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2m 0 DKs are in Gladiator Range in 3v3 There are literally 0 DKs that are rated 2400+ in 3v3 arena. No DK player is Gladiator in 3v3 this season. I'm all for trying to make the best of a situation and trying to make something work rather than point the finger and shaking my fist but this is some fist shaking, finger pointing material right here.Mêphiston21 2m
20m Best horde race for BDK Mythic +? Title says it all. Thanks for input!Unlukie2 20m
24m Ban from Dk discord only takes minutes,all you have to do is say the sky isn't falling, and that UH isn't far behind frost. ask for logs and no one seems to want to put their money where their mouth isSorrow22 24m
54m DK Feedback & Improvement ideas Hello friends. This is MOSTLY a PvP thread for Unholy. NOTE THAT THESE SUGGESTIONS ARE BASED ON ZERO OVERHAUL OF THE SPEC/CLASS DESIGN. BFA has been a good experience for me so far. I really like the direction they've taken DK in terms of playstyle, making it feel a little more fluid and predictable than Legion. But this class is far from being in a good spot. (besides frost since it seems to be doing well in PvE) I've spent countless hours theory-crafting builds, traits, and ability usage and have determined several things that may improve class performance. -Death Pact: Make this ability baseline. Keep the effect the same but remove it from the level 75 talent tier. This cooldown as a talent feels so underwhelming and majority of the time will not save you. Instead replace that empty talent tier with Corpse Shield for Unholy and perhaps an entirely new talent for Frost; a talent that reduces the cooldown of Icebound by 1-1.5 minute(s) but reduces its damage reduction effect by 5%-10%. -Runic Corruption/Empowerment: The design of these passives seem fine, honestly, but the proc chance rng sometimes makes you feel cheated especially when you go on those 0 proc streaks after casting 3-4 Death Coils or Frost Strikes in a row. Increasing it's RP to % value slightly, perhaps by a whole .5%, may help with the terrible downtime these specs may have when on an unlucky rng streak. -Virulent Plague/Eruption: In many cases, mostly in PvP, you will see that these abilities are at the top of our dps by a lot, which to the ignorant eye may make these effects seem fine. In actuality these are just pad numbers for skada/details. The damage from these abilities are easily outhealable and do not generate any meaningful, real pressure. I understand there is a 10% reduction to their damage in PvP situations so perhaps lifting the reduction may improve performance. A buff to these abilities baseline may also help to improve its PvE performance. -Necrotic Strike: The real staple of the Unholy spec. The bread and butter of any comp that may play with this spec, feels pretty underwhelming, considering the importance of this ability during gameplay. I understand there is a 33% reduction to the healing-denial effect so maybe lifting the reduction by 10%-15% may make the ability feel more impactful. That OR instead of lifting the heal-denial nerf partially; make it's initial plague damage hit harder to make up for the loss of absorb. -Death Strike: I find myself using this ability so much more than I should be in arena since every other class else hits so frickin hard and I feel like a walking punching bag. I wish the RP cost of this wasn't 45 but I suppose it's not that big of a deal, but definitely increase the healing generated even if it's by a marginal amount. We DKs feel like paper in PvP. -Blood Tap: I'm talking about the original Blood Tap, rewarding us for dumping RP and generating charges to line up/set up a damage go. -Chains of Ice: Reduce the slow amount back to 50%. No one likes these dumb super slows. But in place of reducing the slow amount please increase the duration of the effect from 8 seconds to 12-15 seconds. -Asphyxiate: God knows why this is a 45 second cooldown, 4 second stun in PvP. Storm Bolt and Fel Eruption function exactly the same but have a 30 second cooldown. The 15 second difference may seem small but in an arena scenario can seem like forever, and those extra 15 seconds add up over 4-5 minute long games. If the cooldown is left at 45 seconds please buff the stun duration from 4 to 5 seconds. If left at 4 second duration please reduce its cooldown from 45 to 30 seconds. -Wandering Plague: This talent was definitely wayy to strong on beta, doing 11k damage over 8 seconds before spreading to another target. I liked the way it worked though, made Unholy feel like the proper disease spreading, rot-pressure class it deserves to be. It's basically useless now. The damage is too underwhelming. 11k damage over 8 seconds to a minor 1.9k damage over 8 seconds. If the value was slightly higher like; 6k damage over 8 seconds it might be worth picking versus some stuff. In terms of overall damage output for both PvE and PvP; a couple of the ideas listed above would definitely improve performance if maybe coupled with a small 3%-5% damage buff across the board. Also stop complaining about DK mobility. DKs have had 0 mobility since their creation. Not all classes need everything and this one definitely does not need a gap closer.Flotekk14 54m
58m LF Cold Heart WA string Im looking for something that makes a large indicator and/or sound when I reach 20 stacks. If someone has a functioning WA for this I would much appreciate it!Topshotqt0 58m
1h State of Frost BoS as a person who played BoS quite a lot throughout Legion, I never minded the spec once. don't get me wrong, the fact that the bulk of my singletarget dps was on a long cd did wear on me. however, frost as it is right now, at least in my opinion, is extremely unsatisfying to play, and I can't justify my distaste for it by saying that I don't like BoS, because I didn't mind it before, I am completely aware some people are parsing pretty high in raids with frost, it has nothing to do with how strong it is, it just feels like absolute !@#$ing %^-* to play. when I sim myself: 93s of waiting, how in the ever-living !@#$ did they let frost get to this state?Jayrald27 1h
2h Heritage armor got me thinking... So since death knights are pretty much excluded from the allied race roster, what if they made heritage armor for death knights? I'd accept some spiffy new armor since we can't do the spiffy new races. Maybe even make a set for each spec.Unholydivver6 2h
3h From most op class in game to most unviable been a fun 5 expacs boysFilmjölk29 3h
4h 90% of tanks are blood DK. Time for a nerf. They have far too much self sustain (something that should have been reduced). Far too many defensive CD's and bone shield is OP right now. There is a reason 90% of tanks are blood DK, they are straight up OP right now. Please nerf them to put them in line with other tanks.Taedrillin57 4h
5h Can Raise Ally use a Rune? Can Raise Ally to use a Rune rather than Runic Power? There are a few reasons for this: 1. This change makes it castable out of combat. This is really handy in M+ when we've done a rogue skip and a bad pull happened and there are no rezzing classes alive. 2. It makes more readily available in high movement fights. As frost I tend to not have any runic power in between breath cycles, due to the frost strike spam, and in raid when someone dies and if I have to go run to get them and I'm out of runic power, I have to either melee the boss rather than running, or run and turn and hit howling blast to generate the power. This it wastes valuable seconds having to turn back to cast these. As blood I have the same issues, as runic power tends to be used up on death strikes pretty quickly. 3. It makes it a bit more inline with the other two battle rezzes. While warlock rez and druid rez only use mana, they do have to cast it. The trade off for us is that while we don't need to cast it, we have to sacrifice a bit of dps or mitigation. But they can cast it out of combat giving warlocks another rez, wheras we cannot.Pharon3 5h
5h Ion - Class Changes???!!! What do you think fellas? Are we part of Ion's class changes mentioned on twitch? Maybe see some buffs in pvp? Maybe get reworked? Thoughts?Steroider9 5h
6h What if we bring back Voljin/Varian? as death knights in the next scourge expansion? We all know if you've done the DK class quest to get your mount in legion that bolvar (new lich king) is up to something behind the curtains. What if we bring back Vol'jin/varin wrynn as DKS to fight with the scourge army? also maybe Ysera as the new sindragosa. Would be sickWïntër2 6h
8h DK Voices Why was the option removed to turn them off and is there any way to do so after the removal? My Orc DK voice is just about blowing out my headphones and I have master volume at 5%.Nimrod2 8h
8h Getting UPSET, why is my DPS so low? Why are lower geared toons doing more damage than me. I re-examined my priority list of moves, made sure I used soul reaper before dropping DND and it improved some, however it still seems to be subpar in mythic+ runs. At ilevel 360 what is respectable DPS in mythic+ runs? I have been getting unlucky already with my azerite gear, my mythic cache was shoulders that had the azerite trait unstable catalyst. Nice primary stat boosted 295 for 8 seconds, except it likes to pop when I am summoning AOD, before boss pull. Of course the boss isn't positioned over the pool because that would help me. I have some 340 shoulders in my bag with festermight and unstable flames, but they are 15 ilevels lower. Do I switch back to them even though they are 15 ilevels lower? I don't want to give up on my main, but I need to figure something out because right now it is not working. Is haste most important now or mastery? I seem to be overloading with vers gear for some reason.Ariseundead6 8h
9h Why can't I/You get into Mythic+? I can't seem to get in any groups higher than a +3 so far. Maybe I suck? Maybe is why. I know 351 isn't the highest item level but hell I know I can handle any dungeon +6 at this current time. Almost always top in damage done and usually dps. What gives? Any other DPS DK's having issues finding groups? I hate running my own key just because it's up to me to invite people and stuff and I just joined a friends guild so i don't wanna ask to run keys with them just yet. Maybe it's just me and other dps dk's aren't having this issue. I can play blood fine and all and frankly like it more than frost or unholy but sometimes I just don't wanna tank with a random healer. What're you guy's thoughts?Nzhet5 9h
9h Help with BoS I keep seeing people say that BoS is our strongest ability by far but what’s the proper way to use it? Sometimes mine will last a while and sometimes it only last a few second. What abilities should I and should I not be using while it’s up?Tsumi12 9h
9h Newest Transmog Thread You know what to do!Offwörld422 9h
9h which two hander is best in slot for uh dk I have a 355 Geti'ikku, cut of death as well as Khor, Hammer of the corrupted 355 as well. Not sure which one is better seing as Geti'ikku doesnt have secondary stats but has a monster bleed, or if I should just go with the hammer since it does have secondary stats. Anyone know which would be better?Camdenb1 9h
12h give Frost TWO-HANDED! Frost DKs can't swing TWO-HANDED WEAPONS in BFA? ONE-HANDED WEAPONS are not fit for FROST DK. please, Change it.Kongbab104 12h
13h Help with unholy I asked yesterday for help with BoS and I got a lot of help and I just got a 340 two hand and unholy is my favorite themed but if it’s too hard to pick up I might just stay Frost. How should I be opening as unholy and what should I keep track of?Tsumi3 13h
13h So many DK threads How is there still no Dev response? How rare is it that multiple classes agree on a certain class's balance issues? Many have posted stats and evidence/videos, yet no reply. What does it take for Blizzard to acknowledge this obvious problem?Tyrlithiel2 13h
14h Analyzing Blood DK logs What stuff should I be looking at to improve my gameplay? We use warcraftlogs specifically. This is what I've been looking at recently: - Basic "effectiveness" as Damage Taken minus self Healing/Absorb - Rune/Rune Power usage through out the fight: RP wasted metric should be as low as possible. Runes shouldn't cap back at 6 on a fight like Fetid where you have high boss face time(fight specifics change how this is interpreted). - Cooldown usage (spells cast per encounter): saving cooldowns for emergencies vs. getting as many cooldowns as possible - Damage taken sources (avoiding avoidable stuff) - DPS Is there anything else that's informative?Novask2 14h
14h What does "use defensive" mean for blood dk? Please don't make fun because I know this is a very newbie question. That's what I am though, a newbie, as I am just getting into mythic+ for the first time as a blood DK. So like the majority of players I use Deadly Boss Mods. If I'm fighting a boss where DBM frequently says "use defensive" what does that actually mean for me as a blood DK? Obviously I know about abilities like anti-magic shell, icebound fortitude and vampiric blood. These end up having much longer cooldowns than how often DBM tells me to use a defensive. So is this where death strike comes in? Am I supposed to use death strike before the boss hits me for the shield? Or after the boss hits me for the heal? Or make sure I have enough runic power to do both?Vorlith7 14h
15h Soul reaper haste buff not happening On low level unholy DKs (I have tried levels 60-65 or so) the Soul Reaper talented ability does not give a haste buff when the target dies with the debuff on them. This is a bug. Anyone else have this issue?Ravendream2 15h
16h Runeforging It been years since we have seen an update to Runeforging. Are there any additions to the choices in the near future?Gherico9 16h
17h Frost Dk's, Warriors of 4.1 Frost dks basically have the power warriors did in 4.0.6 with colossus smash at 100%, except now they have it 24/7 :3.Rohas30 17h
17h Are DK easiest tank for mythic plus ? Looking to getting a second tank trying to decide what class to pick.Lizzyon6 17h
17h No dk Changes in 8.1 thanks blizz, how many exp we will have wait until dk become acceptable in pvp ?Hagdush53 17h
18h Getting whined at for Blood DK in RBGs Meanwhile I get second to top damage(playing the objective f me right), 1 death, and the most killing blows all while mining 400 azerite. Is there something I don't understand about a tank being bad for RBGs or are they just morons?Lichwaffle9 18h
18h Teeming+Fort+Infested [Whoa-BDK] I thought this was going to be an easy push week. ... Tried a 10Td first. On some pulls I would be at a consistent 30K HPS spiking above 40k HPS with Bonestorm with a healer doing 25k and I'd still fall over sometimes. First time I've seen those kind of numbers. ---trash made Zul crushers look ezPz Pretty high damage intake- I don't know how the other tanks are handling it. Tried a 10 siege- thought that would be an easy push and missed timer by a min. Some of the trash would chunk me hard but it was much more manageable.... Got to the 3rd boss at 90% on trash whereas last week I would have been at 100% with my normal route so its really off....gotta kill significantly more. Method dungeon tools is really off.. Ok- time to help a friend with a UR9 --- no infested so I can pull bigger right... oops no way. The first pull after the first boss is a nightmare with 3 spiders and 3 worms... triple silence w/quaking on top- not enough CC to go around and DPS cant tank the spiders on fort.. Walked right back outa that one. I've gotta say- rough affix combo for us boys- and this is me just puggin it. Might be better off just going frost and letting a DH run it.. I think Tyrannical is the push week not fort+teem+infest is pretty rough. Anyone having success 10+ on time this week? Very surprised how hard this is.... I thought the sanguine/necrotic first week was bad but I'll take that any day.Warlohs4 18h
18h Is DK Worth Playing? Simcraft says depending on spec it performs mid to lower pack. Looks like according to patch notes frost got a buff. I enjoyed UH in legion. But I'm willing to give frost a try especially if its the only chance of raid invite. My other questions. How do you handle mobs on wq as frost any issues killing quickly? And does it feel slow? Also how does frost do in bgs. Does it get melted or pretty enjoyable?Crookedmán16 18h
18h Will blood scale to not need healers Like in Legion or na?Justthegrip5 18h
19h Theories On The State of Dk Regarding pvp. When it comes to pve we "are fine"? Maybe I'm wrong but I feel blizz chooses the specs they want to perform well based off expansion theme or they purposely change it one way or the other so people everywhere aren't all playing the same alpha spec. Perhaps this is also the case for pvp as a dk. Maybe the lead class devs stand around and draw straws so to speak and this xpac we just drew the short stick and our class is inevitably going to suffer well. I just dont see why blizz wouldn't be looking into dk by now. Just my two cents. What do you guys think?Crookedmán0 19h
19h Please fix us We need a physical damage CD or immunity. We have no answer unlike every other melee class. Damage is fine. Utility is pretty bare but sure. Give us a talent that changes the healing component of death pact to a physical damage (undispellable) immunity for like 5-6s. I don't even care if I can't use melee attacks during this period. Our biggest weakness is no answer for when healers (struggling to keep us alive) get CC'd. Or give us a new ability that gives us 90% shield wall for 5-6s and makes us move at like 10% speed. Or bring back corpse shield. I don't know. Archetype all you want for the lore but being the squishiest melee because: -Dampening reduces AMS. -Dampening + MS effects make Death pact almost useless, if not an actual HARM to us (absorb component always 30%, heal can be less than that). -Dampening + MS effects make Death strike almost useless. Die by the sword, karma, evasion, cloak, turtle (the list goes on) aren't affected. I feel like this is one of the most overlooked interactions with dampening + ms. We're supposed to heal ourselves (we get it) but we can't.Varchar2 19h
19h A bit lost for Blood PvP Hey all, so I've recently lost most of my faith in PvPing as Unholy so I'm giving Blood a try. I'm not a great blood player, but I know the fundamentals. I tried some arena skrims and got absolutely bodied. I didn't really do any damage and I didn't last particularly long either. I'm confident the talent setup I'm using is solid a la 2k+ Bloods in PvP on wargraphs. Can someone just give me a quick write up or kind tl;dr for how to play it? ThanksNadiamay0 19h
20h @Army of the dead using death knights I recently started using fire in battlegrounds with living bomb, and I wanted to thank all of you. Every time I see one of you with all those tightly packed adds, I feel like it's christmas time, you really do make mage pvp a little brighter, especially when a hunter can just sneeze on me and insta kill me.Irenícus2 20h
20h Is unholy a lot harder than frost? I play frost and the rotation is pretty basic and I like it but I really like the theme and spells of unholy but I don’t want to try it if it’s a lot harder than frost. If it is harder could I pick it up in a day?Tsumi27 20h
20h Part 1 Blood DK Guide Check out my vid on youtube. Help out any fellow blood dksJàÿ1 20h
22h I'm a DK! I'm a DK, and I've cancelled my subscription. Who's with me? If you haven't cancelled already, do you plan on cancelling?Sathicus24 22h
1d Nerf the healing of Blood DK The actual healing a Blood DK can pull is so insane. How can a tank be highter on HPS then a healer on trashs or bosses. They can actually self-heal themselves on bosses. Not sure any other tank can do the same. So, can you please fix this class or raise the healing other tank can do. Like the DH, why a 5 souls Soul bom heal for nearly nothing compare to DK Death Strike... Pretty sure that on MDI there will only be DK tank on those teams...Kassøs15 1d
1d Best Horde race for a DK? Purely from an aesthetics and flavour perspective, which is the best race for a Horde DK? I don't care about min/maxing. I generally prefer male toons, but open to a female one. Was thinking either male orc (upright posture), or troll due to how menacing their coloring looks as a DK. Also troll could have a cool backstory - he could be Drakkari. Anyway, thoughts? I played a Draenei DK during WotLK and loved her.Pyrano10 1d
1d Help making Frost 2's work? Can somebody tell me the soft cap or stats I need to be reaching for to min max? Can anyone tell me which trinket i should be using, is my PVP trinket going to be more bursty with the strength increase? Also Azerite traits? and should I be using Death Strike as my filler instead of Froststrike? I think i've learned that in my rotation Deathstrike should be my go to RP spend in a arenas or (( I have the ilvl 330 blue which increases stat by 1045))Flickdawrist0 1d
1d It's official DK is DONE (detailed breakdown) Yet another entire week with 0 acknowledgement from blizz it's like they are trying to prune the entire DeathKnight community out of existence like this could be such a simple fix give us our survivability back?? wearing plate armour getting hit like we're wearing paper mache.... our only heal is deathstrike and pacts double edged sword is terrible they need to remove the % heal absorb or severely shorten the timer on the debuff I've mained my DeathKnight since the very beginning of Cata and I can truly say DK has never actually ever been in a worse state than this Frost can't do any damage until they finish 3 entire gcds and if kited using breath then gg rip memes also no heals 0 survivability Unholy idek where to start we kind of do damage but not enough to kill literally queing 2's and can't kill anyone unless severly outplaying them until 45% dampening yet every class can outright 1 shot us.... OK but necro should heal us for whatever is being healed into necro or atleast a % of heals like we've got nothing anymore they pruned conversion death siphon desecrated grounds making us choose between deathpact and wraith walk.... kek. having to spec for dark sim but you can't cause amz army and necro are what you need... so it might as well be out of the game you've taken our lichborne/pet healing on top of all this like warriors still have their "stances" why would you not let us keep our presences makes 0 sense Blizz I honestly don't understand why you've done any of this to DeathKnights and I'm 1000000% sure the entire DK community is behind me when I say this class is garbage now do something instead of just fixing a pestelences pustulus bug like that's the LAST of our concerns oh btw who was the genius who thought to nerf necro 33% in pre xpac you're killing this entire DeathKnight community blizzard do something soon DK's have been quitting left right and center and every week you let this go on untouched the more and more players you lose it's like the devs don't even play this game when they change stats on things and remove buttons .... Why do you guys feel it's necessary to keep removing 5 yards from deathgrip every expansion? I don't know what this class is anymore but it's certainly not a DK, I'm done.Claudio66 1d
1d glyph of dark valkyr? i remember them saying they would add a glyph to replace gargoyle with dark arbiter from legion. Can anyone confirm if this is in the game yet or will be any time soon?Filmjölk1 1d
1d Does Eternal Rune Weapon Stack? I was wondering if this azerite trait stacks when used on multiple pieces of armor. The ability doesn't specifically state that it does not stack. Thoughts?Vynellan3 1d
1d 2h frost, its a choice. Bring back 2h frost in BFA, Its about playstyle, and my playstyle is break face with 2h weapon in frost spec as DK. makes it hard when they take it away. most people used duel wield anyways, but i loved 2h frost. and so did alot of my friends.Ðrakø49 1d
1d Azerite traits rebalanced? I spent the last few weeks working on a triple thunderous blast set (Frost DK), had all 3 325 pieces and finally got a 340 chest with thunderous blast on it. Was 1st or 2nd single target and top of the chart on AoE. Now I'm looking at the sims all the sudden and it's middle of the pack? Is this due to avg item level being raised or did they rebalance the traits?Wethorns4 1d
1d Frost questions 1. Do you max runic power before using BoS and not us any other runic spending ability until BoS ends? 2. Can you talent into Obliteration in BGs? 3 minute cooldown in PvP is trash.Wisskee0 1d
1d Which Spec is Most Iconic? (Spoiler Alert) My Paladin is furthest along in the expansion and I just released Jaina and the part where Arthas made an appearance instantly made me want to play my DK. Arthas's storyline is my favorite of the entire Warcraft series due to the tragic nature of the events and transformation Arthas went through. It is this that made me a DK main. However, Cataclysm took away my Blood DPS spec, leaving me with just Frost or UH for DPS. Now I love Frost, but I hate the BoS talent. Too many things ruin a full BoS duration, leaving my DPS to be !@#$ in Legion when I used it. UH doesn't feel very DK iconic in an Arthas/Lich King sense. There's just something disgusting about toting around a rotten corpse, applying diseases, and popping sores (yuck!). However, UH spec is more fun since Frost requires BoS, but Frost is more iconic. What do you all think? Also, if I used Obliteration, what's the DPS difference compared to BoS?Landelas4 1d