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Feb 20 Thoughts on boot-camping to windows. Like would it be worth it? Since my mac runs WoW but at low settings and frame rate still drops. I would be playing this on my PC but her motherboard is sick and get to replace the cmos or find a way to flash the bios for it to work again. So till then im playing on my Mac till I get my joy back up and running. Since my macs built in radeon 6970 on a mid 2011 imac 27 i7 2600 (3.4ghz) CPU and can't do metal. Before legion it handled WoW well on high to ultra settings but now not so much. Debating if I should try having windows run on it or not to see if it would improve performance. Since it would make a dual boot partition and leaving OS X alone. Seeing if anyone did this in general with a identical build or one similar if it really improved performance so far as in FPS.Zordonn1 Feb 20
Feb 20 Thick outlines under 10.12 Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my OS from 10.11.6 to 10.12.3, to fix the "long load times" issue. However, I'm now getting very thick outlines around everything when I mouse over it. Example: Under 10.11.6 the outline was thin and looked how I presume it was supposed to, but changed to this super-thick stuff after the upgrade. I get this regardless of whether Outline Mode is set to Good or High. My card is a GTX 960, which I believe is not Apple-supported (and therefore not Blizz-supported), but I figured I'd ask anyway in case someone had run into this. My NVidia driver is 367.15.10.35f01, which I believe is up to date. Has anyone else run into this? It's not a major issue but it doesn't hurt to ask :)Melcene0 Feb 20
Feb 26 Legion App Class Hall Research Times On the IOS Legion companion app under the research times it has the pre 7.1.5 class hall research times instead of the shorter ones that should be there.Keaidexiong1 Feb 26
Feb 19 Light Delay using Sierra and NVIDIA (GTX 760) Hello. I'm playing WoW using Sierra macOS, i5 6400 processor and NVIDIA GTX 760 video card and something is happening and I wonder if it has already gone through this and can help me solve it. The problem is this: Regardless of the setting level I define for the game (1 or 7) it will time to lock at 60fps however, from time to time (1 or 2 min thing) or a light catch game (less than 1s). This happens in empty or full (RAID) environments, for example. Is there anything I can do to stop this lightning? I'm using the latest version of the nvidia web drive installed and I've tried using OpenGL or Apple Metal and nothing changes. Thank you =]Whigdan0 Feb 19
Feb 19 In game shop error I have previously had no problems using the in game shop. After a few months break, I now always and immediately get a shop error when trying to use the in game shop to purchase anything. I have tried the following: 1. making sure firewall is disabled 2. disabling addons 3. resetting warcraft interface (deleting cache, etc) 4. running repair tool 5. re-entering default payment method (which has always worked) 6. loading pre-paid balance to my account and checking option to use it for in game purchases. I am running Mac OSX 10.11 and am behind a Linksys wireless router. The only difference--besides new patch 7.0.3--is that I upgraded to OSX 10.11. But the settings are the same as my prior OSX. Any help would be most appreciated.Demorrior4 Feb 19
Feb 18 I can't click names or items in chat? The whole time I've had this character I have not been able to click linked items or right click names in order to whisper them. It's not the client that is the problem because I recently bought a new computer and downloaded the client onto that computer and the problem was still there. I've disabled all my addons and still no luck. PLEASE HELP!!!Yahwéh8 Feb 18
Feb 18 Non Responsive at character creation My friend has a mac on IOS Sierra and every time she goes to make a character, It goes non responsive and won't do what it's suppose to do. How can she fix this?Ashokvadal3 Feb 18
Feb 17 Is metal something that comes with my... Video card? Or is it something that is suppose to be with my current OS X? Got bored and researched it and it made it sound like my imac should have it, but doesn't show it with WoW. Any idea's? Trying to improve my games performance and thinking of trying a boot-camp but checking into metal before I add windows onto my mac.Silentdrip7 Feb 17
Feb 17 Mis-capped FPS? So I have my fps capped at 35, mostly for heat issues (although with my new imac I haven't seen that problem). But lately, it seems to be capped at 30, which means when I run into particle lag it bottoms out REALLY fast. I checked all the settings, including my maxFPS slider, still claims it's 35. I even tried dropping various graphic settings that I had higher than 'recommended' (since apparently Bliz thinks I need to run on 'Crappy' all the time), and even at base settings it's still 30. It's 30 in old world content where there's no CPU strain, too. Something, somewhere, appears to be capping my fps at a different point than it should be and at this point I'm mystified. Could it be an addon? (though I haven't seen that before...) Is there some way to jog it so it remembers where it's supposed to be set? Could it be somehow related to my installing HotS lately (for the promotion)? If so, how do I fix it.Tracyr7 Feb 17
Feb 17 PIXELATED AND BLURRY SCREEN Hello everyone! So I'm running WoW off of a Macbook Pro 15'' Retina Display. I run a second monitor via a HDMI cable and usually only use it to watch youtube or something while i game. I am in the process of building a gaming PC so i can actually play the billions of games Mac users don't get. So i purchased a new monitor and wanted to see what WoW would look like on it. However, the result was very cruddy. It's quite pixelated and blurry. The UI itself remains relatively clear, but the game itself appears to be blocky and crummy. I have switched to every windowed setting, changed the resolution, defaulted the settings AND set them to recommended settings, but still i cannot get it to appear normally. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!Gilianah3 Feb 17
Feb 17 MacBook Pro 13inch Retina heat / fan issue I've turned all my settings to low and no matter what I change the MacBook heats up and fan just hums when running the game. Once I close it, the laptop is dead quiet. Just wondering if there anything I can do or anyone can provide some advice?Servant4 Feb 17
Feb 16 launcher won't launch What the title says. Click on the icon in my Finder, the icon shows up in my action bar at the bottom of the screen, then disappears again. This is the first time I have tried to get into WoW for a day or so, has some "update" happened that has borked things up?Idrissar1 Feb 16
Feb 15 In game Cinematics, no picture In game cinematics not working there's just sound no picture, I also have the touch bar MacBook Pro and have no idea how to fix it feel like I've tried everything can anyone helpArshtone1 Feb 15
Feb 15 Mac booted to windows Question. Kind of tempted to do this for my mac if it would help my performance. Since my imac 27 has a built in AMD Radeon HD 6970 video card and cant use metal since it is a referb of a 2012/2014 model from newegg that I maxed to 32gb in ram. It runs WoW but I get to do it in low settings to play and I hit pockets were Frame rate just drops. Kind of gets old and kind of wonder if bootcamping my mac to windows 8 or windows 10 would help me much. Since I see AMD does have a video driver I could use for the one built into my MAC I think or at least a windows version that can use current direct x. Just trying to think of ways to make things run smoother. Since I can't really bring myself to raid normal and up with this issue. Before legion it ran WoD on high settings with no issues what so ever but it went down with Legion.Silentdrip0 Feb 15
Feb 14 [Mac] Fresh install cache folder I just performed a completely fresh install of the B-Net Desktop app, and subsequently, WoW. I'm noticing that with this new install, my Home Folder is now showing a folder title Blizzard with the following hierarchy (this is in the root of the Home-Folder). Blizzard | |--> |----> Cache |------> 1d |--------> b2 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 34 |--------> 58 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 36 |--------> 73 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 57 |--------> 3e |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> 99 |--------> 04 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows |------> ee |--------> 08 |----------> [giant hexidecimal string].wows I've removed the folder and it continuously re-appears. I'd love for it to not exist in this location.Amavrayia2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Unexpected Error So far it's been 12 times this morning that I've been booted off the game. I'm getting the little annoying yellow triangle warning, The application encountered an unexpected error. I have reported it each time, and all 12 times were while opening my bags and trying to use artifact power items. I have restarted the game, restarted the computer 9 times, and disabled all addons. Nothing is working. The report ID I am getting is: E55F5A2B-AA68-4CF5-9F65-108BF2F8291FValkayra2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Disconnect every 20 minutes EXACTLY. Been having a bit of a weird problem lately (started a few days before patch), I've been getting "You have been disconnected from the server" every 20 minutes exactly (on the dot). Today, the boots looked like this...8:40, 9:00, 9:20, 9:40, 10:00, 10:20. I can log immediately back in and it's not my internet connection going down. My connection is just fine. I'm not running anything weird in the background. There's no tormenting or downloading of any sort going on while this is happening. I've got no lag, everything runs just fine right up to the point where I see everyone running in place, and then BAM, a few seconds later, disconnected from the server. This is on a late 2010 MacBook Pro running the latest version of Lion.Laseen4 Feb 14
Feb 13 You have been disconnected. (WOW51900323) Since the patch I've had multiple disconnects each play session. Each time the disconnect happens i'm sent back to the login screen with the message "You have been disconnected. (WOW51900323)" This appears to happen any time I start to move into a new zone or area that has phasing. Examples are porting from Lunarfall to Stormshield, out of Stormwind and into Elwyn Forest, and going from one objective zone to another in Tanaan Jungle, among many other examples. While it doesn't happen every single time, it happens quite often. Happens on all characters regardless of addons being present or not.Wildrose8 Feb 13
Feb 13 AP items displaying as errors and crashes When i mouseover an item on the quest board in class hall it dcs me on all my chars also with the artifact power items in my bag. I did start a couple quests on the board without mousing over the item picture. Also there was an item in my bag that looks like junk but i can't sell it and it doesn't have a [...] name when shft-clicking it. Not sure where i got it, but it seems to be gone now. spooky :o Not sure if they're connected but couple weird glitches starting today. edit: all the artifact power items on map are displaying as different errors too for world quests.Ekime4 Feb 13
Feb 13 Change language IG When I try to change the language to English in the settings, nothing happens. How do I change it plz?Madamemaga0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Metal or OpenGL Which one is the better one to be in?Marott2 Feb 13
Feb 13 Alt-tab results in a small WoW screen! Hi, I downloaded the patch just now and now- every time I log into game, then alt-tab out, then go back in... it results in a super small WoW screen! Please help!Karyn7 Feb 13
Feb 12 Very low FPS suddenly Hi all, My friend has an iMac with these specs: General: iMac 27-inch, Mid-2010, native resolution 2560x1440 Processor: 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5750, ~1GB VRAM So... a couple of days ago I had installed Elder Scrolls Online for her to try out. That was fine and all, but a day later, she noticed that her WoW FPS has tanked to 12-17 fps at best on any settings, while just before, she was always running it at 50-60fps with no problems (I think on medium-ish graphics). I uninstalled ESO and didn't make any changes to the system in the process (I mean, I'm not sure what changes you can really make with a Mac anyway.) Restarted the iMac at least twice, turned off all addons, did a scan/repair from the Launcher, turned the Launcher off, nada. Absolutely nothing has helped. The one thing I did not do is reinstall WoW. I don't know if or what the ESO install did to jack up her graphics (I don't know if it's the card itself or OpenGL having issues) but I've expended about three hours just now trying to figure it out. Does anybody have any idea what could have happened and how I can amend it? I'm feeling pretty bad about the whole thing. I'm a Windows person, not Mac, but can figure out pretty much anything that's suggested.Sondorr6 Feb 12
Feb 11 Livestreaming - what are you using? Just curious to see if any Mac users out there have tried to live stream from their Mac. If so, what software are you using?Kalxue0 Feb 11
Feb 11 Crashing when Loading Character Good evening! I know you are busy, but I am receiving the error: 205C4E2B-A58A-4599-ACF4-4F12AAE6FAA3. Whenever I try to choose a character to play, I am shown the loading screen for about 10 seconds followed by the game client crashing. I have tried restarting the application as well as my computer to no avail. I know you are busy, so no worries. Hope the day gets smoother here on out! Thanks!Catacyst8 Feb 11
Feb 11 Late 2015 iMac Freeze Minutes Into the Game Hi there, I've been having issues wherein WoW freezes my iMac after just 2-3 minutes in game to the point that I am forced to manually restart my iMac. For some reason, the game doesn't consider it as an error (i.e., reporting window doesn't come up) after the restart, so I'm not sure if the game has error logs for it. I play using the native Mac client. If it's significant, the launcher is constantly not responding even after the app proper has loaded, and I need to force quit it. As far as I can tell, my iMac's temps are okay. Been playing around with lowering graphics settings and changing from Metal to GLL (?). Have also done the in-app repair function and it hasn't found anything. Kinda feeling desperate and not sure what more I can do or if I should continue playing WoW... Specs: iMac late 2015 retina, 4 ghz i7, 32 gb RAM, AMD R9 M395x, running macOS 10.12.3Chamsyndulla0 Feb 11
Feb 10 Game Unresponsive on First Loading Screen Up until recently, I was able to play on my mac (barely) when I was away from my main PC. A few days ago, I tried loading the game on my mac (Early 2015 Macbook Pro: OS El Capitan 10.11.6 , i5 2.7GHz, Intel Iris Graphics 6100), and I was able to get through the character select screen. However, on the first loading screen, it becomes unresponsive and I'm forced to quit it. Before this began happening, the game would still become unresponsive at that screen, but it would clear up and finish loading after a few seconds. Now, it stops at about 5% and won't go any farther. I've tried basic things like deleting the cache and updating software on my mac. However, it's still having this issue. Edit: Totally didn't realize there was another software update available, I'll try updating to Sierra and see if that helps. Updating to Sierra seems to have solved my problem.Daniika0 Feb 10
Feb 10 WoW locks up system on late 2015 iMac Hello; WoW completely locks up my late 2015 iMac with 395x gpu to the point I have to do a hard restart with the power button. This first time I noticed this it was associated with a loud cracking sound coming from the speakers. I took it to the apple store and after a few days they gave it back and said their tests didn't come up with any issues. I have played many other games in OS X never having this issue and have run much more graphically intense games through Windows Bootcamp with no issues. I can run Battlefield and Overwatch buttery smooth at 60fps on high at 4k so it seems odd that WoW would cause hardware issues. Any thoughts? Thanks.Novation4 Feb 10
Feb 10 Stuck on loading page Been a week already, every time when I log in game, it took about 5 mins to load , this also happen when raid or dungeon ready to enter. Anyone still have this issue ?Taurièl0 Feb 10
Feb 9 screen stretched when launched (sometimes) Sometimes when I launch the game I see this. I have to quit and try launching the game again.Pikachhu4 Feb 9
Feb 9 WOW51900322 & WOW51900323 So I have been experiencing this strange issue over the last 2 weeks (roughly). I am posting the issue that I was having, as well as the resolution, in order to hopefully spare someone some grief. Partly because it was very frustrating and partly because Blizzard lent little to no help on the matter. I'm not here to bash Blizzard, but the support channel definitely didn't help my confidence. Hopefully this helps someone. TL;DR - Uninstall World of Warcraft from the app, uninstall the app, redownload the app and install. Reinstall WoW. So nearly 2 weeks ago, I went to log in to main toon, who was in Warspear. The load screen would pop up and load to approximately 55%-60% before it would get hung up. The game practically froze. The music was stuttering on repeat. Then it would resume and get to maybe 80%-85% and do the same thing ago, although for a shorter period of time. Finally, it would complete the load, but return me to the log in screen posting one of the two following errors: ... ... I logged in from a different machine/network (also a Mac) and returned to my garrison. I thought that, perhaps something jacked up on the Warspear load. When I returned to my primary machine, it would load fully and show me my garrison (IT'S FIXED!), but then after about 30 seconds (almost exactly) it would disconnect me and return me to the title screen. From here I took to the forums and found nothing. From there I opened a ticket with Blizzard. I tried all of their responses multiple times to no avail. I did some troubleshooting of my own and discovered that, as long as a character was not in their Garrison, I was able to connect and stay connected. So I played those characters while I continued to try Blizzard's troubleshooting. Finally, after losing all hope and confidence in Blizzard, I decided to completely uninstall all things Blizzard from my machine. I removed World of Warcraft from the application (click options, Uninstall). I did this with Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. Finally, I removed the application. I made sure there were no more folders in the Applications folder related to Blizzard. Then I emptied my trash can. Then I proceeded to download a new installer for the app ( I proceeded with reinstalling World of Warcraft. I will add that I waited until the game was completely finished downloading and patching. I did not play the game after it reached the playable or optimal areas. I waited until it was finished. From there, I immediately tried to log in to a character that was in his/her garrison. IT WAS FIXED! After that, I am no longer experiencing the issue. I do hope this helps someone. Best of luck to you! Kind RegardsLokien33 Feb 9
Feb 8 Lava only appearing in half my screen. Hello all, I come here for help, as I have seen another thread with the same problem that had no answer. ( Whenever I am near lava or Fel liquid, and sometimes even water in suramar, it won't be visible in half my screen, like this: I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) and I use an external monitor. I have Metal enabled, my graphics card is an Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB. Hope someone can help me out!Strattosfera17 Feb 8
Feb 6 Weird Lag / Freezing / Not really sure what I've searched the forum and google to see if I could find anything regarding this first but cannot, and I initially was hoping it was a "first day jitters" but while raiding tonight it became very frustrating and detrimental to the group, (i'ma tank). Since patch 5.04 yesterday I've been getting this random, weird lag/freeze. My latency will be 50, framerate 38, but the screen completely freezes (as if you hit pause) for up to 8 seconds. During the time I can still move my mouse, so it's not as if the entire thing is frozen. It's quite weird and frustrating. I've set all my system graphics as low as possible, vertical sync is disabled. I should also note that before and after this happens everything is moving along fine with no lags. Any help you can give or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My computer stats are as follows: Hardware Overview: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro4,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.5 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 4 GB Bus Speed: 800 MHz Boot ROM Version: MBP41.00C1.B03 SMC Version (system): 1.28f3 Hardware UUID: C70E7017-4274-5B76-9B6C-4DF77383387B Sudden Motion Sensor: State: EnabledKeelty60 Feb 6
Feb 6 OSX Sierra and issues with Mumble PTT Hello, I am running OSX Sierra and I am having the same issue across multiple VOIP apps including Mumble, Vent and TeamSpeak 3. I can set up push to talk features in all 3 apps, but they do not work when Warcraft is in full screen mode. I can hear my teammates just fine, but the push to talk becomes disabled. The push to talk only works when the app is in the forefront as the active window. I have tried to google the problem with no luck. I have properly added these apps in the System Preferences-Security & Privacy and I have checked the box enabling Vent, Mumble and TeamSpeak 3 to control my computer. Thank you kindly for any help in advanceCreemore3 Feb 6
Feb 6 loading screens... i had it ever since 7.1 extremely long or just frozen loading screens have just made the game experience increasingly infuriating , its been 3 weeks , THREE WEEKS of loading screens locks and several force quits to get into anywhere. not to mention countless groups ive been kickd for being "offline" or "afk" due to this problem. heart to dalaran? good luck with that. get into class hall? you wish even orgrimar and some other cities are starting to get stuck at loading screens. And to top it off , recently i got a 5 minute loading screen on a battleground , then when it finally loaded , i got kickd out of it and then legion load screen , and guess what? its still loading ( 13 minutes as the time of this post) i just cant play like this anymore , its been 3 weeks now and i REFUSE to keep forcing myself to enjoy world of loadcraft anymore I've tried every single fix posted , delete folders , delete addons , i even did a full clean install of ios and wow itself problem STILL remanins. i dont know about anyone else but my sub will run out on a couple of days and i just wont renew it so i can stare at load screens while force quitting and praying for it to work. sincerely a not so satisfied customer , sorryTracyn95 Feb 6
Feb 21 Invisible Ability (Flamestrike) Playing WoW on mac as a fire mage Ive noticed that my flamestrike ability may be invisible at times. the ability does damage and my character makes the gesture but the animation is missing at times. This occurs about 40% of the times that I cast flamestrike and can happen when I proc is or when it is hard casted. My computer runs wow very well and Ive never had any issues like this with other classes abilities. Ive tried adjusting every graphics setting in game and also uninstalling addons just in case (thought Im not sure why that would affect it). Hope to get some help on this as its very confusing and a bit annoying.Biffie3 Feb 21
Feb 6 Star Augur - Not seeing fel patches Hi, Today, it was very troublesome because I could not see the fel patches after the fel implosion cast in the heroic version of the Star Augur fight. They showed up on normal version of the fight yesterday, but not today. I did not change any graphic settings until after I saw the issue. I tried enabling Projected Textures, turning up Ground Clutter, increasing Particle Density, but nothing worked. I run Graphics Quality 4 by default, which has been great all throughout Legion except for this fight. I have Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB. Does anybody have any idea why this happened or what could have caused? Is there anything I can do to improve it.Mathilda1 Feb 6
Feb 5 Cannot See Lava Hey - I did a google search and found nothing - and I fiddled with the graphic settings in the game and that did nothing. Basically - I cannot see lava. I see the bubbles. I can see steam, puffs of whatever, etc from the pools of lava... But I cannot see the lava itself. Any idea what's going on here? Am I possibly missing some kind of game file or something? Lava simply shows as nothing - I just see the ground under it as if it were perfectly walkable terrain.Rosedene4 Feb 5
Feb 4 My Thoughts on New MBP w/ Radeon Pro 460 Okay, so I’ve spent the first 24 hours with the new 2016 15” Macbook Pro. I bought the standard 2.7Ghz model, and only upgraded the GPU to the Radeon Pro 460. There are already a million reviews for this Macbook Pro around the internet, so I’ll be focusing almost solely on WoW and gaming performance. Obviously the first thing I did after turning the machine on was throw WoW at it, just to see how well this Polaris 11-based mobile GPU performed. And I’m pleased to say it not only met my relatively low expectations, but beat them by a fair amount. At a rated 35w TDP, and 1.86TFlops of power, I wasn’t expecting much from this GPU, especially considering Apple’s obsession with making their products thinner. But this unassuming laptop that could arguably be mistaken for an ultraportable actually strikes a pretty nice balance between form and function. For the following test, I took a stroll around Val’Sharah in the rain. While not directly comparable to an end game raid, Val’Sharah is known to be one of the most demanding zones in the game, and can bring down even the fastest gaming rigs. For the sake of a complete picture, my i7-6700k/GTX 1080 gaming desktop tower running Windows 10 achieved 70fps at max settings and 2560x1440, the closest I could get to the Macbook Pro’s 2880x1800, given the aspect ratio limitations, as shown here: By contrast on the Macbook Pro, running WoW at the screen’s native 2880x1800 resolution at absolute max settings (sans a 100% render scale) produces pretty predictable results of a grand total of 13fps, as shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. This next part is where it gets interesting though. Just by bringing down a few very taxing settings like SSAO, Shadows, View Distance, and Liquid Detail, the fps shoots all the way up into the 30’s on the Macbook Pro while maintaining the native 2880x1800 resolution. This is actually really impressive for a 35 watt mid ranged mobile GPU: Bringing the in-game resolution to a more modest 1680x1050, which is what the retina scaling “looks like” in the display settings by default, results in a very playable 70+fps with no signs of throttling. I was even able to bump up the shadows a notch or two: But that’s not the amazing part. The amazing part is that given the thin aluminum casings Apple has used for the past two decades, Powerbooks and their Macbook Pro successors have always had a reputation for running extremely hot under load. Temperatures as high as 75ºc and even 80ºc were common in past generation Macbook Pros. Traditionally, every time Apple has decreased the thickness of their mobile products, it was met by an increase in heat when they couldn’t include a cooling solution to match. Though this time, Apple spent some time in their new presentation of this product to mention that they’d developed a completely new fan design to accommodate the new Macbook Pro. Ladies and gentlemen, I never thought I’d see the day, but Apple has finally developed a cooling system good enough for it’s Macbook Pro. The following screenshot was taken after over 40 minutes straight of being under load playing WoW: Across the board, we’re seeing temps ranging from the low 30ºs to the 55ºc GPU die. There’s the small caveat that in typical Apple fashion, the fan curve on this thing is pretty relaxed, so temps do spike up to about 60ºc for a minute or two before the fans kick in upon loading the game, but as soon as they do, the GPU die cools right back down to 55ºc. If that still bothers you, you can run software like iStat Menus to control the fan RPM, but given that, I have never seen a Macbook Pro GPU run so cool under load. Seriously. Well done Apple. I might actually have a Macbook Pro that doesn’t fry it’s GPU within 2 years of purchase. For those curious, the GPU idles at roughly 23ºc. On the CPU side, Dalaran can bring the FPS down to 50fps or so at the previously mentioned medium-high settings at 1680x1050, showing the CPU bottlenecking WoW is prone to, despite not actually putting much load on the CPU: Suffice it to say, WoW is pretty playable on this Macbook Pro as long as you keep your expectations reasonable. My own expectations for running Legion on this thing were quite low, and while it didn’t really blow me away, it genuinely impressed me. As far as the other aspects of this Macbook Pro go, the build quality is top notch, as per usual with Apple. And while i’m still not sold on the “butterfly switch” keyboard, the 2nd generation switch in this laptop is a definite improvement over the older generation keyboard in the standard Macbook. The touchbar is nice for shortcuts and hotkeys that dynamically change based on the foreground app, and I have no complaints about it. It feels nice to touch and has thus far been responsive. But I’m still not sure it was worth giving up my ESC key for. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the new 2016 15” Macbook Pro. Though I won’t deny it does feel a tad on the pricy side.Stoneblade64 Feb 4
Feb 4 Legion Performance Issues Since Legion came out I've noticed that areas with a lot of particles, like fog or fire, cause massive drops in FPS. More recently, every time I launch the game it will display at a resolution much higher than the set resolution until I manually set the resolution again. Also, since 7.1.5, any time another application is opened or closed, WoW will crash entirely. My system is a Mid 2015 Macbook Pro Retina with 16 GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon R9 M370X. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues or knows any solutions. So far I've tried reinstalling the game, switching between Metal and OpenGL, and I'm not currently running any addons. I would really appreciate some advice! Thanks for reading!Muketsu6 Feb 4
Feb 4 CAS Login Error Howdy! I've been trying to update and log back into the game after a couple years to play with some friends and for the last two days all I'm getting is the CAS error message, "The CAS system was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed to create storage component..." and it goes on and on and on, very long error message!! I've done research and everything that I've seen people try and work for them, doesn't work for me. I've even seen that Blizzard posted this error was fixed, but still i'm getting the message. I've deleted the application SEVERAL times and reinstalled it...nothing!! I've scanned and repaired through options SEVERAL times...nothing!! To my knowledge there are no firewalls on my laptop, my router, etc. I'm running a MacBook Pro Retina 15" (Early 2013), 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB graphics card. PLEASE...any assistance to correct this would be appreciated!! I'm just trying to get back into the game and hang out with some very close friends, but if this is my welcome back, I'm not sure if I will come back. ~CA RedneckDamiginc3 Feb 4
Feb 1 Razer Naga mouse numkeys not working properly I cannot use my razer naga numeric mouse keys for abilities. I start to type a message and the keys would type the character for which they are mapped to, however, when i use the num keys for abilities, nothing happens. I am running the latest OSX version and I have made sure my driver from Razer is up to date. Any suggestions?Bralley20 Feb 1
Feb 1 What FPS would I get ? So I have a Razer blade 2015 right now and I love my laptop but always wanted to get a Mac, the MacBook Pro I am looking at is this MacBook Pro 15 inc Touch Bar and Touch ID 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz 16GB 2133MHz memory 512GB PCIe-based SSD Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB memory Four Thunderbolt 3 ports What kind of setting would I be able to have with good FPS The only game I really play is wow but Also would this be good for gaming on other games like fall out and the sims as well?Graceffa1 Feb 1
Feb 1 Kernel Panic/Reboot Crashes This just started; it happened once yesterday and again today. I'd never had any problems like this before yesterday. Im in a raid instance and the game and machine just freeze, no mouse movement possible, no nothing. Then after about 20 secs or so the machine reboots automatically. After the reboot, I don't get any error messages; the wow client just restarts again.Yoshammy1 Feb 1
Feb 1 Huge Latency = Unplayable Suddenly, as of Tuesday have unplayable latency spikes Game actions freeze for minutes at a time. I haven't changed anything on my side -- not even any updates on my Mac. Anyone else? [edit: had "as of Monday"]Chagas5 Feb 1
Jan 31 Window Offscreen Completely on MBP Retina The WoW window is positioned offscreen every time after I switch from full screen by using the Cmd+M shortcut. I would need to go in to sys pref to change my display resolution from “Default for display” to “Scaled” and back to allow WoW window to be repositioned. If I choose “Scaled” and the max resolution (the right most one), I can’t even position the WoW window on top left corner. When I drag the window over there, it always snaps back to {0, 50% of display resolution height}. MacBook Pro 2015 (retina).Flynnegan2 Jan 31
Jan 30 new computer time Long time reader first time poster. I am in the market for a new computer and trying to figure out my best option. Been playing wow since vanilla or release. I had a cheap sell then. Since lich king I've been playing on primarily macs including the first MacBooks the white ones. That's the past where I'm at now is im not particularly computer saavy but I've been reading for months and even thought about a pc build but don't really like that route. I prefer to have a mobile gaming system. We stay weekends at inlaws on a regular basis travel an drew I play at work sometimes. What I'm playing on now is an early 2015 MacBook Air base model with only 2 gb ram I play in lowest settings and. I addons and regularly get better than 60 dps except raids and the like obviously where it drops pretty low at times. If I'm away from home and use the laptop screen that bad boy gets HOT when I'm at home and have the computer plugged into 4K tv I can turn my resolution up a little turn the laptop screen off and it doesn't really get too hot at all but still have to keep graphics and all that at lowest possible. Where im at now and what I'm looking for is a new computer to play my game On but I really would like a little better graphics and to be able to use my tv more to its potential. My options I've been looking at I prefer to have a Mac but am somewhat open. I've been looking at razer laptops but all my mice and keyboard from them have been kinda ehhh on quality and reliability I like the rog laptops but I've had acer and asus laptops both in the past and they were good at first but crapped out on me in one way or another. So this kinda always brings me back to macs. Im considering the MacBook Pro with the Radeon pro 460 graphics card this seems to be my best most portable option. Or the 5k I Mac somewhat portable but I have a feeling the graphics and what it will be a lot better for the money. Like I said considering the razer but don't know if I trust the company enough to spend that much on something seeing how I've replaced a 130$ mouse 2x in a year. If anybody has any input, recommendations or experience it will be greatly appreciated. ThanksTraplawd4 Jan 30
Jan 30 Long loading screen related to Metal I changed the Graphic API from Metal to OpenGL and it instantly solved my slow loading screen issues. imo blizzard needs to look at this. I will update my OS to Sierra and retest with Metal again.Poutou25 Jan 30
Jan 30 Unable to watch Cinematics I recently transferred my files over to a new computer that I received at Christmas. When I booted up World of Warcraft, it ran better than it did on my old computer. Then I finished the Nighthold raid and noticed something wrong. The cutscene at the end of the raid was just a black screen. I could hear the sound and see the subtitles, but that was about it. Switching to OpenGL solved the problem, though my performance suffered a bit. Is there anyway to fix this issue?Kromtarn4 Jan 30
Jan 30 WoW logs me out right when I log in. For some reason, as soon as I log into WoW, my screen doesn't even fully load before it closes automatically and I get a box pop up saying "Something went wrong. Send report to Blizzard?" I send the report and try to reload, but it just isn't happening. HELP!!!Scoobystigra1 Jan 30