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5m Death Knight needs a change? DKs needs a major change on their movement and raid utility. grip doesn't do anything, we can't even provide any protect to the raid like warriors and paladins. Don't get me wrong we do a lot of AOE dmg but we get punished heavily if we have to move especially when BoS drops. Obliteration spec is no longer valid. Only way to cheat death we have to use our 3 min mitigation & 45 runic power to have 300% heal. Interrupt and slow, nowadays every class at least have one. We have a taunt but we are as squishy as mages. I also do not understand why we have control undead and corpse explosion, I understand the fantasy but they do not do anything at all. Control undead can't even be used in raid and corpse explosion doesn't even do anything but make the scenery look pretty. Even a toy does more than that. Unholy is weak now, Blood can't even compete with other tanks, and frost has great dps but we are greatly punished by movement.Ayownus6 5m
23m 859ilvl BoS guide(no excuses) in the words of the great rick flair "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I see this question a lot... people saying they can't switch to BoS because they don't have 2/4 set/legendaries/ect. This is such a strange thing to say, because most legendaries don't actually effect your BoS gameplay considerably - though 2 and 4 set definitely does - its still vastly superior to obliteration in the same situations. so I put on my lowest ilvl trinkets (860 eye 865 darkmoon) picked up the class hall set, whatever jewelry I could use to get to 20% haste(my preference) and yes, I kept my relics in my weapon(so it's 921, 2 ambi, 1 RW) I DO use freezing fog here, and I still believe it's going to be the best talent even without set bonuses or helm, because it gives you more burst when you burst, and more AoE when you aoe - at the cost of an occasional extra oblit. that said though - this is the gear level you'd be using going into NORMAL EN. not even normal NH. I have absolutely 0 legendaries equipped aswell - you will obviously have atleast a decent stat stick legendary its a 5 minute parse, 400k pure ST on raid dummy. that means atleast 400k on krosus at 859 gear level. edit: i moused over my abilities in details so you could see my average hit for them, showing you that the 921 weapon doesnt make my average casts of abilities crazy or anything.Sorrow69 23m
24m 5 legendarys an still no bracers i have got 5 legendaries an still no bracers for unholy I got the stat stick neck, haste interrupt ring, crap shoulders, decent belt an total crap boots. The bracers as we all know are a big dps increase for unholy to make it competitive in a mythic raid envioronment. it just seems to me that if blizzard is going to make a item that big of a dps increase they would make it targetable to farm a chance to get it instead of hoping for good rng unholy still needs a buff without them Imo.Warthmar10 24m
32m Crypt Fever's damage has been reduced by 15%. Crypt Fever's damage has been reduced by 15%. Yes, i'm enraged. Feel free to comment. Source: 32m
36m Unholy dks getting buffs? Besides th hotfix, I heard they are getting some big buffs soon, iss this true? If it is is there a source?Meganada4 36m
1h Such a bad time to be a DK Anyone else just completely hate being a DK right now? I haven't played (for more than a 2hour session) in the past month just because how awful the class is. Frost is complete trash in PvP like borderline cc, no mobility, and low's just pointless to play. Unholy is trash in PvE like one of the worst specs in the game and the devs constantly ignore good feedback, they buff us by 3% every patch and every other underperforming spec gets like a 30% buff...I mean seriously come on. Unholy will also be near useless in PvP once these nerfs go wasn't good to begin with just viable....I have never had a patch where I hate being a Dk more....sure frost is good in PvE but I don't enjoy playing it personally.Battlezone11 1h
2h Time to Play, Rate! That! Mog!! It's time for everyone's favorite game on forums: Rate! That! Mog!!Knucki380 2h
2h How did u get Unholy Hidden artifact? How did u get your Unholy hidden artifact? Ill like to get it too. Thanks!Nommi14 2h
3h Pet Glyph: Restless Spirit I doubt this'll ever happen but I think it'd be cool if we had a Glyph to change UNH Ghouls into a Restless Spirit. It would look like a Wisp, except the colors would be purple and black, and using Dark Transformation would turn it into a Banshee. That's all, Good day.Blackmourne1 3h
4h Dear Blizzard, Please buff UH! I know you did buff unholy a while ago but you really did not give us enough of buff... it is still bad... why are we 150k+ or more dps behind to frost? Are you gonna give us a huge buff on patch 7.2? We all want to know that's allHeadinjure30 4h
4h Unholy kicked from Krosus pls buff Unholy DK i cant even do NH HPlutorium24 4h
5h Obliteration BUFF Hello all and hello Blizzard, I am one of those people who do not really enjoy the frost dk 'BOS' playstyle and just really love playing OBRA. Blizzard, do you think you could help us out with a small buff to Obliteration to assist in closing the DPS gap. Perhaps something similar to; Obliteration Talent Instant 1.5 min cooldown Requires Death Knight (Frost) Requires level 100 For the next 8 sec, every Frost Strike hit triggers Killing Machine, and Obliterate costs 1 less Rune. In addition Obliterates does 20% increased damage while this spell is active. SHORT ANSWER: There are still a lot of people who enjoy playing 'OBRA.' I do not want to be pigeon holed into playing a spec that I do not enjoy, just so I can be competitive. At least give us the option to have multiple playstyles which are all viable and similar DPS. Either that or nerf Breath of Sindragosa into the ground to make it on par with OBRA! (haha jokes) love CatatanicCatatanic39 5h
5h So, the Frost T20 Set Bonuses... Looks like they're really pushing the BoS spec.Conser5 5h
7h Blood DPS compared to other tanks Look at the top 10 Tank DPS in all NH Mythic fights, notice something? All classes show up, except blood, blood is doing around 100~150k less single target DPS than the other tanks (even if they build super ofensive) and our AoE which was one of our strong points is laughable, it bothers me how much blizzard doesn't care of the blood state right now, since even defensive-wise we shy away from the other tanks. Not the mention guardian druid that is super tank and has insane DPS. I was expecting to see some changes by now.Ganser14 7h
7h Relic Choice again... I have an 885 (bad to the bone), not sure if I should replace it with an 850 (blast radius). I know blast radius is bis but a 35 ilv drop... well i'm just not sure. I have looked at the spread sheet that applies to this but it doesn't go below 865. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Btw ... in my other frost slot is an 890 ambidexterity and my shadow is 890 cold as ice.Rayios2 7h
7h Lordearon goo Any idea when blizzard will remake ruins of Lordearon? The green goo is totally hideous. Nagrand/blades edge rework was really good. Lordearon is okay but really need to make the goo side just water, would be so much better :/ my eyes hurt so much. Can't see ground effects either, especially fel fissure.Sarimyth2 7h
8h Thank You Petkick/ Dark Sim Just wanted to say that for nearly about 2 years I've been trying to get 2.2 in 2s which I hate. Every one of those seasons I was queing as Frost. Early this week I went from 2183 to like 2050 then today before the patch I qued like 20 games playing nothing but dark sim as Unholy because I always see you advocating it. Went up to 2235 queing into nothing but R1s/Glads (Zenli/Venruki) but I had some of the best sims of my life and it won alot of games. Thanks!Illarum1 8h
9h Blood DK stat advice request Hi guys, Think Im running like 863 IL now. In a week, I will have my class hall up so I can equip the 2nd Legendary (Bracer) that I have in my inventory which should pop to 870. With that in mind, I think I recall reading and in looking at other peoples profiles, Haste/Mastery should be around 21-24%, crit 21 and Versatility around 8-10%? Am I anyway correct on that? I know my mastery is up a bit more than it may should be but that is a result of sharing some items with UH offspec. Im not a tank. I do a lot of WQ, WPVP and some BGs (nonrated obviously). Just wanting to make sure my stats and talents were in line by those that know a lot more than I do. Thank you in advance!Goriana6 9h
9h Why do I hear that DK s suck at tanking? Why do I hear that DK s suck at tanking?Thawp42 9h
9h Blood Set Bonus Tier20 o_0 2 piece - Blood Boil heals for 25% of the damage dealt. 4 piece - Blood Boil has a 25% chance to grant you 0 Versatility for until cancelled. What are they thinking these have to be place holders ! Blood Boil does around 110k at 894 iLevel so we get a 28k heal every 6secs if on single target raid bosses ? If theres say 8 trash mobs thats around a 224k heal every 6secs a little better but with a 6milion health pool its still a drop in the pond. Tier 19 Blood was BLOODY terrible but I thought to myself hey first Tier cant be to OP and now this Cmon guys pull your heads in.Beastlyhor10 9h
10h a new death knight so i took some time off from the game and finally got the itch to come back so i thought why not a death knight, i love plate armor and just the whole class fantasy behind them really draws me in. i just wanted to ask you guys what you thought of the dk in a pve and pvp setting kinda looking to see what im in for. thanks allKeiotyrie3 10h
10h Blood viable in BGs post Feb 21 hotfix? ... Thoughts?Gravebringer6 10h
11h Spiked Counterweight or Ursoc Paw Which is better? BOS build obv. Simmed SCW doing 30k more but idk a lot of STR loss so whatcha think?Deidara1 11h
11h Frost vs. Unholy PVP Hello fellow DKs, I frequently read these forums and the ongoing debate between frost vs. unholy for pvp and from what I gather there are pros and cons to each. If frost is truly a viable spec for 2v2 arena I pose the following question: is there a significant gap between the damage output of the BoS vs. Obliteration? If so, can you please give some tips (or link to a previous post) on how to play BoS in 2v2 arena setting. The majority of posts I read discuss the build in PVE and not an arena setting. If unholy truly is more effective can you please discuss your talent selection?Leionid9 11h
12h BoS build Is there any point to Frost Strike when using BoS?Vynecro3 12h
13h Frost Strike needs a buff I am certain that many people like myself are still fond of the pre 7.1.5 play style. However its clear that the BOS style is way above old style. Might I suggest that frost strike gets a buff so it could at least close a bit of the gap between the 2 play style? By the way, I can use the BOS style fine. But personally as a Frost Death Knight I am just more fond of hacking my way through rather than having a to blast my way through :PArthaniale65 13h
13h BoS Spec Help For Elisande Finding it incredibly hard to keep BoS up during this fight b/c of the amount of mobility in it. Anyone have any tips?Ghannon3 13h
15h Need tips for heroic Chronomatic I need a few tips on how to go about dsping chronomatic anomaly, I have been using the bos set up and using bos at the start and saving sindragosa fury for when the 4 little adds spawn, but for some reason my dps just tanks after that,is there a trick to dpsing in the slow phase, because I see some frost dks not get effected by the slow phase as much as me?Jamesyyt1 15h
17h FDK PVP Please give me a chance to explain where I'm coming from before ya flame me for putting "frost" and "pvp" in the same sentence. My intentions are good, I swear. When reading the forums, the general idea surrounding the frost DK is that it's a "slow crawling engine of death". This is somewhat true, granted we have absolutely no mobility (compared with other classes) and our damage has been nerfed into the floor, so much so, that I'm beginning to doubt the "engine of death" bit. No, I'm not crying for more damage. Honestly, I think we had too much to begin with. However, if we're going to be at a slow crawl, why not give us a buff to defense instead of offense? If our only option is to hunker down and take a beating, why not give us tools to mitigate the damage we are bound to take? An idea: Why not make permafrost effect melee abilities, as well as auto-attacks? The percentage of shield gained from ability-based melee attacks could be toned down significantly. I haven't done the math on it, and I'm not looking at it at this very second, but if auto attacks were to give you 20% of the damage dealt as a shield, I don't see why abilities couldn't give you a portion of that, say 4 or 5% of damage dealt as a shield. It just seems silly that it would only effect auto-attacks, as those are hardly even notable in pvp. We could take this pruning further and reduce the amount of shield received from auto attacks, just to make permafrost as a whole a more effective talent. My biggest complaint is Blizzard mostly seems to buff/nerf based on damage. How is it that we don't see more innovative ideas to help balance out different classes? Thanks guys, and stay frosty. TL;DR Frost DK more tanky pls less burstyNalec4 17h
21h Blood tier 20 bonuses So real talk 2p blood boil 25% damage dealt is returned to our HP and 4p blood boil cast increases our vers rating by X Now in M+ sync with bonerstorm this sounds absoultely amazing for heals but in raids especially boss fights with 0 adds sounds weak as !@#$... any thoughts?Thulmor2 21h
1d FDK Trinket Choice Currently have a 900 Entwined Elemental Foci, 875 Convergence, and 870 Memento and was wondering the best combination.Jollyrancher1 1d
1d It has never been so bad to drive a dk. "First, sory for my bad english i'm using Google translator." Just a exemple. In the dungeon "Halls of The Valor" in the final boss Odyn, if he uses the ability "Radiant Tempest", and do not possess some coldowns of move speed. I'll take the damage. I simply take the skill full on my face. That being the second time he uses I die. I do not have enough movement speed to escape and I only have one skill that has 45 sec of coldown. For pvp (Uh DKs) I think the class needs. 1 ° more damage, much more damage. The current damage without "super abilities" is very low. I can't kill any player. 2 ° more mobility or 3 ° easier retention of opponent player. **************************************************** I honestly went back to playing less than a month and I do not think I'm going to continue. It was never so bad to ride the death kinight. I probably will not credit my account again. Get a recommendation, a tip. If you do not have a PHD in combinatorial analysis in your staff. Contrast one. If you have (I do not believe), fire him and find another. You are not adding value to the end product for this customer.Lucodan18 1d
1d WHERE IS THE DK TRAINER?? trying to learn my duel spec now that i'm at lvl90, at ebon hold and cant find a trainer to teach this.....Ekleipsis17 1d
1d Blood Dk Hidden artifact skin check list Hey guys Wanted to let you know I got my hidden skin last night. Here is what I did. Did it as blood Started with 20 withered Killed even single boss and mob Collected all free withered Ended with 640 score Didn't collect all chests. Only collected what I could after I finished it. Ignored the room that required 2 beserkers to open. Used the beacon to teleporting to chest and the large chest you get at the end of finishing the run had my skin. Hope this helps. Ps because I didn't get all chest that rules that out and I made sure I had 600 points but I'm not sure if you can do it with 400. My ilvl was 847 and had completed 3 artefact knowledge bangers!Astropoppins42 1d
1d Unholy needs help Please look at the numbers at least Blizzard. Unholy is terrible in everyway. When are we going to see some changes ?Alinn2 1d
1d Just got Death March legendary I wonder if it's useful at all. I have a Prydaz and a Tak'theritrix shoulders already, and I wonder if switching out any of those two for Death March will change anything. The stats for Death March are huge STR and STAM wise. I am just not sure if it's special effect warrants the use of Defile even on single target. I couldn't find anything regarding this legendary. What do you all think?Lachdanan4 1d
1d 7.2 Class Mount Quest Highlight Reel Hey all, going to drop this link down here, ya... it's actually a really good quest and far better then all the other classes.... of the 3 I've done. 1d
1d Pls let Geist glyph apply to Sludge Belcher It might only be an aesthetic thing but damn the Sludge Belcher model is ugly (and not in a good way, more in a 1990s PS1 kind of way). I'm definitely not the only person triggered by how out of date the model looks but it seems like a lot of that feedback didn't get picked up. In the absence of a model improvement, I'd rather they let Glyph of the Geist apply to the Sludge Belcher as well. Can we make this happen please??Reinholder44 1d
1d Legendary choise, straight information. Hi, im lucky to have 5 legendarys. I want to know the best combination for tank and by tank i mean the best items for max health y tanking capability in raids. My legendarys are lana'thel lament, prydaz, sephuz, shackles of bryndaor and rattlegore bone legplates. Thank you for your time!Zeliel1 1d
1d Looked at the DK class mount... Howdy, DK community. I was a very big fan of DK back in WC3 and Wrath, not to mention, I am currently reading the Arthas book, so I decided to level my DK. I got him to 110 the other day and completed his class campaign. Lots of fun seeing some lore characters come back. I absolutely loved the new four horsemen mounts. Which is something I wanted to ask you guys about. After seeing those horsemen mounts, I was amazed that the new DK class mount was an undead dragon instead of one of those horses. An undead horse just seems so....classic to me. It just screams Dark Knight to me. How do you guys feel about it? Are you happy about getting a cool looking undead dragon? Would you have preferred to have an undead horse? Thanks, guys.Vidaar45 1d
1d My fellow UH players. I am so sorry that I have sinned. I went to switch loot specs to frost for the weekly cache in hopes of a 900 frost relic. I got the frost bracers instead and now my guild is making me go frost... I am sorry breatheren, I will always be unholy in my heart <3Stormdk17 1d
2d No Unholy love yet More hot fixes today. Still nothing to address the large damage gap between frost bos and unholy. If the AP\legendary systems didn't lock you into a spec, this wouldn't be as big of deal. Those systems make swapping specs far more difficult than in previous expansions. You use to be able to switch from frost/unholy when one spec pulled ahead of another. Now with huge time sink of leveling artifacts and grinding for legendaries, starting over on another spec is very time consuming. The AP and legendaries systems are even worse for the pure DPS classes. All of the classes that have 2 or more dps specs are having the same problem. Either make the AP system player based instead weapon based, allow for exchange of legendary of one spec for a legendary of the other spec or balance the DPS specs to each other.Decäyer11 2d
2d Please buff unholy more We need at 15-20% dps increase for STPlutorium1 2d
2d Mog help I'm in love with T18s look so I've begun to farm for it (wearing what I've gotten so far.) My issue is the Cloak and Weapon when it's all said and done. What matches this set nicely? Was thinking the Heroic coloration of the blazing demonhilt one also from HFC. HALPDeidara0 2d
2d adding more hidden skins? If blizzard is adding any more skins. Might i suggest an weapon skin that looks like a chainsaw hand. I mean we already have the army of the dead. Would be a great reference to an awesome franchiseGraglor0 2d
2d Frost DK vs Fury Warrior Hello - I'm still having some issues on deciding a main for legion and thinking of using my boost I still have and was hoping for some insight on the forums. I've posted this topic on both the DK and warrior forums to see what responses I get. My personal habits: - PvE only - end game goals are mythic+ and heroic raids (I dont see myself as serious as mythic guilds) - I'm a person that favors utility, mobility, low ramp up or set up time, and general aesthetics of the class (abilities, etc) - Not interested in either unholy or arms :( - Blood DK > Prot for my case though. My research so far has been: - Reading up on ICY VEINs - Watching Youtube mythic+ as well as heroic nighthold runs from both perspectives - Warcraft logs seem to pitch both classes as quite competitive in terms of DPS - I've created lvl 100 trials of both but it seems lack luster without the proper artifact traits/legendaries etc PROS/CONS of Frost DK + Strong overall dmg + Great synergy with artifact talents/legendaries/talent trees + Great Utility (battle rez + grips, ice walking omg...) + Lovely abilities and spells - Horrible mobility - Requires higher management & set up (runes, runic power, pooling them when appropriate for the bigger CDs) - Longer CDs on key abilities (5 min dragon, 3 min sindragosa, 3 min hungering rune weapon to be reduced in 7.2 maybe??) PROS/CONS of Fury Warrior + Great Mobility + Great overall damage + Lower CDs for key abilities to amplify damage + Not much set up required due to lower CDs - GCD locked (feels like you have to be pressing something somewhere) - Abilities/aesthtics don't look THAT pleasing other than a typical player - No utility to groups So yea, its quite a toss up for me and was wondering what other opinions were. Thanks for your 2 cents :DAlastiar2 2d
2d Unholy DKs stuck in combat constantly I recently started dabbling in BGs on my DK and realized that there is a fundamental problem going on. I am constantly being put into combat from slimes or shambling horrors. This effect is happening from across the map. Literally I rez at the grave yard and am immediately put into combat because my dots are still ticking on players on the other side of the map. This can be super frustrating trying to get back to an objective. Similarly breaking combat from a fight is really difficult too. Most classes can just run out of range, take the requisite 10 secs of no combat and then mount up. It frequently takes 20 plus seconds for me to drop combat after I have recalled my pet and moved over 40 yards away from the fight. Can you please either take away summoned uncontrollable "pets" putting us in combat, reduce the range at which this occurs or allow them to react to the pet follow command. Similarly this does occur out in the world doing general farming and questing too. Frequently I will kill and enemy and watch my shambling horror lumber over to the corpse and explode. Half of the time I get my mount cast off, the other half I sit there and wait for combat to expire so I can remount. It really slows you down and adds a lot of unnecessary time to basic tasks like World Quests and Farming. I love the exploding corpses, just not the anxiety they cause every time I try to mount.Angiskhan12 2d
2d Helm/Belt/Ring/CoF help? I'm aware there's several parses and opinions. But is there anyone with all of these that know the best combo. Somebody raiding mythic that can help me. I know the helm is BiS this Tier. Is it worth losing the belts RNG for the ring in terms of a whole fight. And when you get CoF does it enhance the Ring or does the ring lose value. I can play different scenarios in my head but i can't properly sim it. Are there conditions based on the time of the fight? Or is it just one of those things you can't clearly answer.Divinekhaos4 2d
2d Archimonde's Hatred Reborn Looking to boost dps as blood. Is this trinket noteworthy? Either this or Prydaz as my second Leg with Lana'thel ring. Thoughts?Azrak1 2d