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Apr 11 What's in the (dialogue) box When I click to start WoW from the Blizzard app a dialogue box pops up filled with words that are probably important. The problem is that the box, which looks to contain as much as two sentences of (probably) very important information, disappears as soon as the game starts. I've tried starting the game in windowed mode and keeping the Blizzard app open, but that pesky and (probably) critically important box blinks out of existence before I can discern its message. I think I first started noticing it a week ago. It's just an OS X pop-up box that has the program icon (in this case WoW) in the upper left corner and size 10 font. The kind of box you see if there's some technical caveat to running a program. Has anyone else seen this and been able to determine what the fine print is? OR is there a way that I can find out what the message is? Thanks!Bigglestaff0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Since 10.12.4 game unexpectedly quits Since updating to 10.12.4 operating system (based on Blizzard informing us we need to upon loading the game) I've had huge problems with the game quitting unexpectedly. Doesn't matter if I'm in a dungeon, battle ground, or basically anything other than sitting in Dalaran. This has never happened before and it's only happened since updating. Anyone having the same problem? Every time I'm sending the wow error report to Blizzard but it's driving me insane to constantly get booted.Ravín3 Apr 11
Apr 11 Random Disconnects after 7.2 After 7.2 released I have been randomly getting disconnected from the game. It happens at random parts in the game and in random intervals. I have already completely deleted everything off my computer wow related and re downloaded it. In fact I have basically deleted everything except for work documents and family pictures off my computer. I have also ran the "scan and repair" and nothing seems to help the issue. Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac14,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i5 Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 4 MB Memory: 8 GB Boot ROM Version: IM141.0118.B20 SMC Version (system): 2.14f24 Serial Number (system): C02LX9NCF8J2 Hardware UUID: 9989E105-C226-5A76-BB93-B5A96DC23B31Bruttality5 Apr 11
Apr 11 Constant crashes Since the new patch I have been constantly crashing in fights or dungeons. Fix. Please.Edelina17 Apr 11
Apr 11 Addons Not Working as of 7.2 Patch (Mac) I don't use many add-ons, but since the 7.2 patch, I haven't been able to make my GreenWall add-on work. And DBM has never worked for me before. I have downloaded the most current versions of each add-on and placed them in the Interface/Addon folders. However, these add-ons continue to not show up at all, or say they are out of date despite being the only ones available and 7.2 compatible. Any help with this add-on issue would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!Priestituté2 Apr 11
Apr 10 Getting kicked off and not allowing login This has happened to 5 of my guildies. We had to sit 2 on our mythic run. This is ridiculous. We shouldn't have to deal with this. All of these bugs now that the patch is out, but not being able to log into the game? NonsenseAnieren1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Crashing while trying to log in Upon trying to log in initially I am automatically disconnected when it is trying to receive the realm list. Has anyone else been having this problem?Halfsteppin2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Black Screen Cinematics / cut scenes ?? Hello, Running a new 2016 13" rMBP, and getting a black screen every time either an in-game cinematic kicks in, or even trying to play the opening cinematics. I've tried to scan and repair through the blizzard launcher and it says everything's fine, I've tried setting graphics to lowest and to highest, and I've tried deleting my Cache/WTF/Interface folders, with no change in results. The videos don't play, but I still get subtitles. Please help! Thank you!Onegin17 Apr 10
Apr 9 Loading screens flickering, w/torn images Ever since the 7.2 patch my loading screens are flickering and don't display correctly. With the flickering and loading screen images are torn/glitchy and don't display correctly. Anyone else having this issue? I've fixed the "render scale" and mouse cursor size problems but this one I haven't been able to figure out. The actual game is fine, it's just the loading screens.Ecinor5 Apr 9
Apr 8 RIP WoW for Mac Users It's true, Blizzard has abandoned us. Look at all of the posts being made and still NONE of us can play.Illilililli54 Apr 8
Apr 8 Crashing when trying to open mailbox (fixed) Hey everybody, I haven't been getting crashes much since updating to Sierra. However, today, I was in a +7 Maw, and when I tried to open the middle chest, my game crashed. I tried this twice or three times and got disconnected each time. I cleared my cache and that didn't help. I left the dungeon and tried to open my mailbox to retrieve the item from the box. I immediately crashed. I then updated my OS as I saw it had an update available. Afterwards, I tried the same thing a couple of more times, once with addons disabled to make sure that was not the issue. I still crashed each time. Anyone had this happen, know why it would be happening, or have a fix?Tyrandani4 Apr 8
Apr 7 Cursor Size Huge Yesterday it was fine.. But now with 7.2 when i change it to regular fullscreen my cursor is the size of my character. Please helpKobeky7 Apr 7
Apr 7 Flightpath stutters Besides the load screen glitch; I'm getting the stutters after landing at a FP. Takes about 30 secs for me to be able to move upon landing.Twiki0 Apr 7
Apr 7 Wow crashes almost every boss pull Hi my Mac Laptop Disconnects from wow almost every boss pull in raids and dungeons and sometimes world bosses. It is not always at the start of the fight. Sometimes it is in the middle or end. Sometimes its 2-3 pulls in. I have tried disabling all of my addons. I have done the Battlenet scan and repair. I have even gone as far as to change macros. But nothing has worked. I am not sure what else to do. I have the latest MAC operating system and 8gbs of ram so that should not be the issue. Can someone please help?Gunweaver1 Apr 7
Apr 7 Graphic card compatible? I bought and downloaded Legion last weekend. I played in all the previous expansions. I have noticed when I turn WoW on within a minute my fan noise goes from nothing to sounding like a mini airplane is taking off. I am wondering if my graphics card isn't up to handling the requirements for Legion. I did have a look at the graphics card list and did not see mine. Maybe I over looked it but is the AMD Radeon R9 M290X ok? Also having the same issues as others with the fuzzy game play as of today. It was fine yesterday.Ermintrude4 Apr 7
Apr 7 Launcher asks for password everytime 10.12 I recently upgraded to OS X 10.12 Sierra. Since then every time I use the launcher to start the battle net app I get asked for my mac password. It doesn't do this if I start the battle net app directly but for various reasons i don't want to do this.Girlscout15 Apr 7
Apr 7 Future Mac Pro/iMacs I hope the GPUs will be upgradeable!Ryegeleye11 Apr 7
Apr 7 Constant freezing and booting Hello. WoW constantly freeze and unfreeze for a few seconds followed by freezing and booting me right to the mac user login screen. I don't know if it's a OS X Sierra issue (just updated it on Monday) or if it's the new patch. Here's the info: Version: 10.12.4 (16E195) Type: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, late 2013) Processor: 2GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MBValmitic4 Apr 7
Apr 7 Upgrade Time! I have a five year old potato PC that needs to be updated. I have an old 460SI or what have you Nvidia GFX, 8gb DDR3 RAM, and an old AMD Phenom black edition 2 SE CPU. My mobo is so old I'm starting to call her a granny-board. I want to play WoW at ultra settings, play Overwatch on high settings with smooth FPS and the same for HoTs. Is this possible on a MacBook Pro? There's a store in town that can sell me used ones from the college. It's called MacWalla if you want to check them out in Walla Walla WA state. I think they can help me take pieces out and upgrade when I want. Or I can do it on my own with some solder and finesse that I've done before with circuit boards for garage door openers. I'm also not averse to buying an external GPU setup if that's what it'd take to pump out graphics with boot camp, though I'd prefer not to use boot camp, but will if it'd be objectively better. Basically, I want an all in one machine. I want to be able to edit music, photos, and do design work, but also game like a pro. Is this possible? Please send help.Xyranthious0 Apr 7
Apr 6 FINALLY! Pascal Comes to Mac OS X! ... Looks like I can finally use my GTX 1080! I am so, so happy right now.Stoneblade4 Apr 6
Apr 6 Freezing imac after 7.2 updates I am running a late 2015 imac (3.1 GHz processor and 16 GB Memory). After I updated to iOC 10.12.4 and after Legion 7.2 and latest updates, the game randomly logs out. This happens while questing as well as in dungeons or raids. I am not running any add ons, and even after reducing my graphics settings to their lowest this problem still occurs. To make matters worse, my computer will freeze from time to time both during play and immediately after I log out. I have three questions. 1. Is anybody else noticing these issues? 2. Is it a problem on my end, Apple's, or Blizzards? 3. How should I proceed as I have no idea how to fix the problem let alone what could be causing it?Aetaris0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Mac Graphical Problems Ever since the 7.2 patch, my mac has been having serious graphical issues, which have made me stop playing the game. Firstly, the loading screen has graphical bugs including heaps of vertical black lines running through it. Secondly, wow has become extremely fuzzy appearance-wise, names above npcs are unreadable unless I'm standing on top of them and my cursor is huge. I tried setting my render scale in the advanced tab of System to 100% but then my FPS drops drastically and is literally unplayable. Before this patch I had no issues and was getting solid fps, now its like someone has turned wow to 180p and its horrible to play. My System is as listed: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MBAîo0 Apr 6
Apr 5 Severe keypress lag For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing terrible latency between ability keypresses. This happens only after my initial attack keypress. After that it seems like there is a long delay between subsequent keypresses and the shots actually being fired. This lag is really annoying and almost makes the game unplayable as of late.Junaere3 Apr 5
Apr 5 In-Game Shop Error Hello, I'm having a strange issue on a Macbook Pro. When I try to purchase items from the shop I get a "There was a problem with your purchase" error. The only items that seem to work are: Faction Change, Race Change, Appearance Change, and Name Change. Anything else produces the error. I have been bouncing back and forth with GMs and Tech Specialists but in the end, some Blizzard reps are simply lazy and don't read the entire thread, so they start posting pre-canned responses and links to useless solutions that have already been tried, sometimes two times. I came up with a theorem: ... I have been developing software for 20 years, so I know my way around computers and been using Mac since 10.2.x (Jaguar), so I know OS X (I write software for it!). That being said, I will share a list of the things I've tried (either because a GM asked me to do, or because I felt it could have been related). Before getting to that, please do know that: 1. I have tried this on a Windows 10.x machine and it worked. 2. I have installed a fresh copy of macOS 10.12.x on an external USB drive, installed a fresh (downloaded from blizzard) copy of World of Warcraft and it worked. That means that it is very unlikely related to my account. That being said, before I had done the above, I did a lot of things to my account to see if that had any effect. It didn't. Standard Things Tried 1. Deleted Wow entirely (the entire folder). Reinstalled from Scratch. No Addons. No Customizations, No settings change. This is a fresh Mac OS X copy of WoW downloaded through 2. Removed all my payment methods (canceled my subscription). 3. Added my credit card (same I had before) and re-added my monthly subscription. (also tried using PayPal only). Worth noting that both these payments methods have been successfully used in the past with WoW. 4. Added parental controls which allow In-App purchases. 5. Disabled all firewalls (both in-out) and checked my router, it has no filtering. 6. Tried to check (and uncheck) the IPv6 and Optimize Network checkboxes (all 4 combinations). Restarted the game in-between each. 7. Did some of these things twice because the game masters keep copying and pasting the same answer. Additional Things 1. I have re-enabled the firewall(s) and added exceptions, in the hope that that made a difference. it didn't. 2. I have checked for any relevant information. 3. I have disabled (and enabled) IPv6 as well as removing all network interfaces that I don't use (or disable them). 4. I have compared network settings with the fresh install, nothing is different. 5. I have disabled my DHCP Client Id (which ensures I always get the same IP) and renewed my DHCP lease. (trying to rule out any network strangeness). I even got the same IP address as the freshly installed copy of macOS. 6. I fiddled with LoginItems but I have nothing relevant to be honest. 7. To Rule out problems with my account, I simply created a new user account on my machine and tried from that fresh account. Nothing. 8. At this point, I ran out of ideas… What machine is this? This is a mid-2014 Macbook Pro with an external Thunderbolt display attached to it (and an external mouse/keyboard). I am positive I have used character boost in the past (on this machine) and I know it started failing with El Capital (OS X 10.11) I think, because that's when I tried and since it failed, I placed a ticket and they did it through the live chat. At the time, I had recently updated my payment methods so I blamed it on that, even tho the credit card used by the chat representative was the same I had in my account. Fast forwards a few months and now I'm trying to dig what's going on here. I am posting here in the hopes someone takes the time to read this lengthy crap and comes up with "hey I had the same problem and did this to solve it". I know it's unlikely to be the case but still, short of actually re-installing my operating system from scratch (something I'm not looking forwards doing due to work). Worth saying that the game works fine, I use little to no addons and have been using WoW since vanilla (in different machines, obviously). I was using OpenGL during 10.11 (unusable slow Full-Screen windowed speed with Metal) and now in 10.12 + Legion I've switched back to Metal and it's quite fast again. I use low settings (PvP only, don't care about graphics). Thanks in advance.Neurus13 Apr 5
Apr 5 keep getting error #132 keep getting an ERROR saying "error #132 " every time i open up WOW, ive currently googled the error number did everything they said and uninstalled the game reinstalled repaired the files ect, any way i can fix it?Exysas56AF41 Apr 5
Apr 5 Having Sound issues Recently a lot of WoW’s sounds have been not playing at times. Usually when there’s multiple sounds supposed to be playing at once, not all of them play. This often happens when casting multiple times in rapid succession, too. Its not that some sounds never play. Sometimes a given sound will play and sometimes it won’t. I have not noticed any pattern as to which sound types are affected. Does anyone know of a fix for this? PS. I’m using High(64) Sound Channels and Large Sound Cache.Atenstein0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Metal bugs I've been trying to switch to using Metal instead of OpenGL, but it's caused some really weird bugs to happen and I was wondering if there's a way for me to fix it? The two most notable bugs are: Whenever I'm on a loading screen I get a black diagonal line going through it, sometimes there are more black artifacts: In-game, any water/lava/fel is only rendered on the right half of the screen: Apr 5
Apr 5 Slow FPS? Liquid Detail and Shadow Quality Just an FYI for Blizzard. I am on a late 2014 5k iMac, and I've noticed that Liquid Detail and Shadow Quality affect frame rate big time. Liquid Detail has to be set to low or I take a HUGE frame rate hit even when I'm not near water. And I do get a bit of a boost with Shadow Quality on low too. Something is definitely messed up with Liquid Detail though. I used to be able to keep it on Good without taking an FPS hit, but now it's just terrible.Lowhangers0 Apr 5
Apr 4 Blurry/grainy graphics? Hey guys, so prior to 7.2, my game looked really good on my MacBook Pro Retina. However, after the patch dropped, my graphics settings were reset, and all of a sudden, my graphics are super blurry/grainy, and everything looks really bad. I tried the terminal entry from the sticky thread to set my game resolution to the same as my desktop display, but that did nothing. Anyone else having issues?Jacksouth47 Apr 4
Apr 4 can't install, no idea why Can't even install wow. just get stuck in a initialization/installing another update loop. I've deleted the recommended files, restart the computer everything any help at all would be nice. feel like i just wasted 30$ for 60 days i won't get to play. was really hoping i could get back into wow but not if i can't even play.Yeayeayeadk1 Apr 4
Apr 4 wow error every arena game wtf ^^Arianagrànde1 Apr 4
Apr 4 install problems I'm trying to fresh install on an external HDD using a mac (yes the mac version I'm not dumb) but i keep getting stuck at the initialization/ waiting on another installation or update. I've tried doing every thing but can't find a good way to solve the issue on a mac. Please help i bought a 60 day prepaid card and would hate to not even use the days due to terrible install problems.Yeayeayeadk0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Did keybinding change ? I will prepend this with - "my box died I'm on an old macbook pro... for quite some time now" All my keybinding combinations with the action bars that use the mac "command button" have stopped working, and it's not the system pref for f(1-12) the game has stopped recognizing the mac "command" button any suggestions ?Hallrat0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Massive FPS drop after patch Anyone else get a massive FPS drop after the patch ? I am using a current gen Imac (retina 5k, Core i5, AMD raedon R9) and fully updated OSX 10.12.4 My FPS has dropped to around 13 in most areas.Zemeny16 Apr 4
Apr 3 Graphics look like garbage. Welcome to the patch 7.2, worst graphics yet? What happened? Jags, blurry, WTF? These graphics really take me back to the old days of computer games. Why not change the music and sound to Pac-Man style too? Is there anything we can do? I'm running this in a one year old Mac. I didn't think it was capable of producing images this bad.So11 Apr 3
Apr 3 Crashing with quest I'm on In The Hot Seat in Spires of Arrak. When I sit in the chair I crash and get error message WOW81900319. I have restarted the game twice.Gwynnie1 Apr 3
Apr 3 10.11- afraid to upgrade to 10.12 - Advice? Ok, here's the thing and I'm hoping to get some solid advice from people in the know be it MVP or Blizz or knowledgeable players... Here are my specs: OS 10.11.6 MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch) Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB Prior to 7.2, it was running the game insanely good. Great FPS, looked great, optimized and gave me a great gaming experience, best I've had since pre-launch 2003 on my PC... Upon logging in after 7.2, my settings were trashed, the game looked like garbage, and while my FPS was even better, it, well, looked like garbage, so what's the point, right? After playing around, I noticed my Render Scale was 200%, which is ridiculously stupid, and the rest I cranked Anti-Aliasing to SSAA 4x, set Rendering Scale to 100% instead of the 200% it was set to somehow, and in Advanced settings, Graphics API was automatically set to OpenGL. I got my game looking about the same as before, not quite as good, and my FPS was actually a bit better than before but had giant mouse cursor, but whatever, I could deal. Then I logged out. Next day, logged in, FPS tanked to 8. I didn't change a thing. Just logged out the previous night then in the next night. So I took some advice from the forums, set my resolution to HALF what it was before. Mouse Cursor was normal finally, but my FPS was only in the 30s-40s. Not as good as I'm used to on this machine. Now all I see every time I log in, is having to screw with my setting for about 5 minutes each time, and hope my FPS is decent enough to play while looking halfway decent. I also get a popup by Blizz saying my OS isn't supported anymore and while I can play now, I'm going to HAVE to upgrade if I wanna keep playing WOW. I don't LIKE nor APPRECIATE being told what to do by a video game company on my machine that I also use for what I study and what I do - I make films. But I'm tired of having the crap-shoot and pray things work to PLAYABLE every time I log in, not to mention that annoying popup. Everything says upgrade to Sierra 10.12....I'm concerned...naturally...that my system will not react well to that new OS. I'm never one to upgrade OS immediately, sometimes not at all unless I have zero choice, but if I want to play WOW I will have zero choice. Upgrade or unsubscribe. So my TL;DR is - is it a risk to upgrade given my specs and will it be worth it? Thank anyone who will help in advance. I'm really concerned and I just want to enjoy my gametime while continuing to do my work efficiently and without problem. Who knows, maybe Sierra will make my film editing and producing programs work BETTER. Thank you for your time, it's much appreciated. ~SneekeeSneekee1 Apr 3
Apr 3 The application encountered an unexpected error. Hello, i'm on a mac, everytime i'm in a raid, while attacking a boss, I randomly get unexpected wow errors. It happens at random times in the fight, and it is really frustrating. I don't get any errors while i'm afk in dalaran or doing anything else. I reinstalled all of my addons today, so they are all up to date, I deleted my cache folder, deleted the folders inside the cache, and that still didn't solve it. I have an idea as to why it may be happening, but I need some help. Here is an issue that might be causing it: my OS is out of date, I have OS X 10.10.5, whenever I start up wow I get a message saying OS X 10.10.5 has entered the end of life stage as an operating system and that it will continue to run WoW, but it is recommended to update to the new one asap. Not sure if this is the cause or if anyone else has experienced this, would love to get some answers. Thanks.Balpqk4 Apr 3
Apr 3 Metal option gone? The option to select Metal as the rendering graphics API is gone for me which means I am stuck under slow and flickering OpenGl on my quad core 2008 macpro. is this normal? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4095 osx 10.11.6 el captHealcopter12 Apr 3
Apr 2 Dropped Frames and Inconsistent Resolution Since patch 7.2 launched, I have run into two major graphical problems on my early-2014 iMac. 1) The resolution setting is inconsistent. Every time I change the resolution on fullscreen, the actual resolution is random. Sometimes when I set the resolution to 1920x1080 I get 3K+, other times I get something below 600x800. The performance does not correlate to the apparent resolution. It could be at low resolution and have a low average frame rate, or be at high resolution and have a good average frame rate. My only work around is running the game as windowed fullscreen. This is the full 5K display (I usually play at 1920x1080 for performance), and has always under performed fullscreen mode. 2) Regardless of the graphics settings, the game frequently drops frames. The choppiness hurts my eyes a lot and makes the game hard to play. I am currently running Yosemite, which still suffers from the flickering lava bug for ~ 1 or 2 years now. I have been considering upgrading the OS, but I am not sure if it will fix these problems.Kioki2 Apr 2
Apr 2 Facebook Streaming For Mac Hello, Can we get an estimate release date of this feature on Mac OS? /CheersSimos2 Apr 2
Apr 2 Wow Errors I have been getting wow errors and game crashes for the past few months. It normally occurs in arena but occasionally happens outside of arena. I have tried literally everything.. Re-downloading wow, repairing, deleting wtf and cache... Nothing seems to fix it.. The error code I get is F2B08E0B-921C-43D6-9DB2-F2870F338C08 .. It is very frustrating because I am trying to push for glad this season and my team mates are rightfully getting extremely frustrated.. If I don't find a way to fix it they will probably rightfully find a new healer. Any help would be great.Kobeky3 Apr 2
Apr 2 Streaming Error WOW51900322 I've been getting this error several times a day since 7.2 patch was released. Is there any fix I can do?Atenstein0 Apr 2
Apr 2 GRAPHIC issues MacBookPro Retina With Patch 7.2 , all my graphical settings (have to turn on low otherwise my computer goes to 90° Celsius) never recorded. Serious troubles with all graphics settings (lighness etc.) in "SYSTEM" please solve thatBoomchack3 Apr 2
Apr 2 Older Mac Pro Running Sierra (Mac 2009) So I followed some instructions that were given to me by an MVP on the forums here to update my OS to Sierra in order to fix my long loading screen issues and to fix future performance in upcoming patches and it worked great! However the issue I am having is when I launch WoW since 7.2 it is saying a newer stable version of my OS should be installed to improve stability (10.2.4) however since using the Patched Sierra installer it isn't properly detecting or allowing auto updates from the store. I tried using the AUSEnabler as suggested from searches but the app store still doesn't detect that an update is available for me, any help?Nautprepared2 Apr 2
Apr 1 Streaming on Facebook? I know this is a minor topic compared to all the other issues with the mac and current 7.2 patch, however, when is the Facebook streaming coming to the mac? I know there are other ways to do it, however, I like be lazy or just one click setup. Is this ever going to happen? We mac users have been waiting since Aug 2016, and over 8 months later, no word when this will happen. Anyone have an update?Castiels0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Appearances - Sets tab causes crash Attempting to view the "sets" tab of the appearance interface immediately causes the game to crash. The latest error report I got was: 84998E79-99D0-4015-B4DE-81228C5B84B7 I'll update this post with any others if they happen, although I'm trying to avoid clicking on it for now.Weetziebat2 Apr 1
Apr 1 OS X 10.9.5 Not Supported Seriously! I understand they need to move on but 10.9 is not that old ... What about those who cant upgrade their system? What are we suppose to do?Kharl19 Apr 1
Apr 1 Death at login I reactivated an account. I can't get past the load screen after login of this character. I get the spinning ball of death and WoW stops responding. I have to do a force quit to exit. Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,5 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GBBaaldabin5 Apr 1
Apr 1 Addons not working for my mac Title says it all. There are some addons which aren't working on my mac, namely ElvUI. I really wanted it since it looked so cool, but when i downloaded it and logged on to WoW, i couldn't see it under the AddOns in the character select screen. There are some that work on my mac, namely Power Auras, totem timers, and some others. But this UI doesn't want to appear. I know you're supposed to download it. Then after downloading it, you put it under the AddOns folder, which is under the Interface folder, which is under the World of Warcraft folder. But, it still doesn't work. It is unzipped and not compressed. The folder location is correct. My video resolution thingy is 1280x800 something, which is the minimum requirement to make the ElvUI work. I really don't know what to do. Please help :( I also posted this on the Interface and MAcro forums.Cestus18 Apr 1