Bug Report

10h "King of the Guild" bug Beat Ray D. Tier today Didn't get Brawler's Guild rep or actually boost to Rank 8. So no achievement appeared for me.Byniri2 10h
10h kicked out of Timewalking Dungeon. This is the 3rd time this has happened today. Our group just start a timewalking dungeon and then everyone gets kicked out after the first trash pull. This last time was the worst, because now I can't que back up because the message reads " You recently queued for a Random Dungeon: You can Queue for another in: whatever time" This is such pain. Poor game experience today. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE.Izhethere1 10h
10h Draenor Questline Draenor Questline is bugged. Just finished first part and followed Khadgar down the road. There is nothing to click on to continue quest. All NPC's are there but none offer a quest.Siciles0 10h
10h That's So Last Millenium achievement The correct spelling is "Millennium".Sungamnori1 10h
10h DH Bloodlet: not doing 150% of TGs damage So I, and a few other DHs have been testing bloodlet this morning after someone posted asking about the damage of two throw glaives being used back to back and it not equaling 150% of the TG damage and wondering if the dot stacking effect was not adding correctly. After several tests (which can be found in this thread https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754887580?page=1 ), it appears bloodlet isn't doing 150% of TGs damage at all. Numbers are varying so far, and we're waiting on more people to test, but so far it appears we're getting anywhere from 110% of TGs damage done by BL, up to about 118% of TGs damage done by BL. This is well below the expect 150% from the talents description. We've also double checked our addons information (details and skada) by reviewing the actual combat log, and it appears to be tracking bloodlets damage correctly in both cases.Puzle1 10h
10h MSV Spirit Kings Please fix this. Debuff from the maddening shout doesn't let the encounter end even when they're all dead. Really !@#$ing annoying. FIX IT!!!Skruffles1 10h
10h Mountacular is undeniably bugged. Most of my toons, the collections tab said I own between 252 and 255 mounts. My achievement says I own 249/250 on all of them. Today I tested on my hunter who is a leatherworker. The achievement said 249/250, collections tab said 252. I made the Northern Elderhorn mount for the LW quest and added it. Collections tab now says 253 but achievement tab still says 249/250. Armory says 270+Qualanthar3 10h
10h Valsharah questing bug? So i just finished the Val area, finished all the quests there, and now it wont let me proceed anywhere, i even went back to Azuna and finished all the quests there cause i figured that i didnt have to do em but i went back and did them. But now i cant choose where to go next? Do i have to get to a point in the class campaign? cause im on "Gather the Dreamweavers" and im 4/5, so if i complete that will i be able to choose where to go next?Bryhoof1 10h
10h Move with mouse breaks at random I like to click and hold both left and right mouse button it moves my character forward. It has good synergy with moving around the camera angle in addition to the strafe buttons I bound to mouse 3 and 4. However, sometimes at completely random, in the middle of basically anything, this just stops working altogether. And only my keyboard works to move. This is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY ANNOYING because when the movement part of using the mouse breaks, what is left is moving the camera. This is awful because it causes me to completely be out of sorts. Trying to turn, but I can't. Running into walls. It's very very annoying ... especially when it happens in raids. The only thing that fixes it is if I restart wow. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there anything I can do?Cartis0 10h
11h Flight Master's Whistle near Tomb of Sargeras I went and got the item for the quest "Tomb Raidering" at /way 67 16 on the Broken Isle which is just around the corner from the entrance to Cathedral of Night. I used my Flight Master's Whistle right from the chest after looting it and for some weird reason, it dropped me off inside the Cathedral dungeon.Relapse1 11h
11h AP not refunded My AP was not refunded when I completed the artifact quest to receive 4 new artifact traits. I went from rank 49 to 35.Cycnus2 11h
11h The Relic's Emanation bugged On this toon when I'm using the Apexis Relic in Blade's Edge Mountains in the Vortex Summit the first six levels to get the Apexis Vibrations buff work fine, but when you go to do the next couple to complete the daily "The Relic's Emanation" it speeds up and randomly stops allowing you to click on the colour orbs to copy the pattern and after clicking on two coloured orbs a yellow coloured halo radiates from the center of the cross, then when you mouse over any of the coloured orbs it shows the tooltip "right click to open". I have tried this on all 16 small Apexis Relics in the area and they all have the same issue. This is the first time I have seen this bug to date.Mélîssa19 11h
14h A Flare in the Dark Quest: A Flare in the Dark The red hunter's mark arrows are not visible long enough for me to run to them and cast Flare as they disappear after about 3 seconds, before I am able to get in range. I only ended up completing the WQ after about 15 minutes by just sitting on my flying mount over the POI area and getting credit from an unknown source, I assume one of the 20+ horde players. I was in a group with 1 other person when I flew into the area, but I dropped group and relogged to try and resolve the arrow visibility issue but neither of those worked. Realm: Shadowsong Time: Approx 8:30pm serverJociphine4 14h
14h Blade of Justice So the tooltip for Blade of Justice says it will do 403,781 damage BUT it only does between 283+k and 344+k. Best case its nearly 60,000 less damage. Has anyone else noticed? If so is there a blue post?Gnomêrçy1 14h
16h Follower Items and resources Using 3 bonuses for resource collection. 1) From hero bonus tree: +200 resources per WQ completed. 2) Elixir of Plenty on follower: +100 resources per WQ completed. 3) Dust of Azeroth on follower: +25 resources and 50gold per WQ completed. Also have a third called triton on follower that gives another 50gold but thats working fine. Anyway, per WQ completed should receive 325 resources and 50g, and 50g for a 100 gold total. did 5 WQ just now and my character is only receiving 200 resources per WQ completed and 100 gold. Missing 125 resources per WQ finished. If theirs a max in place maybe us players should be informed of this so we dont waste stacking items on followers. If theirs no max in place then can someone fix this issue please. ty KayKaýnen0 16h
16h Exploit killing players on moon guard Before we start, please get all over used cringe inducing memes about "cleansing the server" which we've heard hundreds of times before out of the way now. We'll wait. We good? Alright. I'm posting this here because the one in the bug support forum is getting little attention. Hopefully Blizzard will more likely see it here. Players are somehow going to the stormstout brewery to get a debuff that does slight damage and knocks back players. Somehow they leave the dungeon with this debuff still active. This debuff allows them to kill any lower level players and NPC's and allows them to knock back higher level players continually just by being in their proximity. So far players have used it to go to the various starting zones to camp the level 1 spawn areas, instantly killing any freshly made level 1's that spawn. They've been going through various low level zones killing anyone they can find, others have been using it to grief in other ways like knocking players out of auction houses and interrupting crafting among many other examples.Myrenn20 16h
17h My glyph is missing. Warrior glyph of the blazing trail that leaves fire when I charge. I have heard this has happened to many players. There is no option under help to report an issue with an actual item either...the options are very limited and then suggests a <<<back< button to the previous screen. Please if you can help as I would like to know that this problem has been solved before I go spending 10k on the higher end glyphs. Also, is there anyway to have the glyph restored? Thanks.Killshot0 17h
18h The Taste Test Quest The Taste Test Quest shows that Hemet is an "Invalid Target" for the tasting part of test. I have had no issues with the other two NPCs and have restarted the quest with the same result.Muertonoir52 18h
18h Equipment Manager "Ignore Slot" broken I noticed today that several items my character were wearing were assigned to an equipment set that they should not have been assigned to. It seems that the equipment manager is randomly ignoring some slots that are marked as "Ignore this slot" when saving an equipment set. This is true whether the slot to be ignored has equipment in it or if the slot is empty. Multiple attempts to correct the issue have resulted in different slots being ignored, but I have never gotten it to accept all the ignored slots that I wanted it to. A possible complication: The equipment set I am trying to modify has pieces stored in my bank. When I want to equip this set, I actually travel to the bank and open the bank window before I use the equipment manager. This issue is new to the latest patch.Lorinall17 18h
19h Can't equip more than 1 legendary Therynn2 19h
19h Bug - Mariner's Revenge Trying to complete the quest "Mariner's Revenge" in the Dread Wastes. Zero target marks are appearing, zero hits are landing, on all four sites. Spraying the thing at random with hundreds of shots didn't work. Leaving the boat and getting in again didn't work. Dropping the quest and picking it up again didn't work. Some have suggested killing Jiao manually to get the thing to reset, but you can't target Jiao outside of the quest. Can't complete the quest, and therefore can't complete the achievement.Kahleb27 19h
20h DH Talent: Mana Rift The DH honor talent Mana Rift (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=235903/mana-rift) is currently bugged and will not deal damage or burn mana if your character is currently in the middle of a GCD. Below are some gifs I made to illustrate this, it's very easy to see when the effect triggers by looking at a players mana. Mana rift no GCD: Does dmg to both HP and Mana http://i.giphy.com/ZOJTbhrfxn40U.gif http://i.giphy.com/vlrSGGGkMHFjq.gif Mana rift GCD bug: Does not do dmg to either HP or Mana http://i.giphy.com/HgPAoxsUPTPhu.gif http://i.giphy.com/9UatquWfwhXgs.gif This bug is easily replicated and I currently only know of it in regards to DH, if this bug is effecting any other classes I do not know.Ordomalleus4 20h
20h Pungent Truffle and Apotheosis After gaining the Pungent Truffle buff yesterday during the Glowcap Festival, I found an interesting bug with it and Apotheosis. When you use Apotheosis, it attaches wings to your character model. Well, when you use Apotheosis as a Sporeling from the Pungent Truffle buff, it instead attaches wings to free space. Presumably because the Sporeling model doesn't have the correct attachment point for Apotheosis. So, the wings just kind of flutter there for 30 seconds. This is not true of the toy Blazing Wings, which attach correctly. I didn't try any other form of wings :p (E: I take that back. Guardian Spirit wings also attach correctly. Just Apotheosis wings get left behind.) http://i.imgur.com/4Mi0kEH.jpgPlaneshaper0 20h
20h WEBSITE BUG HTTP Status 500 HTTP Status 500 - Could not resolve view with name 'unified-design/search' in servlet with name 'dispatcher' I wanted to search some of the forum pages for complaints about the general noob look of the new web UI. Browswer used, Chrome current version 1. In forum search chose topic General Discussion 2. in search box entered text Website is terrible 3. Clicked search and got the page with the error above. 4. Additional error text on the page but I can't attach files here, msg ref'd Apache logs. General feedback. The forums and armory look like they were built for an 8 year old. We all have big monitors and don't need minimal content spread over many pages so that it looks like more. On ONE page I am looking at what appears to be more than 5 different font sizes and types. The CSS looks like you bought it off a cheap website and then had some intern fill in the content. Not sure how long this was worked on but really unimpressed. Armory I follow friends and wonder what they are up to, used to look at their recent achievements or loots.. can't find it anymore. There is so much that was decremented in this update it's too much to list. I'm sure all the 8 year olds are loving it. They probably said so on facebook.Celithe0 20h
21h Double NPCs in Monk Class Hall For some time, I have doubled up NPCs in the monk class hall and it's just nagging at me now. I've tried deleting cache, WTF folders and even deleting the data folder and trying to reinstall all that info. Nothing has worked. Any ideas? Example: http://prntscr.com/fd95afPigglicious0 21h
22h Quest shown but not there Hi, I've completed the azsuna chapters 4/5 . And i want to do my last chapter i have the quest shown on the map bu the guy in the game who's giving me the quest is not there Dont know what to do .Mythicalzone0 22h
22h The Taste Test quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=12645/the-taste-test#comments Numerous players cannot complete this quest because Hemet won't respond. Read the comments at Wowhead link above. It didn't work for me either.Arorra0 22h
23h Mage Offhand after transmog doesn't show I don't know if it's just me. But after transmog-ing my offhand item, it doesn't show on the character in game. It does however show on the character select screen... Is this a bug?Trolea4 23h
23h Can't Loot Oakheart for Fallen Power Quest For the quest Fallen Power where you're suppose to loot Corrupted Essence from Oakheart in Darkheart Thicket, If you have already done the Dungeon for the week and decide to run it again for the quest, the item is unavailable. I had already done Mythic Darkheart Thicket this week when I had Kalec appear in my Order Hall later that afternoon. So I decided to run Mythic Darkheart Thicket again only to discover that the boss did not allow me to loot them nor was the item available anywhere to pick up. I ran the dungeon a 3rd time to make sure I didn't miss something and instead verified that it is unavailable. Solution: 1. this item should be available to loot from the boss even if you had already ran the dungeon for the week. Or 2. The item should be available to loot from near the boss, similar to the item required for the Eye of Azshara part of the quest: I had also done Eye of Azshara previously before getting the quest as well, however that item was located near the boss, instead of being dropped by the boss so I was able to complete that quest even though I had already done the Mythic dungeon for the week. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/GpRy8ug.jpg as you may see in the screenshot, I have already defeated the Shade of Xavius (this was my 3rd run of the dungeon for the week), yet the item is not available to loot. - Edit by Blizzard Moderator So until Blizzard fixes the issue with looting from the dungeon itself, I suggest keep reporting it here and through the in game bug submission feature, as it will go directly to the Development/Quality assurance team that will take a look at it and get that fixedSorrøw48 23h
23h Patch 7.2 low fps issue quick fix hey i was running good until the patch today and i log in and all my settings were reset i disabled all addons, scaned and repaired, checked almost every box to nothing happening with my fps stuck at 10fps running in the wall. but i found a fix its not the best but it will let you atleast play the patch. while in world of warcraft go to main menu, setting, display and make your display fullscreen and then pick your resolution i switched from one up from the bottom and it fixed my fps you can then make your resolution the highest after it fixes it made my wow quality go down for some reason but my fps issue was solved. i loged out and back in it put me at 720 i then put it up to 1080 and it fixedMokeytokey35 23h
1d FP dismount not dropping off @ next FM When I hit the red dismount button when on a FP it doesn't drop me off at the next FM like its supposed to, logging off then back on doesnt do anything either... suggestions??Âkashâ1 1d
1d Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing When completing the 2nd rune drawing for this quest, it doesn't complete. when you trace the 2nd rune, the outer big ring doesn't complete even though it's drawn in completely. i've tried abandoning the quest, walking it, and going over the line over and over. nothing works. As seen in this screenshot, it's completely filled in: http://i.imgur.com/VwxYojo.jpgRavens18 1d
1d Are you serious?! I would like to start by pointing out the absolute absurdity of the new problem reporting system. This system is forcing players to report their problems in a very limited scope (pigeon-holing). At least remedy this by providing a link for "other" problems. Secondly, I was just redirected in loops by clicking the provided links. This is frustrating beyond words Blizzard... Now, on to the problem. I recently transferred a character and my mythic keystone progression has been lost. After re-reading the character transfer guidelines, there is no mention of this being a potential side effect. Please fix this!Kvòthe0 1d
1d Combat Ally no longer getting exp The follower I have assigned as combat ally is not receiving exp from world quests anymore, based on checking their exp bar (rarity) before and after completing one. Since this follower has gone halfway from rare towards epic by only being my bodyguard, I am sure exp was being gained previously. Others have mentioned having the same issue all of a sudden.Caminoctis55 1d
1d Fishing Tournament was closed after 1 winner. It started at 2pm PST like scheduled. I was there on time and started fishing the SECOND it started. In 15 minutes, I had 38/40 fish. He announced the first winner and then yelled the fishing contest is over. That surprised me because the zone wasn't even packed. I thought I was going fast. Then I realized we couldn't even catch more fish for secondary rewards. This is definitely bugged. As far as I know, there's supposed to be at least 50 winners and the contest is supposed to stay on for 2 hours. Checked another character on different server and it was same thing. Please look into this.... again. First it was broken for 2 months and never started. Now it doesn't work properly. It was confirmed in general chat that others couldn't submit anything either. I have been trying to get that Heirloom ring since the launch of Legion and this contest has been a nightmare ever since.Vitalboon2 1d
1d Suramar - Can't complete quests I was sorting through my quest log and must have deleted my suramar main quest line because now I can't find any way to get back on track to complete the Suramar main story missions. I've found all the NPCs but they do not offer any quests. I cannot go to the adventure guide and kick start it either it just sends me back to my quest log. I was currently on the Nightfallen But Not Forgotten achievement with only Masquerade and The Light Below quests left to complete. My friend tried to share the quest with me but was not able to. Please help I want to get my flying mount but cant if I don't complete this quest line and good Suramartin.Bazookatooth1 1d
1d Unable to start quest: The Lost Advisor Quest name: The Lost Advisor (quest ID 40266) Short version: I can't pick up the above quest because the NPC is now phased out. Long version: The initial phase / version of Thaedris Feathersong (NPC ID 99065) offers the above quest and another, "An Ancient Recipe". I only picked up the latter because my quest log didn't have room for more. The problem is that once I began that quest, Thaedris phased out and in game terms moved to a new location in the same area. I handed the quest in to this new version of him (NPC ID 99093) but he doesn't offer the other quest at all, meaning I can no longer pick it up and progress in the quest chain, which is an important one for the zone.Wain2 1d
1d [bug] Tauren Race + Sap Mr./Ms. Blizzard, Please follow me here it is a bit arcane for non-PvP'ers to understand but crucial for game balance. When a rogue Kidney Shots a Tauren in arena they are able to then Sap off the Kidney Shot DESPITE the Tauren remaining in combat during Kidney Shots duration. I am very aware that rogues use this tactic normally but every other race will interact with the mechanic appropriately. ie.) If they are in combat they will not be sappable. A tauren druid for example can be kidney shot, retain combat through hots, and then 2 seconds before kidney ends be re-sapped. Usually combat in normal circumstances won't allow a re-sap till after kidney has ended. As a Tauren you can be resapped before kidney ends AND while in combat. Its completely borked.Altski0 1d
1d [BUG] Target Retained After Looting Hello. This has been an ongoing issue for a while, but I only recently attempted to solve it via addon development. Since 7.0 (iirc), you no longer clear your target when closing the loot window. This is a minor annoyance, as you are required to press Escape or manually select a new target in order to clear your target. This is particularly annoying for me, as I am using the ActionCamera with Target Lock enabled, and I have a HUD built in WeakAuras that displays whenever I have a hostile target. Since looting does not clear the target, my camera winds up off center, attempting to keep the most recently looted corpse in frame, and the HUD is displayed long after it ceases to be useful. I have tried two different methods to resolve this issue, but unfortunately, neither works, as ClearTarget() and RunMacroText() are both protected functions. The basic addon: local ClearLoot = CreateFrame("Frame") ClearLoot:RegisterEvent("LOOT_CLOSED") ClearLoot:SetScript("OnEvent",function() ClearTarget() end) This does not work. It fires properly, but is unable to perform its desired function due to the protected function ClearTarget(). I attempted to circumvent this with a SecureActionButton, like so: local ClearLootButton = CreateFrame("Button","ClearLootButton",nil,"SecureActionButtonTemplate") local clear_macro_text=[[ /cleartarget[dead] ]] ClearLootButton:SetAttribute("type","macro") ClearLootButton:SetAttribute("macrotext",clear_macro_text) local ClearLoot = CreateFrame("Frame") ClearLoot:RegisterEvent("LOOT_CLOSED") ClearLoot:SetScript("OnEvent",function() ClearLootButton:Click(LeftButton,true) end)Unfortunately, this also fails, again, due to a protected function, this time RunMacroText(). I am requesting Blizzard either unprotect ClearTarget(), or add the functionality to drop target when the loot window closes to the default code. This is an undocumented change in 7.0 that I believe to be unintended, as it provides no gameplay benefit to the player, nor does it prevent the execution of any exploits.Adreaver1 1d
1d Multi Shot not showing up in spellbook Multi Shot not showing up in my spellbook for mm. Trying to switch from BM to MM and cant find multishot anywhere. Don't know what to do. It isn't in there.Jhammy2 1d
1d Fantastic being dead! What a great mechanic! I'm dead and cant get back into the last stage of the invasion to get to my body! Hours of fun this is, recommended for everyone that has the IQ of a clam!Metallion0 1d
1d Can't loot or perform quest objectives bloodmaul camp cannot loot or perform quest objectivesRagingfirez3 1d
1d STV Fishing Extravaganza Bugged Pools I believe there is a bug currently going on during the 2-5pm PST hours of the STV Fishing Tourney. After the 50 people from your server have completed the fishing tourney all of the Speckled Tastyfish you have caught will despawn... This is fine from the quest's perspective considering it's a world quest now, but it does conflict with the turn-in quest from Jang: see http://www.wowhead.com/quest=8194/apprentice-angler I would think that the way it's described you still have the whole 2-5 time bracket before your tastyfish despawned and that you can turn them in anyway to her, given the quest text: "Even though we already have a contest winner, I will still buy your Tastyfish from you at a reasonable price. Whadda ya say!" The reward is quite minor, but still a bug/unintended behavior. The bigger bug here is that the fishing pools outside of the event still try to give you Speckled Tastyfish after the 50 winners have been chosen. After fishing a pool, you will receive the loot popup, which will go away immediately having no loot in it. This is the case 90% or so of the time while the other 10% is a oily blackmouth, crate, or other appropriate fishing pool loot table item. These rates are on par with the pools during the event when the winners haven't all been chosen yet, but with the 90% being the tastyfish and the 10% being regular loot table drops. I'm unsure what needs to be changed to create proper behavior but it seems to either be: 1. Do not have the Speckled Tastyfish from inventory despawn until the event concludes at 5pm to allow the NPC Jang to be utilized properly. 2. Remove the NPC Jang as it conflicts with the way the world quest version of the extravaganza now works. One thing that is certainly fixable is returning the loot tables of the pools in Stranglethorn Vale back to normal after the event is over to prevent the empty loot pools from occurring. Thank you!Dànánhái1 1d
1d The Taste Test In the quest "The Taste Test" you have to gain tastes from 3 npc's. When you try to get helmet's taste test it says invalid Character.Pandaripper5 1d
1d Bug map or crz Broken shore rares I looked at the map and saw 4 rares, I was flying across to one of them when all of a sudden everyone of these Broken shore rares disappeared at the same time from the map. /I can see now that there are different phases or crz within the main broken shore as when I fly past Soul Ruin the map will blink and i can see the rares, then I fly to the rare and it is gone again, Though no one is there or not even a corpse. /I think it is a overlapping cross world zone as I also notice the npc's have double dialogue. (repeat every line twice)Icebunny0 1d
1d Delete deleteMagnetica0 1d
1d BG Queue - Automatically Changing Spec Please fix this as soon as possible. Recently I accidently selected Damage in addition to Healing, don't even remember when I did it. Queued up for another endless queue to finally PvP a little bit. I get into the BG, and my entire action bar is full of my DPS spec skills. The Battlegrounds automatically switched me to my off-spec. None of my skills had been set up for the past 15 levels, however not that it even matters, it should never have switched my spec for me to begin with -- it left me in a position of not having any idea what to do but leave the Battlegrounds and enjoy a Deserter debuff, because I wasn't about to stand around trying to sort my skills and gear out mid-BG. I'd had Healing checked all along. It wasn't until recently that Damage was also checked (accidently -- NEVER AGAIN). Main spec is Healing - had it checked -- THAT'S the spec it should remain when you enter a Battlegrounds. Why on earth would the game switch me to my off-spec when I have my main spec selected in the Queue window? Please fix this nonsense.Hakkuun5 1d
1d Guild credit for Dungeon Challenges It appears that off and on when 3 or more folks in a guild run a heroic random dungeon of current content with players at level 110 we are not getting credit for completing them. It appears to be a random problem but it is frustrating when you spend the time to run a dungeon for gear you do not need only to try and get a measly 400G to help with guild repairs that when you are done you have not received credit. That seems to be happening on and off and it is getting very frustrating. I log a ticket and they say well you need to submit a bug. Sure I'm happy to do that but I want my little pittance of gold that we get to help keep a guild going since all other good perks have gone by the wayside. Are other people seeing this happening?Nightlybean4 1d
1d Bodyguards below 110 earning 100xp Currently on live followers at level 110 receive 1000 xp as your bodyguard per world quest. However, for bodyguards below level 110 they only receive 100 xp. Is this intended or just overlooked in the hotfix?Chronux0 1d
1d Ravencrest's Legacy Bugged so hard There are NUMEROUS bugs with this scenario, how did this make it to live? I started this questline today, beginning the scenario only to find I had no abilities for half the scenario...I had to reload UI everytime I 'acquired' a new spell. Each time a new one was gained, the others became unusable (and not for lack of mana). THEN after finally gritting my teeth through several evade bugged demons and made it to the phase "When good men do nothing" I was told to kill a Colossal Siegebreaker...what Colossal Siegebreaker? There's nothing in the arena! It even gave me the spell needed to kill it! THEN! I said 'screw it' and completely closed out of the game to see if I could restart the quest entirely, only to be met with a neverending loading screen. I no CANNOT logon to the character who was on this quest. The bug ticket says 2 and a half days until a response. TL;DR I'm stuck and How did this Gamebreaking bug make it into live?Xashen95 1d