Bug Report

1d End of Dungeon reward no longer RAF bonus Moo. Prior to the patch, RAF accounts gained the extra XP from the end of dungeon reward. This doesn't seem to be happening now. Intended or bug?Triviacow1 1d
1d Forsaken Death Knights Have Yellow Eyes I had a Forsaken DK but it drove me nuts how their eyes are still yellow behind the blue glow. Every other race in the game has recolored eyes. I can only assume this is a bug. Has anyone heard anything from Blizzard regarding this?Krizzok0 1d
1d Armory stuck in " realm Maintenance" Wow armory stuck in " realm maintenance".. everything working except AH..Idacoi3 1d
1d Crazy mess! plz give thoughts. When I'm mounted... error sounds as if I am trying to cast or something while mounted. it is flashing the red "you are mounted" sign in the middle of my screen over and over and over and over again. only fixes when I am off my mount but then when I loot or idle (sitting down) it starts up again... any thoughts?Vwormwood1 1d
1d DK pet ally disappears My unholy DK seems to lose its pet on log off and have to re-summon every log in.Follol0 1d
1d Dragon kite The dragon kite pet is the white/blue checker box. Also, typing "kit" in the pet journal will bring up kite pets; typing "kite" has no results.Kykia4 1d
1d "Going Underground" Quest NPC BUG UNABLE TO RECEIVE CREDIT, when I click the "Talk to Ms. Xiuian" button outside of the black market auction house in Dalaran Sewers.. It's the quest chain that unlocks the flask recipes. Please hotfix this ASAP!Ttowntokerxx6 1d
1d Fel Lord One-Shotting Entire Team in Arena So the last 2 nights I've played a couple different comps and come across this. Demonology Warlocks Call Fel Lord skill instantly one shot multiple people on my team. Upon checking recap, the Fel Lord did 8 million+ to each of us, attacking 5-6 times per second. This happened against multiple teams, on multiple nights, and seems to a be a reoccurring issue introduced with 7.3.5. There may be other factors involved, as we encountered Demonology teams whose Fel Lord functioned correctly. Please fix blizzKickspam0 1d
1d Ineffective randomization of PvP world quests People have previously reported that they keep seeing the same PvP world quests every day during the times they are able to play. Your developers retorted that this cannot be, that the PvP world quests are randomized. Your PvP world quests are randomized, but they are randomized with conditions that render randomization ineffective. The way it appears to work is like this: 1. When servers first come up, the PvP world quests are properly randomized the first day. There are 4 PvP world quests to choose from, one every 6 hours. Suppose these quests are A, B, C and D. Suppose the first randomization is A, D, C, B. 2. Each following day, however, you appear to randomize with constraints: perhaps that the same quest cannot repeat if it was present in any of the previous two time slots, and maybe other conditions. It seems you do this with a generic algorithm that's the same one you use to randomize emissaries. 3. With emissaries, this randomization with constraints is not a problem because there are substantially more emissaries in the pool, and a longer time frame. The PvP world quests however are just 4, so when you randomize with these constraints, what happens is that if the first day, you had: A, D, C, B ... then every next day, you will have: [A,D or D,A] [C,B or B,C] This means the same 2 quests will appear within the same 12 hour period every subsequent day until server state is reset. Since server state is not reset every week, this pattern repeats until e.g. a patch day. If you look at your statistics that span several server state resets, you think nothing is wrong, but in fact the randomization is whacked and people are stuck doing the same two PvP world quests if they log in at predictable hours.Elorynx0 1d
1d Nether-Touched Cloak? Hello, for some reason, after the recent patch my [Nether-Touched Cloak] disappeared from my transmog area. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Marrius2 1d
1d Loot bug (READ) Hello over the passed 5 days i have conducted 17 maw of soul runs ranging from +12 to +16 trying to farm the trinket "memento of angerboda" and out of these 17 runs i received loot 12 or 13 times... 9 of those time was of the loot table of the same boss "Harbaron" he holds a total of 3 loot items for enhancement shaman a pair of bracers "Afterlife manacles" which i received 5 of next is a head piece "Tidescorn colf" i received 4 of those and lastly is a cloak "seacuresed wrap" i received 3 of these. i believe it is a bug because more than 75% of my loot comes from the same boss... you would think in a 3 boss dungeon it would be more evenly distributed and especially not on a boss that holds a total of 3 items for my class.Dranosh6 1d
1d The Disappearing Sunfire. Since the patch I've noticed that Balance Druid's spell Sunfire, the dot portion, will randomly fall off the target with time remaining. It has been able to be reproduced, as well as others within guild stating they have the same issue. This is what I've been able to find out / reproduce: 1. The DoT, when applied by itself, will not fall off. 2. The DoT can be refreshed with Wrath with no problem. 3. Issue only occurs when a normal rotation, or a combination of spells are cast on the target. 4. The fall off has occurred with various time remaining, 24 sec downwards. All testing was done on raiding dummies, as I am unable to raid; due to the frame rate bug... but that's another post! Anyone else notice this yet?Sulfete2 1d
1d Get kicked while completing Ascending Alchemy I got kicked from the server instantly every time I tried to submit this quest. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=48016/ascending-alchemy I do have 2 Infernal Stones in my bag and 1 in the bank, with these items in the bag: 300+ Astral Glory purchased from the auction house and 43 Prinal Sargerites gathered from world quests. So far, 75 * 3 = 225 Astral Glory was consumed (Infernal Stone and Primal Sargerite were not consumed though.) and the quest could not be completed. Could someone help me fix this? Could you give back my herbs? I just want to get the recipe and be able to make a trinket. I tried to file an in-game ticket US62196694 but they simply said they are busy on other matter and simply direct me here. Please help, thanks a lot!Xiaogai0 1d
1d The Fate of Hodir - Warrior Class Campaign The quest - The Fate of Hodir - seems to have a bug with loading the special actions, like jumping on the flying monsters, and loading the next special action to dive bomb near Hodir. I found if I relog it will load the correct special action, but after relogging to do the dive bomb you are also kicked off the flying monster. Which that makes doing the dive bomb impossible. I turned off all addons, tried reloadui, and could not find a way to pass.Post4 1d
1d No chest after finished a +16 Upper Kara No chest after finished a +16 Upper Kara with +2 key upgrade! I don't know if the GM gonna compensate this or not.Dierboen1 1d
1d Warlocks not generating souls shards in raids some mobs that were previously giving soul shards on death are no longer doing so, is this an undocumented nerf or is it a bugBadgerbeard0 1d
1d archeology broken I'm trying to do archeology in Lothien, Azsuna - There are a couple digsites overlapping at location 55,29 and vicinity. Everything works until i get the "dig here" shovel icon above my head and i get the echo - You cannot do that here- If I try on any area of the digsites that is specifically not overlapping with another digsite, I get stuck in the dig animation endlessly and have to leave to reset.Overmyknee6 1d
1d Multishot for Hunters is broken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1eb0ENzqMg Is this happening to any other class? I realize scaling, but 936 ilvl with level 60 mobs and my multishot is leaving some of them with half health? Huh? (Apparently I can't post this bug in General and have to post it here. So here it is.)Painbow0 1d
1d Scarlet Halls Bug - Guards not dying After killing the Houndmaster, the dogs seems not killing the guards that are blocking the way into the next area and will kill you instantly. Hence, the party will be forced to not finish the instance. I hope the bug will be fixed as soon as possible :)Kesso2 1d
1d Mythic MoS not giving Keys I have now experienced this on 3 alts.Huggz0 1d
1d Mail delays Logged in for the first real session post 7.3.5 and experienced huge mail delays. Took almost 30 seconds for mail to be sent although you could overwrite the dares see while waiting. This was the same while trying to send mail to multiple alts but the delay dropped in half when sending a second piece to the same alt. Delivery seemed OK but it took me 5 minutes to send OHR boxes and rep tokens to 5 alts.Absolvr1 1d
1d Remote Auction House Since Tuesday, whenever I try to use the remote auction house, I receive a message saying, "This server is down for maintenance." This happens no matter which character I try to access the AH on (Characters on different realms receive the same message). The remainder of the app appears to be functioning normally.Ardalin2 1d
1d Necrotic back to 10 seconds Almost a year ago this change happened Necrotic Rot will now expire after leaving combat. Duration reduced to 8 seconds (was 10 seconds). It has been bugged for a long time where it can randomly have 8-10 second duration. This mainly only matters on some of the bosses where you need luck to get stacks to reset for some classes. It would be great if it could consistently be 8 seconds like it is supposed to be.Kekerino0 1d
1d Flight map issue. Not technically a bug When you have a quest to turn in right at a flight point, the quest icon on the flight map makes it very difficult to click on the flight destination. Perhaps quest icons on the flight map could be cosmetic only? Or perhaps they could "split up" on mouse-over, making them easier to click. It's a relatively mild annoyance, but would be a nice QoL change. I'd say I encounter it once/twice a day, at least. More if I'm leveling or doing other quest-heavy content.Natebruner0 1d
1d Maiden of Vigilance untarget After clearing Host on ToS Heroic, like any other, I jumped off the ledge to get an easy run back. Upon entering the orb dodge, I noticed they weren't applying a debuff, and when I made my way down to Maiden, no mobs were targettable. The leader then reset the instance, while we were still inside, and while it may be unrelated, we were unable to zone out as well. Had to hearth out. Upon re-entry, everything appeared to be resolved. I am unable to duplicate findings, until I can kill Host again to reproduce steps. Maybe in Normal mode.Rimadyl0 1d
1d Gear from leveling dungeons Are vendoring for 2-4 copper. Not sure if it is intended or not.Xjd1 1d
1d Rage of the illidari isn't doing damage. pls fix ok yesGoodpizza0 1d
1d Armory app down? The app has been telling me that the servers are down for maintenance for two days now. Any ideas when it'll be back up???Rylies2 1d
1d The Vortex Pinnacle-normal vs. heroic After the patch on 1/16/18, I noticed that the normal mode got a LOT harder, and the heroic stayed about the same. I have been running through it with levels 100 through 110 (iLVL 917). I have noticed that the normal runs have elite mobs at level 90 at 253676 hp (ie: Gust Soldiers, Armored Mistrals, and Wild Vortexes). Heroic runs have the same elites are level 85 at 197010 hp. In addition, there are more green items dropping off these trash mobs and more gold, so it appears this was part of the 'leveling in a zone of your choice' feature in update 7.3.5. I would like to see this feature switchable to on or off, and flip-flop the difficulty back to where it was. Thanks! -AndamoAndamo0 1d
1d [7.3.5] Azjol-Nerub - Hadronox Wait Time Character: Talynnda Problem: Hadronox is struggling to take down the adds that are accumulating due to health adjustment, in some cases creating intense lag and also creating a very long wait process for it to ascend to the top of the ramp (excess of 5 minutes). We made multiple attempts to AoE the adds and even attempted to pre-empt them from spawning by dropping down below first. To no avail, so we had to just sit and wait or re-queue for a new dungeon. Realm Name + Location: Wyrmrest Accord - Northrend Dungeon When: Ongoing Issue How: AutomaticFizzxink0 1d
1d War machine Hi guys, i just wanted to let you know that WAR MACHINE (warrior talent) isn't proccing as supposed to in Antorus.... Used it on few Aoe fight like High command, and didn't proc from adds at all... I know some fight in M+ that didn't proc it too... Would be nice to fix this...Picsøu1 1d
1d Victory Rush, War Machine, not working in PVP Victory Rush, War Machine, not working in PVP, i mean, id like it fixed.... NO RUSH!!! ;(Scariah2 1d
1d mu'ru doesnt drop loot anymore did 2 xmog runs thru sunwell today, both times muru dropped nothing at all.Lorca0 1d
1d Skullcrusher the mountain: to much health The quest is now impossible to do, after a 13 minutes fight, all npc start to die because their health pool is not prepared to defeat a 5M boss.Laganizer0 1d
1d Shrinking Weapons For the thousandth time since I first notice it, this issue has remained unchanged. I first noticed towards the end of Mists of Pandaria that when I sheath my weapons as a male undead, they shrink. They shrink quite a lot. It's a noticeable difference. It looks HORRIBLE. They seem to be full size when unsheathed, but they're so small on my back. It's every weapon type. It even happens with hip sheath weapons. This also happens to an even more severe degree on male night elves. I can't believe you'd make demon hunters who have these massive weapons, and not notice that they shrink by nearly 50% when sheathed on a male night elf. It's not just warglaives, either. It's every weapon type for them as well. Seriously. If you don't believe me, go test it. Test all your characters to see if their weapons shrink when sheathed. As far as I can tell, it's mostly male undead and male night elves who have this issue. Blizzard has only ever assessed this issue with female blood elves in a previous Legion patch. They completely left male undead and male night elves without any fix, and I don't think they've even acknowledged that this happens. It's infuriating, and it's ruined the "cool" factor of my character for years. It may not seem like much, but having your weapon visibly shrink when you put it on your back is very off-putting when you mostly play this game for transmog. Please just acknowledge this. I've been begging you for about five years now to pay any form of attention to this, and none has been given. It looks terrible, especially on the night elves. I've made reddit posts, I've tweeted all of your Twitters, I've ticketed GMs, I've submitted bug reports, not a single iota of attention or acknowledgement. It's so frustrating and looks ugly. Edit: Here's an example of what I was talking about: https://imgur.com/a/YZ0Yk The Brewmaster keg is excellent at showing off the shrinking weapons issueBrawg0 1d
1d Halfhill Farm vs mob level i have multiple chars from lv 90 to 100 and each day i still work on my farm motes of harmony to craft bags on the side. everywhere in pandaria the mobs that attack me are the level they were before WoD came out HOWEVER the vermin that spawn on my farm are the level of the char i am currently on ( i.e. 90 - 100). why is this???? to me, it appears a buggy code becuz this is the same code being used in the mines in WoD and in the herb garden and while out mining and herbing in WoD; the goren that spawn randomly from the nodes are the same level as the player ! lv 100 goren spawning in pandaria really? is this part of the next expansion? the goren invade pandaria?Zaitëki2 1d
1d PvP gear not showing up in appearance tab. Is this a known bug or on purpose?Nyte0 1d
1d Sister of temptation battle pet. broken model The sister of tempation battle pet is a blue/white checkered cube right now. checked it with some guildies. and other people see it as a cube as well.Blunttrauma1 1d
1d No soulshards from Portal Keeper Hasabel adds I noticed when fighting portal keeper hasabel that when an imp died or any of her adds and I was using drain soul as they died I didn't generate any soulshards at all Speaking with two other locks in the group I was in we all here having the same issue along with a few other warlocks in guild. we tested this on both normal and heroic and LFR with the same results.Indalazaylia4 1d
2d [Bug] Drain Soul not giving shards on adds Affliction's Drain Soul isn't giving shards when you kill adds on boss fights in Mythic+ or Raids. This is a huge DPS loss.Alasander0 2d
2d Can't click on Quest Items Many quests will give you an item that you need to use - either use it on a mob, use it in a given location, etc. - to progress the quest. These items are placed into your bags and also show up as a small icon just to the right of the quest in your quest log. Normally, you can click on the icon in your quest log in order to use the item. Since 7.3.5 went live, I cannot click/use the item listed in my quest log and have to open my bag (or drag the item from my bag to my bars) in order to activate/use item.Sâphira0 2d
2d Unable to see daily (blue) quests in Pandaria Since the patch I can no longer see the blue daily quest icons over characters. I have seen from forums I am not the only one with this problem but not seen a post on how to fix. Can someone confirm this is a bug or else tell me what to do to fix it. (have tried changing mini map settings and most everything else I can think of) If its a bug I will just wait for a fix, but if its something I can resolve please advise.Gigglygirl2 2d
2d Scarlet Halls Bug - Guards not dying After killing the Houndmaster, the dogs seems not killing the guards that are blocking the way into the next area and will kill you instantly. Hence, the party will be forced to not finish the instance. I hope the bug will be fixed as soon as possible :)Kesso0 2d
2d Zigzag archaeology sites, cannot dig I am trying to do some archaeology sites in Azsuna, but they seem to be producing these odd zigzag patters which are producing dead zones which often contain the relic. So if these zones overlap then it somehow labels the It's like the polygon vertices are out of order and producing this pattern.Jormundgard0 2d
2d Priest order hall missions issue. So not sure if any one else is having this issue or any other class. But since 7.3.5 every time I send my followers out on order hall missions the chance of success % drops significantly after I send them out on the mission. An example was I had a 200% chance on a mission to get army of light rep tokens but I noticed once I checked its status it was down to 125% and this drop happens for all the missions I send my followers on such as gold missions dropping from 150% to 80-85% once I initiate the mission. I checked to see if this was a issue on my warlock/death knight and shaman but they all seem ok. So I would love to know if its just me having this issue or if there is any one else out there having the same problem? Thanks for any reply's on the matter.Tiostra2 2d
2d Fix mission success rates Missions are magically losing completion percentage for no reason once the START MISSION button is pressed. This is costing people resources by making them send out more missions to level up our champions. This is also extending the time it will take to level those champions because the lower percentage is rewarding less XP. This needs to be fixed.Faethor0 2d
2d Lower Kara & BRH Just pointing out some bugged encounters I experienced today while doing M+. Huntsman bugged when he summoned the spectral horse wall. He evaded and then reset. This occurred multiple times which prevented us from completing the key. The 1st boss in BRH is bugged as well. When he summoned the adds we couldn't target them and the spell they cast continued to go off. I've read other dungeons having similar issues. Hope Blizzard is working on these issues.Lavak5 2d
2d Resto Druid Artifact weapon quest bugged? I am in the final stage of the quest line fighting Destromath and I am supposed to use the weapon but nothing happens when I click on the little icon I get (call of the mother tree). I targeted Destro, nothing. I untargeted him, nothing. I targeted my allies, nothing. Am I missing anything?Sharnara49 2d
2d Transmog removed from collection The First Satyrs Spaulders transmog has been removed from my transmog collection and its extremely frustrating. This patch has broken something and its gone, I don't want to farm endlessly again for it. Any response from blizzard would be appreciated Edit- IT WAS REMOVED FROM THE NORMAL XAVIUS LOOT TABLE, THUS REMOVING IT FROM TRANSMOG COLLECTION IF EARN IN NORMAL. THIS IS A BUGBloodbane11 2d
2d [QUEST] A Great Idea 7.3.5 Hi all I am unable to complete the achievement [Tanaris Quests] because this quest cannot be completed. QUEST - A Great Idea Zone - Tanaris How to replicate: Bind the swarmer onto the rope, and bring it to the questgiver. The quest is supposed to credit when the swarmer arrives but doesn't; but all the quest dialog still plays normally. Ironically the quest chain is called "Bug Free" which this quest is definitely not :pCogly0 2d