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Apr 10, 2012 4.3.2 Download Issue I can't exactly say it in detail, but when I open the launcher to download the patch, the launcher freezes. I can not download the patch. I can see the download bar and for some reason the play button has a light blue glow around it. Also, the launcher is not able to connect to the news server. If I try and close the launcher with the red "x" button, it freezes and I have to force quit. I am not technically savvy so if help can be given the most basic of forms I would be happy. Any help would be appreciated!Fergal4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Cannot launch game! So recently i redownloaded all of my Wow files and since then whenever i try and play an error message pops up. I have moved the WTF to the desktop i have no idea what to do, someone please help!Cojones4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Patch/Blizzard Downloader Issues Hey guys I've been having some problems with my blizzard downloader when it tries to download the patches, help much appreciated!!! As I log into the game it says that I need to download the patch and gives me the option to restart, I press restart and the file "wow-" begins to run (blizzard downloader). After downloading a few mbs of the patch for some reason it stops downloading, I then quit the downloader and repeat the process and it will download a few more mbs from where I left off but then after a few times of repeating this it just stops entirely. I cannot find any information online to help me with this problem and if anyone here can it would be much appreciated!!! P.s. My internet connection is strong and I have no issues downloading other internet files or bittorrent files, it is just the blizzard downloader that seems to be having problems...Steps2 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Intermittent FPS lag I have searched this forum a few times and haven't found any postings exactly matching my issue so hopefully I am not just missing it and double posting. I have a mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro. It has the 2.53 GHz C2D, 4GB RAM, and the GeForce 9400M running 10.7.3. When I log in, I get between 50-60 FPS with decent graphics settings (only thing I keep at low is shadows, liquid, and sunshafts off). As I said, the game runs fine when I log in and maintains a good FPS as I play. However, about 5-10 minutes after the game has been running it get some odd FPS drops. The FPS does what I can only describe as a pulse. For example, most recently I was just standing in SW and one of the fountains in front of me appeared to be flowing fine as my FPS was good then it suddenly slows down then returns to normal then slows down and repeats that for about 1-2 minutes then everything goes back to normal. If I move when this framerate "pulsing" occurs it appears as if my character slows down and speeds up. This has happened to me when playing on this MacBook for a long time (years, in fact). I recently had to send the MacBook in for repair and mentioned this issue to AppleCare. They replaced the logic board, however, the issue is still there. I should also note, I have experienced this "pulsing" even with all settings turned completely down. I am completely baffled as to what could be causing this. As I said, everything goes back to normal after 1-2 minutes.Maulika5 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 TGA screenshot format no longer enabled? I've tried to set the screenshotFormat "tga" numerous ways (/console and Changes made in-game are being saved properly in the config file. I can't get screenshots to be created in any format other than jpg. Additionally, the screenshotQuality option appears to be completely ignored. If I stand in one spot and take two successive screenshots with it set to 2 and set to 9, I end up with two 407KB jpg files with no appreciable difference between them. This is on a completely fresh install, no addons, 4.3.3 (15354). Permissions on /Applications/World of Warcraft are fine. This happens on both the 32 bit and 64 bit applications.Gnusto4 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 10, 2012 Switching from PC to Mac Hi, I'll be switching from a PC to a Mac soon. I'm just wondering what is going to change and what I should know. I'm currently looking at the 17 inch MacBook pro and I'm just wondering if other people use it to play wow and how they like it. Also, how are add ons effected by this switchover? Can I just use curse? Will some addons be unavailable? I run an almost completely custom ui (cause i have a hard time seeing the blizzard one) with various button changing addons like batender and moveanything and bar and character changers like xpearl and then class specific addons like magenuggets and combustionhelper and if anyone does something similar I'd love to hear how it works for you. Anyway, thanks for any advice you can offer.Vyloriana2 Apr 10, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Weird launcher problems Hey, I'm currently playing on a Mac laptop that I only use a few times a year; since my desktop is a Windows, I'm almost never on this laptop. Anyways, the problem I have right now has to do with the launcher. I can start WoW fine when I go through the HD and manually start the launcher, but when I copy it to my desktop I get the following error message: "Blizzard Launcher must be in the same folder as a Blizzard game. Run Repair to get more information about this problem." I've deleted the launcher and I've ran Repair with no success. Also, whenever I start the launcher and get the error message, different folders are copied onto my desktop. For example, when I just started the launcher via the desktop the Data and Logs folders were copied. I've never experienced anything like this. EVER. If anyone has experienced this problem or has any idea what's going on, any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.Waztrago5 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Friend Can't Get WoW to Run A friend that has an account and used to play Lich King days was recently reinvited back. She has a new iMac, and a blizzard account in good standing. We downloaded the game client from the digital section of her account. Her firewalls are turned off and she's on high speed wi-fi. But every time the game gets to 25% downloading. It hangs up. Either the starter edition download or the full game client. Same spot every time. So I proceeded to download it. Around 120mb or so, I transferred the download to her computer. And re-ran it. It started the installation and patching phase which took hours. Once fully patched and completed. She runs the Launcher.... it starts, it says "PLAY" but when we run the game, the game client icon appears in the dock, but it goes no further then that... never actually launches the game. We tried reinstalling again today, but it hangs at 25%. Everytime we try getting it running, it will not. WHY??? lol. New Mac, almost nothing installed on it kept school stuff (pages, adobe) but the one game she wants to play will not. Anyone ? Any ideas? I've googled everything. Nothing works. Thanks.Serkis6 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 9, 2012 Unable to launch from launcher I recently decided to play after not logging into WoW for a few weeks. However, when I click the launcher icon in my dock, it opens the launcher successfully, but does not do anything after I click play (apart from closing the launcher). I am able to launch the game if I bypass the launcher in the application folder and just click on the game itself. To make matters more confusing, I share this comp with my wife, and we have separate user accounts set up. We both have admin rights, and I am able to launch everything just fine from her side of the computer. I have tried resetting permissions on the folder and repairing permissions on the drive itself, both to no avail. I have also tried deleting the WoW.mfil and WoW.tfil folders, and the in the WTF folder.Siccarii1 Apr 9, 2012
Apr 16, 2012 Cant install updates for pandaria beta Hey i have a macbook and iam trying to get beta for pandaria and i have the installer downloaded and when i open it it says checking for updates then after a while it just closes on me please helpImpatîent18 Apr 16, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 new computer. wow won't work on it? So i just recently got a "new" (used) Mac Book Pro to replace my previous mac book. I downloaded World of Warcraft on it twice but I still keep getting the same notification on the blizzard updater and it says something like this "The file "/Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft" could not be created. A folder named "MainMenu.nib" already exists. (ConflictManager::AddFile)" i tried looking for "MainMenu.nib" in my computer but it doesn't say that one exists. I also don't have WoW repair for some reason. Otherwise, I would have tried it. I can usually figure out these problems on my own, but this time really caught me off guard. Uninstalling and re-installing didn't do anything. Could it possibly be the computer? please help if you know what is happening :(Yummilicious5 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Screenshot gamma setting issue I tried trouble shooting this myself and I can't seem to find a topic specific to this issue. Last night I took a first look at some of the screen shots the I've taken since 4.3 (I'm kind of a screen shot junkie) and I noticed that the screen shots are no longer being saved with the 'use same gamma settings as your desktop' color settings. In other words under menu > options > advanced I always have the 'use same gamma setting as your desktop' option checked and when I take screen shots, the shots are captured with these setting embedded. Since 4.3, every screen shot I've taken using F13 has been captured as if that option wasn't selected so the shots look really over exposed and completely different from how they did prior to 4.2 and how the actual live game appears to me. Almost as if they are taking raw versions now and ignoring the options settings or ignoring a color profile. The game itself looks as it always did and I haven't made any changes to my graphics settings. Is there a new option or way I can force screen captures to save with my gamma settings?Keari3 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Blizzard updater failed w/an Internal Error Hey there Mac Community, I'm writing this update for the issue, "Blizzard Updater failed with an Internal Error", since that seems to be a common error when updating. We'll list a few possibilities in this article, as this general error is like a check engine, light, and can be caused by a variety of issues, stemming from permissions issue, to WoW being installed multiple times with-in the same directory, or just lack of system maintenance. I've also included some user solutions that seemed to have worked for this issue. Special thanks to everyone who included additional information and helped us come up with all potential solutions. ... If that doesn't work, try these additional troubleshooting steps that have been know to help these issues in the past. Topics Covered: A. General System Maintenance B. WoW Maintenance C. Networking/Connection ________________________________________________ Mac Tech Support for Baaaaahlizzard Entertainment || Tu-Sat 8:45 am - 5 pm CST If you can't find it here, contact a rep direct : ---- Rate my Baaaaalue Posts. Haala at your sheep! Pfft! Secret doors, who needs 'em? What do I care about secret doors?... and the unparalleled delights they keep hidden from the world!TonyM92 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Issue with patch downloads and wow repair I have been having a strange problem since the march 28th tools update and the recent patch and I will do my best to describe it here with justice, but i am truly not sure what is happening. When i try to open wow launcher, the download bar will freeze near the completion of the download. When i open wow i get to the screen that says patch needed, click it, and get redirected to the wow down loader. This will download nearly the entire patch, leaving close to .2mb every time, and then freeze and the estimated download time shoots up immensely. Additionally, when i try to use wow repair or redownload the wow client from the website it says "Repair is unable to contact blizzard services". My internet connection is just fine, and i believe that this issue is likely tied in to my problem downloading patches. I have tried downloading the patch from mirrors, and when i open wow it still redirects me to the download window, but the bar is all the way to the right and the download button says "finished". However, there is then an error that says "unable to initialize streaming". Again, my internet connection is fine, and i cannot reinstall the game because it says "unable to contact blizzard services". This happened on march 28 and i was able to enter the game by downloading bluspacecow's mirror and following the directions, however, the launcher still did not function. I was, however, able to log on to the game. This time mirrors do not appear to be working as i mentioned above. I have tried just about everything i have found on the form from deleting "temp" and "Update" folders, removing folders in the shared section, deleting Wow.mfil, as well as mirrors and things like that and nothing is working. I checked my firewall and wow is permitted to run, and when downloading i don't get a message that there is a firewall in the way. Perhaps I am not doing things in the correct sequence, but again, I dont really know what I am doing. This is extremely frustrating as it appears that nothing is working and I am at this point fairly desperate. The customer service hotline had me on hold for 20 minutes and i gave on that and came here. It I come up with anything else possibly pertinent I will post it. If there are any logs or something that I can post that would be of assistance I will do my best, however, you will have to explain how and where to find them Thanks, OddedOdded3 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Downloader 4.0.0 for mac is not working I stopped playing a while ago and deleted the entire game from my hard drive, i want to play again and i wanted to downlaod the game client, once i download the installer from blizzards official source ( and try to open the file named (WoW- it gives me an error message: (We are sorry, an error ocurred while trying to open the installation program Find Folder -5000), can someone help me and tell me how to get the installer running? im using mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8Shaaktii4 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Mad at my computer I recently had to re-download the wow game client and my launcher is stuck at Available. I wouldn't mind except the fact that my wow game is unresponsive. Help? Thank you. BTW unresponsive i mean it says application not responding.Pamarlana1 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 WoW won't start on my computer So i just recently got a "new" (used) Mac Book Pro to replace my previous mac book. I downloaded World of Warcraft on it twice but I still keep getting the same notification on the blizzard updater and it says something like this "The file "/Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft" could not be created. A folder named "MainMenu.nib" already exists. (ConflictManager::AddFile)" i tried looking for "MainMenu.nib" in my computer but it doesn't say that one exists. I also don't have WoW repair for some reason. Otherwise, I would have tried it. I can usually figure out these problems on my own, but this time really caught me off guard. Uninstalling and re-installing didn't do anything. Could it possibly be the computer? please help if you know what is happening :(Yummilicious1 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 wow randomly dropping internet Well i was hoping it wouldn't come to this but i am finally gonna have to make a post for help. At first i thought it was my internet provider just went wacky. So i called Bright house and got a tech out and the internet connectivity is fine. Than i called Apple tech to see if it maybe was a software or hardware issue. After them having me re-install my OS and reloaded everything. Now after all that now my PC is having the issue. Than i remembered last tuesday there was a patch. Now after i have put what i have done, Ill post the issue. I can fly around all day long no lag. Sit in the middle of Org, not lag. Not a drop. Nothing. When i raid, enter a bg, do a LFR or LFG i will get a random lag spike. Sometimes it will D/C from wow, sometimes ill get a 45 second lag then i will watch everything that happened in fast forward until i am dead. When this happens i can alt tab and surf the web still, and have a full connection to the internet. It will keep doing this randomly all day long. I am not sure if maybe the patch changed something and there is a quick fix but i am not sure. Please someone help, If there are specs i need to post please tell me how to post them. I am new to macs so i don't know if there is a DXdiag or how to ping on a mac. Please help!!!!Rameka2 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 When launching WOW from Mac nothing happens So when I hit the Play button on my Launcher it disappers and the WOW does not come up, and eventually the launcher becomes unresponsive and I have to force close the program. Need help?Bladesrus3 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 MOP Beta Install Issue I am trying to run the MOP Beta Installer for Mac (OS X 10.5.08) downloaded at 6PM on 4/5/2012 and the installing seems to freeze displaying the word "Label" and then only briefly says "Checking for updates" at which time it closes very rapidly and nothing else happens. ThanksRoark11 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Failed to download info about next patch. Hello i am trying to log onto wow when i try to click play on it it will say "Failed to download info about the next patch. check your network connection". my internet works fine my fire wall is disable and i am using it form my local router. I would appreciate it if you guys can respond ASAP thanks for all the help.Zolon1 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 8, 2012 Performance Help Hello mac users of WoW. I am posting here today to ask for help/suggestions on any possible ways to increase the performance of my macbook. Here are its specs:Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook6,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 2 GB Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz Boot ROM Version: MB61.00C8.B02 SMC Version (system): 1.51f53 Serial Number (system): [removed] Hardware UUID: 33BF9EF6-ADF2-5B79-A504-D5F3E4467775 Sudden Motion Sensor: State: Enabled The computer runs 60 fps in non populated areas, and 30-40 in SW. Can i do anything to upgrade the computer? I know the graphics card is non-upgradable. Would buying more RAM help? Cleaning out pictures and documents? I have my fans turned up,and every program closed except for WoW. My graphics are on the lowest settings possible. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to keep this computer instead of buying a new one. Thanks!Ikønik4 Apr 8, 2012
Apr 7, 2012 Launcher hasn't been connecting to server Since last patch my launcher hasn't been connecting to server. "Play" button still becomes active after a few seconds, but no content within the launcher window. Just the error "Unable to connect to server... blah blah" UPDATE: Ok, update... The launcher content shows up when I'm connected to internet at my office. But when I am at home, the launcher content DOESN'T show up. Any info on what could be causing this?Mokrug6 Apr 7, 2012
May 15, 2012 Updating Setup Files Lucifay3 May 15, 2012
Apr 6, 2012 Internal error. When downloading the updater tools, it gets to about 95%. Once it hits there a message pops up saying "Blizzard updater failed with an internal error." Any help on this would be very much appreciated.Achel5 Apr 6, 2012
Apr 6, 2012 Raid frames screwing up Can someone please help with a solution to this. It happens very often in BGs especially where people are leaving/coming in. The raid frames glitch so when I click someone it may target someone else, or not target anything at all. My friend who also is on a Mac has the same problem, so I figure it's a Mac thing. It's very frustrating if you're a healer like myself: during key moments you can't heal people, need to /reload and wait, then /reload only minutes later when it happens again. It is pretty much guaranteed to happen in BGs but it has also happened in my guild Dragon Soul raids. Much thanks.Atisha8 Apr 6, 2012
Apr 6, 2012 Game is freezing every couple seconds! Help! I am playing on a 2011 Macbook Pro with 2.2ghz processor and 4 gigs of ram. I just recently starting playing again, and about every 10 seconds the game will freeze for about 20-30 seconds and constantly keep doing it, Is there any settings that I can change, I have everything on "Good" for video performance other than Sunshaft is off, liquid is low and shadow is low, please help, thanks !Suhwoosh4 Apr 6, 2012
Apr 6, 2012 Launcher cannot obtain patching. it says please check your internet configuration. my internet works perfectly fine not sure what is going on i need help got a heroic progression tonight.Piposantha1 Apr 6, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 Downloader Crashed, Mac Lion My downloader crashed just after accepting Beta and start of downloader. I restarted the MoP Setup app and now all I see is a "Updating setup files...." window that is 1/3 way on progress bar. I can see Network and Disk I/O so I assume the downloader is working. I sent Bliz a crash report when the window popped up.Deathsway1 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 optimization problems :( Hey, So I haven't been playing wow since december, I wanted to start up again and so I started patching and had the stuck on updating tools problem I tried what I saw on the formums and got past that but now it is trying to optomize but right when the optimization begins it says an internal problem has occured and that I should contact you. I have tried things such as starting in safe mode that I saw on similar problems but it is still doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. ThanksSwaggsauce4 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 19, 2012 WoW Beta Setup When attempting to run the Beta Setup application, I'm not getting beyond the screen that states "Label" 9 out of 10 times. The times I do, it goes to checking for updates and then doesn't progress from there.Conall7 Apr 19, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 I'm having problems logging in Hi. About 15 minutes ago I tried opening WoW. It opened fine until choosing the character. Instead of showing my characters, it said I needed to press reset to download a new patch. So I clicked reset and it downloaded in about 20 seconds. I then proceeded to open WoW again. Instead of opening, it waited for about 10 seconds, then went to a small window that said "Launcher cannot obtain patching information. Check internet configuration." Is there something I need to do?Aesclypius1 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 stuck at the launcher. hi has anyone encountered this problem wherein you are stuck at the launcher and the play button remains grey?Zakil4 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 5, 2012 iMac - Lion - 3.2 i3 4gb - Underwater Bug Hey all, Not sure if this is a mac driver issue, or an issue with the wow client. When I go underwater (camera), and I have the Graphic setting [Liquid Detail] in wow set to anything but Low, I get this odd perspective graphic bug. My character will end up at the top of the screen and slightly stretched vertically. I am running Lion OSX and have fully updated. I'm sorry if this has been posted already, I did a brief search but didn't turn up anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, CiruxCirux7 Apr 5, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Launcher cannot obtain patching Hello, Every time i click the wow icon that starts the game it always says "launcher cannot obtain patching check your internet configuration" sometimes it works when i keep trying but today its not going out to well....Please helpFieryfury10 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Launcher keeps downloading patch Hi, Recently installed WoW on my new macbook pro. Former installation was a PC laptop which i ran a long time without incident until I retired the computer. When I start the launcher, it reports it needs a large (5.9Gb) download, and begins the download. I have tried restarting the launcher, several times. I have let it go, and it doesn't seem to "realize" it already has the data and stop downloading. I followed the procedure under "mac framerate/latency issues" and a) removed the cache folders under WoW and WoW->Data, b) moved Interface folder out of the way, c) moved WTF folder out of the way, d) start launcher and allow it to complete optimization, followed by "applying nonessential data updates" (or something to that effect). Stop launcher and apply permission items as detailed in article. After this completes, I can restart launcher and it concludes WoW is up to date, and it does this any number of times i have attempted it. However, if I play WoW, the next time I start launcher, the problem recurs. It appears that some file(s) the game client is changing is causing bad behavior in launcher. Please advise on how to solve this issue so I don't have to reapply the above procedures every time I want to play! Thanks!Chakroth1 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 multiple players, same house, same wireless Not sure this is a WoW problem or a network problem, but it only happens with WoW and not with other online games, and only when the Mac tries to log in, so this is why I'm posting here. This started with the shattering events, and we have tried a few things to solve it with no luck. We tried changing MTU on the modem, tried adding WoW to the modem firewall rules, but nothing else. Computers: - MacBook Pro 19" (latest OS patches applied, maxed out on RAM) - Home Built PC (Win 7 Home Premium, latest patches applied, 4GB RAM, AMD 3000+) - CyberPower PC (Win 7 Home Premium, latest patches applied, 4GB RAM, Intel Core i7) ISP: AT&T Network: 2Wire wireless DSL modem, pretty much default settings, except added WoW to firewall rules in an attempt to solve this problem. MTU was changed, but changed back to default when that didn't help. Realms: Cyberpower PC: Mal'Ganis Homebuilt PC: Mal'Ganis and Khadgar MacBook Pro: Mal'Ganis and Khadgar Here's what happens ... Scenario 1) Home Built PC logs into WoW fine. CyberPower PC logs in next, now 2 players logged in. MacBook Pro attempts to log in, it acts like things are going well, gets to character screen, chooses character to use, tries to start, then everyone is kicked off. Scenario 2) One PC logs in, Mac tries to log in, PC gets kicked off. Second PC watches youtube videos or something, no problem experienced. Scenario 3) MacBook logs in fine by itself, plays, has fun, other 2 people watch youtube videos or go on Steam. All three can log into Steam and play games together just fine ... it's only when all 3 try to play WoW together when things go wrong. Cata is coming up soon. All three of us are going to be leveling like crazy people ... IF we can get this solved. Any ideas?Padreviejo13 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Unofficial TOOLS patch mirror Tools patch REALLY LARGE DISCLAIMER OF PLEASE READ THIS : This is not a 4.3.3 patch mirror. This is a mirror of the tools patch update that appears when the blue bar goes across the launcher. THIS IS NOT A 4.3.3 PATCH MIRROR. Move along :) Again. This is a Tools patch mirror. IT IS NOT A 4.3.3 PATCH MIRROR Only install this if you're having issues updating the tools or if directed to by a tech support regular. Disclaimer This mirror is an unofficial mirror for the enUS 2730 tools patch only. It is for use for only the Mac OS X players of wow. Windows users please see the other tech support forums for theirs . These mirrors are intended to be used for players on the US realms. I provide no guarantee this will work for the EU realms. They may still work but it is entirely up to your own risk to try them on the EU realms. European players please see their forums as well ( forums) Mirrors : Mirrors #1 A zip file of the changed application tools programs If the dropbox link above doesn't resolve for you replace the "" with one of the IP addresses from this file : Mirrors #2 A zip file of blizzard's tools patcher program If the dropbox link above doesn't resolve for you replace the "" with one of the IP addresses from this file : Instructions on how to use are in both zips.Bluspacecow1 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Patch stuck on downloading The new patch is getting stuck on downloading updated tools. It won't move and I've been at it for a while now. Any suggestions?Gnopain5 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Friend is having log in issues. She's having difficulties logging in to WoW. She says she logs in her character, and when the load bar is full to enter the game, she crashes or has an internal wow error pop up. She'd post the question herself, but apparently logs out when she tries to get to the forums, and can't log in the forums page (very specifically the forums page, says it works fine on other pages).Carni6 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 4, 2012 Addons Problem i've installed WoW on my mac,and everything seems to be running perfectly.The thing is,I installed around 5 addons out of which only Recount seems to be working.The addons are all up to date(or atleast as up to date as i could find) and they are all in the same place as recount.Could someone help me please? (Atlas loot v6.0.4 isn't working for example)Sleeksteel5 Apr 4, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 2011 MBP + 30" Cinema Display Frame Skipping Hello- I'm having this issue only when I'm connected to my 30" Cinema Display via the cable apple sells (not third party). It's completely intermittent and I can't seem to figure out why it would be happening. Essentially what happens is the frames will skip every about 2 or 3 seconds. It's as if the frame rate drops from an average of 45 FPS to 3 FPS (for literally just a second) then it snaps out. I've been monitoring the frame rate, and it stays steady and does not show any representation for these sudden spikes. Sometimes I can get lucky and this will not happen the entire time I am on WoW, but generally it happens a few minutes after I've started the application. If I exit out completely and start the application again, sometimes it is cleared and the issue isn't there. It seems that iTunes can trigger the issue also. I've tried playing music, then returning back to WoW, and the frame issue begins. If I pause music or even exit iTunes, the frame issue is still there until I've completely closed and reopened the program. Then I'm at the mercy of simply waiting until it begins. Then again, it triggers by itself as well. A little technical info of how I'm running my video settings: I'm running this in native resolution in windowed mode, so the window takes up the same amount of space it would have without the monitor connected. It seems the bigger I make the window, the worse it runs, so I've given up trying to even remotely run it at the Cinema Display's resolution, and have resorted to just running it in a small window. I generally turn down settings when I'm playing on my cinema display, and as a result am running far below the recommended settings (usually by at least half). This issue is completely unaffected by reducing the settings as well. If it starts, it's there until I completely close and relaunch the application. I'm using an external sound card that is connected via Firewire while the Cinema Display is being used. (not sure if that may have something to do with it?) I used to run this same setup on my old Mac Pro which I no longer own, and it would play WoW flawlessly, and in full screen mode with music playing in the background. My laptop specs: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 2011 MBP 8GB Ram Running AMD Radeon 6750M Running smcFanControl at highest RPM, averaging around 75C while the application is running. I hope I was specific enough. If anyone has any advice or experience using a 30" cinema with the MBP, I'd greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if I can clarify anything. Best -A Aphextwin19 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 conection problem when I conect to my personal account they asks me to choose a server and there aren't have one server .... plz help meRonnypepsi1 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Launcher won't connect I haven't downloaded the patch yet, I start up my launcher, but it won't connect to news server and play button stays "greyed" out. Ran repair tool after deleting wtf, cache, interface and removing cache folder from Data folder....still not working. Internet connection is good, was working fine late yesterday evening.Aithraffe24 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Buying a new Mac: iMac 21 or 27 Hey Mac Tech support folks. I'm buying a new iMac and I'm debating between a 21.5 inch Quad core i5 with the Radeon HD 6770M or a 27 inch quad i5 with the ATI Radeon HD 5750. I am leaning towards the 27 inch but my concern is the video. Does anyone have the 27 inch unit and how well does that video card push video full screen? What kind of FPS are you getting and what settings do you use? I have the 17" MBP with the 330m and using the 64 bit client I get around 60 FPS in heavy areas like Org and Stormwind.Thormek10 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 DL'd patch, now launcher problem. Just downloaded the new 18MBish patch and it seemed to go smoothly. However, now whenever I open the launcher I get a "Launcher cannot obtain patching information." message. Help? Thanks.Restolawl9 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Problems logging on I tried logging on today, but I had to patch the game first. So I did, but now it won't let me log on. It makes me choose a realm, but then the realm list is blank. Do I have to uninstall it now or something?Ellesarina0 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 3, 2012 Help!! Hey i requested a server and faction change and usually its about instant for me how long does this take now that 4.3 is out?Stuvwg1 Apr 3, 2012
Apr 2, 2012 Reinstalling Ok, so im trying to reinstall WoW on my mac, but I dont know how to uninstall it first. Could someone please tell me how?Tahkeo1 Apr 2, 2012
Apr 2, 2012 Renewing Subscription I have no idea where to go in order to renew my subscription. I haven't played WoW in a few months.Jaquien6 Apr 2, 2012