Bug Report

1d Bi-Weekly snivel about shipyard Once again i'm checking in to do my regular crying about the bugged shipyard we have endured since 7.2 released. I realize the limited amount of players complaining about the garrison shipyard places this bug at the bottom of what's probably a GIGANTIC list but for a couple of us who REALLY look forward to sending our ships out and adjusting our fleet it's really like spilling your last beer. Please X100, fix the 10/25 shipyard bug. The only way currently to remove and rebuild ships is to send them out on low percent chance missions and pray they lose and get destroyed. Thanks once again for your time in advance, Many woeful but faithful patrons!Emohohen0 1d
1d Bodyguard Miniaturization Device The "Bodyguard Miniaturization Device" (toy) does not seem to have any affect on bodyguards in the Legion expansion. If this is intended, then there is a bug in that the description for this toy does not accurately reflect the restrictions in its use.Cerec8 1d
1d Unable to see other characters in Surwich I'm on an RP realm (Wyrmrest Accord), and sharding is not a problem, as far as I and my friends can tell, in the old world. We can meet without partying and RP on opposite-faction characters all we want, as long as we're not on the Broken Isles/in New Dalaran. Except at Surwich, in the Blasted Lands. A friend (on my battletag list, if that factors into anything) and I were unable to see each other on cross-faction characters in Surwich. We tested twice. All characters involved were level 110, and had completed the WoD intro experience. We were in the level 90+ version of Surwich, without NPCs in it. I'm wondering if this was somehow an issue of WoD quest phasing, or an isolated area of sharding, or some other buggy happening. If it's possible for to be fixed somehow, we'd be totally stoked -- NPC-less Surwich is a fantastic RP spot, and particularly good for cross-faction RP, since there are no guards to shoot you. It's also pretty empty these days as a rule, so there shouldn't be overcrowding problems as far as I'm aware.Eledriss0 1d
1d CRZ still stealing my loot It happened first with fish. Reason I caught it is because it's so easy and repeatable. Error happens when CRZ seems to send you or join you to another place, and the loot is not on that place or doesn't come with you to the new place. Looted a green text item. Looked for it. It's not in my bags. Checked the text, I never received it. Of course I never received it, because it's not there. But I saw it. The fix with fishing was always always always always always always have auto-loot turned off. I know Blizzard is aware if it during fishing because the loot program will fight with the CRZ. Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish Cash - dumb fish repeat for 2hrs. Then all of the sudden, no rare bait, no change, out of the blue 20 or 30 rare fish as some kind of payment for getting nothing. I've seen a guy on a bridge hacking fish. He runs, on land and in the air yells something over & over. If you run to the spot, fish fall in your bags. Even after he's gone. Now this is happening with normal loot. Auto-loot makes you leave items. It doesn't work. Pain is, I can't tell you what I lost, because it's not there. I think also, it doesn't show up in the mail because it was low quality. Just gone. Yeah, I know, turn auto-loot off. I should have known. I thought it only happened with fishing. /bummbedLopchong0 1d
1d Pandaria "Fish of the Day" Bug The Krasarang Paddlefish location that Ben of the Booming Voice in Halfhill sends you to (Krasari Falls), has no schools to fish from at all. I think the 7.0 Legion prepatch broke them. Anyone else encountered a similar fishing location problem?Imlerith3 1d
1d Dalaran Invisible Wall There is an invisible wall going into the portals on horde side of Dalaran. You have to walk against it to try and sneak through itElitedk16 1d
1d Trying to get to the Easter Kingdoms Hi, I have been trying to take the Zepplin from Orgimmar to anywhere in the eastern kingdoms and this causes my whole computer to freeze when I am about 3/4 of the way there. I have tried waiting for the next patch to see if this will help this. I have only had this issues since Legion was released.Bluewolf0 1d
1d Thal'kiel disappears after thal'kiel discord. Thal'kiel goes invisible after thal'kiel discord procs, its been like this since 7.2 launched...Andröss30 1d
1d Leatherworking Error The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge, Vigilance Perch, and Elderhorn Riding Harness each give skillups, 10 for Sentinel and Vigilance, 5 for Elderhorn. But all three require max level (800) Leatherworking to learn and craft. Clearly this is a mistake since they give such large skillups. Please fix so they can be crafted at the lower skill level obviously intended.Bugdafug0 1d
1d Ritual Ruination bugged again in 7.2 Seems if you hearth to Dalaran rather than taking the portal Calydus puts up after acquiring the scepter there is no way to complete the quest. Calydus is not where he's supposed to be in the underbelly and while he is still at Krasus Landing, he won't talk to you. He is not in the Warlock order hall either.Wönko8 1d
2d Dread Hatchling Nocturnal Strike BUGGED When you use Call darkness, if you read the info on it. It says during darkness all pets are considered blinded. Nocturnal strike says "Always hits if target is blinded". I always use nocturnal strike right after Call darkness and it still misses.Cptplanet0 2d
2d bugged timewalking got that vial for 500 timewalking currency, and have to return I to shattrath, I fly all over that central dome in shattrath and cant find buddy to hand quest in and its been like this for months...Zelaron1 2d
2d Take Out the Head credit I accepted the quest while I was working on my timewalking quest. Killed 2 of the 3 needed, then got a queue popped. When I got out of the dungeon, I saw that the quest was then at 0/3. So I then went to kill another of the rare spawns, and after doing so, I was still at 0/3, so the third never even got counted for the quest.Spiffyninja3 2d
2d Legion World quests - not getting credit I just killed Dreadbog 3 times ( Dreadbog, The wardens, Azshara ) world quest an di did not get credit for the kill i was in a party i got the loot from the boss however i did not get the world quest completion. this is also happening to some guild mates of mine and people who were also in my party.Malguul49 2d
2d Azuremyst Boat The boat doesn't move. Ever. From Teldrassil. This couldn't possibly be intended. What's the fix to get there?Aarclis0 2d
2d Glyph of Fel-Enemies I recently purchased the Glyph of Fel-Enemies off the auction house and applied it to spectral sight, but I am not seeing any changes to the way the spell behaves. When in the beta it would light up enemies the fel-green and treasure chests would light up purple, but now in live everything shows up in red both before and after applying the glyph. I've logged in and out on multiple occasions since applying the glyph, and even disabled all addons. Every test has yielded the "red" outcome.Demonfx3 2d
2d BOA motorbike is bugged Not bogged but bugged. Chauffeured Mekgineer's Chopper is bugged and has been for well over a year. When players use this mount the sidecar causes some unusual things to happen. worgen stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down continuously while using this mount. humans using this mount end up with their head on the ground and the wheel in the air because the sidecar turns upsidedown. I reported this via the ingame bug report in late 2015 and throughout 2016 and it still happens today (May 2017) after legion has been released. Does anybody read the ingame bug reports or are we wasting our time submitting them?Fiveofnine0 2d
2d no health buff in level 100 pvp congratulations to the blizz corp programmers who have done it again. My level 100 human dest lock only had 161k health in arathi basin bg. Every other player had 700k+ health but blizz and its incompetent programmers have made this wonderful bug that sends me into a bg with virtually no health compared to everyone else there. Last month this happened to my hunter and today its my lock. And no I was not suffering from res sickness. How do I post a screenshot?Fiveofnine0 2d
2d Please Close, Wrong Forum Ooops, there is a forum for Mobile BugsLeroù0 2d
2d Can't Decommission Draenor Garrison ships Pretty straight forward. I cannot decommission any of the ships from my level 3 garrison shipyard. I have 10 ships, 2 of each type. When I go to build more, it says I am at the maximum allowed. When I try to decommission, it says "you cannot decommission a ship until you have the maximum number of ships" It also reads 10/25 ships in Naval Fleet part Fleet Command Table.Fierymartel0 2d
2d No WQ for cath dung So the Command Center for NA / OCE / LA servers got completed today. However I see no World Quest for Cathedral of Eternal Night. Even though the Command Center is meant to give one.Denona6 2d
2d Mage Offhand after transmog doesn't show I don't know if it's just me. But after transmog-ing my offhand item, it doesn't show on the character in game. It does however show on the character select screen... Is this a bug?Trolea3 2d
2d broken shore kill 3 rare quest So, i killed 2 rare bosses on my main....logged out for quite some time due to having company...log back in to find another rare boss to kill but the 2 i killed earlier are now gone...i now have 0/3 instead of 2/3....what's up with that? Do we have to stay in game to kill all 3 to get the full credit/reward?Sramar2 2d
2d glitch My lvl 100 death knight is in icecrown citadel.I am trying to get frost legendary and I got to gargoyles, however they just keep evading attacks and i cant pull them onto pressure pads to continue quest.Swlfty0 2d
2d Mad Merchant NEVER SPAWNS Mad Merchant in Dalaran not spawning. I'm not just talking 12-24 even 48 hours. I have read every guide I could find on Google on how to purchase from this vendor and when he is available. Lets just skip a few weeks and now I'm on day 18 of camping this vendor while playing 8 hours a day. Is this normal?Sidao0 2d
2d Arcane Divination My work order for the extra seal , Arcane Divination, is no longer available even thou i have been using it for quite some time, just out of sudden the npc is no longer there, is it a bug? any advise?Chunming0 2d
2d Mail Icon still not working for AH receipts Any word on when there will be a fix for this? it is very consistent.Arorra0 2d
2d Bug: Item is not ready yet. I just started seeing this error message this past week. I did a search on the forums and found a post that the author provided which might be the problem. Here is the page link: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753888088#detail ... I've already redone my UI setup (removed WTF, Interface, Cache) which did not trigger that error message. So I suspect one of my legendaries or artifact weapons is the culprit.Friedbones3 2d
2d "Field Medic" Title Field Medic is one of the new titles that was introduced with the release of Legion and one of the titles that has been really problematic in multiple ways. For starters; It's bugged out since the release of the expansion. The title is supposed to be account wide and it's yet to be fixed. Ridiculously low chance of dropping the required quest items - We're talking about a drop chance of 0.4%~0.6% for a quest that requires sixteen quest item drops (same drop rate for all of them). Loot tables for specific mobs are bugged. Not only you can obtain the same quest item twice (even if already completed) but you also don't obtain quest items from mobs that have the item on their loot table according to multiple sources - And the other way around as well - Mobs that don't have the quest items in their loot table actually drop the quest items randomly. The achievement didn't even track the progress until 7.1.5, and none of the quests were retroactively granted. The way that the achievement is working, compromises the way that players should go after it. You either get lucky with the RNG factor or you get stuck with the same quest item drops. Multiple players already reported this issue through multiple information platforms. Are the developers going to change it anytime soon? Is the drop rate intended to be that low in order to obtain the achievement? I'm all up for a solid and healthy grind but this achievement, as it is, is just obnoxious.Iuri5 2d
2d Icecrown Citadel glitch After killing all bosses except for the lich king I went to the center of upper spire and I didn't get teleported is there something I did wrong If you could please answer before reset that would be great thanks.Shartingstev8 2d
2d Mythic Bug I beat the timer for [u]Vault of the Wardens +2, says it upgraded to +3, but only gave me a depleted keystoneWhissaberia0 2d
2d Yogg boss fight bug Forgive me if this has already been reported. I searched but didn't see a recent post. For the past few weeks when I do the Yogg fight in Ulduar on 25 man mode the portals spawn early. When they spawn and you enter, the brain room remains locked after killing the mobs to unlock it. The fight will go through 3 dream cycles before it allows me into the brain room. I am able to stay in the dream sequence the entire time, it just resets the mobs. This has happened for about 4 weeks now. If you wait and go in on the 3 portal spawn it still makes you wait a cycle to enter the brain room. It happens on 25 man mode, with the raid preference set to normal. I haven't tried with another character.Tánnin1 2d
2d Tauren can't get to orb 9 for Fathom Dweller Male Tauren's can't get through the opening inside the sunken ship and there are not able to complete the process for the Fathom Dweller mount. Please help! I'm stuck.Kowabunda19 2d
2d ToV Dancing Blade bug Raid : Trial of Valor Mythic Ability: Dancing Blade Bug issue: Dancing Blade debuff remained on my character long after not standing in the animation and after dancing blade disappear. The debuff still remained. I took 31 million damage in total from 1 debuffWarthix7 2d
2d Warlock Order hall portal not working Hey, I have an issue accessing the warlock order hall. The portal does not react to my clicking at all. A few other people in the area are having the same issue but it's not affecting everybody as I see warlocks coming and going through the portal all the time. I have a quest at my order hall and I'd like to have this resolved asap D:Peryll95 2d
2d Character constantly sliding I was in high mountain and fell into the waterfall and died, when i respawned my character started constantly sliding wherever i was as if i was still in the waterfall i tried relogging and resetting everything but nothing has worked so i am probably just going to reinstall. I'm just putting this here so that hopefully the bug will be patched in the future so that other players wont have to deal with it. video of what it looks like: https://gyazo.com/85f990af8f8bdafc909614f51614460a.Lethresh8 2d
2d No buff from Fel Tomb Drops Not getting buff from the Fel Tomb, any of the drops that I get, none of them give me a buff. it's been two weeks and I've tried them all. please helpDeathshlong0 2d
2d Premade Groups 10mins Still Searching Okay. Randomly throughout the week. I have been having problems joining Premade Groups. Sometimes I can jump into them instantly through the search. Other times it will take awhile for the results to show if is not at all. Sometimes if I log out and log back in it fixes the problem. But this issue just started occurring last week. I'm thinking it could be so many people trying to use Premade Groups. Hope biz can look into this. Its becoming quite annoyingGyas3 2d
2d Game freezing. Several times in the last 2 weeks the game has been locking up on me, once in a keystone timed mythic. the game still works but my character just runs around and wont attack or do anything. I can still see chat, and open inventory. discord still works fine and my framerate is 60fps so its not lag. I try to log out, it wont let me, i try to exit game, it wont let me, i have to go into windows and shut the game off manually and restart. Seems to be happening more often.Bothbarrels1 2d
2d Meatball and WQ or Rare Boss I have found in Legion invasion scenario where the rare boss objective will not give you credit for completion if the champion Meatball does his enemy disintegration. This has extended to this week's Breaching the Tomb. Twice I killed a Broken Shore rare boss, and managed to loot the corpse, but in either case, no credit towards the quest.Roetwo0 2d
2d Not getting guild dungeon challenge credit 4/5 of my guildies and I ran Vault of Wardens last night but didn't get the credit for the guild dungeon challenge. Does it only give credit when queueing random now or something? Is anyone else having this issue? I've already scoured the forums looking for answers without any luck. Any help appreciated! :)Kallanay6 2d
2d Wrong End of the Knife completion While trying to finish the quest: Wrong End of the Knife. I found that I could not complete it because of anything outside of the Evermoon Bazaar would not appear unless I was inside the Evermoon Bazaar. This may have been because of the multiple world quests in the area, but I found it odd as I could not even get close enough to Talian to even kill him.Howestertic1 2d
2d Bugged out Belt Not sure if this is being posted where it should be but I consider it a bug so I thought why not. Anyways yesterday when I logged onto my character Smiteyougood(Hellscream Server) I had an item level of 891, which was fantastic I thought. Today though when I logged in the item level had dropped down to 885 and my belt had been replaced with a useless grey belt. Not sure if this happened sometime during maintenance or if it's just a bug, but I'd really like the gear to be replaced. Thank you.Smiteyougood1 2d
2d Take Out the Head... It says kill 3 Rare elites on the Broken Shore, but I only killed one and logged off for a while then when I logged in it was completed.Lonepal2 2d
2d Cleansing the Mother Tree bugged I have completed the scenario to cleanse G'Hanir but have the quest didn't complete. I have tried redoing the scenario but as I have already cleansed G'Hanir I can't get past the stage where it requires me to hand the corrupted version over. I can't seem progress anymore in Legion until this issue is fixed. Please help :(Camelrage17 2d
2d Demon Hunter (Havoc) Fel Rush/Speech Fel rush cancels glide motion forward which causes you to just fall in the same place until you can fel rush again. When on metamorphosis, the speech audio switches from Male Blood Elf to Female. Mostly happens with the "I don't have a target" set of vocals.Ortheriön0 2d
2d Fury Warrior Weapon Sheathing BUG Race: Female Tauren Class: Fury Warrior I'm having an issue with weapon sheathing. I'll battle a mob and get on my mount to have my hands still holding the two-two handed weapons and the reins for my mount. They do not appear on my back. I tried putting away my weapons, but when i do, the weapons re-unsheath automatically back onto my hands. I have to hit the sheath weapon button again for my weapons to finally apear on my back. Then I can get on my mount and 75% of the time the weapons stay on my back. Has anyone run into this before and have a fix, macro, addon...etc. This looks really stupid and I'm sure theres ~3% of the WOW population that still plays the fury warrior and can help me. XD Thanks in advance for anyones time and efforts in helping me/us.Gangrened25 2d
2d Take out the head... Or w/e today's quest is called that was made available on the Broken Shore... I logged on an accepted the quest and then logged out. When I came back on the quest was completed. **shrugs**Onikaryuhdo9 2d
2d Can't click Fel Tome in order hall Logged into my DH last night to get my daily demon kill downstairs, just to find that I couldn't interact with the FelTome. I thought maybe it was on a 24hr timer, not a daily timer, so I came back much later (later than I would have ever done it the day before) and still couldn't click it. I waited for a different DH to summon a demon, but I got no loot from the kill. Did something bug out, or am I doing something wrong? Tried reloading UI and logging, still same result.Lilandren17 2d
2d Shipyard Can't Decommission Hello, I've been trying to optimize my shipyard on this character for the heirloom rings but I can't seem to get my shipyard to cooperate. Apparently, I have maxed out at 10/20 ships and cannot decommission any more ships because I don't have the "maximum number of ships." I am also unable to reach the "maximum number of ships" because my shipwright says I already have the maximum number of ships that my shipyard can support. My shipyard is level 3, so I'm pretty sure 10 is the max, but because it shows I have 10/20 I get this weird catch 22. Any idea what I can do?Ceredirac2 2d