Bug Report

1d Gate of the setting sun Timewalking Yeah basically the title speaks for itself. The place is pretty broken. Right off the bat the smoke bombs dropped by the trash packs on the way to the first boss have their visual size being too big than the actual size of the effect and it makes it unpredictable to determinate if you are standing in it or not without looking at your debuffs and it makes the process a big guesswork which it shouldn't be doing. Then still on the way to the first boss the bombs dropped has their damage being way too high than likely intended. Not only that but the damage taken is calculated on the moment of the explosion going off and not if you are caught in the fire spreading. To add a cherry on the top you can get hit multiple times per bomb going off (up to 4; one for each direction is spreading). Speaking of the bombs, Saboteur Kip'tilak shows the same problematic pattern you can see on the way to it, except this time around not only do you have to be out of the way of bombs prior to their explosions but the Sabotage ability will essentially one shot whoever is caught by it (The explosion causes the character targeted by it to take the damage as if he/she has been standing on each of the 4 directions).Mennirva6 1d
1d Minion! Kill That One Too issue Brethkaz the Dominator is in the air out of the reach of stealth classes whose opener is struck from stealth. We can't reach him. Put him on the ground.Thwipp2 1d
1d Profile bug on this website Every day, the first time I click on somebody's profile, I get taken back to the home page.Cassima0 1d
1d Mythic Guldan We have players not getting knocked back at the start of the fight, they can't move/attack the boss/but the healers that get it can still heal. We have a weird work around where we grip the player to break the bonds into the melle. This literally costing us 15-30 minutes of our raid time. A bug that should be fixed. PLEASE fix this.Anieren7 1d
1d levitate disconnect i thought this had been fixed in ptr, but it still occasionally happens. i don't know what triggers it, but i just had it happen again. i was jumping in place a few times and popped levitate and dc'd as soon as i touched the ground. i dc'd because of levitate one other time on the vindicaar, jumping down from the control console.Remuurä5 1d
1d Unable to Use PvP trinket in non-rated BG My priest just got Fierce Gladiator's Badge of Dominance which has an on-use versatility increase on it. This is a pvp trinket I got from doing battlegrounds earlier. The problem is I can't use the on-use portion of it in any battleground or arena. Is this intended or a bug?Plezurenpain4 1d
1d Odrogg is bugged. Odrogg is bugged. 3 consecutive tries the pet battle just stops mid fight and I have to exit the game and start it again to get out of the frozen pet battle. I wasted 30 minutes trying to get this quest. This was on Lightbringer on my character Happyabrams at 6:15 am server timeHappyabrams1 1d
1d Siege of Orgrimmar unfinishable Gates of Orgrimmar wont open after beating Iron Juggernaut, i beat every boss before hand, i have tried hearthing and coming back and still nothing.Raticate1 1d
1d DK Hall - Ebon Ravagers - Random Specs? -Deleted- I'm monitoring to see if its a problem with the app only, but it seems I was incorrect.Bodrum0 1d
1d Abyssal Seahorse mount is missing My account wide Abyssal seahorse mount no longer appears in my Mount tab. Please advise how this mount can be restored. Thank youLythiana22 1d
1d Greater Invasion Points empty of players The instancing feature of Greater Invasion Points should be looked at. Every time I zone in there's either no players or just a couple- not enough to finish the instance. Relogging or zoning in or out does not help.Dústed1 1d
1d Bloodsail rep not increasing Ok i have been grinding out booty bay guards. I am at war with them. Every time i kill on, even though i get an increase in Bloodsail rep, it adds to hated. I am now higher hated then i was before i started i thought this was some UI bug from an addon. I disabled all and restarted and its still happening. This is kind of ridiculous.Bostiniri4 1d
1d Pirate's Day & Timewalking Conflict As a heads up for next year, just in case these two events coincide again (or really for any weekly event that involves instances), the 12 hour Pirate costume provided by drinking with Captain DeMeza immediately drops upon entering a Timewalking Dungeon. The costume is meant to stay in place through everything, be it death, mounting, combat, (most) druid shapeshifting, so I participated in Pirate's Day early to be able to run Timewalking as a bunch of pirates. As soon as we entered the Timewalking dungeon, the costume was removed and I had to reacquire my costume from Captain DeMeza after I finished my five dungeons. Please look into this for next year. It's small, but annoying when it was implied that this costume would stick to you like glue for 12 hours.Miaca1 1d
1d Timewalking Shadowpan Monestary There seems to be a floor glitch where you fall through the floor in shadow pan monestary. its happened 2 times now, both times ive gone into the instance right before you fight master snowdrift, and you fight all of his minions, you fall through the floor! Just making someone aware!Sniffelz2 1d
1d M Nightbane dropping 875 loot I assume this was just over looked, since usually Nightbane drops gear higher ilvl to the other bosses in the dungeon. But now he drops gear 10 ilvl lower than the rest of the dungeon.Vekzd1 1d
1d The most annoying ever Navarrogg. The quest in legion where the big rock dude follows you around. He literally makes looting and clicking anything but him practically impossible and he doesnt go away until the quest is done. I dont typically say things but ive been raging all evening like a scrub and i wanted to pout about it to blizzard so I'd feel better. I feel better, and im glad i made you aware of navarroggs annoying behavior and center of attention attitude. I don't know what you can do but at least its been saidOreosalad1 1d
1d Buggy wings on Owl Kitties There appears to be immobile bug wings on Owlcat mobs around Azuna.Jerauld0 1d
1d Weird false dungeon kick bug I just started having this weird issue. Just popped up the other day. I started a new character on Thrall and while dungeon crawling with a guild mate, i was instantly booted from the dungeon we just entered as if i were kicked. I was able to talk to her to figure out that I was infact not kicked, I was still in the party, but on my end I saw nothing. No LFD eye on the minimap, no leave dungeon option when I right click my character frame, no party frame, unable to talk in /i. The LFD window did show I was in the party and listed the other party members and I could still see /i chat. A quick reload solved it. Then it happened again just a few minutes ago, although reload didn't work. I was able to jump to character select and log back in and that solved the issue (fixed it temporarily?). Anyone else come across this?Eitty5 1d
1d TimeWalking Major bug involving relic traits. The new netherlgiht crucible relic traits are not scaled down for timewalking and its causing people to one shot everything in the dungeons. I highly doubt this is intended please look into it.Agonistic2 1d
1d Fake Stopcasting delay by movement Shaman do you guys still have a slight delay from the time u hit the movement button (forward back or strafing left right) to the time it actually cancels the cast if u try to stop a cast or fake cast healing surge or wave by moving? i am still feeling this. i think the esc and /stopcasting is already fixed but not fake casting stopcasting by moving or movementJibai1 1d
1d Kicked from group and on CD entering dung Finished a timewalking, and requeued with 4 people from the previous one. Queue popped and we entered, upon entering I was no longer in the group, on cooldown with dungeon deserter, and able to read instanced chat but I couldn't reply in instanced chat. 1 person from the previous timewalking had left the instance group before we queued for the one that did this. This has happened to me since at least 7.2 and in timewalking/normal/Heroic dungeon finder. This wasnt a kick from the group, and there was no "removed from group" in chat, I was just gone with a 5 second window porting me out when I enteredAndles2 1d
1d naxxramas is broken.... Kel'Thuzad is despawning and the fight is resetting 2 mins into the encounter, as u wait for the 4min phase 1 to end so u can fight Kel'Thuzad, he despawns half way through then the fight resets.Spartäcus41 1d
1d Possible Raid Lockout Bug I'm no expert on the game but I've been semi-casually playing it for a decade now so bear with my little or inaccurate information over minute details. Earlier my brother and I did a legacy mythic orgrimmar raid. We got disconnected halfway through the instance roughly around midnight pdt sept. 20, 2017. When we came back they did a boss without us so we locked upto that boss and left then decided to continue it among siblings making a new raid group. As it happened the connection with Battle.net or the game's servers is still finicky at best and I'm not sure if that's Blizzard's fault or our ISP's routing as several of my friends from our country and region all got disconnected altogether. So with my previous experience, whenever you get a raid lock out you get to continue where you left off but instead the game mistook our new raid group as still part of the old raid group we keep getting warning messages to either accept the bosses' deaths without even encountering them or looting them or leave the instance. p.s. please correct me if i am wrong but if it is indeed a bug please assist me, even after the previous raid group's session we still can't continue our raid lockout. edit: https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS/status/910407107610071040 see even Blizzard acknowledged this issue.Itadakiimasu0 1d
1d Deep wind brawl spawn escape So I discovered this by mistake just now, but if a player has a mount that other players can ride on, like the mammoth, when you dismount, you may be placed on the outside on the spawn gate. You are able to run around still, I'm not sure as to how far as I stayed by the gate but I'm pretty sure it's not limited, I'm posting this here as it has the potential to be severely abused.Demener1 1d
1d No loot from invasion point commander Twice now on my druid I've killed legion point commanders and received no option to loot his corpse. I didn't even get mail afterwards from the postmaster. The invasion point is considered complete on my minimap show I don't have any invasion point icon popping up on it. I've opened a ticket and the GM told me that there was nothing they could do on their end to restore any of the loot that I should have gotten. What Gives!!! >:(Àmon5 1d
1d 1 Single Echo of Battle So, just smashed a useless peice of PVP gear and received a single Echo of Battle for it. Is there an update/hotfix somewhere the value was nerfed from 15 to 1 this week? Did Holinka slide a lever on his way out to his office, down the hall?Yahzarah3 1d
1d mail icon on minimap Mail icon on minimap but no mail in inbox..trying to do a transfer but can figure out how to get rid of thisFadedfears4 1d
1d Camera What did you guys do to the camera? Not sure why this is ever touched in the game, you should have a huge post it note posted above where the developers sit saying "DO NOT TOUCH THE CAMERA CODE EVER" The issue? Occasionally the camera will just freak out when moving it left or right, i.e. it will spin around or moved extremely quick for no reason. Others in my guild are experiencing the same issue. Please revert camera code back to what it was and never touch again. Thank youBraneour12 1d
1d M Demonic Inquisition - Suffocating Dark Was doing Mythic Demonic Inquisition and I had several instances during the same pull that I had used shimmer to get outside of the puddle, Suffocating Dark ability i believe its called, and it kept the dot on me after being outside of it and continued to stack my torment to max. It did it the same way easily 3-4 times during the pull. We one shot it so not sure if it would have happened on another pull.Mavralyn6 1d
1d Missing Legendary Item Hey Blizzard, Character: Cliford Realm: Khaz'goroth Issue: Account flagged as having a particular legendary that does not exist in character inventory. This issue was originally an in-game ticket (US61028079) which I will add below but it essentially boils down to the game believing that I have been awarded 'Koltira's Newfound Will' at some stage despite the item not existing in my inventory. Thanks in advance! My ticket submission: I just had a question that hopefully a GM can have a chat to me about at some point. I currently have 11/12 legendaries for my Frost spec on this Death Knight so was obviously expecting that my next one would be Koltira's Newfound Will (belt). I was however quite surprised that this morning when looting a Blingtron I was awarded the blood spec item Soulflayer's Corruption (chest). I immediately checked my loot spec which was definitely on frost and has been for probably about 98% of my time playing since my last legendary drop. I am also certain that my loot spec was frost because I double checked it was before looting my weekly mythic+ cache (approximately 2 minutes earlier). This did make me think that perhaps my character might be bugged, as I read something on reddit with a certain player seemingly unable to get a particular legendary. I can't seem to be able to put the link in here, but if you were to google "reddit not able to get certain legendary" you would see the first result is post I am referring to (dated 5th of July 2017). Thanks very much! GM Response: Game Master Orvorran here. I thank you for reaching out to us on the matter of having received an off spec legendary while being in the correct loot spec. I had the chance to investigate this issue and would like to share a few pieces of information with you. From what I can see here it does indeed seem like there is an issue here. According to the info I found here the game thinks you already have ''Koltira's Newfound Will'' but your character's inventory says otherwise. >.< With that, this issue will require devs/QA for a solution. My recommendation is to report this issue via the bug report forums. By reporting the issue we should be able to get this fixed for you. =) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/1012660/ I thank you for your understanding. Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment!Cliford0 1d
1d Blessed Hammer doing 0 damage My human protection paladin was just in Shadow'pan Monastry MOP Timewalker dungeon. I was using Blessed Hammer and all my other moves. My Blessed Hammer was not doing any damage to anything. I know my gear is scaled down for Timewalker dungeons, but I am not sure whether many of my other hits were doing much damage either. When I was fighting the Shadow'pan novices in the Snowdrift Dojo, I had to hit them more than 10 times each just to remove their health. My pally has done this dungeon hundreds of times over the years and I have never had to hit the Shadow'pan novices that much to reduce their health. In fact, normally I can 1 shot them with judgement and I concecrate the ground and that does the job pretty quickly too. And it wasn't just the novices. I had to spend minutes trying to kill mobs that would normally die much quicker. And I was taking a lot of damage during this time.Maryann1 1d
1d BattleGrounds Left Unfilled There is an issue with the Battleground queue that prevent players from entering in-progress games for the duration of the game time limit. Multiple BG's have taken 10 minutes or more to fill a game. Not able to competitively PvP short handed for extended period of time. Please share your thoughts and would appreciate solution suggestions.Vudoo0 1d
1d Forum Bug: Post Length I'm attempting to create a new thread in the General Discussion forum. I cannot post it because, apparently, my post is too long. Here is what the forum is telling me: "You exceeded the maximum character limit of 45," BWUH?! It appears that the error message itself must have exceeded the character limit for error messages. And I cannot seriously believe in a 45-character limit. Guessing that maybe I had the page zoomed in too far (due to my 50-year-old eyes) and the zoom was cutting something off, I reduced the zoom to below 100%. Nope, the error message is the same.Eilyssana8 1d
1d Why play with Phazed out friends? Hi, Getting really disappointed with Blizzard ... can't play with friends anymore as they get phased out immediately. I know why they did this ... to prevent 2-boxing of the same player, but this is unfair and cheating when you are playing with a real friend, a different account, which you can easily verify with the IP address (don't give me that poop that you don't see that ... the login DOES!), if it is a different location or not ... On top of it, it was a friend that I brought into the game ... not only did I not get the "reward" (more like a middle finger and a kick in the butt!), but it's literally impossible to play together now ...Guruguru3 1d
1d Priest/Druid bugs Disc: --Penance is sometimes just instantly interrupted if you get a proc during the channel, such as Concordance, Mark of the Claw, Solemnity. Holy: --Holy Word Chastise mana cost has been 52,000 for this entire expansion. The tooltip shows 22,000. Please lower the mana cost to the tooltip! Druid: --Thisalee Crow is no longer providing 10% Versatility to Druid's in Bear Form. Herbing --the extra herb proc from Aethril rank 3 doesn't work with Felwort, either planted or the world quest.Khallod2 1d
1d Argus teleports make all pets dismissed The Lightforge Beacons on Argus make all class pets, battle/minipets, etc. disappear and you have to individually resummon each one every time you teleport with one. This is especially annoying for warlocks since we have to use a soul shard and a hard cast time just to bring our pets back. Also sucks to have to bring back our favorite minipets all the time.Alasander0 1d
1d ilvl fluctuating with netherlight crucible Since the netherlight crucible, my ilvl is 932 equipped/938 max. However when I log in at first its only 930/936 and eventually it will change to the higher one. I think it has to do with the netherlight relic ilvl increase. I have tested with and without add ons as wellRiproarin7 1d
1d Shadoweave Mask Issue This is regarding the new secret mount, Lucid Nightmare. I have the mask, and have put it on, but the skull in the chair isn't in any way clickable. I've tried disabling all my addons, no dice. :(Falathiel2 1d
1d T20 4p bonus Disc Priest Since 7.3 came in with the new priest animations the T20 4p for discipline priest has stop working as intended for me. It now increase the second bolt of penance by 100% instead of the first (which overall reduce my healing as I'm often losing an atonement buff by the time the second bolt hit). I tried with or without castigation (+1 penance bolt talent). I also tried on me or on the enemies. It's been 10 days now and it's still broken. Here's just a log showing it: 00:00:17.509 Vitogonzai Penance Maiden of Vigilance 486205 00:00:17.805 Vitogonzai Penance Maiden of Vigilance 972410 00:00:18.223 Vitogonzai Penance Maiden of Vigilance 486205 00:00:18.668 Vitogonzai Penance Maiden of Vigilance 486205 If GMs want some logs, feel free to surf throught my 7.3 logs to see it: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/saurfang/sups That guy is pretty much the top disc priest this xpac and he's having the same problem.Vitogonzai2 1d
1d Transmog: Appearance Library Bug Reports Hi friends, the transmog wardrobe is here! This is a colossal sized system even by World of Warcraft standards and we’re almost positive that it isn’t error-free. Here is a thread for you to help us identify any issues with the system, as well as some frequently asked questions that will hopefully head off reports. Despite the engineering scale of the appearance library, the actual act of transmogrifying items should feel familiar and mostly unchanged*. The addition of the transmog wardrobe lets you share progress among multiple characters. *the exception is, of course, low level Mail armor items that have been converted to Plate armor. We recognize that this leaves a lot of holes in Hunter and Shaman minimalist transmogs, and we want to re-add support for these in the future. Freeing up your inventory space and void storage opens up a lot more design freedom for us to add lots of visual variations without worrying about whether or not you have room for them, and we’re going to take advantage of this in the future – just not all at once, and not right now. The Ensemble items for the Scarlet Crusade armor are an example of a how we may approach this going forward. We’ll be listening to community feedback about which visuals are the highest priority to add in the near future. What this thread is for: • This item can’t be transmogged, and it should be based on the criteria outlined in this thread • This item isn’t being added to my appearances correctly • An item shows up as uncollected in the appearance library, but this item isn’t obtainable anymore (or is only obtainable on the Black Market) First things first: what makes an item eligible to be added to your appearance library? Here’s the comprehensive list of questions, to which you must answer Yes To All. 1. Can you equip the item? 2. Does equipping the item retain the bonus from your Armor Skills passive? (Really, this just means it needs to be the armor type you’re supposed to be wearing) 3. Is it bound to you? (The item must be permanently soulbound, trading an item during the grace period timer will revoke the appearance) 4. Is it at least Uncommon quality? The stats on the item don’t matter, and whether or not your spec is “intended” to use it doesn’t matter; Resto Shamans can still add Two-Hand Axes to their wardrobe, since Shamans know how to wield axes. In fact, you will get credit for any quest rewards you could equip that don’t have the right stats on them, even if we don’t show you the rewards! This applies to any non-repeatable quests you’ve ever done, and anything that’s in your inventory or void storage when you log in. So now you have added things to your appearance library, and want to apply them to another character. The rules on who can use an Appearance are also relatively straightforward: • Character attempting to transmogrify is eligible to equip the item (including class, reputation, and level requirements) • Armor appearances can only be applied to other items of that same type (example: Mail can’t transmog to anything but Mail) • For weapons, that the source and destination items have a similar animation style (example: can’t transmog Polearms to Daggers, or vice versa) • Appearances attached to items awarded from quests require the character to be eligible to participate in that expansion. More plainly stated, you can’t use Wrath of the Lich King quest rewards until you’re eligible to quest in Wrath of the Lich King. And of course, there’s a catch: we feel some items shouldn’t be transmogrifiable. These items include but are not limited to: holiday apparel, Legendary weapons, and a few others like the Peon’s Mining Pick that have special reasons for not being eligible. We typically reserve this for items of a goofy nature, or seasonal items. Which leads to me to the last part, which is what this thread is NOT for: • Please change the rules of what is allowed to be transmogrified • Please change the rules of what is added to my appearances collection • Please add/change/replace/invent color shifts of existing items • Please change this item which is now plate back to mail You are welcome to discuss these topics in other threads, and we’re listening, but this is a bug report forum so let’s stick to the bugs. Thanks for your help!Zugsworth901 1d
1d Hunter instanced PVP bug Was playing a BM hunter for a bit with an exotic pet (spirit beast). When I queued arena as survival I was unable to summon, or revive a pet. after losing the arena, I still could not summon a pet. I had to switch to BM, summon a regular pet, and then swap back to survival in order to fix the bug.Vasilias0 1d
2d Felfang Basilisk mining bug Seems these guys have a chance of spawning Felslate Basilisks, despite there being no Felslate on Argus.Vitale3 2d
2d Shado-Pan is hoplessly bugged It ports you through the floor, pillars, and walls, and the mini boss pandas can get stuck on either side and never reset It's been like this for awhile, hopefully Timewalking will bring it to attentionSeibà0 2d
2d Disconnect while flapping I put in a ticket and a bug report about this. I'm explaining this more in detail here. Thing that occurs. I am running a mythic +, or a raid, and while using the Glyph to make my moonkin form look like a blue form of my character instead of a moonkin, I will jump forwards, flip my camera midair with a flick of my mouse, wild charge backwards (a forward jump essentially), and then as soon as possible I hit Flap. This allows me to gain some substantial distance to cover ground in a raid or mythic + dungeon, or even in the open world doing quests. If this slow falling of the flap is channeling while I hit the ground on a non 100% flat surface, sometimes I will d/c. Sometimes I can almost gaurentee it will happen and replicate it. Usually this is by jumping with wild charge (forwards is what I'll call it), and landing on some stairs, or into a wall that slides me down to the floor where the wall meets the corner, or landing right in that little nook where the 2 axis and I will instantly crash to the login screen. I have tested it a bit and without fail I can almost get it to happen every time. Jump, wild charge after flipping camera (I have a good pc and good internet, 0 disconnects on my end from any kind of a net problem) flap mid air to slowfall a little bit, and then land and it will d/c me if I'm not landing on any form of a flat ground. Sometimes hills and slight inclines are ok, but I feel as if I meet a place where the z axis is an immediate jump going directly up ( a wall for example) I d/c. Please help with some insight on this as I like to do this frequently for movement boosts.Jhazy0 2d
2d Relic rewards for Argus WQs for Affliction I'm not sure if this is a "Bug" or just an extreme case of RNG, but every WQ in Argus that rewards a relic for Affliction (both Shadow and Blood) has been Seeds of Doom. At the time of posting, there are currently 3 on my map and this has been the case since the zone opened. I don't mean to sound greedy, but in the event one of them WF/TF to an ilvl worth slotting, I would like to have the opportunity for it to happen on relics with traits other than SoD. ThanksWarwor0 2d
2d Mount achievement I'm not really sure if this is a bug or not. But I have 189 mounts in the mounts tab, But when I check the achievement for 200 mounts. It shows 181. So where are the other 9. It's an account wide achievement. And some mounts have been collected on my alts and such. But if its account wide, It should matter. I should have 189/200 for the achievement, not 181/200Midnîght4 2d
2d Scowling Rosa NPC selling deprecated items As the title says, there is an NPC in Booty Bay that sells items such as "The Seven Curses of the Southern Seas" and a similar book for all classes. These books have the same color as any artifact related items. I bought one and asked in general chat what they were used for since I couldn't find any info. Someone mentioned they were for artifact hidden appearances so a lot of other people flocked to the NPC to buy items. However, I found a website that indicates that these items are no longer used and the reason to use them have since been removed from the game. Here's a link to the website stating they are deprecated: https://wow.gamepedia.com/The_Seven_Curses_of_the_Southern_Seas Solutions: Can we either 1) Have the NPC Scowling Rosa removed from the game entirely, 2) remove all these items from being purchased from her, or 3) Make all the items that she sells a gray quality or add a deprecation note to the description so that other players will know this.Lønqu0 2d
2d Tier Tokens Granting Wrong Loot Spec Items Hello! This is the author of the Completionist addon, ALL THE THINGS. A number of my users reported a bug involving tier tokens not awarding the appropriate Loot Spec for the specialization they chose. At first I was skeptical, but then I went into a number of old content Raids to complete my set for one of my paladins and then I got it to happen for me as well. This just started happening with Patch 7.3. I first started hearing about this with 7.3's launch and confirmed it was happening myself last week. Steps to Reproduce: 1) Login to a Level 70+ Paladin. 2) Go farm some Level 70 Tier Tokens. 3) Set your loot specialization to Retribution. 4) Verify that the item shows Retribution in the description on the item. 5) Click the item. 6) Notice that you got the wrong item for the Loot Specialization. I had the following tokens: (Retribution Loot Spec) Helm of the Forgotten Conqueror => Lightbringer Greathelm (Holy, INCORRECT) Gloves of the Forgotten Conqueror => Lightbringer Gloves (Holy, INCORRECT) Belt of the Forgotten Conqueror x2 => Lightbringer Belt x2 (Holy, INCORRECT) Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror => Lightbringer Boots (Retribution, Correct) Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror => Lightbringer Bracers (Holy, INCORRECT) Leggings of the Vanquished Champion x2 => Crystalforge Greaves x2 (Retribution, Correct) Gloves of the Vanquished Champion => Crystalforge Gloves (Holy, INCORRECT) If you've had this happen since Patch 7.3, please attach the name of the token and the item you received.Crieve1 2d
2d Bear Form Animations Bugged Out. The normal bear form animations broke when 7.3 launched. Its rather annoying cause it looks like they are using pre-legion animations and its an eyesore. The Challenge skin is fine (though missing a lot of animations from the start but that is not what this is about) but for those who haven't unlocked it yet it must be really painful to look at. Is there any sign of this being fixed?Stormpeaks0 2d
2d Rell's Report - Pandaria As soon as I get to the location for this quest, (listen to Rell's report) I get DC'd. I'm guessing it's a bug, since the game is running fine, otherwise.Morgansabra0 2d