Bug Report

4d Warlord Parjesh Crashing Wave multiple hits Warlord Parjesh in Eye of Azshara is sometimes (read: ~25-50%) of the time hitting striking the tank (myself, a Bear druid) multiple times with a single cast of Crashing Wave. This is the initial impact, not the ground area denial effect. This was particularly ruthless in a Tyrannical +15 Eye as it was dealing nearly 8 million damage to the tank. It occurs often enough that the only work-around we could do was have defensive cooldowns active on the tank for all crashing waves, which we ran out of before the end of the fight. This occurred last night at approximately midnight Pacific time. This has not previously been seen in patches prior to the current build. http://imgur.com/GLkGUOU - here is an example. Occurred to Arceval-Stormrage. Repro rate approximately 50% at the time. Occurred about 10 times last night. In Eye of Azshara on the boss Warlord Parjesh in a M+15. Nothing special about causing it to hit, he would just roll over me with Crashing Wave and sometimes 2 hits would register, was in a low latency instance with nothing else abnormal going on.Arceval5 4d
4d Cursor Size Change after 7.1 Logged in after the patch, all the sudden my cursor size is about 1/3 of what it was before. It is so small that I lose it while playing. I have tried adjusting resolution, UI scale, hardware cursor toggle, to no avail. Mac running Metal.Anodynë20 4d
4d Instance group bug Sometimes when i'm joining an instance group while already in an instance group, I zone in but am not in a group, I can see the people around me who are supposed to be in the group, but I get the "you are not in this instance's group" and get teleported out. But I can still see instance chat as If I was still in the group, I can't talk in instance chat, or whisper anyone who speaks in instance chat. I can't leave the "group" I have to wait to be kicked, or log out and in which then gives me deserter debuff. It's happened going from an lfr group (without leaving the group, just accepting the dungeon queue) and going from an instance group to another instance group, with 4/5 same people. I havent had it happen when accepting the queue while not already being in an instance yet. It's happened while doing both heroics and timewalking, and I get locked out of queing again until the CD comes off (or Debuff)Druishh26 4d
4d Ravencrest's Legacy Bugged so hard There are NUMEROUS bugs with this scenario, how did this make it to live? I started this questline today, beginning the scenario only to find I had no abilities for half the scenario...I had to reload UI everytime I 'acquired' a new spell. Each time a new one was gained, the others became unusable (and not for lack of mana). THEN after finally gritting my teeth through several evade bugged demons and made it to the phase "When good men do nothing" I was told to kill a Colossal Siegebreaker...what Colossal Siegebreaker? There's nothing in the arena! It even gave me the spell needed to kill it! THEN! I said 'screw it' and completely closed out of the game to see if I could restart the quest entirely, only to be met with a neverending loading screen. I no CANNOT logon to the character who was on this quest. The bug ticket says 2 and a half days until a response. TL;DR I'm stuck and How did this Gamebreaking bug make it into live?Xashen114 4d
4d Quest "Rocket Rescue" bugged I just tried to complete the Rocket Rescue quest in Tanaris for the second day in a row with no luck, I board the balloon just fine, but pressing the buttons to throw bombs/rockets from it does nothing other than play the noise and throwing animation. There is no visible item thrown nor is there any effect on the quest npcs.Lionella2 4d
4d "Unseen Fate" Quest It has been a couple weeks since I have unlocked the option to "Place a work order for a Seal of Broken Fate", thought someone would have brought this up by now but... Every time I talk to the guy to accept the quest, nothing happens. I have the quest but I am unable to place a work order with him and I have explored the lodge there is no where else to place a work order either.Imtuugodlike3 4d
4d Keep getting tabard achievement I've noticed with 7.3 that I keep getting the 25 tabard achievement. It seems to coincide with my mobile app sessions.Maroni22 4d
4d no raid panel when I join a bg My nelf resto druid was in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (WOD heroic dungeon) with a group. We finished the dungeon and my queue for random bgs popped. I joined the bg and arrived in Twin Peaks. When I arrived I did not get the window (raid panel?) on the left of the screen that shows my team. And I had no chat. I could not chat in party, instance or say. The only way I could communicate was yell. I was not lagging because I got attacked by horde upon arriving in the bg and had to heal myself. However, I was unable to click my team to heal them. This has happened a number of times over the last few months and is extremely annoying because I have to leave the bg because I am unable to help my team. When I leave the bg I get the normal 15 minute deserter debuff.Fiveofnine1 4d
4d Teleported to inside of Darkheart Thicket When flying from The Dreamgrove to Highmountain I am always teleported to outside Darkheart Thicket because of the debuff in the flying zone. However recently in the past few months, I am always teleported to inside Darkheart Thicket instead of outside. It's already annoying being teleported in the first place, but now I have to deal with two loading screens instead of one.Milianna0 4d
4d Shadow'pan Monastry snowdrift dojo bug My pally was just tanking Shadow'pan Monastery MOP Timewalker dungeon. We were in the Snowdrift Dojo fighting the Shadow'pan novices. My tank was ported? to the other side of the force field? that separates the novices from the boss. I was on the stairs behind the force field and had to solo the adds. The adds were able to come through the force field but my team could not. This continued until all the novices were defeated and Flying Snow and Fragrant Lotus appeared. Then the force field disappeared and I could run back into the room to my team. About a month ago, my level 99 hunter was soloing this dungeon when the same thing happened. My hunter was not in a group. When this happened to my hunter, the force field did not disappear after the shadow'pan novices were defeated. And Flying snow and her sidekick came behind the force field to attack my hunter.Maryann9 4d
4d Dungeon bug I was in a dungeon and got booted out not by players but by the game then i was told it was going to take 14minutes for me to be able to re que for dungeons as if it was my falt this is unexceptable it costs gold and my time and missed loot.Rokranga6 4d
4d Improper CD Timer So, someone explain to me why this has happened. https://imgur.com/a/txW0Q Before, my trueshot CD was at 2 mins 37 secs. Obtaining the 3rd slot in my relic, it plainly says reduces trueshot by 38 secs. How does 38 secs from 2 mins 37 secs equal 2 mins 25 secs? Even if you add everything at 157 seconds and minus 38 seconds, its 119/60 = 1.983 seconds. Someone explain it because as I see it, someone at Blizzard programming this does not know how to do subtraction.Cambria1 4d
4d Wooly Bully Bully Pulpit is bugged...what a surprise! You get the quest but none of the npc's that you question appear. GG.Melonball2 4d
4d Old Karazhan Chess Event Stuck Cant be solo'd Upon exiting a chess piece that piece disappears and cant be reentered or targeted by the other pieces. These pieces never count for kills and thus the enemy (or you) can win. After this the fight cant be reset and I am permanently silenced throughout the rest of the raid. /reload does not reset the fight. Player death does not reset the fight. Reentering the raid does not reset the fight. Medivh has been cheating for several minutes now. Logged in hours later fight has reset, problem still occurs and fight cannot reset normally.Souplordjay44 4d
4d Scavenging the Shallows This quest in Stormheim is bugged. I searched for Havi's clue for a very long time. Noticed that some of the debris would vanish without giving anything so I searched Wowhead. The clue you need can't be looted but it shows up in your mailbox instead.Scarabus3 4d
4d Herald of Chaos bugged? So I'm doing some dailies on this guy with his body guard Aelthalyste. Ooo a rare! Herald of Chaos! So after taking a few minutes to figure out he was up the ramp (I can be slow sometimes) I engage. As a disc priest I expect to win after a long fight (and I did) but this time I took absolutely no damage. Neither did my bodyguard Aelthalyste, who I was using to tank. We weren't in any special position but I doubt this was intended.Grumbles0 4d
4d Mythic Imonar Would it be possible to be able to do this fight without having constant player dcing all the time?Zorop5 4d
4d Hit Goldshire at level 4, can't take quests. Human Warrior. Managed to finish up in the Abbey just a hair (discovering an area was enough to make me level up) shy of level 5, unable to take any quests upon turning in my quest to marshall dughan in goldshire before leveling up accidentally on my way back to the abbey.Tallow2 4d
4d Barrens escort quests not scaling properlly During the two escort the kodo quests you are given a gun (the street sweeper). Twice now I have done this quest (one at 17, and one at 58) and both times the quest, and the mobs scale up, but not the gun. Its damage is not scaling properly, and the higher you go the less effect it has. I did this with a level 58 character for example, and what should have been one shot per kill took about 25 shots or more.Fuzzyblades1 4d
4d [Bug] Gilneas quest Endgame isn't working I started working on an alt today and myself and several others are stuck at the quest Endgame over in Keel Harbor in Gilneas. We can board the warship at any time, however there are no NPCs of any sort: No allies, no enemies, and therefore we cannot progress. Please help, we are literally stuck and unable to leave.Daemoren45 4d
4d Shaman t21 Feather Color Only for Orc males, Tauren males, and Tauren females. For some reason, the t21 and pvp sets on orcs always have blue feathers on the head piece. With trolls, pandaren, goblins, and female orcs, it matches the feathers on the rest of the armor. Fierce Glad - Should be orange T21n - Should be Green T21h - Should be white The elite pvp and mythic t21 show as the correct colors. NOTE: If you create a new shaman character and go into the appearances tab, you can see the differences. EDIT: Pictures here https://imgur.com/a/91MpSVicrael3 4d
4d Cannot Log out or Exit Wow Currently playing my character Cröw on destromath and the game refuses to let me log out or exit the game. I left my toon logged in last night and much to my surprise found him still logged in this morning. I presume the only way currently for me to log out or shut the game down is going to be doing so manually through task manager and terminating the program.Marrowx8 4d
4d Character stuck after ICC Valithria I decided to run ICC for a chance at the mount from LK on my level 94 shaman alt. When I got to Valithria Dreamweaver I decided to just hide in one of the mob spawn rooms and wait until the boss dies given it was too much stress to fight off the suppressors and heal the boss at my level. Well, when the dragon dies the doors to those spawn rooms close instantly and you're stuck in there. You can use the "stuck" help feature to get out but guess how fun that was for me given my hearth was set all the way over in the Badlands? Not fun at all! Complete waste of time over something that should not be an issue at this time in the game. Those doors should not instantly close after the boss dies. My alt is far behind because I spend most of my time keeping my main updated and working on my new DH. As a shaman its difficult to travel around so if I am farming transmog gear way over on another part of the world it sucks if you want to go for a mount before the week ends that is in a raid that takes you half an hour or longer just to get there. Honestly at this time in the game this should not be an issue both the long traveling for classes with travel inabilities and also things like those doors closing instantly after the boss dies. Please just leave those doors open or at least leave them open until the boss respawns to give me a an actual second to get out of the room before I end up having to use the stuck help feature to get out.Guldoran2 4d
4d Quest to teleport to Stormheim is broken I go through 2 loading screens only to end up back in stormwind. I talk to the Sky Admiral and try again and it just keeps doing it over and over again.Mythaldin7 4d
4d Woolomancer's Charge I've already submitted a ticket in game: "In attempting to do the Arcane Mage Hidden Artifact you can run a script to see if a quest is flagged as complete (Sheep Summon Daily Roll: 43828), which is the hidden daily "roll" for a volatile sheep to spawn in the mage class hall. I can't get this to trigger as complete, and thus am lead to believe I am bugged and not getting my "roll", or chance to move forward in getting this hidden artifact appearance. A friend of my just logged onto his alt mage, polymorphed the appropriate targets around the broken isles, and immediately got a flag of true for the "roll" occurring when returning to the class hall, so it's working for other people, just not me." I was told by a GM that I should try to polymorph the required mobs again, and I did. I responded to the ticket saying as much, and was told to post here and submit it as a bug in game. I've submitted in game and I'm posting here as well. This is very frustrating to me as I want to unlock the appearance, and it's not like it's hidden or I'm getting "bad RNG" as no roll seems to be occurring. If this is indeed a bug, it's working for someone characters, just not me, so that makes it seem like it to could take much longer to fix and be lower priority than if it were affecting every mage.Rutabaga7 4d
4d Felwort World Quest Bugged The Felwort WQ is not being triggered despite being shown as available on the map.Tombbringer1 4d
4d Set sail for stormheim Bugged kept loading me out... now says you have entered to many instances.... FIX THISAddictionz28 4d
4d Can't post on the Forums Half the time I can't post anything on the forums, please fix thank youLathyna4 4d
4d Heirlooms legion I cannot access my heirlooms on any characters says 0/0.Nepham2 4d
4d Bully Pulpit No mobs are spawning for the Bully Pulpit quest on Mac'AreeBoogster0 4d
4d Can't return to artifact quest I tried to put in a ticket concerning questing or character problems, but this problem does not fit pefectly into any of the options given, so I was told to put in a bug report. I started the artifact quest to get a fire artifact. I got to the last boss and died a couple of times. Unlike other artifact quests I have done, her health fully resets each time, as does the health of the add she spawns. I was able to kill the add each time, but didn't have enough health left at that point and she would one-shot me. It was getting late and I had to leave. I'd like to try it again, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get back into it or start it again.Maleficielle0 4d
4d Arms Hidden skin Proc US Do yo have any idea how frustrating it's logging in every day for 3 months to check if the proc it's up?Kitfaid0 4d
4d Stormwind Harbor boats missing Hey folks. I saw a post from 7/2/16 as the most recent but the boats were working for me before patch yesterday. Today on the latest patch, neither the Northrend boat or Darnassus boat will arrive in Stormwind Harbor. This is confirmed for both me and a guildmate, we've been waiting almost 20 minutes. What gives? lvl 100, all possible phasing quests that we know of completed (cataclysm related phase), etc. Did the new pre-launch event that's going to be occuring in Stormwind lock people out of the boats?Kenlaile59 4d
4d Classic forum glitch The Classic forum is not updating threads properly. I sometimes have to reload a thread several times to see replies. Apologize if this is the wrong place for this.Bluespruce3 4d
4d Woolomancer bugged This has been an ongoing problem. My roll won't proc at all but my portal daily will. I've been putting in tickets and there has been a lot of other post having the same problem. its believed because we went straight to ak 54 and not being earned by going to ak 6. I've resheeped all 5 mobs 3 times and still won't proc my roll. I want an answer.Crunchybritt0 4d
4d Lighting bug with my demon hunter so, for a little while now i've been noticing this terrible lighting bug after fighting sometimes https://i.imgur.com/d0VNzRM.jpg and here she is normal https://i.imgur.com/o2iTbHw.jpg it's awful and idk what's causing it really. i think it might be blade dance. my warrior gets the same issue and i believe it's due to avatar. if it's a problem on my end, i'd love to know how to fix it.Remuurä4 4d
4d Broken Yak. I don't have words so here's a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-9oSaSAB9APancakeparty2 4d
4d No More Gladiator Gear? There were apparently some of the stealth changes with 7.3.2, and from what I've read there were some changes to the PvP set stuff too, but it may have screwed it all up in the process. It used to be I could work on my Legion 5,6,7 Gladiator set with no issue. Then, when 7.3.2 dropped all of the WQs stopped offereing Season 5,6,7 Gladiator gear, and I haven't seen them since. Occasionally I MIGHT see some Marks of Honor, but it all seems to be mostly Combatant gear, which not only is a different set, but is considerably lower iLvL as well (not that it matters to me). I've seen reports that it's based off iLvL. I have toons from 900 up to mid 940s. NONE of them are seeing any Gladiator gear in a month and a half. Has the iLvL requirement for this gear reached 950+, or do we now have to wait until Season 7 is over before we can just purchase the whole set rather than earn it piece by piece? Or perhaps it's just bugged and probably wont be fixed until 7.3.5? I know I'm not the only one with this issue, and I find it hard to believe it's just RNG with it affecting as many people as it is.Aquadeus2 4d
4d Weapon going through character's chest. EDIT: Whoops this meant to go on the PTR forums.Pepperstep1 4d
4d the bear and lady fair quest bugged i cant use the ticket in order to get into the brawler's guild arena to fightDercenia5 4d
5d Maw of Souls exit portal = instant death I have been running Maw of Souls on mythic difficulty. After defeating Helya, I take the portal that teleports me to the beginning of the dungeon. The only problem is I am dead upon arriving at the entrance. Releasing and running back to the portal and taking it again works fine. it's just the first attempt after resetting the instance is when I die taking it. Did it on my shaman and it's happening on him too. Everyone else in my group lives through it...Serenessence3 5d
5d Battle for Mount Hyjal Horde Encampment. I think this has been an issue for a while, as I have seen posts from 2012 about it, however I would like to reopen this issue, especially now there is incentive to go here thanks to the Battle Pet Achievments. I seem to do the first few waves in the Horde Encampment well, then eventually the counter goes into a negative and the wave never ends. Is there any way to resolve this issue? I cannot complete the raid like this, it is already so time consuming.Erraneous3 5d
5d Save Krennan Aranas bug The vehicle actionbar did not show up when I got on greymane's horse, so I couldn't rescue Krennan... after clicking around the screen for a minute I realized i had full control of the horse, which also has never happened before lol. I went back and asked for another horse and still the action button didn't show. I have elvUI installed but have always had it and never experienced this, not sure why it'd be causing it nowMaurdee1 5d
5d Nameplate BARS will NOT go AWAY I've got everything turned off in my WoW interface, but with EVERY pull in a group, the damned nameplate resource bars pop up over party members. The name isn't even there. Just a useless, pointless bar.... that incidentally, ruins the whole look of the fight... never mind not being able to see any mobs through the piles of sticks. I need to be able to see what I'm doing, not all these useless bars popping up. What is the purpose? Why is this useful in ANY WAY when we have unit frames that tell us the same thing? Can someone explain this? Every pull I have to ctrl-V to make them get out of the way. Next pull? They're back. Ctrl-V is almost becoming a reflex at this point. WHAT IS THIS?Benetor1 5d
5d Hunter Artifact Quest Giver I can't seem to find the guy to give me the quest for my 2nd artifact....please someone help.Eggsi1 5d
5d Ears showing through helmets forgive me but i haven't been able to find anything about this , has there bee a blue response to the ears clipping through helmet bug? its quite disappointing having all my transmog helmets look awfulKäpryiath0 5d
5d A celestial experience bug i have tried to do this quest 3 times now and i cant go past the first test. i need to complete this quest for the august celestial rep. has anybody else had this problem?Kinshasha22 5d
5d Missing fishing pole I went to grab my Fishing pole out of my bank today 12/9/2017 and it is missing. Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole, I've had this for a very long time and it makes me kind of upset it is missing. One of my guild members is missing their Fishing pole ( I don't know which one I'm assuming it may be the same one/type) also. Who - Darkcrome What - Missing Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole Where - Blade's Edge / In bank account / storage When - about 3pm est How - I logged off to try and reset the game, in an attempt to see if it would reappear in my bank. It was still missing last I logged in, I went to Seth in Shat to see if the quest had reset and he showed no quest when clicked / interacted with either. Any help recovering this would be appreciated, I do not get to play as often as I used to and I was going to go fishing at Darkmoon Faire this afternoon to try and get the Skate underwater mount. Thank You in advance.Darkcrome2 5d
5d Imonar Mythic disconnect bug Several people in our raid constantly disconnected on this boss while crossing the bridge. This makes mythic progression extremely frustrating and the players who are constantly disconnecting need to be benched due to no fault of their own. Fix please.Salorah11 5d
5d World Quest: Cry More Thunder! bugged Seems the same as the regular quest bug reports except this one, can't drop and restart. Issue: Quest completes but dragon does not fly me back for the final task. No option to leave vehicle or return to town. Stuck flying until dragon is dead or if logged out. http://puu.sh/qYKh9/35e9cb5f8c.jpg Notable things: - Friend and I were in group together, we went up at the same time pretty much. I was maybe a milisecond after, he completed, I did not. - Tried logging out to character select, full log out, letting dragon die, waiting another day to try again, nothing has worked to get the quest working. - Tried physically walking to the quest drop off point. No luck.Ryuujin121 5d