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11m Frost vs unholy PVP I am going unholy for the new expansion. I like 2 handers and the playstyle. but how will unholy do against frost 1 v 1? Seems like frost has ways to grip you and root you...and we know about the burst of frost. just wondering if unholy will be able to hold its own? what talent/pvp talent setup will work best for unholy?Entâri4 11m
14m Is Unholy viable if you never use the ghoul? See question. I can't stand the 1980's kid cartoon ghoul. I always had the Sludgebelcher pet because it functioned better and it looked way cooler. There's no option that I see to change the bad ghoul to a better pet now. So I refuse to use it. Is Unholy still viable if you don't use the ghoul?Zso7 14m
18m Newest Transmog Thread You know what to do!Offwörld108 18m
20m *sigh* Kor'vas I realize plenty of people have done the MT challenge for blood by now, but I still need to vent. This challenge sucks. I don't feel like my skill matters at all. I did this previously on my guardian druid and figured blood DK would be a breeze. After adjusting to the DK differences I can blow through phase 1 to phase 2 no problem every single time. Then in phase 2 I run out of "keep the retarded Kor'vas from getting killed CDs" and he dies. So frustrating. Just needed to vent.Sultriss9 20m
30m Wraith Walk Blizzard acknowledged that mobility for Death Knights was a concern. And it was something many Death Knight players brought up. Their response? To remove Wraith Walk as a baseline ability, and put it in the same tier as a powerful self heal. To "compensate," they gave us a MUCH SLOWER mobility spell as baseline. Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me.Haedriel13 30m
43m The GCD Changes are Awful omg the GCD changes are awful to frost dks(from the few minutes i was able to test it out before crashing), what is blizzard thinking, this pre-patch made my rotation so much slower, i feel like i am playing final fantasy 14 realm reborn, wich i hate, i had to rant about it somewhere so i came here, i hope i am not alone on this, this needs to be reversed back to normal.... how much more casual are they gonna make wow until they are satisfied.Akutzo3 43m
49m ~R.I.P. Sludgy 7/17/18~ As the days until the pre-patch are winding down, lets take a moment of silence for our bloated friend. Sure, he may not have been the prettiest one to look at, but dammit he was there when you needed him, unless you jumped down a ledge and pathing happened. RIP Sludge BelcherAddux11 49m
2h Suggestion : Make a Ranged DPS DK Spec One of the issues I've had while playing my DK in the past (and other classes as well) is the imbalance between ranged and melee DPS. It's been my experience in the game that being a melee DPS means that it's harder to find raid slots. Blizzard has not helped this situation, since every new class added has been melee DPS (DK, Monk, DH) This has led to 9 melee DPS classes and 6 ranged DPS classes. Why not turn one of the DK specs into a ranged spec? You could make unholy summon undead minions to throw at the enemy with death coil as a filler. You could generate runic power by summoning minions (effectively DOTs) and then spend that power on death coils. Blizzard has given melee specs to ranged classes with the hunter. Why not give a ranged spec to the DK?Feydark5 2h
2h Frost DKs in BFA Keeping it dual or can it go 2hand?Razaghal1 2h
2h Warrior or Dk BFA? Pvp and pve help please ! Hey guys wondering which u prefer and why. I tried both unholy dk and fury warrior on PTR. Seems unholy is kind of clunky and sometimes gotta wait for runes to recharge? (Some downtime). On the other lhand, fury is a lot of button mashing. I am undecided which to main. Pvp side, which do u prefer for bg and arena? Which is historically better? ThanksDonaldtrump19 2h
5h Wtb dead or dying GF pls respondGreenbutton1 5h
5h Unholy Hidden Appearance in BfA Is it obtainable after we ditched our artifact? We might get a talent similar to Apocalypse but it's not the same as using the artifact itself, would the book still drop?Emberheart8 5h
5h Lost after being accepted into the Alliance. I'm extremely new to this game, as such I don't know the names of anything, how to get back to Stormwind from Ebonhold after returning to Ebonhold from Stormwind. Nor do I know what quests I should be doing now. Someone suggested I find a new realm to level up in. I was really interested in the whole Death Knight thing, how do I continue that story line? If I can't complete that story line, can I go to Gilneas and fight some Worgen? or is that only a starting area?Skjöldolfr5 5h
5h Blood DK Warmode Talents Can anyone tell me what are the best pvp talents to take in Warmode that will have the most use against other players? I have looked around and the sites I have looked at only show what would help killing NPCs in Warmode.Rancore5 5h
7h Attn: Fellow Beastly PvE UH DK Sup bbs. How're we all feeling about talents? Stuck on what to choose for the following: All Will Serve vs. Clawing Shadows for talent 56 (feelin' like this is negligible?) Harbinger of Doom vs. Pestilent Pustules for talent 60 -Definitely taking Epidemic for talent 90- As for talent 100, I'm pretty up in the air about all of 'em. -Loved the way DA played up until now, but know little to nothing of the changes/how they played out in beta. -Haste buff from Unholy Frenzy seems kinda gnarly due to rune regen, but not sure if that'll be worth it over additional Apocalypse+AOTD on longer fights.. Thanks in advance for the input! <3Erogance0 7h
7h Frost DK similar to Enhancement? Was looking into some possible alternatives in the event that 8.1 does not bring any significant mechanical changes to enhancement shaman. A friend of mine told me that Frost DK is a similar playstyle, with RNG procs not unlike stormstrike. What do you guys think?Kahn7 7h
8h No Allied Races for Hero Classes Q&A just confirmed DK and DH will not be getting allied races for BfA. I wanted my DK to be a zandalari but alas it won’t happen. Suffer Well.Decaydius19 8h
8h All Will Serve I wanted to talk about this talent as I very much enjoy the theme and idea of what it does. Having a second undead just rain arrows on your target was fun, but sadly Mr Shakes damage just never scaled well (at least in pve, what I’m after) Now the simple choice would be to scale him off mastery and be done with it, but I feel that would just make him to good and a must pick. I’d rather he scale with a small percent of our mastery just so he stays competitive with the other choices. My other thought would be why not give him an attack speed boost like we have with UHfreezy. Every wound burst he gets a small attack speed increase. But what do you think? What would make our little bow friend more interesting and worth using?Richardqueso6 8h
1d Death Knight Mage Tower Skins Honestly, Blizzard - what the hell were you thinking? The default colors for these weapons are HORRIBLE. I just finished all three today, and I feel like I wasted my time completely. The Unholy weapon is red and the Frost weapons are green? Who thought this looked good? Why do they lock the appropriate colors behind heroic Kil'jaeden?Adgaris11 1d
1d Best legends to use of Lvling up in BFA? Legendary effects can be used till 116 and I was wondering which ones would be the best if i plan on leveling up as blood dk? I only have a couple of Legendary gear right now but will farm up some essence to purchase whichever one would be the most helpful for leveling.Singletap5 1d
1d DK Legendary Questline? A weapon for every occasion is that part of the dk legendary questline?Íllûsìøñ2 1d
1d Unholy or Frost for BFA ? What are you guys going with ? For me I think going Unholy just for a change after spending all of Legion playing frostØdegaard53 1d
2d Zandalari DK Seriously why can't Zandalari be Dks? They were around in wotlk, DKs can raise other DKs (you do it to a ton of people in the legion class hall), and Zandalari have a Loa of Death. It makes absolutely no sense that anyone who mains a DK is just denied any new races (which look 10x more polished than current races) even when it would make perfect sense to have that class be an option. It's frustrating.Zikara45 2d
2d Any addon for runes? I have always wanted to try playing DK but the whole rune thing gets to me and i guess i am not using my cds correctly or something but i always seem to have a down time where i can't use anything for a few secs, not like 1-2, talking about 3-5 sec sometimes. I am also talking about unholy, i really like the spec. Hoping someone out there has some pointers on runes or a good rotation for unholy or an addon that will help significantly, ty!Wrèçk1 2d
2d So is Frost DK dead in BFA? :( No rework came for FDK....and they removed the new dispel, along with remorseless winter no longer stunning with the WiC talent. In legion, I tried to suck it up when they removed stances, runes, defensives, silence, and half the utility/talents we all loved. I tried to enjoy myself through out legion, doing almost nothing strategic except for constant mongo damage. The breath spec was fun for a bit but honestly......anyone who has mained DK for a while and who knows how to effectively play haaates the simplicity and lack of depth. DKs were already known as the simple mongo spec before legion....Now it's just sad. Rant: I understand blizzard wants to simplify the game to make it easier for new players and new boosted 110s so it's easier to start completing end game content right away without learning a 5 page spellbook, along with making PvP simpler for eSports.....but you are completely SPITTING on your true dedicated audience that plays the game at a higher level. People LOOOOVE this game for the complex, strategic PvP but you have thrown away that niche to copy moba style gameplay. WoW PvP is where I met my best friends. Now the entire PvP community is unsubbed and depressingly forcing themselves to play the shell of what they love. Feels pretty bad man.Xuper58 2d
2d Tank Challenge I don't understand this, if someone were as stupid as Velen and stood in crap, we'd remove them from the raid group. Or any group for that matter, get him out of there so I can do my job as DPS like you want it to be. Also, why does crash land before it's even finished. Giving me a cast bar or time and yet, making it fire before it's finished. Doesn't even sound like skill takes into place, it's just find out the stupid mechanic and learn to avoid it. Memory, not skill with a character. Really dislike these challenges.Toolatenow3 2d
2d Mage Tower: Blood Death Knight Doing the Mage Tower on my blood DK cuz of boredom when I happened upon something new. On my Paladin and Warrior respectively, the challenge was relatively easy, all things considered, I'm having issues on my Blood DK. The Nether Horrors are casting a channeled AoE ability that hits me for 500k every second, I didn't see this ability on my pally/warrior, or maybe I killed them too fast, which I could deal with of course but that AoE hit Velen when I got to Kruul, rough life ya know? :/ More importantly however is the Tormenting Eyes. Most of my attacks seem to be doing nothing to the Tormenting Eyes. For Example, things like Marrowrend and Heart Strike as well as Death Strike don't hit them, dealing no damage at all, but as I saw, my Death Strike DID heal me as if the hit registered. What does seem to hit them is Blood Boil and Death's Caress. So I'm at a loss, any tips?Braghnim3 2d
2d How do you beat a Warlock comp I understand this expansion is almost over but I would love some advice on how to beat a lock/heals comp in 2s arena. No matter the heals I pair with, I lose.Smashdatazz3 2d
3d How are DKs in pvp? historically, how have DKs been in pvp? and are they a good class to get into pvp with? i plan on doing some battlegrounds and arenas when BFA comes out and i'm really enjoying frost.Freddykruegr10 3d
3d OMG BLIZZARD DID LISTEN TO US! Finally we got some good mobility with this azerite trait:ädelrey12 3d
3d Unholy Troubles Hey all. Recently I've decided to give Unholy a shot and am currently trying to gear/learn the spec in order to complete the Mage Tower. I've been a long-time fan of DK's as a class and have always enjoyed Unholy from a lore/playstyle perspective (I enjoy DoT and Pet specs). That said, I've never seemed to properly grasp Unholy for some reason and I'm not sure why. My main problem currently is inconsistent and spotty DPS. I find that I can do fantastically in AoE situations (at times breaking 1mil DPS), however I usually struggle in single target scenarios (often sitting at around 350-400k DPS on most bosses). It's the only spec where I have such a massive discrepancy. As for my usual play; I generally run Ebon Fever, Pestilent Pustules, Clawing Shadows, Sludge Belcher, Lingering Apparition, Infected Claws and Dark Arbiter/Defile (depending on how much AoE is involved) for most PvE content. I feel like I hit these periods where I have no cooldowns to use (Dark Transformation, Gargoyle/Arbiter, Apocalypse etc.) and am stuck stacking festering wounds and bursting them, which feels pretty weak since I find that Clawing Shadows seems to do pretty average damage. For the most part I just use my damage CD's on cooldown (unless something like a phase change, priority add spawn etc. are coming up soon of course). So I guess what I'm wondering is whether or not Unholy is just cooldown reliant? Does Unholy really rely on Arbiter and the damage ramping aspect of it to pull off solid single target DPS? Am I just missing core legendries etc.? Or is there something that I'm missing as far as the central gameplay is concerned? It just feels like I have a lot of peaks and troughs with my damage tending to really suffer on extended fights that are majority single-target.Grimgott12 3d
3d Mage Tower help?!? So I have spent about 20k gold in consumables and have well over 200 attempts I still do not get Kruul attempts regularly and when I do get Krull out the best I have been to is 20k life. I see people doing this with ilvl 900, I currently have 920. I have tried the method from the videos of chasing eyes and always end up dead or booted off the platform or if I burn Varis I occasionally get Kruul up albeit with 3 internals out. I have been using flask, food, runes, potions and drums. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.Anrkey18 3d
3d Holy Unholy! BFA unholy changes So the newest BFA build has come out, and datamining shows a huge swath of unholy changes. Before I dive into it I want to remind everyone this is one person's interpretation of datamined changes that are still in progress. There are going to be errors, and even if I am reading it right nothing is final. Spell changes: Talent Calc: So, first of Apocalypse is baseline, at 4 ghouls. Doesn't look like there are any links to the old armies of the damned talent, but a new corpse explosion talent (competing with other aoe talents) offers the dragged to helheim functionality. Festering wounds are 2-3 per festering strike (less rng), and now cap out at 6 per target. Raise dead has a 30 second cooldown instead of one minute. All will serve no longer features the CD reduction. Death's advance has become our baseline movement ability, with wraith walk being a talented extra option competing with other defensive talents. Gary the gargoyle is becoming a talent instead of a baseline ability, with functionality similar to dark arbiter. Soul reaper got changed again, it is a free melee strike with a 45 second cooldown that places a strong dot on the target and generates a rune. There is no more sludge belcher option for talents, it seems to be replaced with a death grip talent that increases range and resets CD on killing blows. There is a new unholy blight. It is a one minute CD where for the next 6 seconds you apply an "Unholy blight" disease to the targets. The disease itself lasts 15 seconds and deals more than double the damage of untalented virulent plague. And more... Some things are better, some things are obviously worse, but many things have changed. I for one am excited to get my hands on the new unholy and I'll reserving my final judgement for when I actually play it.Tsalera103 3d
4d BfA Frost Strike As far as i can see Frost Strike is going back to melee range which i feel is a shame. Throughout Legion i feel like that became a core piece about how Frost plays (especially in PvP) with weaving in and our of your opponents melee range depending on how much runic power you have to dump, kiting them before moving back in to unleash more obliterates. Now i just feel like we are taking a step back to feeling like "just another melee class". Thoughts?Angvalt4 4d
4d Mage Tower Challenge UH Okay, so to add to the various ways people have done this. Took ~12 attempts. tl;dr: iL904, using Death March and KJBW in a nearly-full-AoE talent set (Ebon Fever but I think Bursting Sores might have been better since the imps and are often right on top of her, Pestilent Pustules, Clawing Shadows, Adomb, Spell Eater [AMS up on every time], Infected Claws, Defile). Mats: Prolonged Power, Barracuda Mrrglblgrl (was too lazy to go buy snails to make Platter), augment rune. No drums. Did a standard pre-pot Army/DT/Gargoyle opener. (I actually think, though, given how hectic the last 5-10% is, that it might be worth considering armying+second pot on her last teleport. The first phase is a cakewalk compared to later.) Details/comments: I do recommend watching a video of someone's attempts/kill so you have an idea of pacing when you first step in. That helped me enormously and is the reason I got it done so fast, along with what are IMO the best pair of legendaries which let you maintain consistent, high DPS on the boss while still getting the adds down. I would make yourself some fuming imp macros, because those little twits are what made me take 12 attempts. I could have done it in way less if I'd had better macros to deal with them early on. Something like... /tar [exists,nodead] fuming imp /petattack /use [mod:alt] Hook; [mod: shift] Smash DBM will not warn you in any noticeable way. You can probably make a weak aura to BBW "Run away, little girl!" if you wanted, there's probably a way to detect them. Don't forget about your Abom's Hook and stun abilities those times when she puts out 2 of the little jerks. If you are not in range of Agatha and your pet is she's going to melee him and since Blizz thinks it's totally hysterical that we can't heal our pets she will kill him if you don't get back in range quick enough. -.- This was annoying as hell. Using KJBW: I used it at open to deal with the initial wave of smoldering and after that I only used it to deal with fuming imps or huge waves, or, if she was shielded w/Imp Servants and Apoc or Defile were still on CD. I don't recommend using it for regular rotational DPS. Use it situationally, it's extremely powerful in this encounter when used correctly. If you are in a cleave/AoE spec like I was you basically don't need to target her hardly at all, just throw down Defile and kill imps, she'll get hit by the bouncing Clawing Shadows plenty, and your disease and Dragged to Helheims will do the rest. (I think I should have considered being Bursting Sores because of this, tbh.) There is a choke point in the cave where it's very easy to get squashed flat by a boulder because you tried to shimmy through and got hung up on Blizz's shiny advanced high-def terrain. Never, ever go in there if a center bolder is on approach, you *will* get stuck at that skeleton or the rocks and unless you have AMS and IBF up and/or are at full health you'll die. Just chill out and wait for it to pass and ranged DPS the imps. In fact, when she swaps side, if there are imps left where you are it's totally okay to linger and kill them and heal up with Dark Succor procs. The first fumers will spawn at her, and they'll have a nice long walk to you, giving you plenty of time to chains and kill them. (Obviously this doesn't apply if she's shielded and casting that thing you need to interrupt, so be careful about how long you chill out killing Umbral/Smoldering.) Good luck everyone!Grimdarque9 4d
4d Frostwyrm's Fury OP on BETA? What the title says. It literally drops people. Is this working as intended?Orphios6 4d
4d Looking to return for BfA; FDk? I have been out of the WoW loop for about a year now. How are FDks looking for the expan in terms of pve and pvp? ThanksLennìx1 4d
4d dk op are any of you really okay with how powerful frost is in pvp atm lmfao, its retardedDuffyfanboy54 4d
4d Speedy Frost DK I don't feel like Frost DK currently fulfills its weapon fantasy: quick strikes with two weapons; death by a thousand icy cuts. I'd be interested to see some exploration of the dual wield fantasy. Abilities that play to the main hand, the offhand, or both. Abilities with a shorter cooldown. Gameplay that encourages the player to think and act quickly with the procs we get. Hitting one button every few seconds while I wait for Empowered Rune Weapon just doesn't feel great. With a medium amount of gear, I shouldn't feel like I'm waiting around for my next ability to proc, or for my runes to come up off of cooldown. Dual wielding classes beg for fast gameplay. Right now, I just don't feel that. I'd like to! Maybe this is something to consider for 8.1.Althyn6 4d
5d Leveling spec does it matter ? Is the blood the best ? been gone a long time I like frost but blood has always seemed un-killable during leveling.Realinsane11 5d
6d Two-Handed Frost Death Knight Not enough topics about 2h FDK We want a Glyph to mog 2h on our Main-hand and hide the Off-hand why not ?Kalleod134 6d
6d Volatile Soul Fragment or Ivanyr's Hunger? So here is a fun one. 955 Volatile Soul Fragment (74 ilvl) - Ambidexterity (+8) - Murderous Intent (+5) - Runefrost (+3) or 965 Ivanyr's Hunger (77 ilvl) - Nothing but the Boots (+5) - Secure the Light (+5) - Cold as Ice or Blast Radius (+3) I put the Icy Veins numbers next to them. They both seem to be of the exact same value.Evilway2 6d
6d Chains of Ice Back in the day, chains of ice was nerfed to the current iteration that we have, because DK's had a lot more survivability, ranged damage, and utility. Back then, we had Dark Simulacrum baseline (which I think it should be,) AMS, AMZ, strangulate, hungering cold (as frost) and really bananas burst. In the current iteration, Chains of Ice is not strong enough. A 49% slow in pvp where we have one gap closer and a mobility cd on a 45 second cooldown is unacceptable. Literally every single class can get away from us at will. Then we move to things like hunters and arcane mages which we cannot catch up to at all, and it becomes too much. I suggest returning chains of Ice to its original format, the 95% slow decreasing by 10% every second to 50%. This allows more utility to the death knight, retains the "unstoppable approach" class theme, but actually allows us to catch up to things without frustrating the hell out of us.Vortimarr20 6d
Jul 10 Main for BfA: DH or DK? Hello there forum lurkers, I have been trying to decide what I want to main for BfA and I managed to narrow it down to 2 classes: DH and DK. Despite all of my testing at lvl 110 on beta, I can't decide what I want to main as I still enjoy them equally, it may change as I level. I am making a similar post on both DH and DK forums to get opinions from both sides. Here is what you need to know: -I am a tank. The DPS spec(s) DO matter however as I may end up playing them. The faster dps specs always win out for me as long as they are not Fury Warrior fast. If they end up playing at a similar speed, then the more complex ones win. However, smooth rotation>>>complex rotation. -On live, when it comes to dps specs, I enjoy Frost and Havoc(However, Havoc>>Frost), but I do not enjoy Unholy. -I am a mythic raider(Close to the CE level but not at it however, for now). Therefore, this character will be geared to the teeth and min maxed on ALL the specs even if I am a tank. -I also enjoy pushing High M+. This tank must be capable in M+ and cannot be the worst at it(And it is the reason why I eliminated monk from my potential choices) -I want to bring some sort of utility that will be useful in M+ AND Raiding at the mythic level. -I enjoy fast gameplay, but not Fury Warrior fast. I don't mind SOME gaps in my rotation, but they cannot be too frequent. -I currently enjoy both tanks equally on live, however I currently main my DK for Antorus mythic and am currently progressing on Argus. -I have mained both at one point. DH from EN to NH, DK from tomb onwards. I know how both work, on the live servers at least. -I hate the GCD change. I need something that has been hit minimally by it. -I want the tank to have some skill ceiling. Anything too simple (In terms of tanking at least) turns me off, which is why druid is not in my options. -Most important, the tank must be viable in BOTH M+ and raiding as I will use it for both. -The one I don't choose will surely be my main alt. -How well they maintain aggro does NOT matter. I know that I will be able to adapt on both as I have been able to on Skittish weeks. With all of this said, help me choose, please!Amarelys4 Jul 10
Jul 10 Blood DK unplayable slow Took a break before Legion where I was playing mostly Prot Pally but played DK for years before this. Not sure if it's because I played Overwatch, which is a much more fast paced game, during my break but coming back to Blood DK feels so slow and clunky it seriously feels broken. It doesn't match the natural cadence of how anyone would press buttons and use abilities. To match the natural feel of playing a smooth character executing abilities at a more reasonable cadence, I have to press each ability 3 times to make it feel natural. I play mostly Brigitte in OW which is kind of like a Prot Pally. In 1 second of gameplay, it is very normal for an average player to get off a shield bash-stun, angle up and mace the enemy in the head, AND have the Widow hidden behind you pull off a headshot. As Blood DK in the same 1-1.5 second window depending on haste and GCD, you literally can do ONE ability then wait seemingly another eternity and lurch forward and do another slow clunky ability. Is it just me, or is Blood really this painful to play now? Did we used to have more active mitigation be instant/off the GCD or something to make it feel smoother and more responsive? Again I don't feel they are weak by any means, I have trouble dying their self heals and CD's are so ridiculously strong. It's just painful to wait for each thing to happen. I would honestly welcome a nerf to make each ability 25% less powerful if I could execute 25% more abilities per rotation cycle. Or maybe just make at least 1 commonly used ability instant/off GCD. I wanted to MT again as blood for BFA, but it doesn't seem the consensus is that Blood will change much. I would rather re-roll a weaker class if the playstyle isn't made any faster or more enjoyable for Blood. I could just DPS on DK and maybe try Brewmaster or go back to Prot Pally to tank with. Anyone else feel this way with Blood currently?? Is Blizz addressing any QOL/enjoyment factors for this spec that is plenty strong but just super boring? I'm only around ilvl 920 now since just reactivated with the free come back weekend. Does the speed and clunkiness feel much different for a geared Blood DK with haste scaled to like 950 ilvl?Graydondk20 Jul 10
Jul 10 Blood Mage Tower - Massive Damage Intake? I don't really understand what's happening, I'll just say that straight up. I did the fight as a Paladin last month and while I have like 15 ilvls over this character on the Paladin, I don't think that'd really make this much of a difference. Would it? I can't survive more than 30 seconds in this. I just get blown up. I don't know what's going on. The fight feels completely different from how it worked as a Paladin. I can't even hit Eyes half the time; I actually "MISS!", and that never once occurred as Prot. Then the adds come out and they don't actually budge when I try and grab them off Velen? They aggro to me on my Paladin, but here they just sit on him and blow up for several million and wipe me. Then Mind Rend, that spell that I can't afford to interrupt most of the time because I have to interrupt Drain Life, is hitting me for 2.5mil. My most successful attempt thus far, the kill feed was me getting nuked by two Mind Rends within a few seconds of each other. I know my ilvl isn't great, and I'm lacking legendaries (my paladin had two equipped, but both the legendaries I owned at the time did literally nothing to help put out more damage or tank more, I've been very unlucky with my paladin). I really don't mean for this to come off as a whining post or a complaint or anything of that sort. That's not what's on my mind at all. I'm legitimately just very, very confused. Never once did I take any big chunks of sudden damage on my Paladin unless I got way too greedy with D&D stacks. Here, I'm being so careful and every time I've died I haven't had a single stack. I just don't know what's going on, plain and simple. Anyone with experience doing Kruul on multiple characters able to shed some light on this? Like, what differences are there (are there any?) between the fight on Paladin vs. DK? EDIT: I do want to add that until very recently I hadn't played DK whatsoever since Cata, let alone Blood specifically, so I know damn well I'm doing some !@#$ wrong.Shiraiah7 Jul 10
Jul 10 hygiene do death knights have bad breath?Narcotiq9 Jul 10
Jul 9 Thinking of changing to Unholy... Would the gear im wearing make that suck? and require alot of farming pre-bfa or could i just make the switch and do "ok" ?Kryptsoul2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Unholy or frost? Hi,I dust off an old dk to get the mage tower appearances. I used to play frost back in wod but I was a huge noob back then so I just liked doing big boy crits with obliterate and didnt really care about much else. I've been enjoying fire mage and havoc dh recently,so which dps spec would be the most similiar?Katsumiy11 Jul 9