Bug Report

Nov 20, 2014 Max Level EXP > Gold Quest Conversion EXP does not seem to meaningfully be added to the amount of gold you receive when you complete quests at max level. On my level 99 toons I am seeing stuff like 14g quest rewards, and on my level 100 toons I am seeing stuff like 14.3g quest rewards. I believe it might be due to the EXP Squish.Values0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Scenario Battle of Thunder Road Stuck Hi this scenario gets stuck at stage 6... never gets past the first wave. Been doing it for 30min.Artomis0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 [Possible BUG] Draenic Stone and Draenic Seed These two materials are not able to be turned in for work orders if they are not on your person. In other words, every other material that you turn in for work orders can be kept in your bank, but these two have to be with you to turn them in. Not sure if this in intended, but I'm assuming not since you can start work orders with every other type while the materials are in the bank.Duranna6 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Battlehealer Rui in the Garrison? So I noticed on wowhead it states that she's just out walking around your Garrison so you can turn in First Aid supplies. However she's not in mine. Is she by chance tied to the trading post building?Whrangle7 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Mage Frost Pet! Bugged- Will not attack Yea every mage I asked said the same thing. Will not auto or manually use frostbolt. Anyone know a fix?Hellbender0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Switching zone building issues Just like in spires, I switched my Talador building from one to the other. Upon doing so, I don't get a new ability or anything else from the structure. So I pretty much paid 10k gold to have a mildly different look in a zone I don't go to. I'm going now to test Gordrong but I can only assume it will be the same result since it's been like this since the beginning. Would really love some feedback on if this plans to be fixed or if we really are only paying 10k for a different base look.Narye2 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Glyph of Rejuvenation wrong text (Nourish) http://i.imgur.com/6t90fZP.jpgSuul0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Monk Ability - Roll My monk's ability Roll isn't working, I have tried everything, disabling addons and resetting my UI, but to no avail, it won't work.Pandursize0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Can not patch WoD This is getting really frustrating I still can not patch and play WoD Patch downloaded to the point it said it was playable but can not play. Download shows 8.3 gig left but counter is not moving. I tried completely reinstalling but that fails as well.. when it is downloading the data indices it ALWAYS stops at 194/286 with the error BLZBNTAG00000BB8 so I follow the info there nothing works like WTF do I have to do to get this !@#$% to workRakkrah0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Karg not so Unchained Please spawn Karg I really want to finish this quest thanksCreamy0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Warspear Crystal Vendors not flagged The Warspear Crystal Vendors are not flagged for PVP, nor are you flagged upon entering warspear. So as an alliance member I was able to take an alternative pathway into warspear and safely kill their crystal vendors. This doesn't seem like intended PVP behavior and the only application of such is to be a massive jerk. Here is the pathway I used in picture format. http://imgur.com/Aqhab1V,r2HldfK,TgSTFnA,5BXbOk7#0 Note on the pathway: When it says you have left ashran, you need to click the X, else you will be sent back to Stormshield. Obviously this is only a problem on a PVE server, since the horde could just kill you if it was a PVP server. Would someone with a level 100 horde character check if they can sneak into stormshield and kill our crystal vendors?Noscpetryhrd0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 [Armory] Not updating from Name Change (I do remember seeing a post about this yesterday but can no longer seem to find it, if you have a link please direct me to it) So, yesterday, I bought a name change for this character that I am posting on. My armory is updating in every other way except for my name. I remember reading a post yesterday about being able to report an error on the armory but can no longer find it. Any help is welcome!Daviler0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Nemisis bug I cannot choose another Nemisis, I completed manslayer, upgraded to level 3, did Kill Fight Salute! I've done everything i could to possibly unlock another nemisis and nothing. its not just me many many others cannot.Bladestep1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Postmaster mailings/spam I know you guys have been working on the spamming mail from Postmaster we get. I just wanted to pass on a potential fix that would alleviate most of the annoyance on the player side: The real problem is not that we get the mail with items/currency. The real problem is that the mail has a note/letter attached to it. What this means is that we have to manually delete each mailing once we've taken the items or gold - to my knowledge this is the case even with mail retrieval efficiency UI addons. If you could just make it so the Postmaster doesn't include an attached note in the mailings (like mail from the AH, etc.), we won't have to manually delete the mail which is the real annoyance. Without the attachment, an addon like OpenAll will let me grab all the items/gold (even if there are 25 mails) in a matter of seconds with one click. Please make this change! I'm thinking it would be an easy fix?Visip1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Misspelling on Bashiok Rare RP The Bashiok rare RP has a misspelling of his name during the fight RP, unless he's supposed to mispronounce his name... See Chat Window http://imgur.com/y6SzfukDocnoc0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Flight path stuck Leaving from my garrison I'm stuck flying back and fourth, can't do anything.Diamondust3 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Garrison mine carts buggy? I assigned a follower to the mine at my garrison so I get mine carts, however after the first day these are acting strangely. After dailies reset, I go into my mine to mine the nodes. Those are acting fine but I noticed there were no mine carts. It wasn't until I mined the last node that mine carts starting appearing as I was leaving. Thought it was a coincidence but then it happened 2 more times. It seems these do not spawn until you loot your final mine node and they spawn 1 at a time. Loot one, another appears somewhere else. It ends up with me running around the mine for 20 minutes looking for these.Kammî2 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 [BUG] Objective tracking list shows ellipses Since the launch of WOD, my objectives tracking list for my main character shows ellipses for what looks like two achievements. (No text at all is shown for those two suspected achievements.) I have not been able to clear the ellipses. New achievements can be added and removed without problem. I'm guessing that the ellipses are for old challenge mode achievements that I was tracking in MOP that have now become feats of strength. I can't find any way to remove them, now that they are not on the achievement lists. Please add to your "bug" list to fix this so they can be removed. Thanks, EveriEveri2 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Monk Animation Broken The monk animation when using a fist weapon and any other weapon (mace, sword) will hold the weapons while attacking all the time. Instead of only when using jab. However, even with the glyph that would remove the weapon from ever being used, they still hold them in combat but attack as if they are only using their fists. Might already be a known bug. Just in case.Saybin0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Mitigating Heroic 610 Requirements The PvP items obtained from honor scale up within PvP zones and allow players to reach the 610 ilvl requirement without actually obtaining the proper gear. This is done by equipping the PvP gear, entering Ashran from Warspear, accepting the queue, and then leaving the Ashran battle zone, and instance. After 10 seconds or so, the player is eligible to queue for dungeons, and the average ilvl remains the same as it was with PvP gear equipped in Ashran, averting the 610 ilvl requirement. Great for getting into heroics when normals start to feel a little easy, but also a likely unintended skip. Don't know if something can be done about it, but figured I'd share! Also, That's not my character avatar, I have a 100 Warlock it doesn't show on the drop-down list or in character management, but that's low priority. :PSneekysneek0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 To Thunder Pass unavailable I finished the quest where you had to kill the Iron Wolf and I handed it in to Thrall inside the Hunter's Hall, but the world server crashed right as I hit complete quest. I logged back on and saw that I got the exp from completing it along with the reward, but when I head to the mark on my map that says quest available Thrall is no longer inside the hall and its back to the phase where the Iron Wolf is alive and the Frostwolves are by the entrance, but I cannot fight the Iron Wolf or start the even because I already completed the quest. I've tried logging off and on multiple times, did /reset, and tried running outside and back to see if Thrall will spawn. Is anyone else having this problem and might have a fix? Because I really want to see the end of this questline and get my follower. (Went back to my Garrison, Thrall and Durotan are no longer at the camp fire, just Ga'nar. Also tried going to Thunder Pass and no one has a quest available.Soulshredder4 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Low priority: Shapeshifted while mounted Found out an amusing bug that caused me to be shapeshifted while I was mounted. If you select a new talent specialization while mounted, it automatically shifts you into the proper form for that spec without dismounting you. Very low priority (probably ignorable) since you're stuck in Moonglade from visiting the trainer and any action to leave the zone would cause you to dismount / de-shift. Figured I'd mention it, if only for the giggles. http://i57.tinypic.com/2la6fib.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/zoi3q0.jpgMirn1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 [BUG] Xeri'tac's Unhatched Egg - item 110019 This item (a stamina trinket) can't be rolled on by tanks. I have seen it twice in guild runs (once on regular and once on heroic) and both times was unable to roll on it as a Blood specced DK.Thundersnow0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Weird flight path glitch So I took the flight path from the Pinchwhistle Gearworks in the spires of Arak, to Exarch's refuge. The flight took me all the way out to my garrison in Frostfire Ridge, then down to Exarch's Refuge. In other words if flew way past the point, turned around and went back down to where it should have been. I don't know if that's necessarily a glitch or not, but since the directive of work on flight paths was to make them more efficient and have them take a less "scenic route" I figured that much of a detour probably isn't right and that I should point it out to you guys. Thanks, MalMalignance1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Proving Grounds Silver (after char xfer) Upon transferring my character, which already has and still do have the achievement for Proving Grounds Silver, I noticed that it is not registering on the new server. Not sure if this was intended (doubt it, I hope). EDIT: By registering I mean that it is not allowing me to queue for normals/heroics (which I have already been doing prior).Kellypickler0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Ashran injugable simplemente asi como suena, cuando loteas algun player, item o lo que sea te quedas pegado por al menos un minuto. de pasada el lag hace imposible jugar, si usas piedra de garrison te quedas en el limbo y no carga nunca la pantalla.Ykrön0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Problems with daze mechanics In the past three days I have had problems with dazing and being knocked off mounts. This has occurred on this priest, level 90 Balance druid, and level 90 mage. A friend reports the same problems with a level 90 ilvl 555 Brewmaster Monk on the timeless isle and in instances. Has occurred repeatedly on timeless isle with all 3, and also when running a friend through the tunnel in the instance The Pit of Saron.Spyndel3 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 character not found i was in a dungeon and everything was going good until it disconnected me from the game and then when i went to go back to my character it tells me that the character was not found am i the only one this happened to ?Deathhx18 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Didi's Del Assemb vs. Goggles I'm putting this under bugs because I believe this is not working as intended. I created Didi's Delicate Assembly to reroll the not great stats I got on my goggles to something more useful for my feral kitty spec. When I used it, it simply rejiggered the numbers (see replay video below). Shouldn't it change what stats are on the goggles? Or did I just get really really unlucky? http://plays.tv/video/546e2ce4c9957767f6Kattbug1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 My Mineshaft was robbed! I upgraded to the level 3 Excavation yesterday! Today it produced no ore... Other than a single minecart. Those Goren bastards. Imma send Liam Neeson after them. But er. Bug. Empty Excavation.Kirae0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Game Crashing but only on ashran island i can log on any other toon ust not the one on ashran island anyone else?Maxpapa0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Flight path? So took the flight path from garrison to ashran.... Now im stuck on the flight path mount in shrine unable to move or hearth or anything. What the actual !@#$ is blizz doing?Zelfyy3 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Bug with Garrison: Daily Fishing Quests When you turn in a garrison fishing quest that requires 10 eggs, the NPC takes more than 10 eggs from you - he takes all of them. You can reproduce this through the following steps: Pick up the daily fishing quest Gather more than 10 of the specific eggs that are required (unless you get really lucky, you should always end up with more than 10) Turn in the quest At this point, the expectation is that you will still have [however many eggs you gathered] - 10, in your inventory. However, what is happening is that they all disappear as soon as you turn in the quest. A workaround is to have a friend hold the excess eggs when you turn in the quest, or mail them to an alt. CheersSwika0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 "No valid Role" but I've been running heroics Everyone in our group randomly just got all flagged as "No Valid Role" even though we've been 100 since day 1 and all have finishing the Proving Grounds Gold scenarios... Anyone else?Darot13 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Pickpocketing bug? So im just going around sapping and pickpocketing on the rogue and well when i sap and pick pocket someone i lose my shealth moment and i have to fight adds around me. Its only happening when im pick pocketing. and sometimes when im not even in combat and i just shelth and just sit stand there just about to move it breaks on it own. Not even attacking anything or what so ever. Not sure if this is a bug but i been having issues since after yesterday 11/19 server crashes. Happened pretty much right after that. Also i asked another rogue if she was having issues and she said she was too. Just thought i would put this out there ;).. Also Blizz keep up the great work :)Baelkimus0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 bugged quest alliance the fate of karabor ... after the completed scenario .. when we come back .. we still like dead on the ground .. with 10% life and can't move or nothing .. have to reload to "unstuck" ThanksDesmaster0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Training dummies causing durability damage? My wife managed to completely break all her armor, simply from attacking the training dummy in orgrimaar. Is this intended? Only took like 3 total hours to 100-0 her armor durability.Khartina2 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Animation for Claws of Shirvalla Cat Form The tail, when running or walking, do not animate. They're stiff as a board. It really is bugging me but I love this talent(despite it being severely underpowered). It's stiff as a board like it was just glued on. Could we please fix this? To add, I'd like it to be possible for them to have a dance animation and to stand upright rather than stay hunched all the time.Jetfyre0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Warspear LFD Bug I am unable to queue for LFD while in Warspear. I receive the message "You have no valid role". If I hearth back to my garrison, I am able to queue just fine.Bantor0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 not able to get BROKEN BONES. bug? i have a level 2 gladiator sanctum and i have no recieved any broken bones (it should be received w lvl 1). ive been doing ashran / world pvp, but no broken bones are being received where as other players get hundreds just passively !@#$ting in ashran. any insight?Vsxx2 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Stick Grenade Damage Not sure if it is intended, but sticky grenade is doing 143k damage on players http://oi61.tinypic.com/2nsrzaw.jpgAvitos0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Ridiculous loot table! A few days ago i got an agility item as a freakin warrior (personal loot). That's not right, so i opened a ticket. A representative tried to argue that it was intended as i could use the item for xmog. I had to answer, because it is clearly a mistake on the loot table (i wouldn't mark it as resolved because it wasn't), and then another representative threatened me of losing all my game licences if i wouldn't just accept their mistake quietly. Hey, YOU HAVE ERRORS ON YOUR LOOT TABLE. Hunters should not get spirit trinkets and warriors should not get agility.Feiyao0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Treesus Bugged!!! FIX PLEASE!!!! Treesus, Our Lord and Savior, is bugged on Emerald Dream, please fix....Izolde1 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Typo/Spelling Error In-Game I was told to post this here after I posted in general. Please don't be mad at me for double-posting. --------------- 1) Quest: Naille the Rangari NPC: Exarch Othaar Text: "I am calling the Exarch Council to order to hear your petition." I guess it should be IN order to...... (after discussion I can see how I could have misread this sentence, and that it could be correct.) 2) Quest: Friend of the Exarchs NPC: Vindicator Onaala Text: "Chose me as your follower and...." Im guessing CHOOSE Thank you for your time I am thoroughly enjoying myself in this xpac, btw. :)Linkage0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 [Bug] Flight path - Exarch's Refuge This is the flight path by Auchindoun. There is supposed to be a horde one, and an alliance one. BUT, the horde can also get the alliance one (the alliance one seems to be neutral instead of alliance), resulting in a really weird situation where you can fly from one flight path to another 10 feet away.Vralok0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Tooltip for Miner's Coffee States: "Only works in Garrison Mine's." Ya got the Greengrocer's Apostrophe there.Thaag0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Achievement problem http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15271049700 Ticket US47979621 Ticket US47930121 If the GMs won't forward bug problems on for tickets submitting in game...You know what I'm just going to leave that train of thought somewhere else. Its not helpful to anyone at this point, lets just say I'm frustrated and tired of trying to assist you guys with pointing out an issue I noticed. I have the Achievement Putting the Gore in Gorgrand and Between Arak and a Hard Place, but in game on the achievements themselves and in my quest log for both of these achievements it says I'm missing one criteria. I can't confirm for the Spires of Arak that I have done everything possible, but for Gorgrand I have cleared the zone of rare spawns, treasures and quests as well as checking to ensure there are no quests for me for the quests specifically for Supporting Your Garrison.Luidaeg0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Mastery: Icicles & Xing-Ho in Old Raids As of 6.0, players deal more damage to "legacy raids" and while that's fantastic, it seems our legendary cloak procs as well as our icicles are not affected by this. A 500-600k Ice Lance crit will be followed up by a 3k Icicle and 800 damage per Essence of Yu'lon tick. (Of course the legendary cloak does not proc at 100, but this an issue I saw while at 90.)Shapingus0 Nov 20, 2014
Nov 20, 2014 Already fixed EDIT: nevermind It was apparently hotfixed already :)Imapandarawr0 Nov 20, 2014