from your GPU, but it does require more video memory, or VRAM. So if two video cards had 256MB of VRAM, and another had 4GB of VRAM, but the video cards were otherwise completely identical, the 4GB card would be able to load much higher resolution textures with zero performance loss because it can simply hold more in it’s memory. Think of VRAM as your video card’’s stamina. Trying to load textures on a card that doesn't have the VRAM for it will force the card to keep switching out textures in order to display them, and will generally cause the game to stutter as you move and pan the camera as it tries to load the textures it needs. Performance based directly on the amount of video memory your video card has. Texture Filtering: A filter used to enhance the sharpness of textures, as opposed to just the edges. Lowering this will increase performance, but very few modern GPUs have trouble with 16x TF anymore. Minimal performance impact. Projected Textures: This enables the projection of certain textures, like spell effects, onto the game's terrain and other object surfaces. Turning this off can drastically improve performance, especially on mobile GPUs where pipeline bandwidth (The GPU's ability to process multiple instructions to and from the CPU at once) is limited. Moderate to high performance impact. Graphics > Environment View Distance: Increases and decreases the point at which distant objects change from being flat decals to rendered, textured objects. This has a profound impact on game performance, especially in newer zones from more recent expansions, where the game's textures are much higher resolution than older zones. This uses both raw GPU power and VRAM. The higher the setting, the more the GPU has to render at once. High to extreme performance impact. Environmental Detail: Essentially View Distance for grass. Changes the distance at which grass and other minor ground objects, like pebbles, are rendered. AMD video cards are less affected by this setting than nVidia cards are. nVidia cards have a harder time with it. Minimal to Moderate performance impact, depending on video card. Ground Clutter: Changes the density of ground clutter, like grass and pebbles. The higher the setting, the denser the grass. Like Environmental Detail, nVidia cards have a harder time with it than AMD cards. Mild to Moderate performance impact. Graphics > Effects Note: Some of the following effects may be disabled completely on some lower end graphics hardware. Shadow Quality: Changes the amount of shadows rendered in the game, as well as how many layers of shadows are allowed to stack on one another. This can have a dramatic affect on performance. And in fact, Shadows has been bugged in WoW for years. High and Ultra shadows are a LOT more demanding than they should be. I personally recommend keeping Shadows to "good" on all but the highest end systems. High performance impact. Liquid Detail: Changes the water effects in the game. Low uses the old water maps from Classic WoW, while Fair and higher use the new liquid maps from Cataclysm onwards. Again, High and Ultra have a pretty large impact on game performance, especially on lower end cards. I'd keep this on "Good" unless you have a higher end Mac. Moderate to High performance impact. Sunshafts: Changes the sun's ability to shine down on objects. Again, this setting is currently bugged, and requires a lot more power to run than it really should. Keep this on "Good" or lower. Moderate to High performance impact. Particle Density: Changes the density of spells and effects. For example, on Low, a Mage's Blizzard spell might drop 20 icicles. But on Ultra, the same spell will drop 100. This setting has the most impact in raids where lots of players are casting many spells at once. If you're in a raid and suddenly need to lower your settings, this is a good one to start with. Moderate to High performance impact, depending on situation. SSAO: SSAO, or Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion is an algorithm that approximates ambient lighting. Most noticeable indoors. Higher settings add more ambient lights, and render existing ones more accurately. As with Sunshafts, SSAO is somewhat bugged, and requires more power than it should. Moderate to High performance impact. Depth Effects Controls the depth of certain particle effects Moderate performance impact. Lighting Quality Changes how accurate lighting effects are rendered, and the quality of the effect. Moderate performance impact. Outline Mode Adds colored outlines around NPCs and players alike based on faction reputation. Moderate performance impact. Advanced The advanced tab in the system setting menu has one setting that absolutely needs to be addressed. Render Scale Also known as DSR or super sampling, render scaling is basically the “internal resolution” of the game. Setting this to 200% will literally render the game at 200% of the game’s current resolution, and then downscale it to match. Gamers with extremely high end gaming rigs like to crank this up as a form of AA to help smooth out textures and generally make the game look better, but this has by far the single biggest impact on the performance of the game. If you’re on a 4k iMac and set this to 200%, you’re essentially running the game at 8k resolution. So unless you’ve somehow modified your mac to have industrial grade GPUs, leave this at 100%. You can even decrease below 100% it if you want a little more performance out of the game at the cost of graphical fidelity. Extreme performance impact. Epilogue Well there we have it folks. The complete updated guide for World of Warcraft: Legion. I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. See you in the invasion! 3-B. Past Changes - 09/06/17: Rewrite for major changes in patch 7.3 - 07/20/16: Major rewrite for Legion. - 10/23/14: Total revamp for WoD in light of new Retina Macs. - 10/17/13: Changed the format of the guide completely. - 03/21/12: Added Late 2011 Mac Models, updated to represent 64-bit performance. - 04/22/11: Added Late 2010 Macbook Air, notes on integrated graphics. - 12/14/10: Updated for Cataclysm, lowering some settings to accommodate slow performance. - 10/14/10: Revamped settings for new graphics interface. Removed older Mac Models. - 04/28/10: Added newest Mac models, revamped settings to uniform 60fps across all models. - 02/12/10: Revised, condensed, and corrected small typos. - 12/01/09: Added Snow Leopard and newest Mac models. Removed PowerPC Macs. - 04/21/09: Updated settings to match the new scheme in patch 3.1. - 03/13/09: Added early 2009 Mac models. - 11/20/08: Updated new information after Wrath of The Lich King launched. - 10/08/08: Complete & utter overhaul in preparation for WoTLK. - 03/30/08: Updated findings for patch 2.4. - 02/13/08: Added details concerning the OS X 10.5.2 Leopard Graphics Update. - 02/07/08: Included PowerPC G4, G5, and newest Core 2 models.Stoneblade359 Feb 8
1d New Nvidia Driver Third party post on driver improvements Nvidia Blog post about driver: It saw massive boosts on many newer nvidia hardware, mostly stuff you'd only find in mac pros and hackintosh. However, nvidia has also enabled (for first time) this version of driver to install on imacs and macbook pros without needing to modify installer. Also, these drivers safely do NOT touch built in and out of date driver in OS X, they install along side it, with a control panel that lets you switch between the current 346 driver, and the over year old 310 drivers. You definitely want to be using the 346 driver :) The driver is for ANY nvidia GPU even if it's not listed on the driver download page. Performance gains will be seen across almost all nvidia hardware over OS X stock driver. Especially 600-700-900 series. if you use AMD based graphics don't bother with update. However, if you do have a nvidia gpu mac, you should definitely install this 10.11.6 15G20015 Driver Direct Download (Updated 06-02-18): 10.12.4 (Updated 04-20-17) (Previous driver with no pascal support but works best with Metal/WoW since 378 series driver had performance issues on 10.12.x that weren't fixed until 10.13.x 10.12.6 16G1408 (Updated 06-02-18) 10.13.5 17F77 (Updated 06-02-18) 1d
Jul 14 8.0 Prepatch - Common Technical Issues Hey folks! With the prepatch arriving on the 17th, we wanted to provide some resources for you to help with common patch time technical issues. You may run into a few things which may prevent you from getting in game and enjoying the new content. This patch also includes a large increase to our system requirements, as we implemented several game engine changes to take better advantage of newer technologies. Before getting into specific issues, please ensure that: 1. Your computer meets the new System Requirements 2. Your drivers and operating system are fully up to date. 3. The game has completely finished updating to the most recent patch. In the links below, we cover the most common causes of technical issues around patch time. 1. Unable to Install or Patch World of Warcraft 2. Incompatible/Red Realms after Logging Into the Game 3. World of Warcraft Lockups and Crash Errors 4. Unable to interact with quest objects or NPCs. 5. World of Warcraft Performance IssuesDrakuloth0 Jul 14
Jan 18 Upcoming API / Hardware Support Changes Hi Friends, We have seen quite a few threads with people upset and confused about the new warnings in the Blizzard app. Warnings that tell you that your system will be unsupported soon. While this is true in some cases, I would like to provide some resources and advice on how to see if you will still be able to play. Here is a list of requirements and resources to help you find out the state of your computer. OS requirements:   Mac - Users computers will need to support the Metal API. A list of Mac computers that can support Metal . Users should also be on a supported macOS. macOS 10.12.X macOS 10.13.x *macOS 10.14.x *(macOS may not be released by the time these changes go live )*   Windows - Users will need to be on the following OS builds, with the 64 bit version installed, and able to support DirectX11. Windows 7 Sp1 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 How to check if you are on a 64 bit OS. 1. Hit Windows key 2. Type “my computer” 3. Right click this PC or the name you gave it 4. Select Properties 5. Look at System type ( You will want 64 bit Operating system listed here ) How to see if your Video card supports DirectX 11. This list is not up to date but if you have a card that is newer than the ones listed, it is likely okay. You can check on the manufacture's website to be sure.   Additional information - We have seen cases where having the in game settings changed to DirectX 9 or WoW set to launch in 32 bit mode will cause these errors. To check if World of Warcraft in 32-bit mode from the Blizzard App 1) Open the Blizzard App 2) Select World of Warcraft 3) Click Options 4) Select Game Settings on the left 5) Uncheck Launch 32-bit client (Instead of 64-bit) 6) Click Done How to disable DirectX 9 if you can. 1) Click Red Question mark in game 2) Go to system 3) Go to Advanced 4) Click Drop down by Graphics API 5) Select DirectX 11 6) Restart the game I hope this information helps my friends and hope you have a wonderful time in World of Warcraft. /NathardrickNathardrick0 Jan 18
1h Is purchasing an external GPU worth it? MacBook Pro 2017 13" Since patch 8.0, I've been experiencing quite a big drop in fps compared to 7.3 which, of course, lead me to an extensive google search to attempt fixing it. I found a post on here somewhere that recommended the "open in low res" solution, which actually seemed to make it run better than before. Unfortunately, today I'm experiencing a lot of visual lag, especially in raids. I've restarted my computer, updated, changed graphics from 3 to the lowest possible, and scaled resolution to a reasonable 80% (which looks absolutely terrible) and I'm still experiencing fps issues. So, in another google search, I learned about external graphics cards that are now supported by mac software. I've heard over and over that WoW is more reliant on CPU compared to GPU, but I've honestly never had too much of a problem running WoW on my mac. I'm not looking to run it on the highest settings, but med-high settings would definitely enhance my experience. I feel like purchasing a good eGPU unit may help me out for BFA content since I know it's going to be very detailed in the graphics department, and unless they make the new graphics settings more compatible for mac, I'm afraid I'm just out of luck. Researched the Sonnet Puck and it seems to be the best option considering the price. If I'm going to be spending $500+ I might as well buy a whole new system. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!Blinkzy4 1h
2h Unable to use Store Trying to buy a Token, and the screen turns blue, etc. But when the “interaction” window comes up, it’s blank and black. iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) High Sierra 10.13.6 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 MB Relevant image: 2h
7h High energy usage, iMac heating up My iMac ( 27 inch, 3,4Ghz, i5, Radon Pro 570, 4G vram, 20 G ram) rapidly heats up whenever I play WoW. Since the 8.0 pre patch, my fan starts running after about 3 minutes. After about 30 minutes the rear of the computer is quite hot to the touch. According to the Activity Moniter , WOW uses about 20 times more energy than my next more cpu intensive app ( which is Logic Pro ) I’m quite ignorant when it comes to gaming or computers. So Ihave 2 concerns: a) Is this normal? Would I be seeing comparable energy usage on a PC? b) Will running WoW significantly shorten the life of my iMac?Exid9 7h
7h iMac, iMac Pro, Apple - Performance Guide The below is a copy past from a user on the EU forums. I have found another way to set the resolution that might help others like myself. Here is what they said in the quotes. What you can do is actually pretty easy and no need for 3rd party apps of going to the icon to set low resolution like discussed by the EU user. This is what I have found to be helpful. 1. Go to System Prefrences 2. Click on Displays 3. Where it says Default for Display and Scaled you need to HOLD THE OPTION KEY AND CLICK ON SCALED. 4. Click the resolution you want but make sure its low resolution one. 5. Launch wow and match that resolution in-game and set scale to 100% 6. When you return back to desktop mode you can switch it. **NOTE IMAC USERS** = If you try to downscale the resolution in WOW say 5120x2880 and reduce it to 2560x1440 (which is 50% downscale) everything looks blurry/grainy if you leave your MAIN OSX display set to default and not in "low resolution" setting. The above steps help with this on our retina displays NOTE 2 = Not related to "Resolution Settings" but if anyone has a Razer Naga and your SHIFT, ALT, CTRL modifiers don't work anymore change the setting below. Basically what would happen is control or shift would work for in game things but if I set my macros to [mod:shift] spell name they wouldn't work. This was confirmed by a blue here = defaults write com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft disable-expose-fix -bool YES PICTURE WHAT YOU SHOULD SEE = ...Ultpally9 7h
7h Mac 3D Accelerator Card not supported So I got an invite to Alpha for BfA and was excited to check it out but as soon as I hit play an error pops up saying "Your 3D accelerator card is not supported by World of Warcraft. For more information please see" my IMac is a mid 2010 27-inch and the graphics for it are ATI Radeon HD 5670, I have never had an issue before with graphics or anything with WoW, so I was curious as to what I have to do to fix the problem? I'm a bit confused and would really love to check out the Alpha, especially if this may be a problem when BfA releases.Jineatrix106 7h
11h "Washed out" cursor icons Anyone else see notice that their cursor looks washed out. Like the gamma is set way too high or something? The rest of the screen looks fine, just the cursor. I tried taking a screenshot of mine, but the screenshots on Mac are taken without the cursor (of course) One weird thing I noticed if I 3-finger swipe on the track just a little bit to the left (like I'm going to the dashboard) then the icon looks normal. Gets washed out when I snap back to WoWPalsenze0 11h
12h Shop window to purchase services is black Whenever I try to purchase a character race change from the shop window, the window that pops up to enter credit card/password info just shows a black window with an "X" close button in the corner. 12h
13h Can't launch WoW on Mac Pro Hey guys, I've just inherited an old 2008 Mac Pro and finally got it up and running. I know its a dinosaur, but the ol girl's got some teeth - 32GB RAM, 2x quad core Xeon's, a SATA3 SSD and a Mac-flashed GTX 980 video card. The computer actually runs like a dream, feels about as fast as any modern Mac I've used (albeit with SATA3 speeds from the SSD). At first I just installed El Capitan, because its the latest officially Apple supported MacOS version that will run. WoW would just crash upon opening with the 'send report to blizzard' dialogue. I learned from a forum post that apparently El Cap is no longer supported by WoW? So I used Dosdude's patcher to install High Sierra, which is now up and running and got the latest Nvidia web driver. Its all working, and in every respect it seems like a great computer. I can run Hearthstone (for what thats worth) and it launches and plays much nicer than it does on my 2016 iMac. But WoW crashes. I dunno, it just crashes. Won't even launch. Its a fresh install of WoW, I didn't copy it over from the old computer I just downloaded the Bliz launcher and installed WoW fully fresh. Any help would be amazing.Pyotr17 13h
14h Mac laptop - compatible? I'm not sure if my laptop is compatible now with the new requirements. Can someone help? Model Identifier: MacBookPro9,2 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz Chipset Model: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 1536 MB Vendor: Intel Device ID: 0x0166 Revision ID: 0x0009 Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily1 v3Eithellwynd4 14h
17h Mac FPS drop since patch - fixed! Ok, so I'm running a MacBook Pro 2015 11,4 2.2Ghz with an Intel Iris Pro GPU 1536MB. With the release of the 8.0 patch, I was disheartened to see my FPS drop from around 30 that I had with Legion to 10 or lower. I had always been running in Fullscreen mode (not Windowed-Fullscreen). Now, however, Windowed and Windowed-Fullscreen are my only options. Previously, I had been running WoW with the "Open in Low Resolution" box checked - see Finder - World of Warcraft - World of Warcraft app selected CMD+I (for inspector). This added about 1/3 the FPS I had - so it was a no-brainer to do. I also had selected the resolution scale at 100% and the graphics quality at its lowest setting. This was a perfectly acceptable solution for me and worked well even in raids. Adding to this, I have come up with some additional changes. The resolution scale and graphics quality get reset as does the Windowed modes with the patch. I reset the resolution scale to 100% and the graphics quality to 1 then changes the Windowed mode to Fullscreen-Windowed - not as good as straight fullscreen, but as close as can be achieved now. I also went in to System Preferences - Displays and changed from Scaled to Default for Display. This is a significant change and caused the overall system resolution to drop from 2880x1800 to 1440x900 - half the resolution. What does this mean? Bottom line - increased FPS (30-60fps) and WoW is playable again on my MacBook Pro. Perhaps this isn't the most desirable for some people, however, it allows the game to be fully playable without a lagging screen and the display, while not showing as much detail, is smooth and readable. For me, this works - hopefully it works for you as well. Cheers!Etceterá19 17h
18h WoW Gaming Mouse No Longer Works World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse no longer works. None of the old console commands work. I am tossing my mouse. Probably will never buy anything from Steelseries or products endorsed by Blizzard again.Greif21 18h
19h New Guild UI Does anyone know of an addon that makes the new Guild UI return to the original Guild UI that we had for years before this Pre-Patch change? I personally am not a fan of this new look and want to return to the older style.Rush2 19h
1d Actions delayed be 1 second Can anyone tell me how to fix the delay? Since the prepatch, all movement, spells and other actions are now at least a second delayed. FPS is lower as well but not as terrible. I really think that getting rid off the real Fullscreen mode is a huge mistake by Blizzard. The game got unplayable and unenjoyable for mac users.Acharyn0 1d
1d Graphics issues that made it to live Hi all: please post in this thread if you are experiencing specific, non performance-related graphical glitches now that 8.0 is live. Please include detailed system info, including OS revision and graphics card. • "Liquid Detail" settings are causing a crash when players try to access the Shaman class hall. Turning "Liquid Detail" to low will allow players to log in without crashing. (Mac & PC?) • Multiple reports of game elements, most commonly name tags for NPCs in game being "fuzzy", even at relatively close range. Making adjustments to desktop resolution / game resolution / render scale sometimes seems to help, other times not. (Intel 4000) • Some world objects rendering improperly as rapidly flashing polygons. (Radeon Pro 455 2048 MB / Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB laptops) • Weird popping or clipping of terrain in the distance, particularly noticeable on hills and mountains. As you move closer to terrain, a band of mountains will change in texture in lighting in a "pop", then slowly fade to the correct texture / lighting as you approach. Then the next, slightly more distant band will "pop" in the same way and fade back to normal. Nvidia only • Certain objects appear to be drawn-in too late - a great example is the banners in Stormwind. Even with Environment Detail and Ground Clutter settings maxed, the walls of Stormwind will be blank until I get very close and then the banners draw in somewhat abruptly. As you fly around Stormwind this results in the whole city looking like it has a lot of pop-up and it looks significantly worse than 7.x. Nvidia only • Weird cross-hatching occurring on certain textures; two locations noted in the old world so far. One: flickering cross-hatching textures appearing on some ceiling elements while moving down the first spiral ramp into AQ. Two: noted on some textures in Dun Niffelem in Storm Peaks, as shown below: • (Old bug) Bug in reflection on water when flying on a flying mount - reflection seems enormous and is placed far away from the play on the surface of the water. Camera angle can exacerbate this problem.Caterpansy34 1d
1d Give Us Back True Fullscreen. Now, I don't really know what the technical reasons were for abandoning it, but losing it has messed up everything. Frame rates are lower, gamma and mouse sensitivity settings are off, and don't even get me started on issues with render scaling and retina displays. It's also caused major compatibility issues with the game not accepting modifier keys. I can't use the default CTRL-1 through CTRL-3 for my pet bar on any class at ALL now without adding WoW to Accessibility Options in System Prefs and having it ignore OS-wide shortcuts while WoW is running. It took me like 17 hours of hunting to finally figure out what the problem was. I've kept up on BFA's development. I've read the patch notes, and I've even submitted bug reports throughout the beta. I have yet to see an explanation on why Fullscreen was even removed.Stoneblade9 1d
1d Not safe to use GeForce Now, for now ...!/page5 It does not appear that this is an option currently. Nvidia is apparently trying to arrange things with Bliz, but at the moment it does appear that it can get you banned.Akainakali7 1d
1d pls help! BAGS,ABILITIES, BOTTOM RIGHT? anyone have an idea how to put character info spell book and abilities and bag etc back on top of action bar? new update had me going back into ui and res settings to fix everything... really want to move the character info spell book and abilities and bag back on top of action bar instead of squashed into the bottom right, using a 13 inch screen here lol pls advise!!!Haviikx12 1d
1d SteelSeries WoW Legendary MMO Mouse World of Warcraft Mouse - Not Working Again Greetings everyone. I have a strong connection with my SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary MMO mouse - and after the patch, it's not working again. It's so integral to my playing style I am hoping someone can share some insight here. The Macro I used in the past to fix the issue was this: /console enableWoWMouse 1 Does anyone have any intel here? All the best, ~DevDevonellah4 1d
1d Can't purchase anything within game shop. Having issues purchasing WoW Tokens (and everything else in shop). A pop-up that is black keeps coming up after selecting "Buy Now". I am currently playing on the MAC and I'm not sure if that is some sort of disadvantage on somehow solving the issue but I thought I'd tell you regardless - I've tried resetting my UI, deleted my cache for both Safari and Google Chrome. Nothing is working. :(Confection2 1d
1d Crash when entering Shaman class hall On a new 2018 MacBook Pro, when I enter the Shaman class hall and the graphics quality is set to 5, the game will crash. If I set the quality to 4 or below I don't get a crash. Trying different permutations to see which specific setting(s) might be causing the problem. Update: If I set the quality to 5 and then set Liquid Detail to Fair, the crash doesn't occur. All other settings are at the default setting for level 5.Banu24 1d
1d The CAS system was unable to initialize Hello! I've just picked up a new MacBook, and airdropped my WoW folders over from my old machine. I'm getting the "The CAS system was unable to initialize: CASInitialize() failed to create folder Data: No such file or directory" error on launch. I've tried: -changing my security settings on shared folders. -Cleaning up and repairing my disk. -scanning and repairing my wow files. -reboot etc. any ideas? Thanks! any ideas? thanks!Womad1 1d
2d [BUG] Cannot set Push-To-Talk Chat [BUG] In game Chat Push-to-talk: I cannot set the ` to Push-to-Talk in the System-->Chat-->Settings menu. I can talk with the "open mic" choice. Also default is to system output and onboard mic. I have to select my headset for input and output. Headset: Klipsch KG-300 System: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac18,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 4.2 GHz Graphics:Radeon Pro 580 VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 8192 MB iMac: Display Type: Built-In Retina LCD Resolution: 5120 x 2880 Retina System Version: macOS 10.13.6 (17G65)Rhiane5 2d
2d Mac Tech Support Group! 2d
2d WoW Crashes on Booting I have updated my drivers... I have a Metal Compatible GPU... I have a Metal Compatible OS... Everything should be fine... But WoW crashes when I booted it with or without Blizzards Launcher... Here are my specs... Mac Pro (Early 2008) Operating System: macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 Processor: 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Memory: 10 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 MB I know my computer is old, but I see no reason my computer won't run WoW... it should be fine...Yooda34 2d
2d Why is Fullscreen Mode gone? I have a mac pro 2013 with AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB graphics. Before Prepatch I was able to play in real FULLSCREEN mode which means that my screen turned black for a few seconds when the game started and it switched to a high frequency mode. Since prepatch I can only choose between 'Windowed' and 'Fullscreen Windowed'. The third option 'FULLSCREEN' is gone and that means I have to play in 10-20fps instead of 60fps! In other words it's almost unplayable and my spells and actions are delayed by around a second. Mythic raids and high m+ dungeons are barely playable and not fun at all. My monitor is connected via HDMI. What can I do to get FULLSCREEN mode back? I don't understand why the actual full screen mode got removed. Please help. Thank you.Acharyn8 2d
2d In game store Why isn't anything on the in-game store working? I've restarted my computer multiple times. I've disabled the firewall and more. I have tried to purchase multiple things over the past 6 hours and it says "connecting to store" and then sits on a black screen and doesn't load....Ustas3 2d
2d Graphic issue in Argus/Antorus This one is odd but rather specific. This is what Argus looks like when zoning in or most recently the Burning Throne in Antorus: This is happening on my 2017 MBP with touch bar Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB graphics. Now here the catch...Im also using an external 27" Thunderbolt display connected by its Thunderbolt 2 connector to an Apple thunderbolt2 to USB-C connector. This isn't happening on my internal display. If I swap from fullscreen (window) to windowed mode the effects clear up but return going back to fullscreen (window) mode. If I swap to window mode and disconnect the monitor then plug it back in and go back to fullscreen (window) mode it clears up and stays fixed. Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro14,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 3.1 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 16 GB Boot ROM Version: MBP143.0178.B00 SMC Version (system): 2.45f0 Mac OS 10.13.6 Vendor Name: Apple Inc. Device Name: Thunderbolt Display Vendor ID: 0x1 Device ID: 0x8002 Device Revision: 0x1 UID: 0x00010001005DEF20 Route String: 1 Firmware Version: 26.2Bermy0 2d
2d I know mac users are the minority But I'd really like to be able to use the in game shop :( if this was a pc problem it would've been solved within minutesAvesa2 2d
2d Something off spaces/fullscreen window Something is very odd and wrong with the games behaviour when using spaces in Fullscreen (Windowed) mode. When swapping to another space and launching or forwarding an app the game window is leaving its space and placing itself into a new space and any forwarded or launched app is launching over the games new space. Or something like that. Its just odd and not working right with how it was previously and how typically spaces works with other apps. Hard to nail down but Im sure those who are running the same have noticed it by now as well?Bermy1 2d
2d Crashing on load in Maelstrom My shaman is stuck in his order hall zone. The game client crashed when I attempted to zone in, and now further attempts to log in to that character also result in the crash. 39E14A86-4BDC-41ED-BAE1-576EA6EBE487 Earlier in legion (7.1 ish?) a similar issue also presented itself just for my shaman when mousing over certain order hall equipment. Again, just for my shaman but no other class or location.Umbrella6 2d
2d issue with graphics switching I have a late 2016 MacBook pro 15" (specs listed below) I'm having trouble with my graphics switching on World of Warcraft. My game doesn't render correctly. it also doesn't kick up to the settings I would expect a new laptop to run at (everything is set to low which is sad even on a laptop). m friend has basically the same macbook pro i have but no issue. When I contacted Apple they said to check with Blizzard. Blizzard said this. (after a reinstall and reset files to make sure my game was installed correctly): It looks like this was originally reported as a Crash with OpelGL drivers and swapping to Metal would fix it - but with the recent mac update, this crash seems to be extending to Metal. Anyone have insight? Anyone experienceing this? Radeon Pro 460: Intel HD Graphics 530: System Version: macOS 10.12.3 (16D32) Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro13,3 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.9 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Memory: 16 GB MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 10.2.1Drucilia4 2d
2d MacBook Air no longer good I used my late 2013 MacBook Air to play wow in bed (back problems so can’t sit at my desk for long hours). But since the Pre-Patch, it’s all blurry (the bags, UI and loading screens are clear) and no longer runs the game smoothly. I was thinking of buying a MacBook Pro 13 inch with the i7 core. Is that a good enough machine to run the game for a few years?Livara8 2d
2d in game voice chat not working is anyone else having problems with the new BFA voice chat? my friend and i are trying to figure out why my computer only has "invalid device" in the drop down menus for the "output device" and "microphone device." he's on a windows machine and seems to be able to use the voice chat fine. he also has the little headphone icon next to our party in the voice chat channels window, and i do not.Erisani6 2d
2d Launcher continually updating Hey all, Since last patch - my launcher has been continually wanting to update the game client. Updates fine, client plays fine. As soon as I exit, the 'PLAY' button switches to 'UPDATE'. Rinse, lather, repeat. I've reset all UI options I've scanned the game files I've rebooted It's really an annoyance at this stage, as it doesn't actually affect game play, other than causing a 45-60 delay in launching, since it has to download patch data, manifests, etc to determine that hey, it's already patched. More than anything, I just wanted to get some visibility to the problem, and if anyone has a workaround/fix I'm all ears.Pyanfir2 2d
2d Starting the game, UGH! Eeesh. The latest twist on playing WoW... I launch the launcher (battlenet app). Says I need to update. Click it, wait a bit THEN I see it asking for admin permission. Once I give it, THEN I get a PLAY button. Happens every single time. Seriously annoying. PLUS one of the consequences of disabling fullscreen mode is that my load screens now take noticably longer than they did... on Monday.Brightbrown1 2d
2d FPS low since patch so since patch my games been having odd with the fps Idk how to fix it, I use to been on good setting now to play normal in dal I have to play on fair I would like to know what setting can I use to get the best out of wow with the spec I have. hear the spec of my Mac my wow setting let me know what other info you need please hear the new one setting but the fans keep kicking up and yesterday they was not this loud at all now as soon as I turn on the game there loud 2d
2d Battle.Net installer corrupted? I had to reboot my Mac the other night and the Battle.Net app was hung, so I did a force quit. Now it's stuck in some sort of "trying to update/finalize" and fail loop. I get an error taking me to this page I've tried everything there, the Scan and Repair option fails, citing the same error as above, thus sending me in a complete circle now. Is there an easy way to delete the Battle.Net app without screwing up my Warcraft install? How would I go about downloading just the Battle.Net app again?Captarcher2 2d
2d My graphics card is supported-can't update? I have a late 2015 27" iMac Retina with an AMD Radeon R9 M385 graphics card. I have been to AMD's website, and gone through the process to try and update my drivers, but when it comes time to select my OS, none of the options are Mac-based. Further research has shown that Mac users have Metal (or Metal 2) instead of DirectX 12, which is actually what the forums were recommending for update yesterday. I have spent countless hours on Google and other various websites trying to sort out how to obtain Metal 2, but the best I can find is the information page about Metal 2 - not how to actually get it. Has anyone else dealt with this? If you have, can you help me out with the upgrade process? Prior to the patch, I was running approx 65-75 FPS, and now I'm at 20... max. It's usually down in the 12-15 range, and my graphics settings are dumbed down way further than they were when I was running the higher numbers, Also, my card falls within the range of minimum/recommended, so I know the card itself is still supported by WoW. Thanks, and sorry for the long post.Florelais9 2d
2d Framerate Issues related to Graphics API (?) So my framerates are way down, from 30-60 average before the prepatch to 10-30 average now. Granted, I am playing on a Macbook Pro, but it has a GT 750M in it. I noticed that the game was defaulting to the Integrated graphics, and choosing the GT card as the default helped a bit. I'm not fully versed in APIs when it comes to Mac vs Windows, but Metal is the only API option I have listed in my advanced settings, I assume because I'm running on a Mac (?). I guess the question I have is: Are there any settings or updates I can make that will improve efficiency in the game right now? Is anyone else seeing their framerates as low as mine? And, would I be better off uninstalling from my Mac side and playing on my Bootcamp (Windows 10) drive?Nerfherder16 2d
2d Black out secondary monitor when full screen Hi there, I just recently removed my set gxapi "OpenGL", and since noticed my secondary monitor no longer goes black when going to full screen. I've come to notice how distracting this is. Is it possible for me to get it to black out again, via wow setting or any other options? Thanks, -nuxNux10 2d
2d Brand new 2018 MacBook pro FPS spikes This is a little ridiculous...I have a brand new 2018 MacBook Pro with specs that exceed the recommended specs to run the game and My frame rates randomly drop 2-5 minutes into playing to the point where the game is unplayable. I’m aware that Macintosh isn’t a gaming computer, but i don’t use it just for gaming. I should still be able to play the game on it, though. Does anyone know the exact problem for Mac Users having so much trouble with frame rates? I have tried everything in the threads i have looked through, nothing is working. It’s a $3,000 dollar computer and the fact that my older Mac book pro ran the game just fine a few weeks ago has me thinking this has something to do with blizzard? Any reply at all would be greatly appreciated. I’d really just like to know what’s going on.Draemarr7 2d
2d MacPro 3.1, High Sierra, BFA Instant Crash I know this is an unsupported Mac in all technicality. However with a flashed Graphics Card and a High Sierra upgrade patch, High Sierra functions 99% of the time on this machine. The new Battle for Azeroth beta client will instantly crash. The cause is to instruction set issue on the CPU -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crashed Thread -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Inspector.Assertion:> Thread 0x00000307 [Stack Base: 0x00000000efc00000 Used Space: 2384/8388608 bytes] 0 0x00000001003107E8 "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 1 0x00000001004041A2 "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 2 0x0000000100409C59 "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 3 0x0000000100D62B32 "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 4 0x0000000100D3F67C "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 5 0x0000000100D3F59F "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 6 0x000000010000A78A "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 7 0x000000010021BABE "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 8 0x000000010021CC8E "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 9 0x0000000100021A8D "com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft" 10 0x00007FFF74C7F015 "libdyld.dylib" start + 1 <:Inspector.Assertion> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assertion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exception Raised! App: /Users/<.myusername>/Games/Mac Computer Games/World of Warcraft Beta/World of Warcraft Error Code: 0x85100086 Exception: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION Description: EXC_I386_INVOP My guess is the binary is only being compiled for more modern chipsets. Although this machine continues to run optimally for current Legion content. I know we are in the minority, but it would be hopeful a workaround could be made for this issue if it is related to chipset usage. These machines are still very capable for World of Warcraft usage. If Blizzard chooses to bump requirements I agree, but I still would be hopeful to be able to still run the binary even with performance loss because of more modern requirements. First as a PSA, I wanted to know if Mac Pro users in the 3.1 and 4.1 Gen who used a High Sierra Patcher are running into this issue. Second is there a better way to report this so it can get noticed as the error code is definitely very specific. For conditions of the environment, note I had an older Beta install from Legion that I previously patched. However due to issues with the instant crash I reinstalled the Beta Client from scratch and ran into the same issue.Jareff7 2d
2d Still unable to purchase anything... Still unable to purchase anything from the in-game store. This is getting kind of frustrating.Nurec1 2d
2d BlackMagic eGPU running WoW My BlackMagic eGPU arrived today! With the arrival of WoW 8.0, thought it would be good to post what my experience has been like. First, being able to plug-in the eGPU, plugin the LG UltraFine 5K monitor, and for it to just work, is great. For WoW, the default Graphics Quality settings seem to default to a 5 with the eGPU plugged in. I did hit the "Recommend" button to reset everything just to make sure that was correct, as the built in R460 in my MBP also defaults to 5. I have been playing around with the settings a little bit, playing in the new "Full Screen (windowed)" mode, I feel like I can set the Graphic Quality settings to 7, and keep the new Resolution Scale at 100% (5120x2880/5K). I get 35-45FPS in Org, 55-60FPS outside of cites. I must say the game looks amazing in 5K! Clearly you can lower the Resolution Scale, and increase the Graphics Quality, but I feel like everything gets very blurry if you do that. Not sure if anyone has a recommendation on some type of happy medium. What is interesting is that under the Advance options > Graphic Card > you can actually see all the GPU's the machine has. In my case, Intel 530, R460, and the R580. What I am curious about, does WoW support eGPU on the main display, or only the external display? I think I read somewhere that with Metal it is up to the developer to support it or not. But i could be completely wrong. My current setup is: OS: 10.13.6 Mac: 2016 15" MacBook Pro TouchBar CPU: 2.9 i7 Ram: 16GB GPU: Radeon Pro 460 4GBGurukaos6 2d