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Dec 14 Hey guys So, I'm on this crummy mac book (not crummy because its a mac, but because its old and lame) anyways my internet is so slow i cant even download the game through the battlenet installer. is there a up-to-date mirror I can use to install the game? somthing like a zip folder i can open and use to installSolarwrath3 Dec 14
Dec 14 Major FPS spike lag after manutenance Almost anything I do causes spike lag in-game. It's impossible to do any kind of PvP, my screen sometimes freezes for like 5-10 seconds. I already upgraded my addons, restart pc, but the problem still persists edit: wrong forum, my pc it's not a macGrizzlypanda0 Dec 14
Dec 14 Major Lag in 40 man BGs Since Legion I've noticed that whenever I get into a 40 man BG such as AV, IoC, or Ashran, when a big clash of the majority of the factions occurs, the game lags beyond playability until some players die off and then the game resumes. I've got a decent Internet connection (in fact I upgraded it recently so it's better than it was for previous xPacs) and have never had this issue before Legion. There was some slowing in Ashran back in WoD but not to this extent and once I was in Ashran for a while the slowing would stop. It didn't happen at all in IoC or AV. What's happening now, though, is ANYTIME both armies meet face to face en masse, I freeze up with a spinning rainbow cursor (I'm on a Mac) until the players thin out a little and then I resume, either dead or alive. I'd say it usually lasts about a minute or two before enough players have died to make my system resume. Contrary to many people, I actually like the big BGs and I'd love to not have to give them up. Does anyone know what has changed that could be causing this and is there a fix?Felreyna6 Dec 14
Dec 14 Kernal_task going insane When WoW is running, process kernal_task pegs around 200-400% CPU usage. FPS drops to single digit. Just started happening. Is it just me?Physos5 Dec 14
Dec 14 macOS Sierra Launcher asks for password I just upgraded to macOS Sierra and every time I run the World of Warcraft Launcher I get a dialog that says : "World of Warcraft Launcher wants to make changes. Type your password to allow this.". How do I get it to stop doing this it is really annoying?Ranorthand17 Dec 14
Dec 14 Messing with the OS? Asked this back a ways, got zip for answers. WTF is Bizz doing mucking around in my OS area? On EVERY launch of the launcher, I get the OS diaog because the damn sofware is wanting to do SOMTHING amoung my protected OS files. I KNOW I get that dialog whenever I get some update to Office, but I know that has to do with them adding their fonts to my System area. BUT not on every launch for any Office app. Every damn time I am having to answer this dialog and it is becoming really annoying especially as I have no clue what the hell they are doing.Brightbrown11 Dec 14
Dec 13 macOS Sierra causing HARD LOCKS I've found that if I change from WoW to any other app on my iMac Desktop (brand new totally maxed with 24 gig of RAM and 3TB Fusion drive) my entire locks save the cursor which has a 50/50 chance of going into a beach ball. I thought it was a generic problem, but I've noticed it only happens when I'm playing WoW. Boo.Gordashish42 Dec 13
Dec 13 Adding RAM or Switching to SSD (old MBP) Greetings WoW Gamers & Game Masters, I would like to get your opinion on this. I own a MacBook Pro 13 Inch Late 2011 with 4GB RAM & a 500 GB HDD. I intend to upgrade my machine but right now I am only in the market of getting either a RAM upgrade to 16GB or changing my HDD to SSD. Which of the 2 would improve my WoW gaming? Thank you.Aldaris2 Dec 13
Dec 12 Tabbing out on a MBP2016, and other issues. I have found three issues on a new MacBook Pro 2016 with Radeon Pro 460 dGPU. 1) Tabbing out. About 3/5 of the time I tab out, upon tabbing back in the game screen is zoomed in to the upper corner of the screen where the nameplate is. This does not go away and I am forced to restart the client. This is one of the most aggravating things about gameplay on a Mac. 2) Cursor size. It seems every time I start the client, the cursor changes sizes. The smaller it gets, the more I have to work to move it around the screen. Sometimes its so small I have to restart the client over and over until there is an appropriately sized cursor. 3) This one is in game. After fighting Frostshard in Highmountain (or when running through the area trying to avoid him), if I glide down the hill towards the north as a DH, the game acts like its lagging (I never stop gliding even if I'm on the ground, all the visible characters keep running in the direction they were when I started, etc) and then my client crashes. This happened to me two times in a row, and a third when I tested it to be sure it wasn't just a fluke.Relbeo0 Dec 12
Dec 12 Scanning Game Files > Waiting on another inst There are so many people encountering this problem all across the web and there has been no clear answer or resolution to the problem. Also I submitted a ticket (US54945209) to blizzard for this yesterday and I've woken up this morning to see that the ticket has been CANCELLED overnight for no apparent reason... What the actual **** Blizzard? Anyway, the problem I have suddenly appeared and I have no logic to explain why it's suddenly happened. The game repeatedly goes through a vicious cycle of "Scanning Game Files" and then after the scan is complete it changes to "Waiting on another installation or update". I literally do not have any other blizz/bnet games or installations on my Mac at all. The cycle repeats and went on for 6+ hours yesterday with no resolve. I also obviously tried clicking the button to repair the game but it just throws it back into this ongoing cycle. I've tried deleting Cache, Interface and WTF folders, as well as Users/Shared/ and Users/Shared/Blizzard/ I've also repaired disk permissions, created a new Admin user and tried to do updates on that, made all permissions read/write for every WoW/ related folder. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I have read others experiences on the web saying that even a fresh install didn't fix the problem so I'm not going to bother with that. HELP ME BLIZZARD. My new ticket has been placed and I will return to this thread with a resolution if there is one, as it's clear there are hundreds of people that face this problem. They might just cancel my ticket again and in that case I'll just have to quit WoW for good. Damn. [edit] using OSX Yosemite 10.10.2 , worked fine on this OS previously. don't have the bandwidth to update atm. [/edit]Adokustealth14 Dec 12
Dec 10 App opening Mupliple Times? When I open the App, why is it opening and closing 3 times before finally opening and staying open? When i click the icon in the LaunchPad, it will quickly open then close, then open for a second or two, then close, then open for a third time before actually working.Emilyyn0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Support I cannot create a support ticket of any kind. Every time I try it takes forever to load then once it does it says there was a problem on blizzards end. I can log into the game and see my realm/character list but anytime i try to log onto a specific character the game goes to the load screen for a few seconds then the game shuts down with an error code. I have been trying to create a ticket for the past hour or so and i am seconds away from launching my computer across the room! Please help!Aeniril0 Dec 10
Dec 10 MacBook Air Glitch Problem Anyone else experiencing this / has experienced this? It'll happen at random and the only way to fix it is to restart the game. Some days it'll happen upwards of 10 times. Other days it won't happen at all. Only happens when I'm in the Legion areas. Started happening after I upgraded to a MacBook Air.Déath0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Mouse Modifier Issues Hey guys I recently have run into issues that pertain to using modifier keys (shift specifically) for my mouse buttons. My mouse has two side buttons that I used to be able to use the shift modifier with. However upon logging in recently I am no longer able to do this. I can keybind the keys themselves however its limited to one spell. when I try and keybind another spell with the shift modifier it just switches the keybind to that spell. Example: I bind lightning bolt with the top button (we'll call it button 4). Then i go to keybind healing wave with Shift-button 4 and rather than being modified it simply just becomes button 4 and lightning bolt loses its bind. Im assuming its a setting issue either on the mac or in game but I cant for the life of me figure out. Signed, A frustrated gamer. BTW: Mouse is an ONN Wireless Mouse. !@#$ty, i know but I make due.Nids3 Dec 10
Dec 9 Crashes. Are my specs enough to play? After 7.1, my gaming experience has been a disaster. It crashes during raids, dungeons, BGs and Arenas. Please help me out here or I'll have to unsub and move on. Here are the specs of my laptop. OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5 (upgrading to the new OS will cause more issues on other essential softwares that I use) MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB 15.4-inch (2880 x 1800) HELP ME OUT!!! SOMEBODY!Lapeste4 Dec 9
Dec 9 Game Crashes on Graphically Intensive Fights Hello! I am playing on a MacBook Pro Late 2013 with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M as its graphics card. The game runs completely fine most of the time during playing, but when I enter a raid, I have to be worried. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, (especially tonight during Illgynoth Prog), it's devastating. I'll notice the game start to lose frames, my game itself isn't lagging, and it isn't a connection thing, but it'll start to lose frames in 2 second intervals. All of a sudden, the game will completely freeze up. I can still talk to my raid members in Mumble, but the game is totally frozen. I am forced to restart my computer, and basically take a wipe for the raid. Can anyone give me some insight on this topic? Thanks!Volknir1 Dec 9
Dec 9 Install keeps pausing I have been trying to install WOW for the past week now and i am frustrated. My blizzard client will download content for about 10 mins then just pause. I constantly have to baby sit the download and resume it every time it stops. But i cant always be there because I am very busy throughout the day. Here is the error that pops up as well as my Mac Specs. I noticed a pattern, the first time is just a regular pause where it says "Paused. Progress will be saved if you exit." Then the second time it pauses i will get an actual error. "We're having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection just in case and try again." error code "BLZBNTAGT000008A4" then it will start the trend all over again. OS x El Capitan - Version 10.11.6 MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) Processor: 2GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB when clicking on the error code they give you some steps to try to help you fix it your self and none of those steps have worked for me.Youngleaf3 Dec 9
Dec 8 Multiple crashs a day So im playing on a 13 inch 2010 macbook pro with the original graphics card and i crash 3-4 times a day especially in mythic pluses and raids. Im only running 3 add ons, skada, vuduh and bartender, ive cleared my cache and wtf folder and i still crash consistently. Please help love the game and want to continue playing. Thanks.Precam5 Dec 8
Dec 7 Bad textual graphics on mac Hey there, im out of town for a bit and trying to play WoW on my mac. The graphics seem to be fine and everything runs well except when it comes to play/npc text at a distance. I was wondering if anyone has run into this before and has a solution? SS below: Dec 7
Dec 7 Transferring from mac to another mac Context: I got my girlfriend hooked on WoW but she only plays using my Macbook. Now I can't really be productive while she's playing but she does have her own Macbook. I know I can always download the game but we have a fairly low data cap and we don't have the physical discs. Is there a way to just simply copy the installation from my Mac to hers? Edit: Step by step instructions would be amazing. I'm not too good with the technicals. :( Thanks!Thaelyne1 Dec 7
Dec 7 Overheating since last updates Hi, when my wow is running the GPU Diode usually is around 77º ~ 80º C, but since 7.1 (besides the long waiting in loading screen and disconects) the average temperature increased, and few days ago I noticed the gpu diode is most of the time above 90º C (even with only the wow open and nothing else ). Sometimes the game is also freezing after some minutes when several screen tearing starts to appear (even with Vertical sync on), and I'm forced to close the game manually, because nothing else responds. (and few times ended like this ). I tried many things like, instaling the nvidia web driver posted here, deleting cache, wtf, interface, uncheking those spotlight search configs, changing from metal to openGL, using recomended wow video configurations (wich seems it was decreased too), and nothing seems to work. (btw im using macbook pro, el capitan, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7).Korzen0 Dec 7
Dec 7 Windowing wow makes it non-playable And by that I mean it goes to a place on my comptuter so that I can't reach it. I'm on a mac if that makes any difference, I didn't post there though because it always takes a really long time to get an answer. If I click on wow and do a right-click "show all windows" it gives me the window, but when I click on it it once again hides the game. I can then only quit out of it and start it over again. Anyone know how to get it to stop doing that?Marott1 Dec 7
Dec 6 No iTunes Remote in Legion? Legion beta doesn't have keybindings for iTunes Remote. Is it deprecated? I hope not - I use it almost every time I play.Dejahthoris27 Dec 6
Dec 6 5k iMac goes to sleep while playing In the middle of playing, the WoW window will disappear (but still be running), and then the computer will go to sleep. Both of my monitors turn off, and eventually my usb peripherals as well.Treasyuno10 Dec 6
Dec 6 No Add on Button (iMac) Hi there, New player. I have never had an add on button when logging in on the character screen. I currently have gatherer in my add ons folder and was awaiting the button upon logging in, but that was not the case. Everything is installed correctly just no button in the WoW game itself. Thank you for your help in advance. Running Ver. 7.1.0 (23171) (Release x64) /Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/GathererNarung2 Dec 6
Dec 6 Trying to make people quit? Ok, frame rate back to normal. Zone times still too long. I retract angsty "teenage" comments.Chagas0 Dec 6
Dec 6 4-5 crashes per night only running 3 addons currently that i have used for years with their latest updates. have done the full reset of deleting the wtf folder, cache, etc. this only started when 7.1 dropped. really getting bummed out. ruining runs and getting me removed from groups.Adroi5 Dec 6
Dec 5 Game crashes during BGs, Dungeons and Raids The game was working perfectly fine until 7.1. Now almost every time I go into a raid, bg or dungeon, out of nowhere, there's a short freeze, followed by a crash. I play on a 15' 2014 MacBook Pro laptop with Retina. Like I said... It was working perfectly fine with no issues prior to 7.1. This is very frustrating since I wait about 10-20 minutes to find a group. When I finally do, BAM, right in the middle of a fight, it crashes. The "oops, GTFO" screen pops up, click reopen, relog in and it's fine. Until I join the next group.. Then, like clockwork, crashes again. WTF is GOING ON!!!Donbrugal1 Dec 5
Dec 5 Play from External SSD via USB3. Since Legion I get choppy gameplay when I turn or change camera in any way. I think I have slow drive (Apple/Seagate 3TB 7200rpm). I half-succeeded in running wow from external SSD (Samsung EVO 850, 256GB) I am having issue with Battlenet app, It fails to update (waiting for other installation..) I keep both local Applicatins/World of Warcraft and External /S/World of Warcraft In addition , after I reinstall battle net app and give game locations it fails to change game location if I tried so. Can someone give a comprehensive guide on which files to move.Zlo5 Dec 5
Dec 5 This game is crashing way too much. I try to make it windowed at 1920 x 1080 (wide) or any of the other (wide) ones, crash. I try to change % of rendering characters, crash. I try to window while on an fp, crash. It did not used to do this before the pre-patch for Legion. What the heck is going on and how do I keep it from crashing so much?Marott1 Dec 5
Dec 5 Rendering characters still crashes the game I'm just trying to render characters at 100% but if I even go up 1% from what the game sets it as, it crashes.Marott0 Dec 5
Dec 4 Sierra upgrade and WoW Legendary Cata mouse After upgrading from El Capitan to Sierra, the extra buttons on my mouse no longer register if the mouse is moving. I thought it was the mouse going bad at first, so I tried another (I've got three, don't ask) and the same issue. If the mouse is held perfectly still, then the bindings register just fine. For example, I've got walk and jump bound to extra buttons on the mouse. If I steer even the tiniest bit, they won't register. If the mouse is held perfectly still, then they will. This makes the features of binding keys to those buttons somewhat pointless! Since the option to detect this mouse was removed (well, hidden anyway) from the default control settings, am I just S.O.L. here? I really like the ergonomics of this thing (hence why I bought backups!) so I'd like it to function... hopefully it's something that just needs to be adjusted relating to the way Sierra deals with mouse events!Narlic1 Dec 4
Dec 4 Interface menu stuck off screen a while ago i moved the menu up so i could see it and something else, but i moved it too far up and now i can reach the top part of it because it is too high and i cant drag it back down. i was wondering how i can get it back into the middle. thanks!Ishus3 Dec 4
Dec 3 Sierra Help I feel dumb asking this here, but I don't know if I should upgrade to Sierra or not. I read reports of WoW being unplayable for people who upgraded right away, and I don't want that to happen. Also, I'm a novice at understanding whether or not my machine is using Metal or Open GL or whatever. I just don't know. Here's what I'm on: MacBook Pro (17 inch Early 2011) 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 10 GB Ram AMD Radeon 6750 1024 MB Right now WoW runs fine. It runs great most of the time even. Would I see a performance boost with Sierra? Would it even work with Sierra? I only feel comfortable asking this here because it seems like everyone on this forum is so helpful. Thanks to anyone who reads this, extra thanks to those who offer advice!Revengeance0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Ghost town and no NPC Ghost Town and no NPCs. This only happens with this main toon Fuyung, all other of my toons on the same realm are working fine. I have tried reload UI, restart computer, disable all add ons with no avail. Regards.Fuyung1 Dec 3
Dec 3 Suddenly unsupported video card? This morning (Pacific time) I played WoW as usual, without any problems. Then I napped. A few minutes ago, I sat down for some more WoW, but the game tells me: "Your video card isn't supported by World of Warcraft. For reference, you have: Operating system: Mac OS X 10.2.1 Video Card: Intel Iris" That's correct, I do. Specifically, an Intel Iris 1538 MB, according to About This Mac, and a late 2014 Mac Mini. That's not on the list of unsupported video cards the error box pointed me to, at When I try to launch the game, I get a large black-filled window and this error message: "World of Warcraft was unable to start 3D acceleration" Then it automatically closes and takes me to the error-reporting dialog for OS X. What's up?Nestarion4 Dec 3
Dec 3 Graphical glitch - textures all over Hello Everyone, I've been having these weird glitches since the launch of Legion and it hasn't been getting any better with the latest patch: iMac (27" Late 2012) 3.2 GHZ Intel i5 8GB memory Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 MX 2048 MB Still running on El Capitan 10.11.6 Using latest Nvidia driver. Game running on Metal. I've read conflicting reports on how to play with optimum settings which is why I haven't updated MacOS. Running the game in OpenGL seems to help with the glitches but comes at an FPS loss. Reloading the UI won't fix the glitches and I've also tried repairing the game. Any help on how I can optimize my setup would be greatly appreciated!Lunakaa5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Incompatible realms (ALL) Hello when trying to log in - it appears all worlds are down for me and instead of saying low/high population it says incompatible. I did a system upgrade on my computer ( I play on a macbook Pro - never had an issue) that did not fix it. When trying to choose my realm and log in it says you have been disconnected. I've seen a couple other people post about that - anything i can do to troubleshoot? Or are macs no longer supported? ThanksMilkydud10 Dec 3
Dec 2 7.1 Broke Windowed (full screen) Even since 7.1 i have been unable to play in windowed (fullscreen) due to the game have a strange resolution and/ or scaling that completely destroys my UI. I have always played in windowed (fullscreen) both on my mac laptop and windows desktop and never had a problem before this. When in fullscreen mode my UI is its normal self. Nothing has moved or needed repositioning from 7.0 to 7.1 (or from any other xpac/ update) even though the UI was made with windowed (fullscreen) enabled. But when I load the game in windowed (fullscreen) mode the UI looks completely different. The scaling is wrong and lots of things have moved around the screen due to the crappy scaling. I do not have "UI Scale" option enabled in either fullscreen or windowed fullscreen modes. If i do try to fix the UI by using the UI Scaling feature it never lines up perfectly and it seems to have a negative effect on my FPS. My only options atm are to put up with fullscreen mode (alt-tabbing - yuck) or getting my lovely 3 finger slide to next screen feature back but having either a broken UI or a less broken UI but FPS drops. I have posted about this problem a couple days after 7.1 released in other treads but they have been left unanswered and im pretty fed up tbh. OS: 10.12.1 (16B2555) PC: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) Display: 15.4-inch (2880 x 1800) Note: I play wow at 1440x900 Links to the other threads I posted this in: Dec 2
Dec 2 Bootcamp opinions Hello guys, so basically I have an imac 2011 with this characteristics: iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB A lot of people is telling me that I could get a better fps if I'd play on windows via bootcamp, so what do you think? will I really take an important improvement? Because if it's a little I wouldnt do such a process. I can play at 20 fps at Graphics on 5,, but on raid I set everyting to minimun but "projected textures" which I have to set on enabled to actually see raid marks and things,, and sometimes my fps still drops to 10-15. I appreciate any help <3 PD: On helya I have to reduce the render scale to 50% or it's impossible to play on phase 3 lmaoMelissändre0 Dec 2
Dec 2 New MacBook Pro info here! Tested! Hi all. I have had the weekend with my new macbook pro 15 with touchbar. Here are the specs: 2.6ghz 1TB SSD Radeon pro 460 4gb vram 16 GB ram I have installed windows 10 via bootcamp and I have tested and played Overwatch and WoW extensively. Bottom line: I really like the new MB pro and the performance has exceeded my expectations. On both WOW and Overwatch I select the general "high" settings and reduce the screen resolution to 1920 x1080. On WOW uncapped I get a solid 75 FPS with these settings. There is room to tweak a bit if you like certain things a bit higher and not lose frame rate. I run wow with v-synch on and it plays beautifully with virtually no tearing and rarely dips below 60FPS in normal questing, PvP and BG's. I have not tested raids yet but I would imagine it would run like a champ. On Overwatch I also have the graphics presets on high and I drop the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080. I do not turn on v-synch since input lag is more annoying in an FPS where twitch reflexes are more important. I simply cap the Framerate at 60 FPS and the game rarely dips below that. I get virtually no tearing and a great gaming experience at quality settings. I have a full GTX 1080 setup with a g-sync monitor for my desktop and of course this is where I play most of my games and its awesome. but I gotta say...when I go on the road with the MBP I won't feel terribly deprived. The gaming experience is very give it an 8 out of 10....10 being I can max all settings to ultra and get playable frame rate. Of course you can't do that, and I never expected to. But wait the best part is this... Never have I had laptop (gaming or otherwise) that ran games this well and stayed so COOL and QUIET!! Even after playing overwatch for 2 hours straight the laptop was only A LITTLE warm on the bottom. I felt comfortable the whole time with it sitting on my lap against bare skin (think shorts guys ;P). Even better, the fans while audible when they came on were in no way loud or annoying. My wife could sleep next to me and not be bothered by the fans. I own a 2012 MBP with the 650m and its loud and hot under load. This is by far my favorite MBP and for my needs it will be great. I can take it on work trips and play games at night without sacrificing the quality of my experience. I run a Logitech g-502 Proteus spectrum mouse and a belkin (razor) keypad for my left hand and its just like playing at home. I have only one complaint so far and thats likely a driver issue. Under windows 10 my wireless connection is weak and will disconnect easily. I can play pretty well if I'm 1 foot from the router but its annoying none the less. If anyone has info about how I can solve my wifi issue that would be too great. BTW, in Mac OS the wifi works like a champ so its got to be a driver issue. IF anyone has questions let me know and ill try to answer.Malign9 Dec 2
Dec 1 WoW 7.1 - Game Crashes on OpenGL as soon i enter realm , load screen... then crashTracyn214 Dec 1
Dec 1 Game randomly kicking me out The game has been kicking me out to the character selection screen pretty regularly tonight. Not only that, but my character location/status/buffs have actually been rolled back at the same time. What's going on? Is this a me issue or a Blizzard & server issue?Ryegeleye5 Dec 1
Nov 30 Macbook Pro 2016 13" Hey everybody, I am planning to get a new macbook - and want to be able to play WoW on it (dedicated - eg. Raid etc). In other words, I don't care about how good everything looks (I prefer the old looks anyway) - it should just run smooth (of course during 20+m raiding) and show everything essential (for movement). What is the minimum macbook configuration for this? Would some kind of 13" work or does it have to be 15" (assuming the small screen wouldnt matter to me)? Thanks a lot in advance!Airo5 Nov 30
Nov 30 Crashing in Dalaran and Broken Isles I can get into Dalaran but if I click on anything (vendors or my own bags) I crash. I was able to hop an eagle to the Hunter hall and fly to Thunder Totem... but when I clicked on my bags to open them I crash again. Other high level toons have the same issues. I went to a lower level toon and was able to play in old Azeroth and I was able to do all the things in a Draenor garrison. I have restarted my computer, started the game with nothing else running, disabled all add-ons, reloaded the UI and everything else I can think of.Roszfianna0 Nov 30
Nov 30 Metal API- what is it? What exactly is Metal API and how do i get it?Chroennix2 Nov 30
Nov 30 BAttlenet app not opening wow Battlenet app not opening wow. Anyone else having the same issue?Glaxius2 Nov 30
Nov 29 My character name since 7.1 Why is the special character "y" missing from my name on the login screen since 7.1? It now says "Berm"ý12 Nov 29
Nov 29 Loading Screen Issues & More Greetings. My loading screens have been very slow, this includes; logging into character, using hearthstones, clicking on portals, and even taking a ship. I have very few addons, of which I have disabled TomTom. Furthermore, when I took a ship from Daranasus to Stormwind, I ended up on the loading screen for a while, it was showing me the red dots, but then I started to notice that the dots were showing me going from Stormwind to Darnasus. I am using an iMac to play wow on. I only play on one server. Also, when I go to my Garrison, I have to force close the game due to the never ending loading screen, the bar shows full, but the screen just stays on the loading page.Mariè2 Nov 29
Nov 29 Number keys (action bar) become unresponsive Hi, I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue, and I'm quite surprised because it's extremely detrimental to gameplay and I would think others would have a similar issue. (This only happens while I play WoW) So ever since WoD launched, after a lengthy time play WoW (usually between 40minutes - 2 hours) the number keys on my keyboard (or the action bar itself) will become unresponsive. No length of time fixes the issue, it's not lag or any sort of that, I can use the alphabet keys and talk in party/raid and move my character perfectly fine. The only way to fix this issue, is that I have to completely shut down WoW and reopen. It's become quite the nuisance while playing because it often happens while I'm raiding or in a dungeon... This makes it so I can not do any abilities and I just sit there and auto-attack. So I'm forced to constantly shut down WoW and reopen it mid-fights ASAP and hope I don't die to standing in harmful stuff... The strange part is that it's been happening to me since WoD, but everyone I talk to about this issue says they have never had that happen. How am I the only one with this issue? I thought for sure such a crippling game play issue would affect more than just myself. I have seen really old posts, talking about "Shadowplay" from Nvidia drivers being a culprit to a similar issue, but I don't use "Nvidia Experience" or whatever "Shadowplay" is associated with (and don't even know if it is on Macs) and I'm pretty sure that's a PC problem and doesn't relate. I run a Mac: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB (with Nvidia GeForce GT 750M PCIe GPU) Any thoughts? Getting annoying to have to shutdown-reload WoW because my character can't run any abilities from the action bar.Forgon13 Nov 29