Bug Report

3d Master Riding missing Hey, Under my spellbook, it says to 'See your Trainer' for Master Riding. However, when I visited the trainer in Orgrimmar, the option to learn Master Riding seems to be missing. Could you help me out with this please? Thanks!Frooshz1 3d
3d Estate Jewelry: Haute Claw-ture Quest seems to be bugged, everytime i kill Monarth and im supposed to open the chest to recieve Lespins art, i am unable to open the chest. trying to finish before 7.2 drops so please help me out!! Thanks allCbon1 3d
3d Illidari Enforcers Attacking Me? I'm the Slayer. Leader of the Illidari. I don't understand why when I engage other players in PVP in certain areas of the broken shore MY followers attack ME. What the hell? I should kill them all for treason. This bug is absolutely stupid. Please fix this.Numbers1 3d
3d Nithogg Spawn Bug Nithogg hasn't been up in 3 months and Sarthlos the drag for the other piece of the warrior skin has literally been 3 times in that time. Clearly a massive bug or Blizzard is trolling, can't decide.Amtis50 3d
3d Greymanes Gambit This quest was reported bugged in the beta months ago and it still bugs rn. Nothing spawns and I'm ported out after five seconds. I've abandoned, relogged, etc, and its the same.Akrendoas17 3d
3d Mistress Sassz'ine Not Tuned for Flex Raiding Okay, Mistress Sassz'ine is not properly tuned or balanced for flex raiding. As far as I can figure it, a Hydra Shot on heroic difficulty hits for 10.6 million damage. In a 30 man raid, you get 3 of these and they're shared between 10 people (at best) doing roughly 1 million damage per person. In 10 man, you still get 3 Hydra Shots, they still hit for the same amount of damage and now each person (3 per beam lets say) are getting hit for 3 million damage. That means if done properly, every time those beams hit, people are either taking 75% of their health or being one shot. I'm not sure how that's fair. Either you need to dynamically size the damage of the beams or the amount of beams you get in relation to the size of the raid because if you don't, that means that having a large raid size is a mechanic, which is silly. Also, in 10 man you get the same amount of murlocs on your backs as you do in 30 man, the same amount of jellyfish pools, and the same amount of Ossunet ink on the ground. Some of that extra ink usually needs to be picked up to make room for movement. On 30 man, picking up extra inks and healing through the DoTs are manageable but on 10 man, this becomes a lot harder. We brought 3 healers to mitigate all this extra damage but then meeting the enrage timer as a result becomes difficult. We had to add extra people into our raid to get around these issues but some smaller 10 man raiding guilds (or even 15) are going to have considerably more issues downing this boss if something isn't changed.Nood1 3d
3d Greymane's Gambit DC'd during Greymane's Gambit. Logged back in and the boat was in SW. When I select Sail to Stormhiem, it loads for a moment then kicks me back to SW. I deleted the Cache and now it just dc's me everytime I try to log in with that character.Rokdos15 3d
3d Can't purchase Seals of Broken Fate I only have 2/6 seals in my currency tab and I am unable to purchase any from vendor. Any assistance or solution would be appreciated!Jingzaku5 3d
3d Not getting Writhing Essences from content Didn't get any Writhing Essences from my heroic daily yesterday(completed after the hotfix went live), didn't get any from rbg wins (yes i got 1500 honor), didn't get any from my emissary cache I just completed nor the heroic daily I did straight after. Really annoying when you submit a ticket and get a response saying I completed the heroic daily before the hotfix went live except the mate I was running it with got his essences for completion...totally lazy GM that couldn't be bothered checking logs. Edit: Figured out the issue, I hadn't started the quest Unsettled Power again. You really should fix that seeing as Writhing Essences are a currency and not a quest item anymore, why on earth would you still require the quest to loot a currency?Phatdooby3 3d
3d Hatchling of the Talon is bugged http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5n8w5q It's easier if I show you a recording. Basically, some bubbles I touch I get credit for, one bubble I missed I got credit for, other bubbles no credit even if I go straight through the center. Demon wings don't change the issue, I just used my demon wings to demonstrate without a doubt how it works.Poledouris1 3d
3d Dreadsteed won't fly All my other class mounts fly, I posted in GD and was told it ***should*** fly...yet, it does not. My warlock feels very slighted, and now, it seems, it's not warlocks who don't get flying steeds, just her, so it's personal. How can this be rectified?Marlocke2 3d
3d Mount Hyjal Quests (Fixed) I was doing the Hyjal questline only to have the quests on both routes abruptly end right after finding out Aviana's egg was stolen (Couldn't get the quests to save her or anything) and right after freeing Tortolla. I flew all over the zone and couldn't find any quests I missed and talked to Ysera at Nordrassil just in case. Nothing. Normally since this is an older zone now I wouldn't particularly care, however without being able to do more of the quests, (at least up to "The Sanctuary Must Fall") I can't get the zone into the regrowth phase and without being in that phase I won't be able to tame Banthalos, Ankha or Magria. These hunter pets are barred off until this is fixed : (Raedri2 3d
3d Mission table bug? Heya guys, I just went to the orderhall mission board and tried to get the 500 legionfall rescourses. everything went through like normal(the animations clicked the box), but no rescourses, plz help! this only happens once a week. I need my chests...Piratesmallz1 3d
3d Torch Tossing Bugged The torch tossing game is not registering successful torch hits. Failing every time, even though one game I hit at least 14. Others saying the same thing in game.Sÿnthesis4 3d
4d Fallen Avatar Dark Mark Is it intended that the Dark Mark doesn't scale with raid size? Looking through logs - and my own experience - as a 10 man raid you get 3 Marks that deal 8.8 mil damage on a soak. On a 30 man raid you still only get 3 Mark that split 8.8 mil damage. On higher raid sizes this mechanic is a bit of a joke, but on 10 mans you either need to stack immunities or just sacrifice DPS to survive.Failhunter0 4d
4d lfg/lfd waited 37 mins for my first que, it jut vanished like i wasn't even in que, waited 13 mins for my second and it vanished like i wasn't in que...what the !@#$% is going on?Hiyöri0 4d
4d Combat ally XP It seems like my combat ally (monkey king if that matters) is only getting 94 xp per wq vs 1000 on my DK. DId something change recently? thats a hell of a nerf if so.Giratu2 4d
4d Missing battle pets I really didn't know where to place this but, I have noticed I'm missing many of my battle pets, I have the achievement for 75 unique pets but I only have 15. I know I had more I can not find on any characters.Diabloblaze4 4d
4d Dragonkin Battle-Training Stone not working I recieved a Dragonkin battle-training stone as a reward from a pet battle. I initially tried to use it on my lvl 4 Lil' Tarecgosa and it wouldn't work. So I thought maybe I wasn't allowed to use it on that one for some reason. I then tried 3 other common dragonkin pets I have and it wouldn't work on them either. I tried reloading my ui and logging out and back in. Still not working.Chiritzal2 4d
4d Class mounts missing in armory I have done the class mount questline on every class so far. Had them done since the first week. So my issue isn't a log out/clear cache issue. My mage, priest, demon hunter, and warlock(green skin) mounts aren't showing up in the armory. There are other, missing mounts such as the Ivory Raptor and Felsaber(and more). Would you kindly fix this?Flinter0 4d
4d Desolate Host-Can't stay in Spirit Realm I click the font, go into Spirit Realm, and can't stay in for more than 3 seconds, I get kicked out :P Me and a Guildie are having this problem. Me and Average-Madoran (my guildie) are having this problem. We don't know what to do :PAnimalfury2 4d
4d Trial of crusader loot vanished on twin valks Ran yesterday 25 man TOC 25 man. After killing twin valks, clicked on one to loot and the loot didn't even open and vanished. I tried clicking again and the npcs weren't clickable anymoreElvinna0 4d
4d Heroic Fallen Avatar possible problem Not sure if its a bug or what but when transitioning to Stage Two of the Fallen Avatar I died to fall damage....it was for my entire health pool 3,996,480....Arithawn1 4d
4d The Skyfire portal in Dalaran will not work I'm trying to reach the Skyfire to do the Stormheim questlines and the portal in The Violet Citadel will not work for my character! WHAT THE HADES IS GOING ON HERE?Satyressia0 4d
4d Item Vanished From Bag I put in the order for my Demonic Phylactery and logged out. After I got through with my other toon I logged back in and picked up the Phylactery. I then decided to do Ritual of Doom. When I was done I pulled up my map to see what I wanted to use the Phylactery on and it indicated I didn't have one. So I looked and it was gone. I had not used it and it was not on CD. I was able to start another and used it. After going up top in Dalaran the missing Phylactery was in my mail as lost currency.Strattasong0 4d
4d Succubus invisiblity Succubus can no longer auto cast lesser invisiblity. Auto cast can be toggled on and off, but can only be cast manually.Albedo0 4d
4d Can't reach Kil'jaeden's platform. My group and I were fighting K'j and when we all died the last time we all respawned on Avatars platform and cannot get back to his platform.Báin109 4d
4d Heartstop Aura doesn't seem to be working. Heartstop Aura (4th lvl blood DK honor talent) doesn't seem to be functioning. If I read the text correctly, it is supposed to increase the CDs of other people's abilities by 20% if they are right next to you, correct? I was suspicious it wasn't working when blink kept cooling down just as quickly as death grip in BGs, even when the mage blinked when right next to me (right after a death grip). I further tested it with a friend in a test duel (which I believe turns on honor talents). I walked right next to him and had him cast various abilities. None of the ability cooldowns were affected in anyway whatsoever.Vyar0 4d
4d Pickpocketing Problems I have all three lamps of Al'Abas and I have been pickpocketing everything that I am allowed to pickpocket. Yet I am not receiving any Coins of Air. Does anyone know what is going on?Amendrah1 4d
4d The Motherlode seems to be bugged. After Excavator Karla finishes the dialogue and Treasure Master Iks'reeged is bound by the ancient shard the shard despawns and treasure master is no longer bound and excavator Karla despawns. Leaving and coming back into the cage restarts the sequence but with the same result.Niccfit1 4d
4d Wrymtongue Caches. They need to last longer or not have a shared function. If i'm opening one it shouldn't just vanish out of my hands. Unless you're doing this on purpose then all the ire gotten is earned.Annallee1 4d
4d (H) Trilliax Annihilation Bug AGAIN Just pugged H-NH earlier today and we were stopped at Trilliax. The Annihilation wipes half the raid instantly no matter where we're standing just like when 7.2 launched.Tryck0 4d
4d 2 Person Mount Unmountable so a friend is on her rocket and is going to give me a ride in the broken isles and she has flying there but i do not and 15 min before i had gotten a ride from another friend on the Vial of sands dragon and had no problem but now i cannot mount her rocket or any other 2 person mount but me as a 2 person mount they are both able to mount mine i have unloaded all add ons (thinking this might be add on related) but not working and then deleted the WTF folder and still no go on it fixing only buffs i had on were the ones given to me at the time by the system even tried leaving group and reestablishing the group waiting for your help thanks againShadowloch0 4d
4d Auction House/Mail bug I have been listing things on the auction house for two days. It keeps saying internal auction house error. I canceled an auction and my items went into my mail and the mail icon popped up by my mini map. A few minutes later the icon was gone and when I went to check the mail it was empty. Now I see that money was supposed to be given for my sold auctions and after the countdown ended still nothing in my mail box. Because this isn't working properly I can't be completely positive how much money I should be getting but I know I'm not getting what I should. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Please help me.Anataya0 4d
4d hunter mount mesh is mess up plz look out for our class order mount the mesh is been broken since you apply the hotfix patch for 7.2.5Dranlord2 4d
4d Infinite DoT at Iron Docks [WoD] I've had two different party members experience this while I was healing in Iron Docks. One of the mobs on the railway (between Grimrail Enforcers and Oshir) applies a DoT that has, twice that I've seen in two days, not expired until death. I think it's the animal handlers' (forgot their names) DoT that has something to do with a spear. The weird thing is that the DoT expires from their HUD (and mine) as usual, but they keep taking big incremental damage. I've sat there and healed a Bear tank for about 5 minutes, capping his health multiple times, and it just keeps plugging away at him until we let him die. Luckily, it resets after death. ;)Whylight1 4d
4d Zeppelin bug Just took the zeppelin from warsong hold to orgrimmar except after the loading screen it ported me to malaka'jin, stonetalon mountains. not the first time this has happened eitherTalinne0 4d
4d Shamanism Merc Bug Hello! I just wanted to let yall know what Shamanism when you merc does not correctly switch to heroism nor does it lower it to the 1 minute CD :[Igniscorde0 4d
4d Can't queue for a random normal dungeon I am level 98, and my ilvl is 728. I can't queue for a random normal Legion dungeon. I get a message that tells me I do not meet the requirements. I can specific queue for all of them. What am I missing here?Ieatsquirrel1 4d
4d Artifact empowerment/AK 25? Hello everyone, I'm trying to get to AK 25 on my DK(Ragebringer) from Earthen Ring server. I seem to be stuck on 24AK with nothing pending on research. The NPC tells me to talk to Kadgar but thats where it stops. I have enough Artifact levels of 45 but I have put in multiple tickets with no responds. I'm at a loss here what the hell do i do?Ragebringer1 4d
4d HOTFIX NOT FIXED - Corrine the...unrespawning Hotfix: Corrine the Deceiver should now respawn as expected when killed on the quest “Cult Culling”. NO SIR! LIES!. She is dead...dead...still dead...oh..did I mention dead? Can't finish lock quest cuz...ding dong Corrine is dead...and won't respawn. Think you need to hotfix your hotfix.Nalichupiku5 4d
4d Headgun Goggles Buff stuck cannot get rid of the headgun goggles buff - cant see any other appearance on head aside from the goggles. help pleaseWarrhoof6 4d
4d SEAHORSE MOUNT MISSING Seahorse mount is missing from all characters, even the one who have completed the quest.Kittira2 4d
4d Skull of the Manari Keeps disappearing and not coming back in raids/dungeons... intended?Darkeios3 4d
4d bugged portal to KJ on heroic bugged portal from Avatar to KJ on heroic? i cant zone in . anyone else having this same problem?Uifjskdflsjd2 4d
4d Death Knight Class Mount Death Knight Class mount. Stage 4. After killing all the mobs .. filling the bar to get the life essence ... NO Clickable secondary button pops up to allow the life essence to be converted into death. Therefore the next stage cannot be entered into. I have died several times to reset it. Each time only undead that cannot refil the life essence bar spawn and therefore the next stage never comes up.Urath3 4d
4d Combat ally missing Hey! I am playing after a few weeks, and my combat ally(rexxar) is missing can someone help me out? I've tried re assigning his from the class hall but it didnt helpRekttmate4 4d
4d Combat Ally bugged My Combat ally Emmeral will disappear if I move from one zone to another or change spec's. When I move to another zone and Emmeral disappears changing spec's will usually bring him back, but just for that spec. When I change back to the original spec Emmeral is gone again. As of yet I do not see a pattern as to what zones work with which spec.Wolfmanjack0 4d
4d DK class mount stage 4 unable to complete Death Knight Class Mount at Stage 4 .. where you harvest the undead around the dragon for the life essence. I have filled the lifebar and gotten the message to convert the life essence into death. However; no clickable button .. as is seen in youtube videos of this scenario .. pops up. So wave after wave of undead continue to spawn. After a while I decided to die to reset it. However; it sent me back to the beginning of the scenario to fill the life bar again .. but no undead spawn that will fill it .. just waves of undead that give no life essence. What do I do at this point?Urath0 4d
4d Garrosh Heirlooms: Bugged or Wrong Text Upgraded the bow after being told it showed a level requirement of 1 to equip. The text shows 1-110, with the correct stats for my level 25 Hunter. When I try to wield, it gives the error that I need to be level 90 to use. The bow has been upgraded to 1/1. I deleted it, logged out and made another one. Still will not allow me to equip. It has not been enchanted, mailed, or tampered with in any way. No sockets have been filled, and I even tried removing my old weapon, to see if that was the problem. Nothing works. I'm also currently BM spec, so it's not an issue with me being Survival(not sure if survival is blocked from wielding ranged or not, but just thought I'd add that) Hopefully this is only a bug and it will be fixed soon, but if not, it would be nice to fix the text so that others don't make the same mistake of upgrading it for low level purpose, only to find out that it does not work. Thank you.Nzhuv3 4d