Bug Report

Apr 6 more bugs than a cockroach colony Bradensbrook bug, invasion bug. Wow, you people suck at this. People in the same party cant get into the same phase in bradensbrook, spent 10 minutes today trying to correct that issue with my wife, to fly back to turn in only to have her invasion quest bug out at the part where you talk to the quest npc who teleports you to the ramparts. Nice patch /snickerDugoral3 Apr 6
Apr 6 2nd Invasion with no rep rewards. Im seriously finished with this mess of a patch. Yesterdays invasion didnt yield rep either. I put in a ticket requesting the rep i was owed for completing the scenario in its entirety, and the ticket was answered with something along the lines of "Sorry that happened bud, but we cant retroactively give quest rewards even tho we !@#$ed up and released a mound of broken buggy content. So go %^-* yourself paying customer" No more. Im done jumping through flaming hoops for nothing. This !@#$ing patch is a disaster. Im dropping my sub at the end of the month.Taurkus0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Character stuck in legion invasion scenario. At the end where the dragons are supposed to give you a ride back to the ground, they just dropped me off in midair. And then my ghost spawns in midair and falls to the ground. If I try to return to graveyard or use /stuck, I get sent back up in the air to fall again. I can't get to my corpse, or to a spirit healer.Dragyndance0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Artifact knowledge issue So my brother just went from artifcact knowledge 17 to 25... he bought it from the researcher in one swoop... when I go there me being at level 23 with 2 researches in que... he wont let me learn 25 instantly like my brother was able to.... Whats going on there.... and also I just got my weapon to 35.. and have yet to get the artifact quest... what is with that? Some clarification on whats happening would be greatly appreciatedTantel5 Apr 6
Apr 6 Invasion bugged again Not once, but TWICE now that this has happened. I've completed the 4 required quests for the assault on x area and it bugs out on the NPC, grey question mark above their head, and no text in the pop up window. TWICE now this has happened. Getting real frustrated with the amount of bugs that were released in this poorly tested patch.Mezlea1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Animation Remaining So, I was casting druidy spells like a druid does XD. I am on Dawnbringer, this happened 2 days ago, around 6:00 EST I believe. After I cast Half or Full Moon (You'll know which one by the pic), the animation on my hands remained. For like a minute, this lasted through shapeshift forms, and even if I casted other spells. Pretty sure this was on the broken isles. I haven't been able to do it again, but it happened once, so it can happen again. I have pics but idk how to share them on here. :PAnimalfury0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Artifact Research Fix? (This isn't a bug report but I'm posting here in the hopes that people see it that have been having this issue) I've been reading a LOT of complaints from folks unable to advance their Artifact Knowledge due to having work orders in progress. Either they've fixed this, I got lucky or y'all are doing this wrong. This toon was at AK23 with 2 research orders in progress. I went to my class hall and visited my artificer. He had a quest for me (orange !) asking for 500 resources to gain more knowledge. I accepted the quest and immediately turned it in which awarded me an item with the same icon as the artifact research notes (I didn't check it's name, it had the same icon so I assumed it was artifact research notes). I used said item and looked at my weapon's artifact knowledge level and it was still 23. I was a little confused and started to wonder if there was a bug. Then I noticed there was a clickable stack of books in front of the artificer... clicked on it and was rewarded with 2x artifact research notes. I am now AK25 and ready to rock in the new content.Killpop7 Apr 6
Apr 6 Raid Finder Glitched I tried to find a raid on my Demon Hunter using raid finder, I waited for like an hour and it didn't find enough players and it kinda just froze on the same amount of players. I tried clicking end queue or whatever it says to end searching and nothing happened I couldn't stop the queue so I quit playing and came back. I wasn't in the queue anymore but now my raid finder is glitched and I can't search when I click the part where you select the raid nothing happens, same with when I click to search.Jereha0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Scenario of Battle for Val'sharah I am unable to sign up for the scenario of Battle for Val'sharah. Somehow I can't reach the scenario giver to retake it.Auroro16 Apr 6
Apr 6 Havoc DH Bug: @cursor, @player Meta Macro So ever since 7.2 my /cast [mod:ctrl, @player][@cursor] Metamorphosis macro doesn't work. When you press it, you get "Spell not learned" error. You can recreate it and it will still say "Spell not learned" Now if you switch from Havoc to Vengeance back to Havoc, the macro will work again until you zone...at which point it is "Spell not learned" all over again. Ok...so it is annoying. Now enter the challenge where an @cursor Meta will be tremendously useful. But wait, I can't switch specs to fix the glitch in the challenge room.... Well played...Jayzazel9 Apr 6
Apr 6 Souldrinker trait bugged or stealth nerf ? Soul drinker went from being a stacking buff that was refreshed upon death strike or consumption over healing . Now doesn't refresh also no longer stacks. Edit: Spell text hasn't changed so according to the text its bugged. "Overhealing done by Death Strike and Consumption increases your maximum health by 50% of the overheal amount, stacking up to a maximum of 30% of your health."Neverest0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Solo challenge appearance display If you earn multiple solo challenge appearances for different specs of your class, it looks like all of them show up on the pedestal (where it shows which ones you have earned actually in the class hall, the first color sitting on display). It's showing my ele one right infront of my enhancement one (awkwardly on top of each other), while all the other elemental appearances are just showing the correct one for the spec only.Borgna0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Unable to complete Fate of the Nightborne There is bug preventing me from entering Nighthold to complete the quest Fate of the Nightborne, which is the last quest of the Suramar storyline. When I accept the quest from Oculeth, he goes to teleport me into Nighthold. The Nighthold loading screen comes up, but then immediately kicks me back, with the message "Nighthold is not yet available on Mythic difficulty." Not sure why that is. - Others in my guild HAVE completed this quest, and obtained their mount. - Dropping and re-accepting the quest DOES NOT fix the issue for me. - Deleting the cache folder DOES NOT fix the issue for me. **Also, because of the lead up to the quest, Thalyssra is not in Shal'Aran. Therefore, I am unable to turn in the quest The Nightfallen to receive my WQ chest.**Saik6 Apr 6
Apr 6 Fire Mage - Low ST dmg It's a bug, not a featureExelant0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Flight Master's Whistle I grabbed the chest just outside the Tomb of Sargeras for the Tomb Raidering quest and used my flight whistle so I didn't have to pass all the demons again. However instead of taking me to any of the flight masters it took me inside the Cathedral of Eternal night dungeon instance. Doesn't make any sense even if i was near the entrance to the instanceShelldin1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Demon Hunter - CoF Isn't Procing I think some fix was put into place for the Meta cooldown today (yay), but Convergence of Fates is no longer reducing Meta CD for me. Steps to reproduce: Equip Convergence of Fates (I'm using the heroic version) Pop Metamorphosis Attack test dummy using standard DH rotation Cooldown of Meta never drops by 5 second intervals to help observe cooldown of Meta, may wanna create a Weak Aura showing the CD.Xe0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Instance group bug Sometimes when i'm joining an instance group while already in an instance group, I zone in but am not in a group, I can see the people around me who are supposed to be in the group, but I get the "you are not in this instance's group" and get teleported out. But I can still see instance chat as If I was still in the group, I can't talk in instance chat, or whisper anyone who speaks in instance chat. I can't leave the "group" I have to wait to be kicked, or log out and in which then gives me deserter debuff. It's happened going from an lfr group (without leaving the group, just accepting the dungeon queue) and going from an instance group to another instance group, with 4/5 same people. I havent had it happen when accepting the queue while not already being in an instance yet. It's happened while doing both heroics and timewalking, and I get locked out of queing again until the CD comes off (or Debuff)Druishh3 Apr 6
Apr 6 Warrior Disconnecting Eversince the xpac got released, i have this bug and never got fixed. Like many warriors, when i jump down from class hall to one of the zones, it disconnects me and make me appear in Timeworn Strand (Azsuna) high in the air making me fall down on a small hill. It happens like 10-20% time i use it. I know im not the only one reporting this bug so can I do something about it OR will someone at Blizzard do something about it. Nerfing my prot warrior is not fun but it surely would be less frustrating if this bug would be taken care of XDEpica7 Apr 6
Apr 6 Explosive Affix (2) Bugs in Maw of Souls Not sure if intended, but during the Helya encounter at the end of Maw of Souls during a mythic + 9, the "fel explosive" would spawn at the base of the destructor tentacles( just above the water in the hole of the ship) which made it become LOS for the 3 ranged we had in group which were 2 hunters and 1 shadow priest. This occurred multiple times during the encounter, was not just a 1 off thing. Also during the Helya encounter, the "Fel explosive" again would spawn in the woodwork of the ship (next to where the grasping tentacles spawn) and would partial be visible during the encounter rather than seeing a full orb, again not sure if intended, however this did not affect the LOS of the fel explosive. no other bugs found, but I must say explosive is a fun little affix, keeps you on your toes!!! Ano-Turalyon!Anokki0 Apr 6
Apr 6 M'uru not spawning in Sunwell Plateau. Hello guys just letting you know I was in Sunwell Plateau on my 100 Frost Mage (w/ Ebonchill) and M'uru did not spawn. I tried leaving and resetting the instance I also tried logging out and back in still did not spawnGorefather0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Druid Hidden Artifact - Feral Screeches 12 days ago the feral screech event was hotfixed. Since then, I have only gotten one screech. It was on the day of the fix. Many others are also in this situation. It is incredibly frustrating. It seems like something is wrong.Shiftia114 Apr 6
Apr 6 [Bug] Wilfred's Ring (Demo Legendary) The Wilfred's ring Legendary for Demonology has an issue where the legendary effect all of a sudden stops working until you spec in and out of Demo, or log out and back in.Azaran0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Flight Master's Whistle Did the Tomb Raidering quest outside tomb to loot the treasure, used my Whistle, and it ported me inside Cathedral of Eternal NightDigerati0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Assault on Val'sharah Credit Removed Quest: Battle for Val'sharah I completed the earlier today around 10:30 cst. I did all of it which includes the scenario and flew to the broken shore and turned in the quest. It showed me in the achievement that I made progress. Logged out for a few hours. I just noticed now that it says I have not completed the quest and the achievement progress has been removed. I need this corrected please.Ducewild3 Apr 6
Apr 6 Bloodgazer Hatchling Why can't I get the bloodgazer hatchling? I have tried from the release of this pet! I have tried 3 times since then ! I do not see the orphan and I have the food to feed it! I reported this the first time it happened and I am told to just do it again ? How many times do I need to do it? Clearly there is something wrong.Lizi0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Mage Tower, Windwalker, and Ability Charges Abilities such as Healing Elixir, Roll, and "Storm, Earth, and Fire" are not resetting upon entering the "Feltotem's Fall" scenario. Additionally, the time remaining to gain a charge on those abilities is reset to it's full recharge duration, regardless of whether 1 or all charges are consumed. Unsure if this is intended behavior as other abilities that aren't based on a charge system seemingly reset upon entering, however I would like to stress how unfair this would be if it is intentional as my Enhancement had all it's cooldowns reset upon each attempt; being prepared is the comparison. Also: Storm, Earth, and Fire does not refund it's charges upon encounter resets or kills, making it not in accordance with other major abilities (such as Avenging Wrath / Crusade or Metamorphosis) when it comes to raiding.Chidorí0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Work Order: Highmountain Salmon Does Work Order: Highmountain Salmon exist? I and several other (check wowhead.com) have been looking/waiting for this quest for a long time. A little help with looking into this would be appreciated. Thank you.Macgam1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Order Hall - Quest Line - Bite of the Beast I am having trouble with the hunter quest "Bite of the Beast". The first time I killed Zoarg and looted his head it didn't get into my inventory. I went to kill Zoarg again but now I can't loot from Zoarg body after I killed him now. I tried re-logging but I still couldn't loot from his body. I would like to complete this quest since it is linked to my Order Hall. Please help! Thanks.Cassidy2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Archmage Xylem Comet Storm bug This bug caused me to just wipe at 50%, after you escape Xylem's razer ice has anyone else noticed they're still taking comet storm damage on the way back to Xylem? i checked to make sure that's what killed me because I noticed it's happened before and it hit me 3 extra times half way to getting back to xylem, not even a frost bolt hit me, 3 comet storm hits and dead.Ascendants9 Apr 6
Apr 6 Upper Kara Mythic + Explosion Hello last boss, with explosion. Has a chance to put orbs mid flight. Killed one of our members.Unkut0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Legion Invasions Broken Isles There seems to be a bug with the Broken Isle invasions that make them spawn when a vast majority of people are at work making it virtually impossible for many to do. I'm pretty sure this is a bug because I find it hard to believe that anyone at Blizzard would be foolish enough to screw their subscribers by intentionally doing them that way.Weidmann1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Helya Explosives Spawning Inside Holes Maw of Souls final boss Helya with the Explosive affix appears to be spawning the explosives inside the holes the Destructor Tentacles spawn in. This causes them to be outside of line of sight for a lot of the platform. Granted this means the melee can still deal with it as they are still hittable, but I cant help but assume this is unintended behavior since I think they are probably very hard to even tell they are up without having nameplates on.Jonesenus1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Feign Death on death. Not too serious of a bug, but can be a time waster. I tried to Feign Death and died simutainiously. The bug prevents you from spawning or doesn't show the release spirit pop up. https://gfycat.com/EasyUglyErneDeadeyetyler4 Apr 6
Apr 6 Shattered Reckoning appearance resetting Shattered Reckoning ashbringer appearance seems to reset back to it's default appearance upon switching specs - also able to replicate when logging out and back in as a different spec such as holy - doesn't seem to replicate vice versa for other specs.Lohrian0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Artifact Power Bug/Exploit/Design Option?? Excert from ticket I opened. From Game Master Ormdeldyn it appears that after you get your Artifact Weapon past it's 35th Trait, it is no longer possible to reset your Artifact Traits. This is due to the fact that it costs as much as your next trait, in order to reset your Artifact Traits. Work Around If you build up enough AP to level up your weapon BUT do not spend it, you can then reset/respec your points. Questions are Is this a new unlisted designed of the game? Is this an AP Bug? Did I find a work around of a design to block resetting of AP? (exploit)Shezow1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Armaments of the Ebon Blade skins broken Both the 2h sword and the axe face backwards when sheathed on the back and causes the skull to face the character rather than showing. This happens with all 3 variants. http://i.imgur.com/r9AGPGp.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5hMoZRL.jpgOsteology0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Disc Mastery Bug Mastery is not affecting atonement healing properly. With 9.6k mastery, Atonement tooltip in spellbook says that 59.1% of damage will be transferred to atonement. My penance hits for 150k and is healing only for 50k. I should be healing for 88kish per tick. Please fix. This is game breaking. Have tried relogging, swapping gear in and out. It cannot be fixed.Eattherich1 Apr 6
Apr 6 bug to second boss in cathedral we wiped to second boss in cathedral mythic+6 and when we ran back the door wouldnt reopen to try again and my key was wasted. now i cant progress my key for the weekBigtymer0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Terky pet bug, cannot click I and several others have been standing around the egg to collect terky for about 45 mins now and it is still saying that I cannot loot this item. Should the cool down be this long?Blooddrainè1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Comet Storm BUG Havoc DH Mage Tower Here is a gyazo (screenshot) of my first attempt of the day (over 70 bugged attempts in all). https://gyazo.com/8273d751361d4b4156ab93fd13e6aa45 It would be awesome if someone could address/fix this bug so I can stop feeling as if I cant progress do to a bug that happens almost every Frost phase :DAprogenji6 Apr 6
Apr 6 White Murloc Egg "already in use" I went to grab Terky while in town for the micro-holiday. However, I found many people in the cave, unsure what to do. All of us had the same issue in which we could not loot the egg, as it was already in use. We all tried reloading. I used a flare to double-check if somebody, somehow had the thing open while stealthed. We all backed away at once, ensuring that none of us were the culprit. But it seems to be legitimately in use when it shouldn't be.Barelor0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Beacon issue got a Purple Beacon from an elite doing portals ship moved to new patrol area and portal beacon disappeared out of my bag. Same thing happened at the same time with a fellow party member.Seanhunter1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Another Invasion: Val'Sharah problem, NO REP? I seem to have lucked out and was able to finish the Scenario and turn the quest in to Cenarius... But I received zero Rep toward Armies of Legionfall through thhe entire thing. Yesterday Azuna gave me tons of rep in the scenario.. Kills, and the 1500 rep at turn in. Today? Nothing. Not a single point. This is really the whole REASON TO DO THEM, BLIZZARD. anyone else have this problem?Sekhmetina2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Cyclonic Burst Still Bugged I was playing around on the target dummy in Trueshot Lodge and noticed it wasn't proc'ing Cyclonic burst. I moved forward a bit testing to see how reliably it was proc'ing at different ranges, and while it worked, I realized that I had been standing on a hill when I had cast it the first time. So I tried attacking the same dummy (the raiding one), standing on different hills, from different ranges and different angles and it worked 0% of the time while standing on any sort of incline and seemed very reliable when I was attacking at the same elevation as the dummy. Noticed it wasn't always working properly in my M+ runs this evening and it seems terrain has a lot to do with it.Elycee0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Elemental Shaman Fire Elemental bugged Our Fire Elemental pet is pulling aggro on targeted mobs when it is summoned. For example, if I target a boss and drop the Fire Elemental, it will pull/aggro the boss from any range. If I do not target the boss when I drop the Fire Elemental, it will not pull/aggro the boss. It has resulted in a lot of early pulls since our opener involves dropping Fire Elemental a few seconds before the pull.Tuskini6 Apr 6
Apr 6 Yes on vote to kick greyed out The yes button on vote kicking is bugged. It is greyed out and you can't click yesBreech3 Apr 6
Apr 6 the right weapon for the job bugged ? i cant seem to progress. dont i need to do it for the quest reward at the end ?Naevos1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Tormmok has been Glitched Since 2014 I just got a new alt to a level where they can recruit Tormmok as a follower. I get to his spawn spot and found him in battle with the infected. I am familiar with the issue with him, so I head for the infected that is stuck in the bushes behind him. For those who do not know what the problem with Tormmok is, there is an infected that spawns stuck in the bushes. If you do not kill it before the event ends, Tormmok becomes glitched and just stands there, unresponsive. If you take too long to kill it, the other mobs kill Tormmok and everything despawns. Unfortunately, the mob that is stuck in the bushes gets evade bugged... which makes it take a long time to kill. You have to stand in exactly the right spot and have it focus on you in order to do any damage to it. It is easier to deal with this if there are at least two people present, with one taking out the stuck mob while the rest handle the ones attacking Tormmok. Either that, or out-level the mobs by several levels. Unfortunately, my alt is only 93 and I have not been able to kill the stuck mob fast enough. I would think that the simplest fix for this issue would be to remove the bushes behind Tormmok so the infected doesn't get stuck in them. I can't understand why this bug has been allowed to stay for 3 years, and have little hope that anything will be done about it now since it is old content.Mahatma0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Orb of the Fel Temptress So I had acquired by orb of the fel temptress right? And I was so damn happy about it I apply it immediately in the dungeon to my succubus minion! And boom she's all awesome and fel-y now. Then days later, I decide to remove this glyph, to reapply it to my succubus, while I am In destruction spec, as at the time of getting the orb I was affliction. So I use vanishing powder, and then the effect is removed. I swap to Destro spec only to realize, I don't have the orb anymore. I checked my weirdly blinking inscription tab, but found nothing pertaining to fel, OR succubuses or orbs, so now I am kinda bumbed out. I liked my cool succubus with pants, she worked just fine, and now I fear is gone. Anyone have a similar problem to this? And can I get my orb back, or am I just doomed to farm Cathedral of the eternal night-edgelord again and again? I read on here that the orb is taught to you perma style, but I don't have it in my spellbook.Vannaomira0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Cooking rewards GONE [Fixed itself] EDIT: Fixed itself. I just tried to pick up my daily cooking rewards from Nomi -- 24 Cursed Queensfish, I believe -- and instead got an error: "Internal Bag Error" and all the rewards DISAPPEARED. Food, ingredients, and I think I saw at least one recipe blink away. I am beyond angry right now. I just had to download an update before I could log in, about a half hour ago.Califree1 Apr 6