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Dec 14 macOS 10.12.3 Available Hey all! This OS update from Apple includes some graphics driver fixes for Intel Macs, and additional performance improvements and bug fixes for Metal. This update can be applied through the App Store: 1. Launch the App Store from your dock, or by clicking the Apple menu and selecting App Store. 2. Select the Updates tab. 3. Click Update next to macOS 10.12.3 Update 10.12.3 Your Mac will begin installing the update, and will restart once the download has completed. You can also download directly through Apple's Support Site, or by performing a Combo Update.Glaxigrav0 Dec 14
Oct 1, 2012 Welcome to Mac Technical Support This forum exists to provide World of Warcraft customers with a place to discuss Mac technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. While Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum, it is not meant as a place to resolve complex issues, due to the nature of forums. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we highly recommend contacting us through other means. We have many self-help solutions that can address certain issues without needing to speak with us directly via phone. For these issues, the website will help you locate these solutions and other helpful resources to address your questions. Please see our Customer Support Contact page for details. If you need to submit a ticket, that option will be presented. These changes to help us serve you in the easiest, most effective way possible. Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Mac Technical Support forum. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines below. As a reminder, the Mac Technical Support forum is not an alternative to the a support site ticket, telephone, or in-game petition queues. To request assistance, please contact our customer service staff directly. Oct 1, 2012
Feb 17 WoW Performance Guide For Macs - Legion The World of Warcraft Performance Guide For Macs - Legion - Updated 07/20/2016 Introduction The Burning Legion has once again launched an invasion campaign upon Azeroth, and it’s up to us to save the world!… Again. How many times have we done this? I’ve lost track. Nevertheless, the burden falls on us and we must do our part to protect those weaker than ourselves. And to do that, we need to make sure that our tools and equipment are up to the task. I started this guide way back in 2006 back when the Burning Crusade first threatened Azeroth. For over 10 years I’ve maintained it and tried to keep it relevant to both the players and ever changing state of the game, and I hope I’ve served all of you well. With the new expansion comes a new revision of the guide, and I hope you find it more useful than ever. Current Conditions of an Evolving Game I’ll level with you, things are not great right now for Mac users hoping to play World of Warcraft. Legion is a much larger step up in graphic fidelity than we’ve seen in past jumps from expansion to expansion, and that combined with the fact that Apple hasn’t updated either of it’s desktop or laptop lines with strong hardware offerings much at all in the last couple years (thanks to manufacturing delays on the parts of hardware vendors like Intel, AMD, and nVidia across the board) means that we’re in for a bit of a rough ride. I typically like to set 60fps as the standard for playable gameplay. But Apple loves to pair very high resolution “4k and 5k Retina” screens with integrated and mobile graphics chipsets, and AMD’s offerings, which is what Apple’s been sticking with lately, are particularly weak compared to nVidia’s current offerings. Long story short, Apple simply isn’t giving us the hardware needed to play games at the screen’s native resolution. If you’re dead set on playing WoW on your Mac, it won’t be at max settings, period. At this time, I genuinely cannot recommend any Mac model that will play the game respectably at max settings and at native resolutions. As a long time Mac user myself, it pains me to have to concede that point. But Apple has finally forced my hand. To play the game at 60fps at 4k or 5k, you need a graphics card close to an nVidia GTX 1070, and Apple’s graphics offerings aren’t anywhere near that. Thus, to play WoW at a reasonable frame rate, we must lower the in-game resolution to something closer to 1920x1080 or 2560x1440. At these resolutions, 60fps gaming is much more attainable. On a brighter note though, Legion brings with it the first major change in graphical rendering that we’ve seen since the game’s launch. I’ll try to spare you from as much technical jargon as I can, but OpenGL is the graphics rendering API that all games on Mac OS X have used since the beginning. But Apple introduced a brand new API called “Metal” a few years ago, and WoW’s Legion expansion marks one of, if not the first, major games to adopt it. OpenGL is out, Metal is in. In short, Metal takes away a lot of the cruft and middleware between the game and the computer hardware itself. The game has much more direct access to your hardware, and theoretically should perform much better on existing hardware than it would have on OpenGL. In practice, we’re seeing only minor gains, but that should improve as more game developers get used to using Metal. Behind the scenes, the major paradigm shift is the transfer of the burden from the graphics drivers developers to game developers. With Metal, it’ll be up to the game developers to squeeze performance out of their games. Going forward, we won’t be as reliant on updated graphics drivers to provide that function anymore. For those of you on Macs too old to support Metal, Blizzard is still offering OpenGL 3.2 as a setting in Legion, but preliminary tests on the PTR are showing it to be progressively slower than in the past due to Legion’s new graphics and Apple’s continuing neglect of supporting OpenGL. Current End Game 25-Man Raid Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11.5 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 or higher 16GB of System Memory AMD Radeon 370X or Intel Iris Pro 6200 or better Expect an average of 30fps on similar machines at minimum settings. Note that this is the estimated minimum requirements for a 25-man raid in Legion, and not the minimum requirements listed on the box, which was balanced around solo-play. Raids have noticeably higher requirements than questing around the Barrens by yourself. Limiting the in-game frame rate to 30 or 60fps will help keep your Mac cool and prevent overheating. The MacBooks and Macbook Pros especially tend to run a little bit hot being in that nice tiny form factor. To limit the frame rate, type in the following into the standard WoW chat box while playing the game. /console maxfps 60 "60" being the value of whatever number you want to cap it at. My Expectations From this point on, this guide will assume the following: 1. You have at LEAST 8GB of RAM in your computer, 16GB is preferred. 2. You have all of the latest updates for your version of OS X. 3. Your hardware meets the system requirements to run World of Warcraft: Legion. 4. You haven’t turned into The Incredible Hulk and smashed your computer to smithereens. The Settings A Precursory Note As mentioned above, Legion represents the largest graphical leap from one expansion to the next that WoW has ever received. There are now three whole settings above what we knew as “Ultra” in WoD, and the draw distance, one of the heaviest single settings for performance, is now 3 times what it was. On the overall “Graphics Quality” meter on the main graphics options menu, “7” was Ultra in WoD. So if you want to keep the same performance going forward into Legion, set it to 7. Not 10. Also of note in what is probably the best news in this whole guide, users with Macs new enough to run the Metal API finally have MSAA back! YAY! The Settings: Explained World of Warcraft: Legion brought a lot of changes to the UI and graphics options in the game, so let's go over them... One at a time. Graphics > Display Display Mode: This lets you choose between running the game within a window on the desktop, or to run the game at fullscreen. Windowed (Fullscreen) lets some of OS X's systemwide functions, like Mission Control's Expose features or keyboard shortcuts to remain active without WoW's keybindings superseding them. Though there’s been a longstanding bug with Windowed (Fullscreen) that can seriously affect performance on most Macs. Setting it to true "Fullscreen" may drastically increase performance, depending on the bug. Resolution: Resolution has one of the highest impacts on game performance. Lowering the resolution will drastically improve the performance of the game's frame rate and lessen the load on your GPU, but it will look noticeably more pixelated, blocky, and blurry. However, one of our resident MVP's on the Mac Forums, Tiapriestess, has provided Retina Mac users a way to scale the game down to resolutions the Mac's GPU can more easily handle without the UI HUD icons scaling with it: The resolution setting lets you lower the game's resolution to a fraction of your screen's native resolution, which is usually the highest shown option. Note that recent version of WoW have limited the list of options to mirror the actual aspect ratio of your display. So if you have a 1980x1080p screen which has an aspect ratio of 16:9, all of the optional resolutions will be of the same aspect ratio. You can use Tia's advice in the above link to bypass this restriction. Refresh Rate: Sets the game to match your display's refresh rate, the rate at which the computer's monitor can refresh the images on the display. In most cases, at least on Macs, this will be locked at 60Hz. Note that for most intents and purposes, 60Hz can directly be interpreted as 60fps, so unless you make a point to go out and buy an external monitor capable of 120Hz+, you're literally wasting power if the game's running at higher than 60fps. As the screen itself can't display anything higher than its max refresh rate. So if you're getting 80fps in your game on a 60Hz monitor, you're not seeing that extra 20fps. The screen is incapable of displaying it fast enough, regardless of how fast the rest of your computer is. Monitor: Let's you select which monitor WoW is defaulted to display on, in the event that you have multiple monitors set up. Anti-Aliasing: As the in-game tool-tip says, it is a graphics filter used to smooth out jagged edges. In general, the severity of visible jagged edges changes drastically depending on the game and the graphics engine used to display it. The different types of AA listed are shown in order from the least taxing/worst quality to the most taxing/best quality, from top to bottom. Describing each type of AA goes beyond the scope of this guide, but suffice it to say, MSAA is generally the best compromise between quality and performance. FXAA is a sort of lens filter that overlays the entire screen after the game has already been rendered, and acts as a post-render effect, blurring everything including the UI elements like action bars. MSAA is added during the rendering of each frame, and only smooths out the edges of textures. SSAA is an extremely taxing method of AA that renders the AA at a much higher resolution, then downscales it to match your game’s current resolution. It’s by far the best type of AA, but it kills most graphics cards. For more info on the types of AA, go here: Moderate to High performance impact. Use MSAA for best balance. Vertical Sync: Vertical Sync aims to reduce the amount of "screen tearing" that occurs when the game's frame rate drops out of sync with the monitor's refresh rate. The result is a more fluid image at all times. The trade off is that it does this by limiting the game's frame rate to a multiple fraction of the screen's refresh rate. So if you have a 60Hz monitor, and the game's running at 60fps, but drops below 60fps for whatever reason, V-Sync will instantly drop the game's frame rate down to 30fps to avoid screen tearing, as opposed to 59fps. This can sometimes throw players off if they're not expecting the sudden drop and jitteriness in motion animation. Use whatever your eyes are most comfortable looking at. Graphics > Textures Texture Resolution: Changes the sharpness of the in-game textures like flooring, player armor, NPC skins, etc etc. Setting this higher doesn't require much more raw processing power from your GPU, but it does require more video memory, or VRAM. So if two video cards had 256MB of VRAM, and another had 4GB of VRAM, but the video cards were otherwise completely identical, the 4GB card would be able to load much higher resolution textures with zero performance loss because it can simply hold more in it’s memory. Think of VRAM as your video card’’s stamina. Trying to load textures on a card that doesn't have the VRAM for it will force the card to keep switching out textures in order to display them, and will generally cause the game to stutter as you move and pan the camera as it tries to load the textures it needs. Performance based directly on the amount of video memory your video card has. Texture Filtering: A filter used to enhance the sharpness of textures, as opposed to just the edges. Lowering this will increase performance, but very few modern GPUs have trouble with 16x TF anymore. Minimal performance impact. Projected Textures: This enables the projection of certain textures, like spell effects, onto the game's terrain and other object surfaces. Turning this off can drastically improve performance, especially on mobile GPUs where pipeline bandwidth (The GPU's ability to process multiple instructions to and from the CPU at once) is limited. Moderate to high performance impact. Graphics > Environment View Distance: Increases and decreases the point at which distant objects change from being flat decals to rendered, textured objects. This has a profound impact on game performance, especially in newer zones from more recent expansions, where the game's textures are much higher resolution than older zones. This uses both raw GPU power and VRAM. The higher the setting, the more the GPU has to render at once. High to extreme performance impact. Environmental Detail: Essentially View Distance for grass. Changes the distance at which grass and other minor ground objects, like pebbles, are rendered. AMD video cards are less affected by this setting than nVidia cards are. nVidia cards have a harder time with it. Minimal to Moderate performance impact, depending on video card. Ground Clutter: Changes the density of ground clutter, like grass and pebbles. The higher the setting, the denser the grass. Like Environmental Detail, nVidia cards have a harder time with it than AMD cards. Mild to Moderate performance impact. Graphics > Effects Note: Some of the following effects may be disabled completely on some lower end graphics hardware. Shadow Quality: Changes the amount of shadows rendered in the game, as well as how many layers of shadows are allowed to stack on one another. This can have a dramatic affect on performance. And in fact, Shadows has been bugged in WoW for years. High and Ultra shadows are a LOT more demanding than they should be. I personally recommend keeping Shadows to "good" on all but the highest end systems. High performance impact. Liquid Detail: Changes the water effects in the game. Low uses the old water maps from Classic WoW, while Fair and higher use the new liquid maps from Cataclysm onwards. Again, High and Ultra have a pretty large impact on game performance, especially on lower end cards. I'd keep this on "Good" unless you have a higher end Mac. Moderate to High performance impact. Sunshafts: Changes the sun's ability to shine down on objects. Again, this setting is currently bugged, and requires a lot more power to run than it really should. Keep this on "Good" or lower. Moderate to High performance impact. Particle Density: Changes the density of spells and effects. For example, on Low, a Mage's Blizzard spell might drop 20 icicles. But on Ultra, the same spell will drop 100. This setting has the most impact in raids where lots of players are casting many spells at once. If you're in a raid and suddenly need to lower your settings, this is a good one to start with. Moderate to High performance impact, depending on situation. SSAO: SSAO, or Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion is an algorithm that approximates ambient lighting. Most noticeable indoors. Higher settings add more ambient lights, and render existing ones more accurately. As with Sunshafts, SSAO is somewhat bugged, and requires more power than it should. Moderate to High performance impact. Depth Effects Controls the depth of certain particle effects Moderate performance impact. Lighting Quality Changes how accurate lighting effects are rendered, and the quality of the effect. Moderate performance impact. Outline Mode Adds colored outlines around NPCs and players alike based on faction reputation. Moderate performance impact. Advanced The advanced tab in the system setting menu has one setting that absolutely needs to be addressed. Render Scale Also known as DSR or super sampling, render scaling is basically the “internal resolution” of the game. Setting this to 200% will literally render the game at 200% of the game’s current resolution, and then downscale it to match. Gamers with extremely high end gaming rigs like to crank this up as a form of AA to help smooth out textures and generally make the game look better, but this has by far the single biggest impact on the performance of the game. If you’re on a 4k iMac and set this to 200%, you’re essentially running the game at 8k resolution. So unless you’ve somehow modified your mac to have industrial grade GPUs, leave this at 100%. You can even decrease below 100% it if you want a little more performance out of the game at the cost of graphical fidelity. Extreme performance impact. Epilogue Well there we have it folks. The complete updated guide for World of Warcraft: Legion. I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. See you in the invasion! 3-B. Past Changes - 07/20/16: Major rewrite for Legion. - 10/23/14: Total revamp for WoD in light of new Retina Macs. - 10/17/13: Changed the format of the guide completely. - 03/21/12: Added Late 2011 Mac Models, updated to represent 64-bit performance. - 04/22/11: Added Late 2010 Macbook Air, notes on integrated graphics. - 12/14/10: Updated for Cataclysm, lowering some settings to accommodate slow performance. - 10/14/10: Revamped settings for new graphics interface. Removed older Mac Models. - 04/28/10: Added newest Mac models, revamped settings to uniform 60fps across all models. - 02/12/10: Revised, condensed, and corrected small typos. - 12/01/09: Added Snow Leopard and newest Mac models. Removed PowerPC Macs. - 04/21/09: Updated settings to match the new scheme in patch 3.1. - 03/13/09: Added early 2009 Mac models. - 11/20/08: Updated new information after Wrath of The Lich King launched. - 10/08/08: Complete & utter overhaul in preparation for WoTLK. - 03/30/08: Updated findings for patch 2.4. - 02/13/08: Added details concerning the OS X 10.5.2 Leopard Graphics Update. - 02/07/08: Included PowerPC G4, G5, and newest Core 2 models.Stoneblade337 Feb 17
Feb 20 Temporary Workaround for Resolution Issues 5.3 seems to have created some issues with regard to resolutions, especially for Retina MBP owners. There is a workaround that will allow the player to use a specific resolution for WoW while also keeping the 1080p capability that has regressed in this patch. Below are the instructions for how to accomplish this: Open the Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/ ) and enter the following line, followed by the Enter key: defaults write com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft DesktopModeIsDefault 1 Once entered World of Warcraft can use your current desktop resolution as if it were the native resolution. In order for this to work, you must first set your desktop resolution to whatever you want World of Warcraft to run at, and then launch World of Warcraft. To revert your preference file, issue the following command in Terminal: defaults delete com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft DesktopModeIsDefault You should make a backup of this file before attempting this, just in case. The file is located here: ~/Library/Preferences/com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft.plist To access the ~/Library folder, while in the Finder hold down the Option key and select the Go menu. You should see a "Library" entry - that is the ~/Library folder. This option is hidden until you hold down the Option key with that menu open. This will allow you to use whatever resolution for World of Warcraft you choose like you used to without the added distortion/UI offsets caused by the non-standard resolutions that are now hard-coded into the game. Warning: Using this method will also cause the desktop resolution to be at whatever you chose before you launched World of Warcraft. You cannot increase the resolution from outside of World of Warcraft and then re-enter the game's fullscreen mode, as this will improperly set World of Warcraft to the new desktop resolution. It is a tradeoff, but as long as you do not exit fullscreen mode it should suit your needs in-game.Tiapriestess52 Feb 20
Feb 9 Default Graphics Settings(Updated for Legion) In case you wonder which Mac can run which settings, I compiled a list of all video cards. This list is for a resolution of 1920x1080. Quality 7 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M AMD Radeon HD 6950 AMD Radeon HD 6970 AMD Radeon HD 7950 AMD Radeon HD FirePro D300 AMD Radeon HD FirePro D500 AMD Radeon HD FirePro D700 AMD Radeon R9 M295X AMD Radeon R9 M390 AMD Radeon R9 M395 AMD Radeon R9 M395X Quality 6 AMD Radeon HD 5870 Quality 5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX NVIDIA Quadro 4000 AMD Radeon R9 M290X AMD Radeon R9 M370X AMD Radeon R9 M380 Quality 4 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M ATI Radeon HD 4850 ATI Radeon HD 4870 AMD Radeon HD 5750 AMD Radeon HD 5770 AMD Radeon HD 5670 AMD Radeon HD 6770 Intel Iris Pro Intel Iris Pro 6200 Quality 3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M AMD Radeon HD 6750 Intel HD Graphics 5000 Intel HD Graphics 6000 Intel HD Graphics 6100 Intel Iris Below min spec * NVIDIA GeForce 8600M NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT NVIDIA GeForce 9400M NVIDIA GeForce 9400 NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 NVIDIA GeForce 320M NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 ATI Radeon HD2400M ATI Radeon HD2600 ATI Radeon HD 3870 ATI Radeon HD 4670 AMD Radeon HD 6490M Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HD Graphics 4000 Intel HD Graphics 5300 Intel HD Graphics 515 UNSUPPORTED NVIDIA GeForce 7300 NVIDIA GeForce 7600 NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 ATI Radeon X1300 ATI Radeon X1600M ATI Radeon X1900 Intel GMA 950 Intel GMA X3100 *Note: These cards might still work but you may find them too slow to enjoy the game.S4d1k122 Feb 9
Mar 8 Low FPS in Windowed (Fullscreen) Mode We're aware of an OS bug where running some games in Fullscreen (Windowed) mode an cause a severe drop in FPS in-game. We anticipate this is addressed in the next OSX build. In the meantime, there are two different workarounds that may help! 1. Running the game in Fullscreen Running the game in fullscreen should not have the FPS degradation above. This does limit some functionality, such as ease of tabbing out of game without redrawing your desktop and Applications. 2. Minimize all background windows using Flash (including App) Flash applications drawn behind a Windowed (Fullscreen) application cause FPS loss. The Desktop App uses Flash elements as well, so minimizing this on launch can help. 1. Open the App > Settings. 2. On the General Tab, locate the When I launch a Game dropdown. 3. Select Close the Window 4. Click Done to finalize your changes.Glaxigrav0 Mar 8
Sep 21 Graphical issues with Intel Iris 6000 Series Mac users on OS versions prior to 10.12 Sierra with the Intel Iris 6000 Series graphic cards may encounter screen tearing and other graphical anomalies in World of Warcraft when the Graphics API is set to Metal. A previous work-around was to change the Graphics API to OpenGL. This should no longer be necessary; as seen below, please update to OS 10.12 Sierra to resolve the issue! If you previously changed the Graphics API to OpenGL, you can switch back to Metal via the following: From the in-game menu, choose System Click Advanced Change the Graphics API to Metal Restart the gameJagowoshi1 Sep 21
Feb 15 Loading screen super slow. Before 7.1 my load screen was almost instant. After the patch my loading screen goes about 1/10, stops, then finished about 5 seconds later. It isn't terribly long, but it is somewhat of an annoyance.Abusin109 Feb 15
Feb 13 New Nvidia Driver Third party post on driver improvements Nvidia Blog post about driver: It saw massive boosts on many newer nvidia hardware, mostly stuff you'd only find in mac pros and hackintosh. However, nvidia has also enabled (for first time) this version of driver to install on imacs and macbook pros without needing to modify installer. Also, these drivers safely do NOT touch built in and out of date driver in OS X, they install along side it, with a control panel that lets you switch between the current 346 driver, and the over year old 310 drivers. You definitely want to be using the 346 driver :) The driver is for ANY nvidia GPU even if it's not listed on the driver download page. Performance gains will be seen across almost all nvidia hardware over OS X stock driver. Especially 600-700-900 series. if you use AMD based graphics don't bother with update. However, if you do have a nvidia gpu mac, you should definitely install this 10.9.5 Driver Direct Download (Updated 09-12-16) 10.10.5 Driver Direct Download (Updated 09-12-16) 10.11.6 Driver Direct Download (Updated 01-25-17): 10.12.3 (Updated 01-25-17) Feb 13
Sep 20 Mac OS Sierra 10.12 Now Available Apple has released their newest OS Update, 10.12. Patch notes for this release can be found on Apple's website. Both for system security and game performance, we recommend keeping your Operating System up to date, especially those using Intel GPUs and Metal.Eloemaz0 Sep 20
Apr 6, 2015 Red/Incompatible Realms Unavailable Hi everyone! We have recently released a small patch which may result in players seeing the above error. To ensure that you have picked up these changes, please make sure to launch through the Desktop Application (already installed as the World of Warcraft launcher). If your download does not begin automatically, there are a few steps we can take: Check for Downloads manually. With the WoW tab open in, select Options > Check for Updates Restart the Application Ensure Agent is closed. Close out the Desktop Application Open your Activity Monitor Look for Agent and hit QuitProcess if present. Reopen the Desktop Application and allow it to update Run the Scan and Repair tool. If the issue continues or does not download, please create a new topic with the attempted steps and we'll attempt to assist! To confirm if you have the most recent game build (which realms will show available), you should see Version in-game during the login process.Glaxigrav0 Apr 6, 2015
11h Game is broken.....again.... So we just got through load screen hell after 3 months, now I'm getting random disconnects every 2-3 mins where even battle.!@#$ won't load or log in screen hangs like a rotted %^-*!@#$. Seems every time I want to relax and just have a game of WOW I totally get my moneys worth by getting %^-*ed out of it due to crappy servers or patches this expansion.Culto0 11h
21h New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar So...anyone using the new touch bar and if so what is it like with the touch bar in place of functions keys? I am on the verge of ordering but would love to hear from an actual user.Blueridge12 21h
23h High latency since last patch. Every since 7.1.5 or so, the game has been essentially unplayable for anything other than quick fights. when i first log in the latency is around 50-100, then after a few minutes jumps up to around 1200 or more. Loading screens are taking forever, sometimes on the zeppelin, it will reach the destination and head back before the game loads. I'd get kicked out of dungeons for lagging out, get kicked for being afk while the screen loads, it's no fun like this. Calling Blizz tech support got me graphics card shamed. It felt like they were looking for the shortest way to get me off of the phone. (it's below minimum Intel HD 4000 with 1.5Gb Shared memory- but handed the game on Low at 30-60 fps without issue.) They said "That's your problem, buy a new computer." I decided to quit playing instead. it's only been 12 years. From everything i could find online, the graphics card has nothing to do with latency. And looking through the forums at all the newer machines with much stronger cards having similar issues, I doubt highly that it's related to the graphics card at all. I disabled all add ons Reset WTF, Interface, & Cache Ran the repair on the game files Updated to Sierra (reluctantly) And tech support was useless. Nothing has workedAltryn1 23h
1d Significant FPS drop after restarting game So last night I was playing for several hours and had no performance issues. Game was running between 40 and 60fps which is my norm on my late-2013 MacBook Pro (GeForce GT 750 GPU with 2gb) with almost max settings at retina resolution. This morning when I went to play I was getting about 15 fps, jumping up to ~22 when indoors. I had this happen once before and resolved it by deleting the cache/interface/WTF folders, so naturally that's the first thing I tried this time. It worked like a charm... once I logged back into the game I was back at my typical frame rates. Problem I'm having now is if I exit the game and reload it, my FPS bombs back to 15 again. Deleting the above folders fixes the issues for the first load of the game, but seems I have to do it every time now! Clearly not cool! Has anyone else encountered this and more importantly, has anyone found a fix? I'm wondering if I'm not setting my graphics settings the same way I used to. Does anyone know which graphics settings require a game restart to take effect? Thanks in advanceNeedwiddle0 1d
2d Blizzard/ Cache folder issue For the last few weeks when I launch on any of my Macs a Blizzard/ folder is being created in my home directory. Seems to me this folder should be being created in my $HOME/Library folder. I do not want a Blizzard folder being created at the top of my home directory. Why is it suddenly doing this and how do I make it stop? Thanks!Bermý6 2d
2d Steelseries WoW Legendary Mouse not working The mouse software is not finding my toons on the armory and will not change the settings on the mouse at all, has anyone else had this issue and got a resolution. I opened a ticket with steelseries and it has been weeks with horrific responses for something that should be an easy answer. I had one but just got a new Mac and I LOVE it, but my "Mac Compatable" mouse isn't working right. I got the keybinds all set now but it doesn't work the same as with the software aka if I am over a menu button when I hit any mouse key it registers as a normal mouse click on that button and not the correct one it should hit.Marantz35 2d
2d Mouselook not locking cursor I remembered this being the case previously, and just recently came back to the game only to discover that while mouselooking, my cursor still moves in the background (despite being invisible). Ultimately it means when my cursor hits the edge of the screen (even invisible), I stop turning and cannot turn further, which is rather frustrating when I have plenty of mousepad left to work with, or if the mouse goes off one screen into my second monitor and I end up clicking outside the game window. This doesn't happen on the Windows machine I have and I don't remember it happening previously on OS X, so I'm wondering if there's a setting somewhere that isn't correct or if there's been a change that breaks the cursor lock functionality.Gribble5 2d
3d Mini map issue 2014, 27-inch, 5K Retina Mac running macOS 10.12.3. Looks like Blizzard fixed an issue where the mini map would go all red when switching from full-screen to windowed BUT now quadrants (upper right-hand and lower left) of the mini map are red instead. since the artifacts persist even after returning to the previous res, only workaround for now is increasing and then decreasing the mini map resolution. Everything else works fine, but the patches of solid red are distracting. Is this unique to me (failing h/w?) or do others see the same thing or similar? Thanks.Shmendrik1 3d
4d The WoW Movie Recording Guide For Macs The WoW Movie Recording Guide For Macs Table of Contents 1. Introduction - 1-A. What Is Movie Recording? - 1-B. How Do I Record Movies? 2. The Settings - 2-A. What Setting Affects What? - 2-B. Why Does The Recording Stop Prematurely? - 2-C. How To Set Up Before Recording. 3. Post-Editing - 3-A. I've Recorded The Movie. Now What? - 3-B. Recommended Additional Software. 1. Introduction Hello and welcome to the World of Warcraft Movie Recording Guide for Macs! If you're reading this, chances are you're interested in setting up your Mac to be able to record your runs through the various raids and dungeons in WoW. And with the information in this guide under your belt, you'll be much more prepared to do so. You will find the Movie Recording section within the "Mac Options" button on the game's "Options" menu. You can reach this by pressing the ESC key while playing. 1-A. What Is Movie Recording? The Mac version of World of Warcraft can use the Apple Quicktime frameworks built into Mac OS X to actually record the screen while you play. It can even record the mouse, the UI (including your addons), and the game's sound. It cannot however record external apps like iTunes or Vent. 1-B. How Do I Record Movies? Starting a recording without changing any settings in advance is simple. To start a recording, just hit: Start/Stop Recording: CTRL + [ Press it again to stop the recording. If you have the option "Compress After Recording" disabled, you'll want to press the following to compress the movie into a video you can watch once WoW is closed. Start Compression: CTRL + ] Once compressed, you'll find the movie in your "Applications>World of Warcraft>Movies" folder. 2. The Settings Within "Mac Options" in the Main Options Menu, there are a number of settings you'll want to be aware of: 2-A. What Settings Affect What? 1. Resolution This sets the overall size of the movie you record. This does NOT change your game's resolution while recording. It's simply the resolution of the movie file. Note that you cannot set this higher than what you are currently running. This will also be the biggest contributing factor to the actual recording process performance, and the file size in terms of MB and GB the resulting movie file will be once compressed. 2. Framerate This limits the game's actual playing framerate of what the movie will be. It is the second largest factor in actual recording performance and filesize of the finished movie file. For comparison's sake, all American and Japanese TV shows and movies are recorded in the NTSC format at 29.97fps. European and Australian TV shows and movies are formatted in PAL, using 23.98fps. Thus the European movies skip more frames, and appear to run faster than American versions of the same movies when run side-by-side. You can set the recoding framerate higher, but there's little need to do so. 3. Compression The format in which your movie will compress into after recording. H.264: Also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, is the generally accepted format for most all HDTV content out there today. It offers a good balance between quality and filesize. Use this for the best compromise between compatibility with various media devices and picture quality if you don't plan to do much post-editing. Motion JPEG: An odd filetype. It's an old format with poor quality but tiny filesize. It was mostly used for most of the FMV's of older Playstation games like Final Fantasy VII. In more recent times, it is supported on the Apple TV at 35mb/sec at 720p. Not recommended for wide-scale compatibility. Apple Intermediate Codec: Yet another format used almost exclusively by Apple. This is the best format to use if you plan to be doing a lot of post-editing with Apple's own video editing tools like Final Cut Pro after compression. AIC is by far the largest format, but like its name implies, it's designed as an intermediary format. It is completely uncompressed, and offers the benefit of less CPU crunching within Final Cut for easier editing. Use Final Cut to convert it to your format of choice afterwards. MPEG-4: Or MPEG-4 Part 2, is an older alternative to H.264 with good compatibility. It ends up being a slightly larger filesize and of slightly worse quality, but works on slightly older hardware that doesn't have H.264 support. Keep in mind that no matter what format you choose, the uncompressed movie that's being written while recording is in progress is huge, and will eat up the space on your hard drive fairly quickly. On a 1TB drive, WoW can only record for three or so hours, or less if you have a smaller hard drive, before it completely fills up the drive. At which point your OS X install and precious data may be at risk. For best results, record the movies to an external drive that's not being used by either OS X or WoW. (see "How To Set Up Before Recording") 4. Recording Data Rate The Recording Data Rate is how much data is being read and written to your computer's hard drive while recording. This is the number that the recording resolution and framerate affect the most. 2-A. Why Does The Recording Stop Prematurely? In short, if the recording stops prematurely on its own, it's because you have the setting set too high. The Recording Data Rate is where the speed of your hard drive matters the most. Mac Pro users will have a significant advantage over Macbook or Macbook Pro users even if the they have older machines simply because desktop computers come with faster hard drives. Laptop computers typically come with 5,400rpm or 7,200rpm drives. This is how fast the hard drive spins and reads/writes data. Desktop computers like the Mac Pro use the much faster 10,000rpm or 12,000rpm drives. Your hard drive's speed matters more than your CPU or video card when it comes to recording. If the recording data rate is too high for your hard drive to consistently write with, the recording will stop prematurely. This is most likely the cause of 99.9% of your problems if the recording stops on its own. 5400rpm drives can only handle around 35mb/sec while running WoW. This means that you Macbook (Pro) users cannot record that 1280x720p or 1920x1080p HD film you've been wanting to do. You'll be stuck to recording at something closer to 1024x640. 2-C. How To Set Up Before Recording. Before recording, you'll need to set things up to make the most of what hardware you have. Mac Pro users don't have much to worry about. If you have a relatively new machine with a 10,000rpm hard drive, you can record your WoW recordings at 30fps at 1080p with very few issues. Macbook (Pro) users will have to set their recording settings quite a bit lower simply because of the slower hard drive. Something like 29.97fps at 1024x640. If you don't have a fast hard drive in your Mac desktop, or are using a Macbook (Pro), you can get around the issue of the slow hard drive and the previously mentioned issue of putting your OS X install as risk in the above underlined paragraph by setting up a fast external hard drive and editing WoW's file to change the recording location that WoW writes to. To change the the recording location, go to "Applications>World of Warcraft>WTF", open the "" file in any text editor, like, then add the following line: SET MovieRecordingPath "/Volumes/YourExternalDrive/Folderofchoice" "YourExternalDrive/Folderofchoice" being the name of the drive and the file path of wherever you want to record to. You can get the exact name of your external drive by opening up the "Disk Utility" application, highlighting the drive within the app, and looking at the bottom of the Disk Utility window. Warning: If you start a recording after you have edited the to record to an external drive while the drive itself is not plugged in, or if you typed in the filepath of the drive wrong, WoW will CREATE a HIDDEN folder on the Macintosh HD drive with the file path "Macintosh HD/Volumes/YourExternalDrive/Folderofchoice". You will NOT be able to see this folder unless you open OS X's and type in the command to show hidden files in OS X. So if you are editing to point to an external drive, and you notice that your internal Macintosh HD drive is getting full over time for no reason, you might want to check on that. To make sure this never happens, just set the recording button to something you won't hit on accident while playing with the external drive unplugged. Also, the external drive recording method assumes that you are using a high-speed interface like Thunderbolt, Firewire 800, or eSATA to connect the Mac to the external drive. Thunderbolt being the fastest, followed by Firewire 800, then eSATA, then Firewire 400, then USB 2. If the only options you have to choose between is Firewire 400 and USB 2, choose Firewire 400. USB 2 is fine for short bursts of data, but for continuous writing, USB 2 chokes pretty hard. Firewire was built with long continuous transfers in mind. USB was not. USB 2 writing speeds will actually perform worse than an internal 5400rpm drive in most cases when recording movies to an external drive. Don't use it if you have the option of a Firewire 400 or faster connection. Notice: SSD drives, while fast, are NOT recommended for either installing games or recording videos to. They have a severely limited number of reads and writes when compared to the traditional slower mechanical hard drives. Using SSDs for continuous reading and writing of programs like games with texture caches, or as Photoshop scratch drives grossly cripples the life of the drive. Using them for heavy writing is strongly discouraged. Defraging them is especially harmful to their lifespan. 3. Post-Editing 3-A. I've Recorded the Movie. Now What? So you've hit "stop" on the recording, and are waiting for it to compress. What do you do now? The first step is to type the following into WoW's chatbox: /console maxfps 1 The compression process takes a ton of CPU power to do it's thing, and WoW has to be running for it to do so. But if WoW's eating all the CPU power, that not only slows down the compression, it also significantly heats up your Mac to legitimately dangerous temperatures. Especially in a small enclosure like a Macbook. Limiting the game's framerate as low as it'll go during compression is the first priority. It'll speed up the compression as well as keep your Mac cool. The next step happens after WoW is done compressing the movie file. If you've just recorded a raid run or something similar, you may wish to add your own soundtrack to the movie or edit out a couple wipes. For that, you'll need movie editing software. I'll list some recommended apps in the next section, but for now, let's just assume we're using Apple's own iMovie or Final Cut Pro to edit the movie in post. No matter which format you choose to use before recording, you may notice that the movie file is rather large compared to movies of similar length you may have watched or downloaded off the internet. This is because the movie is significantly higher quality than most people need. You can reduce the size further without a noticeable drop in quality. To reduce the size of your movie, use your movie editing application of choice. 3-B. Recommended Additional Software If you're like me, you just want a quick and easy way to get your new recording on Youtube without much editing. If that's the case I recommend: HandBrake - HandBrake lets you encode and compress most any movie format to whatever you'd like. It even has presets for the more common formats like H.264. Running your movie through HandBrake will compress your 40-man raid video to a much more manageable size with almost zero loss in quality. VLC - VLC is about the best media player on Mac OS X. Coupled with codec libraries, you can get this puppy to do just about anything from playing, decoding, to streaming from its own media server. If your video doesn't play on this thing, you're doing it wrong. Perian - Perian is a video plugin for OS X's existing Quicktime frameworks. This'll basically let you use Quicktime Player to play movies it wouldn't have originally been able to run. This + VLC make a deadly combo. AVI , WMV, Flash, and MKV movies via Quicklook, anyone?Stormtides83 4d
4d Black screen and DC Ever since my power went out one night, my WoW keeps crashing randomly. A black screen pops up and then the game just crashes. I've tried repairing from the launcher. I'm not really sure how to fix this. I am on an iMac running macOS Sierra v10.12.3. I also noticed it might be doing it when i click outta the game or open a web browser. But it is not consistent so I can't tell. Any suggestion would be most appreciated. ThanksAalen2 4d
4d Apple Load screens since 7.1 I run a Apple new computer and ever since 7.1 I run 5 mins load screens and I can't even get into Arenas before the Game Starts it makes the game unplayable from a PVP stand point. Has anyone that owns a Apple found a fix to the long Load screens. 5 mins to load into Malarian 2 to 3 mins Arenas & Battlegrounds Any helpUriél4 4d
6d Is Your Mac Slow Alt-Tabbed with WoW Running? Mine is as of 7.1.5. Could we get some details as to what changed in 7.1.5 graphically and process priority wise? With WoW running with macOS' 10.12.2 default driver I cannot do anything else with the system without it taking an extraordinarily long time. Alt-tabbing to other active windows or using the Dock takes ages.Sekkyo14 6d
6d Wife gets DC, I don't, Ideas? Here is a strange one..... My wife and I have the same make and model iMac, on the same internet connection, and yet she gets booted often during mythic/raid runs. I have even connected her cat6 to the port I was on and vice versa....not a single issue for me, yet hers remains. It's also instant....latency never spikes, she just gets booted. We have talked to our ISP and is only WoW that shows this issue, and only her machine.Arcanox7 6d
Feb 20 Mac Pro GTX 680 issue I have an old Mac Pro 3,1 (2008), 2 x 2,6 ghz quad core, 8 gb memory, El Captain (10.11.6). I had a Radeon 4870 on it (512kb) , playing on quality 3, and could get like 30-40fps in Dalaran and raids. Just bought a Nvidia GTX 680 (2mb). Installed, got latest Nvidia drivers and... the game is worse! Same quality 3, but now I get only 15 fps in Dalaran and raids, and some lag spikes on other areas. Using Metal or OpenGL get same results. I think I should get at least some benefit for just changing the GPU. Is there something else I should have done, after installing Nvidia drivers? Reinstall wow? Any configuration file? I'm not expecting 100fps/ultra, but at least quality 4 or 5, and 40-50fps on raids. Thanks for any help!Djinka4 Feb 20
Feb 20 Launcher requires password iMac, OS 10.12 Each and every time that I start the game, I have to enter my computer password. The dialogue box reads: World of Warcraft Launcher wants to make changes. Type your password to allow this. I have tried the various suggestions from the Game Masters; I even deleted the Shared User files, and finally the game and reinstalled it. No joy. This seems to be a recurring issue. It shows up, and something fixed it, and it works fine for several months. Then it is back again.Subsailor2 Feb 20
Feb 20 Thoughts on boot-camping to windows. Like would it be worth it? Since my mac runs WoW but at low settings and frame rate still drops. I would be playing this on my PC but her motherboard is sick and get to replace the cmos or find a way to flash the bios for it to work again. So till then im playing on my Mac till I get my joy back up and running. Since my macs built in radeon 6970 on a mid 2011 imac 27 i7 2600 (3.4ghz) CPU and can't do metal. Before legion it handled WoW well on high to ultra settings but now not so much. Debating if I should try having windows run on it or not to see if it would improve performance. Since it would make a dual boot partition and leaving OS X alone. Seeing if anyone did this in general with a identical build or one similar if it really improved performance so far as in FPS.Zordonn1 Feb 20
Feb 20 Thick outlines under 10.12 Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my OS from 10.11.6 to 10.12.3, to fix the "long load times" issue. However, I'm now getting very thick outlines around everything when I mouse over it. Example: Under 10.11.6 the outline was thin and looked how I presume it was supposed to, but changed to this super-thick stuff after the upgrade. I get this regardless of whether Outline Mode is set to Good or High. My card is a GTX 960, which I believe is not Apple-supported (and therefore not Blizz-supported), but I figured I'd ask anyway in case someone had run into this. My NVidia driver is 367.15.10.35f01, which I believe is up to date. Has anyone else run into this? It's not a major issue but it doesn't hurt to ask :)Melcene0 Feb 20
2d Legion App Class Hall Research Times On the IOS Legion companion app under the research times it has the pre 7.1.5 class hall research times instead of the shorter ones that should be there.Keaidexiong1 2d
Feb 19 Light Delay using Sierra and NVIDIA (GTX 760) Hello. I'm playing WoW using Sierra macOS, i5 6400 processor and NVIDIA GTX 760 video card and something is happening and I wonder if it has already gone through this and can help me solve it. The problem is this: Regardless of the setting level I define for the game (1 or 7) it will time to lock at 60fps however, from time to time (1 or 2 min thing) or a light catch game (less than 1s). This happens in empty or full (RAID) environments, for example. Is there anything I can do to stop this lightning? I'm using the latest version of the nvidia web drive installed and I've tried using OpenGL or Apple Metal and nothing changes. Thank you =]Whigdan0 Feb 19
Feb 19 In game shop error I have previously had no problems using the in game shop. After a few months break, I now always and immediately get a shop error when trying to use the in game shop to purchase anything. I have tried the following: 1. making sure firewall is disabled 2. disabling addons 3. resetting warcraft interface (deleting cache, etc) 4. running repair tool 5. re-entering default payment method (which has always worked) 6. loading pre-paid balance to my account and checking option to use it for in game purchases. I am running Mac OSX 10.11 and am behind a Linksys wireless router. The only difference--besides new patch 7.0.3--is that I upgraded to OSX 10.11. But the settings are the same as my prior OSX. Any help would be most appreciated.Demorrior4 Feb 19
Feb 19 WOW crashing while moving mouse over items WOW is crashing when i move my mouse over items in my bag and quest rewards. have done all the standard stuff, repair, system updates, disabled add ons, etc MACShaggyone118 Feb 19
Feb 18 I can't click names or items in chat? The whole time I've had this character I have not been able to click linked items or right click names in order to whisper them. It's not the client that is the problem because I recently bought a new computer and downloaded the client onto that computer and the problem was still there. I've disabled all my addons and still no luck. PLEASE HELP!!!Yahwéh8 Feb 18
Feb 18 Non Responsive at character creation My friend has a mac on IOS Sierra and every time she goes to make a character, It goes non responsive and won't do what it's suppose to do. How can she fix this?Ashokvadal3 Feb 18
Feb 17 Is metal something that comes with my... Video card? Or is it something that is suppose to be with my current OS X? Got bored and researched it and it made it sound like my imac should have it, but doesn't show it with WoW. Any idea's? Trying to improve my games performance and thinking of trying a boot-camp but checking into metal before I add windows onto my mac.Silentdrip7 Feb 17
Feb 17 Mis-capped FPS? So I have my fps capped at 35, mostly for heat issues (although with my new imac I haven't seen that problem). But lately, it seems to be capped at 30, which means when I run into particle lag it bottoms out REALLY fast. I checked all the settings, including my maxFPS slider, still claims it's 35. I even tried dropping various graphic settings that I had higher than 'recommended' (since apparently Bliz thinks I need to run on 'Crappy' all the time), and even at base settings it's still 30. It's 30 in old world content where there's no CPU strain, too. Something, somewhere, appears to be capping my fps at a different point than it should be and at this point I'm mystified. Could it be an addon? (though I haven't seen that before...) Is there some way to jog it so it remembers where it's supposed to be set? Could it be somehow related to my installing HotS lately (for the promotion)? If so, how do I fix it.Tracyr7 Feb 17
Feb 17 PIXELATED AND BLURRY SCREEN Hello everyone! So I'm running WoW off of a Macbook Pro 15'' Retina Display. I run a second monitor via a HDMI cable and usually only use it to watch youtube or something while i game. I am in the process of building a gaming PC so i can actually play the billions of games Mac users don't get. So i purchased a new monitor and wanted to see what WoW would look like on it. However, the result was very cruddy. It's quite pixelated and blurry. The UI itself remains relatively clear, but the game itself appears to be blocky and crummy. I have switched to every windowed setting, changed the resolution, defaulted the settings AND set them to recommended settings, but still i cannot get it to appear normally. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!Gilianah3 Feb 17
Feb 17 MacBook Pro 13inch Retina heat / fan issue I've turned all my settings to low and no matter what I change the MacBook heats up and fan just hums when running the game. Once I close it, the laptop is dead quiet. Just wondering if there anything I can do or anyone can provide some advice?Servant4 Feb 17
Feb 16 launcher won't launch What the title says. Click on the icon in my Finder, the icon shows up in my action bar at the bottom of the screen, then disappears again. This is the first time I have tried to get into WoW for a day or so, has some "update" happened that has borked things up?Idrissar1 Feb 16
Feb 15 In game Cinematics, no picture In game cinematics not working there's just sound no picture, I also have the touch bar MacBook Pro and have no idea how to fix it feel like I've tried everything can anyone helpArshtone1 Feb 15
Feb 15 WoW changes Color Profile to Default System > Displays > Color I have color profiles for gamma, white point et al for working, gaming, night-time. Launching WoW will keep changing my color profile back to default iMac Display settings. Even deleted the default "iMac" and of course the Mac will add it back. Other games not doing this. Anyways to stop World of Warcraft from doing this. macOS Sierra iMac 27" i5 iMac 27" i7 MacBookPro i7 13"Strauss8 Feb 15
Feb 15 These loading screens …. So I was away for about 60 days came back and I basically get non stop 10min loading screens and a d/c upon almost any instance entry. With bgs is basically getting insta kicked before I can even get back in game. What in the hell is going on with this api?Lafs13 Feb 15
Feb 15 Mac booted to windows Question. Kind of tempted to do this for my mac if it would help my performance. Since my imac 27 has a built in AMD Radeon HD 6970 video card and cant use metal since it is a referb of a 2012/2014 model from newegg that I maxed to 32gb in ram. It runs WoW but I get to do it in low settings to play and I hit pockets were Frame rate just drops. Kind of gets old and kind of wonder if bootcamping my mac to windows 8 or windows 10 would help me much. Since I see AMD does have a video driver I could use for the one built into my MAC I think or at least a windows version that can use current direct x. Just trying to think of ways to make things run smoother. Since I can't really bring myself to raid normal and up with this issue. Before legion it ran WoD on high settings with no issues what so ever but it went down with Legion.Silentdrip0 Feb 15
Feb 15 In-Game Shop Error Hello, I'm having a strange issue on a Macbook Pro. When I try to purchase items from the shop I get a "There was a problem with your purchase" error. The only items that seem to work are: Faction Change, Race Change, Appearance Change, and Name Change. Anything else produces the error. I have been bouncing back and forth with GMs and Tech Specialists but in the end, some Blizzard reps are simply lazy and don't read the entire thread, so they start posting pre-canned responses and links to useless solutions that have already been tried, sometimes two times. I came up with a theorem: ... I have been developing software for 20 years, so I know my way around computers and been using Mac since 10.2.x (Jaguar), so I know OS X (I write software for it!). That being said, I will share a list of the things I've tried (either because a GM asked me to do, or because I felt it could have been related). Before getting to that, please do know that: 1. I have tried this on a Windows 10.x machine and it worked. 2. I have installed a fresh copy of macOS 10.12.x on an external USB drive, installed a fresh (downloaded from blizzard) copy of World of Warcraft and it worked. That means that it is very unlikely related to my account. That being said, before I had done the above, I did a lot of things to my account to see if that had any effect. It didn't. Standard Things Tried 1. Deleted Wow entirely (the entire folder). Reinstalled from Scratch. No Addons. No Customizations, No settings change. This is a fresh Mac OS X copy of WoW downloaded through 2. Removed all my payment methods (canceled my subscription). 3. Added my credit card (same I had before) and re-added my monthly subscription. (also tried using PayPal only). Worth noting that both these payments methods have been successfully used in the past with WoW. 4. Added parental controls which allow In-App purchases. 5. Disabled all firewalls (both in-out) and checked my router, it has no filtering. 6. Tried to check (and uncheck) the IPv6 and Optimize Network checkboxes (all 4 combinations). Restarted the game in-between each. 7. Did some of these things twice because the game masters keep copying and pasting the same answer. Additional Things 1. I have re-enabled the firewall(s) and added exceptions, in the hope that that made a difference. it didn't. 2. I have checked for any relevant information. 3. I have disabled (and enabled) IPv6 as well as removing all network interfaces that I don't use (or disable them). 4. I have compared network settings with the fresh install, nothing is different. 5. I have disabled my DHCP Client Id (which ensures I always get the same IP) and renewed my DHCP lease. (trying to rule out any network strangeness). I even got the same IP address as the freshly installed copy of macOS. 6. I fiddled with LoginItems but I have nothing relevant to be honest. 7. To Rule out problems with my account, I simply created a new user account on my machine and tried from that fresh account. Nothing. 8. At this point, I ran out of ideas… What machine is this? This is a mid-2014 Macbook Pro with an external Thunderbolt display attached to it (and an external mouse/keyboard). I am positive I have used character boost in the past (on this machine) and I know it started failing with El Capital (OS X 10.11) I think, because that's when I tried and since it failed, I placed a ticket and they did it through the live chat. At the time, I had recently updated my payment methods so I blamed it on that, even tho the credit card used by the chat representative was the same I had in my account. Fast forwards a few months and now I'm trying to dig what's going on here. I am posting here in the hopes someone takes the time to read this lengthy crap and comes up with "hey I had the same problem and did this to solve it". I know it's unlikely to be the case but still, short of actually re-installing my operating system from scratch (something I'm not looking forwards doing due to work). Worth saying that the game works fine, I use little to no addons and have been using WoW since vanilla (in different machines, obviously). I was using OpenGL during 10.11 (unusable slow Full-Screen windowed speed with Metal) and now in 10.12 + Legion I've switched back to Metal and it's quite fast again. I use low settings (PvP only, don't care about graphics). Thanks in advance.Neurus12 Feb 15
Feb 14 [Mac] Fresh install cache folder I just performed a completely fresh install of the B-Net Desktop app, and subsequently, WoW. I'm noticing that with this new install, my Home Folder is now showing a folder title Blizzard with the following hierarchy (this is in the root of the Home-Folder). Blizzard | |--> |----> Cache |------> 1d |--------> b2 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 34 |--------> 58 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 36 |--------> 73 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 57 |--------> 3e |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 99 |--------> 04 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> ee |--------> 08 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows I've removed the folder and it continuously re-appears. I'd love for it to not exist in this location.Amavrayia2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Unexpected Error So far it's been 12 times this morning that I've been booted off the game. I'm getting the little annoying yellow triangle warning, The application encountered an unexpected error. I have reported it each time, and all 12 times were while opening my bags and trying to use artifact power items. I have restarted the game, restarted the computer 9 times, and disabled all addons. Nothing is working. The report ID I am getting is: E55F5A2B-AA68-4CF5-9F65-108BF2F8291FValkayra2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Disconnect every 20 minutes EXACTLY. Been having a bit of a weird problem lately (started a few days before patch), I've been getting "You have been disconnected from the server" every 20 minutes exactly (on the dot). Today, the boots looked like this...8:40, 9:00, 9:20, 9:40, 10:00, 10:20. I can log immediately back in and it's not my internet connection going down. My connection is just fine. I'm not running anything weird in the background. There's no tormenting or downloading of any sort going on while this is happening. I've got no lag, everything runs just fine right up to the point where I see everyone running in place, and then BAM, a few seconds later, disconnected from the server. This is on a late 2010 MacBook Pro running the latest version of Lion.Laseen4 Feb 14
Feb 13 You have been disconnected. (WOW51900323) Since the patch I've had multiple disconnects each play session. Each time the disconnect happens i'm sent back to the login screen with the message "You have been disconnected. (WOW51900323)" This appears to happen any time I start to move into a new zone or area that has phasing. Examples are porting from Lunarfall to Stormshield, out of Stormwind and into Elwyn Forest, and going from one objective zone to another in Tanaan Jungle, among many other examples. While it doesn't happen every single time, it happens quite often. Happens on all characters regardless of addons being present or not.Wildrose8 Feb 13
Feb 13 AP items displaying as errors and crashes When i mouseover an item on the quest board in class hall it dcs me on all my chars also with the artifact power items in my bag. I did start a couple quests on the board without mousing over the item picture. Also there was an item in my bag that looks like junk but i can't sell it and it doesn't have a [...] name when shft-clicking it. Not sure where i got it, but it seems to be gone now. spooky :o Not sure if they're connected but couple weird glitches starting today. edit: all the artifact power items on map are displaying as different errors too for world quests.Ekime4 Feb 13