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14m New transmog thread! Yay! Testing out this mog. It's not that original, but I think it's rather nice. Rate me!Stormdk307 14m
34m Blood Tanking - Help in H Antorus (logs inc) TLTR: I survive normal just fine but my parses suck. I am not surviving in heroic. What can I do better? I know the fight goes long because the dps is low but I just want to improve myself. I went from green parses to mostly purple, some blue and some orange on my bear after coming to the forum. Character: UnholyDonut Logs: ( ) I have come from tanking as bear and I'm having difficulty mitigating damage as well as I do on my bear. I handled normal just fine but Heroic dogs absolutely destroyed me. I was busting CDs left and right and still struggling. I eventually died because I was out of CDs and I poorly managed my resources for DS and other moves. I used Runetap but without blood tap I managed my resources poorly and it wasn't always ready when I needed it. I assumed the strat was to keep BS at 5 or more stacks, keep BB and D&D going and use DS before the big hit for the bub and after the big hit for the self heal. what am I doing wrong?Baloou21 34m
1h Does Bolvar fit TOO well as Lich King? Maybe just me, but it seems from his mindset in the artifact scenarios like the spirit of Ner'zhul may be gaining dominance & he may become exactly (or nearly) like Arthas.Tanissenda7 1h
1h is unholy pvp trash right now? i haven't played this guy in maybe 6 months or so. came back and i'm dying left right and center. my damage is garbage. i remember when legion first dropped and i loved what they did with unholy. i was topping charts and everything. now i'm struggling to stay alive.... every DK i see in BGs is frost spec. so i'm guessing unholy really is in bad shape atm?Vilebone4 1h
1h Rate the name (2) Continued from the last thread. @Stormdk, 6/10Raquel119 1h
2h Death Knight Mobility Yet another thread to complain about the crappy mobility of dks the numerous threads that discussed this are unheard of. However, this time I got you a present. I can't beat mages. Yep, not even with legendaries. Mages out-play dks so hard that they can even win with full Hp. In the few times that I beat a mage it was a close one, and I would be on the edge of my spells, no matter what I try I cant beat mages as Frost at all. What keeps me going with this class is the fact that we are getting Death Advance next xpack, but we are losing 20% of the Chains of Ice slow, Death advance will give us 20% more speed but if we lose 20% of the Chains of Ice we are literally trading a a slow for a speed with 0 net gain, in a nutshell next expac we arn't getting any better mobility. Dks and paladins are maddening to play due to their retarded mobility. (Just think about the magic of getting Wrath Walk CD reduced to 30 sec), com'on Frosts don't even have a damn proper stun.Canious29 2h
2h Battle for Azeroth - 2H Frost There has been a couple threads here talking about whether or not 2H v DW Frost will be available next expansion and a lot of the discussion seems to boil down to balance. Now I'm not sure if I am in the minority here, but when I am asking for 2H Frost back, I honestly just want the visual of being a Frost DK while wielding a 2H weapon. I don't care about seeing bigger numbers, I don't care about the rotation being different, it isn't a question of balance, its one of aesthetic. With it being confirmed that, at this point, Frost can still only DW and use all spells, I am asking for some sort of glyph, or the ability to tmog to a 2H weapon for Frost. To me, it seems that this would not be any sort of huge undertaking for the team and gives those of us that would like it the option of having the appearance of a 2H weapon, without effecting any gameplay/balance or those who enjoy the DW appearance. I'd like to know if there is anyone else out there that enjoys the current iteration of Frost but would just like the appearance of a 2H weapon like me. Please let me know below and see if we can get some visibility!Shwob486 2h
4h Frost Is it fun, engaging and competitive PVE wise?. Thinking on using my 110 boost on one. Pros n cons?. Best race?. I’m swaying towards human.Naethrorn16 4h
4h Fowl Bulwark bug I looted and equipped Soul of the Deathlord. It gave me a new talent. If my ring is on, I can't select it. I take it off, I can learn the talent. But as soon as I put it on again, it becomes unlearned and unselectable.Ruiluis2 4h
5h 985 Trinket from Weekly Worst trinket in the game, Windscar Whetstone. Probably the sole owner of such a POS at this level. I think I need to leave this game.Variyan1 5h
5h Icecap vs Avalanche Based on my current gear, these 2 talents sim very comparably. Raidbots has Icecap less than 0.5% ahead, and AMR has Avalanche just under 1% ahead. Maybe it's because of my Wrathstone trinket CD lining up better with the standard Pillar CD? What do you guys use?Sangiur1 5h
15h Idea to Improve DK Mobility Wraith Walk is the bane of our existence. But what if instead of a 45 second cooldown it was a toggle that drained resources (Runic Power). Keeping the same speed bonus because it is just necessary for pve mechanics, it would be interesting. We are the only kitable melee class these days, and its bull!@#$.Judicate9 15h
16h Class Hall glitch!!!? Sometimes when I zoned back into the class zone after playing a rated battleground all the NPCs become aggro'd and start attacking me, is this intentional?Goosebumpsx3 16h
20h Death Knight or Paladin for BFA? I have been agonizing for months over making a new main for BFA and have narrowed it down to Paladin and DK. I'm looking for a good pro/con comparison between the 2 as they stand going into BFA. Some things affecting my decision: - I do everything I can solo and will be in Tank spec for 90% of my playtime (so Prot/Blood) - In dungeons or other group content I like to DPS, most likely in Ret/Frost (I've not played long enough to be comfortable setting the pace of the group) - I prefer ranged over melee (I realize both of these choices are melee, but paladin has a few abilities that work at range) - I would like to be virtually unkillable while simultaneously not taking 15min to kill a rare (not AMAZING dps, but at least adequate) - I LOVE the self healing of DK but hate having to manage runes - I like that paladin has a few ranged abilities and like the class fantasy a bit more than DK. Plus Paladin utility is amazing. - I never PvP and dislike it with great intensity - I have never healed nor do I have any interest in it From what I've found, Paladins have lower health than every other tank and aren't amazing at self healing (compared to DK) but make up for it in damage mitigation and shielding. Ret is supposedly very mediocre, but gets the job done. Blood DKs are supposedly the self-sustain solo kings and have been since WotLK while Frost is in the same boat as Ret. I'm currently leveling a Lightforged Draenei Paladin and already have a Night Elf DK at max level. My question is: Which of these 2 classes would be best suited to my endeavors? And, with the removal of artifact traits (I realize some of these will be making a reappearance in Azerite gear, but I'm planning for a worst-case scenario), which of these classes rely the least on their artifact weapon to be efficient? I posted this with the paladins too, as I think both sides might have some unique insights. Thanks you guys!Ashantos6 20h
20h The Fight For DKs to be Allied Races Fight with me friends, we have been neglected for too long. How must longer must we suffer before Blizzard thinks of us when designing new content or races to add to the game? NO longer are we the "new" class, we've been in the game for 5 expansions or 10 long years and still we have no new race options to choose from. Click this link and show your support!Kerriggan0 20h
21h Worgan DK Backstory? I have done a lot of research, and still cannot find any solid lore that explaines how Worgan Death knights can be a thing lorewise, especially since no one in Gilnaes was even infected as a Worgan during the litch king's reign. I also thought that being a worgan prevents you from becoming undead and undead prevents you from becoming worgan. So please send me one help me understand, because I have no idea how I can create a background for this character. Cheers!Ravendarkoak4 21h
23h Unholy Design Change? Any word on them changing the play style of unholy to not be zit popping?Dasbearjuden46 23h
1d Returning player Getting back after a couple months break can somebody tell me the best build for unholy.Danerexles0 1d
1d Bring back the WOTLK Death Knight Honestly, when looking back over the years the DK was at it's best class design when it launched. I had so much fun. It was rather short lived, but sooooo much fun. Those are the days that I long for to return. Who is with me?Gorund66 1d
1d trinket opinions plox. opinions on this trinket for frost DK. NEED OPINIONZ! picked it up from heroic aggramar, ilvl 950 warforgedClinical2 1d
1d Lore is NOT an argument. Your daily reminder, there is literally lore justification for 5/6 of the new allied races: Let's start with a few quotes: ... ... --"Knights of the Ebon Blade" (Quest) So, we clearly see that the Ebon Blade is creating new Death Knights from the corpses in the Broken Isles. Are we supposed to assume that they've only raised Horde/Alliance Death Knights? There are plenty of Nightborne, and Highmountain corpses, even on the Broken Isles. Beyond that, even if we assume that the Ebon Blade didn't raise any Nightborne/Highmountain, who's to say that Arthas didn't? There is an in-game hint to Scourge presence on the Broken Isles considering this: ... --"The Instructor's Fourth Lesson" (Legion Legendary) Now, assuming the Scourge was active on the Broken Isles at some point, this justifies not only Highmountain Death Knights, but Nightborne, too. Yes, many were locked behind Suramar's barrier, but exiles are canon. You can argue those aren't the same subset of Nightborne that are playable, but that's entirely irrelevant. Goblin Death Knights were canonically Steamwheedle Cartel members, yet the Bilgewater Cartel holds the "playable" Goblins. Really though, the "Scourge" avenue isn't necessary. Ebon Blade Death Knights make perfect sense for both Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne. Void Elves should automatically have Death Knights, simply because Blood Elves have them. What exactly is going to prevent a Blood Elf Death Knight from being interested in the Void? (Especially given the link between the Void and Necromancy). Hell, the fact that Dar'khan Drathir is involved at all should pique some morbid curiosity from Blood Elf Death Knights. So lore-wise they work. Not only do they work, but they work from within the existing framework, rather than requiring new "lore" like Tauren Paladins. That leaves to things to iron out; The Death Knight starting zone, and Heritage Armor. Regarding the starting zone, I actually don't know why people find this to be a stumbling block. Allied races already skip their regular starting zones (1-10) by starting at level 20. Why can't allied races simply start at 58? Or, even 55 but spawn them in Nighthold/Highmountain etc. Allied races are, according to Blizzard, for "experienced players," right? I doubt experienced players need their hands held through the Acherus intro. Beyond that, should we really write off sensible race/class ideas simply because Blizzard tied the DK starting zone to WotLK lore? Again, allied races already skip starting zones. Heritage armor is another non-argument. Why not simply prevent, say, Nightborne Death Knights from obtaining heritage armor? I mean, getting from 20-58 isn't that much of a time sink even now, but if it's such a sticking point for Blizzard, I'd assume most people would be more than happy with allied race Death Knights, even if they couldn't earn heritage armor by leveling them. tl;dr: Every allied race but Lightforged should be able to roll a DK. Lore supports it. Wildberry53 1d
1d Unholy Hidden Appearance in BfA Is it obtainable after we ditched our artifact? We might get a talent similar to Apocalypse but it's not the same as using the artifact itself, would the book still drop?Emberheart4 1d
2d Legendary: Rattlegore Bone Legplates, useful? I just got this legendary and 60 more RP sounds extremely good, more deathstrikes! But is this legendary good? I'm still knew to blood dk and I know legendaries are situational too, thoughts on this legendary? Update: Never mind I just tested it, it sucks :')Vladimìr6 2d
2d Hate Blizz for taking away 2H Frost Title says it all. This petty, meaningless, pointless, dumb nerf to the only cool thing about this junk spec is just too much.Gutb47 2d
2d Best Death Knight Website? Is there an Icy-Veins alternative for DKs? Mainly FrostRoodona1 2d
2d 2-H honor talent in BfA Since we all have pretty much given up on Blizzard giging frost dk back the ability to use 2-H weapons, I thought that perhaps an honor talent could work at least for pvp situations, since blizzard can tune abilities and numbers in pvp seperately now, even with their new ideas of letting us stack the stats and such we want on pvp gear we will be able to buy in BfA (thank green jesus) which will just scale to ilvl instead of a set stat template, then in theory they would be able to make a 2-h frost honor telent that can be balanced into arenas and bgs and such. Just thought it was an interesting idea and wanted to see what you guys thought.Mørríghan9 2d
2d Unholy changes I would like to see Just tossing ideas around of stuff I would like to see with Unholy, and to some extent, DKs as a whole. While I don't expect Blizz to read or implement most of these changes, I feel like Unholy would be in a much better place. -= TALENTS =- TIER 56 Unholy Blight Bursting Sores Ebon Fever TIER 57 Soul Reaper Pestilent Pustules Blighted Rune Weapon TIER 58 Unholy Frenzy Castigator Clawing Shadows TIER 60 Sludge Belcher Shadow Infusion All Will Serve TIER 75 Spell Eater Corpse Shield AMZ TIER 90 Plaguebearer Necrosis Infected Claws TIER 100 Dark Arbiter Defile Necrotic Plague -= DEATH KNIGHT ABILITIES =- CLASS: Lichborne Dark Simulacrum Corpse Explosion Parry (passive) Death Gate Runeforging Raise Ally Control Undead Mind Freeze Death grip Death Strike Death's Advance Anti-Magic Shield Icebound Fortitude Chains of Ice Path of Frost Dark Command On A Pale Horse Asphyxiate (baseline for all DKs) SPEC: Apocalypse Outbreak Scourge Strike Festering Strike Death Coil Raise Dead Summon Gargoyle Death and Decay Epidemic Dark transformation Army of the Dead -= PASSIVES =- Armies of the Damned Portal to the Underworld The Shambler Festering Wound Runic Corruption Dark Succor Sudden Doom (with Double Doom baked in) Mastery: Mastery: Dreadblade -= NOTES =- Unholy Blight in tier 56 to restore the Necroblight playstyle. Also adds interaction with Virulent Plague's Virulent Eruption mechanic. Moved Soul Reaper from tier 100 to tier 57 because it makes more sense there with both SR and PP helping with resources, and BRW generates free wounds without using Festering Strike. No changes to tier 58, seems fine the way it is. Changed All Will Serve from tier 56, and Shadow Infusion from tier 90 to tier 60 so that tier 60 is entirely focused on the ghoul. Skulker from AWS also benefits from Dark Transformation much like the ghoul. AMZ in tier 75 as to provide utility in a row that focuses on defensives. Also needs to be a talent for Frost and Blood, or just made baseline for all 3 specs. A few changes are made in tier 90, with Shadow Infusion being replaced with Plaguebearer. Infected Claws would have the artifact trait Black Claws baked in, or just make Black Claws baseline. Necrosis would work similarly to Skullflower's Haemostasis, Death Coil adds a stack that increase Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows damage by 10%, stacks up to 40% increased damage on next Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows. Necrotic Plague added in tier 100 to bring back the Necroblight playstyle (with Unholy Blight in tier 56). Armies of the Damned and Portal to the Underworld are both essential in making Apocalypse and Army of the Dead worth using. Since the ghouls barely do any damage, they can provide debuffs and explode upon death. Apocalypse baseline helps smooth out the rotation and provides burst damage, works great with Soul Reaper and fits with the theme of the spec. Epidemic made baseline to help with AoE which is Unholy's strongsuit and because Virulent Plague is currently just a fire-and-forget disease with very little interaction. Plaguebearer also helps in that regard by extending the duration of your plague. Double Doom should be baked in with Sudden Doom, it works really well with Dark Arbiter and helps proc Runic Corruption. Raise Dead's 1 min CD removed. I would even go as far as making the T20 Unholy 4 piece into a talent. Reducing the cooldown of Army of the Dead is easily one of the best things we got to have in Legion. If not, lower the CD to 5 min, even if it's unusable in PvP. For a 10 min CD, it's not even that good especially if traits like Armies of the Damned and Portal to the Underworld don't make it into BfA. Asphyxiate and Dark Sim should be baseline. Death's Advance should also have the 15% bonus movement speed baked in. Wraith Walk removed. Unholy Blight: Makes Virulent Plague erupt every second. If talented into Necrotic Plague, adds 1 stack of Necrotic Plague every second. Lasts 10 seconds. 1 min CD. Plaguebearer: Festering Strike extends the duration of Virulent/Necrotic Plague, Death Coil adds 4 seconds to the duration of Virulent/Necrotic Plague. All Will Serve: Raise Dead also summons an additional minion. The Skulker is empowered when you use Dark Transformation. Death Coil needs to be used to heal the ghoul again, I still don't understand why they removed that from Unholy DK. Definitely one of the things I can see Blizz bring back. I would also like to see the 1 sec GCD come back.Veranolth8 2d
2d Ability question I am playing my first Death Knight and through the in-game combat log cannot find an answer to this: Festering strike applies festering wound stacks. Festering wound says "will burst on death or when damaged by scourge strike, dealing X amount of shadow damage and generating Y amount of runic power." If these burst on death, what do they cause shadow damage to? I tested this and it does not cause damage to the next enemy over in a multi-enemy fight. So, is it just poorly worded?Restomagus1 2d
3d Death Coil Usage Getting back to my DK after patch changes, and realize that the same problem exists; too much rune power. I don't know if it has anything to do with my talent spec but before they increased the DC cost I frequently having too much rune power and procs, instead of using other attacks I constantly have to dump RP and procs, only to have it filled up immediately. I weave my abilities with DC so I can keep my RP around 50%, though I still spend much of my dps shooting DC. Any suggestion?Emberheart4 3d
3d Flight Master, no flight locations known The Flight Master in the "Broken Isles" Acherus keeps telling me I have no known flight locations. Any thoughts?Corrinthal4 3d
3d Cold Heart Management so I just got Cold Heart pretty damn happy! But.. I have no experience using it or when is the best time to use it is there an add-on that can help me manage it?Èsdeath4 3d
3d Deathlord serves no Faction I mean, i actually needs to explain? We command Aquerus, we have the 4 Knight at our disposal and we ARE POWERFULL THAN THE 4 KNIGHTS, we are the hand of Lich king itself, and we already gived a damn to the factions when we rised the 4 knight, we gived a damn to the silver hand when we tried to ress Tirion, we gived a damn to the red dragon flight WE KILLED EVERYONE and then rised a powerfull red dragon to serve us... I mean the lich king is like a tool to increase our power, we listen to him because of what he give to us...With all the power we have, why would we serve the horde or the alliance...we only serve ourselves.Darklordmira61 3d
3d bfa unholy WHERE'S APOCALYPSE??? i know... i know nothing is finished yet...we still dont know how those talents will look with the azerite thing whatever... but still i looked to the new talents and skill for dk and...WHERE ARE MY APOCALYPSE SKILL BLIZZARD HMMM????????????????Darknessgodd9 3d
3d dk or warrior for boost thinking about bnoosting eaither a dk or a warrior on horde what is better in random Bgs atm warrior or dk and if dk frost or UHMaximill2 3d
3d Blood DK maximizing dps help Hi I need help maximizing my dps as a Blood DK for my guild when we do 3 tank strats where I am not tanking for Mythic Antorus(soon Aggramar and Argus). I will forsake 4pc for damage since the tier bonus will be useless for me as I wont be actively tanking much, if at all. I have every single legendary for all dk specs so leggos aren't an issue anymore. I was thinking of using the legendary shoulders and the chest or the bracers(not sure they would proc if I am constantly at 100% hp?). What stats should I focus on maxing? I was thinking of ignoring Vers and Mastery and just maxing Crit/Haste. For trinkets I have a decent collection to choose from. I will obviously use the pantheon dps trinket(will be 1000ilvl next reset) but the other trinket to maximize dps I am not sure. I have a 910 arcano with a socket, a 945 Eye of Command, a 945 Cradle of Anguise, a 945 Seeping, and a 945 felhounds trinket(shadow singed fang?). Any help would be appreciated!Meganada4 3d
3d Unholy viability Question. I rerolled into Shadow Priest for Antorus, but am finding that it just doesn't perform as well as I'd like on Mythic bosses and am going back to my death knight. How is Unholy with t21, or would I be better served playing frost? Leggo wise I have tek'theratrix and cold heart for unholy and cold heart and seal of necrophantasia for frost spec.Àsche6 3d
3d Imp Mother Challenge? Can somebody link me to figure out how to get this quest line or something? i can't seem to figure out the basis of it.Istutter13 3d
4d Lol RNJesus So I was sitting at 972 essence this morning and decided to hop into a heroic for my daily. "Yeah finally going to get those Frost bracers today". I knew I was going to get them because it's my last frost legendary and I'll have a token for it... ...Down the first boss in the dungeon, he drops the Bracers. Guess I'll start on the blood ones.Deathikus1 4d
4d Help with a talent becoming un-learned I have a different set of gear in the equipment manager for each spec. I use Soul of the Deathlord on my Frost gear setup only, and each time I switch from Frost to Blood gear, Foul Boulwark becomes un-learned and I have to manually go to my talents and select it again. It isn't a big deal, just annoying. Specially considering that until I realized what happened, I ran without a selected talent in that tier -.-" Anybody knows how to fix it?Strigidae4 4d
5d UHs vs Other UHs in Raids So i use Warcraft logs but I use it the way it was meant to be used. I've come to notice recently that even fully buffed with pots/food/runes, prepotting and repotting prolonged power, and keeping up a good rotation with almost no downtime i'm green or blue parsing every fight. Now i look by item level for my spec and compare what my DPS was to the top DPS and I find that even with almost the same gear (they usually have a strong arcano crystal, COF, or tier trinkets) the people pulling gold are almost 300k-400k dps above me. Now i'm not a terrible player by any means, I know how my class works and I know how to do my rotation but for me a 300-400k DPS difference between me and another DK of the same ilvl is insane and obviously in PvE I'm doing it wrong. No matter how hard I pump I can barely pump myself into blue. Is this a result of geared mythic/aotc raiders just rofl stomping the raid every week or did I miss a cheat code somewhere for UH?Deathikus16 5d
5d Frost trinket question Hey all, quick question regarding trinkets i have. I have a 935 gorshalach, a 930 specter, a 920 chaos talisman and a 910 eye of command. What do you all think would be the best combination of these to use in n/h ABT? I generally keep the higher ilvl ones equipped because it keeps me closer to 950 ilvl and gets me more invites to pugs, but I don’t really like either of the trinkets. Conversely I’m tired of using 6 month old relinquished trinkets. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Ghazghoul3 5d
6d Netherlight Crucible path? What path should a Frost DK follow with the Netherlight Crucible? Can't seem to find a clear guide. Thanks!Trioxane2 6d
6d Blood for pvp? What do you guys think? I never die as blood, and usually get top charts in bgsDolor2 6d
6d BFA Nerfs So I've been looking at the WoWhead changes coming to, not only death knights, but all the classes. And it looks like every ability with a percentage of damage, defense, etc is getting a significant nerf. Talking about going from a 300% to a 40%. Is this all for real going to be done in the game? What exactly will this mean for solo survivability with classes such as mages or priests? Im fine with a challenge, but to make it near impossible to progress solo as a class is a bit unfair. But I dont really understand these numbers so please correct me if Im mis reading themFlamerial4 6d
6d Are DK's or Warlocks more powerful (lore) I know DK's were once warlocks, and over time were perfected into the current DK. My question is lore wise, are DK's more powerful than warlocks? Since they seem to be a warlock 3.0, being able to compensate where warlocks lacked (physical strength) while still being able to cast powerful spells. Or are warlocks still more powerful due to how in touch they are with fel/void magics?Mashpwntato107 6d
6d What's the state of "fun" for Frost/Unh? I remember early Legion the consensus was that Unholy was way more fun, but I know Frost got a bit of an overhaul. How are they now?Ajihaad25 6d
6d Blood M+ trinkets and stat weights Hey, I have some questions about M+ trinkets and stat weights since that what I’m usually doing. Also trailered for trash not bosses. 1st: for what stat distribution are you going for? Still 30% haste then versa or at much haste then you can get? Also is critical better than versa up to a point like 30%? What about mastery? Still totally useless? SimC shows that mastery is actually not bad for AOE. 2nd: trinkets. I love Riftworld Codex but is it good for trash packs? I usually run Riftworld/Diima when I want be safe or Memento/Hunger of the pack for more DPS. Hunger give you 30% run speed after a trash pack and that lets you get faster to the next one. I have almost all trinkets except Fel-oiled from CoeN and Chronoshard and the Argus trinket. If have the DPS Argus trinket in 985. What trinket combos for raw trash AOE DPS would you suggest?Ammerr5 6d
6d "Tanking" This is what passes for tanking in Legion. Tank runs thru instance as fast as possible, aggro'ing dozens of mobs, which he leaves 3/4 alive for the DPS and healer to clean up. Essentially, Tanks make a big mess and blame the group when it wipes.Rio36 6d
6d screw the lore make it so dks arent the only class that cant be one of the new allied races i wanna be void elf pls blizzardRestless21 6d