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Nov 2, 2010 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Live version of the game. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Ujumqin3 Nov 2, 2010
Jan 17, 2014 Bug Report FAQ Hey Everybody! In an effort to reduce the number of sticky threads we have active, I'm creating this thread to cover a lot of common questions and issues that related to the Bug Reports forum. Notice: With each new patch changes are made to the blizzard UI that can break third party UI mods and cause any number of problems in the client. Before you report a bug, please disable (or delete) all of your mods and test the situation again. If the issue does not happen without mods installed then it is not a WoW bug and you should contact the mod creator for further assistance. -------- Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs. There are many issues that are repeatedly reported in this forum that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum. Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places. 1. Realms are down, laggy or crashing. 2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. 3. Forum Avatar or Character Armory aren't updated 4. Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. 5. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. 6. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. 7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. 8. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. 9. Website issues 1. Realms are down or crashing. Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or the Hyjal Realm is not currently online. Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed at the Realm Status Forum http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011700/ 2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP. All reports of exploits, cheats, hacks or the players who are using them should be reported via the in game GM reporting tool or via our web-form at https://us.battle.net/support/en/games/wow 3. Forum Avatar or Character Armory is outdated Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63. The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take days or weeks for this information to update. This is especially true if your characters recently changed realms, or were a part of a realm-merge. 4. Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. Example: Characters do not show up on the guild roster after 500. The guild UI is intentionally capped at 500 members and may act unpredictably when a guild exceeds this size. We do not limit guild membership to 500 but recommend not exceeding it. 5. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. Example: 20% haste only increases cast speed by 17% The formula for hast effects is: NEW_SPEED = OLD_SPEED / (1 + HASTE_PERCENT) This can be a bit confusing, but it assures that no amount of +haste effects will result in zero or negative attack or cast speed. 6. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. Examples: Rogue Vanish being broken by attacks, Two mages polymorphing each other, Paladin Divine Shield being dispelled as it is cast. Because of the Client-Server nature of the game it is possible for two mutually exclusive actions to occur at the same time resulting in some unexpected behavior. Although efforts are made to minimize these situations they will still happen on occasion. 7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. Example: A shaman uses Fire Nova Totem to kill several quest NPCs and gets no credit. This is an intended behavior, a player must do damage to an NPC for it to give credit. 8. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. Example: When kicked while casting a Healing spell, priest discipline spells are also locked out. Counterspell effects lock out schools of magic not trees. Discipline is a spell tree which includes many holy spells. 9. Unable to view items on armory, or character not found The Bug Report forums are only for in-game bugs or issues within World of Warcraft. For any issues with our support pages or websites, please visit the appropriate forum at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1025938/Zorbrix1 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 29, 2011 Do Not Make Multiple Bug List Posts Greetings Bug Report Forums, While this rule is listed in our bug guidelines post I wanted to stress the point. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/933154110 ... The way our system is currently structured we consider each thread its own issue and it gets researched accordingly. When we get list posts it bogs us down and they frequently contain a number of issues that have already been addressed in other threads. There are exceptions, such as the Quest Typo Megathread, but those are at my discretion. Please search the bugs that you find, the less threads about the same issues helps us immensely. Thanks again for all your help and all your reports.Sapperwix0 Jan 29, 2011
Feb 26, 2015 Information to Include in Bug Reports Hi Everybody, It's really important to include specific details when reporting an issue you're experiencing. Who - Character Name What - The problem you encountered Where - Realm Name + Location out in the world (zone, raid, BG, etc) When - Roughly when the issue encountered, or if an ongoing issue when it first started happening. How - Any steps you took to reproduce the issue Without this information, we often have to guess at what happened, or request more information from you - both of which slow down the process or lead to un-reproducible reports.Zorbrix0 Feb 26, 2015
16h BFA Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread Hello, Rather than making a single thread for every typo please post your typos and grammatical errors in this megathread. QA will regularly monitor this thread and document the bugs internally. There won't be a whole lot of communication in this thread but rest assured Blizzard Quality Assurance is reading every post. If you're referencing a line of dialogue, make sure the include the NPC's name who is talking, and any relevant quest/dungeon/zone information as well. See you in-game!, Xanlorash [The Insane] Follow me on Twitter: @XanlorashXanlorash167 16h
Sep 16 Introducing Itzali, the new QA Blue Poster! Hello Friends! Please join me in welcoming Itzali to the Bug Report forum! She'll be taking over for me as the main Quality Assurance representative for the PTR, Beta and WoW Bug Report forums. Please show her the same kindness, patience and helpfulness that you've showed me over the last couple of years and I'm sure she'll do a fantastic job making WoW a great experience for everyone! Unfortunately, unlike my predecessor Zorbrix, I will be riding off into the sunset (soon). I've accepted a position with the Overwatch team and will be starting a new career adventure once BfA is released Live. It has been an absolutely amazing experience working with all of you and the WoW Development Team through three expansions. This will always be my first home in the game industry and the amount of passion, care and skill I've seen from this community has never ceased to both humble and amaze me. Thank you for always putting up with me (especially when I went missing), and always striving to make this game amazing for everyone!Arvaanas15 Sep 16
Aug 13 8.0.1 Known Issues List - 8/13/18 Greetings all, Below is a list of known issues for patch 8.0.1. Please note that this list is not a complete depiction of what we're aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter more often. We'll try to keep this updated with trending issues when possible. General Zandalar: Some quest do not specify faction reputation. Nazmir: The Riding Raptor may appear a different faction for a moment at the end of "Catch Me if You Can". The guards in faction capitals do not provide directions to Zandalar and Kul Tiras. During the quest "Through a Glass, Darkly" the scenario may stall if you kill the two Nexus Warden at the end of the hall. Pet Battles: There may be fewer wild pets in the new zones. Boralus Harbor: The second floor in Snug Harbor Inn is not flagged as a rest area. New allied race characters may not start with proper weapons for some specializations. The Fierce Gladiator's Storm Dragon achievement is no longer in game. Professions: Scrap-o-Matic 1000/Shred-Master MK 1 may not display warning message about permanent item loss. Professions: Some Alliance spells may display Horde icons at the Inscription trainer. Blacksmithing Sharpening Stones and Enchanting Oils may show the incorrect item level. Transmog: 8.0 Transmog Sets are out of order in the Sets UI. Azerite Gear: Sweep the Leg may not trigger from casting Leg Sweep on targets immune to stun effect. Azerite Gear: Accelerant may fail to be triggered if Rain of Fire kills the targets on the first hit. Azerite Gear: Last Surprise doesn't apply to your pet ghoul summoned by Raise Dead.Class and PVP Warrior: PVP Talent - Master and Commander description is outdated. Warrior: Battle Shout does not increase Auto Attack damage by 10%. Druid: Malorne's Swiftness may not increase Travel Form movement speed while inside a Battleground or Arena. Warlock: Seed of Corruption tooltip and its aura buff tooltip may have an inconsistent amount of damage listed when detonated early. Hunter: Binding Shot appears highlighted but cannot be used during Aspect of the Turtle. Hunter: Dire Beast: Hawk wind visual may not match the area of effect. Hunter: Prowl and Spirit Walk may not be cancelled on pets. Hunter: Harpoon's tooltip may list the incorrect range. Monk: Rushing Jade Wind may list incorrect damage on the tooltip. Priest: Edge of Insanity aura may show inconsistent with spell description in Spell Book. Rogue: Blade Rush fails if a dagger weapon is equipped on the main hand. Shaman: Flash Flood may fail to apply. Shaman: While using a Goblin, the Capacitor Totem may not show the proper area of effect. Death Knight: Damage values on Ghoul abilities may display inaccurate. Death Knight: The fly-in duration for Summon Gargoyle and Dark Arbit may be different. Killing a player with either the Horde or Alliance Assassin aura may display the incorrect amount of honor. Inspecting another player does not display honorable kills. Item level scaling on players may cause the arena and battleground scoreboard to report lower numbers for higher item level players.Dungeon and Raid Baradin Hold: Baradin Hold 10/25 Heroic may appear when it's not available. Legacy Loot: Many raid creatures no longer drop gold. Recommended Ilvl may display incorrectly for Legacy Raids. Legion LFR Raids no longer require speaking to an NPC to sign up for raids.Compatibility DX12: Performance may be impacted when running DX12.Itzali0 Aug 13
Sep 6, 2016 Legion Companion App Known Issues Greetings all, Below is a list of known issues we have for the WoW Legion Companion App. Please note that this list is not complete with every issue we're aware of, but a sample of bugs that we believe will be most visible to players. Social Guild members may appear to be online while using the app. Characters logged into the app can be sent whispers. (App users will not receive messages.) Connection & Performance Device Auto-lock may cause a disconnect and require re-authentication. The app may hang for 5-10 seconds when resuming from a minimized state. Locking the device or losing network connection while logging in may reuqire a full restart for subsequent login attempts. Double clicking the cancel button while logging into a character may cause a disconnect. Users who lock their device while using the app may disconnect themselves from the WoW Client after unlocking it and Auto-reconnect activates. Login button may fail to display text. Display Mission Screen - Available and In-Progress Mission tabs may display scrambled text at times. On screen keyboards may hide input boxes on the credential screen when using smaller devices.Arvaanas0 Sep 6, 2016
Nov 2, 2010 Bug Forums Guidelines Please be advised that this is not a discussion forum. This forum is a direct line of communication to Blizzard Entertainment's Quality Assurance Department to report issues. Unless a moderator asks for more information, all the critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post. Every post will be responded to in some fashion before being locked. When a thread is locked, it means we have sufficient information on the issue and won't require any further assistance. The stickies at the top of the Bug Report Forum contain valuable information to assist you. Please read them before doing anything. Invalid Posts Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be deleted immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened on the server" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Bug Reporting Guidelines o If you believe you have encountered a bug and it is preventing your character from progressing through content, preventing game play, a Game Master may be able to help. o State if custom UI mods are being used. Try and test bugs with NO UI MODS INSTALLED. o Supply screenshots where applicable. o Provide as much information as possible, give full names of NPCs, abilities or locations that are involved in the bug. Give ability descriptions as well. *DO NOT ASSUME* that the QA person on duty knows what you are talking about. o Use proper English, do not use slang, abbreviations or other unclear language when describing the issue. We can not address bug reports that we do not understand. o Create a single thread for each issue, lists of bugs are difficult to track and respond to, if you have multiple bug reports please verify that there are not already threads on them and then post them each in their own thread. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. If you haven't found anything, start a new thread with your issue and put [BUG] in the subject while being as descriptive as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue.Ujumqin2 Nov 2, 2010
16m Hunter pets Viq'Goth pathing broken The pathing is broken and all but requires dismissing and calling hunter pets. The issue occurs in my experience on the last platform and has multiple areas where the pet will get stuck, as opposed to just a single pesky spot. This broken pathing is game breaking. It requires the hunter to stand still just to dismiss and call the pet which puts him/her in a dangerous position, as well as severely hurting DPS. This has been an issue for more than a month now, and I would imagine was an issue in beta. Please fix this ASAP.Dhalmel4 16m
33m Grimtotem Weapon quest Dustwallow Marsh (Thunderlord Realm) - The Grimtotem Weapon quest: This will not function for my character Katee (Alliance, lvl 58, hunter). All other quests at this location worke fine and are complete. I have logged out and in, rebooted computer, etc. Can accept quest, but game will not recognize when tasks are accomplished. Thank You, L. RobertsAgomb1 33m
49m Control Undead teleport bug I was doing a mythic+ and had a Reanimated Horror Guard controlled, when clearing the trash infront of Priestess Alun'za my control expired and instead of only teleporting the Reanimated Horror Guard back to his original location as it seems to do on mythic+ I was also teleported to his original location back and forth about 10 times until it finally stopped and left me at his original locationKhadus0 49m
1h Auction House bug I was lucky enough to pull Kalieve's Kickers, and went to put them on the auction house, but when I put in the price of 194,000 bid and 195,000 buyout, I clearly saw the numbers, clicked create, and it went up as 194 gold bid and 195 buyout... Of course I saw that instantly and tried to take it down, but someone(clearly with a sniper bot)instantly bought it before I could even react to click cancel. Is there anything that can be done?Knagish5 1h
1h Blocky/Pixelated Shadows Regardless of settings shadows seem to be bugged, they become a pixelated blocky mess when changing zones or even just logging in even when settings are on ultra, the ONLY way to fix this temporarily is by changing the shadows to "low" and then back up to "ultra" then they stay high quality until you change zones or go through a loading screen, this has been an ongoing problem for multiple users now and seems to only be getting worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA_flON5cTY&feature=youtu.be https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20767767954?page=1 MAIN THREAD And here are as many threads as I could find on the subject https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17622603120#post-1 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17623832424#post-1 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17622502759#post-1 https://i.imgur.com/zfTlmuy.jpg <--All ultra settings Keep in mind literally EVERYTHING has been done to try to fix this, including the following -Tried reinstalling WoW -Tried newer and older drivers -Tried deleting WTF/Interface folders -Tried clearing any and all caches -Tried disabling raid video settings -Tried disabling GeForce Experience to ensure it didn't mess with settings -Tried manually forcing the shadows to ultra in the Config.wtf file but they changed back This is when I started taking drastic measures -Completely wiped my HDD and reinstalled literally ONLY WoW, Windows 10 and up to date drivers -Swapped out my Nvidia card for an Radeon RX 580 with newest drivers and even tried old drivers but still had the problem I am 110% convinced this is a WoW problem, literally no other game has this issue, and I have tried everything I possibly can, the next step would be completely rebuilding the computer at this point.Panhu2 1h
1h Priest/Engineering Bugs Spirit of Redemption- Since pre-patch you can no longer use cancel aura macros to cancel the aura, you have to run a script. Levitate had the same bug in BFA pre-patch but they have since fixed. Still need to look at SOR. Engineering- Since Cataclysm I have had multiple engineering tinkers crash my game (not because I have a bad computer). Glider seems to DC me every time you land on an uneven surface which can make or break a battleground. The mind control tinker has a 50% chance to crash the game and also cannot be used at the moment since it requires "350" engineering. =]Smashadamz0 1h
2h Void Elf jump twirl I noticed my Void Elf no longer does her little twirly jump I've jumped hundreds of times, but alas no spin, no twirl. I'm sad.Voids145 2h
2h Judgement hammer flying wild I did try to find this already but did not. EVER SINCE BEGINNING OF LEGION... I have seen the paladin judgement hammer flying in slow motion twisting in the middle of the air from where a paladin has used their judgement ability and it did hit one or two or more enemies and then decided it was not done and wanted to attack someone else and there was no one there. It would stay in one area, same rotation speed but with no where to go and not wanting to end anytime soon. Stay up for a MINUTE or more...? This weekend playing in warfronts I saw the paladin hammer not spinning but fly across the map... I mean it went from about the front of the castle over to the town that you get north of lumbermill for those mounts. I dont know if I should have posted in two separate ones or not. If one is a world issue and the other is a warfont... regardless it is both around the judgement hammer graphic not ending when it should have ended. And once again the turning in mid air has been an error since beginning of legion with all the class changes prior to real legion content.Basteighton0 2h
2h Arcane Mage Bugs When im spamming Arcane Missiles without moving and clearcasting procs if i keep spamming the next arcane missiles will consume the proc but wont get the bonus cast speed or the Slipstream effect or Amplification(talent) additional missile. so when i pop my Arcane Power i need to spam arcane missiles till i get a proc and then step forward and recast Arcane Missile for it to proc correctly... it doesnt seem like a big deal but when i pop Berserking(Racial) + all my haste that 1 step decrease my dps more then just spamming it and ignoring the bug and in arena for exemple if i cast arcane missiles and proc Clearcasting then cast arcane missiles once more with the proc and start moving mid missiles despite having Slipstream the channel will cancel... i need to once again start moving before casting the second missile with the proc or no passives will be triggered and i will simply lose the proc.Culex0 2h
2h X MOG QUESTION! Hey so I ran Blackwing Lair, on my Demon Hunter and got a few pieces of Shadowfang gear for my rogue, but when I go to transmog them onto my rogue they aren't showing up in my wardrobe. Why is this? Do I have to get the shadowfang gear all on my rogue considering they are class specific gear piecesConvicted0 2h
2h Island Expeditions not awarding full exp I am currently leveling a hunter through Island Expeditions. I was getting my full exp until I hit from 110 until I got to 115. I noticed that I am no longer getting the full winning and I'm getting less exp than what I'm supposed to getting. Currently at level 117 I should be getting 82110 exp + the bonus 15% from war mode except when completing a expedition I get 74970. So I'm getting less exp than I'm supposed to on top of not getting the 15% bonus.Eltrashman0 2h
2h Screen/camera shake causing motion sickness A Game Master told me to post this here because there is no Suggestions forum. The screen shake (or camera shake) from the walking of some large enemies, some earthquake/explosion effects, and other sources triggers motion sickness in some players, and proposed fixes from both players and GMs have proven ineffective. This effect is featured in countless places throughout the game, with one recent and egregious example being the Follow Your Nose quest in Stormsong Valley, where accidentally stepping on patches of rumbling earth where quillboars are digging stuns you and causes screen shake more severe than I've ever seen in a video game. Blizzard needs to add a toggle option to turn screen shake off so that players who are made physically ill by camera/screen shake can enjoy the game as much as everyone else. Countless other games make this effect optional because of what it can do to people susceptible to motion sickness. Here are some suggested fixes I've tested that don't turn off screen shake. All tests were conducted in the Hall of Chieftains at Thunder Totem, where the large floor drum shakes the camera if you jump on it. Tests were conducted with no addons enabled. Here's what I've tried so far: - /console ActionCam off - Turning Physics Interactions to None, under System, Advanced - Changing level of camera zoom (various threads, including - /console ffxGlow 0 (recommended by a Game Master) - Turning off Projected Textures in System, Graphics I'm begging for some kind of relief here. My best friend had to unsubscribe because there was no way to stop this effect from making her sick to her stomach. Please just let us opt out of it.Alilat2 2h
3h Kill Command Not Procing Damaging Ability Unstable Flames, Elemental Whirl, Dead-Eye Spyglass are amoung many trinket and traits not properly working with Kill Command. I'm guessing it's because even though the "hunter" is casting it, the pet is the one actually performing the attack. This is not very clear and certainly would seem like a hunter damaging ability, so I would think the effect should be updated to properly interact with pets. I suspect other pet classes may suffer from the same issue.Neebiter0 3h
3h Divine Purpose cannibalizes chain procs Currently if you use a Divine Purpose proc on a spender and it procs another Divine Purpose, it refreshes the first instance of the buff and then consumes it instead of correctly using the first one and then having the second proc afterwards. This log is an example of how it works currently: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qpVLWT1QYbwCymhJ/#fight=last&source=1&type=auras&view=events&start=83679&end=90037 Divine Purpose procs at 1:05.082, then: "1:07.783 Keyboardmash's Divine Purpose is refreshed by Keyboardmash 1:07.783 Keyboardmash's Divine Purpose fades from Keyboardmash" Here's an example of a log from Legion: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/J8cAZbXhFrPnHMWG#fight=20&type=auras&source=83&view=events&ability=223819&start=9832090&end=9846654 "00:01:37.886 Kelby gains Divine Purpose from Kelby 00:01:42.530 Kelby's Divine Purpose fades from Kelby 00:01:42.530 Kelby gains Divine Purpose from Kelby 00:01:43.698 Kelby's Divine Purpose fades from Kelby" In case you don't like looking at logs, the basics of it is that it should be using the proc on your spender and then give you the buff back if it procs, as it did in Legion, but instead is refreshing the buff and then consuming the new Divine Purpose proc as well. As far as we know this is not an intended interaction for this ability.Keyboardmash18 3h
3h Dread Gladiator gear not transmogging as Merc The Dread Gladiator gear does not transmogrify when in a BG with the [Mercenary Contract] buff.Venoma7 3h
3h Mag'har heritage armor male issues. I don't know if this specifically qualifies as a bug but there's a few issues with the Mag'har heritage armor for Males. The most blatant being that the chestpiece is using the female textures, meaning that male orcs end up wearing a bra. Also there's some pretty major clipping with the feet, specifically the right one. Toes sticking through the front and the sides all over the place. Just want to make sure this information is well known because I find it quite strange and unfortunate that a suit of armor with such hype behind it turns out this rushed in terms of playtesting.Jindokir2 3h
4h Two Zolani's in the Zul'Dazar Throne Room There are two Zolani's in the exact same position to the left of King Rastakhan. It becomes apparent when you speak to one and the animation breaks out,. They have the exact same flavor text as well.Cøle0 4h
4h Temple of Sethraliss Disconnects I've tried doing this dungeon multiple times on my warlock and have disconnected the last three attempts. It happens when engaged with a boss. No issues on any of my other characters with this dungeon. Unable to log back in until i am kicked from the group. I can still log in on other characters.Funnymufflr0 4h
4h ship from stormwind to kul tiras is bugged I have wasted countless number of hours because the ship get stuck from stormwind to kul tiras . fix it blizzard . frostmourne serverrSalmanbucha2 4h
4h Eye Beam Causing Disconnect As per title, there seems to be a chance every time i cast Eye Beam it instantly disconnects me. I am having horrible flashbacks of Fel Rush.Scoffy0 4h
4h [BUG] Warlock Imp - Singe Magic This spell is supposed to dispel magic debuffs, with an autocast on the warlock when he gets CC'd. Problem is it doesn't work, at least not the auto-cast feature. For example, in Temple of Sethraliss, on the last boss (Avatar of Sethraliss). The Plague Doctors cast Snake Charm on players which is a 15 second magic debuff. The Imp does autocast Singe Magic but it does not dispel it like it should. There are other instances I've noticed where this doesn't work either, so there's something wrong with the way the skill is working.Porgig1 4h
5h The Battle for Stromgarde "Lost Caravan" rare This rare event is not spawning for the alliance version of this scenario and is part of the achievement An Eventful Battle.Yingjie3 5h
5h Invalid Target bug This happened a few days ago on my mage. Everything that I targetted was an invalid target if I used a direct spell on it. All I could use was AoE or auto attack. It was immediately fixed when I relogged. However, this time it's occuring on my druid. Relogging didn't fix the issue, nor did disabling all of my addons. If I attempt to use something along the lines of Feral Charge, it will say target too close regardless of my range. What is going on? As I was typing this I attempted to attack something again, and now it's working 5 minutes afterwords.Neverus113 5h
5h Hook Point BUG After queueing into Hook Point in arena, the top center of my screen can't be used to move the camera with a right click. Only relogging fixes the issue. It is as if there is a popup window still there after entering the arena. Happens every time I enter the arena as well.Nyxai2 5h
6h Arena Load Issue My partner and I queued for 2's and upon entering and not with a long load time the timer almost immediately went to the finaly count down. My partner's computer is slightly slow than mine but certainly not enough to make this an issue. We lost because they had loaded after the final count down. So to be specific... Click enter Arena I load and 3 seconds after the final 10 seconds signals My partner is still loading Partner loads after the count down ends and is jumped on by enemy team with not prep or time to react. I want my points back.... I posted this on the wrong character. My hunter on same server named Stayontarget was the one experiencing this problem.Goris0 6h
6h Mission: Dalaran Ritual Having some issues with this mission. There are two "Powerful" slots, which I'm countering with Umbric and Falstad. Then it has a "Disorienting" slot that I tried to counter with a troop, Pandaren Monks. Without the Pandaren Monks, the mission has a 145% success chance. Disorienting is not countered, so it has increased cost. If I apply the Pandaren Monks, Disorienting is countered. But the success chance DROPS to 87%. Pretty sure this is a bug.. unless I'm missing something.Vylastus2 6h
6h BFA dungeons - "flat" ground I have run all the dungeons so far on my mage this week and one thing I have noticed is that many dungeons have a lot of issues with blink/frozen orb and similar abilities. The worst three from memory are Siege of Boralus, Tol Dagor, and Freehold. I understand bricks or rubble stopping these abilities, but many times it is a flat ground and blink/frozen orb get stopped. Going into mythic+, a blink can mean life or death, and issues like these are unavoidable.Oakcicle2 6h
6h Disconnects on Fel Rush High mobility moves like warrior charge or fel rush I disconnect in arenas. I've lost 3 matches today from it already in 2s and its annoying.Krusharr0 6h
6h No mining sound effect My new character can't hear the mining sound effects. Anyone else have this issue?Hurongal50 6h
6h hellfire citadel doors on several of the encounters the doors don't open once the bosses are dead, at least they didn't for us, all on the second tier we hearthed out after being trapped for one, they seemed to open then but not for any of the othersZahruk0 6h
7h Karkin the molten front crab Is there a eta on when this rare hunters pet skin will be fixed? Used to have a unique shiny metal color with some red to it. Since 8.0, or 8.01 its skin has changed to pale blue color. When I submitted a ticket on it several weeks ago now, the response was its a known glitch. But ya it is now Sept 24th, and still has not been fixed.Snoopcat0 7h
7h Underlight Angler reset Hi, I was told that you can still reset the artifact traits on Underlight Angler... is that true? The guy in my order hall who used to reset artifact traits is not offering that service anymore, even if I have the Underlight Angler equipped. I would really like to reset the traits to get rid of the stealth while fishing trait. Is there any plan to make the reduced aggro range of that ability (Way of the Flounder) not actually stealth you? I hate the stealth.Capnsafety22 7h
7h 5.1 Razorgore - Orb of Domination bug •Raid groups are no longer necessary to enter pre-Mists of Pandara raid dungeons. Some bosses that previously required more than one player to defeat are now more easily dealt with by players battling alone: •High Warlord Naj'entus in the Black Temple •Viscidus in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj •Razorgore the Untamed in Blackwing Lair I am currently unable to click on the Orb in order to control Razorgore and killing him simply kills you when he explodes. Pretty sure this was not intended and was previously a bug with this encounter. Is there a new mechanic to break the eggs and complete this encounter? I have turned off all addons, I get the golden cog but left and right clicking does nothing.Lichreaver12 7h
8h Seafarer's Hearth + Enchant = Not Consistent As the title says. By all regards, my hearthstone while in BfA zones should be 4 minutes. This is the case sometimes. But a lot of the time when using my hearthstone on Kul Tiras or Zandalar it will remain 10 minutes.Liara0 8h
8h Baa'l Bugged Baa'l is bugged on many servers so that Uuna wont weaken him unless you have a super rare toy from Throne of Thunder.Bear37 8h
8h Logged off, came back to a dead toon I had my druid in flight form passing over Silithus, had to log off and go somewhere so I just left it there and exited the game. When I returned my toon was dead. The combat log only indicated "Falling Damage". But it was still flying when I logged out. ???Reull0 8h
8h Shok'Thokar for Centaur Reps I'm just pre-empting the hotfix for today that's coming in to help players get rep that already completed the quest. This is the hotfix in question: ... Unfortunately, people who have already completed the quest line and can't get rep that way also can't kill enemies in Shok'Thokar because we are phased to a version where all the enemies are dead and only friendly centaurs remain.Dac22 8h
9h Twilight Highlands scaling issue Almost all of the creatures in Twilight Highlands use a battle shout buff that increases attack power probably more than intended. (Ex. Dragonmaw Marauder) If I recall correctly an orc used another attack power increase similar to the orc racial and it increased attack power by 16 but the battle shout at level 88 is 256. These creatures can then hit for as high as 15-20% of my health in one hit. Scaling seems good in most area's I have been too most far this is probably one of the worst bugs I have encountered after the majority were fixed. Thanks!Drakonid2 9h
9h Pink Elekks on Parade bug (NOT about phasing) The item channel is constantly interrupted, making the quest impossible to complete. I have no buffs, no odd pets out, nothing that could be interrupting it.Renfield0 9h
9h [BUG] Showdown at Stonewatch While attempting to do this quest on 9/29/13 with my level 22 Worgen hunter on the (USA) Lightbringer realm, there was another player apparently doing the same quest. Both of us were eliminating the Blackrock Orcs with our respective "teams" until we both came to the crest of the hill leading up to the Keep itself. My "team" disappeared completely while the other player was able to continue. I could understand this if the other player and I had grouped together, but we did not. Can you please check into this? Thanks!Frostbank4 9h
9h Pet Battle - Black-Footed Fox Kit Black-Footed Fox Kits in the wild will often get stuck casting Dazzling Dance even when they have more attack speed? Also even when their team members are all dead? I am pretty sure this is a bug because it's incredibly stupid to do so. I understand that they are supposed to be less dangerous because they're wild creatures but still it's pretty much a free win no effort needed. You can often kill them without taking any damage yourself.Abyssius1 9h