Bug Report

Jan 4, 2015 Unable to log in Hi, I was traveling to Eastern Kingdoms when I was disconnected as I was loading into the zone. Now whenever I try to log in, it tells me that a character is already logged in with my name Submerge-Thunderlord-US . Can this be resolved soon please? ThanksDesensitized0 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Expel Magic: Fire; description misleading I was recently kicked from a PUG raid group because I mass dispelled melee as soon as they received Expel Magic: Fire. Below are the descriptions on why this is entirely misleading given the dungeon journal. I talked to a couple friends who are 7/7 and they couldn't even figure out why I wouldn't want to until they dug around enough to find the few comments out there. I've run LFR many times and no indication was made that I was making a mistake on mass dispelling asap. Explanation of Expel Magic: Fire per the dungeon journal: ... Ok, so this seems pretty clear. Says dispelling it is ok, it mitigates damage. And heavy raid wide damage? We sure don't want that! The tooltip for the Expel Magic: Fire in the dungeon journal is as follows: ... Ok, so this does damage over time, we don't want that, so that indicates it's something we should dispel. It says when it expires it does an AoE burst. So, how exactly does it do an AoE burst when we dispel it? The timer never reaches 0, it is dispelled, removed, gone, nullified. How is dispelling == expiring? That seems worded very poorly. So, if it is correct that dispelling it deals the AoE burst, it should be made very clear by Blizzard that dispelling it is not something you want to do to a melee group until they disperse. There has been 0 indication of that made by the dungeon journal, and I feel that's going to make many other healers look like noobs when they screw that up, like I unfortunately did. The only place I've found that even mentioned this was a comment on wowhead, not even the icy-veins strat guide mentioned it (although when I watched a couple youtube videos later some did mention it).Sunadina0 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Crashing and unable to connect While traveling to Ironforge from Stormwind on the Deeprun Tram I crashed, now whenever i try to connect to that character it says "World Server is down." I can go on that same server as any of my other characters fine. Also on the character select screen where it normally would say the area you are in is completely blank.Gulandria1 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 BUG: Arena healing debuff not affecting DK's I was just in a 2's skirmish and myself Dis-priest and the decently geared rouge I was paired with killed the druid from a druid DK combo we were playing against in the first 2 mins .... 20 minuets later we were still unable to kill the DK who repeatedly self healed against the rouge or myself until the healing debuff was very high I would estimate 80% or so. The debuff did not effect the DK's self heals what so ever and he was able to just continue to death strike through all damage received from two well gear players until I was unable to heal my partner at all, but his heals were at full strength... Is this intended ?Instancefull0 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Survivior's bag of coins issue I'm getting a "You can't use that here." error message every time I try to use Survivor's bag of coins. I can have multiple stacks of the buff, be in a zone where I can fly, not in combat, and I still get the error message. I've never used the item before so I don't know when this started, but I can imagine it started when the pre-patch was released. Anyone else having this problem?Cyndiras5 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 ROGUE BUGS (ENHANCED TEMPEST DOES NOT WORK) I have done 40 dps test with and with out Passive ability ( Enhanced Crimson Tempest ) and there is NO change in dps according to the hit numbers im seeing on my screen and the dps meter im using. 1 auto hit applying overtime poison was 30k dps. OK.. Now 5 point Crimson Tempest, with overtime poison and its passive ability (Enhanced Crimson Tempest which increased poison by 30%) should increase dps but there is hardly any change. Still 30-30.5 and sometimes 31 dps. Is this thing not active right now or just bugged? I've also noticed that the ( Death from above ) seems to be SUPER weak compared to all the other classes finishing moves. Only good thing about it is it allows me to fly to my target. The dps from this move is WEAK. I'm lucky to ever see a 20-30k hit from it ( and that's with a crit hit ) o-0! BUGGED too or just weak? Finally.. umm..Could we please get a second or two added on Cloak or even a glyph that does so? PRETTY plz ;(Bloodybones1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 [BUG] Leorajh not responding Leorajh does not respond in the garrison when he is asked to patrol. What I mean is that the NPC dialogue box does not appear. This also occurs with Vivianne.Krulrok0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Pet bars/skills often bug Search engine showed that reports from this bug are years old. Often I'm having issues to toggle pet skills off and/or move or place pet skills into the pet bar. This happens to me on my warlock, hunter, and sometimes on my shaman. What have I tried? Clean addons, deleted cache and WTF folders, and it still bugs. Yesterday I tried it on a clean windows install with clean wow install, no addons, and it still bugged. Sometimes, only sometimes, it will fix after doing a /reload ui. Hope i'm not the only one with this bug, it's specially painful when you have to turn off pet taunt and you can't toggle it off at all, not even from the pet spellbook.Regar2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Archaeology Fragment Cap When you're close to the cap, if you dig up more fragments than what would bring you to cap, you can't loot any instead of just looting up to cap. (i.e. 197/200 if you find more than 3 you're out of luck) This creates some awkward situations where you're stuck waiting to find a third keystone to get your solve. For example I have an artifact that requires 250, with 2 keystones I'm at 247, but can't loot those final 3 fragments. This may be intended but seems awkward.Saphiinia1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Quest Iyu bugged. The quest mob Iyu is not spawning.Cortech9 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Fel Imp Sear Magic Ability is not usable. Normal imp singe magic is working as intended, but Fel Imp's Sear Magic is not usable to me neither thru macro or clicking the ability from the pet bar.Cigmatic1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Iron trap bug I get the animals down to 10% and drag them through the trap over and over until it despawns and it never traps them. I get it to work around 50% of the time. If this is working as intended the mechanism may need to be rethought.Sickstar1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Incorrect mission levels in garrison According to hotfix notes garrison missions were fixed to always give you missions appropriate to the level of you followers. This was done because people were getting all high level quests after getting just one level 100 follower. I now have the reverse problem, I have all high level and high ilvl followers and yet my log is absolutely jammed with level 90-91 missions. I have no followers that low level, my lowest active follower is 97 the only followers I have at 90-91 are working at my buildings and those followers should by no means be influencing my available missions. If you tell me I need to level my workers I'm going to want to know why and how that can be considered at all reasonable.Crymson3 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Astral Form - Neck Glow 100 Female Troll Druid Timeworn Shadowtooth transmog Shifting into Astral Form (Moonkin Form modified by Glyph of Stars) causes a round glowing object to appear in my avatar's throat. This happens with or without a helm equipped. This happens with or without "Interface>Display>Show Helm" toggled Equipping or unequipping a helm will make the ball go away. As will toggling "Show Helm" on or off. Picure: http://i59.tinypic.com/16gd2mr.pngRedbrik0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 AV armor scraps turn in bug Right now - unable to turn in any loot in AV.Bluddragon0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 sent to wrong graveyard after death Doesn't seem likely that this is the right gy. See screenshot: http://imgur.com/4LCRFF0 I died in Stonemaul Arena, in one of the caves (some dude's grotto). Walk distance is considerably longer than other graveyards in Draenor. This is because you basically have to snake all the way around those mountains to get to stonemaul. If you die anywhere else in Stonemaul, you get sent to a much closer spawn point.Sathice2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Cant cloak of shadows the dmg from Ahooru Tried it today. Cant cloak the Holy dmg from Point of Light. WTH!!!Chopnstab1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 entire 40 man bg booted and flagged my entire team in isle of conquest was just booted as deserters and flagged with the 15 min de-bufff, i seriously want my 15 mins back,,, fix this crapMcluvinnz0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Socrethar's Demise I don't know if this happens in the horde version of this quest, but at least on the Alliance side the Sons of Lothar banner that you are supposed to click to start the event is non-interactive. According to Wowhead, an invite from someone cross-realm should work around the issue, but I don't know anyone readily available to invite cross-realm. Could someone fix this quest please?Xylantra2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 New spirit beast gara doesn't make idle noise I don't know if it's just me but Gara, the new spirit beast does not make idle noises. For example, she doesn't make howling or sniffing noises when I'm standing still. I've tried different options to try and fix this like enabling/disabling pet sound in the sound option. I've also tried the scan/repair option on Battle.Net app. And compared it with other pets/wolfs and they do make noises. So I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem.Myollie0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Bodyguard problems If you hit the target dummy by your gladiator's sanctum you will now be in permanent combat with no way out. There was a time when you could talk to your followers in combat and dismiss them. I'm assuming when Blizzard discovered that you could use the followers rep abilities in combat without having the rep with them that this feature was removed.Vaega0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 [BUG] Lunker Drop Rate Granted, this might not actually be a bug, but it sure feels like one. I'm following all the tips, regarding fishing locations, getting drunk, and I'm fishing with 1100 skill with pole/hat/lures. The previous two days, it took me over 100 catches for each coin. Today, I gave up after about 150+ catches. Since each type of lunker stacks up to 5, I have to believe that the intended drop rate must have been higher. Seriously, I can't imagine catching all 30 in one day. I'm just going to throw out a reminder here that games are supposed to be fun, and while mutants like myself enjoy fishing a bit, I do NOT enjoy this much of it. Please fix this. Check out the posts on the Profession forums. No one is happy about the Lunker drop rate.Morikoth1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 the art of dodge/evasion i feel this has been a huge nerf.. or maybe a mistake? evasion at 100 percent is great.. but it does not break combat anymore. please bring back ole skool tricks. this is redic.Saifu0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Must be really hungry I've seen some bugs this morning - like when I died while fighting Grulloc, I ran back and the Frostwolves were still fighting him but they'd gone invisible - but I think this one at Bladespire Citadel wins for weirdest. The wolves themselves were feasting on Bladespire Brutes who obviously weren't dead yet. http://i1107.photobucket.com/user/pitcherstoshare/media/stillalive_zps8de42b2f.jpg.htmlLilfeathers0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 [Possible Bug] Garrison Work Orders Current Build: Realm Status - LIVE or PTR?: LIVE Hello, Not Working As Intended Potentially: Work Orders in your Garrison NOT counting Work Orders towards the Work Order Achievement(s) you complete at your Mine and Herbalist Garden. Currently Working As Intended: They ARE counting correctly for your Professions such as Engineering and Tailoring for example, Towards the Work Order Achievement(s) in your Garrison. Thank-you for working to stamp out the current known issues as well! Korlastus [The Insane]Korlastus0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Terrible highmaul problem So as a part time raider i sometimes like to do heroic highmaul and what not but everytime i try and go there i ended up getting kill because people think it is funny to get a million allience members on the realm mal ganis blizzard can you please just make highmaul a no pvp zone PLEASE i cant even rez and fix the rezzing issue with highmaul you gotta take rez sickness if you dieHuuranirn1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 A Golden Opportunity, Missing Quest Lizards Just went to do the Org fishing daily, "A Golden Opportunity", 1-11-14 8am PST on this toon (Donnaofdead -Windrunner) and there are no Thunder Lizards to use the quest item Razgar's Fillet Knife on. I have done this daily in the past and have had no issues. I don't know if they are crz'd out or what but there are 0 thunder lizards in the quest area Thunder Ridge. Please fix it.Donnaofdead2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Telaari Talbuk and Azure Water Strider I don't know if this is a bug, but it seems like it to me. When I attempt to switch to my water strider while riding on the Telaari Talbuk, it actually just gives my Talbuk the ability to walk on water.Kerchunk1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Issues in general with this game. First issue im having is with my Garrison missions, once I go to start one it completes itself but the only thing I can do is hit next, the timer still needs to count down from whatever the mission is to actually either win or lose the mission. It's annoying to have to constantly hit next every single time over and over when I start a new mission. Second issue, I'm seeling, no player exists or is currently playing. It shows up over and over for every raid group I am in. Third issue, Ashran. When the queue finally pops up, I hit enter queue and it basically kicks me out of queue so I have to go requeue myself. It's a hassle I started having all of these issues on Jan 1. I'd like to get some feed back from other players if they're having the same issues as I. These bugs need to get fixed, ive already uninstalled my game to see if that might be the issue and it did not correct itself.Toronwarlock0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Heroes of the Horde glitch I have horde characters that are trying to do Heroes of the Horde quest, but it appears to be glitched. The orc kills the battle master and she is supposed to drop the alliance battle plans, but does not. You abandon quest and retake it and still no plans. If you do not retake, the orc follows you around if you are in the zone, this is annoying. Please fix this quest and allow the plans to drop.Kassaree3 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloul [Grand Commendation of the Order of the Cloud Serpent] it states it unlocks 100% bonus rep gains for all characters on this account and when i turn in a quest i get 1200 rep then i get +600 bonus rep when im i only getting 50% instead of the stated 100%Nikili1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Disturbed Podlings Goren Protectors From Hotfix Dec 2: "Disturbed Podlings and Goren Protectors that spawns inside of the Garrison should now be lootable if they're killed by an NPC (like a Bodyguard)." I still have never been able to loot Podlings or Goren when killed in my herb garden or mine by my bodyguard or patrol follower.Eireeyes0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Grim Rail Depot Bugged Entered a fresh instance, no mobs were spawned and the gate in front of the first boss was still up so we could not fight it. The entire instance teleported out and back in to try to reset it. It was unsuccesful.Holstaura0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 How do you report an extremely serious bug? I used the in game bug report tool already, is there another avenue for very serious game issues? I stumbled across an extremely easy and replicable way to duplicate any item you have, and it is a series of actions common enough that it won't be hard for other people to happen upon. I have destroyed all items I managed to create, but this is something that could completely annihilate a server economy.Korst1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Extra Training only 30% on bonus XP I was curious if the follower trait Extra Training applied to the bonus reward when it was XP, so I noted my followers XP and the mission info before sending them on a mission. One follower had the Extra Training Trait. Before sending them, the reported xp gains were Base 2075 (+575) and bonus xp reward of 10,000. The +575 is 1500*.35 + 50 for a higher than 100% mission chance. After completing the mission, both followers that gained XP earned 15,075 XP, which means they received 13,000 from the bonus XP mission reward. I expected either 10,000 or 13,500.Ikuu1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Relics of Arakkoa and Arch fragment limits Like Guo-Lai caches, I suppose, the chests out in the Spires of Arak will disappear even if I didn't ACTUALLY get to take the loot from inside them first after I click on them. It had 46 archaeology fragments in it but because I'm currently trying to solve a rare (250 fragments needed) I'm not really able to dump any to stay below 200. I have 165 on me, so 46 was too much to take all at once. Couldn't solve the rare with cyphers either. Bye bye 46 artifacts. :( I kind of wish I was at least able to just grab whatever would have maxed me out instead of simply not letting me take ANY of them. Less of a waste that way. EDIT: I Was about to be like "oh actually I just got a mail ABOUT my lost currency, doing what I wanted" but there was nothing in the mail???? like, they sent theletter saying "heres your adjusted fragments" but nothing was actually... attached...? I stil have 165 fragments. So I'm not sure what happened there either.Neilaren7 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Achievement Glitch Recently, I completed "The Stable Master" achievement, you know, going around and killing each npc 6 times on each mount-in-training. As I completed the last kill, I didn't receive the achievement. However, if I click on it, It clearly shows 6/6 on each npc. Does anyone else have this issue? Kinda bummed because I wanted the title.Wallow0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Minning carts missing frm Garrison lvl 3 mine Every other day my mine carts are missing from my mine on Icecrown. On Kel' Thuzad I do not have this problem. Only on this one character on Ice crown.Moonz1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 PLZ FIX THE BRUTAL ASSAULT BUG I'm not aware if this bug is isolated to only my battlegroup but i have noticed that ever scince 4.3.0, every time I do Warsong Gulch or Twin Peaks when both sides are supposed to be getting focused/brutal assault it is only being applied to the alliance flag carriers. Please fix this blizzardShurikèn5 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Proving Grounds: Tank event failing, no death So I'm working on You're Doing It Wrong and doing Tank: Silver as a Disc Priest. I can get to 8/8 fairly consistently, except that sometimes the event will fail on an earlier stage (I think it's always been one with the Wind-Guard npc) when neither I nor the monk NPC has died. The failure fire animation plays, and she despawns. But before she does, I can see that neither she nor I have died, and sometimes we're not even at terribly low health. Every time this happens, she does NOT play either of her failure messages (indicating which of us has died), lending further support to the idea that neither of us have died when the event fails. I'm not using threat drops such as fade, however, the Wind-Guard does have a threat dropping attack. Might a bug with this be causing the event to reset occasionally? It almost seems like it's deciding it has nobody on the threat table and resetting.Tiakatt2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 on use trinket CD I've had copeland's clarity for quite a while now and today I just got Shards of nothing. I've noticed clicking one triggers a 20sec CD on the other... so u can't stack them during your burst dmg. intended?Kasster1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Easing into lumberjacking Quest says to harvest the highlighted small timber outside the garrison but when I get to it the "sawblade" isn't there and I am not able to harvest the tree. Upgraded mill to lvl 2 in order to see if that would fix it but it did not.Warsheodd2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 hearthstone issues dropped my hearthstone out of my bag in my drunken stupor, talked to 3 different inn keepers (sw, stormshield, and ironforge) and they aren't giving them up! lol what should i do?Itspho1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Flight path goes through mountain As Horde, when you fly from your Garrison to the Iron Docks in Gorgrond (typical when doing the Apexis Pit Daily), you fly through a mountain about halfway in to the flight.Armon0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Garrison Hearthstone Sometimes when I use my garrison hearthstone I get stuck on the loading screen. Eventually I get logged out. When I log back in I am where I tried to hearth from; my stone is on cooldown. Bummer.Kalender4 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Tooltip - Misspelling Here's a screenshot showing a misspelling on the tooltip for the "Garrison Blueprint: Barracks, Level 3". The current tooltip reads "Requires Achievement: Patroling Draenor" <- "Patroling" is misspelled and should be "Patrolling". http://i.imgur.com/Bz0h558.pngPhbt0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Wintergrasp - No Portal So everytime i show up to wintergrasp, it is under alliance control. but there is no portal. I was even there to defend it from horde. and still no portal. I've looked over the forums, but haven't seen any blue posts on this yet. i put in a bug ticket in game and got no response even. =(Ceraphin1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Where is Holy Fire? Discipline Priest. I believe I have found a bug, or maybe I'm just missing something, but I can't seem to find Holy Fire in my spell book as Discipline Priest. It should be right there next to Heal and Holy Nova. I did boost this char but I already got all of my spells so I have no clue to where it has gone. If this is truly is a bug let me know, because other wise I'm missing something rather big.Maymays2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 GAME MASTERS WILL NOT FIX, PLEASE HELP Character name is meleecounter lvl 100 resto druid on kil'jaeden Every other character is completely fine, I can log in, and move around and chat but not on meleecounter. When I log into meleecounter I can chat but I cannot hearth/cast spells or unstuck. When I submitted a gm ticket I;m told they were on the character and moved them, but they did not. The character is stuck in the exact same spot.Pyroboy1 Jan 3, 2015