Bug Report

4d Weapon sheathing problems Hello, I hope this is the right place to share this. I've been playing my male pandaren rogue lately, assassination spec, and noticed the way the weapons sheathe on the back is very messed up. They don't even line up with eachother when placed on the back, one is floating off in space and one is very close to the skin : https://gyazo.com/9249999408cc6f839b1fbf330e2fe7a1 It causes literally every cape to clip no matter how small : https://gyazo.com/db7c7ba291f3c0f78c3a5449f7fe6c6d Is this considered a bug that could possibly be fixed?Trickypaws0 4d
4d Flower Crown Bug Hey, just got the crown on my NB here, and the darn thing pure clips through the back of their head and ends up resting a little bit above their forehead. Not a huge deal I guess, just thought I'd throw it out there that the model sits improperly compared to other races. It's like half inside her brain lol.Enathiel0 4d
4d Goblin Weapon Size (Unsheathed) I realize I'm like 1 of 4 people that actually plays goblin but... why are my weapons huge? When you unsheathe your weapon as a goblin, it practically doubles in size. Somebody please tell me this is a bug - it's been this way for months. And it looks ridiculous.Peßßle0 4d
4d Overlapping quest monster bugged I was playing a new night elf in Duskwood and she is only level 26. A warlock was doing their legendary weapon quest which happens to be in the same area. I was killing ghouls outside of Tobias's shack where she was doing her quest and suddenly, one of the Dark Riders (level 98) rides all the way over to where I am killing ghouls and one-shots me. This should not happen. Please make sure phasing or whatever is working properly in areas so we do not suddenly get ganked by high level monsters from someone elses' quests.Liadra0 4d
4d Bringer of The Ligght. Being Trolled! I hate this scenario with passion. This is my 21st time doing this thing, but first time since 7.3.5 I am at the end of this thing, and Vellen cleared the path all the way down. I look away and then when I look back there is no Vellen. I'm sitting here going WTF. I wait a bit, I run around looking for a while. I cant Find vellen. I target Vellen. I mark Vellen and still cant find this Old SOB. Now here is the kicker. I look up in the damn sky and guess who I see? Thats right I see Vellen. Sitting way up in the sky where I cant interact with him. EDIT: I had to do this scenario a second time to finish it. I owe blizz a five finger surpriseWowcu0 4d
4d Missing Augari Chest and others give no loot. Got the Shroud of Arcane Echoes ability and used it to open a couple of the chests and both of them disappeared without a trace and without giving any loot.Ceravan6 4d
4d A Celestial Invitation Bugged When I completed the quest "A Celestial Invitation" after defeating Algalon in a pet battle, he disappeared so I wasn't able to turn in the quest for the reward. I'm sitting in front of Ulduar at his turn-in location and he isn't there, even though the quest completion question mark is on my mini map. I tried logging off, phasing in and out, and reloading my UI but nothing is working. I've submitted a bug, but that's not an immediate fix to my issue. I'm not able to abandon the quest because it's already completed and it's grayed out (not able to click).Maidenchina7 4d
5d Protection Warrior Hidden Appearance Bugged I went to the cave and seen it and when I looted it the loot window opened but nothing was there so I tried to re log in and it completely disappeared. I have been trying to get this forever now and when it finally shows up I couldn't loot it at all then re logging makes it disappear. My connection is flawless its 50ms Home and 50 ms World so I know there was no lag. I literally had it right there in front of me but just got a blank loot window. Blizzard I need your help this is literally messed up and is so wrong. I got bullied by the game for the first time ever which is what it feels like. Date of incident is 02/17/2018 and Time was 8:39 pm CST.Drediin0 5d
5d Cannot start a new quest in High Mountain I have been trying to find new Quests on the main story line in High Mountain. None are available. Please help!Herculesa0 5d
5d Ashran Queue Not Working At All? Pretty much what it says on the tin. I queue for Ashran, and it tells me "In Progress" but never summons me to the battle, and if I attempt to walk in, I get an "anxious for battle" debuff and am booted out. This queue doesn't pop. I've been waiting for hours, and I've tried it a few times with the same result. Yes, I've tried it at peak server hours, yes I've tried it at peak US hours. I've tried it on a weekend, and on a weekday. It doesn't seem to make any difference. Walking into Ashran simply queues me for it and then boots me out. It was my understanding that if there weren't enough players, you'd just end up getting a message saying that, and then be given five minutes to come up with enough players to continue before the match is ended. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore, and getting in seems to be simply impossible. The worst part is that I really just want to get in and get my Vol'jin's Spear Tabard. I should've just picked it up back in WoD, but I never bothered because I didn't expect to have this kind of problem. Is there anything else that I can try to get in? I haven't found any groups doing Ashran, and going in as a Mercenary hasn't done anything either.Pearsay7 5d
5d Auctioning for parts whilst this is not technically a bug, i would consider it a massive fault of no ones design, just unfortunate circumstance. for the quest auctioning for parts one of the parts required can only be farmed via ashran, now whilst this part can be bought on the ah, due to the fact that no one really does ashran anymore the queues are impossibly long, making farming this part harder and harder, pushing the price up to ridiculous heights, currently 150k+ on khaz'goroth. this does not allow for people to complete this quest in any feasible manner. my suggestions would be to either populate the pvp servers that are running low with extensive queue times with Bots that can have their ai skillsets varied on a sliding scale based upon some inherent rating system attached to players, which would speed up queues, however there is the fact it is meant to be player verse PLAYER which im sure purists wouldnt approve of, maybe a system that allows for players to opt out of bots and wait the extra time for players, also to stop farming of bots it could be as simple as making bots slightly more difficult than your average pvper as a minimum which would make it more a pain in the !@# to do. thats my suggestion for a total overhaul. the simple solution would be to make it accessible outside of pvp or to move the part drops to another location... i like the difficult approach personally lolAeterno1 5d
5d In ashran all alone Last night I queued for ashran, I was ported in and it’s said not enough players game will end. But when the timer counted down to zero I was still there. I was able to finish 4 events and kill the enemy boss. Completing the quest ashran dominance. I never saw another player the whole time I was there.Daldened1 5d
5d No Ground Mounts Allowed in Nighthaven I rode my Racial Lightforged Draenei mount into Nighthaven on my level 20 Lightforged Draenei for the Lunar Festival. Ever since I turned in the quest I keep getting 'No ground mounts allowed' message. I ran out of the town area and I'm still getting the error. Also, I can't post on forums with her either.Ezmaralda3 5d
5d Cant pick up artifact weapon. So I completed a stray quest in stormheim as warrior. At the end I got my fury artifact weapon. Now I have a quest to get the fury artifact weapon?... I re-did the quest and now im at the final stage. I can't pick up the fury artifact weapon since I already ahve one in my inventory and I can't destroy the one I have on me. So I can't complete the quest. What do I do? :(Freedöms16 5d
5d Saurfang Orgrimaar bugged? Is Saurfang (Boss) in Orgrimaar bugged? I just saw 4 people, yes 4 people kill Saurfang. They pulled him into the the little area right above his throne and Saurfang just blade stormed in one spot as they killed him.Moonchief0 5d
5d "Save Yourself" Broken Every time I go into Farondis' memory, it doesn't allow me to attack anything. The hotbar with his moves doesn't appear. What should I do? Already restarted the game and quest several times.Pherythal1 5d
5d Rush is spewing green lava everywhere. Ever since he fell in some green lava on Argus, my new pet Rush has been spewing green lava constantly. This persists through dismissing and re-summoning, summoning other pets, logging out, restarting WoW, and restarting my computer. Here's a screen shot of it in action. https://i.imgur.com/w4d0qy7.jpgZirris1 5d
5d [We need weapons] quest bugged The weapon on the top floor is not showing up, I can get the other 2 , I have abandoned the quest and picked it up again and that does not fix it.Aliatra35 5d
5d 'Flyable' not working in Easter Plague Lands Just dinged 60, and created the following macro: #showtooltip /cast [flyable] <flying mount name>; <ground mount name> Doesn't work as it should until I change flyable to noflyable.Antorius1 5d
5d Darkmoon Dirigible flight sound in 7.3.2 Patch 7.3.2 broke the Darkmoon Dirigible's flying sound. If you are still attached to the ground and moving, it plays properly. However, when in the air you only hear the propeller spinning up sound effect and then it goes silent.Thecheat4 5d
5d Can't get to Pandaria after faction change. I recently changed over my hunter to the Alliance side and after looking through several forums online I'm left with nothing. There is not an NPC I can find in game to start a quest to get there. I was a good bit of the way through Pandaria when I decided to change. I'm unsure what I can do to fix this?Brutalforce2 5d
5d Brawler's guild: Paku Something is wrong here.... paku spawns...the maze immediately spawns under me... stun dead. am I missing something here?Suyen0 5d
5d Fix the hunters GCD/animation delay I made a post on Reddit recently that gained a bit of attention regarding this issue, everyone there agreed with me, and I’m posting the same thing here with the hope of blizzard listening. I also put this in the general section of the forums and someone suggested I put it in the bugs section, so I’m doing so. I noticed the delay on hunter GCDs immediately when I returned to the game a few days ago after a few year break. (I play marksman, multishot and arcane shots are the biggest offenders) My internet is fast, and my ping is around 35ms, so I knew it wasn’t from my end. I googled it, and found that it’s apparently been plaguing hunters since their new ability animations were introduced almost a year ago. I created multiple new classes, including this character, just to test it out, and they all work perfectly. No GCD delay with them, only with the hunter. As far as I know blizzard hasn’t even acknowledged this issue. I just think this is absolutely unacceptable from a triple A title and seeing that it’s a well known issue that’s annoyed people for almost a year, I’m surprised the community hasn’t made more of a fuss over it. It might seem like a minor annoyance to some, but it’s actually a big deal. Over the course of a long fight, those slight delays add up to a pretty big dps loss. Casuals might not care, but this is enough to nauseate a hardcore/midcore player. As a competitive min/maxing raider who came to wow with the intentions of being just that, who only plays hunter, it’s enough to make me want to quit the game. Please do whatever you can to bring awareness to this issue so blizzard will actually do something. Reddit posts, forum posts, submit in game tickets, anything helps. This is hotfix worthy imo. The fact that it’s lasted this long is insane.Fixhntrdelay2 5d
5d Unable to apply Transmog Unable to transmog on one character. I have checked the prices, i have 16k+ on this toon but it will not let me transmog, I can edit and save different outfit sets but I cannot apply them. All my other characters work fine.Malthael5 5d
5d Transmog Level Requirement bug Queen Azshara's Dressing Gown is a lvl 51 requirement item with a lvl 78 item level. It's transmog requirement level is lvl 78 and NOT lvl 1. I say lvl 1 because of new scaling transmog rules where lvl 1s can transmog up to lvl 60 items and lvl 60s can transmog to 70 and so on and so forth. However some items are accidentally using their item level instead of their required level for transmog requirements.Orcbait1 5d
5d Are Two Seaters Still Ejecting Passengers? I can't find the threads that were discussing this. So I started this one. With the lunar festival now under way, I need to know if I can fly my second account characters to the elders like I did last year?Nebulinea0 5d
5d Vashj'ir Seahorse missing from mount journal? Anybody else notice Vashj'ir Seahorse is no longer in the mount journal? Strangely though, if you type /use vashj'ir seahorse or make a macro, the mount still exists and can still be used. Wondering if someone from Blizzard could provide additional info, mostly because I have reasons to suspect its disappearance was not an accident...Endocarditis9 5d
5d [Bug] Equicide Cloak The Equicide Cloak which is a reward for the quest "Murder Was The Case They Gave Me" in Westfall, does not change based upon class specialization. For example, it has +Agility and +Stamina stats. If you complete the quest on a restoration shaman, the cloak will still have +agility instead of +intellect.Kheradin0 5d
5d Can't Change Legacy Raid Difficulty Whenever i try and change the legacy raid difficulty from 10m to 25m, it gives me this error: ... This is not at all relating to lockouts or anything else, as i want to change it to 25m to clear a fresh 25m Ulduar. Any ideas on what to do?Krialivan3 5d
5d Killing Spree (Outlaw Rogue) game crash Using Killing Spree (Outlaw Rogue) on Aggonar during the quest "A Strike at the Heart" causes the game to immediately crash. Tried twice to use this ability and both times game crashed as soon as first strike hit.Wintre0 5d
5d Not Getting Credit for Dungeon Kills While leveling a Highmountain Tauren, I've found that occasionally we do not get quest credit for the boss kills. Aaaand that's about itTabalta1 5d
5d Void torrent pushback I'm occasionally seeing spell pushback when taking damage while channelling void torrent of my void elf. This shouldn't be happening due to racial abilities.Svenska0 5d
5d Allied races quest bug I was choosing my ally when the server disconnected for me. When I logged back, in, I handed in to Anduin, but I did not receive a followup quest for my chosen ally race. There is no quest start for my character?Jeymien12 5d
5d Mythic HFC Gorefiend bugged You cannot kill Mythic Gorefiend with a small group due to Gorefiend sending multiple people down at once and thus resetting the boss. This was previously not the case before 7.3.5 as the same group of people cleared all of Mythic HFC for transmog the week before 7.3.5 and now after 7.3.5 it is not possible.Kyloo1 5d
5d Bug in the Defenseless and Afraid quest In Mac'Aree, i'm playing with my girlfriend and we can't go past the Defenseless and Afraid quest, because it is bugged. We just can't click to activate the Ancient Pylons. Tried to restart the game, abandon the quest and try again and nothing seem to help. Anyone know what can i do?Deadlyozz0 5d
5d Lake cut off in Feralas This occurs at 53.0 - 76.0 in Frayfeather Highlands. Water is just a line where it ends. https://photos.app.goo.gl/D0ZwAgH9vJbNTOpA3Yno0 5d
5d Allied Race: Level 70 Flying Price Allied Races now level fast with the adjusted scale leveling experience, and the Heirlooms. However, gold rewards haven't been adjusted as you reach level 70. From quest rewards and vendoring loot, at level 70 I only have 1,500 gold. The level 70 flying trainer is selling the upgrade for 4,500 gold. I won't have that amount of gold probably beyond level 80 -- at which point the level 80 flying also costs 4,500. Please, bring this up to the developers. Adjust this pricing for Allied Races.Nategrey1 5d
5d Make Them Bleed can't be complete in one run. The Blood Furnace quest "Make Them Bleed" where you collect 10 Fel Orc Blood Vials and the Fel Infused Rod is pretty much uncompleteable in a single run unless you get lucky. My group cleared every single orc in the dungeon, and the most blood someone had gotten was 8.Selareon0 5d
5d Timewalking Trash Scaling Off? Timewalking scaling feels a bit off. Trash and bosses are taking the same amount of time to die, or sometimes trash is dying slower.Dathrel1 5d
5d Ninjas on "Our Mortal Enemies" quest Leveling a Brewmaster monk through southern Stranglethorn, and completed the quest named in the title, "Our Mortal Enemies." The ninjas on Jaguero Isle took zero damage from my monk's Keg Smash skill. My monk got no chi from smashing the keg, and the ninjas did not get the Dizzying Haze debuff. The Breath of Fire skill was also useless, doing zero damage to them. I was able to kill the ninjas with jab and Tiger Palm and other skills, but Keg Smash and Breath of Fire did nothing at all. There was no error message for this -- nothing like parry/dodge/block or even "immune." Note that the other enemies on the Isle at the time (the shadowmaw panthers and various flavors of monkey) were taking damage from these skills as normal. So it seems to be just the ninjas that are immune to Keg Smash/Breath of Fire, with all other things being equal. My monk has the Breath of Fire major glyph equipped, and the Honor minor glyph (no other slots open yet). I know there's an issue with stances and the Jab minor glyph, so maybe there's something there. Not a game breaking issue, or even blocking the quest, but it did slow things down a bit. And if the ninjas are supposed to be immune to drinks, I'd hope that there would be some indication.Qazzi4 5d
5d Brimscale Serpent Vashjir these guys have a move that reduce you stat (int for me) by 700 for 10 secs. making you hit for 2 dmg. intented? i was on a lvl 81 priest with 658 int in full looms aswell.Herne0 5d
5d Icecrown - Into the Wild Green Yonder Quest: Into the Wild Green Yonder Location: Icecrown The FLYING STILL animation and the GROUND STILL animation are swapped by mistake. Flying still is showing ground still animations. ground still is showing flying still animations.Nategrey0 5d
5d Any update on view post history problem? Title. Using the forms without this function is pretty awful. I am sure I have let tons of comments go without a reply.Gärithos1 5d
5d Kilrogg Deadeye bugged on mythic So tried doing mythic Hellfire with a few friends, got to Kilrogg, and he was spawning 3 adds at a time, instead of the usual 1. which made 3 puddles of green goo and instant MC each time we tried it. Fight is very bugged~Baconmaster2 5d
5d Nothing is working It's like my mouse and keyboard just disconnect from the game right after launching the game, it just happened randomly while I was leveling and now I can't click on anything, the keyboard won't work on the game, it just sits there, buttons don't even highlight when I mouse over them. I restarted the game several times, I ran the repair tool (did nothing), I've restarted the Blizzard App and I've moved all background applications out from behind WoW (A suggestion from another bluepost). Nothing is working and I can find nothing on anybody having the same problem. Please help.Larelle2 5d
5d Character stuck after Invasion scenario After an invasion scenario, my character gets stuck when I am teleported back to the quest turn in. Logging out and back in again releases my character and I am able to move again. People in my group near me report that they cannot see my character when it is stuck, and appears as if I am phased. I can see them, and was even able to jump on one of their three seater mounts. Once I jumped off the mount, I was unable to move again. This has happened on multiple characters and has happened to my friends as well.Dynah47 5d
5d Stuck on "Heroes of the Horde!" Quest. I'm up to the point where Orkus tells me to grab the plans from the Stormpike Battle Master that he kills immediately, yet the NPC doesn't even give me the option to loot after it's dead. I've abandoned and restarted the quest several times, logged out and in, restarted the game. I don't see whats the problem. I'm stuck in a loop where Orkus is killing the Alliance Trio endlessly because the NPC that supposedly drops the "Alliance Battle Plans" isn't dropping it. EDIT: The dead Stormpike Battle Master NPC's dead corpse eventually despawns.Shinpuru162 5d
5d Unleash Hell Vehicle Action bar bugged During the quest Unleash Hell the vehicle action bar is not popping up for me. I tried reloading my ui and just waiting for the Action bar to pop up to see if it was just a delay. I just wanted to let you guys know that this is happening. I was logged on as my Lightforged Draenei Paladin.Gorefather1 5d
5d BC Karazhan Chess Event bugged as of 7.2.5 Doing my weekly Kara mog run and get to the Chess Event. Go to start the fight by clicking on my king to control him. Fight starts. I exit king to control another piece. King disappears. Any other piece I control and then exit also disappears after I exit. Tried logging out and returning approx. one hour later. Fight is reset. Start it again. Same process happens. Pieces disappear after exiting them. ... Can confirm the problem is addon related and that disabling all addons allowed the fight to work normally. Also, I use ElvUI, DBM, WA2, Recount, Ovale w/ SpellflashCore, Ask Mr. Robot, Auctionator, and WorldQuestTracker. Not sure which one caused this problem yet. EDIT: ElvUI appears to be the culprit. It was the first addon I turned back on and tried to run the fight again with. No other addons were active. King disappeared as soon as I exited.Snakefinger77 5d
5d Warlock Gate Pathing So is this new pathing for Warlock Gateway intentional? It can be used vertically up hills. E.g. https://clips.twitch.tv/AstuteBlazingSlothArgieB8 Can be used from all floors on WSG and TP.Doraflex0 5d