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Jul 31 Can I play WoW Legion in a Mac Pro Late 2013? Can I play WoW Legion in a Mac Pro Late 2013? Link of Tech Specs: If i can how will it run?Celebrias6 Jul 31
Jul 30 No Facebook Streaming for Mac? I was wondering why my wasn't updating with the new Facebook streaming until I read to the near end of the patch notes and sadly noticed: "Streaming is not yet available for Mac." :( I was really excited to see this new feature! Any idea when it might be available to us Mac users? Just curious, not looking for anything specific. Just wondering if we are talking days, weeks, months, or years? Possibly even "soon™"? :) Thanks!Bermý25 Jul 30
Jul 30 iMac Graphic setting help Before all the Mac hate I want to let everyone know that I need to use a Mac specifically for school so please drop the Macs are garbage for gaming BS I know, I 've heard it before. This is what I'm using Mac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015) 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB So I purchased this computer just this past September and I don't know very much about computers but I think it can run the game much much smoother. I have really low FPS (around 32FPS in Dreamwalk) and I can almost swear my 2012 macbook was running smoother. Below i've included screen of my graphic settings. Any help will be awesome. ty! I've tried bringing the resolution down in the past however, things get super blurry afterwards and I dont know how to fix thatObeah4 Jul 30
Jul 30 Custom Anti-Aliasing on iMac I'm running the PTR version of WoW (7.3.0 - 24692 Test x64) and I noticed that the Anti-Aliasing option is set to "Custom". It seems to be working quite well but it's not an option in the dropdown and it's not an option on the current version, either. Will this get a name or is this a glitch? My iMac specs: iMac (late 2015, Retina 5K 27-inch) AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048MB 24 GB 1887 MHz DDR3Jaradan3 Jul 30
Jul 28 The WoW Movie Recording Guide For Macs The WoW Movie Recording Guide For Macs Table of Contents 1. Introduction - 1-A. What Is Movie Recording? - 1-B. How Do I Record Movies? 2. The Settings - 2-A. What Setting Affects What? - 2-B. Why Does The Recording Stop Prematurely? - 2-C. How To Set Up Before Recording. 3. Post-Editing - 3-A. I've Recorded The Movie. Now What? - 3-B. Recommended Additional Software. 1. Introduction Hello and welcome to the World of Warcraft Movie Recording Guide for Macs! If you're reading this, chances are you're interested in setting up your Mac to be able to record your runs through the various raids and dungeons in WoW. And with the information in this guide under your belt, you'll be much more prepared to do so. You will find the Movie Recording section within the "Mac Options" button on the game's "Options" menu. You can reach this by pressing the ESC key while playing. 1-A. What Is Movie Recording? The Mac version of World of Warcraft can use the Apple Quicktime frameworks built into Mac OS X to actually record the screen while you play. It can even record the mouse, the UI (including your addons), and the game's sound. It cannot however record external apps like iTunes or Vent. 1-B. How Do I Record Movies? Starting a recording without changing any settings in advance is simple. To start a recording, just hit: Start/Stop Recording: CTRL + [ Press it again to stop the recording. If you have the option "Compress After Recording" disabled, you'll want to press the following to compress the movie into a video you can watch once WoW is closed. Start Compression: CTRL + ] Once compressed, you'll find the movie in your "Applications>World of Warcraft>Movies" folder. 2. The Settings Within "Mac Options" in the Main Options Menu, there are a number of settings you'll want to be aware of: 2-A. What Settings Affect What? 1. Resolution This sets the overall size of the movie you record. This does NOT change your game's resolution while recording. It's simply the resolution of the movie file. Note that you cannot set this higher than what you are currently running. This will also be the biggest contributing factor to the actual recording process performance, and the file size in terms of MB and GB the resulting movie file will be once compressed. 2. Framerate This limits the game's actual playing framerate of what the movie will be. It is the second largest factor in actual recording performance and filesize of the finished movie file. For comparison's sake, all American and Japanese TV shows and movies are recorded in the NTSC format at 29.97fps. European and Australian TV shows and movies are formatted in PAL, using 23.98fps. Thus the European movies skip more frames, and appear to run faster than American versions of the same movies when run side-by-side. You can set the recoding framerate higher, but there's little need to do so. 3. Compression The format in which your movie will compress into after recording. H.264: Also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, is the generally accepted format for most all HDTV content out there today. It offers a good balance between quality and filesize. Use this for the best compromise between compatibility with various media devices and picture quality if you don't plan to do much post-editing. Motion JPEG: An odd filetype. It's an old format with poor quality but tiny filesize. It was mostly used for most of the FMV's of older Playstation games like Final Fantasy VII. In more recent times, it is supported on the Apple TV at 35mb/sec at 720p. Not recommended for wide-scale compatibility. Apple Intermediate Codec: Yet another format used almost exclusively by Apple. This is the best format to use if you plan to be doing a lot of post-editing with Apple's own video editing tools like Final Cut Pro after compression. AIC is by far the largest format, but like its name implies, it's designed as an intermediary format. It is completely uncompressed, and offers the benefit of less CPU crunching within Final Cut for easier editing. Use Final Cut to convert it to your format of choice afterwards. MPEG-4: Or MPEG-4 Part 2, is an older alternative to H.264 with good compatibility. It ends up being a slightly larger filesize and of slightly worse quality, but works on slightly older hardware that doesn't have H.264 support. Keep in mind that no matter what format you choose, the uncompressed movie that's being written while recording is in progress is huge, and will eat up the space on your hard drive fairly quickly. On a 1TB drive, WoW can only record for three or so hours, or less if you have a smaller hard drive, before it completely fills up the drive. At which point your OS X install and precious data may be at risk. For best results, record the movies to an external drive that's not being used by either OS X or WoW. (see "How To Set Up Before Recording") 4. Recording Data Rate The Recording Data Rate is how much data is being read and written to your computer's hard drive while recording. This is the number that the recording resolution and framerate affect the most. 2-A. Why Does The Recording Stop Prematurely? In short, if the recording stops prematurely on its own, it's because you have the setting set too high. The Recording Data Rate is where the speed of your hard drive matters the most. Mac Pro users will have a significant advantage over Macbook or Macbook Pro users even if the they have older machines simply because desktop computers come with faster hard drives. Laptop computers typically come with 5,400rpm or 7,200rpm drives. This is how fast the hard drive spins and reads/writes data. Desktop computers like the Mac Pro use the much faster 10,000rpm or 12,000rpm drives. Your hard drive's speed matters more than your CPU or video card when it comes to recording. If the recording data rate is too high for your hard drive to consistently write with, the recording will stop prematurely. This is most likely the cause of 99.9% of your problems if the recording stops on its own. 5400rpm drives can only handle around 35mb/sec while running WoW. This means that you Macbook (Pro) users cannot record that 1280x720p or 1920x1080p HD film you've been wanting to do. You'll be stuck to recording at something closer to 1024x640. 2-C. How To Set Up Before Recording. Before recording, you'll need to set things up to make the most of what hardware you have. Mac Pro users don't have much to worry about. If you have a relatively new machine with a 10,000rpm hard drive, you can record your WoW recordings at 30fps at 1080p with very few issues. Macbook (Pro) users will have to set their recording settings quite a bit lower simply because of the slower hard drive. Something like 29.97fps at 1024x640. If you don't have a fast hard drive in your Mac desktop, or are using a Macbook (Pro), you can get around the issue of the slow hard drive and the previously mentioned issue of putting your OS X install as risk in the above underlined paragraph by setting up a fast external hard drive and editing WoW's file to change the recording location that WoW writes to. To change the the recording location, go to "Applications>World of Warcraft>WTF", open the "" file in any text editor, like, then add the following line: SET MovieRecordingPath "/Volumes/YourExternalDrive/Folderofchoice" "YourExternalDrive/Folderofchoice" being the name of the drive and the file path of wherever you want to record to. You can get the exact name of your external drive by opening up the "Disk Utility" application, highlighting the drive within the app, and looking at the bottom of the Disk Utility window. Warning: If you start a recording after you have edited the to record to an external drive while the drive itself is not plugged in, or if you typed in the filepath of the drive wrong, WoW will CREATE a HIDDEN folder on the Macintosh HD drive with the file path "Macintosh HD/Volumes/YourExternalDrive/Folderofchoice". You will NOT be able to see this folder unless you open OS X's and type in the command to show hidden files in OS X. So if you are editing to point to an external drive, and you notice that your internal Macintosh HD drive is getting full over time for no reason, you might want to check on that. To make sure this never happens, just set the recording button to something you won't hit on accident while playing with the external drive unplugged. Also, the external drive recording method assumes that you are using a high-speed interface like Thunderbolt, Firewire 800, or eSATA to connect the Mac to the external drive. Thunderbolt being the fastest, followed by Firewire 800, then eSATA, then Firewire 400, then USB 2. If the only options you have to choose between is Firewire 400 and USB 2, choose Firewire 400. USB 2 is fine for short bursts of data, but for continuous writing, USB 2 chokes pretty hard. Firewire was built with long continuous transfers in mind. USB was not. USB 2 writing speeds will actually perform worse than an internal 5400rpm drive in most cases when recording movies to an external drive. Don't use it if you have the option of a Firewire 400 or faster connection. Notice: SSD drives, while fast, are NOT recommended for either installing games or recording videos to. They have a severely limited number of reads and writes when compared to the traditional slower mechanical hard drives. Using SSDs for continuous reading and writing of programs like games with texture caches, or as Photoshop scratch drives grossly cripples the life of the drive. Using them for heavy writing is strongly discouraged. Defraging them is especially harmful to their lifespan. 3. Post-Editing 3-A. I've Recorded the Movie. Now What? So you've hit "stop" on the recording, and are waiting for it to compress. What do you do now? The first step is to type the following into WoW's chatbox: /console maxfps 1 The compression process takes a ton of CPU power to do it's thing, and WoW has to be running for it to do so. But if WoW's eating all the CPU power, that not only slows down the compression, it also significantly heats up your Mac to legitimately dangerous temperatures. Especially in a small enclosure like a Macbook. Limiting the game's framerate as low as it'll go during compression is the first priority. It'll speed up the compression as well as keep your Mac cool. The next step happens after WoW is done compressing the movie file. If you've just recorded a raid run or something similar, you may wish to add your own soundtrack to the movie or edit out a couple wipes. For that, you'll need movie editing software. I'll list some recommended apps in the next section, but for now, let's just assume we're using Apple's own iMovie or Final Cut Pro to edit the movie in post. No matter which format you choose to use before recording, you may notice that the movie file is rather large compared to movies of similar length you may have watched or downloaded off the internet. This is because the movie is significantly higher quality than most people need. You can reduce the size further without a noticeable drop in quality. To reduce the size of your movie, use your movie editing application of choice. 3-B. Recommended Additional Software If you're like me, you just want a quick and easy way to get your new recording on Youtube without much editing. If that's the case I recommend: HandBrake - HandBrake lets you encode and compress most any movie format to whatever you'd like. It even has presets for the more common formats like H.264. Running your movie through HandBrake will compress your 40-man raid video to a much more manageable size with almost zero loss in quality. VLC - VLC is about the best media player on Mac OS X. Coupled with codec libraries, you can get this puppy to do just about anything from playing, decoding, to streaming from its own media server. If your video doesn't play on this thing, you're doing it wrong. Perian - Perian is a video plugin for OS X's existing Quicktime frameworks. This'll basically let you use Quicktime Player to play movies it wouldn't have originally been able to run. This + VLC make a deadly combo. AVI , WMV, Flash, and MKV movies via Quicklook, anyone?Stormtides94 Jul 28
Jul 28 Is it possible to bring back movie recording? See title. Yes, I know about the streaming software and capture software. It doesn't work as well as the in-game capture used to, once upon a time. Most capture software tries to compress the movie while recording or streaming it. The old movie capture just wrote to disk and compressed it later. Way better performance. I was really looking forward to doing movie capture with a thunderbolt flash drive or two, and then 7.2 (or was it 7.1?) took it out. Is there any support for it in Metal or Metal2 to bring it back?Azreluna0 Jul 28
Jul 28 New Models okay? My question is, are the new models really hard on macs? I don't necessarily see any lag, but I'm just curious if I should keep them off or if it's okay to turn them on. I just don't want to tax my system too much when I already have most of my settings on low or disabled. I have a late 2015 27 inch imac. 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048 MBMarott3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Type/click delay fix on mac Help! I just installed windows 10/bootcamp on my brand new MacBook Pro 2017 and when I play wow it runs it very smoothly however when I use the keyboard to move or type and click with touchpad I cant click and I have tried everything! Theres no option anywhere to disable click delay after typing, do you guys know of a fix?Texasmagic7 Jul 28
Jul 27 Type/Click Delay Fix for Trackpad Help! I just installed windows 10/bootcamp on my brand new MacBook Pro 2017 and when I play wow it runs it very smoothly however when I use the keyboard to move or type and click with touchpad I cant click during or for short time after and I have tried everything! Theres no option anywhere to disable click delay after typing, do you guys know of a fix?Texasmagic0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Disable Launcher Video? Is it possible to disable the launcher's video player? I find it causes system instability for me. Thanks.Amaelalin5 Jul 27
Jul 26 Game Capture Software? Good Morning I am struggling to find a good game capturing software (not screen recording) as sometimes I play in windowed mode and don't want other application going on top of it while recording. I am playing with OBS but 2 problems Game Capture Syphon won't capture WoW Windows Capture works but terrible quality. What are other people using that works well? thanksThefrenchie1 Jul 26
Jul 26 installation on a Mac Hi: I have a Late 2013 Mac 27" computer. On the computer, when signing, are two accounts: my son's and mine. After I log on mine, I can connect to and play. If I log out and my son logs into his Mac account and locates, he can log in to the application. But when he tries to play, it comes with an error. The error then appears on my account. Someone told me only one user can log in on a Mac. I find that troubling if it is true. Can anyone assist me?Lunasweetie2 Jul 26
Jul 26 Invisible Walls Since the latest patch I have been hitting a lot of invisible walls. Here are some examples: -> From Dalaran I port to Stormwind which takes me in the mage tower. I run out of the tower and mount on a flying mount. From the mage tower I fly to the portal area (Twilight Highlands, Hyjal, Vashj...) and in mid air I run into a wall. It may disappear afre 20 to 45 seconds. -> On my Demon Hunter I glide or fly from Dalaran to the portal for the class hall. Between Dalaran and the Island, on the island and in my Demon Hunter class I encounter these invisible walls as well. This has been happening everyday since patch 7.2Rexigar21 Jul 26
Jul 26 Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot error I got a new computer this week and downloaded wow to 95%. Now I'm seeing an update and when I click on it I get that error.Strongforce10 Jul 26
Jul 25 Post your Cheese Grater Mac Pro Rig Setup Anyone using a 3,1 4,1 or 5,1 Mac Pro? What's your setup like? What kind of FPS are you getting? How hard/costly was it to upgrade? Thanks!Daijah7 Jul 25
Jul 25 Mid 2011 Imac not supported anymore.... Maybe tell us you dont support older imacs somewhere instead of making me open tickets??????????Sheaohmsford15 Jul 25
Jul 25 Disk Space Question for Legion/Prepatch *Originally Posted on Reddit, but I realized that's not the best place to put it if I want an official answer* Hello! I just have a quick question about the Disk Space WoW Legion will take up. Currently, my World of Warcraft Folder takes up around 38 GB, which includes Vanilla-WOD Data, Vars (etc.). However, the prepatch download takes up an estimated 20 GB of space. This doesn't make much sense to me, as that download isn't even the full Legion download and that would mean the prepatch would take up as much space as practically Vanilla-WoTLK. I was reading another reddit post ( today that explained that when you download the PTR client, it downloads a whole new copy of the game data (i.e. from scratch) and adds the Legion Data to it. In that reddit, some said that dragging your live folder into the PTR folder would prevent a re-download of old content and allow you to only have to download the new relevant content. The reason I am looking into this is because I don't have much more disk space on this computer (only a spare 15 GB or so). I was wondering, is there any possible way to reduce the amount of space the Legion download will take up so I don't hit the cap? I looked up today the system recommendations for both WoD and Legion to see the recommended amount of disk space. WoD said 38 GB and Legion said 45 GB. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does that mean there is only 7 GB of NEW content? If so, how can I ONLY download those 7 Gigs and not pointlessly go through a re-download. If the 45 GB the Legion takes up really means the total space Vanilla-Legion takes up, I understand that I could always delete my WoW Folder (excluding important stuff like account info and variables) and just do a full download of the 45 GB, however that would be awfully messy and impractical. MAIN QUESTIONS: 1. Does the 45 GB estimated for Legion refer to ONLY Legion data or Vanilla-Legion? 2. Is there any way I could circumvent having to download old content if the above #1 is Vanilla-Legion? 3. If #1 is Vanilla-Legion, would a delete and full download be a viable solution to save space? I know this is big post. I appreciate all feedback :)Gagus12 Jul 25
Jul 24 WOW51900319 Frequent Issues This is an on-and-off issue, coming from Minneapolis, MN, USA. Two nights ago, I was able to play just fine, but the day before that, and today, I'm constantly kicked off with a WOW51900319 error at the character select screen. I'm running a Game Repair, which, at moments, seems to have been a fix, but it's inconsistent. The issue isn't local, and isn't related to the OS, as I've had this issue on Mac OS Sierra 10.12, and the High Sierra beta, 10.13. With having the game operate just fine one day, and constantly disconnect the next, I'm left believing that this is a game-related issue, most likely a bug. Searching the internet as well as other forums, this issue seems to have been constant with a large mass of players from all over the world, Windows and Mac-related. I've logged in with both the game launcher, and directly in WoW itself. Comcast is my ISP. Mac Mini 2011 Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra Beta 17A306f 16GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM Samsung 850 EVO 256GB SSD AMD Radeon HD 663M 256MB VRAM (My hardware barely meets the minimum recommendations for playing WoW, but this is an issue of connectivity, not gameplay.)Sonicgott3 Jul 24
Jul 22 ERROR #154 (0x8510009a) Thats a good way to start the new patch, my wow wont launch!!!! After i click PLAY, a pop up window with the message ERROR #154 (0x8510009a) came out and i just cant play!!! Any thoughts?Taurenpalla91 Jul 22
Jul 21 Trying to Log into the Ptr... I have been into the PTR several times in the past week, however, today, I keep getting a strange occurrence. I click play, the icon for the Test Server shows up, but then I get an error "ERROR #154 (0x8510009a)", followed by a second window telling me that 'Word of Warcraft Public Test Launcher wants to make changes' and asking me for the computer pw. I click cancel, and get an error prompt 'F1DB9B97-B333-4069-BC51-6FF16BE1D561'. I have tried repairing, deleted and reinstalling twice, and still get the same problem. Please advise. Note: I do not know if this has any bearing on the issue, but when I attempt access the PTR, right after the Test Realm icon shows up on my tool bar, right beneath it the Live WoW Icon shows up and that is when I am prompted for my computer password. I.E. Green Icon with capital T shows up, error pops, live icon with capital W shows up, and prompt for computer password shows up. I then get a window telling to wait a minute and try again, has button to simply say ok, when button is clicked, another window pops with error that allows me to indicate what I was attempting to do and send it to Blizzard. I have sent that at least twice.Elta4 Jul 21
Jul 21 NVIDIA web driver broken with OSX update I just downloaded the macOS update and noticed that I could not turn on the NVIDIA web driver when the computer restarted into the default graphics driver. I uninstalled/reinstalled the NVIDIA web driver, but cannot open the installation package because it is not compatible with the current version. Hopefully NVIDIA updates soon.Etzel2 Jul 21
Jul 21 MacBook Crashes while playing WoW Hi All, Since the release of Legion I'm having crashes in my MacBook while playing WoW. The laptop either simply shuts down (dies instantly) or the screen freezes for about 10-15 seconds and then shuts down (dies instantly). There is no standard behavior about when it happens, at least none I could identify, there are times when I can play for days and days and it does not happen. Other times it happens all the time and I just to stop playing. This does not happen with other games. I also play Diablo 3 from blizzard without any problems. I recently took my laptop to an Apple support place and they did a throughout analysis and found nothing. Stressed the video board with 4k videos and everything else. Left it on for 5 days in a row and found nothing. In the end they ran an application compatibility analysis and it gave away that WoW is NOT COMPATIBLE with Sierra, only with El Captain. I'd like to know if anyone else is going through the same thing, and if Blizzard is aware and acknowledges this situation. And if yes, what is the plan to solve. My MacBook specs are: MacBook Pro - Model MacBookPro11,3 (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB on board NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M off board 2048 MBRall1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Can't find streaming in Beta launcher. First off, I'm on Mac. I can't find the Streaming thing in the settings. I'm using the Beta launcher, version (Beta). I looked around and tried clearing the cache and rebooting BNet. That didn't work. I'm not sure how to get this streaming working! Help please?Sylauane1 Jul 21
Jul 20 Battlenet App stuck The battlenet app seems to be stuck on loading account information. Not sure what's going on. I can swap to the news and shop tabs, but the games tab is constantly loading account info.Yangxiaolong0 Jul 20
Jul 18 WoW crashes Mac when playing in Outland I was having no problems for a while until my youngest toon hit Outland. Whenever I'm flying around there I have constant crashes. Sometimes it's only the game client but the entire Mac is also a frequent occurrence. I've trashed the Cache, WTF, and Interface folders but that didn't help at all. I consider the Mac crashing a serious problem, this is sometimes that happens maybe once a year under normal cirumstances.Skagerrak6 Jul 18
Jul 18 PTR 24563 fails to display world on Mac Specifically a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) running 10.12.5. The world is either solid black or solid blue based on where I have been. The name tags over NPCs appear. Dialog bubbles appear. The normal UI elements of the map, gryphons, action buttons, all appear. Music plays. Moving works because the position in the map updates. Just no world to see. Note that the same machine runs release 24461.Nimhfree1 Jul 18
Jul 17 Escape key doesn't work Hello, I've tried two different keyboards on my Mac Pro since 4.1 and with neither of them can I use ESC within WoW. It works outside of WoW, but not inside WoW. Not just in the toggle menu sense (that bind is set) but if I try to bind esc to something else, it doesn't sense the keypress, and if I am just at the deathwing screen (login screen) it still does nothing. Any ideas? This is just since 4.1 as far as I can tell. it is driving me crazy. Thanks.Gnolie55 Jul 17
Jul 17 Freeze Problems its been over a month now and the game keeps freezing Help is neededBagsofmoney0 Jul 17
Jul 17 FPS Tanking in Raids on MBP Early 2015 Early 2015 Macbook Pro. 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 w/ 8 GB RAM. Intel Iris 6100. I get decent FPS in the open world. 45 FPS in Legion content; 65 FPS on Draenor. I can handle dungeons fine, however I see massive FPS drops in any raiding content, whether LFR or Normal. I have turned settings all the way down to 1. Reduced render scale to 50%. I still cannot get above 25 FPS on a consistent basis. Often times dropping as low as 18 FPS. It's as if the settings make little difference. I dumped all my addons but saw very little improvement there either. I avoided the Emerald Nightmare and the Nighthold for this reason. I was hoping Tomb of Sargeras would be improved. So far I have had no such luck. Any advice? I am desperate to find a solution that will allow me to raid. Upgrading to a proper PC is not an option at the moment.Ruutaar3 Jul 17
Jul 17 Players not showing I got wow Legion and boosted my player to level 100 and a small story mission when i logged into the world but when i went to stormwind there were no players to be seen, i checked the realm status and everything including my server that i was in was fine i am so confused on what is happening???Unholylight1 Jul 17
Jul 16 Issues with app, Laun ..... Issues with app, Launcher app, game, web site, and First off I have all kinds of browser addons; so, part of this info is understandable. i.e. one of my addons chgs browser headings(sometimes I'm a mac or linux or windows browser). Hence the web site wants my authenticator response and works. No issue here; other than having to login sometimes multiple times in a session; but thats my fault. The fault lies with the game and authenticator. I've given up on using the launcher as it continually asks for my admin password; scan and repair only fixes the issue until the next time you login. I use the app instead. No issues with it. My biggest irk is the game and authenticator app. Game disconnects for whatever reason and pops back to the login screen. Not a problem. But, if I login to the game from there up pops the authenticator notice to input code number. This is the issue. The authenticator on my phone never activates so I can input a code for the login screen authenticator popup. I have to close the game and go back through the app. Heaven forbid I close the app... the I have to click about 25 firewall popups to get back to the game. (ya'll use way too many servers to connect imo (blanket allow doesn't work as the app number changes with every lil update.)) Anyway why doesn't the game login itself contact the authenticator code and send notice to the phone as it should? AcklAckl0 Jul 16
Jul 16 FPS issue and anti aliasing not working properly on Macbook -OSX Hello, I sometimes like to play on Macbook Pro late 2015 (2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache,,16 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M370X with 2GB of GDDR5 memory ) it seems that at the begining of each major patch (7.0 , 7.1. 7.2 , and now 7.2.5 ) there will be a major performance issue. for example at the end of 7.2 I was playing on high settings (high textures, 4k resolution, medium shadows and native crisp antialiasing that looks like SSAAx4 but the actual value reads custom) with frame rate 30-40 fps in broken shore/nightholde..etc now the issue is yet again arising when 7.2.5 hit, when logging in the frame rate is 12-16, i reset all value to recommended and the game looks horrible and blurry (and cant read text on unit frames), not to mention that hardware cursor is gone, the cursor is tiny again ( part of the old problem). I want to raise this issue now so we dont have to wait long before this is addressed so I can enjoy playing the game on my Mac . ThanksAnasthetic4 Jul 16
Jul 15 Fel rush dc bug For some reason, every few minutes my games lags and disconnects whenever I use fel rush. Any plans to fix this?Zannaden0 Jul 15
Jul 14 Bnet Upgrading and Game Crashing constantly Constantly Upgrading and Game Crashing repeatedly. I have deleted all Addons, and wiped the Cache and wtf folders. Deleted/wiped and reinstalled app. Scan and repaired WoW files. Run game from both and wow.exe clients. Run game from newly created admin accounts. Deleted the entire game from my computer and reinstalled. My internet is working perfectly fine and other blizzard games are not affected. I am still receiving (You have been disconnected from the server. (WOW51900319). This crash occurs every 1-20 mins based on from what I can tell is just randomness. then loads a quick update and i repeat the cycle. This has been occurring for the last 7-10 days. The game has become unplayable. I am at a loss as to what else I can do on my end.Laddorek1 Jul 14
Jul 13 Metal 2 & nVidia (MacPro, GTX 980, web driver) I've tried staying on the Mac side, but most of the Tomb fights are a bit too choatic to stick with the hitching in the current nVidia driver, so have to go over to my win 10 bootcamp (shuffling WTF back and forth). Lucked out, went to set it up yesterday afternoon, got hit with the creator update which took an hour plus so I was ready for raid at night). Yes I have written nVidia about the hitching, they are less useful than the last time I had an issue, ending up with "go check the forums." Anyone have any insight... could it be they will deal with the issue with the driver they will release when the OS drops and don't want to deal with it in the current driver?Brightbrown2 Jul 13
Jul 13 WoW/ is crashing my computer? Hey all, I've got an Early 2011 MacBook Pro that has run WoW in the past with only some lag issues due to lack of RAM (4gb barely got me through Draenor lol). I've just upgraded one of the RAM sticks to 8gb, bringing my total to 10gb, and I figured I'd get into WoW again now that I can run it smoothly. Problem is, WoW started crashing my computer. I was in the midst of leveling an alt in Elwynn Forest when it happened the first time, and it continued going on more and more frequently over my next few logins, up to the point where I couldn't even get past the Battle.Net install screen. I deleted all my game files and tried to re-install, but the computer will crash (read: literally turn off, play the startup chime, and open with a white screen saying "you shut down your computer because of a problem.") practically seconds after the app opens. Anything I can do? Or is this a problem I need to take to Apple? Thanks!! Edit: Aaaand now my computer won't turn on at all. Looks like I'm gonna bring this over to Apple...Dæreon1 Jul 13
Jul 12 Trackball not working Mouse / Trackball not working correctly. I have a Logitech M570 both wired and wireless variety. These have worked flawlessly for years. Recently, they no longer seem to work. Randomly getting stuck in camera pan mode, sometimes not moving where you click and sometime taking multiple clicks to open or close a window or target an enemy. Battle is untenable as the response is random and often incorrect. Anyone else having these issues or know of a resolution? Thanks in advance.Golab1 Jul 12
Jul 11 Can Macbook pro 2012 run Legion Hey all, so I'm fairly new to the game and Im really hooked into WoW. Ive been thinking about upgrading to Legion and was looking though the forums and surfing through the web to see if my macbook pro 2012 can handle Legion. If im going to pay for an expansion, I want to know if I will be able to raid and do everything on the lowest setting while maintaining an FPS between 25-60. Will my macbook pro with intel Core i5 and Intel Graphics 4000 be able to run everything on Legion in low settings? Anyone have first hand experience.Icantaekim2 Jul 11
Jul 10 Launcher constantly needing to update Hello, My launcher is constantly having to update itself/World of Warcraft every 20-30 minutes it seems. And if I fail to update it I get massive lag spikes upwards of 16,000 MS. Before today I would just disconnect and have to update my game once and be fine. As of today, the updates seem to be required nearly every 20 minutes or the game is rendered unplayable by lag. Is anyone else having this issue or know how it is best fixed? Thank you!Ragnell4 Jul 10
Jul 8 OpenGL Gone in 7.2.5? Hi All, Has the OpenGL option been removed in 7.2.5? When I started playing Legion, I noticed major stuttering when in areas with large numbers of players (10+) with Metal enabled. I switched to OpenGL and everything has been working fine. Today I downloaded the patch and noticed things looked "different." Lo and behold, the stutter is back around groups of players, and my graphics API was changed to Metal. Now when I open the Graphics API popup, there's no OpenGL option, only Metal. I'm on an late-2012 21.5" thin iMac 16GB, running Sierra 10.12.3 with NVidia GeForce GT 650M Any info/suggestions appreciated!!! - DenebiDenebi9 Jul 8
Jul 8 Will OpenGL be supported in Legion? I'm running WoW in WINE on Debian Linux, and I get a 30-40 FPS increase when I render WoW with OpenGL in lieu of DirectX. It runs beautifully, and I'm quite pleased. However, now I'm getting a warning message telling me that my graphics card will not be supported (nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ - supported). Is this a bug? Is Blizzard discontinuing development for OpenGL? I realize that Linux is not officially supported by Blizzard, but I'm a loyal customer, and this seems like the best place to ask. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Cerzu29 Jul 8
Jul 7 Window position not being remembered I have always played in window mode and whenever I launch WoW, the window is always centered on my screen. Since 7.2.5, it now anchors in the top left corner of the screen. Any way to fix this?Tavlina3 Jul 7
Jul 6 Friends character level inside the blizz app This has to do with the blizzard app. You see, Battlenet friends can see my gear level with the battle app (they use a PC) However, I cannot see it and I am confused. The only thing I am aware of is I am the only one that uses a mac. The others use a pc. I wonder if this is a bug on my side or mac versions of cant display character levels.Chronnos2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Constant disconnects and more I figured I should start my own thread because my issues have been getting worse since the weekend and they don't line up with the other issues I've seen people posting 100% To start off, I've already deleted the cache, WTF and config folders and let them rebuild themselves. My addons are up to date and I've disabled all of them and still have problems. My main problem is the frequent disconnects with the apparently useless error number everyone else is talking about. 2 things I've noticed about these disconnects: 1) when I get kicked out, my battlement launcher quickly "downloads a patch" for a few seconds and then WoW is playable again. The second is that when I get back in, some of the quests I was tracking are no longer being tracked and some that I wasn't are now. Here is my looking glass report: TRACEROUTE: traceroute to (, 15 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 ( 1.502 ms 1.512 ms 1.813 ms 2 * * * 3 ( 1.321 ms 1.367 ms 1.424 ms 4 ( 48.678 ms 48.736 ms 48.790 ms 5 ( 48.457 ms 48.592 ms 48.639 ms 6 ( 68.297 ms 67.103 ms 67.162 ms 7 ( 63.811 ms 63.507 ms * 8 ( 64.300 ms 64.213 ms 64.682 ms 9 * * * 10 ( 80.977 ms 80.308 ms 80.448 ms 06/07/2017 01:30:09 UTC -------------------- MTR: Start: Thu Jul 6 01:30:09 2017 HOST: Blizzard Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev 1.|-- 0.0% 10 2.1 9.1 0.6 57.9 17.5 2.|-- ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 3.|-- 0.0% 10 1.2 1.2 1.0 1.4 0.0 4.|-- 0.0% 10 48.6 48.7 48.5 49.8 0.0 5.|-- 0.0% 10 48.4 48.6 48.2 50.9 0.6 6.|-- 0.0% 10 48.3 48.4 48.2 49.2 0.0 7.|-- 0.0% 10 63.6 66.0 63.6 77.1 4.6 8.|-- 0.0% 10 64.2 64.4 64.1 64.7 0.0 9.|-- ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 10.|-- 0.0% 10 80.9 80.4 78.1 81.7 0.9 06/07/2017 01:30:09 UTC -------------------- I am in Ontario, Canada and on They are aware of the problem and presumably doing whatever it is they can. I wonder if the fact that I am in the east and my realm is now a western realm is contributing?Layoon0 Jul 6
Jul 10 WoW app on iphone WoW app on iPhone is not working properly. It will show" connecting" and never be able to connect. Only work once if I log in from the start and will stop working when I change characters or log off.Temo2 Jul 10
Jul 5 MacBook Pro crashing while playing WoW So, this MacBook Pro is about a year old. I've never run into this issue until I started playing WoW. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all, sometimes 3 times in a day. I'll be playing WoW and randomly everything will go black and say "Your computer is restarting because of a problem." I'll click a button, everything opens back up and runs fine. It's starting to get very annoying and it's worrying me that there might be something wrong with my laptop. However, this ONLY happens when I'm playing WoW. Put about 50 hours into league on this laptop and it's never happened once so it leads to me to believe it's a problem with WoW. Is there anyone who can help me?Longswórd4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Long freezes in certain raid encounters Hello. I've had this issue since at least 7.2, but it's gotten significantly worse since 7.2.5. In certain raid encounters/rooms (Botanist & Star Augur in NH, Avatar and Kil'jaeden in ToS) I have roughly 5 second freezes of my entire game client. There's no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell, but it happens consistently. This is pretty frustrating as you can imagine. The only information I've found is this thread but after trying the suggested fixes the problem is still occurring. I wish I could do more to diagnose the issue, but as it only happens for me during these specific raid encounters I can't really test it very well. My only thought it that it's related to overheating or something, but on fights like Sisters where my computer's performance is worse I don't have the same issue. The specs I'm running are - MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Sierra 10.12.5 If anybody has advice for how to address this issue I'd be tremendously grateful, as I can't really go on raiding if this continues.Awk1 Jul 5
Jul 4 Download troubles Good morning fellows adventurers, I have recently had way too much trouble playing WoW through the blizzard desktop app. The game kept getting stuck behind "Waiting for another patch to download" or whatever it was so I uninstalled the desktop app & began launching WoW through spotlight instead. Now since a new patch came on Tuesday I cannot play without the blizzard desktop app which will not download! It keeps getting stuck at "Updating Blizzard Agent... (Roughly at 50%)" and then craps out saying it could not finish & I need to try again in one minute. Multiple attempts later I STILL cannot download the program. I deleted WoW itself hoping I could just re-download it fully patched & skip the damn desktop app altogether but it is giving me the same error.... This is very frustrating, I have been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft II & adore them but not being able to play is very demoralizing. Please help me with this annoying problem so I may return to Azeroth. Thanks, and remember... Lord Illidan knows the way....Voyde10 Jul 4
Jul 3 How can I help make the Launcher better? Problems I've been having with the launcher include inability to launch the launcher When quitting an app (WoW, HOTS, etc.) it will go into "update" mode and stay there until I quit the launcher The launcher will not quit. I have to force quit it. HOTS specifically will never launch directly to the game, I have to log in manually once this is launched. I'm on a 2011 iMac running the most current version of MacOS. I'll include whatever data you need. Thanks.Alia3 Jul 3
Jul 1 New iMac not seeing my Radeon Pro 580 I just fired up my new 27" iMac and installed WC (4.2 GHz Intel Core i7 with 40GB RAM). I have the Radeon Pro 580 8GB card, but WC doesn't seem to be recognizing it. Any suggestions please?Bullero6 Jul 1