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Dec 24 Suggestions for 'new' mac? My beautiful MBP 2011 finally died after years of vid editing and gaming due to known vid card issue -- which Apple never told me about, despite frequent calls -- months after they stopped making them. /insert screaming here/ Have been lurking on boards trying to decipher what would be the best option for me moving forward and, given the amassed knowledge here, am seeking some kind input, should anyone feel so inclined. Had been thinking of a desktop sometime soon, but then my furnace died, putting a $10k strain on ready cash. Happy Christmas to me. Needless to say, am looking for the least costly option for the next year or two. Open to buying previously loved. Thanks for any advice.Nuït28 Dec 24
Dec 24 7.2 Loading Screen Flickers Black I play wow in window mode with updated Nvidia Driver for 1070. Since 7.2 my loading screen would flicker black over the loading screen art. Only way to stop it is to bring the Blizzard App in the foreground over WOW.Tatjyana18 Dec 24
Dec 24 MacOS High Sierra Please start the developer Beta and test early. Would be nice for a smooth transition in the fall when High Sierra will go live. Apple releases and Blizzard expansion/patches are too close together and issues are not being resolved in a timely manner.Rexigar23 Dec 24
Dec 24 Toon killed while logged out? Ok, something majorly wrong here. About an hour ago I logged out of Wow after taking the Flight Path to Karnum's in Desolace. I left this toon sitting beside the hippogryphs. The reason I logged out was concern over the Agent pop ups and posted here on an alt toon about that. Before logging back in to Wow I ran a scan & repair to hopefully fix BNet constantly trying to update. I logged back in just a minute ago. My toon is dead, and is half way across the zone from where I logged off, way down at a cemetery at the edge of Feralas. No one has my password, I don't share my account info with anyone. No other computers are on my network. This is in addition to earlier instances where the UI becomes half-unusable. I can move around, but nothing else works, friendly NPCs are missing but hostiles are visible, cannot attack or heal, cannot hearth, cannot mount, cannot take FPs, nothing. Just run/walk. And it just happens out of no where. Like I'll be mining an ore node and bam, its game over basically. Haven't tried swimming. The only solution is to log out... which can be done normally without force quitting, so it's not a total freeze up and it's not a disconnect either because I can run around for twenty minutes checking all that stuff. Log back in, and bam, dead toon for no reason in the middle of no where. I logged out alive next to a friendly FP. Logged in dead. Apparently, now, we can log in at a random location too? And it's a flip of the coin whether we're alive or dead? I'm going to stay logged off today for 2 reasons: If a Blue or whoever has the capability to log in on this toon and take a look at whatever behind the scenes stuff they might be able to see, have at it. You've got my permission to in order to fix this problem. Also, if you do this, please rez my toon right at the cemetery so that I'll know I helped fight the good fight. I doubt there's any way the Death by Blizz can be undone huh? I had a perfect stat of 0 deaths before today, and died now 3 times just today alone because of this (twice glitched in Stockade, ran back to the entrance, logged out next to the quest giver, and logged back in dead next to Hogger) The second reason is, I'm fed up with this bs for today. Just pointless playing Wow in this pitiful manner.Grahd3 Dec 24
Dec 24 Found Fix for Mac !! Update your Mac to macOS Sierra 10.12.6. I seen a post from another player that was having all the mac graphic issues everyone is having. What they did was upgrade to Sierra 10.12.6 and bam everything was perfect. I went ahead and tried it now i have to graphic issues and now my game is running better then ever!!Solaz47 Dec 24
Dec 24 "Agent wants to make changes." I am repeatedly getting a MacOS popup window that shows the icon and the message: "Agent wants to make changes. Type your password to allow this." Followed by the Username/Password fields. It's asking for my computer's username/password, not my WoW login info. It's the same window that comes up when I install new software. This just started yesterday. Is this legit, and if so, what changes is Agent trying to make? If it helps, I have two external drives, and am running WoW from one of them. Yesterday I discovered that I had been running the copy of the app that was on a different drive (the icon was on my Dock), so I fixed it to run from the same drive as my WoW install, and now Agent keeps wanting to "make changes".Eilyssana16 Dec 24
Dec 23 Error Code: BLZBNTAGT000008FC at startup When I launch, I receive the following error: Whoops! Looks like something broke. We'll try to fix it, so please try again later. Error Code: BLZBNTAGT000008FC I reinstalled the game. Then I updated FLASH. The error persists. However, it does not prevent the game from running. ThanksTeeze2 Dec 23
Dec 23 WOW51900318 WOW51900318 anyone have any idea how to fix this??Winterscold0 Dec 23
Dec 22 missing the main quest I was entered LFR Burning Throne when I was doing the main quest (Light's Exodus - talking to velen about going to Vindicaar) I was sent to Vindicaar after I finished the LFR so I abandoned the quest and back to Exodus for trying to finish the questline again but i cant find the npc to continue this questline Can u help me to fix it? thank youCadriano0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Razer Naga modifiers key issue My modifiers keys (shift, alt, cmd, control) doesn't work with the Naga. Exemple: "Shift + naga side button 1 = Vanish" but when I hit the keys, just the "side button 1" is reconized. I tryed the terminal command "defaults write com.blizzard.worldofwarcraft disable-expose-fix -bool YES" but it's not works. Im using a Macbook Pro / OS High Sierra 10.13.1 in brazilian portuguese.Nataribu3 Dec 22
Dec 21 4k+ WoW on MacOS Curious if anyone runs at 4k or higher, the specifications of your machine, and what type of frame rates you get. Only curious about MacOS - I'm not rebooting. I'm splurging on a dedicated eGPU for gaming. It'll mostly be WoW and some VR testing. Host machine is Mac Pro 6,1 d700s. They are getting a bit long in the tooth. My goal is to enjoy my one gaming vice in MacOS, on Mac hardware, at native resolution with all eye candy turned up. I'm actually surprised the Sonnet / 580 eGPU kit is handling it so well. Anybody out there with current Nvidia experience? Thanks in advanceKorvac2 Dec 21
Dec 21 PTR will not launch PTR will not launch. I keep getting this error: BLZBNTAGT00000843 It was broken a few days ago, then I was able to log in and play again yesterday, and now it is broken again. I've tried scanning the program files, I've tried reinstalling, I've tried deleting the folder, all the suggestions. 2017 iMac, macOS Sierra 10.12.6 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 570 4096 MBFoxglove4 Dec 21
Dec 20 Update issue. Every time I open WoW and try and log in, it says I need to update to the next patch. So I close the window and go to application to see if there is a new patch and it says I am to date. Please help.ßånk4 Dec 20
Dec 20 ETA for update to supported vid cards page? So, blizzard recently updated the windows portion of their Supported Video Cards page for wow, but looks as if the mac side of things has not been updated since 2015 - think that is when the r9 370x came out. Link here: Any notion when that might happen? Helpful for those of us buying machines wanting to be sure they will run the game. (Asked blizzard this question directly. They directed me here .... 'cause that makes sense.)Nuït0 Dec 20
Dec 18 Blocky WoW Legion Particle Effects I believe this error could be tied to WoW: Legion but here goes: Basically any kind of smoke or fire particle effect shows up with just colored squares. In the case of the screenshot I have sent you, blue and black, however sometimes they're pink or red. The most common form of this I've seen is any particle effect that I assume would be Green Fire in the Legion Expansion, Druid's Solar Wrath, or the Warlock's Imp companion's particle effects. It is not limited to these three obviously but this is the most notable. I have altered the system's graphics settings in every way imaginable, but to no avail, it only affects my frame rate. I tried deleting and re-installing the config file in the WTF folder, and it did not affect it, and lastly I ran a system issue scan to fix the solution and it did not work. It is also important to note that this does not happen all the time, only some of the time. Half of the time, I don't see the particles at all. I figured it was only something cosmetic and something I could just hope to deal with, but it has been occasionally crashing my game. Specifically when playing WoW: Legion, or playing as a Druid. Any kind of help that relates to NOT purchasing a new computer would be appreciated. (Since I know people tend to say stuff like that.) Screenshots: Not sure what exactly is going on, but for some reason I was physically unable to submit a ticket, and I haven't seen a forum post on it yet, and wanted to make sure its not ONLY my problem. I am up to date on OSX Sierra (10.13.2) and my WoW as well. Any help is appreciated.Zalakoth0 Dec 18
Dec 17 MacBook Pro 15-inch 2017 Hey all, Last week I got: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 2TB SSD Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB of GDDR5 memory Touch Bar Just wanted to let those of you who are thinking about buying one of these that it plays WoW on very high setting like an absolute dream!! Ive played over the years on a variety of Mac laptops and Desktops and this thing beats them all to date hands down! My performance has been EXCELLENT! Even in areas I have to lower settings a bit on my maxed out late 27" 2015 iMac (AMD Radeon R9 M395X with 4GB) its handling without a single stutter. (and WoW is IMO very good on that machine). Im playing with settings at: Windowed (Fullscreen), vsync: enabled, Texture Resolution: High, Texture Filtering: 16x, Projected Textures: Enabled, All Environment settings at 10, Shadow Quality: high, Liquid Detail: high, sunshafts: disabled, Particle Density: Good, SSAO: disabled, Depth Effects: Disabled, Lighting Quality: High, Outline Mode: disabled. Am I getting 10000 fps? No, very generally speaking I see fps in the 40s to 60 (Have it capped at 60) range yet regardless of "the numbers" its constantly smooth every where including in 20+ members raids. I replaced a maxed out late 2013 15" MBP with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB video ram which ran WoW even at low settings like trash. This thing blows it away hands down. (Personally, I blame NVIDIA but thats another post). If you are looking for a Mac laptop that can finally play WoW with high settings and the game looking simply amazing this is the one finally. The touch bar is also pretty cool and I find myself using it more and more often. The keyboard feel on it IMO is very nice though might take some users a bit to get used to. I have no issue with it at all tho Ive always used an external keyboard and mouse with my laptops traditionally just because preferences. (Which I might also add the new "magic" keyboard is extremely nice). In all honesty my settings above are how Im running the game and its a dream. I highly recommend. I even find the game performance on the Mac side a small bit better than I am running on the same laptop under Windows 10 using bootcamp. (thats a first!) Big /salute to Blizzard and Apple on this one. (would love to see more touch bar support for WoW tho! and facebook streaming integration) ;) /just my 2 copper! :) (ps - as always, get yourself smc fan control and run those fans! Tho quite honestly I can report without it I dont see the temps hitting any higher than previous MacBook Pros Ive played on its always good to keep it cool while playing! The fans are actually quite quiet on this thing at maxed speeds unlike my previous MBP!)Bermy32 Dec 17
Dec 17 Intel Cards not Running Legion - Post Here Trying to help out my Mac brothers here. I've noticed that the people having problems are those with Intel cards. If you're running an Intel card that should be supported and having issues running the game, please post your system setup here. I hope Blizzard finds a solution for you.Lexdiamonds35 Dec 17
Dec 17 Infinite scan loop nothing working So i have an infinite scan and repair loop i have reinstalled wow twice and once and tried several other fixes please help me i am now paying for a game i cannot playCrowmard0 Dec 17
Dec 17 Help - do Intel Pro vid cards work for you? Debating which machine to get and am wondering if anyone has had issues using the 2015/2017 intel iris pro or intel plus graphics cards in game? (I'll probably run the game off an external ssd, as per forum suggestions.)Nuït0 Dec 17
Dec 17 iMac 10.13.1 performance issues I updated my iMac 5k (late 2015) today to 10.13.1 and have had extreme performance loss. I went from playing at 40-60 fps to not being able to play at all. The game will freeze and jump fps quickly. Is this an issue other users are experiencing? If so is there a fix in the works?Altieri1 Dec 17
Dec 17 Always Disconnected Why always disconnected. I already test my speed test my wifi is not the problem. Hope can solve the problem. Your coorporation i will appreciated.Nastasha0 Dec 17
Dec 17 Long NPC, portal, etc. load times Please help: long screen loading times (40+ seconds), but also NPCs, portals--basically anything interactive doesn't appear for 30+ seconds after arriving at them. I also disappear when I mount up for about 15-20 seconds. High Sierra version 10.13.1 2017 iMac Retina 5K, 27 inch (only set at 2560x1440, 90% render scale--set as low as 50% with no improvement, quality level 4) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 575 4 GB Hoping you can help me.Caalanth11 Dec 17
Dec 17 Launcher asks for password everytime 10.12 I recently upgraded to OS X 10.12 Sierra. Since then every time I use the launcher to start the battle net app I get asked for my mac password. It doesn't do this if I start the battle net app directly but for various reasons i don't want to do this.Girlscout16 Dec 17
Dec 16 Potential Fix for Lag / Freezes etc. Hi all I also have been one of the unfortunate to have been experiencing lag, freezing, graphics glitches, low to zero frame rates, etc. since the latest Mac OS High Sierra Updates and/or Wow updates. Today i upgradedto the new nVidia Web Driver and it appears to have fixed all the issues above for me. nVidia Web Driver 378. This confirms my suspiscion that it was a graphics issue all along, because sometimes just by changing the resolution when the issues start seems to reset it for a little while, and then once the lagging starts to happen again just changing to another different reolution appears to fix it again. Anyway, good luck to all with this.Praedari3 Dec 16
Dec 15 Screen glitch/flashing? Since WotLK, I've had this issue. Normally, turning multisampling up to 8x then back down to 1x would work, but now my options are only 1x and 2x. The GUI glitches and has little squares everywhere, flashing between 2-3 different placements of squares. Here's a screenie, keep in mind it flashes back and forth. Dec 15
Dec 13 Profanity Filter? Hey all- I just resigned my account after a 3 year hiatus. I now play on a mac instead of a PC so I am still learning a few things. How in the heckfire do I turn off the profanity filter on a mac? Would love to know <3Faeryn3 Dec 13
Dec 12 Red Screen After Loading Screen Hi. I am getting the strangest red screen after loading screen for a few brief seconds. Also my foregrounds are incredibly pale and my trees and buildings can be more solid looking than the ground they are sitting on. This is getting rather disconcerting, and I have noticed it since the last patch with Argus. I play on an early 2011 MacBook Pro with an AMD Ratheon 6750M vidcard and a 2.2 GHZ Intel i7 processor. I use a gfx card program to keep it fix on the 6750 videocard and not switch to the Intel 3000, but my poor MacBook is not performing with the game the way it used to. How can I fix the graphics so my trees aren't floating and my mountains and terrain look more solid?Droxinè11 Dec 12
Dec 11 Ctrl + numbers key binds won't work Hey, I've been having this problem ever since I updated my mac to OSX Lion where my ctrl+number keys won't work. Only ctrl+) and ctrl+- work and I was wondering if this was some sort of problem that only comes from my new operating system. Has anyone had this problem?Khän10 Dec 11
Dec 10 10.13.2 Does anyone know if 10.13.2 fixes the hard crashes with VSYNC enabled?Gada3 Dec 10
Dec 10 lose connection=restart pc So whenever my internet would have a little hiccup.. or just when i have been afk for a good minute i get logged out of wow completely with a " you have been disconnected" pop up. When i try to log back in i get the same message "you have been discconected". Note that my internet is running fine and i can pull up any browser at the time, but the ONLY way to play again is to restart my pc. HELP!Cangri0 Dec 10
Dec 10 How I fixed my FPS TLDR version: macOS was throttling CPU usage, not feeding my GPU enough data. I have a 2016 15in MBP using an rx580 GPU over TB3 running High Sierra, and I was struggling to play at 7/10 on graphical settings, with the game suggesting I play at 5. Obviously not good for this GPU. I fired up iStat Menus to try and figure out what was going on, quickly seeing my GPU processor was only being utilized 40-50% while playing. Looking into it more I then realized my CPU was not running at its 2.7GHz clock speed, but all the way down to 1.2-1.5GHz range. After doing some research I've found that macOS favors fan noise over performance, meaning it will down clock the CPU before ramping the fans up, no matter what you are performing. It is like being stuck on a power efficient or balanced mode on Windows. To remedy this I created a gaming fan profile with iStat Menus to set both fans to 5k RPMs. Once I enabled this and logged in I could play the game on 10/10 only having to lower environment detail slightly (to around 6 or 7). The CPU has stayed at or above (turbo boost) its 2.7GHz staying at a nice 45c, with my GPU now staying 80-90% utilized. Now I am getting 60-75FPS in all Legion zones that I have ventured to, and still able to maintain 40-50FPS in dalaran, only dropping to high 30s when very crowded. So if your FPS sucks, good chance macOS power management is killing performance. Ramp up the fans yourself to get around throttling and you'll probably see a nice FPS jump.Eailey8 Dec 10
Dec 9 MBP 15inch 2017. Hello hello. So, i've got a Macbook Pro 15inch mid 2017, with i7 2,80Ghz, 16GB ram and a Radeon Pro 555 2GB DDR5 It also have a intel HD Graphics 630. It seems like I can't change the API. It's set on Metal and I can't select any other options. So I can only play on «metal», which tbh very sucks in terms of quality and FPS. Like im at 3 on slider and struggle in Dalaran. I just can't find any solutions to switch the API on the OpenCL(OpenGL?) well idk, I just want to make wow uses my radeon pro. Im not about to buy a eGPU soon, but im considering in a future like maybe summer-ish or something. Any pro's in macbook could help me with my API issue? EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am on High Sierra 10.13.2Amära7 Dec 9
Dec 9 Suggestions? My beautiful MBP 2011 finally died after years of vid editing and gaming due to known vid card issue -- which Apple never told me about, despite frequent calls -- months after they stopped making them. /insert screaming here/ Have been lurking on boards trying to decipher what would be the best option for me moving forward and, given the amassed knowledge here, am seeking some kind input, should anyone feel so inclined. Had been thinking of a desktop sometime soon, but then my furnace died, putting a $10k strain on ready cash. Happy Christmas to me. Needless to say, am looking for the least costly option for the next year or two. Thanks for any advice.Nuït1 Dec 9
Dec 9 Low FPS despite good hardware (rx580 egpu) I just returned to WoW a few days ago after a long 2.5 year break. I wanted to play the game on ultra settings, so I purchased a 2016 15' MBP (i7 2.7GHz quad core). To get good performance I also bought a Sonnet 550 breakaway box and an rx580 GPU, this is connected over TB3 to a 1080p monitor. An rx580 should be able to play WoW on max settings over 1080p, but I am finding at best I can play at a 7/10 on the quality slider. The recommended settings put me all the way down to a 5. A 5 is barely better than the GPU included on the MBP. I've verified it is using the rx580, and I am on 10.13.1 that has native support for the rx580. I've done the obvious things like delete cache and WTF folders, not have apps running in background, disable SSAO, put shadows on low, playing in different screen modes (full, windowed, and full windowed) and nothing seems to really make a difference to get performance above a 7. Other games are playing on ultra settings without a problem. I do understand 7 is the previous ultra, so the game doesn't look bad and is playable, just not what I was expecting. Any other advice on things that I could try out? Or is this just how bad WoW is with High Sierra and that this is what I should expect at this point?Eailey8 Dec 9
Dec 8 Lighting Quality Locked at Good/High Hey, I logged in to 7.3 and it isn't letting me change my lighting quality back to low where it belongs. Is there a fix to this? The low setting is greyed out when going to click. It is causing me to lag in arenas which isn't fun.Lulgetfkd48 Dec 8
Dec 8 How I fixed my High Sierra freezes / lockups As soon as I updated to High Sierra I started experiencing times where the screen would lock up. Sometimes I could still hear some sound for a moment. About 90% of the time I could not kill the process or cmd-Tab out of the game. I would have to either hard reboot or kill the process thru ssh. I noticed that I could be playing for hours during the day with no problems, but then around 6-7pm or so I would get lockups over and over...this got me thinking... I turned off Night Shift and have not had a single crash since. It's been about a week. If you're having these problems you may want to try it. System Prefs>Display>Night Shift I'm running the latest 5K iMac with the Radeon Pro 580 8gb.Ogmash26 Dec 8
Dec 7 Macbook pro 13' 2016 performance Hello all, I have the macbook pro 13 2016 with touch bar. 3.3 i7, 16GM RAM, Intel Iris 550. The suggested setting is 3, and I am playing basically on 1 with lowest setting. I have on average 60 FPS, in raid and BG around 20-30. I use an external monitor with resolution 1650*1050 (or something similar). I thought the performance can be improved. I noticed that the fan is barely making much noises, so I figured that there must be something wrong in the setup that causes the laptop to not use its full potential. I will be using istat menus and try to mess around with the setting a bit later, based on another post here, but I am just hoping if I can gather some information on this topic, whether performance can still be improved or not, or any other possible ways to improve performance: such as an external GPU or such. The goal is to improve FPS in bg and raid. The graphic can stay on low setting. Thanks for helping!Astralarie3 Dec 7
Dec 7 Low FPS - Macbook Pro Mid 2010 Hey guys, I know that my Macbook is probably too old, however I thought to still ask if anything can be done to improve the game experience (other than: buy a new laptop/computer). When lunched, the game is fine at 60fps, but after a little bit it starts to drop until it usually reaches 20fps.. Before doing this post it got to 8fps, lol! I'm running the game at the lowest settings, and I usually don't have any other applications running while I play. Is there something you'd suggest me to do to improve the experience? Any and all tips available are welcome, I'll try all of them. Didn't try anything for now because what I found about FPS are pretty old topics and didn't want to do something that might be not useful anymore. Thanks a ton! P.s. even simply linking to relevant topics would help :) MacBook Specs Operating System OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) Processor 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Startup Disk SSHD Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MBEathiel15 Dec 7
Dec 7 Crashing 10.11.6 El Capitan Processor: Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB RAM Every time I get into a heated situation where there is lots of movement on the screen e.g in a battleground with lots of people, the entire game crashes. I've lowered all graphics and everything completely - I don't mind playing on a potato! Is there any way to stop the crashing without having to update OS X? Or is that my best bet. I heard something about clearing WTF folders? Would that help?Scraulle1 Dec 7
Dec 7 Freezing After Character Select I can log in to my account perfectly fine, and was playing patch 4.3 briefly earlier today. However, now when I attempt to enter the world on any of my characters, the loading screen pops up then freezes at about 10% loaded. What to do...? lolJezartroz8 Dec 7
Dec 6 Curious why Mac over PC for WoW? I am new to gaming in WoW on a Mac as I finally got my 2012 Mac Book Pro 13" up and running. I also own three Asus RoG PC laptops. I am curious why the folks here prefer using a Mac over PC to play WoW? I assume it's because he/she enjoys the MacOS better than Windows 10? :) Just getting some new feedback as a new Mac gaming user.Jaianya11 Dec 6
Dec 5 Invisible ground textures Running an iMac 27" late 2014. I cannot see: Black rook Hold Raven Dive swirls But more importantly: Argus portal lines. Imonar's laser target lines (when i'm targeted)Kurorai0 Dec 5
Dec 5 will this run wow The computer I want Specs: Link to computer: Graphics coprocessor: ATI Radeon X1600 [Dedicated] 1 GB DDR SDRAM [Plan on getting more a least 4 gigs] Processor: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo T7200 [#1 processor Brand: Intel] Type: Apple Imac OS: Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger 128 MB Graphics memory I want it to play without latency issues if nothing else. My current specs: Windows 7 64bit SP1 Graphics Card: Nividia Quadro NVS 135M Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz 2GB RamThuul5 Dec 5
Dec 5 Can't Install Add-on on Mac OS Check SS I have a some problem for add-on install on mac Dec 5
Dec 5 7.3 Gameplay Freezing Started playing in 7.3 this morning and I can take about 2 steps before the screen pauses and I get a spinning curser wheel. Game will resume after a few seconds (5-7), I take a couple more steps and the same thing happens. Rinse and repeat. Previously I understood we could change to OpenGL and that fixed the issue, however I see that OpenGL is no longer available. Not sure what's happening but would really like my gameplay to go back to normal. Any assistance is appreciated.Nambypamby167 Dec 5
Dec 4 Mac Rendering Glitch So I am using a mid 2010 Mac and while the game is not unplayable it does look a little strange. Some game objects are rendering from REALLY far distances (ToS, some parts of Suranar, vrykul houses, etc) but most objects are not appearing from the same distance (mountains, the ground, the ocean, etc). So when I’m flying around I just see a bunch of strange floating buildings. When I get close to said floating buildings the ground/mountain they are attached to magically appears and everything looks normal. So I would like to make so that these game objects do not render from the super far distance they do. Anyone got a fix?Raptorroocka5 Dec 4
Dec 4 DBM Out of Date? DBM Out of date? Keeps saying it out of date when its not on my Client. could use some help if anyone can?Aëgon4 Dec 4
Dec 3 Vsync causes GPU resets (WoW freezes) Hello, for awhile now I have been experiencing freezes in WoW, especially in (but not limited to) graphically intense areas (ToS, Argus, etc). Each time WoW will stutter and sometimes recover, but often cause the entire computer to freeze. When it doesn't cause a full system lockup, the OS is still active in the background but you cannot command+tab out of WoW/ Once the freezes begin, it worsens to until the game becomes unplayable. Each freeze is accompanied by a Kernel_date_computername.gpuRestart in console at exactly the time WoW stutters and/or freezes. I have been monitoring a number of threads that report similar issues with the Mac client on both the US and Euro forums but so far none of the tricks have worked and none of those threads have received a reply from Blizzard. I finally narrowed the issue down to having Vsync enabled in WoW. Specifically, once I am in this bad state, if Vsync is enabled and I look around a room (especially up/down motions), the freezes occur. Disabling Vsync immediately stops the freezes from happening. I verified this during a ToS raid just now and it was reproducible on demand with Vsync enabled, while disabling it allowed me continue to play. I filed a support ticket sometime back and the support team said the only way to contact the Mac team about this kind of issue is through these forums... so I am happy to share the GPU reset logs as needed. My hope is that this assists the Mac QA/Dev team in acknowledging and diagnosing this issue. Note that sometime back, Blizzard re-enabled the Vsync toggle, whereas they had some sort of forced Vsync enabled before (which is when I didn't have any of these freezes), so this freezing issue seems to stem from that change. Please also understand that disabling Vsync is not a good fix as it makes the game look horrible (excessive screen tearing). For reference, my specs are noted below, however others have reported this issue on different Mac hardware. 2015 iMac 27" 5k 10.13.1 (same issue in 10.13.0) 3TB Fusion Drive (FileVault enabled) AMD Radeon M395X 4GB 32GB RAMRealnes6 Dec 3
Dec 3 Mac Pro kernel panic I submitted various crash report with my Mac Pro having kernel panic problems while playing WoW a few years ago. At the time I just gave up trying to fix it, and just dealt with the kernel panic as it occured. Here is the list of everything I've looked into in trying to solve this problem. Software related: Some suggested it was due to my mouse driver. I use SteerMouse to custom config the multi-button Logitech mouse I used. I've tried playing without SteerMouse for a while. Still had kernel panic. Suggestions it was due to Parallels drivers, but I had kernel panic regardless of Parallel was installed. Permission issues/installation problems - Repaired permission multiple times. Even gone as far as a completely fresh Snow Leopard install. Same problem Reinstalled WoW multiple times Tried disabling different addons that I thought was causing problems. In fact switched between 3 different bar addons, 2 diff boss mods.. etc... to no avail. At the time when I first started seeing this, it was with my old, old Mac Pro. A Mac Pro 1.1 (the first Intel Mac Pro). It was suggested that it might be a hardware issue.. so... Hardware related: Upgraded video card. From the original ATI video card shipped with the Mac Pro to a newer ATI video card. Replaced all of the RAM Replaced hard drive Of course, none of that solved the problem.... So I gave up and stopped trying. Now years down the road, I decided to upgrade my Mac Pro when the last Mac Pro refresh occured. So now my NEW Mac Pro has the following configuration: ... Guess what.. after all that, I'm still seeing the same kernel panic. Upgrading to a new Mac Pro has nothing to do with the playing WoW, it was all work related. But I'm amazed that I'm still seeing the same kernel panic after all this time, with a complete new computer that has absolutely no hardware relation to my old one. I can only think that it's up to Blizz to fix this... and I'm not sure they can track down exactly what's going on. I can only guess that they don't have a Mac Pro in their QA department to test the game on. I will post the most recent kernel panic log after this post. The biggest problem is that ALL of the crash logs has "kernel_task" as being the only BSD process involved in the crash... *sigh*.Sylaria22 Dec 3
Dec 2 Razer Naga mouse numkeys not working properly I cannot use my razer naga numeric mouse keys for abilities. I start to type a message and the keys would type the character for which they are mapped to, however, when i use the num keys for abilities, nothing happens. I am running the latest OSX version and I have made sure my driver from Razer is up to date. Any suggestions?Bralley23 Dec 2