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Mar 23 Strange Action bar showed up I'm using MacBook Pro. and Razer's Tartarus gamepad. I just logged into my account and i see strange action bar locked on the middle of my screen. I can't remove it from 'interface' nor 'addon' ; i have no idea where it came from. Can anyone help me?Bobbal13 Mar 23
Mar 21 Scanning game files never finishes scanning.. I tried to download WOW but it crashed in game play. Then it went straight to scanning game files and it would not finish. Its continuous and i cant find a solution. I have a Macbook pro btw. :)Mastabayte45 Mar 21
Mar 21 Frequent Disconnects When playing wow, I can log in just fine, but when my character has entered the world, more often than not, i cannot perform any actions, and within 60 seconds i am kicked back to the login screen. When i CAN stay connected, I will not get disconnected until I change zones, at which point, odds are i will be kicked back to login screen as well. As Long as i stay in a single zone, if i can get in, i can stay in. Traceroute is not normal (!X *) , but I am unsure how to resolve ... MTR ... I am trying to generate the path ping, but it is taking a prohibitively long time to complete. will add once I have it. NOTE: i do not have control over the network devices where I am.Tyedros0 Mar 21
Mar 20 Slow download of free trial I am on here for a friend. She is interested in trying the game. The download for the free trial is underway but I am shocked at how long and the speeds the download is reaching. It's been nearly half a day and it's roughly 30%. The speeds for the download fluctuate between 10 kbs and 2 MBs. It is more often in the lower parts. It is over wifi but a simultaneous speed test on the mac as it is downloading WoW reach 90 MBs down and 13 MBs up. I have tried to set the parameters in the wow app settings to very high amounts but nothing changes. I truly do not know anything about macs (first time using one) so I have no clue what to do. On my pc when things like this happen my computer isn't working on max performance but I found nothing similar to that for a mac. Please help if you can! A several day long download seems upsurdMorphyn1 Mar 20
Mar 19 Metal hangs when hitting swap + VM compressor @Rommax, As of Sierra 10.12.3, it appears that if you run out of RAM while playing WoW and you start hitting both swap and the VM compressor at the same time, Metal becomes unstable and within seconds will outright hang. I've observed this behaviour twice in a row now. When this happens, WoW freezes up completely and can only be quit using the three finger salute (CMD-OPT-ESC) followed by Enter x2 without moving the mouse (that way your Enter keystrokes target the proper buttons in the force quit dialogue box that is hidden behind WoW's frozen image). You cannot see the dialogue box so you have to "blind force quit" in this manner to exit. Which promptly leads you to this: Now, modern OS X memory management is supposed to prevent this. That's why there is both swap and a VM compressor (which I loathe since it's a bad copy of Connectix's old RAM Doubler app from OS 9). Unfortunately, when it comes to Metal, when you run out of app memory, it doesn't take to it gracefully at all and the OS grinds to a complete stop until you exit the foreground app, in this case, WoW. I had previously watched a few DVDs, which sadly Sierra once again caches into RAM (El Capitan killed that off and Apple fubared memory management again and brought aggressive caching back). As such, even with 32 GB of RAM, I ended up with compressed RAM and a large (600 MB) swap, and Metal just couldn't take it. I've hit swap and VM compressor simultaneously before in both Mavericks and El Capitan and never did I get hit with the error dialogue you see in the pic I linked in this post. Sierra's memory management is pure GARBAGE, and as a result, because Metal has issues when you have insufficient RAM available, it essentially crashes and burns too. So as of now, I wholeheartedly advise prodigeous use of the sudo purge command in Terminal if you have been doing a lot of media viewing or work prior to playing WoW and are running Sierra. I would grab some Console logs for you, but...there are none since it won't capture unless it's open and thus eating resources and slowing down the system in the process (thanks Apple for screwing troubleshooting by destroying a perfectly good Console app!). Scenes with a lot of moving objects tend to exacerbate this situation while inside WoW, and the rune drawing and battle with the Instructor in the Nar'thalas Ruins really chews through RAM it would appear. Either way, the end result is the same: run out of RAM and Metal takes a dump.Tiapriestess1 Mar 19
Mar 19 Missing Lava Texture Okay so. Since 7.1, more or less, the surface of certain types of lava has been missing for me. Water is fine. SOME lava is okay, fel lava is present but 'wibbly'? Like it doesn't flow/move normally, but ji.ggles quickly back and forth, or stutters. It was all fine when the expac dropped but some time later (around 7.1) it just changed suddenly. I'm just wondering if this is something the team is aware of and it's going to be fixed someday, or if I'm just going to have to deal with it. I'm currently still running Yosemite, which I know isn't the current OS, but if I upgrade, my actual work programs on my computer (an old version of Adobe CS) will cease functioning, so as much as I love WoW, 'missing lava' doesn't outweigh 'being able to work'. It'd be nice if it was fixed, however, as it's kind of annoying. Here's a screenshot of the Great Forge, which demonstrates what I mean with 'some is there, some isn't'. For the record, although I can't see it, it IS there and if I fall into invisible lava, I still get burnt. Mar 19
Mar 16 Repeated Crashes, only in raid/bg About once every hour or so (but not consistently) wow crashes to the blizzard error screen. This only happened when raiding and just now in a bg. I have a macbook pro. Its not overheating. It doesn't do it even when I'm heavily lagging in a full Dalaran. I can't be certain, but it seems to slow/stutter about a quarter second before the crash. I have ran the repair tool, renamed WTF/cache/interface folders, reinstalled addons and wow. If it helps the latest report id was 195E96EE-5218-4373-AF62-D8006B62B795. Thank you for your time.Hâx4 Mar 16
Mar 15 10.12.2 quit then crash ever since the update today to 10.12.2, when I quit, it goes to a black screen which never goes back to the desktop. I tried to cmd-tab out, which has the same issue, nor can you cmd-tab back in.Icyfeet18 Mar 15
Mar 15 These loading screens …. So I was away for about 60 days came back and I basically get non stop 10min loading screens and a d/c upon almost any instance entry. With bgs is basically getting insta kicked before I can even get back in game. What in the hell is going on with this api?Lafs16 Mar 15
Mar 14 Application Not Responding I have played WOW for many years on this very computer. Not too long ago, I have wiped my comuter and here I am trying to redownload WOW. When it was downloading, I did try to play before it was OPTIMAL, and I was able to play for about 30 seconds before the game froze and the music continued to play. I assumed it was just because the game wasn't exactly done being downloaded so I closed WOW and waited a couple hours for it to finish. When I tried to play again it did the same thing. My computer told me "Application Not Responding". I have done everything on the game support and nothing worked. I am using a Mac OS X Yosemite v.10.10.5 from early 2009.Aceite0 Mar 14
Mar 14 No sound since this morning's update Last night was raiding all night and sound worked fine. Woke up this morning, logged in after update, and no sound. Reloaded, restarted computer - no help. All my other applications are working fine. Any advice?Islilja0 Mar 14
Mar 14 Does IOS Sierra work or are there still the problems? Im just wondering if the issues which were experienced with IOS Sierra have been addressed yet or whether they persist? I havent seen any current threads about this as most are from months ago. Im just curious whether to switch to Sierra yet or hold off. I play on a Mac Book Pro with retina(Mid 2012 model), processor Core I7(2.3GHz with Turbo boost up to 3.3GHz), 8GB of ram, GT 650M(1gb VRAM).Dededmage3 Mar 14
Mar 14 locking up in night hold Recently I have had extreme performance issues in night hold. Particularly on the trash leading up to skorp and the boss itself. The game will freeze and I will get the spinning beachball for up to 10 seconds, then stuff will move a second and back to beachball. I have lowered the raid settings from the recombined of 6, to 1 and I am still getting this issue. I get no issues during dungeons, bgs, world, or other raids Any idea whats going on? I am only running with dbm and skada- both are updatedYoughiogheny3 Mar 14
Mar 14 FPS hard drop today Hi, Yesterday night I was playing and everything was fine.. fps around 40 - 60, like usual. I logged in today and the fps is always 5 - 10fps .. the game is very laggy.. and the game configs still the same as before.Korzen7 Mar 14
Mar 13 High Latency My internet outside of WoW seems to be fine. Here are the results to a traceroute.. Wondering if anyone can let me know what the problem may be Traceroute has started… traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets 1 ( 36.153 ms 2.959 ms 1.734 ms 2 * * * 3 ( 16.232 ms 13.456 ms 17.489 ms 4 ( 26.243 ms 27.023 ms 25.279 ms 5 ( 28.369 ms 30.354 ms 30.632 ms 6 ( 120.446 ms 117.237 ms 529.443 ms 7 * ( 90.922 ms 86.859 ms 8 ( 117.155 ms 118.171 ms 122.514 ms 9 ( 94.077 ms 101.703 ms 93.176 ms 10 ( 93.986 ms 86.462 ms 85.047 ms 11 ( 120.255 ms 189.010 ms 117.520 ms 12 ( 83.869 ms 86.159 ms 82.464 msKobeky3 Mar 13
Mar 12 Up Arrow Causing Walking Stutters Howdy all, I recently purchased a new iMac and I've noticed something odd. When holding down the up arrow to walk forward (which is not how I normally walk, don't get on my case about it lol) I notice that sometimes I'll stop, then start walking again..or it'll stutter. If I use the W instead, it doesn't do that. To test things out, I used my old keyboard, and it didn't have that problem. I subsequently had to exchange the iMac for various reasons, and also exchanged the keyboard as well. It's still happening, even with the exchanged computer and exchanged keyboard. So, I guess what I'm saying is, has anyone else run into this issue, and is there a fix to it? I'm not sure if it's an issue with a mac setting, or something WoW related since I can't find anything on the internet with people in similar situations. Thanks for the help!Doofer3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Slow Mouse with 5120x2880 resolution As of 7.1, mouse speed at 5120x2880 resolution is now exactly half that of 7.0. It's worth noting that in 7.0, the mouse speed at 2560x1440 was identical to 5120x2880 (And this was the desired speed, as it is default for the OS). The mouse speed in WoW 7.1 is now different from the rest of the OS, and even every other game, which is extremely disconcerting. Specifications iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB OSX 10.11.6 Attempts to Fix Additionally, as far as I can tell, there is no fix. This is because the maximum value for the CVar "mousespeed" is 1.5, which is only 50% faster. To match the mousespeed in 7.0, 2.0 would be required (2x faster than the mouse is now). Though setting the CVar to a higher value does return the higher value with GetCVar, the value doesn't affect anything and is reset to 1.5 on re-login (/reload and Cmd-tab does nothing). The minimum appears to be 0.5. Additionally, to make things worse, it appears the CVar "mouse speed" is ignored altogether. To check, simply set to 0.5, re-login, and check the speed. Then set to 1.5, re-login, and check the speed. There is no noticeable difference in mouse speed. tldr; Mousespeed is broken in 7.1 for Retina iMacsArdeck3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Steelseries WoW Legendary Mouse not working The mouse software is not finding my toons on the armory and will not change the settings on the mouse at all, has anyone else had this issue and got a resolution. I opened a ticket with steelseries and it has been weeks with horrific responses for something that should be an easy answer. I had one but just got a new Mac and I LOVE it, but my "Mac Compatable" mouse isn't working right. I got the keybinds all set now but it doesn't work the same as with the software aka if I am over a menu button when I hit any mouse key it registers as a normal mouse click on that button and not the correct one it should hit.Marantz36 Mar 12
Mar 11 Constant D/C 2015 15 inch macbook pro currently on El Captain 10.11.6. Getting D/C every 2-3 minutes, game is unplayable. Any ideas?Elbowin3 Mar 11
Mar 9 Error Message CAS sys unable to initalize I'm using a mac and today I got this error message when I tried to log in: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed to create archive component Any advice?Magdaelena0 Mar 9
Mar 8 Water issue in Vineyard Suramar Weird issue with water in Suramar. There is a line right down the middle of my screen. Making one side of the water matte and the other uh not matte. It doesn't affect water in Hightmountain for instance. I only really notice it in the Vineyard area. MBP Retine Mid 2015 10.12.3 Intel Iris Pro See screenshot Any ideas? Just bugs me.Daddaman1 Mar 8
Mar 8 Constant Disconnects Hello all! So for quite sometime now I have been experiencing random, but continuous disconnects for the game. Usually what happens is everything will seem okay, but when I'm doing something it isn't actually doing anything, if that makes sense. So I basically run around thinking I am still in the game, but truly am not. Then I will take a long time to actually "kick" me out of the game so that I can log back into the game. Some times I get a disconnect error, others I do not. I simply just appear back on the login screen like I launched the game. Like I said, this has been a issue for quite some time and I have tried resetting my UI, resetting my router, and even reinstalling WoW. I haven't noticed anything that triggers this to happen in game, but it has been an issue in HoTs and even my bnet client. I am not sure if this is a hardware or internet issue, although it has come on sudden and my roommate also place on the same wifi/ethernet as me and doesn't have any issues. I haven't noticed any high CPU or memory issues and when I'm on a Skype call or in a discord chat none of those are disconnected. I have noticed from time to time that my Spotify will stop. I'm not sure if any of the info helps but just a couple of issues I have noticed that could be related. First off, what are steps that I can take to find the specific issue so I can work towards a solution. Also how can I tell that it isn't a hardware issue, fingers crossed! Thanks in advance!Warlóholmes5 Mar 8
Mar 8 Resolution screen Is WOW don't like 4K? I bought the new Samsung 28 inch ultra high definitions ( U28D590D ) I use an other games online work fine but not WOW. Is too new for my monitor ( 4K )?Dyonnara5 Mar 8
Mar 7 fargo flintlocke i need help fargo flintlocke in not in stormwind harbor and I need to talk to him for a questBalasten0 Mar 7
Mar 7 1GB data usage per hour Hello All, I was wondering if its normal for WoW to use 1GB data per hour. I was monitoring data usage of WoW and from my findings WoW seems to use around 1GB per hour. During my observation time period, I did questing almost all the time in the western plaugueland. Also all the game data had already been downloaded including the high res textures, etc. Client version 7.x.x MBP (latest Mac OS version) Thanks..Dragonel5 Mar 7
Mar 6 Performance on late-2014 rMBP Hi All - I have what was the top of the line retina mac book pro in late 2014. i7-4980HQ with the geforce GT 750M. The performance of WoW is so terrible that In 1600x1200 I have to run on ALL the lowest settings in graphics options, other than texture resolution and texture filtering and antialiasing (incredibly basic options). So - lowest draw distance etc and it still often goes down to 15-25 fps out in the Broken isles zones with very little going on. I run it in Windows 10 with BootCamp, so I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the PC-based support. .. but i'm mainly concerned about the hardware performance. Is there something wrong with my machine? Are you guys all getting decent performance out of this level of machine? (the 750M is shown in the pinned 'default graphics settings' thread as Quality 4.. mine is basically like 0) Also the fans are running nonstop full blast and the temperatures seem pretty crazy (cores around 100 C, CPU over 70 C, GPU over 80 C).Madmarbles1 Mar 6
Mar 6 Modifier Keys not working properly I can't use my modifier keys such as control and alt in combination with my naga for World of Warcraft. I can do commands such as Control+S keybind and it works just fine. But keybinds such as Control+3 don't work. I am playing on a MacBook Air, with a IBuyPower Keyboard and a standard razer naga I have the MacBook Air - Version 10.12.3 MacOS SierraDjshizztko2 Mar 6
Mar 3 Mac OSX 10.9.5 System Hang at Login Mac OSX 10.9.5 System Hang at Login Hey, Im running Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) And even though the download client says "Playable" when I go to "Play" the game hangs either at realm retrieval or if it even gets into the character screen hangs shortly after entering that.... I don't want to upgrade my OS as I do audio work, and the newer versions of the software have compatibility issues with some files... Just wondering if this is due to the System files not being at "Optimal" or if this is a common issue ??? Do I have to download the WHOLE client to play, or will it actually be playable when the download client says "Optimal" Can I even play it at all ??? The Mac is a mid 2010 Macbook Pro 4gb Ram, and nVidia 330 discreet Graphics card...Gobbiez4 Mar 3
Mar 2 Keystone DC I was in a group when we killed the final boss in violet Hold as i was looting the Keystone the world server went down, now every time i scroll over the Keystone in my Bag I'm DC'd, or if someone links there keystone in chat and i scroll over it I'm DC'd. I tried letting the Keystone expire and obtaining a new one but the problem persists, i've tried deleting all my add ons , the WTF folder, but the problem persists. It as if when my computer communicates with the server to say hey whats this iteam it doesn't know and boots meSegerius2 Mar 2
Mar 2 wow need help been lagging. 5 patches ago it was good not sure what happenedQtheals8 Mar 2
Mar 1 Mac PTR Client keeps booting me I keep trying to enter game world in PTR to test the allegedly awesome new Death Grip (sarcasm, btw) and it keeps booting me back to character selection screen. No problems on live client. Running iMac Retina late 2015 with MacOS 10.12.3. This apparently only happens when copying a character, not when creating a new one. Any help?Sarîel1 Mar 1
Feb 28 WoW not loading Steam Overlay When launching WoW through Steam, the overlay is not available. I don't get the shift-tab reminder, and pressing said buttons does not open the overlay. Last month, the overlay worked fine when launching the game, now however it does not. Has anyone else encountered this problem, or is there an obvious solution I'm missing?Bahbslead1 Feb 28
Feb 28 Mouselook not locking cursor I remembered this being the case previously, and just recently came back to the game only to discover that while mouselooking, my cursor still moves in the background (despite being invisible). Ultimately it means when my cursor hits the edge of the screen (even invisible), I stop turning and cannot turn further, which is rather frustrating when I have plenty of mousepad left to work with, or if the mouse goes off one screen into my second monitor and I end up clicking outside the game window. This doesn't happen on the Windows machine I have and I don't remember it happening previously on OS X, so I'm wondering if there's a setting somewhere that isn't correct or if there's been a change that breaks the cursor lock functionality.Gribble6 Feb 28
Feb 28 Game is broken.....again.... So we just got through load screen hell after 3 months, now I'm getting random disconnects every 2-3 mins where even battle.!@#$ won't load or log in screen hangs like a rotted %^-*!@#$. Seems every time I want to relax and just have a game of WOW I totally get my moneys worth by getting %^-*ed out of it due to crappy servers or patches this expansion.Culto0 Feb 28
Feb 27 New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar So...anyone using the new touch bar and if so what is it like with the touch bar in place of functions keys? I am on the verge of ordering but would love to hear from an actual user.Blueridge12 Feb 27
Feb 27 High latency since last patch. Every since 7.1.5 or so, the game has been essentially unplayable for anything other than quick fights. when i first log in the latency is around 50-100, then after a few minutes jumps up to around 1200 or more. Loading screens are taking forever, sometimes on the zeppelin, it will reach the destination and head back before the game loads. I'd get kicked out of dungeons for lagging out, get kicked for being afk while the screen loads, it's no fun like this. Calling Blizz tech support got me graphics card shamed. It felt like they were looking for the shortest way to get me off of the phone. (it's below minimum Intel HD 4000 with 1.5Gb Shared memory- but handed the game on Low at 30-60 fps without issue.) They said "That's your problem, buy a new computer." I decided to quit playing instead. it's only been 12 years. From everything i could find online, the graphics card has nothing to do with latency. And looking through the forums at all the newer machines with much stronger cards having similar issues, I doubt highly that it's related to the graphics card at all. I disabled all add ons Reset WTF, Interface, & Cache Ran the repair on the game files Updated to Sierra (reluctantly) And tech support was useless. Nothing has workedAltryn1 Feb 27
Feb 26 Significant FPS drop after restarting game So last night I was playing for several hours and had no performance issues. Game was running between 40 and 60fps which is my norm on my late-2013 MacBook Pro (GeForce GT 750 GPU with 2gb) with almost max settings at retina resolution. This morning when I went to play I was getting about 15 fps, jumping up to ~22 when indoors. I had this happen once before and resolved it by deleting the cache/interface/WTF folders, so naturally that's the first thing I tried this time. It worked like a charm... once I logged back into the game I was back at my typical frame rates. Problem I'm having now is if I exit the game and reload it, my FPS bombs back to 15 again. Deleting the above folders fixes the issues for the first load of the game, but seems I have to do it every time now! Clearly not cool! Has anyone else encountered this and more importantly, has anyone found a fix? I'm wondering if I'm not setting my graphics settings the same way I used to. Does anyone know which graphics settings require a game restart to take effect? Thanks in advanceNeedwiddle0 Feb 26
Feb 25 Mini map issue 2014, 27-inch, 5K Retina Mac running macOS 10.12.3. Looks like Blizzard fixed an issue where the mini map would go all red when switching from full-screen to windowed BUT now quadrants (upper right-hand and lower left) of the mini map are red instead. since the artifacts persist even after returning to the previous res, only workaround for now is increasing and then decreasing the mini map resolution. Everything else works fine, but the patches of solid red are distracting. Is this unique to me (failing h/w?) or do others see the same thing or similar? Thanks.Shmendrik1 Feb 25
Feb 23 Black screen and DC Ever since my power went out one night, my WoW keeps crashing randomly. A black screen pops up and then the game just crashes. I've tried repairing from the launcher. I'm not really sure how to fix this. I am on an iMac running macOS Sierra v10.12.3. I also noticed it might be doing it when i click outta the game or open a web browser. But it is not consistent so I can't tell. Any suggestion would be most appreciated. ThanksAalen2 Feb 23
Feb 20 Mac Pro GTX 680 issue I have an old Mac Pro 3,1 (2008), 2 x 2,6 ghz quad core, 8 gb memory, El Captain (10.11.6). I had a Radeon 4870 on it (512kb) , playing on quality 3, and could get like 30-40fps in Dalaran and raids. Just bought a Nvidia GTX 680 (2mb). Installed, got latest Nvidia drivers and... the game is worse! Same quality 3, but now I get only 15 fps in Dalaran and raids, and some lag spikes on other areas. Using Metal or OpenGL get same results. I think I should get at least some benefit for just changing the GPU. Is there something else I should have done, after installing Nvidia drivers? Reinstall wow? Any configuration file? I'm not expecting 100fps/ultra, but at least quality 4 or 5, and 40-50fps on raids. Thanks for any help!Djinka4 Feb 20
Feb 20 Launcher requires password iMac, OS 10.12 Each and every time that I start the game, I have to enter my computer password. The dialogue box reads: World of Warcraft Launcher wants to make changes. Type your password to allow this. I have tried the various suggestions from the Game Masters; I even deleted the Shared User files, and finally the game and reinstalled it. No joy. This seems to be a recurring issue. It shows up, and something fixed it, and it works fine for several months. Then it is back again.Subsailor2 Feb 20
Feb 20 Thoughts on boot-camping to windows. Like would it be worth it? Since my mac runs WoW but at low settings and frame rate still drops. I would be playing this on my PC but her motherboard is sick and get to replace the cmos or find a way to flash the bios for it to work again. So till then im playing on my Mac till I get my joy back up and running. Since my macs built in radeon 6970 on a mid 2011 imac 27 i7 2600 (3.4ghz) CPU and can't do metal. Before legion it handled WoW well on high to ultra settings but now not so much. Debating if I should try having windows run on it or not to see if it would improve performance. Since it would make a dual boot partition and leaving OS X alone. Seeing if anyone did this in general with a identical build or one similar if it really improved performance so far as in FPS.Zordonn1 Feb 20
Feb 20 Thick outlines under 10.12 Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my OS from 10.11.6 to 10.12.3, to fix the "long load times" issue. However, I'm now getting very thick outlines around everything when I mouse over it. Example: Under 10.11.6 the outline was thin and looked how I presume it was supposed to, but changed to this super-thick stuff after the upgrade. I get this regardless of whether Outline Mode is set to Good or High. My card is a GTX 960, which I believe is not Apple-supported (and therefore not Blizz-supported), but I figured I'd ask anyway in case someone had run into this. My NVidia driver is 367.15.10.35f01, which I believe is up to date. Has anyone else run into this? It's not a major issue but it doesn't hurt to ask :)Melcene0 Feb 20
Feb 26 Legion App Class Hall Research Times On the IOS Legion companion app under the research times it has the pre 7.1.5 class hall research times instead of the shorter ones that should be there.Keaidexiong1 Feb 26
Feb 19 Light Delay using Sierra and NVIDIA (GTX 760) Hello. I'm playing WoW using Sierra macOS, i5 6400 processor and NVIDIA GTX 760 video card and something is happening and I wonder if it has already gone through this and can help me solve it. The problem is this: Regardless of the setting level I define for the game (1 or 7) it will time to lock at 60fps however, from time to time (1 or 2 min thing) or a light catch game (less than 1s). This happens in empty or full (RAID) environments, for example. Is there anything I can do to stop this lightning? I'm using the latest version of the nvidia web drive installed and I've tried using OpenGL or Apple Metal and nothing changes. Thank you =]Whigdan0 Feb 19
Feb 19 In game shop error I have previously had no problems using the in game shop. After a few months break, I now always and immediately get a shop error when trying to use the in game shop to purchase anything. I have tried the following: 1. making sure firewall is disabled 2. disabling addons 3. resetting warcraft interface (deleting cache, etc) 4. running repair tool 5. re-entering default payment method (which has always worked) 6. loading pre-paid balance to my account and checking option to use it for in game purchases. I am running Mac OSX 10.11 and am behind a Linksys wireless router. The only difference--besides new patch 7.0.3--is that I upgraded to OSX 10.11. But the settings are the same as my prior OSX. Any help would be most appreciated.Demorrior4 Feb 19
Feb 18 I can't click names or items in chat? The whole time I've had this character I have not been able to click linked items or right click names in order to whisper them. It's not the client that is the problem because I recently bought a new computer and downloaded the client onto that computer and the problem was still there. I've disabled all my addons and still no luck. PLEASE HELP!!!Yahwéh8 Feb 18
Feb 18 Non Responsive at character creation My friend has a mac on IOS Sierra and every time she goes to make a character, It goes non responsive and won't do what it's suppose to do. How can she fix this?Ashokvadal3 Feb 18
Feb 17 Is metal something that comes with my... Video card? Or is it something that is suppose to be with my current OS X? Got bored and researched it and it made it sound like my imac should have it, but doesn't show it with WoW. Any idea's? Trying to improve my games performance and thinking of trying a boot-camp but checking into metal before I add windows onto my mac.Silentdrip7 Feb 17
Feb 17 Mis-capped FPS? So I have my fps capped at 35, mostly for heat issues (although with my new imac I haven't seen that problem). But lately, it seems to be capped at 30, which means when I run into particle lag it bottoms out REALLY fast. I checked all the settings, including my maxFPS slider, still claims it's 35. I even tried dropping various graphic settings that I had higher than 'recommended' (since apparently Bliz thinks I need to run on 'Crappy' all the time), and even at base settings it's still 30. It's 30 in old world content where there's no CPU strain, too. Something, somewhere, appears to be capping my fps at a different point than it should be and at this point I'm mystified. Could it be an addon? (though I haven't seen that before...) Is there some way to jog it so it remembers where it's supposed to be set? Could it be somehow related to my installing HotS lately (for the promotion)? If so, how do I fix it.Tracyr7 Feb 17