Bug Report

14h Hunter Artifact Quest Giver I can't seem to find the guy to give me the quest for my 2nd artifact....please someone help.Eggsi1 14h
15h Ears showing through helmets forgive me but i haven't been able to find anything about this , has there bee a blue response to the ears clipping through helmet bug? its quite disappointing having all my transmog helmets look awfulKäpryiath0 15h
16h A celestial experience bug i have tried to do this quest 3 times now and i cant go past the first test. i need to complete this quest for the august celestial rep. has anybody else had this problem?Kinshasha22 16h
17h Missing fishing pole I went to grab my Fishing pole out of my bank today 12/9/2017 and it is missing. Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole, I've had this for a very long time and it makes me kind of upset it is missing. One of my guild members is missing their Fishing pole ( I don't know which one I'm assuming it may be the same one/type) also. Who - Darkcrome What - Missing Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole Where - Blade's Edge / In bank account / storage When - about 3pm est How - I logged off to try and reset the game, in an attempt to see if it would reappear in my bank. It was still missing last I logged in, I went to Seth in Shat to see if the quest had reset and he showed no quest when clicked / interacted with either. Any help recovering this would be appreciated, I do not get to play as often as I used to and I was going to go fishing at Darkmoon Faire this afternoon to try and get the Skate underwater mount. Thank You in advance.Darkcrome2 17h
19h Imonar Mythic disconnect bug Several people in our raid constantly disconnected on this boss while crossing the bridge. This makes mythic progression extremely frustrating and the players who are constantly disconnecting need to be benched due to no fault of their own. Fix please.Salorah11 19h
19h World Quest: Cry More Thunder! bugged Seems the same as the regular quest bug reports except this one, can't drop and restart. Issue: Quest completes but dragon does not fly me back for the final task. No option to leave vehicle or return to town. Stuck flying until dragon is dead or if logged out. http://puu.sh/qYKh9/35e9cb5f8c.jpg Notable things: - Friend and I were in group together, we went up at the same time pretty much. I was maybe a milisecond after, he completed, I did not. - Tried logging out to character select, full log out, letting dragon die, waiting another day to try again, nothing has worked to get the quest working. - Tried physically walking to the quest drop off point. No luck.Ryuujin121 19h
19h You are not in a party When doing random heroic or timewalking dungeons the game will constantly tell me I'm not in a party.Silithia1 19h
19h Estate Jewelry: Haute Claw-ture Quest seems to be bugged, everytime i kill Monarth and im supposed to open the chest to recieve Lespins art, i am unable to open the chest. trying to finish before 7.2 drops so please help me out!! Thanks allCbon3 19h
20h Deserter debuff but didn't leave group Doing the Timewalk today on my pally. Was successful so most of the group re-queued. Upon entering the new dungeon I got kicked from the group (I'm sure that the other two that were in my group also got kicked). When I went to requeue I got this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xnrWMklZyDZ2ZyomCCi6x1ba2SaFlSNR I have alts so I switched to another and did the Timewalk on that one. Once I'd finished on that toon I then switched back to the pally and went to queue for the Timewalk only to see this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10vM714PrpXDaCqqRD_axh7QX5LnTgRsH Which I'm pretty sure is a result of when the game removed me from the group. At no point did I leave the group. The game seems to have removed me for whatever reason and then it's decided that I deserted as well. There's possibly multiple bugs here but they all seem inter-related in some way so I'm only going to make one thread.Catralonne0 20h
22h BUG Antorus Raid loot Argus :( Hello, I have a bug when opening the chest at the end of the raid Argus. I made a request MG. here is the answer. I could not open the chest and did not have a loot: ... I am really desperate, if my bug is permanent, if you have solutions to offer me? I will never be able to loot Argus? /Cry (sorry for my bad English & Thanks for reading me)Bulldozèr1 22h
23h Conjure Refreshment Solution Problem: Conjure Refreshment will (sometimes?) only create a table when at least one other person from your party/group is in your vicinity. Example: You're in a raid in a battleground, you're in Group 1, there are people from Group 2 and Group 3 nearby, casting Conjure Refreshment doesn't create a table; thus, you're forced to create individual stacks and hand them out (just like the old days). Why prune the spell if it only half-works? Solution: Code Conjure Refreshment so that it automatically creates a table while in a party/raid regardless of range. I would rather be "inconvenienced" to click my own table instead of make multiple stacks of food to hand out.Moltisanti0 23h
1d SOO Mythic Mob and Loot Bugged Just ran SOO Mythic. Different result from last week. Last week: All mobs including trash drop gold, grey items and loot x 3-6. Also all bosses have the debuff. Galakras fight - cannon easy to use. Iron Juggernaut boss can be loot for engineering items. This week after the patch came in: All trash no longer drop gold, grey item. All bosses no longer have the debuff and only drop 1 or no loot. Galakras fight - cannon cannot be swivel until reset few times. Iron Juggernaut boss cannot be loot for engineering items.Salvager4 1d
1d Camera Issues Since Raid Opening No idea when this started happening to be honest, and I wouldn't be making a forum post if my buddy hadn't started experiencing it as well. Whenever I turn the camera, it randomly seems to go out of control. Think of it this way. Its like the sensitivity sometimes randomly jumps from what I have it at, to 1000% when I try to turn either my character or the camera. Its also impossible for me to replicate it. All I've been able to really see is that it seems to happen more often in combat than when I'm just running around, which leads me to think its an issue with the camera and targeting. Idk, I just know its getting annoying, and its not my job to sit here and fix problems for Blizzard. I want it fixed. Its annoying, and trying to do the mage tower quests on my characters when the camera spins around like a kid on caffeine is frustrating and aggravating.Kori0 1d
1d Buttons disappearing after shape shifting I play a balance druid and if I shape shift into a cat or bear and back again while in combat some of the buttons on my bar will disappear. They will will reappear either if I try moving a skill from my skill book (don't have to set the skill in the bar) or by leaving combat and shape shifting again. Also when the buttons are not showing on the bars, using the corresponding keys will still use the skill but clicking the button with the mouse dose nothing.Naturecast18 1d
1d NPCs don't respond on left click So, I know that Legion ripped away a *ton* of interface customization options. Which still boggles my mind and makes me sort of upset, but whatever. Point being, I'm not sure if the following is a *bug*, or is just something Blizzard unilaterally decided we don't need anymore and took it away without any notice (or, any notice that I was aware of, anyway). This is a small thing, but it bugs me nonetheless: for whatever reason, I noticed that when I click on NPCs, they no longer give an audio response. I'm pretty sure it was happening up until recently, and I'm not sure when exactly it stopped, but it definitely stopped. Other NPC dialogue is working fine: when I right-click NPCs to interact with them, they say stuff. And at appropriate story moments, they say stuff again. But left-clicking on them to pester them and get them to deliver their annoyed responses? That doesn't work anymore. Anyone else also having this really weird and annoying problem?Shpantzen2 1d
1d Druid Ability Icons Disappearing from UI It seems that simply submitting in-game Bug Reports & the odd Thread or two simple won't do. This has been an ongoing issue since Legion launch and still has yet to be addressed. I may have to make this thread once a month, or keep bumping it back into relevancy if I must. While in Combat there are times when a Druid who shapeshifts (such as using Displacer Beast to avoid mechanics) and then re-enters their primary form (such as Moonkin) is met with an action bar that has no icons on it, with the exception of Moonfire, or just a handful. Usually just Moonfire is present, forcing us Boomkin to literally guess if we have Procs available to us. We can still use those keyed abilities; they simply no longer show up in the action bar. Sometimes shifting out and back in works; sometimes we have to shift into multiple forms first; sometimes nothing works and we are forced to run an entire Dungeon or Raid with only Moonfire visible. This is a very detrimental error that has been noted in the past by myself and other Druids who have encountered this issue. No, it isn't an issue with an Add-On; I've run fully add-on free simulations and run into the same problem. No, I shouldn't need an add-on to tell me when an ability is available or a special proc has gone live. This is entirely an issue with the WoW UI and needs to be addressed. I appreciate that WoW is a big game with lots going on that needs constant testing, fixing and tweaking. Completely understandable. Blizzard, by all the love of Elune, please spend some time looking into this! If this error goes live in BfA I will simply be flabbergasted; more than a year has already passed with this glitch. I appreciate you taking the time to read and acknowledge this issue, thank you very much.Bracken5 1d
1d tailoring stuck at 700/700 Something went wrong with my tailoring and I'm just now noticing it. This is a fresh alt and I picked tailoring up from scratch a few weeks ago. I'm close to the end of the tailoring quest chain and I'm just now realizing that finishing the intro quest "Sew it begins" should have set my skill cap at 800, but it never did. I'm in the questline now where I have quests in suramar and kara and I'm sure I should be higher than 700 since I just picked up the patterns for the 835 cloaks. Please help! I'm certain something bugged out here.Zumoto5 1d
1d M'uru not spawning? Doing Sunwell tonight and I came up to M'uru's room but he's not there. Never pulled him, there's a wall preventing me from going to Kil'jaedan so he's not dead. He's just not there. Anyone else have this issue this week?Ningjiing101 1d
1d [BUG] Valithria Dreamwalker I was doing ICC 25H on Monday night, and when I got to Valithria and started the encounter, the doors on both sides of the room closed. After I completed the encounter and looted the chest, the doors did not open. I was trapped in the room. I hearthed out and came back, but the door was still closed, so I couldn't progress to Sindragosa. I then tried leaving the instance and resetting all instances. Came back in, doors still closed. No Lich King for me I guess.Cloudlore6 1d
1d Glyph of Shadow-Enemies not working Its not working as intended. ...Elyika1 1d
1d DC when riding a druid in Antorus if you are riding on a druid in travel form, and click a portal (such as the one to Eonar, or one of the teleportation pads), the druid is taken through the portal/teleport as expected, but the person riding the druid dies and their corpse will be laying on the ground in front of the boss you were headed to. I was able to reproduce this twice last night (in normal, didn't try in heroic). Had a couple friends go back and try to make it happen with a normal 2 seater mount, but it didn't happen in that case.Annastasi0 1d
1d Arcanite bladebreaker 93 days since last time the quest spawned from master smith helgar.Geriolf0 1d
1d Fury Warrior Weapon Sheathing Bug Good afternoon, I have long experienced a bug with my human male fury warrior. After killing a mob, when I loot or mount up, my weapons do not sheath properly, as they do with every single one of my other characters. When looting, after it is done, I stand there with swords in hand. When I try to sheath them, they become truly unsheathed and I have to then AGAIN try to sheath them. If mounting up, they stay in the hands as well, and stick out from the sides of the mount, looking utterly ridiculous. Before 7.2 this was a frequent issue, but after 7.2, it is now literally EVERY. SINGLE. MOB. I have been told that only I can see it, and I understand that it doesnt impact my damage or any other meaningful aspect of the game, its just simply frustrating. To the point I almost cant play this, my favorite class. I could go Arms, which works perfectly, but I much prefer the dual 2H weaps style of play. I had high hopes that this might finally be fixed in 7.2, but I have once again been sorely disappointed. Oddly, I have heard this is not a universal issue across all fury warriors. Is there reason to believe that completely uninstalling and reinstalling WoW would have any impact? I hate to do it, but I would if there is a chance it would resolve the issue.Thurion3 1d
1d Let Sleeping Dogs Lie bug During the Druid campaign quests "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" and "The Befouled Barrows," the Stormrage Barrows Den was completely empty of anything - demons, portals, and Goldrinn. I could target Goldrinn, but had no way of getting to him. Reloading, teleporting, logging out and in, and abandoning and reaccepting the quests, did not fix the issue.Bullshíft0 1d
1d Strand of the Ancients - Vehicles Won't Fire Greetings and Salutations. I've had this problem for about a month now, where when I enter a Strand of the Ancients battleground, any vehicle I enter will occasionally refuse to fire. It doesn't happen every time, but I'd say it happens ~80% of the time. It's getting really annoying. I know it's not addon related, because I tested this with all of my addons disabled, and they still would not fire. I was just in a battleground where our team was barely bringing in any demolishers to attack the last gate (only 1 demo attacked that gate), and I couldn't do anything about it because I knew I'd be useless in a demo. The BG I was just in, the first Demo that I grabbed worked fine, but any vehicle I entered after that would just refuse to fire at all.Chrisjahn7 1d
1d Highmountain: Scout Harefoot Bug Just submitted an in-game bug report, but allow me to explain. The Scout Harefoot special event in Highmountain is bugged (at least, on Kul Tiras). He has no dialog box, which is necessary to start the event, and he's just kneeling in the hut with a tauren corpse (as part of the scenery) and 4 harpy corpses. I checked Wowhead, to make sure I didn't need to do something else, but 2 people in Wowhead also have seen the same bug, so I know this has been going on for quite some time. Which unfortunately sucks, because there is an associated world quest that rewards a trinket that has the ilevel that I need to get into heroic dungeons. I don't care for the trinket this time, but do me a favor and please fix this.Gorev9 1d
1d The Mask We Wear (QUEST) Help ! Guys this quest Located in suramar, after i accept it, he takes me to a bunch of tables that should have the mask i need to put in order to copmplete the quest but theres nothing in the tables i already reload ui, restart the game and it keeps going ! cant complete the quest !Draûgluin6 1d
1d No Pantheon's Blessing drop? Following both a norm and heroic argus kill this week, i got no pantheons blessing item? Anyone else?Notthesteve2 1d
1d Cone Of Death Argus P2 Normal Cone of Death isn't being cleared when transitioning to phase two of argus on normal. Real QUALITY Blizzard 2017 TESTED content. https://imgur.com/a/vxKLBIlladindu0 1d
1d Zepplins Missing So, I know the Zepplins have had this bug a lot and I have experienced it a few times. However, this time, the Zepplin Masters are gone also. I have checked both towers in Orgrimmar and both are gone. Stood here for about 20 minutes, no master or zepplins showed up. This was on Dalaran around 5:26pm EST, and the server was not overly full. So basically I know this bug is a common thing, but I have never seen or heard about the master disappearing also. So after I relogged and the Zepplin appeared, the master was still gone and there were no NPCs on the Zepplin. The NPCs only appeared after it left Orgrimmar.Calisolee1 1d
1d Dailies not available in my Garrison Stables Hello. I'm starting to get very frustrated. I put in a ticket over a week ago, have submitted several bug reports and have yet to get a single piece of solid feedback. So here is my problem: My dailies for the mount stuff in my stables just stopped appearing. I only have one mount currently, I can't get any whistles to proceed with the other mount stuff, and I can't proceed to stables level 3. This is causing me to lose out on garrison resources since I have a dead building in my garrison. What I have tried to fix it: Opened a Ticket Submitted Bugs Switched the location of the stables itself Dropped unrelated quests just because maybe it would help What I refuse to do: Delete it and lose money because it's not fixed. I know it's stubborn but I'm pissed off that the only way I have left to fix a bug is to spend my own money knowing that I have zero chance at reimbursement. What Blizzard has done that I can tell: Game Master Vihatash messaged me and told me to submit a bug. Then he closed the ticket. Zero updates since December 5th. This shows poor customer service. With the long wait times to hear from people I feel that there should be some way to tell if your problem is being addressed at all. I'm cutting my monthly subscription for the time being. I'm really bummed about this as it's been a really great expansion so far. I am not going to give money to a company for a faulty product without knowledge they are fixing said product.Demorinda71 1d
1d Cursor Size Change after 7.1 Logged in after the patch, all the sudden my cursor size is about 1/3 of what it was before. It is so small that I lose it while playing. I have tried adjusting resolution, UI scale, hardware cursor toggle, to no avail. Mac running Metal.Anodynë19 1d
1d Voidwalker taunting neutral mobs I like to quest using my VW. I've noticed since legion has dropped that if there are any neutral mobs nearby my VW aggros them and taunts them, even if I have not attacked. It's quite aggrovating and the AoE taunt on the VW never did this before. I'm assuming a bug, and hoping for a fix. Thanks!Gissa4 1d
1d Tiger's Peak arena causing crash I've been having an issue in arena's where loading into Tigers Peak causes me to crash. If I get Packed House Tiger's Peak, my whole computer crashes. I've tried doing a Tiger's Peak 2v2 wargame and that only causes the wow client to crash. Every other arena and battleground works just fine. It's something specifically wrong with Tiger's Peak. I've tried deleting Cache and WTF and that hasn't helped. All of my Drivers are up to date. It should also be noted that this issue only started after installing a new graphics card (RX 570).Mastic8 1d
1d Another Garrison Hearthstone Disconnect Topic The proof is in the pudding here. There is a huge problem with being disconnected when using the Garrison Hearthstone. 9 time out of 10 I'll disconnect which wasn't a big issue when I wasn't also leveling in Draenor and I know I'm not the only one having this issue. Note: Yeah, I can set my hearthstone to a nearby area and then fly there but that doesn't fix the issue. I have the advantage of leveling a Mage right now so I can just teleport myself to Stormshield then fly to my Garrison but, again, what's the point in even having a Garrison Hearthstone if I get disconnected when I use it?Bobarian0 1d
1d Smite casting animation not triggering Bêlmora, Priest, Realm-Anasterian When casting Smite multiple times in a row, the casting animation does not trigger unless i wait about 2 sec between casts.Xinyuè0 1d
1d Principles of War Decreases Stats in 7.3.2 It used to work correctly, but after 7.3.2, my mage's stats are reduced 10%+ instead of increase, hp from 4900k+ down to 4300k+. My hunter's stats gets increased by 5% only. Both toons on same account and same server, but diff fiction. I have petitioned to GM, got an answer from him that I needed to report to this forums, cuz he couldn't find out what was wrong. Please help, it really frustrates me.Terrora4 1d
1d Bad medicine quest bugged The quest Bad Medicine in Northern Stranglethorne Vale is bugged ive killed about a hundred of the npcs the quest tells me to kill and have not gotten one Jungle Remedy to drop and i know they drop every 3-4 kills because ive done this quest a hundred times and hated it everytime but this time is ridiculous ive cleared the camp 5 times and the cave 3 times and not a single drop at all.Cucina3 1d
1d Mythic HFC Hellfire Assault still bugged Still bugged and drops your framerate to almost zero if you try to solo it.Garbage0 1d
1d Broken quest: Spared from Madness In the quest Spared from Madness in Northern Stranglethorn, the 3 NPC's we need to rescue are inside the cage, but the cage is already open and won't reset. This is part of the zone's main quest progression, so I can't continue questing until this is fixed (going for Loremaster). Thanks!Ohnoh2 1d
1d Dream of Argus Stuck on the Dream of Argus: The Crystal Reborn quest; stuck on "Use the device to restore the Dream of Argus." - Have tried dropping quest and picking it back up. - Have tried realm hopping. Cannot complete the last part of the quest after lining up the runes. Game Master advised posting this bug on the forums. Please assist. Thank you! =)Jqueria1 1d
1d 'Built to Scale' quest bugged/can't turn in If you turned in the other quest to the same NPC, she disappears. So if you do quests in weird/varying order like I do. You end up stuck with this quest & no NPC to turn it into. I completed it, don't want to abandon as I want to be able to do it so if I can't get it again(as the NPC disappeared) I would be sad. I am collecting rewards for transmogs. Quest is in Stormheim.Xiata4 1d
1d Skinning profession missing in WoD I have had both skinning and mining since the beginning of Backfire..that is until Warlords of D. When this expansion came live I thought it a bug that it was missing, thought it would be corrected so I kept plugging on, leveling on, going broker all the time. Finally I started trying to contact Blizzard, open a ticket...got thrown out. Tried it again...thrown out again without blizz saving it. This went on several times. I have a top machine, took it to my longtime shop that built it, it is fine. Blizzard is STARVING me to death and I hope they fix it soon..I doubt it as I can't tell them. baBackfire1 1d
1d Stool might be facing us the wrong way Windrunner's Sanctuary in Dalaran, in the room with the Portal to Netherlight Temple, one of the two stools in the center of the room cause you to sit facing away from the table. Not sure if this is how it is supposed to work.Myboyfriend0 1d
1d Bad Juju misbehaving The flavour of timewalking for me is the ability to use previous trinkets and such that are now obsolete with them once again having purpose. The trinket Bad Juju from Throne of Thunder will summon the 3 Voodoo Gnomes but they just stand there doing nothing. This occurs on both my hunter and druid.Discgruntled0 1d
1d Argus the Unmaker - CoD Bug There is a bug with the Cone of Death mechanic during the Argus the Unmaker fight. The transition to phase 2 can sometimes fail to remove the ground effect from the Cone of Death leaving the affected area of the floor unusable for the remainder of the fight. We attempted to continue the fight as best as we could to see if it would eventually fade on its own and it remained active into phase 4. This made the fight impossible to complete. We did not have many pulls on Argus to see how frequent this bug occurs, but it happened on 1 out of our 3 wipes. Edit: This bug occurred on release day and I forgot to report it until now, so it is possible that this may have already been hotfixed.Aoyi3 1d
1d BUG Plants vs zombies no final wave The second wave of the quest "Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb" wont come, I'm just sitting there, see screenshot, makes it pretty clear: http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/4210/wowscrnshot112510105939.jpg Not sure how to reproduce it, but it happened at 11am server time (10 mins ago) on Dath'remar with this toon Fount.Fount17 1d
1d priest dots bugged on argus. when playing on my priest and i have the boss dotted up sometimes it wont show certain debuffs on the boss frame like shadowword pain or vampiric touch and i spend alot of time trying to dot the boss when its already up.Rèformed0 1d
1d Fix Warlock pet bug/fel lava Well my infernal pet stepped in fel lava on Argus and now is stuck with a permanent lava splash sound and animation. Please fix this bug https://i.imgur.com/0OYmtfM.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9zwoNh5.jpgMchunterd10 1d
1d Kin'garoth - Hunter Trap Placement Placing traps and triggering them on the boss model is incredibly finicky. The glowing green area of the platform that is part of his body can't have aoe circles placed inside it. Instead, you have to throw the traps on the very edge of the placeable area. Sometimes, they'll trigger and affect Kin'garoth. A good deal of the time though, you're stuck looking at your trap on the inner edge of the playable ring, untriggered. Half of the waylay circle is off of the edge and intersecting with the boss's visual representation, but it doesn't clip the hitbox and stays untriggered. It's incredibly frustrating to just watch in futility as your carefully placed trap just lasts untriggered until the cooldown is up. It's orders of magnitude worse than just needing to be careful with bridge boss types - triggering on Garothi Worldbreaker and Krosus was way easier, and most of the time a non-issue.Cinnabun1 1d