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21m Unholy Legendaries Questions I'm little confused as to what fights in ToS count as cleave vs Aoe, can anyone tell me which 2 legendaries I should be using in which fights. I have: Soul of the Deathlord, Cold Heart, The Instructor's Fourth Lesson, Draugr, Girdle of the everlasting King, Tak'theritik's Shoulderpads, Uvanimor, the Unbeautiful, Sephuz's Secret and Kiljaeden's Burning Wish.Ebrathil4 21m
27m Unholy Legendary for Mage Tower For Unholy I have KJBW, Shoulders, Ring and Aggrmars Stride. Im guessing with Bear tartar I wont need the boots? Im thinking Shoulders ring?Victor10 27m
56m Don't you wish your DK was hot like me? Seriously, wearing this sanctified armor is pretty ruthless. AFK, combusted again.Phage0 56m
1h Unholy PvP I'm planning on boosting a DK for PvP and i've narrowed the races down to human, belf and orc. Which one do you guys recommend and why?Taylorgangxo7 1h
1h Unholy and librams I be read a lot around latlely about the fact unholy doesnt scale well when it comes to weapon damage and the math behind it, altought im not specifically going to talk about that (i know very little behind the matematical part of the game) i did got an idea and would like to hear your opinions about it. first of all while doing my weekly old dungeon runs for transmogs i noticed that librams actually are added to my list, not that i have that, in fact i kinda like them, theres plenty of nice looking ones, but then i tought, what if unholy was given those as an extra equipment AND melee powers were tied out to our weapon while spells to the libram. Im not sure if that would make things more complicated but for me at least having unholy wield one kindo f makes sense, from the 3 specs unholy seems to be the more "magical" adept with the array of spells it has but of course thats just me. what do you guys tink about that? would it be good bad or just overcomplicated?Tylendish2 1h
1h Passive Speed Boost Idea [Insert edgy passive name here] Every 20% of the enemies missing health gives you a 5% speed boost. (I feel like I worded that wrong) Anyway, you will gain a stacking 5% speed boost at 80%/60%/40%/20%. Basically the close the enemy is to death, the more anxious we are to get to them. I think it gives a nice class fantasy feel to it. I think this will solve our waddling problem. Thoughts?Defacex2 1h
2h Loving blood dk so far Sure feel the difference leveling a Brewmaster monk to 78 now trying a blood DK. Even if healer sucks or goes afk can still do the entire dungeon as a blood dk. But on my brewmaster that's an entire different story. I think I've found my tanking class I want to main now. Every dungeon my goal is to do more healing than the healer.Deth5 2h
2h 2h frost next xpac? I want to play a frost dk but I think dual wielding is lame. Will frost be restricted to dual wielding the next expansion?Fìrebrew114 2h
3h Rate that Mog! Old post hit max limit. Here is a new one.Phoebium257 3h
3h Your Class Fantasy I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with. Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose? What did they do good? What did they do alright with? What did they do bad/ leave out? Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on. Thank You in advance for your responses. :)Curtens19 3h
3h 66% mastery FeelsbadmanAkusalol4 3h
3h Blood DK Legendaries Question So, I just got Shackles of Bryndaor, and I also have Skullflower's Haemostasis, Rattlegore Bone Legplates, Acherus Drapes and Prydaz, and I want to make sure I'm using the correct ones. Last time I checked Skullflower's Haemostasis and Shackles of Bryndaor are the best choices for most content, and Acherus Drapes is good for some Mythic+ affixes. Has any of this changed recently or can I use these 3 most of the time? Also, if I equip Shackles over Acherus Drapes I lose a little bit of ilvl, is the legendary better than a bit of couple points of ilvl? Thanks for the answers and sorry if the questions are dumb.Alaanthis16 3h
4h Softbacon's Complete Blood DK guide 1. Introduction 2. Why play a Blood DK? 3. Advanced Stat Priority 4. Our abilities 5. Talents 6. Damage Rotation 7. Enchants and Gems 8. Legendary Rankings 9. BiS Trinkets/Gear 10. Trinket BiS for ToS 11. Conclusion 1. Introduction Hello everybody, this is my advanced/complete guide on the Death Knight’s tank spec Blood. In this guide I will be discussing everything you need to know to get into blood DK tanking, whether you’re just focused on just M+, LFR tanking, or Mythic tanking. I have played a Death Knight since 2008, picking it up as my main directly in Legion. Please note I have taken the time to discuss numerous things with people on the DK class forums, regarding such controversial things as Trinkets. While nearly all agree, some do not. 2. Why play a blood DK? Blood Death Knights are currently very powerful tanks. Arguably we are the absolute best tank for M+ content currently. Our overall utility allows us to shine in situations where other classes may fall. Being able to Death Grip mobs back, makes situations easier, allowing you to control positioning. Gorefiends grasp, can make Kil’Jaeden’s Deceiver’s Veil phase (Transition phase 2) a complete joke, allowing to grip all of the Shadowsoul adds together (if you’re lucky with their positioning). Gorefiend’s grasp is also incredible for M+, allowing your team to more efficiently cleave down large trash packs, reducing overall time on trash. However, with these two amazing pieces of utility, there must be a downfall; our mobility. We have tied worst mobility with Protection Paladins, arguably the worst, since they get a faster speed boost on a shorter duration, with Divine Steed. Blood Death Knight’s are also able to do some incredible things, including soloing extremely effectively. Being able to self heal up, while purgatory (talent to be discussed later) has been triggered, allows you to theoretically have a second life. This is incredibly powerful, giving you a second chance. I will discuss this more under the Abilities section and what they can do to help you. 3. Advanced Stat Priority Blood DKs arguably have two stat priorities, one focused around staying alive and the other focused around damage. Firstly, we will discuss what each stat gives us. Haste = Increased attack speed, faster rune regeneration, and Blood Boil recharge time lowered. Critical Strike = Allows attacks/heals to do extra damage and increases parry chance Versatility = Increases damage/healing done by X and reduces damage taken by 1/2X Mastery = Gives death strike an Y% physical absorb of the amount healed. Also increases attack power. Survivability Haste > Versatility > Mastery > Critical Strike Damage Haste (Until 35%) >= Crit > Vers > Mastery Once you hit 35% haste (unbuffed) I recommend you switching to crit > haste. However, 35% is alot. Dependant on what level content, you will want to follow either one of those stat priority. For new people getting into the spec, I would recommend playing around with the Survival stat priority and advanced players, play around with both.Softbacon32 4h
4h Unholy DK Trinkets Hey so I'm new to Unholy DK and DPS really. Mostly heal and tank. And I've been getting some nice drops from the relinquished gear and I need some help deciding what I should be using! First let me state that I ONLY do Mythic+. I currently have 4 trinkets that I do not know which to use! 915 Strength+Mastery stick (assuming BIS) 910 Infernal Cinders 910 Memento of Angerboda 910 Specter of Betrayal So I'm just very confused what two I should be running! And if my Trinket choice will change for Tyrannical/Fortified weeks. I run dark Arbiter build btw! Any help would be great! Thanks!Marrgoth11 4h
5h Wraith Walk while dead? Why don't DKs get Wraith Walk while they're dead; similar to how Night Elves get wisp form? It seems like the kind of thing that just makes sense.Showtime11 5h
5h Dual Wield Unholy? I feel like 2h fits frost more than unholy. Thoughts?Defacex53 5h
7h How important is 2 piece for unholy im in a pickle. i have chest and shoulder leggo so the 15% could be really useful but.... i heard mastery alone can out weigh strength so does strength AND mastery outweigh 2 piece?Drakonite3 7h
7h Blood vs Bear So if a blood dk and a bear druid go long does the fight last?Deathbroker14 7h
9h Unholy or frost?! Right now i am making a dk, never played dk since Mop and i need some advice. 1.What spec should i lvl with from 55-110? 2.What spec should i main for pve? (i enjoy mythic+ and raiding equally) 3.Whats more fun to play, unholy or frost? Thank YOU!Fistsofmight8 9h
12h 2h and Shield Ok. I have been maining a blood dk for a while now. I LOVE dks...but I will admit that i have shield envy... Yea, bone shield is cool and all but what about having a 2h weapon and a shield? I feel like that would give us a pretty cool feature (like fury warriors double 2h). Im tired of other classes getting all the cool stuff and us kind of being a second thought. What do y'all think?Hellfall4 12h
12h Mobility: Having Our Cake and Eating It Too Well one of the most common criticisms among the DK community seems to be Wraith Walk and it's implementation... or rather the fact that we have to settle for it because of a combination of factors. These factors are: Class Fantasy: Death Knights have a reputation - deserving or otherwise - of being persistence hunters; we do not tire, we do not rest, we do not stop, and we do not show mercy, and all that cross us can only run and hide, but they can never escape us. The Lich King in the Halls of Reflection is the perfect example of this. Might and Magic: We death knights are powerful and unstoppable, but discounting class fantasy itself, we don't really have abilities or features that speak of our speed as being something significant. Like paladins, death knights focus more on their combination of magical and martial prowess to defeat their foes, and mobility doesn't factor into this. Physical Condition: Perhaps the reason we don't see even former warriors or rogues or hunters who are death knights hopping around the battlefield is because they cannot. After all, our bodies are reanimated through necromancy, and who is to say how it has affected our musculature? Calling back the 'magical knight' idea, we have great physical might and strength, and perhaps in return for that our bodies simply sacrifice speed/mobility for that. Death Grip: What is the point of moving to your enemies, putting yourselves at risk by bringing yourself to their position where they can have an ambush or a trap waiting? Death Knights have the luxury of forcing their enemies in their faces with some dark magic, so what would be the point of more on-demand mobility? Now, just because this makes sense from these sort of standpoints, doesn't mean death knights can't have some meaningful mobility without breaking class fantasy. Our Deathchargers. Just like Paladins (and Warlocks in flavor), we have a focus on our mounts and the usage of deathchargers is one of the most key features of the death knight are our undead mounts that we ride into battle. And before we say something like 'that's a Horseman-specific trend,' it's not, Warcraft III Death Knight units rode in on their chargers, well before the Four Horseman were introduced as a concept. Unlike Paladins, though, death knights should run things differently. In my opinion, death knights should have the ability to ride their mounts permanently into combat, essentially this should function like the Reins of the Deathcharger that you can get from the Hitching Post in Legion's Acherus. Similar to Divine Steed, it would mount you on your Acherus Deathcharger, and this would give you passive movement speed, perhaps 10% or 15% like Death's Advance granted. Wraith Walk doesn't really fit Death Knight's I'll be honest considering floating is not something you imagine a death knight doing, right? We could always bake it in as a pvp talent, it seems to make more sense there. Plus think about it: you could make a glyph to turn your combat mount into one of your favorite mounts, imagine the flavor! Thoughts? Counterarguments? Criticisms?Boltrix6 12h
16h Is having high mastery for blood bad? I have between 40-45% mastery and pretty low haste depending on what gear I equip. Is mastery still bad? Trying to get more haste but never seems to drop ever.Vynnorin23 16h
17h Opening Argus Follower Quests Hey Guys So im in Argus and done alot of questing as my DK but am yet to recieve the follower missions for Argus. What needs to be completed firsts?Blythee1 17h
18h Death Grip resetting upon killing mobs I fondly remember this glyph when I was questing in previous expansions. It felt powerful to continuously chain mobs together and mow them down during the leveling process- it was an interesting take on our lack of mobility. Anyone else miss that small but impactful glyph? Seems like the new glyph system removed it but I would love to have it back in some capacity.Tenebray9 18h
21h Problems With Aggro as Blood DK Hello everyone. I came up here because in raid( mythic TOS) I am having some real issues with OTHER tanks holding their aggro and Im not sure why is that. This is the first time it happens to me at all since my rotation is the same since Legion came out. I believe is because they have really low DPS, a Monk that is doing 190-230K damage and a druid(replaces the monk whenever he is not online) that does somewhere around 250K to 310K. I do way way more than that, when I ¨Burst¨ I go up to 1.1 millions DPS and sustained I usually do between 450K and 700K, depends on the fight. My raid leader saids that I should lower my DPS but I do not agree with that, I believe the raid should do the maximum DPS possible even from the tanks. I have tried everything, even lowering myself to 320K-350K but It really hurts my rotation. What can I do? or is it the other tanks problem for doing such a low DPS? PD: the gear that appears on my armory is not my raiding gear, more like questing gear. With my raiding gear Im 932 ilvl equipped.Tormentorxx12 21h
1d Cold Heart ...Where are you. I need you. Right meow. Who's with me?Incideous19 1d
1d Frostmourne and the Glaives of Azzinoth Listen, I get that Frostmourne's shattered and the Blades of the Fallen Prince have replaced it -- but this expansion was our only chance to get a shot at Frostmourne's model. We've already seen that they'll give out Out-of-Character models, like the Warglaives and the corrupted Ashbringer. Could we just get a Frostmourne model that could be transmogged over one handers or two handers? It doesn't have to be an in character thing. Frostmourne is gone. But come on, Blizzard. We're loyal fans.Dreadmoore10 1d
1d Need a Mentor! I'm Lost! Hey guys, I was super interested in legion and decided to purchase the expansion. I made it to ilvl 880 in all but I'm just simply lost in this game. I've really had to do a lot to get to this point because it used to be that I would make it to level 20 and I'd quit. There are so many things that you just can't figure out by yourself like addons, how gear works, raid content etc.. I've gone through way to many guides on legion and they have been helpful but they are just not progressing me much further through the game. I need someone that can really stick with me for a while to help me get out of this hole. If somebody could just put some work into me I'd be forever grateful! Thanks!Vedrianis2 1d
1d Runic Attenuation vs Icy Talons which would be better as i am using this trinket... Faulty Countermeasure ilvl 920 Use: Sheathe your weapons in ice for 30 sec, giving your melee attacks a chance to cause 149,000 additional Frost damage and slow the target's movement speed by 30% for 8 sec. (2 Min Cooldown)Èsdeath14 1d
1d Corpse Shield + Protective Bile? Do these work together to lower the incoming damage my pet takes from me?Krónie3 1d
1d Hidden appearance pre 110? Hidden appearance pre 110? i can't confirm it, anyone able to answer?Thasoupcan5 1d
1d Reroll or Stay the Same Greetings Deathlords, I have a bit of a predicament. I can't decide if I want to reroll and make an Undead Death Knight or keep leveling up this guy. The Pros: Undead have better animations I can get Shadowmourne again and sell all the Toys and make a lot of Gold The LORE I won't be standing like a dainty flower anymore Blood elf animations are terrible I can pretend I'm a white walker (GoT <3) Everything is better as undead The Cons: I'd have to level another 50 levels (bleh) Arcane Torrent is amazing What do you guys think? Should I reroll or stay the same?Xelovath16 1d
1d Frost first step After looking at logs and then grabbing a bunch of Frost and Unholy DK's for Mythic+. I went through the numbers to see why frost is failing behind. Like I stated in title, this is just the first thing that can easily be addressed to give frost a chance. Plague for Unholy was on avg. 37% of UH dmg. Usually beat out by Valk. Fever for frost was around 18%. Making fever tick closer to the numbers that plague is putting up would be a nice step in the right direction. Then we can go into the scaling problems of Oblit.Farriah3 1d
1d Suggestions about unholy DK gameplay Greetings, I like to propose some gameplay changes on unholy spec. I'm not here to complain about dps, but to propose gameplay changes. This vision is only about PvE, currently I do not play in PvP so I not comfortable to say about the late. What I see, some current talents are almost useless and there is one I personaly think it does nothing to our gameplay. All Will Serve: Today this talent is useless, its damage is low and changes nothing in gameplay. Propose: change to a active skill with small CD of 10 or 20sec, costing 2 or 3 runes. It would continue summoning the skeleton which does single target damage, however its time would be like 10 or 12 sec. Could interesting change the skeleton damage to a shadow one, to be competitive with the others in same line in this patch. Ebon Fever: Can't disregard its nowadays power, but this talent is above all the other in any condition. And you do not need any strategy to use it. Propose: Change to work like the old Unholy Blight. Would be like a storm doing shadow damage in AOE with a CD of 45 or 60sec, lasting 15 or 20sec, costing 100 runic power. I personally get very frustated when I use my AOE and theres is a remmant of runic power because there is no other AOE unholy skill with runic power cost. In mythic plus we have a enormous waste of resources. Analyzing Frost and Blood, we have AOE talents costing runic power as Breath of Sindragosa and BoneStorm. Epidemic: This talents not only is weak, but is in a line which compete with other talents that make you gain resource. So I believe it could follow the pattern of Pestilent Pustules which generates runes or Blighted Rune Weapon which generates Festering Wounds. We don't have a talent that generates runic power. Propose: Every rune would generate 2 or 3 runic power. Giving a synergy with the spec focus in DeathCoil and DarkArbiter damage. Those are my ideas for a better gameplay and to condition some talents for different situations. As for creatin a gameplay that would need more planning. All the values I proposed are only for examples, I believe they all would need to be tested and reviewed. Theres is another two talents I think could be perfected, but I didn't have good ideas for them. They are Castigator and SoulReaper. Please give me your opinion, I would like to propose this conversation in search of solutions for underutilized talents. I apologize for any mistake, because I do not speak English perfectly.Warchaos5 1d
2d 28% frost dk buff Am I seeing that correctly, is there a 28% buff to frost on the ptr for 7.3.2?Enhanzzed9 2d
2d Voragosa: A (Missed?) Lore Opportunity There's something here that seems like a huge missed opportunity but could be rectified in future patches/content. I thought about this when I noticed that the Death Knight Class Hall has a Frost Wurm circling overhead. Her name is Voragosa... When we obtain the Blades of the Fallen Prince, we are granted an ability that is entirely passive--the swords that spawn and impale our enemies. It is only later on that we obtain an ability that summons Sindragosa. Sindragosa was defeated in Icecrown Citadel, so summoning her is an oddity (unless we're to assume the new Lich King raised her once again for this opportunity). I'm proposing that Sindragosa's Fury should have been the ability tied directly to Blades of the Fallen Prince (with Crystalline Swords replacing the trait where Sindragosa's fury was). Moreover, it should have been renamed "Voragosa's Fury" tied to a simple instance where, after retrieving the two swords, the Lich King tells us to go summon our very own Frost Wurm! Imagine a scenario wherein we travel out amidst the frozen wastes of Icecrown Citadel (just as Arthas had done in the opening cinematic of WotLK), and raise the magnificent Voragosa deep underneath the ice and snow! She then becomes tied to our Artifact Weapon and bound to our will. This would all make sense in the context of a conquered Sindragosa at the end of Wrath of the Lich King and the presence of Voragosa in our Class Hall. A sign of progression and new things--that we're not using the former dragon queen enslaved by the Lich King, but rather we're using a beast that we ourselves raised from the the depths of Icecrown.Pelinkovac6 2d
2d 60+ DK tanking Hi, this is gonna be my second death knight, this time i'm gonna be leveling with some friends from the guild i'm in, and I'm an awful tank, does anyone have some tips?Kordei1 2d
2d Artifact Challenge bugging out on me So i've been looking forward to mage tower being complete to try this fight since the ilvl increase due to the latest patch and finally here it is! I tried it out this morning to get that fat slob to approximately 10% and after that the fight started bugging out on me on subsequent tries.. Every now and then killing all imps was not enough to make Agatha drop her shield to actually interrupt her making this fight even harder than it already is. I submitted a bug report but don't expect much to happen to be quite honest.. Anyone else having this issue?Thaoroth3 2d
3d New Tier 21 Thoughts? Tbh i think it looks good. Heres the effects Death Knight T21 Frost 2P Bonus - Howling Blast damage increased by 15% and Obliterate damage increased by 15%, and Frostscythe damage increased by 15% Death Knight T21 Frost 4P Bonus - When you deal Frost damage, you have a chance to release a barrage of icy spikes at your target dealing (0% * 3) Frost damage. I was going to change to unholy as of Thursday. But tbh i don't think frost will be in a bad spot. So what you think?Gaiasend4 3d
3d Clawing Shadows & Defile? Are these the better talents vs Unholy Frenzy and DA. Saw a Dk earlier 1.6m dps way above mine. Just wondering if these talents are superior? Thanks!Kovár18 3d
3d Rate the name (2) Continued from the last thread. @Stormdk, 6/10Raquel44 3d
3d Why top PvP Frost DK's go Shattering Strikes? Was hoping someone here could help answer this question, after trying out Frost again in 7.3 I've noticed that a fair amount of the top-ranked Frost DK's on the Arena leaderboards take Shattering Strikes (other majority take Icy Talons, a few I've seen with Runic Attenuation). I've played around with it a bit and while I do like the fact that I don't have to worry about my Icy Talons stacks falling off when I'm getting kited it still doesn't feel all that powerful. Are the people on the leaderboards just messing around with it before logging off? Or is there a reason? I also looked on Icy Veins and it's apparently the worst level 56 talent there, so...yeah.Kuroscyion2 3d
3d to slow for heroic avatar? so i was in a heroic avatar fight last night where i could not outrun the chaos puddles(also had people use their mobility to run past me as they place their puddles all around me since i cant keep up) and died a lot due to this got kicked from the raid since i kept dying even with my w walk(45 sec cooldown) the puddles would get me every time. normally i just run in a small square with mine and if no one is around me im fine but as mdps thats highly unlikely to happen. wont mention that i cant charge or close distance back to avatar or get to maiden fast like everyone else does anyone else have an issue with this at all or is it just me? just frustrated....Èsdeath22 3d
3d Race change ideas. So I'm tired of being a blood elf. I really like Tauren/Orc/Troll Dks but I cant decide which one to change myself to, What would y'all do? If I'm basing it on stats alone I really only do mythic + dungeons so I would think Tauren would do really well with the stam and stun, But I pvp alot as well so the voodoo shuffle from Trolls could be nice...Fanatix12 3d
3d Frost DK's 7.3 I must say I am very pleased with the changes that were made to us, I made a post a few months back talking about how it was kinda disappointing that we were forced to pretty much take the BOS Build to do any decent dps and a lot of pugs got pretty biased if you didn't run it. But with 7.3 it seems almost any set up you want to run can compete now with bos and sometimes outshine depending on the situation, I have always loved using the scythe and oblit cd as a build for almost all of legion and now that I can easily hit over 1m dps single target and aoe without trying to maximize is a really good feeling. How do you other frost dk's feel about the changes?Ghastz12 3d
3d A Challenge for BLOOD DK's 167 Stacks of Uber Strike on the Dungeoneer's Training Dummy over 800% increased damage. I challenge my fellow Blood DK's to stand there and get hit in the face by this thing or not xD. Good Luck.Beastlyhor1 3d
3d Summon Minion Entering Combat / Exit Macro? I am looking for a macro that will summon my minions when I enter combat and dismiss them when I exit combat. I like Unholy but I can not stand having a ghoul following all the time. I much prefer the fire and forget style of minions provided by Army of the Dead and Apocalypse. I am even now to the point of using All Will Serve for the no cooldown on raise dead. I just really dislike that we have no lone wolf option to get rid of the perma pet. I like the rest of the skills and short summons but for some reason the one ghoul following me around after combat drives me insane, lol. With the Death Knight being a special class to me since Wrath (due to the lore / story mainly) and with how Legion went with Frost this expansion I have no choice but to use Unholy to play happily. If I had a macro that would summon / dismiss my minion(s) when entering / leaving combat I would happily take All Will Serve so I can be happy lol. Yes this is probably silly to some of you and I know some will be rude and tell me to play another class or quit, but that is not what this thread is for. I ask kindly that anyone who knows a macro or can point in the the right direction to please inform me how to make this happen. Addon or macro there has to be some way to summon when enter combat and dismiss when leaving combat. TL,DR: Looking for a macro or addon that uses Raise Dead when entering combat and when leaving combat dismisses pet. Be kind please.Vaerth9 3d
3d Unholy: Voidclaw Gauntlets Hi guys, How are the new auto-attack shadow dmg gloves for Unholy? I know the statline is weaker, but is the added shadow dmg proc worth it? Does our Mastery improve the damage?Grimorn10 3d
3d Blood Tier set bonus vs Item level I’m trying to figure out at what point should I be replacing tier in favor for item level. I have all normal tier and find myself being bogged down by my tier but I’m not sure at what point Item level outweighs the pros of the 2 and 4 set. I also feel the 2 set is very strong but the 4 is nice but not really crucial. Open to all opinions thanks!Rudølph1 3d