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32s Newest Transmog Thread You know what to do!Offwörld18 32s
3m Gnome or Draenei?! Making a new dk, it’s gotta be alliance! I’m stuck between gnomes or Draenei! Both make amazing dk races! Give me your vote!Maleok6 3m
37m Class Mounts.... *sigh* Urrrgh just finished the class mount quest only to find an arbitrary restriction preventing me from using the mount I actually want to use. Regardless of the fact I can do exactly that on my warlock.... But then when has Blizz actually used any form of logical sense?Érebus1 37m
1h 2h frost, its a choice. Bring back 2h frost in BFA, Its about playstyle, and my playstyle is break face with 2h weapon in frost spec as DK. makes it hard when they take it away. most people used duel wield anyways, but i loved 2h frost. and so did alot of my friends.Ðrakø15 1h
1h Is Blood Challenge harder? On this youtube video the author says getting agro on 1 horror makes all of them come for you, but for me that hasn't been the case. Does he mean when they're all grouped together on Velen? This challenge sucks. Tips would be appreciated. I feel like a Noob when I can't do them when I'm overgeared. 1h
4h Frost hidden skin Can it still drop from ICC and naxx? I'd like to try to get it while leveling 100-110Ouíja0 4h
5h Unholy in 2s So i'm slowly going up the ladder in 2s as Unholy trying different talents and testing what is comfortable and what not. My question for all my Unholy Homies, what healer do you prefer? I've been trying them all and so far Rsham isn't comfortable for me. Also any extra tips for me or any other new Unholy Players in Arena would be lovely!Zingster8 5h
5h PvP for DK Hey guys this is my first post ever so please bare with me! I am just torn between two races for PvP in the upcoming expansion. I've been playing a Death Knight since its release in wrath and have now started getting into PvP more. I dont care what people say about DK's and how they are braindead, what matters is I just love the way they look they feel and their abilities I find them so interesting and tons of fun. My main question is what you all as a DK community would suggest for an Alliance PvP race (racials and all) would be best in BfA. I know Human is the go to because of the racial trinket, but I thought I heard it was getting nerfed in BfA. My main 2 races I'm considering is Human or Night Elf. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and what they will be playing !Mínt3 5h
6h I made a great post and got 500 error fix your forums blizzardMalgore1 6h
6h Bring back 2h Frost for BFA So they finally locked the other thread. Unfortunately, people still want 2h frost, so here's to maxing out another one. Cheers.Rastas114 6h
11h So i'm leveling a dk for "balance of power" Hey all :) TL;DR: leveling/gearing a dk specifically for weapon skins, looking for spec advice. Anyway, just got a few questions about the current state of dks (don't really care about all the BFA stuff right yet :P) i recently got my last class mount and decided to set another goal. One thing i haven't done on any alt is the "balance of power" questline (which is funny, because i've run lower mythics on multiple alts... just haven't done that line lol). I looked through all the classes and, while most had at least one appearance that i liked, dks had two i REALLY liked and one i kinda did. So here i am. Gonna get my dk going and get that quest line done. But... my dk i did the class hall on is my one and only horde 110 and i haven't played her in a LOOOONG time. I also have an alliance one i decided to take to 110 just to fill out this server's list and so i'm looking at specs. How is unholy vs. frost these days? Specifically ignoring pvp and higher raiding and focusing on world questing and enough mythics/pugs/etc. to finish that quest line? Would i be better served going blood? (i've tanked on a dk for several expansions... from dw frost tanking to basically not needing a healer in mists and WoD heroics... fun times ;P). What is the most fun/flashy spec (in your opinions, of course... i understand this one will be subjective)? Ty for any advice all. The search function is (still) broken so i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask on some basic low end pve spec advice while i get my ally dk leveled :) cheers :)Skyfiredraco2 11h
14h So what changes DO you want to see for Frost? I see a lot of posts on here saying "Frost is dead" or broad complaints like "GCD sucks", but I haven't seen much as far as more specific changes people would like to see. So, what are some things that you would like to see, or ideas you would throw out for others DK's to digest and critique? Personally, I'd like to see another "element" of the rotation become baseline beyond the tried and true Obliterate/HB/FrostStrike trinity. I think the easiest way would be to give Remorseless Winter some baseline synergy, whether that be baking in Gathering Storm (not a fan of this), or doing something like making Frost Strike cleave a bit when its up (not saying we necessarily need more AoE, just something to make Remorseless Winter less fire-and-forget). More radical ideas would be making something like Glacial Advance a part of the actual kit so that we have a "mid-range CD" to track outside of the typical Whack-A-Mole playstyle. Obviously there are plenty of talents that people would want changed, along with some other big ones (2h vs 1h debate), so I'm interested to see what ideas others have!Jozy12 14h
14h No New Races for DKs is Lazy We have a new Lich King. He could make new Death Knights from fallen members of new races if he wanted. Stop shutting out DKs from all new races, Blizzard. Even if you contrive a Lore explanation, you control the lore. Add new lore that stops screwing over DKs from enjoying new content.Sephiroph42 14h
17h Can I please summon pumpkins again? Yeah, look at my character. So I wanted to have a Halloween-themed character I can use the weighted jackolantern for, so sue me. So of course, to top it off, I coveted the Headless Horseman's sword that let me summon Jack-o-lanterns. I leveled this guy up past my "main" just to have a crack at that sword. When the next xpac raised the level cap and my sword was going to get weaker as I leveled? No problem, I'd equip the strongest 1H weapon I could get in my other hand. Then I fought the Horseman again and got the upgraded sword....I had two of those babies! It was awesome! But then you went and took away my dual weild... Now I'm reduced to carrying around an "off-hand" item and switching back and forth from this to my 2H. Come on guys... Unholy specced DK is THE Halloween themed class. If ANY class should be allowed the ability to summon jack-o-lanterns it's them. If you insist that Unholy DK's can no longer dual weild, then at least give another way to use the Summon Pumpkin Soldiers spell next Halloween. Like make it a trinket or necklace or something. Or better yet, it'd be nice to have an Unholy DK friendly weapon that's Halloween themed. Like ...."Scythe of the Autumn Harvest"...a man can dream.Trickortreat4 17h
21h Frost DK Best Optimal Advice Please As of tomorrow I will have two weeks of free time and i’m going to go ahead and push rating as far as I can go. I’ve landed 1800 a couple times but nothing fancy. Knowing my pointless back story my question is what is the best line up for initially bursting a target, or swapping targets and bursting through out the arena match. We don’t have much cc so I know our damage pressure is what we are suppose to capitalize on. I been in arena skrims with some of our higher ranked brotheren and I noticed their damage out put is stronger than mine. So there has to be little tricks here and there to really make a little difference. As a Frost Death KnightKimmyjongun4 21h
1d Unholy hidden Wondering how this will work once BfA comes into play. Will we need to have Apocalypse equipped and use the skill for a chance to have the book spawn? Will it just be any time we use the skill itself, with or without having our artifact equpped? I'm sure no one has answers, just curious about thoughts you all had. Just recently got my DK alt up to 110 a week or so again and I've been trying to get the book to show up, no luck so far. Wondering if itll become harder once BfA releases, since we'll be upgrading to new weapons probably probably halfway to 120.Hatia8 1d
1d RIP frost pvp this is such a necessary thread. frost dk needs a REAL redesign. biggest disappointment of legion imo no desecrated ground no lichborne no double grip ams nerf no death siphon or reliable active heal outside of IBF which is totally counter intuitive for pvp no strangulate no asphyxiate no death and decay or any reliable replacement ability to catch enemies in stealth (great example of a pointless nerf...huge quality of life and survival nerf in pvp) no icy touch dispel this brought a really nice small utility that rewarded the player if used properly. im still mad about this being removed. i dont care about icy touch, they could bring back a balanced offensive dispel for us through any number of ways. will we ever be anything but a glass cannon? and finally wraith walk is unreliable and undertuned, probably the worst "gap crosser" in the game to date. especially for a class missing so much flexability compared to other classes and frost dk in past seasons fury of sind's cooldown is awful and is just a clunky ability in general. deserves to be better. crystalline swords is a slap in the face, nearly EVERY other spec in the game has an active artifact ability that robustly affects and tunes their rotation somehow. ours is a boring excuse of an ability that should not have made it past testing. it brings NOTHING to frost dk. im sure some of you have got to be sick of this variation of frost. it is objectively worse than ever before. its a watered down magic damage fury warrior competitor at BEST. PLEASE fix this blizzard. If i could make one change to dk in pvp, all i would do is either give asphyx back baseline to dk, or drastically improve deathstrike healing output. either of those things would be a start. just watch two frost dks duel each other and you'll see exactly whats wrong with it. 0 subtlety or depth....even the rune simplification was overkill. it just furthers the stereotype that frost is an "easy" spec. (which is sadly kind of true now imo) its just a question of who presses their attacks fastest. I want the Dev team to abandon this idea of a repetitive aimless damage bot for frost dk pvp. bring back the nuance, bring back the self-healing which has ALWAYS been a part of dk lore and frost playstyle. bring back offensive dispel! bring back a reliable stun! bring back a silence! I dont see how any of these changes would imbalance the game as a whole, and would bring a huge quality of life change to many dks who have given up on this spec for similar reasons. Give us something to do other than faceroll obliterates into our targets! why cant we have a cc again? or any small utility for that matter how are we expected to counter these things without a pocket healer? the playstyle, as is, just doesnt work. its not fun, or creative, or intuitive. blizzard can do better with frost dk. I think a ton of frost dks out there would like to be something other than a glass cannon. this is just my opinion, im not telling anyone what to think. thats just what ive observed on my dk since WOD. i would like to hear from blizzard on this and get some insight here.Tkoqtmlgyolo22 1d
1d Frost Dk BFA Changes? I don't post much and I'm not super good at the game but I do like keeping up on changes and how the spec plays and I remember blizz saying that frost was one of the targets for changes along with unholy and prot warrior at the time. Was just wondering if anyone has any hopes or if someone could comment on possible changes, its sad our spec hasn't received any feedback and the time till BFA launch and prepatch come closer and closer and I don't want frost dk to not feel good going into a new expansion. I am hoping to something more than just switching the places of talents. Hopefully its in this weeks patch, but if its not I'd love to hear something about itAntipheonix10 1d
2d RIP frost DKs You will be missed. Pillar of Frost and oblitaration on GCD? ERW I get it, but srslyCaylara14 2d
2d Blood BfA Anyone wanna shed Light on how their looking? I saw a post a while ago but can’t seem to find it now. Thoughts??Irishe21 2d
2d So is Frost DK dead in BFA? :( No rework came for FDK....and they removed the new dispel, along with remorseless winter no longer stunning with the WiC talent. In legion, I tried to suck it up when they removed stances, runes, defensives, silence, and half the utility/talents we all loved. I tried to enjoy myself through out legion, doing almost nothing strategic except for constant mongo damage. The breath spec was fun for a bit but honestly......anyone who has mained DK for a while and who knows how to effectively play haaates the simplicity and lack of depth. DKs were already known as the simple mongo spec before legion....Now it's just sad. Rant: I understand blizzard wants to simplify the game to make it easier for new players and new boosted 110s so it's easier to start completing end game content right away without learning a 5 page spellbook, along with making PvP simpler for eSports.....but you are completely SPITTING on your true dedicated audience that plays the game at a higher level. People LOOOOVE this game for the complex, strategic PvP but you have thrown away that niche to copy moba style gameplay. WoW PvP is where I met my best friends. Now the entire PvP community is unsubbed and depressingly forcing themselves to play the shell of what they love. Feels pretty bad man.Xuper47 2d
2d UH Beta Feedback Build 26624 I am re-posting my beta feedback here so non beta people may pick apart or agree with what I'm laying down. Suffer Well.... And by the looks of it we will..... Here is my attempt at polishing a turd. I'll Try to be "constructive." 1. Soul Reaper and Infected Claws need to switch spots. (Edit: moved to #1) EDIT: Not being able to spec Infected Claw with Clawing shadows is terrible. You could also say Infected claw is a defacto rune generator because you are not having to spend RP to apply a wound which would line up with other resource talents on row 60. SR is worthless against Patchwerk type fights and 3s. Its great for leveling and dungeons which is why it would be a good row 56 talent. 2. Make gargoyle 2min CD. 3min+ CDs are not engaging. We already have a ridiculous CD on army of the dead even when spec Army of the Damned. We could also use the burst. 3. Make AMZ or Dark Sim baseline in place of the dispel you took away and gave to DHs. Not a good look by the way. 4. (Edit) WTF is with the 1.3min CD on Unholy Frenzy. smh. Please make this 1 min or (edit) 1.5 min and adjust tune from there. These are the only things i have faith your team has the ability to accomplish. Class Design philosophy: Talents should be passive buffs/perks to our baseline abilities. Making abilities into talents is lazy and feels terrible. E.g. Unholy blight, Asphyxiate, Soul Reaper, Death Pact, Wraith Walk, Epidemic, Unholy Frenzy, and Summon Gargoyle should be baseline abilities and replace by passive Talents which (should) bolster our existing tool kit. Edit: This would give the devs the ability to update talents to give abilities a new feel while not running into the ability bloat issue they claimed was unsustainable. Lastly, you guys went overboard with the GCD nerf. Death Grip on GCD. You guys are truly challenged. I'm so happy I have not purchased BFA = Battle for Abilities yet. I don't want to play F-ing Diablo III with a different camera angle.Diecruxx24 2d
2d Recruiting a Death Knight for Heroic ABT [Horde] - Wyrmrest Accord - US Build Teams | Forge Trust | Conquer Dragons <Iron Serpents> is recruiting to fill out our core raid roster with some ranged dps. We're also looking for a DPS DK (with the flexibility to off-tank as a sub or fill-in as needed.) Current progression is 8/11H, with goals to push through 11/11H before BfA drops. Our intention is to use the remainder of Legion’s end-game content to create a well-synergized team of players to move into BfA content with from the get-go, rather than having to PUG. We’re built around the idea of having fun while clearing content together, whether that be raids, general PvE, PvP, or something like achievement hunting. We have a lively, active discord full of quirks, jokes, and good times. We raid Tuesdays/Thursdays at 7:30pm - 9:30pm (Pacific Time), but we are active throughout the rest of the week doing other things together. If interested, let’s have a quick conversation to determine whether or not we’re the right fit for you! Send me a direct message on Discord (SinisterBlob#4576), or submit an application through our website’s recruitment page: (Be sure to include your BattleTag’s numbers when you apply as well!) Also visit our site’s About Us page to learn more!Claive0 2d
3d Hate Blizz for taking away 2H Frost Title says it all. This petty, meaningless, pointless, dumb nerf to the only cool thing about this junk spec is just too much.Gutb67 3d
3d Threat of Thassarian Bring back the passive Threat of Thassarian so people can choose if they want to DW Frost or 2h Frost please! @BlizzVextin3 3d
3d Frost DK is currently laughable in Beta I know this is general salt. But, this is pre' much talking about my opinions. 1. I don't know why Sindragosa was removed? It was a very unique ability that seemed pretty well received and brought the theme up a lot. 2. I don't know why they made us forced to choose between certain traits making us lose key points of damage for a "little" movement speed. This makes the entire talent tree pretty clunky in my opinion. 3. I think Frost DK's are legitimately the only class without a single hard CC to their name now? Best they have is a 20% chance attached to a crit ?????????????? I'm just going to come out and say it, but at the present feeling I honestly feel even picking Frost DK as a class right now should make you unable to even queue up for dungeons/raids 'cause they're currently a freaking joke. IT's very generic kit with little strength, virtually no utility, few buttons to press and all around no thought/ decision making/ entertainment value attached to the kit. Anything that was fun is gone, including little passive traits.Temarikage24 3d
4d RATED BATTLE GROUNDS SPEC Wondering what the best spec for a frost DK in RBGS.Frostyhitz5 4d
4d 10/11 mythic <Simple Math> recruiting!! <Simple Math> is currently looking for quality players to fill out our roster as we look to the end of Legion and into Battle for Azeroth. Simple Math is a longstanding guild located on the PvP server Andorhal (PST) made up of hardcore players that has expanded over several years. We're currently looking for more players who love both PvE and PvP content and push themselves to be not best in the guild, but best in the world. We have currently achieved all relevant raiding server firsts since Tier 6 (yes, everything). After an extended hiatus we are trying to get back into the flow of raiding by easing our way back into hardcore raiding. Currently led by 11/11M raiders and filled with Ex-Mythic raiders we are on a weekend raiding schedule and hope to go back to a competitive weekday schedule in Battle for Azeroth. Things you should know about us: * We raid Saturday & Sunday 8pm-12am EST, as well as Monday to finish out ABT 9-11:30pm EST. We also do optional Mythic+ runs, Sales, and Heroic/Normal runs through the week. * We're a 10-year old guild with a tight roster, we barely over recruit. Players are recruited to raid, not to sit on the bench. * We use a loot council system for loot distribution. DKP is not used. Our application forums are always open to exceptional applicants of all classes, but right now we are seeking the following classes: Currently searching for: Tanks: - Death Knight (flex Frost/Blood) Healers: - Resto Shaman, Resto Druid DPS: Full Here are a few things that we look at in potential recruits: * Warcraftlogs reports required. * Able to take and give criticism as well as deal with our noisy Discord environment. * Attend raids 2 nights per week (Sat/Sun, 8pm - 12am EST). * Ability and willingness to play multiple specs in case the raid needs you to play a different role. * Social players with a good sense of humor that are able to communicate through Discord. * Players with excellent situational awareness. Cross-server applications and group applications are welcome. Anybody interested in joining our guild can fill out the application on our website or contact one of our officers in-game: - Waves: Storm#15991 - Dippinshots: Dippindotts#1504 - xMooby: xMooby#1612 - Tontsuo: Ameleo#1497 Guild Website: 4d
5d Glyph to Change Appearance of Ghoul During DT Now that we're losing sludge belcher in BFA can we get a glyph to change the appearance of our ghoul during dark transformation to get the appearance he had if we had sludge belcher talented. I hate the baseline dark transformation appearance and would like to have some customization.Necrobliight0 5d
5d What is the best racial for Horde frost dk? I was just wondering... a long time ago before I took a break away from the game in WOD... Troll was Best race for horde to be as a frost dk... Before that, Goblin was, for their 1% haste increase. I haven't been able to find very much info on it (nothing on icyveins etc) so I was wondering what you guys thought. Which Horde Racial is the best for Frost DK dps atm?Ðeathstrike24 5d
5d Gnome DKs rare? I hardly see any gnome DKs in keys or PvP... Where did we all go?Pinkyslinky14 5d
6d Zandalari Dk fan theory/intro Intro Story as why there are Zandalari Death Knights *in game cinematic* Camera: watches as a CASTELESS ORPHAN CHILD (zandalari child character model) is tested for any signs of connection to the 'Loa' by priestess and Zull. he/she doesn't and gets cast out. Camera: shows convoy traveling to the NECROPOLIS in NAZMIR on ZANDALAR (this is where BWONSAMDI resides, he is the"god of death") . Greeted by other casteless caretakers they hand you a broom and point into the Necropolis Bwonsamdi Voice Narration: Thos wit out a connection to da Loa, have no place in da divine city of Zandalar. Them self-righteous followers of REZAN (1 of the main Loa of Zandalar) don't know true strength till it be too late. Cast out be you mon till you find ya self at my door *laughter*. Fade to black In game (player controlled): he/she has aged (Your created character model). A caretaker (named Atali'Samdi [made up name] an old blood troll that carries a rusty pole arm in ragged armour) orders you to clean up and set up offerings inside the Necropolis, using extra action button to clean mess, collecting items to set up an offering. Once that is done and some banter between the caretaker. *In Game cinematic* Camera: screams outside as the door to the Necropolis bust open. Blood trolls begin flooding in. The Atali'Samdi orders you and the remaining caretakers to flee through the back, as you flee ATEENA(leader of the blood trolls) steps through proclaiming that Atali's betrayal of the BLOOD GOD G'HUUN (demi god of the blood trolls) warrants the death of all that serve Bwonsamdi. As 3 blood trolls rush Atali, he cuts them down using (DEATH STRIKE and HEART STRIKE animation) the 3 blood troll corpses explode with a blood explosion animation, Atali then cast BLOOD DRINKER animation on the surrounding trolls and as they die Ateena ASPHYXIATES Atali. Ateena says to Atali "You took da blood gods gifts but you were never strong enough to do his bidding". (Corpse explosion on Atali)Gorereaver3 6d
May 19 Amazing Frost DK Anitmation bug Requires Rukhmar's Sacred Memory and Frost DK spec. SPAWN HUGE FLOATING SWORDS Guide: 1. Use Rukhmar's Sacred Memory toy 2. Go attack stuff 3. EnjoyPhattyt1 May 19
May 19 Did we ever nickname the Abom? dont recall ever seeing a nickname for him we've always called the ghoul Timmy, the geist Greg, and the gargoyle Gary.Kusarii12 May 19
May 19 Remorseless winter question! should I be using remorseless winter every time it's not on CD? is it worth using even on single target? what about when using or not using the gathering storm talent, do i still use/not use the spell on single target? (note: let's forget about legendaries) edit: also, i want to ask the same questions regarding the death and decay spell usage for each available specs)Auchenai10 May 19
May 19 They took our dispel on BFA And gave it to demon hunters.....Sad dayVoid30 May 19
May 18 New transmog thread! Yay! Testing out this mog. It's not that original, but I think it's rather nice. Rate me!Stormdk500 May 18
May 18 A (Probably) Ignorant Suggestion For Filler This is the highest DK I've ever played, so please take the idea with a grain of salt, but personally, the only thing I'm not enjoying about (Blood and Unholy so far) is the dead spots in a boss fight when you're doing nothing waiting on runes, or when leveling and need just a sliver of damage to finish off an enemy. Would it be a good idea to have a very low damage skill to fill out the DK rotation for these situations? I understand this is somewhat alleviated at higher haste levels, but for leveling and possibly in BFA with secondary stats taking a hit it might not be a terrible idea? Spiteful Bash: Quickly attack your target with the haft of your weapon, dealing X physical and Y shadow damage. This ability generates no runic power. Ideally, it would be weak enough that it wouldn't affect damage output in any meaningful way, but just something to provide an ever-so-slight amount of damage and make the class not feel quite so slow. Thanks for any feedback!Krigus1 May 18
May 18 BFA Wraith Walk Talent Change Idea. Why not make the Wraith Walk talent a passive that gives Death's Advance two charges and a 10% increase to movement speed? That would give us 40% movement speed at two times the fun. 1 minute recharge for each charge. Problem Solved?Vitálus2 May 18
May 17 Holy Unholy! BFA unholy changes So the newest BFA build has come out, and datamining shows a huge swath of unholy changes. Before I dive into it I want to remind everyone this is one person's interpretation of datamined changes that are still in progress. There are going to be errors, and even if I am reading it right nothing is final. Spell changes: Talent Calc: So, first of Apocalypse is baseline, at 4 ghouls. Doesn't look like there are any links to the old armies of the damned talent, but a new corpse explosion talent (competing with other aoe talents) offers the dragged to helheim functionality. Festering wounds are 2-3 per festering strike (less rng), and now cap out at 6 per target. Raise dead has a 30 second cooldown instead of one minute. All will serve no longer features the CD reduction. Death's advance has become our baseline movement ability, with wraith walk being a talented extra option competing with other defensive talents. Gary the gargoyle is becoming a talent instead of a baseline ability, with functionality similar to dark arbiter. Soul reaper got changed again, it is a free melee strike with a 45 second cooldown that places a strong dot on the target and generates a rune. There is no more sludge belcher option for talents, it seems to be replaced with a death grip talent that increases range and resets CD on killing blows. There is a new unholy blight. It is a one minute CD where for the next 6 seconds you apply an "Unholy blight" disease to the targets. The disease itself lasts 15 seconds and deals more than double the damage of untalented virulent plague. And more... Some things are better, some things are obviously worse, but many things have changed. I for one am excited to get my hands on the new unholy and I'll reserving my final judgement for when I actually play it.Tsalera98 May 17
May 17 Major Unholy nerfs in latest BfA beta update? So I wanted to cross reference with you guys because I feel like I have to be missing something. The current build of beta has some pretty extreme nerfs for unholy: less sores from all sore-granting abilities, sore bursts deal less damage, sludge belcher removed completely, etc. Here's the link: Run through that list and tell me if I'm missing something. I'm super confused because Unholy seems to be in a pretty rough spot as it is, and the weird playstyle/mechanic surrounding the sores seems like it's just being nerfed instead of fixed. A huge nerf like this doesn't make much sense to me, so I wanted to see if I'm just missing something or if Unholy really is doomed. Let me know what you guys see.Ajihad15 May 17
May 16 What is a deathknight for you? All three specs give me your perspective.Demontune32 May 16
May 16 AotD vs. BFA Infernal With bfa just around the corner, does anyone else think that AotD could use a facelift? The new destro lock infernal cooldown seems like a cool way to make us care about it's use re. Resource generation. AotD however, even with the new 100 talent, seems a little underwhelming mechanically speaking. Any of you masters of undeath have any views on this? Inb4 "AotD is garbage, please remove" im not talking about dmg tuning, just a way to make it feel less like a "use on bloodlust button"Mïngus3 May 16
May 16 Blood DK PVP Viability. The title pretty much says it all. How are blood Dk's in PVP? Instanced and otherwise. I main unholy, but am leveling another DK for the opposite faction and am considering trying Blood. So how is Blood performing in WPVP/BG's/Arena? I know it's a tank spec, but how is its damage? My rudimentary understanding of Blood spec is that, as far as tank specs go, -some- would say it's not as heavy on damage mitigation or self-heals as they might like, although that's mostly from a PVE point of view. Is Blood PVP fun? Do we do mad deeps? 8D All joking aside, I'd appreciate any insight on this that you can offer. Thank you.Namtaga19 May 16
May 16 Rogues in Wpvp Is there anything a frost DK can do against Rogues in World pvp? If they're geared they can seriously kill anything in like, 3 seconds flat.Redneckromeo19 May 16
May 15 Best death knight pvp spec I am thinking of rolling a death knight for pvp. What is the best death knight pvp spec ? ThanksQirre21 May 15
May 15 Noticed Something While getting my deathknight leveled up, I noticed that one of the companions available, Thorus Trollbane, has the boots for the Sanctified Scourgelord set (ICC 25N [Blue]). Personally I have been pining over these boots for roughly 5-6 years, and was wondering if there are plans to get this boot in game for transmog at some point?Xavek4 May 15
May 15 dk newbie question 1Q) I play blood (frost for bg and arena skirmishes)for world quests. I switched loot preference to frost. In this case all the leggos and quest rewards ll be for frost even im on blood dk right? So i can gear my frost while on blood as it s easier to solo. Up to now didnt get any leggo yet. 2Q) again while playing on blood for world quests and aiming to gear frost. How difficult to gear up unholy meantime? On bfa if frost doesnt do well for me I might switch to unholy. Or is it easier to make a fresh 110(lvl boost) and gear that for unholy. ThanksBeefonrye3 May 15
May 15 Frost DK Buttons Hi folks! I just boosted my FDK because I don't have the patience to wait for HM tauren and Nightborne any longer, long time Ally player. Where are muh buttons?! I am 110 frost DK and I have less buttons on my action bar than any of my classes I have at 110. I was wondering if this was normal, or if there were a lot of honor talent use abilities I need once I get them? I'm in a PVP spec so don't try to convince me to go some raid build tyvm!Mammothtusk7 May 15