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Nov 2, 2010 Welcome to the Bug Report Forums! Welcome to the Bug Report forum! The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the Live version of the game. We greatly appreciate our customers helping us to find issues with the game. As such, this forum is one of your best methods for making us aware of these issues. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Ujumqin3 Nov 2, 2010
Jan 17, 2014 Bug Report FAQ Hey Everybody! In an effort to reduce the number of sticky threads we have active, I'm creating this thread to cover a lot of common questions and issues that related to the Bug Reports forum. Notice: With each new patch changes are made to the blizzard UI that can break third party UI mods and cause any number of problems in the client. Before you report a bug, please disable (or delete) all of your mods and test the situation again. If the issue does not happen without mods installed then it is not a WoW bug and you should contact the mod creator for further assistance. -------- Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs. There are many issues that are repeatedly reported in this forum that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum. Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places. 1. Realms are down, laggy or crashing. 2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. 3. Forum Avatar or Character Armory aren't updated 4. Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. 5. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. 6. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. 7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. 8. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. 9. Website issues 1. Realms are down or crashing. Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or the Hyjal Realm is not currently online. Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed at the Realm Status Forum http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011700/ 2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks. Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP. All reports of exploits, cheats, hacks or the players who are using them should be reported via the in game GM reporting tool or via our web-form at https://us.battle.net/support/en/games/wow 3. Forum Avatar or Character Armory is outdated Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63. The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take days or weeks for this information to update. This is especially true if your characters recently changed realms, or were a part of a realm-merge. 4. Problems with the guild UI when you have more than 500 players in the guild. Example: Characters do not show up on the guild roster after 500. The guild UI is intentionally capped at 500 members and may act unpredictably when a guild exceeds this size. We do not limit guild membership to 500 but recommend not exceeding it. 5. Haste effects do not apply the correct amount of casting/attack increase. Example: 20% haste only increases cast speed by 17% The formula for hast effects is: NEW_SPEED = OLD_SPEED / (1 + HASTE_PERCENT) This can be a bit confusing, but it assures that no amount of +haste effects will result in zero or negative attack or cast speed. 6. “Impossible” simultaneous actions. Examples: Rogue Vanish being broken by attacks, Two mages polymorphing each other, Paladin Divine Shield being dispelled as it is cast. Because of the Client-Server nature of the game it is possible for two mutually exclusive actions to occur at the same time resulting in some unexpected behavior. Although efforts are made to minimize these situations they will still happen on occasion. 7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems. Example: A shaman uses Fire Nova Totem to kill several quest NPCs and gets no credit. This is an intended behavior, a player must do damage to an NPC for it to give credit. 8. Counterspell/Kick locks down unexpected spells. Example: When kicked while casting a Healing spell, priest discipline spells are also locked out. Counterspell effects lock out schools of magic not trees. Discipline is a spell tree which includes many holy spells. 9. Unable to view items on armory, or character not found The Bug Report forums are only for in-game bugs or issues within World of Warcraft. For any issues with our support pages or websites, please visit the appropriate forum at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1025938/Zorbrix1 Jan 17, 2014
Jan 29, 2011 Do Not Make Multiple Bug List Posts Greetings Bug Report Forums, While this rule is listed in our bug guidelines post I wanted to stress the point. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/933154110 ... The way our system is currently structured we consider each thread its own issue and it gets researched accordingly. When we get list posts it bogs us down and they frequently contain a number of issues that have already been addressed in other threads. There are exceptions, such as the Quest Typo Megathread, but those are at my discretion. Please search the bugs that you find, the less threads about the same issues helps us immensely. Thanks again for all your help and all your reports.Sapperwix0 Jan 29, 2011
Feb 26, 2015 Information to Include in Bug Reports Hi Everybody, It's really important to include specific details when reporting an issue you're experiencing. Who - Character Name What - The problem you encountered Where - Realm Name + Location out in the world (zone, raid, BG, etc) When - Roughly when the issue encountered, or if an ongoing issue when it first started happening. How - Any steps you took to reproduce the issue Without this information, we often have to guess at what happened, or request more information from you - both of which slow down the process or lead to un-reproducible reports.Zorbrix0 Feb 26, 2015
2d Legion Typo & Grammatical Error Megathread Rather than making a single thread for every typo please post your typos and grammatical errors in this megathread. QA will regularly monitor this thread and document the bugs internally. There won't be a whole lot of communication in this thread but rest assured we're reading every post. If you're referencing a line of dialogue, make sure the include the NPC's name who is talking, and any relevant quest/dungeon/zone information as well.Zorbrix423 2d
Aug 29 7.3.0 Known Issues - Updated 8/29/2017 Greetings all, Below is a list of known issues for patch 7.3. Please note that this list is not a complete depiction of what we're aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter more often. We'll try to keep this updated with trending issues when possible. General Spell Visuals: Creatures can experience conflicting face changes and targeted spell casts when fighting more than one player. Class and PVP Ferocious Bite is consuming combo points while the Apex Predator buff is active. Warsong Scramble - Two specific flags, one for each faction will disappear and re-appear after 10 seconds if the opposing team caps a flag. Gravity Lapse - Players will sometimes disconnect upon landing after gravity fades. Druid: Malorne's Swiftness does not increase Travel Form movement speed while inside a Battleground or Arena Off the Global Cooldown spells are interrupting channels if used in a macro before the channel. Dungeon and Raid Hans'gar and Franzok : The bosses can remain interactable behind the railing after jumping out of the playspace, causing the encounter to reset. The arrow graphic correlating to Goroth's Shattering Star and Mistress Sassz'ine's Hydra Shot is not accurately reflecting player's position. Hounds of Sargeras : Focusing Power will only apply to the first boss to reach 50% on Mythic difficulty. Compatibility Client may occasionally crash with some hybrid graphics laptops while logging on. Mac - Attempting to tweet an achievement is causing the game to crash. Client brightness fluctuates intermittently in Windowed with Kaby Lake hybrid graphics laptop in Windows 10 64-bit.Arvaanas0 Aug 29
Sep 6, 2016 Legion Companion App Known Issues Greetings all, Below is a list of known issues we have for the WoW Legion Companion App. Please note that this list is not complete with every issue we're aware of, but a sample of bugs that we believe will be most visible to players. Social Guild members may appear to be online while using the app. Characters logged into the app can be sent whispers. (App users will not receive messages.) Connection & Performance Device Auto-lock may cause a disconnect and require re-authentication. The app may hang for 5-10 seconds when resuming from a minimized state. Locking the device or losing network connection while logging in may reuqire a full restart for subsequent login attempts. Double clicking the cancel button while logging into a character may cause a disconnect. Users who lock their device while using the app may disconnect themselves from the WoW Client after unlocking it and Auto-reconnect activates. Login button may fail to display text. Display Mission Screen - Available and In-Progress Mission tabs may display scrambled text at times. On screen keyboards may hide input boxes on the credential screen when using smaller devices.Arvaanas0 Sep 6, 2016
Nov 2, 2010 Bug Forums Guidelines Please be advised that this is not a discussion forum. This forum is a direct line of communication to Blizzard Entertainment's Quality Assurance Department to report issues. Unless a moderator asks for more information, all the critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post. Every post will be responded to in some fashion before being locked. When a thread is locked, it means we have sufficient information on the issue and won't require any further assistance. The stickies at the top of the Bug Report Forum contain valuable information to assist you. Please read them before doing anything. Invalid Posts Since we are strictly interested in issue reports on this forum, the following threads are likely to be deleted immediately: 1. Discussion threads (What do you all think?) 2. Invalid issue reports 3. Feedback / Suggestion threads. 4. Posts requesting information on the game. 5. Posts made on other forums (Don't spam.) 6. "Accomplishment" threads, threads to advertise screenshots unrelated to bug reports, and other "This happened on the server" posts 7. Posts requesting status updates on existing issues. Bug Reporting Guidelines o If you believe you have encountered a bug and it is preventing your character from progressing through content, preventing game play, a Game Master may be able to help. o State if custom UI mods are being used. Try and test bugs with NO UI MODS INSTALLED. o Supply screenshots where applicable. o Provide as much information as possible, give full names of NPCs, abilities or locations that are involved in the bug. Give ability descriptions as well. *DO NOT ASSUME* that the QA person on duty knows what you are talking about. o Use proper English, do not use slang, abbreviations or other unclear language when describing the issue. We can not address bug reports that we do not understand. o Create a single thread for each issue, lists of bugs are difficult to track and respond to, if you have multiple bug reports please verify that there are not already threads on them and then post them each in their own thread. Creating a Bug Thread When reporting a bug, we would like you to take the time and search the forum to see if your issue is already reported. While we won't delete duplicate reports, it will save us time if you know the issue is already posted and do not repost it. Using keywords (such as a unique element of a crash log or an ability name) is a good way to find threads. If you haven't found anything, start a new thread with your issue and put [BUG] in the subject while being as descriptive as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple issues, separate them into different threads. Unique bugs should get unique threads. Try to include steps to reproduce your problem. Be succinct. Leave out any opinions on the problem and focus on how best to tell us about it to help resolve the issue.Ujumqin2 Nov 2, 2010
1h Goroth plate shoulders and transmog The plate shoulders from Goroth are identical to the paladin T20 shoulders, but the Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame don't show up as an alternative option for the paladin tier set like the rest of the lookalike pieces. Since it doesn't show as an alternative in the item set menu, it doesn't count toward the Retro Trend achievement when it really should.Kaarhu0 1h
1h Starter Edition XP lock bug This has been a prevalent bug for quite some time now and wanted to address it on behalf of starter edition/veteran accounts. If you lock your experience while your account is "inactive" (no game time, free to play), you are locked out of battlegrounds. This ONLY happens to inactive accounts. Will we ever see a fix to this?Lucciono2 1h
2h Quakefist Evade Every time I try to kill Quakefist he evades after I do a small amount of damage. Therefore, I cannot move forward in building my garrison. The Character experiencing this problem is Aggrowkween on the server SkywallSillyrabbit3 2h
2h Artifact Research Compendium So In the Dreamgrove, the lady that used to be give me it (to buy) doesn't let me anymore. When i click on her it only askes me to say "Why can't I research Artifact Knowledge?" Anyone know how I can fix her, or is there a new buy of buying it?Hypecrit4 2h
3h Horse Tail Costume does not have tail The Horse Tail Costume from Hallow's End does not actually have a horse tail anywhere on it. It's just feet with a giant blanket. I tried to use my imagination, but I still don't look like a horse butt in game. Please advise.Weetzie6 3h
3h "Got Wood?" Quest Bug! I am working on my Loremaster Achievement, and after finally completing Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, I decided to move along to Kalimdor, and start with Ashenvale. Now, when I come up to the quest, "Good Wood?", I seem to don't get the Kadrak's Reins, let alone even the oppitunity to mount on Brutusk, as the quest objective is. And I dropped the quest several times, even reloaded my UI and disabled all my add-ons, but nothing seems to be working. And kinda hard to tell where the next quest really is going to be, since I am working on for the Loremaster Achievement after all, don't want to have to just do the 1 zone on a toon on the opposing faction to complete Ashenvale Quest when I am mainly working on it on my mage.Ayukama1 3h
3h pvp flagged I keep finding flagged players that are not attackableYurameshi1 3h
4h Black Temple (Timewalking) lockout bug Ran BT Timewalking yesterday cleared to Illidan. Attempted to resume today using my lockout with new people. Formed a group no problem. Couldn't use the teleport and when group flew there it wouldn't allow us to start in Timewalking difficult. Also can't put group back into group finder mid raid making clearing this very difficult. Simple issues should have been resolved before launch. Only lasts a week and the later in the week it gets the less likely I am to be able to finish this.Knibble26 4h
4h [Bug]Nightmarish Visions Apparently this ability is bugged beyond belief in PvP. Can't find an exact source cause WoWhead is useless but it seems like this is the ability used by Naralex (Druid Follower), least as feral. Here's a link http://www.wowhead.com/spell=218543/nightmarish-visions ... Okay, so here's the problem (REALLY BIG PROBLEM): You can't trinket or will of the forsaken it (puts both moves on cooldown when used but doesn't break it) You can't cloak it even though it looks like a magical effect (went through while cloak was active) It doesn't break with ANY amount of damage. And finally, my personal favorite, it lasts the ENTIRE 10 seconds. Despite all CC in PvP being capped at 8 seconds. How has no one noticed this before? Am I just crazy? Sorry if this is the wrong place, I didn't know where else to post this.Necrachilles3 4h
5h Problems in Pandaria's Candy Buckets 1 - The candy bucket in Valley of the Four Winds, Stoneplow, keeps disapearing AND the flight master as well. 2 - I just GOT my " What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been " achievement WITHOUT completing the Candy Buckets in Cataclysm and Pandaria !! Where is my Violet Drake ? Where is my Master Flying license ?!?!?!Linnok23 5h
6h Affliction warlock artifact challenge Literally is impossible with out Sarcolash, the boss is apparently pvp so doomguard only slows for 4 seconds, voidwalker and infernals taunts do not work, and he doesn't get slowed from the puddles. I don't own the ring and many other warlocks do not so currently this challenge is impossible, I really hope this is fix before the mage tower falls downDamson13 6h
7h Summon Random Favorite Mount bugged Posting this on the forum as well as in game, seeing if other people are experiencing this. For the last week or so, I have been using the "Summon Random Favorite Mount" button with 4 favorite mounts: Invincible, Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher, Twilight Drake, and Ashes of Al'ar. Every time that I use the button, it always summons Invincible if I have him in my favorites list. If I take Invincible out of the list of favorites, the feature works as intended. Today, I increased my list of favorite mounts to 14, and yet it still summons Invincible every single time I use the ability. If I take him out of the favorites list, it works as intended. Anybody else have Invincible's reins that can test this out?Keifers1 7h
9h Combat Text Going Away I've been experiencing an issue since 7.3 released where my combat text will randomly stop working. It seems to happen in specific zones or occasions, mostly areas on Argus (seemingly after using the Lightforged War Machine). I have noticed it happen a few times in Vault of the Wardens as well, especially near the spider area. Zoning into a different area will sometimes fix it, in that area, but upon zoning back to a bugged area the combat text will not show. This also affects the text shown when using an AP token. Things I have tried but have not worked: Disable and re-enable combat text CVARs. Disabled ALL addons. Delete cache folders. Logging out and in after text disappears. Closing game completely and re-opening after text disappears. Reinstalled game completely. System Specs: i7 4790K @ 4.6ghz 32gb DDR3 @ 3ghz 1tb SSD x2 GTX 1080TI sli Windows 10 proKryonyx2 9h
9h Thisalee Crow's Shapemending passive Gone I logged into the new path, started doing the new quest line, and noticed i was slower than normal in my travel form, so i glanced up and sure enough the passive shapemending ability was nonexistant, so i cahnged forms since the passive changes based on form and no, it was gone , nothing made it appear back on my buffs, i even swaped her out for broll bearmantle and then put her back on , the passive ability is not showing and not even applying, its just goneKêro75 9h
10h The Relic's Emanation bugged On this toon when I'm using the Apexis Relic in Blade's Edge Mountains in the Vortex Summit the first six levels to get the Apexis Vibrations buff work fine, but when you go to do the next couple to complete the daily "The Relic's Emanation" it speeds up and randomly stops allowing you to click on the colour orbs to copy the pattern and after clicking on two coloured orbs a yellow coloured halo radiates from the center of the cross, then when you mouse over any of the coloured orbs it shows the tooltip "right click to open". I have tried this on all 16 small Apexis Relics in the area and they all have the same issue. This is the first time I have seen this bug to date.Mélîssa21 10h
11h Stage 5 the clash of thunder bugged? Stage 5 the clash of thunder bugged? I'm stuck on this quest chain inside Ulduar for the Warrior Campaign and cannot continue. Stage 5 of the Scenario/Quest tells me that i need to take the path to the north and speak to Thorim, but the path is closed by a gate and there is no leaver, just a flashing circle but i step on it and it does nothing. Please lclarify what's going on or helpe me get through this"!Thanathos5 11h
11h Mage frost spec: Brain freeze proc too low. Brain freeze does not proc enough, even with T19 (2) for the 5% we still see really heavy periods of hard casting frost bolt without any. I'm not sure if there's some internal relation with Icy veins but it clearly got me in a jam this past weekend when dps was around 1.5m on goroth and suddenly plummeted down to 1.2 due to no procs after 30+ fb casts. Some mages I've spoken to directly experience the same, some even abandoned the spec entirely for something a little less RNG dependent.Vessae0 11h
11h Timewalking--Phased out of Arcatraz I cannot complete the Arcatraz dungeon because of some bug that is causing me to be phased away from my group. I tried tping in and out, I tried reloading and even reloading. Nothing fixes it, so I have currently wasted 5 queues and eaten five debuffs trying to get my weekly done, because I keep getting Arcatraz, which I can't do. This is terrible. Please fix this.Xialla1 11h
13h Bucket animations When doing any of the holiday quests involving buckets of water my character has no walking or running animations. She just goes stiff and moves forward until I dump the water.Kyradonna1 13h
13h BC Karazhan Chess Event bugged as of 7.2.5 Doing my weekly Kara mog run and get to the Chess Event. Go to start the fight by clicking on my king to control him. Fight starts. I exit king to control another piece. King disappears. Any other piece I control and then exit also disappears after I exit. Tried logging out and returning approx. one hour later. Fight is reset. Start it again. Same process happens. Pieces disappear after exiting them. ... Can confirm the problem is addon related and that disabling all addons allowed the fight to work normally. Also, I use ElvUI, DBM, WA2, Recount, Ovale w/ SpellflashCore, Ask Mr. Robot, Auctionator, and WorldQuestTracker. Not sure which one caused this problem yet. EDIT: ElvUI appears to be the culprit. It was the first addon I turned back on and tried to run the fight again with. No other addons were active. King disappeared as soon as I exited.Snakefinger37 13h
14h Every WQ reward relic has same trait on Argus Every single time a WQ comes up with a relic for Affliction, it's the Seeds of Doom trait. There's no way this can be "right". Is anyone else experiencing this?Shanalott1 14h
14h DH felrush bug figured out. Demon Hunter Fel-Rush bug figured out. So my buddy (mage) and I were goofing around and discovered if he casts slow fall on a demon Hunter while they are gliding *and* felrushing it will disconnect the DH everytime. There are other classes like priests levitate that would function the same. I’ve had this happen accidentally on fallen avatar where a priest will cast levitate on you as the floor is falling. Well DHs can glide anyway and felrush and apparently all 3 together forces a disconnect. Also very annoying for battlegrounds and surely not intended. Could this possibly be related to the felrush bug that has been around since launch for DHs? I suspect that the game has a physics check (it makes sure your character is functioning within the laws of the games physics engine, to make sure you’re not hacking or something), and when it is violated in such a way you get kicked out of the game. In this case it’s still “normal” behavior, so would be greatly appreciated if Blizzard could look at and rectify this. Cheers.Bigdiggles0 14h
18h Raptor Hide Belt: Horde LW Journal Unsure if this is a glitch in the Unlearned tab for the horde. The recipe "Pattern:Raptor Hide belt" is displaying as unlearnt on my horde hunter even though the pattern is sold by an alliance only vendor (Andod Fadran) in Arathi Highlands. Ive purchased the pattern on an alliance toon and tried to use mates to list it on alliance side to buy it on my LW. If a mate lists on alliance side i am unable to see the pattern up on AH on my horde LW. If I list it on my alliance toon my friends can see it however if they purchase it, it will change to "Pattern: Raptor Hide Harness" so they would be unable to trade it to me.Majinator0 18h
18h Mythic Desolate Host can't spiritual fonts Even though we are below 50% in spirit realm, the fonts still doesn't appear.Guòér2 18h
20h Moonkin Hatchling Charity Pet Bugged Bought the Moonkin Hatchling a long time ago that you could get either as a Horde or Alliance to help donate to a Charity that you all were running years ago. I recently came back to the game and have noticed that now the Moonkin Hatchling as a Pet in my Pet inventory can not be summoned nor can it be used in Pet Battles, even so I was able to get it to lvl 3 years ago before I had quit playing. I would like it restored so I can use it again in Pet Battles.Korgrok1 20h
21h Free The Tormented quest: unknown turn-in No place to turn in "Free the Tormented" quest. There is no question mark anywhere for the quest to be turned in. Wowhead does not provide any help. The Quest text does not give any advice about where to go or what to do. Where do I go to turn in this quest?Chromia15 21h
21h Feather of the Moonspirit; no credit Feather of the MoonSpirit Unlike others, I did actually receive all three screeches (took about a week for the third to trigger). I had correctly entered the first two (Hinterlands and Feralas), and waited several days for Duskwood to trigger. I got the message in game while in Emerald Dreamway that there was a scratching noise near the Duskwood portal. So I entered, spent 40 mins searching, but then checked the quest with the script, which said it was "false," or in other words, the Duskwood quest was not in fact active EVEN THOUGH I GOT THE MESSAGE SUGGESTING IT WAS. For some reason, the GM said that that wasn't evidence of a bug. -_- So I'm posting it here, as she suggested. This was Sunday, October 22, 2017, 4pm Eastern, Bleeding Hollow server, toon = Moderboder. GLHF.Scrybaby0 21h
21h Deathwing in Dragon Soul bugged in 7.3 Since 7.3, I have been unable to start the Madness of Deathwing encounter in Dragon Soul due to the disappearance of all the NPCs. Please bring them back!Charge43 21h
22h Young Mutant Warturtle bugged graphics. https://i.imgur.com/na0eC6d.png The turtles headband and swords are scaled wrong, so that the headband isn't even visible anymore and the swords look weird. Below is what it is supposed to look like. http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/574554-young-mutant-warturtle.jpgDrosie3 22h
22h Soul of the Forest unlearned on spec switch In Feral spec I have the Legendary ring "Soul of the Archdruid" equipped, which grants the passive talent "Soul of the Forest". In Resto spec I no NOT use that Legendary ring but I DO use the active talent "Soul of the Forest". When I switch specs from Feral to Resto, removing the Legendary ring also unlearns the active talent "Soul of the Forest" from Resto. After every spec switch to Resto I have to manually turn "Soul of the Forest" back on in the talent window.Carrigan1 22h
23h BE Female Hunter CM Set Bug Hi, The MoP Hunter Challenge Set chest piece on Blood Elf Females has a straight line on the neck, very jarring, has been a problem since MoP... please fix. http://www.wowhead.com/item=90070/chestguard-of-the-howling-beast Example: https://i.imgur.com/uAmWS90.pngRekuja0 23h
23h Character stuck after Invasion scenario After an invasion scenario, my character gets stuck when I am teleported back to the quest turn in. Logging out and back in again releases my character and I am able to move again. People in my group near me report that they cannot see my character when it is stuck, and appears as if I am phased. I can see them, and was even able to jump on one of their three seater mounts. Once I jumped off the mount, I was unable to move again. This has happened on multiple characters and has happened to my friends as well.Dynah41 23h
1d Disengage bug dc! Multiple times a day/night when disengaging you get disconnected, kinda frustrating, right? Been happening for some time now & still no fix?Everise0 1d
1d Tear of Elune...bug? I completed the quest... but I still have the "Tear of Elune" in my bag... any idea's on what to do with it? or is it bugged?Haures48 1d
1d Holding the Spire + Khazaduum = Phase bug Holding the Spire and Khazaduum are up at the same time. So basically you can't kill Khazaduum until you do Holding the Spire since the entire area is phased out. Kinda irritating for those that just want the elite WQ.Meroko2 1d
1d Webbing Crashers Achievement Bugged This achievement is currently not awarded upon completing the requirements. For two weeks in a row, our guild has gone in, everyone has hit the boss, broken all 7 eggs sacs, and killed the boss. The achievement was awarded neither time.Spanosa1 1d
1d A New Invention - Hunter Quest Bug So it's now been three days that I have not been able to complete this quest because there are absolutely no Mystics spawning for me to retrieve the Essence of Pure Spirit. If it is a timed thing as WoWhead says, which I highly doubt, then that is absolutely ridiculous though my suspicions lead me to believe that this is more than likely a bug.Kindrid20 1d
1d Lava Burst damage bug in pvp Lava Burst is doing roughly 25% less dmg in instanced pvp...again. This is the bug that was fixed a few weeks ago. Now it's back. Went from 450-500k crits to 300-350k. Please fix.Dookles32 1d
1d Silithis Enemy Nps Bug Location: Silithis -- Hive'Regal -- coordinates: 65.19 / 83.55 Attempted to attack some adds, they give me an error message saying out of range. Npc Name : Hive'Regal Burrower Ive notcied they do not move at all, or perhaps cannot! Cant farm my transmog that these adds drop D: Have relogged multiple times, turned off all my addons. nothign seems to work. Spammed alt key a few times thinking the targeting method was bugged from me alt tabbing and that changed nothing either!Sniffelz0 1d
1d No Golden Lotus/Mistfall/Candy Bucket/Dailies I think the title pretty much sums it up. I have spent the last THREE hours trying to figure out how to get Mistfall Village to open up and I've finally figured out that there is some massive bug/glitch whatever. Here's the forum I found through multiple others: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6794032135 Basically, I've done everything up to the quest “The Shrine of Seven Stars” and completed it, I know I've done it because I specifically remember one of the NPCs at the pagoda mentioning something about the Mogu attacking someone (don't remember the exact text). I've had flying since I hit 90, which I still fail to see what that has to do with the quests anyway, but whatever. THEN, it states in that thread that I go to pick up “The Ruins of Guo-Lai” in Mistfall... there's just one problem, there is NOTHING in Mistfall. So, what am I missing here? There are no other quests in Veiled Blossoms, besides a daily for challenge mode dungeons and there are no NPCs in Mistfall that I can talk to. And no I won't open a ticket because from what others have told me, all I'm going to get in response is the same "we do not offer hints" BS (and I don't mean blacksmiths) that for some reason is the best suitable answer for a problem such as this.Jeolene3 1d
1d Stuck in a basket in Suramar big city I'm stuck in a basket in Suramar the big city can't do anything and can't get outMyleather24 1d
1d Mailbox in Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave The mailbox in Havenshire in the Death Knight starting area (Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave) on the realm Zul'jin isn't functioning properly. I can't take most of the attachments from mail and I can't mail items to other characters from this particular mailbox. It seems like this character I'm posting with is the only character affected with this bug. I can't verify at this time if the issues are restricted to just this mailbox in Havenshire or if all mailboxes are bugging out for this character.Logarnethis0 1d