Bug Report

2d App stuck on updating Haven't been able to update blizzard application to run any or update any games. have seen people having this problem for over a week. Don't know what else to do to fix this problem.Soberts0 2d
2d Writhing essences still requiring quest Can someone here please help me understand why one still requires the quest in order to obtain a currency? The whole point of making the essences a currency in the first place was to eliminate essence loss from overcapping passed 50. Well, now you have people who check their currency tab (myself included) see they have 1-4 essences and assume they no longer require the quest to obtain said currency. They then do normal writhing essence drop content 2v2 weekly, 3v3 weekly, RBG weekly, Weekly Mythic+ chest, Emissary Caches, first kill of each Tomb of Sargeras boss without knowing they were not eligible for essence loot. Daily heroics are the only way to check if you're eligible for the bonus or not. Surely this isn't intended game-play, they're no longer quest items. I've seen thread after thread of people making the same mistake and forgetting to pick up the quest and missing out on numerous essences. Hell, you will literally receive essences if you've never picked up the quest in the first place. Just make essence drop baseline for the aforementioned weekly/daily content. ... It's really dumb game design and seriously hope you guys change it but that would be logical and save time/resources, so I'm not holding my breath.Phatdooby0 2d
2d Achievement Points Very interestingly, this is an in-game bug that is visible on the forums. Right there, to the left, next to my name, is the wrong amount of achievement points. Through substantial grinding and a lot of RNG, I've pushed my total up to 24,950. This displays just fine when commenting on alts, or when looking at my achievements in game, but when I look on the forums, or in my guild's ranking of achievements, I appear to have accumulated far less. There's actually a further discrepancy from the number displayed in my guild and the one on the forums: the former displays 21,990, and the latter, as you can see here, displays 21,550. It's certainly not a big deal, as it in no way affects my gameplay, but it is a bug that I would want addressed.Opalurael7 2d
2d Soul prism of Illidari Quest ''Soul prism of illidari'' For this quest ,I am required to collect 40 lingering soul fragments. After getting 38 soul fragments ,I am not able to increase further.Is it bug? Earlier 80 soul fragments were required.After 7.2 ,the quest only needed 40 soul fragments.Please comment if anyone facing same issue after 7.2.5 patch.Combatangel1 2d
2d Caves of Consumption Bug RaF You can totally summon your RaF inside the last area of Caves of consumption to get the sun darter hatchling. all you need is an extra scroll of intellect for the water walking, and they can get the pet without bothering with the whole puzzle.Rosearina2 2d
2d 870 Cloak missing from bag I looted an 870 cloak last night in Nighthold and this morning it is missing from my bag. Did not put it on AH. There is nothing in my buyback slot at all but I don't believe I would have vendored it. This was on my warlock, Granthrax-Dalaran. If you could give me it back that would be awesome. TIA, GranthraxIlerodrel4 2d
2d Auctioning Dalaran Pebble I am getting an error message "You cannot auction an item with used charges" when I try to auction the Pebble found on the streets of Dalaran. Used to be able to sell them on the AH before the patch though.Elsepth0 2d
2d Character stuck on dancing with raven bears My character is currently stuck on the dancing with raven bears quest. it put me into the scenario were i am suppose to copy his dance moves, but he never started doing them. I abandoned the quest thinking it would pull me out, but it didnt. So, now i am just stood here unable to move, and if i do try to move i just get DC'd. I opened a ticket to fix this and was just wondering if this would be sorted out soon. Thanks,Boxshapedbox32 2d
2d No longer getting coins of air. As of Friday afternoon, I am no longer getting the new coins of air spawning items when I pick pocket mobs. I've tried disabling all of my add-ons, which didn't help.I've got less than 10k coins of air, so I know that I'm not maxed out.Shikome3 2d
2d Deaths of Chromie: Chromie loses heal buff Tested various styles, and Chromie will go to Andorhal as a tank and retain her "Tank" buff. She will not retain her "heal" buff for a hunter, and she will insist on pulling aggro away from pets and immediately dying. She did not keep her healing status in Well of Eternity either, and I can only assume she won't for the other two. This makes these very difficult instances even more difficult with having to fight for aggro with her and no way to heal her when she's gravely damaged.Sazalla0 2d
2d Truthseeker ability on Ashbringer I recent swapped specs to add Artifact power to my ashbringer to get the other class hall mounts for paladin. This bug has actually happens to me a lot. My truth seeker glows when a Demon is present but wont go away after im away from it. I have tried reloading ui but it still glows. Recently when I swapped specs my action bar in the middle kept glowing while i was in ret and had ashbringer equipped. I was also able to use the truth seeker ability while using ashbringer. I recorded the bug too so if you want me to send that as well let me know.Gamus0 2d
2d Bugged Character or Trinkets? Hello, I have a few trinkets that don't proc at all and I was wondering if this is a character issue. Thrumming Grossamer Barbaric Mindslaver Flask of the Solemn Night These never proc for me ever. Any advice on these would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea why they wouldn't trigger on 'your healing effects' or 'your healing spells'. I have spammed myself with health and without health. In combat and out of combat.Istariia10 2d
2d Deceiver's Veil bug? During Deceiver's Veil on the Kil'jaeden fight, my group had Illidan spawn off the fight platform on a few attempts making it impossible to get Illidan's Sightless Gaze.Adám0 2d
2d Hippogryph Pet Hello, I just tamed Lalathin but she would not stop roaring....its getting annoying....she keeps roaring when you do a slight movement.Watermelon3 2d
2d Artifact upgrading issue.... I have currently 1,143,603,717 for rank 4 of [Concordance of the Legionfall] it says I need 1.1 Billion... I currently have 1.14 Billion.... It is not allowing me to upgrade and the text for cost on the tool tip is red... Is rank 4 not achievable because its broken?Stababill7 2d
2d Not getting any more champions I am now 110 and have done all the quests available for this demon hunter and have not gotten more that two champions. I know there are quests to get more and have read all the Wowhead articles on the topic. Am i missing quests at some point or is there a bug where I am not getting the quests for the next champions? Thanks in advance.Dämonenjäger3 2d
2d missing pets I should have 349 pets, but only showing 20 or so. The pet page even says i have 349 pets, but most of them are missing. this spreads across all of my toons.Meretrixie1 2d
2d [BUG] Emerald Dreamcatcher buff Buffs or debuffs that influence 'casting speed' shorten or lengthen the buff from the Emerald Dreamcatcher legendary, respectively. This includes effects like: 'Time Dilation' during the Guldan encounter, 'Passage of Time' during the Chronomatic Anomaly encounter, and the proc from the trinket 'Whispers in the Dark'.Spuggs0 2d
2d AK level stuck Currently my warlock is stuck at AK level 39, says I can't research anymore. Looked through bags and bank, I don't have one sitting aroundDarklena4 2d
2d Character Animations not working? So, whenever I log onto my warrior here, their entire body except the head basically, is just frozen in the normal standing position. All my spells and their animations work just fine, no issue. Easy money. But when there should be an auto attack animation, or the running/walking animation, or even just a talking animation from /say, instead the character just stands stock still and does nothing. I've tried resetting UI, zoning, and even repairing my wow. Nothing works-- and other players could see the same thing, it wasn't just me. That said, floating upright through space is a pretty annoying thing to see and then during combat you get no visual of your character swinging, blocking, etc. Just standing there. All my other characters have no issues. I should also note, that when I joined an LFR, it was the only time everything worked, and then broke again on leaving.Zarìa0 2d
2d Issue with Chess event in old Kara So I already submitted an in-game bug report on this but I wanted to put something here too. I've managed to do this twice now and it's getting annoying. I am trying to get an appearance from the Chess event in the old Kara dungeon. While going through the dungeon I end up getting disconnected because of Disengage (which is another issue entirely). Upon logging back in I continue on to Chess. After starting the event, every time I leave a piece, that piece disappears. This makes it impossible to finish the event as I cannot actually manage or move more than one piece or it will just cease to exist. The event then kills off the rest of my pieces and then gets stuck because it cannot actually kill the piece(s) that have disappeared. I have tried letting the event reset, letting the dungeon soft reset, logging off and on again, etc. Nothing seems to fix it and it ends up in a broken state.Freezeträp2 2d
2d No coins of air! I have all 3 magic lamps in my bags, yesterday mobs had items that turn into coins of air, today I haven't seen one item while pickpocketing and have received no coins at all.Thesneek4 2d
2d Guild bug The game currently says that I am still in my guild, however it says the guild has 0 members no news and when i try to leave it does not do anything. It is also doing this for my friend who is in the same guild. In edition to this when i log on it says you are not currently in a guildNightsword3 2d
2d DH companion Lady S'Theno voice spam Just wanted to report this issue i've been having. Lady S'Theno the Demon Hunter companion will spam her summon voice line and chat line every 2-3 seconds (not an exaggeration) when i have The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge buff at 5 stacks (legendary boots). She will go into a constant loop of summon/unsummon/summon when the buff is at 5 stacks and she will not stop looping until the buff goes away. And she has a pretty loud/vocal dialogue when she is summoned so its really annoying. And as i mentioned it will get spammed every 2-3 seconds. And once again i'm not exaggerating that number.Illidani1 2d
2d Challenging artifact colors bugged There is an achievement for unlocking all the appearances for your artifact. One specific for unlocking the challenging ones named: "Fighting with Style: Challenging". This achiev is not been awarded even when you have all the challenging colors unlocked. Proof: https://puu.sh/wuER7/df7b569576.png People can't do this before cause one requires to kill H:Kil'jaeden who was only possible to kill since this week. I don't know if the achievement it's not tracking KJ or it's not tracking any other of the colors or maybe it's not tracking any. Can you please check this? TYTatahe1 2d
2d Unsettled Power Oversight The Unsettled Power quest to upgrade legendary items to item level 970 shows its icon at the Nighthold like the quest to upgrade them to 940, however, Writhing Essences are not obtained from the Nighthold, rather they are obtained from the Tomb of Sargeras, among other sources. The location of the icon on the map should be changed to reflect this.Retribution0 2d
2d Missing World Quest Indicators/Icons After getting the Legion Companion app back on Tuesday and using over the week, one thing I noticed over the days is that the Mobile app shows quite a few more world quests than what appears on the in-game map. A good example are, Pet battle world quests, those don't show at all on the in-game map. Also certain areas, such as the Burning Legion area in the south-western part of Suramar, sometimes there are quests there that do not show up on the in-game map, however they do on the mobile app. The quests are there too, because if you trek your way to where one of the icons are on the mobile app and not on the in-game map, you'll get the World Quest popup and can do it. Here's are two screenshots of the in-game map showing Suramar and Dalaran which you can see there are no icons indicating that any quests are available in those two areas: http://i.imgur.com/RmARG4h.jpg http://i.imgur.com/RmARG4h.jpg And here's a screenshot I took immediately after from the mobile app: http://i.imgur.com/EMxsfQd.png As you can clearly see, there's a quest for some Order Hall Resources in Suramar, and a Pet Battle quest in Dalaran.Sorrøw6 2d
2d Wanted: inquisitor tivos This quest disappears once you port up to the ship. Killed him 5 times, but the WQ is never active up there. Only becomes active once I fly out of the shipDigerati35 2d
2d Disconnects Everytime that I am on a loading screen or flight path, and I escape out of WoW to another program like chrome, I disconnect.Volchangar0 2d
2d Class Quest for Paladin I've lost my class quest and I can't find them no more I'm stuck with only 2 followers and I can't get my third relic. Any advice for me ?Fatturtle5 2d
2d Maiden of Vigilance Stun in Air The Maiden of Vigilance has been known to stun while people are in the air after dropping their bombs, killing their forward momentum and dropping them into the pit.Odinsting0 2d
2d character animation's broken character animation's dont work properly. 1.no animations when mining ores 2.no animations when hearthing 3.no animations when summoning a mount 4. no animations when dreamwalking 5 . combat ally will not mount up at all just runs across ground below me making this horrible noise like hes trying to mount but cantDarvick3 2d
2d unsettled power after getting past 50 essences it restarted and wouldnt let me turn in.Thandrul3 2d
2d [Death Knight] Bugs & Suggestions 1.) Male Night Elf ONLY (Bug) ... 2.) All Death Knights (Suggestions) ...Danerik2 2d
2d Stormwing Drake Bug The Stormwing Drake in Hrydshal flys high into the sky when you attack it and takes forever to land again, this is a change to it's behavior from previous patches and if you kill them mid air their corpses stay in mid air out of reach.Akaname3 2d
2d Tool tip BUG! leather working I found that it says you can craft 1k ilvl legendaries with my leatherworking but they just come out 970 which is understandable as thats the new high but had my hopes up i tell yaHahnlite1 2d
2d Transmute: Blood of Sargeras It likes to do a vanishing act, every single day. It will only show up after doing Wild Transmutation, exiting the profession window, and opening it again. After the daily reset its gone again.Jerauld2 2d
2d Withering Essence REMOVED from Inventory... Had six WE's in my bag, as well as the orange-colored spoiled sample. Turned in the Spoiled Sample, and the six We's were removed. Is this "working as intended," or a bug?Pharsalus6 2d
2d Quest: "Opening the Test Kitchen" bug Once you take the 5 fish from the barrel. You give them to him but it does not keep your progress and you lose the fish with out being able to finish the quest. You can abandon it and retry but that doesn't work eitherDelinanna13 2d
2d Artifact knowledge research missing so im at 38 artifact knowledge, logged on today to get my notes and then automatically went to start new research (which worked,) then went to apply my notes and they are missing out of my bags, and also since the artifact knowledge cap is 40 i technically have wasted 1k resources on effectivly doubling up on notes. pls halp.Kauyonkais7 2d
2d Bm T20 2pc so i only noticed this with the 2pc, normally if you bestial wrath while bestial wrath is still up it just refreshes the duration, but i noticed with 2pc T20, if u try and refresh bestial wrath while bestial wrath is still up, instead it just puts it on CD and doesn't give you bestial wrathPwnykég2 2d
2d Kara Chess Boss, King Disappeared Old Kara Chess Boss, The King Disappeared and now the boss fight will not reset. I have hearthed out 2 times and rest all instances. This did not work, once I re enter Kara it says Echo of Medivh cheats! and I have a debuff above my characters name plate that says, Game in Session, Quiet! Do Not Disturb, this debuff completely pacifies me. I can run around, but I can't do anything else, not even auto attack. please helpJàgger1 2d
2d World Quest: Inquisitor Tivos Bugged I've killed Inquisitor Tivos twice and I'm not getting the quest completion. This is the second quest bug I've had in two days, very frustrating.Spunc1 2d
2d The Black Tome quest is bugged The tome itself does not spawn. I've been at it's location for 20 minutes, even after realm hopping and abandoning and restarting the quest.Hoosky66 2d
2d [Bug] Ashes to Ashes Doesn't generate 5 holy power if used to pull an enemy. You have to be in combat beforehand for it to work properly.Abendroth0 2d
2d Convergence of Fate not working with Meta CoF doesn't seem to be procing with Meta as of patch 7.2.5. Few DH's have posted about it. After playing around with CoF and Meta, it doesn't seem to be reducing the CD at all.Arisle7 2d
2d Leather working bug? I went to make another pair of vigilance perch gloves to sell, the recipe said it has gone up to 1k ilvl but when i crafted they came out 970. =( please explain...?Hahnlite3 2d
2d Request Signature not working Hi there, I'm trying to start an alt guild. I bought the guild charter but when I request a signature from someone, it doesn't go through on their end. They say they are not on starter accounts and don't have Guild Invites blocked. My HUD says "You have requested *** signature" but it doesn't go through on their end... Anyone know what is going on?Gorerage7 2d
2d 2pc T20 Beast Master Bug! If you pop BW again while it still has any remaining up time from the previous use (its rare but if you stack crit you can proc enough and chain them) it doesn't refresh the buff and you get nothing.Tombstone0 2d
2d Thisalee Crow flight form bug [with reason?] She cant use flight form. Assuming it is becasue I am using the class hall version and she cant have access to it. please fix as her spamming shapeshift sound and smoke is reallly annoying..Lockedheart1 2d