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2h Why do you play a DK over Warrior? Instead of asking which is better or which is more fun I'm going to ask why you choose to play or continue to play your DK over a warrior. What is it about the DK that you love? I'm making the same thread in the Warrior forum.Lucrend84 2h
2h Give DK passive run speed boost Our mobility sucks, no argument there. I was thinking, we passively move faster when mounted, it would be nice to have this passive boost when running too.Jrakula9 2h
4h DK specialization what specialization is the most fun? ofc for a DK.Takelin0 4h
8h BG Honor talent choices. I am having trouble deciding what the best honor talents are for FDKs for BGs. I have looked online but everyone seems to post only the normal talents. Right now I am using: Medallion Reinforced Cadaverous (I know AMZ and Dark sim are probably better but I really like being able to purge big crits on myself.) Also I have been watching a few pvpers like Hazzed who have it and in random BGs they just let AMZ sit and never use it.) Deathchill (I see a lot more players in videos using Frozen, is there a reason for that? I just really like being able to spam roots on people from far away. This one just seems like a preference choice but I could be totally wrong and I am just bad) Lastly I am currently using Tundra Stalker but I think OPRW is optimal? Is that the case? I know no one I have seen online uses chill streak which I am cool with because it looks visually lame Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated.Vahrok2 8h
13h Transmog Request: 1H Swords on Back Does anybody know of any large 1H swords that are worn on the back instead of on the hip for Tauren Males and Draenei Females? I have two DKs that I routinely run Frost with, and I prefer having my swords on my back rather than on my sides, esp. if they are larger swords (which I think goes best with Frost playstyle).Hirai6 13h
14h Unholy DK BfA wishlist I'm hoping for a shift away from popping festering wounds, and more of an emphasis or at least options in the talent tree that would allow us to specialise more in either summons or diseases. I'd beg blizzard if I could to give us an updated wandering plague, replacing Soul Reaper in the final tier. Merge Soul Reaper with Unholy Frenzy (i.e. Unholy Frenzy in mechanics, but give it Soul Reaper's art/spell effects). Defile toned down a little and made baseline, giving us another option that would allow us to periodically summon short lived army members in combat as a passive. And finally replace the Skulker with an undead shadow mage who casts shadow bolt and shadow volley so it plays well with our mastery. I know the chances are slim but I had to get that off my chest. I like unholy the most thematically, but what makes it unique isn't very pronounced. More diseases and summons pls blizzYagnatia14 14h
14h Frost Artifact Weapon How or where do I find the quest to unlock my 3rd Artifact weapon? I have Maw and Apoc. I have looked everywhere for the guy to start the quest line. I have watched countless youtube videos and read every forum post I can find on it. Thanks for all the help!Rkingg3 14h
17h New transmog thread! Yay! Testing out this mog. It's not that original, but I think it's rather nice. Rate me!Stormdk371 17h
17h Nevermind nvmKahnn0 17h
19h Best death knight pvp spec I am thinking of rolling a death knight for pvp. What is the best death knight pvp spec ? ThanksQirre8 19h
23h PVP Helm For PVE? I am spending my Argunite and I need helm and cloak. for the helm I got Demonic Gladiator's Dreadplate Helm, 1226 Crit and 490 Versatility. do I buy another helm or use it? my cloak is 379 Versatility and 586 mastery, both offer prismatic slots.Thisisexile1 23h
1d Bring back 2h frost Bring back 2h frost. Cosmetic only, make it play exactly the same as dw, just give us the choice to carry a big weapon. Dw vs 2h does not make unholy and frost unique, the fact that they have totally different spellbooks does. There is no reason not to add this as a purely cosmetic option that has nothing to do with stat weights or playstyle.Rastas70 1d
1d Why Blood DK? I love to tank, and have just recently gotten my Blood DK to 110. I'm still getting a feel for the character in raid environments. And I feel that sometimes my self heals don't cut it. Even if I have good up time on my bone shield and use my cool downs. I still take these huge chunks of damage. So I want to know more about the spec. I am asking you how is Blood? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Why do you play it? P.S. Also have a 110 Brewmaster, and wondering if it might be a better option for Dungeons and raids?Glazod6 1d
1d Festering Wound WeakAura Very simple Weakaura to track the stacks of Festering Wound on the target. The icon will also glow when it is >= 6 stacks. Allowing for full Apocalypse damage. I'm only sharing this because I used to have no clue about creating my own WA's, and I'm sure there are others out there that could use this. d0ZsdaGEIk6LefAxKe9AIkTpIcMjrrMTiFgs3KOkpMIUTu6WGStsSx1UfSFHu)KkXWiLFtKZlunuIs1GfIgUuCqIQ60eoMuDorPfsszPKKAXKKSCGEirfEkYYa45u1ejkLPc1KPW0rDrQKUkrj9mrX1HyJaACKQntfBxO8rII6RuPmnk57uPAKcjFdunArLXts1jjjClrvxduUhrjUSK)ke2gL67JNeR07aYAbqBYpbqLwQSBp1ozmzmEIl15oqPatc5SwXYEcYKfXkmOafTaLNKrTI2edkqrlWXtsUhCjKIVAtbO2YpEL(eWYZfOiGgDKUjHemMN8nvkPcd)4v6R0ZALPRnpHee8edbIw8KrPkehhC8MAkk5RA5buwLP5jUuN7YUKiWtYHRkyxv9uUsGMJhiCy6W06z6WTTSHBbZEN8wWNssqgJNyOufyaJNArsSy888edLQapEQfjXIXZZtMjiVF8Kxeqt1KS5Q8XrjJkQqMJcppbczwJNArsSy888KHWXryIK44JNArsSy888eOuQgp1IKyX455jeFfHVPmxTPMynmuQc84PwKelgppp5azYcPW4PwKelgppp5BkZXtEranvRKzEcXxryMG8(vBEsDxCC8fpqlyW001YMvdUUUEhG(o5HPn5UWGZnq4W0HPPPPdq3kJTLU2o5TGpbwOcPaoEtnjmLctcJjGLNlqran6iDtcjymfqAXGcu0c0VsFkUloo(IhyE4a01HBzRBNfGTgaD9DYBbBseeCeEgcKlJv6tMsbdblKc(XR0hpzMRmL74jguGIwGROnfdcuaPQun5zit56NIbLqQj7jPMjzqwMNmZbfql)4v6JNIbLqQvBQbuQPa54tOjj3NNNNNNGgpbS8CbkcOrhPBsibJv6zS1STNNITs3cqF(bFreezeescort1 1d
1d Gorefiends grasp Pretty salty about the nerf to gorefiends (reduced range from 20-15 yards), gonna mess with my perception of it for the longest time. This is in alpha btw not live.Lichkong4 1d
1d Need a DK name Help me find a DK name because every !@#$ing name are taken. For a Blood Elf female cause every other races are lame(to me).Arwena7 1d
1d What’s up with Bolvar? I’ve been leveling alts to see the campaigns and order halls, and it just strikes me how Bolvar seems nothing like Bolvar, especially wanting to go after Tyrion at Light’s Hope... It’s like Arthas all over again. I had to go rewatch just to see if I remembered right: Wraithgate: Fall of Arthas: On the subject of Arthas, part of me wanted the campaign to end seeing the former Lich King risen as a horseman. The master brought down to a servant, your servant. I dunno, woulda felt full circle.Serova8 1d
1d I'm probably being dumb This may be a stupid question with an obvious answer. My armory and Warcraft logs put me at around 38% haste. In-game and on Mr. Robot I'm at 26%. Am I missing a passive buff or something?Zombeard3 1d
1d Why Choose DK? I’ve been looking for a class to have as my main and just would like to primary focus on one toon. However.. I just can’t decide on which one to go with. I’m looking for a melee class that can either tank or heal as a off spec. It doesn’t matter if they can do all three. My considerations have been Paladin, DK, Warrior or Enh Shaman. I don’t really push mythic or haven’t even done a single mythic for that matter. I’m a casual player who just wants to jump into some LFR and do PvP. I mained a Frost DK from Wrath to Cata and that was a lot of fun I really enjoyed the class and spec. I really gave the Monk class a go but I just can’t get into Windwalker. I’ve tried and tried and it just isn’t for me. So I’m just curious on why I would pick a Death Knight above all the other ones I have listed. Thanks!Truadin10 1d
2d Frost DK low damage in PvP? I see a lot of people talk about Frost DK doing massive burst and great sustained damage.. I have been trying my DK in random BGs and I am not seeing it. Why play a DK when my Obliterates hit for about 90k main hand and 60k offhand... Frost strike is spammable with some Runic Power but it hits for about 300k maximum with criticals. When I pop CDs to burst I get consistent Obliterate crits but its just useless damage. meanwhile I can roll over to my Ret Pally and consistently hit for 500k minimum with all of my damaging moves except maybe Zeal/Crusader strike.Bestpallyboy15 2d
2d Thoughtseize removed from alpha. Its gone.... RIP WHY!!! This spell is needed so badly for dks!!! Please blizzard dont removed dispel from dks!!! There is the link. Scroll down to dk changes....Za8 2d
2d Order Hall Upgrades? What should I take for order hall upgrades?Thisisexile6 2d
2d Frost Gylph Suggestion So I see a lot of people wanting two-handed back from Frost, me personally I don't mind. However if Frost is restricted to Duel-Wielding (Assuming that we will) I'd love some sort of Glyph that'd allow for one-handed weapons to be sheathed on the character's back rather than their sides similar to how Monk weapons are displayed. The asthetic of having a weapon displayed on my character's back is really what's the biggest thing missing for me when playing Frost, I know that there are plenty of weapons that already do this but I'd love the freedom to do this with any weapon. Feel free to let me know whatcha think about my idea weather you love it, or hate it!Gangosh3 2d
2d Does Bolvar fit TOO well as Lich King? Maybe just me, but it seems from his mindset in the artifact scenarios like the spirit of Ner'zhul may be gaining dominance & he may become exactly (or nearly) like Arthas.Tanissenda23 2d
2d Four Horseman Mounts Are we ever gonna see similar colors to these mounts added in the game? They are by far my favorite Death Knightish looking mount that fit the theme, and the only available two are: 1) PvP forsaken mount, which unfortunately sports the forsaken flag on the back which is a huge turn off for me, and 2) A very low chance from regular mythic kara, which is hard enough to find a group for because no one bothers doing it I hope blizzard ads in some more color variations that are a bit more realistic in obtainingAmorlamor5 2d
2d broken class their damage is completely broken. They can out damage everyone combined in 3s matches and also heal as much as their healer... Before fan boy DK players start whining, its not every match, but those stats are close lots of the time. Especially the damage. Put a dk against a warrior, theres no chance. its not even fair. Even a good warrior can still lose to a scrub dk. I know blizzard loves their new babies ( death knights, monks and demon hunters ) but when its completely one sided and a class has no chance at all, something needs to be done. Its unacceptable. i bet even if the dk d/c, the warrior would still die first from the damage by the diseases and ghouls.Fininis10 2d
2d Battle for Azeroth - 2H Frost There has been a couple threads here talking about whether or not 2H v DW Frost will be available next expansion and a lot of the discussion seems to boil down to balance. Now I'm not sure if I am in the minority here, but when I am asking for 2H Frost back, I honestly just want the visual of being a Frost DK while wielding a 2H weapon. I don't care about seeing bigger numbers, I don't care about the rotation being different, it isn't a question of balance, its one of aesthetic. With it being confirmed that, at this point, Frost can still only DW and use all spells, I am asking for some sort of glyph, or the ability to tmog to a 2H weapon for Frost. To me, it seems that this would not be any sort of huge undertaking for the team and gives those of us that would like it the option of having the appearance of a 2H weapon, without effecting any gameplay/balance or those who enjoy the DW appearance. I'd like to know if there is anyone else out there that enjoys the current iteration of Frost but would just like the appearance of a 2H weapon like me. Please let me know below and see if we can get some visibility!Shwob545 2d
3d Can someone explain honor talent Pandemic? Hi everyone, I am a new Death knight and I have been looking at the unholy honor talent Pandemic ( not Epidemic). The talent says "When you use Outbreak, all enemies within 25 yards afflicted by your diseases take (100% of Attack power) Shadow damage and the duration of your diseases on them are refreshed." Read this few times but still does not get it. Does it make outbreak spam-able? Is this negative synergy with the honor talent Unholy Mutation since it refreshes Virulent Plague which prevent it from duration ending and activating the slime? Please help explain, I have tried to google it and look through the forum but almost no information on this honor talent. Thanks a lot!Haomeimei1 3d
3d Noob Frost DK question Hey guys, first time I play DK and I have a simple question: When AOEing adds is it ok to cast howling blast or frostscythe without killing machine or should I wait for a proc? P.S. I can't post with my DK for some reason.Midnighter3 3d
3d Blood DK upper HP limit? I was mathing it out and unless Im WAY off they top off at like 20 mil HP? Assuming you have all the talents. Is that about right?Sorlock4 3d
3d Runeforging? Why do I still only have Razorice available for Runeforging my weapon? I thought there was a parry Runeforge that you obtained as well? Please don't tell me they nerfed this neat Death Knight feature...Autai3 3d
4d You know what would be cool for Unholy If every wound you pop or every 2 festering wounds you pop spawns a ghoul for a few seconds. It would really feel and look cool to just constantly summoning ghouls.Meganada2 4d
4d Frost or Unholy at the moment? I have always mained UH, but I have been interested in playing frost some recently, and was curious. Would you reccomend frost or unholy at the moment, and why? Also, which spec do find the most enjoyable currently, and why? EDIT: Also, which spec do you think is more common/popular, and why do you think that is?Verlius15 4d
4d Pick my race gents 4d
4d DK Charge to help with mobility. Thoughts? Hi all, I've been thinking about our mobility and I think a short charge like 2yd - 15yd with an animation like Wraith walk but faster that ends with a cleave and 10 RP gain. Uses a rune so no cd or non rune with 10sec cd? Possible names, Death's Charge, Wraith's Charge, Wrath of the Ebon Blade, Gorefiend's rage, Ruination, Charge of the Dead, Death's Cleave With Lore, look we are that stage where we can summon dragons from a sword (frost), and plus don't tell me there was no death knight that was a warrior in their past life and didn't know how to charge :) Thoughts?Gorereaver20 4d
4d Death siphon in BFA We got dispel back with thought seize We got death advance back We are working on getting back frost two handed spec back with some good posts on the forumns One last talent with the things above and id be completely in a dreamland and beyond happy is DEATH SIPHON!! Please im begging you blizzard consider bringing back death siphon. That talent was amazing!!! And the animation was one of the coolest out there!!! For those of you that dont know what it was here is the link 4d
4d Death Coil feels lackluster I feel like death coil just gets in the way, and that its a crappy way to spend runic power. I get the whole synergy with the other talents, I just wish it felt cooler and idk hit harder. The sound effect and the visual just are just meh. Like if we build up runic POWER , shouldn't it feel powerful ?Vyllith20 4d
5d Avg dps 950 frost I've simmed a couple sets (I know I need cold heart) but I'm at 952 in my pve gear and my numbers are supposed to be 1.4m according to sims. I run anywhere between 1.2-1.6 when I'm playing serious, but I was wondering what a decent average st dps would be for this ilvl.Turboswag6 5d
5d dk verse or crit ? which is better for dps crit or verse I keep hearin bum on it ideas ? my toon seems to do better with verse.Tgkskaar1 5d
5d Give ALL DK specs a permanent undead pet Give ALL Death Knight specs the ability to have a pet ghoul. Why does only Unholy have a permanent pet?? That's so dumb! That's the MAIN Death Knight identity, raise undead and have them fight for you!Vextin24 5d
5d please help a fellow new DK:( i have bars set up standard wow setup just dont know how my spells should be on my bars starting at 55Grapeme4 5d
5d It is decided This DK will be my main in BfA. Blood not frost though.Havadr4 5d
5d roast me Any helpful advice on my current gear/ talents would be appreciated. I know im only 102, so keep that in mindHavadr3 5d
5d Unholy is frustrating The only reason I play it is because I like to be cool and edgy playing a class that no one uses (because most DK's are Frost) but I also love the theme of Unholy - 2H, diseases, etc. It's a shame because the rotation is pretty clunky. My dps is pretty low and I need some advice. I'm 940 ilvl yet I struggle to consistently hit 700-800k dps in raids. Any sort of AoE I easily hit 1.2m ish, but single target, I'm almost always last, or second to last. Any advice? Is it my stat weights? My rotation? I use Gargoyle, Soul Reaper, and Apoc as often as I can, but I generally keep DT off unless it's a big aoe cluster. I also try to keep diseases up 100% of the time.Crust14 5d
5d Frost Particular Change Hi people, i'm going back to wow after a time and looking at BFA got me wondering about Frost. Is there something (talent or passive) which forces you to play DW in the new exp? I used to love Two handed Frost, but if not, i'll stick with UH. RegardsQuimey1 5d
6d Where the apocalypse at? Does anyone know what is going on with apocalypse? I love necromancers that is why I a play unholy dk and I love apocalypse makes me feel like a super commander of the dead. So does anyone know if apocalypse is here to stay in bfa or not?Necroblade18 6d
6d Am I ready for Normal raids yet? So I've been doing higher keys the past few weeks. I've done up to +19 I believe and I'm pretty much gotten most of the gear I can. I haven't jumped into LFR yet but I should be good to go there. My question is, is my gear good enough for normal Antorus yet? I was told once I'm farming higher keys close to +20 I should be ready to transition into raiding.Natsume16 6d
6d Unholy Death Knight Without Pet Do any of you guys play Unholy without a pet ?? I play without it. I get annoyed with it. That’s why I hated Resident Evil 5 having a partner move every time I move.Ghyrmuqqadus12 6d
Mar 14 Unholy stat weights pve So, icy veins puts crit over haste slightly for castigator, but Noxxic has haste over crit.... Which is it? Thanks in advance..Haxxthc20 Mar 14