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55m 2H FDK! <3 Yes Please BLIZZARD How about giving us the ability to just Two Hander FDK <3Cayzer35 55m
1h Ghouls and Taunt Basically this. Why don't ghouls have taunt its our only pet we don't have options for it while hunters and warlocks can. Yes there are mages as well with frost elemental. Did Ghouls never have taunt? I would like to see them have something that can off tank.Shanzul0 1h
2h The Lich King in upcoming patch.? I heard talk about the Lich King being involved in the upcoming patch. Would you guys think allied races would be able to turn into DKs? Would you want to change to any of the new races?Synah3 2h
2h Mythic + What talents are we having success with this week? Nectroic/Enraged/Tyrannical. AMB seems good until you get to a boss and get chunked. Thinking about running rune tap, but first i'm going to go back to WotN. Not sure what Talent to go with for 100, probably run purgatory since Bonestorm seems gimped tif you have even a few stacks of necrotic. Maybe Red Thirst for more uptime. This is the first expansion i've done any tanking, so legion experience is probably relevant.Samar1 2h
2h Why can't I/You get into Mythic+? I can't seem to get in any groups higher than a +3 so far. Maybe I suck? Maybe is why. I know 351 isn't the highest item level but hell I know I can handle any dungeon +6 at this current time. Almost always top in damage done and usually dps. What gives? Any other DPS DK's having issues finding groups? I hate running my own key just because it's up to me to invite people and stuff and I just joined a friends guild so i don't wanna ask to run keys with them just yet. Maybe it's just me and other dps dk's aren't having this issue. I can play blood fine and all and frankly like it more than frost or unholy but sometimes I just don't wanna tank with a random healer. What're you guy's thoughts?Nzhet30 2h
2h 90% of tanks are blood DK. Time for a nerf. They have far too much self sustain (something that should have been reduced). Far too many defensive CD's and bone shield is OP right now. There is a reason 90% of tanks are blood DK, they are straight up OP right now. Please nerf them to put them in line with other tanks.Taedrillin65 2h
2h BDK in 2s hi people, i like to play bdk and lately i was trying to get into 2s as one i'd need help when facing dps+healers comps, as my dps teammate usually ends dead bc i can't outCC their healer should we just wait for dampening, taking into account that i'm a bdk? or is bdk+dps against dps+healer a lost cause? ps: im only 1.2 but i don't find hard to win against double dps compsWscieklosc6 2h
2h DK flavor/fantasy ability idea What do you guys think of when you make a DK you also pick the person/class you were before you died? Along with that possibly an ability called "Internalize" or "Muscle Memory" where you can cast one of the abilities of that former class with a long CD. For example you make your DK and you decide you were a warrior in your former life, in dps spec the ability will cast Bladestorm or Rampage and in Tank spec possibly Intercept, Shockwave, or Avatar. That is just an example but I think it would be very cool for class fantasy, class complexity, and also a little tidbit that could be introduced in the dk starting zone if that ever gets revamped for select allied races. And I see some epic combos coming out of it like a frost dk casting frozen orb! Likely wont ever happen but I think it could spice things up a bunch.Redraider6 2h
3h Does necrotic strike stack?? Hi ppl I was thinking does Necrotic strike healing debuff stack when applied from different dks?Gorereaver0 3h
3h Roses are red. Violets are blue. Frost PvP sucks.Bôbzombie5 3h
4h Newest Transmog Thread You know what to do!Offwörld441 4h
4h Tips on DPS to Tank So I’ve been playing WoW for a pretty long time, I’ve only attempted to tank once as a blood dk, I don’t think I did very well But anyway, since Frost is horrible rn and I don’t like unholy, I figure I’ll give a shot again What is the transition like from Frost to Blood? Since I’m no longer a dps, what should I be focusing on? Just any starting tips in general?Frostnes2 4h
5h Another pass, DKs remain stale At this point, I feel like it’s become appropriate to ask the age old question: DKs? I don’t need to explain the issues in depth. DK developers know the issues... I hope. DK mains definitely know the issues. Everyone knows the issues. They are the exact same things we have been saying since beta... and quite frankly for the majority of Legion. Are we to interpret your silence on the current state of DK damage dealing in both PVP and PVE as “functioning as intended”? Do you believe the meager Azeroth trait adjustments we have received are fair in both quality and quantity when compared to other classes/specs Azeroth trait tunings? Please do not lump our individual specs together here. Do you believe you have succeeded in creating an acceptable balance between mobility/survival/single target/multi target/raid utility/dungeon utility/pvp ultility for damage dealing death knights? especially when taking the state of dh, monk, and rogue into consideration? how is our condition justifiable when compared to some of these previously mentioned classes? DK devs specifically, Do you enjoy playing your death knight at end game levels? If you don’t play a death knight at end game levels, Why? DKs?Endboss13 5h
6h Unholy or Frost for BFA ? What are you guys going with ? For me I think going Unholy just for a change after spending all of Legion playing frostØdegaard57 6h
7h Is this where we come to die? Been casually gearing my DK waiting for some viability in pvp, hasn't happened. My 'FRIENDS' won't even do arenas with my DK. I saw Blizz was "looking at" DKs, is that frost and unholy or just one? Should I just go blood for arena, is that even viable?Devoca3 7h
7h Dk takes 300% dmg So uhhh is there like a modifier wrong or something that my plate dk is taking literally 300% more dmg then anything else I can play? pve is bad but PvP? Hell no... this is how Ret felt all of legion couldn’t survive anything. I’m not understanding how armor type doesn’t matter anymore?? So you wear plate but get hit like your wearing paper towels lol. Why can a rogue go toe to toe with my dk with less gear, not even use cloak or evasion and still just tank all my dmg and win like wtf is this??? So what did everyone else reroll to? Warrior? DH?Frostyx70 7h
7h I know BOS frost spec is top tier DPS but.... What about the obliterate spec? I'm assuming roughly middle of the pack tier? Reason is I just switched cuz I don't like the BOS playstyle and I'm genuinely curiousKilthos4 7h
7h Cancelled Subscription I cancelled my subscription. This class is a joke other than playing blood. Unholy is suppose to be a pvp spec? It feels so weak, and slow. Are the DK dev's so smart they can't fix this insanely weak, unbalanced class?Sathicus4 7h
7h PVP Tuning: DKs A recent Blizzard blue post indicated that they're planning to address DKs in the next round of tuning. What are your thoughts on the current state of DK PVP (any or all specs), and what do you think needs to be done in order to get them balanced? Higher burst or sustained damage? Better mobility/stickability? More potent defensives? A simple reshuffling of talents or new talents/abilities altogether? At the very least, I feel that our defensives (particularly Icebound Fortitude) are lacking. It would be nice to at least have Mirrorball back. Separately, the fact that we need to choose between Death Pact and Wraith Walk is pretty terrible, as without Wraith Walk our mobility is essentially non-existent, and without Death Pact we don't have a reliable/on-demand self-heal.Makeitsnappy12 7h
7h What is the point of Festering Doom? I was looking at some Unholy traits the other day and noticed something.. all values are assuming 350 ilvl Cankerous Wounds Festering Strike deals 2061 additional damage and has a 20% increased chance of applying 3 Festering Wounds. Festering Doom Death Coil causes your next Festering Strike to deal an additional 1273 damage (recent hotfix increased this to 1591 damage) OK so.. even with the damage buff from the hotfix, Festering Doom requires you to Deathcoil first for a 1591 damage increase to the next Festering Strike. If you don't Deathcoil first, it deals normal damage. Cankerous Wounds provides a static 2061 damage increase to Festering Strike at all time, IN ADDITION to increasing the chance to get 3 wounds. Cankerous Wounds is already avoided like the plague for Unholy PVE, but Festering Doom appears to be even worse by a MASSIVE MASSIVE margin, and this is AFTER a 25% damage buff. Did they start designing Festering Doom and then stop halfway? I feel like there should be another part to this Azerite Trait to make it not so completely and utterly useless. Like, make it stack or something at least, seeing as how every other class seems to get a "stacks X times to make your next Y hit Z damage harder."Veryserious6 7h
9h Sanctified Scourgelord Plate Boots So is this set ever gonna get boots or is that not gonna happen in this timelineFrostnes9 9h
10h the original soul reaper dot execute just another post about how in arena i have to resort to using big red button on an enemy with 3% health to land a kill, which is being nerfed. what is left for dk as a hard hitting ability for kills? apocalypse is a set up ability so having it be our main burst/ execute doesn't make sense. the only decent follow up to it was last surprise proc (no, i never ran double dk with it) which is also getting nerfed and pretty delayed from the initial attack anyways. the original soul reaper ability filled this niche perfectly. dot execute. please consider it for rework, as its current iteration should be a different ability entirely.Ogrelol4 10h
11h Frost DK Decimate Trait does it exist? I saw this trait on some site for the FDK traits (obliterate does more dmg on crit and +5% chance for rime) and really wanted to stack it but I've never seen a single piece with it and don't see a single boss with that trait on the piece either. Has anyone found one or did the trait get scrapped?Neohunt0 11h
11h stacking 3 festering doom traits Stacking 3 festering dooms in 3s. 3 traits in 3v3. thats like what an extra 7500 damage per coil? Seems like that could actually be super strong boyz just sayinStunnd1 11h
11h Why are there so few frost DKs They are apparently one of the strongest dps in the game right now?Justthegrip25 11h
12h Is this a joke? This is what you call a buff to the worst class for pvp? A buff to boneyard trait which requires people to stand in DnD and still being weaker than alternative azerite traits and then a 25% buff to necrosis 2.0 when other traits are still stronger?? There are 3 dks that are 2400 or over. 0 are at 2500. There are countless pages of hunters, rogues, demon hunters, warriors, priests, and shamans being 2800+ while the highest dk is only 2414? did I mention all 3 dks were unholy? Seriously, either buff our damage or buff our defensives. Padding gets us nowhere when our top hitter is 11k but warriors can spam 30k hits after 30k hits and global us when our only counterplay to them is on a 3 min CD. We're less tanky than clothies!Stormdk7 12h
12h Death Coil needs a buff! Does anybody else feel like deathcoil should do more damage? It does such little damage that it doesnt feel satisfying to cast. It barely moves the monster/players health. I feel like it needs to cost more RP grant more rune regen and do alot more damage to make it feel satisfying to cast. It feels like your just tickling the mob. At item level 366 and 540 mastery it does a pitiful 2993 damage. I dont think it would make us OP to buff this ability considering my DH friend who is 2 ilvls lower sims at 16k dps while i sim at 13k and does more cleave/aoe dmg. I'd like to add that i absolutely love this spec and its a blast to play and this is one of the things that annoys me most. I mean its more damage to cast epidemic vs 2 targets than it is to cast death coil. Epidemic almost does as much dmg per RP as deathcoil against 1 target!Pòar1 12h
12h DK Azerite traits are the worst of all Have you seen the traits from other classes? Yeah DK are the worst pvp class now and do poorly (UH) on raids but the question here is: Why the !@#$ the other specs have some usefull and fun traits while we get only no brains useless ones?Ringwräith3 12h
12h Some "buffs" "Sweeping Claws Rakes an enemy with deformed claws, dealing [ 50.3% - > 29.9% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to the target and nearby enemies. Can be cast in Ghoul. 40 Energy. Melee range. Instant. 1 sec global cooldown." "Festering Wound Festering Strike applies a pustulent lesion that will burst on death or when damaged by Scourge Strike, dealing [ 41 + 20% - > [ 20% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage and generating 3 Runic Power. Stacks up to 6 times on any target. Death Knight - Unholy Spec. Death Knight - Unholy Spec." Meanwhile ferals get a buff. Weren't they still in a better state than DKs were at the start of this expansion before hotfix buffs were ushered out to stop their complaining? Like, I get that these are build notes, but why in the hell are they nerfs? That ghoul nerf is absurd. 41 damage off of a wound pop is basically the sprinkles on top of the ice cream mound at this point. Are these sticking? A joke? What's the deal here?Kîllawar6 12h
13h Howling Blast vs Obliterate in AOE Situations At the moment, my Obliterate does 4,336 for the cost of 2 runes. That's 2,168 dmg per run spent if you break it down. Whereas Howling Blast is 854 dmg to the primary target and 426 dmg to any enemy around the primary target with no target limit. So that means, there is a breaking point where spamming Howling Blast gives the most dmg per rune spent than Obliterate. Yet Icy Veins will tell you to prioritize Obliterate instead of Howling Blast, which is mathematically less efficient use of you resources. It only takes 1.6 enemies to make Howling Blast a better use for resources than Obliterate. What this doesn't take into account though is that you will not get Rime Procs by only spamming Howling Blast. However, if you weave in Frost Strike you will get some procs to use Obliterate, which if you do will usually get you a Rime Proc. Has anyone else explored this topic? It seems to me in AOE/Cleave situations, you'll get a dps gain if you used Remorseless Winter + Howling Blast spam while also weaving in Frost Strike so you don't cap runic power.Vallidorn4 13h
13h When will blizzard care about dk's in pvp Its been almost 6 weeks since the launch of bfa and I like how it plays but the main point here is why is blizzard doing nothing about frost/unholy dk's in pvp i have been declined from groups just because i am a dk. frost in arena's is a waiting game to get bursted in 4 seconds and idk how or care to play unholy. i just want blizzard to get their crap together and do something to this class and not make it a reason to kick peopleCmonbrug1 13h
14h DK tank vs other tanks Hey all, I've been researching on what tank to roll for the xpac so far- Looking for overall advice. I've played for years, but never tanked, and now im looking at getting into tanking m+ and maybe some raiding. I'm very nub to tanking, so which tank should i consider? I Just hit 120 last night before i logged, but also have DH, Monk and War at 110-115.Ascensei3 14h
16h PvE Unholy/DK is Awesome! For a few days....Some of the constant negativity on these class forums and others made me feel like I picked a useless class for a new expansion. I didnt care if it was average dps while fun, but concerning invitations to groups, I started to read it was terrible and no one would want a DK period. I've done a couple of Heroic bosses and the Normals at the time of this post and I'm starting to develop the opposite opinions. DK ,as a whole, is seeming to be pretty important to the raid and some mythic + afflictions. There has been a number of times that Death Grip and Chains of Ice has single handed saved a winning pull from a sure wipe, and the ability to self heal to help healers, or pop a magic shell to avoid running a buff through the group is fairly useful in my opinion. As far as DPS goes at ilvl 358, Ive been hitting top of the dps charts on trash pulls as both frost and unholy, on single target I usually come in 3rd to 4th obviously behind a hunter/rogue/mage as Unholy. ** Not to toot my horn, but to give you a average raid outcome from my experiences so far.** With more responsibility, like using chains or deathgrip that alot of these bosses require, you can expect the damage to be slightly lower on some fights... I recently switched from Frost to Unholy DK since the raid and Mythic + . The fun factor of this class went from 4/10 to 10/10 while having more AoE, more decision making, and awesome way to control the undead army. Frost just felt too...1-2-3 Faceroll imo but it was aight. UH's ability to build Festering Wound and use Clawing Shadows as a ranged attack (30 Range!) ,along with Death Coil and Virulent Plague , is just an awesome way to close the gap on damage while away from the boss. Not to mention our pet is still hitting and doing abilities along with our small army from Apocalypse, building more stacks of Festering Wound! UH Aoe is just amazing, and can be safe in certain situations. (ie: Sanguine and other nasty buffs) Again, you can stand away from the group of mobs to aoe, and the numbers with a mastery build leave me at the top of the dps chart while giving me plenty to work for to see the big numbers. And with distance comes.... Survival. Icebound Fortitude and Magic Shell is a pretty well rounded set if you know what the abilities your blocking are based upon. (ie: Physical , Magic, and Stuns) Deathstrike to heal yourself for nice chunks and possible talents on Deathpact. Surviving a fight is more important than 45 runic power dps loss and when you battle rez your buddy that just died to ...whatever... thier dps is now your dps...Just because it doesnt say it next to your DPS meter nametag doesnt mean you dont add value and dps to the fight. Movement on a worgen is nice so I obviously have no complaints, but 2 mid/low CD movement abilities just means you need to pre-emptively move or know the mechanics which in turn will make you a better player... I feel like most of the argument on this class are from people with lack of imagination and...trial... to how their toolkit can ever be useful compared to other classes...meanwhile complaining on the forums that blizzard doesn't care about DK's so everyone should swap to whatever class the Blizzard devs are playing. Anyways.... This class to me is really fun, and just in the right spot to NOT be affected by future balances. In other words I think its perfect in PvE.... THERE! 0 Complaints hands down best class I've ever mained. I did not mention PvP cause I have not alot of experience on this class and I'm sure its a topic I cant debate. All in all , Thank you for reading... and GO PLAY DEATHKNIGHT! Lynx82 16h
16h Threat nerfs....again What is the deal with the Devs? Do they not even play their game? Do they not even realize tanks are in short supply? Now nerfing our threat when it was already brought down from 900% -350%....Sigh this is idiotic at best. Dark Command Command the target to attack you. no more "increasing threat you generate against that target for 3 sec." Death Grip Blood: Harnesses the energy that surrounds and binds all matter, drawing the target toward you, forcing the enemy to attack you, and increasing threat you generate against that target by 400% now 200% for 3 secMetzlicoyotl7 16h
16h Am I crazy switching to DK from Mage? I started leveling my DK mostly because I wanted to make a tank for easy mythic+. Likely will still be what I spend a large part of my time doing but I have been sucked in by UH playstyle and enjoy it immensely so far even in PvP. Obviously forum is very clear on the opinion that DK is trash tier for PvP but for someone who just wants to casually que up 2v2 maybe some 3v3 and doesnt expect to go past 1800, UH should still be fine? Mage has been disappointing this expansion, frost is great for mythics etc but PvP is just a sheep and slow fest with basically no dmg outside of a small burst window.Shattermuch7 16h
17h Quick noob question sorry in advance. I keep reading haste is the way to go for Blood DK, unfortunately whenever I am running an instance and have my loot spec set to Blood I am getting vers and mast gear drops. Should I be changing my loot table to Frost or UH to get the haste to drop pr is it more just get haste rings/trinkets/enchants, and let the other gear drop with other secondary stats?Shênkt8 17h
18h Blizzard Ignores DK's in arena The current state of unholy and frost in arena pvp is the worst that it has ever been. The damage of UH is "okay" but the survivability for death knights is abysmally bad. There are no death knights in the top 300, with 2900-3000k xp death knights 200-300 points below glad. The problem is not the damage. With extensive knowledge of the class it is possible to pull reasonable numbers even though AUTO ATTACK is always within the top 3-5 damage doers in your rotation (in a class that has one of the largest rotations in the game this is a massive failure in its own right). The class is ultimately unhealable. I have been 2400-2600cr every season that I have played since WoD, and am unable to push past 2k only because not a single healer can keep me up even with every defensive cooldown on the team being used essentially at the same time. In the current meta AMS is essentially not viable except to avoid cc such as hunter traps, polys, clones, fears, etc. With warriors and hunters dominating the meta, the removal of corpse shield has made drastic negative changes for UH survivability (frost is an entirely different conversation as the spec is completely unviable for pvp unless you're running Enh/Dk/x and manage to not get cc'd on breath of sindragosa). Even if corpse shield was re-added to the game the problem would still persist. Even if the cooldown of icebound fortitude was reduced the problem would still persist. I feel as though I am wearing cloth on a plate wearing class. If you are below 2500 xp on a healing class there is absolutely no chance that you will be able to keep even the best death knight up. For example, if a warrior blows cooldowns on a death knight the death knight has to immediately spam chains of ice and run away until the warrior switches targets. It is an extremely unrewarding, unfun spec and play style and after playing death knight for 10 years I have given up and will re-sub once the class is made viable. Blizzard has acknowledged that enh shamans are not in a good state, but refuse to make any comments on the state of death knights at all as they are viable in PVE. These devs need to start dedicating more time to balancing PvP and acknowledge when they have royally messed up. Not everyone in the game enjoys or is interested in PVE. Many players such as my self pay $15 a month to que arenas and instanced PvP and we have been completely ignored for almost 3 expansions in a row. Pay attention your subscribers blizz even if the PvP community is the minority. You have shown over and over again that you do not care about competitive PvP and have done nothing to address it. Re-add pvp vendors. Remove RNG from PvP. Add a single player que option. Pay attention to your players and immediately address glaring issues such as Death Knights. RMP/RMD have been viable since arenas have been created and will continue to be viable where as comps such as TWD have been removed from the ladder and an entire class is completely unviable. See you in six months when frost death knights are overtuned and unholy has been completely forgotten. EDIT: This post has received a lot of positive feedback and I wanted to talk a little about UH talents. Unholy is by no means a bursty spec. The class is designed with rot comp/spread pressure in mind. Rot comps are inherently dampening comps, designed to last long games until the enemy healer ultimately cannot keep up with the spread pressure in dampening. In order for dampening comps to win, you either have to have a large,diverse range of CC in order to lock healers out for a long period of time (most dk comps revolve almost entirely around stuns that DR with possibly clones/traps/repentance/fear as a cc that won't DR. Meanwhile take a look at rmd/rmp), or efficient walls/defensive cooldowns. As mentioned previously the class is ultimately unhealable in its current state. This means as a rot class it is a complete failure, as we have 3 defensive cooldowns. I say 3 because the only choice you have in the talent tree is always death pact. The choice is a no brainer, even though wraith walk gives the class more mobility that it needs (no other way to break roots without freedom/dispel). Death pact is one of the WORST defensive cooldowns in the game. The class already cannot be healed, so popping death pact in dampening (which is ultimately where UH is supposed to shine) will usually kill you. It makes an unhealable class even more difficult to heal. Popping death pact at the start of the game is basically the only time that it is efficient or even viable to use. The class would drastically benefit from the return of blood/unholy presence, as well as a way to boost healing via death strike/add siphon back to the game. The class has 2 ccs, a 4 sec stun (previously 5) and a pet stun that you essentially never use on the heals or kill target because your entire comp revolves around stuns and the 2 second dr is not worth using other than to get a kick you need for a kill. The class would greatly benefit from strangulate being re added to the game. Even if it was like it used to be (if the stun was Dr'd it became a silence). There are a ton of glaring issues with the class and I appreciate the support yall have been giving. Please keep the conversation going on the forums/twitter until they acknowledge the state of death knights instead of a single blue post stating there is an artifact nerf. -cheersNayld22 18h
18h I've never felt more weak in arena on DK I've been 2500+ multiple times in arena and 2300 in rbgs and i can honestly say this is the worst ive ever seen dk in pvp.I hope they've done some serious research on DK for the upcoming pvp tuningWïntër17 18h
19h How many death knights in the fall cup? Anyone have like a chart breakdown of what classes were picked in the Fall arena tournament? Didn't watch much and im curious if DKs were ever picked.Onixium1 19h
1d Nerf the healing of Blood DK The actual healing a Blood DK can pull is so insane. How can a tank be highter on HPS then a healer on trashs or bosses. They can actually self-heal themselves on bosses. Not sure any other tank can do the same. So, can you please fix this class or raise the healing other tank can do. Like the DH, why a 5 souls Soul bom heal for nearly nothing compare to DK Death Strike... Pretty sure that on MDI there will only be DK tank on those teams...Kassøs32 1d
1d They made DK's viable in PvP again! Just kidding. What a joke. Blizzard couldn't balance a dinner plate on a flat table if they tried. RIP brothers, Death Knights will continue to remain useless in PvP.Karmagg14 1d
1d BoS Spec & other Talents in 5 Mans I've spent so much time leveling up different classes to nail down what I want to main that I'm just now getting into Heroic Dungeons, whereas this time in Legion I already cleared EN. So I imagine, but I'm not sure, that it'd be alright to pop breath on cooldown, but I can only speak to my experiences in 5 mans atm. Inn 5 mans, things die faster. you feel BoS is the best talent for 5 mans, when you are likely going to waste BoS if you pop it on trash? If you don't use BoS on trash, that means only every boss or mini-boss pull, along with the rare overly large trash pull that some tanks do. This would be an overall dps loss compared to Obliteration wouldn't you think? You make use of Obliteration every trash pull and twice in a boss encounter due to the low cooldown of Pillar of Frost. The other question is about our lvl 96 talent. Glacial Advance is good if we can line the mobs up correctly and aren't at risk of pulling the next pack over. However,this is an imperfect world and even trying to get good positioning on a mob pack could still leave you missing many mobs with your Glacial Advance, which makes the talent feel wasteful sometimes. Frostwyrm is great for bursting down AoE packs, but due to its cooldown you try to time it for when you'll make the most impact, which means it's not always used on cooldown. There's also a risk of pulling other mob packs in the dungeon due to its range. So often times, to avoid the risk when you can't pop it into a wall, you just don't use it. That leaves Gathering Storm, which I'm about to test. It seems like a talent that is low risk, low reward, but you'll get 100% use out of it unlike the other talents. What are your thoughts?Vallidorn7 1d
1d Changes I'd like to see for Unholy DKs. Talents ------------ Level 56 Row ------------ Infected Claws - Trades places with Defile. - Chance to cause Festering Wounds increased to 50% All Will Serve - Skeletal Archer can also inflict Festering Wounds when talented with Infected Claws. Clawing Shadows - Removed. - New talent replaces Festering Strike. - Your attack speed is increased by 20% and your auto attacks have a chance. to apply Festering Wounds to the target. Level 57 Row ------------ No change! Level 58 Row ------------ No change! Level 60 Row ------------ Pestilent Pustules - Bursting a Festering Wound has a 30% change to grant you a rune. Soul Reaper - Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds. Level 75 Row ------------ Death Pact - No longer absorbs incoming healing. Level 90 Row ------------ Defile - Trades places with Infected Claws. Level 100 Row ------------- Summon Gargoyle - Cooldown reduced to 1.5 minutes. ------------- Abilities & Passives ------------- Runic Corruption - Now has a 10% chance per burst Festering Wound to grant you double rune regeneration rate. Festering Strike - ALWAYS applies 3 Festering Wounds to the target. Scourge Strike - Now deals 100% shadow damage baseline. - Range increased to 10 yards. Army of the Dead - Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes. Dark Transformation - Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds. Death Coil - Damage increased by 15%. - Cost increased to 50 Runic Power.Nimrod0 1d
1d are monk or dh better then dk in pvp? thinking about rerolling as pvp feels horrible right now, but i have not tried pve yet on my dk out of monk and dh, which is best for pvp and pve? i have both at 110 ready to lv in bfa and enjoy both of the classes please and thanksÓlon4 1d
1d Will we really never have allied DK's? I know there are always some race restrictions, and that's fine. Definitely not every race should be able to like back in Wrath. But to me it seems like there are some races that would make more sense than Goblins, for example. (Says the Goblin DK) Again, not everyone, and probably not many should be able to be a DK, but I would like to know that if I'm going to be sticking with my DK that I might have some more options eventually. I know the level thing is a bit weird too, but I honestly think it would be ok if DK's just couldn't get heritage armor. That sacrifice is fine to me compared to actually getting to play as one of these cool new races we are getting. I just think it would be a huge bummer if all our fellow players get these cool new options, and we're still restricted to the same races since Cata came out. So yeah, I just wanted to speak my peace on this since it looks like Zandalari and Kul Tirans are not far off. Feel free to discuss which races would be good and bad candidates and why!Talelle7 1d
1d Frost DK Stat Priority (PVE) So, as the title says, I want a clarification on stat priorities regarding Frost DK's. Icy vein says it's Master, Crit, Versatility, then Haste. However, this makes little sense to me, nor does it to my pawn addon. Haste is what speeds up our rune generation, and with the BoS build, that's basically a necessity, even the 15% haste from Empower isn't enough when your base haste is at a measly 3 or 4% because you stack mastery and crit, like the guides say. Yet, my pawn addon always, always chooses the gear completely opposite of what Icy vein is saying. So, please, explain to this poor foolish DK, what in the bloody nine hells is going on?Monstêr12 1d
1d Marrowrend/Bone shield bug? I have noticed this in raiding with my guild lately and I am unsure if it is a bug or if I've really never noticed it. My co tank in guild is also blood, when we pull MOTHER he holds her and I DRW and marrowrend right away but its not giving me my extra stacks! Is it possibly by design that when youre not main tanking it doesn't give you the extra stacks? Haven't seen/noticed it happening on other encounters. Let me know!Redraider0 1d
1d Whatre you hoping for in 8.1 TitleIhero28 1d
1d Haste goal for Blood DK running Mythics? I pretty much only run mythics. What should my stat goals be for Vers, Haste, and Mastery?Unlucke5 1d