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4m The Unholy Hype Train I refuse to get on board- been playing unholy for two weeks now and its useless compared to frost. Once you blow everything with the opener unholy has no sustain dps and drops from 1 mill plus to like 400k and you just sit there and wait for cds to come back and just watch your meter sink to the bottom. Frost on the other hand will hit like a truck and continue to hit like a truck and is far superior in every way. Dont take my word for it....take blizz's word...the crazy series of nerfs to frost and continued nerfs in 7.3 only prove that they know frost is better and they are forcing unholy cuz until a couple weeks ago no one played it. And those of us that were dumb and switched like me have been struggling to keep up with our frost spec ever since. Just because a few pros make youtube vids about how unholy is better doesnt mean it is. They get handed top tier gear by their guilds and all have their bis set items. I have been running tos every week since its been out and rolling seals and have yet to get one single set item. Unholy rotation makes no sense and is ridiculously bound to rng whereas frost is consistent pain delivered nonstop into the enemy. You unholy fannies can hate all you want but step to my frost in the ring and watch how you get rekt before your pet even transforms.Pympcaine36 4m
5m Where are my Panda Death Nights We need so Panda Death Nights pleaseWengwengs18 5m
58m Bad Luck Protection Question To quickly summarize, I got the class ring Soul of the Deathlord the day 7.2.5 dropped, so all my bad luck protection reset for all 3 specs. Yesterday I looted the DPS chest, so my Unholy and Frost BLP was reset. I should now have a stronger BLP for Blood. For my main Unholy spec I have 2 spec-specific legendaries left, the other 4 are for all 3 (Sephuz, Prydaz, Acherus Drapes, Aggramar). Would you guys recommend setting loot spec to Blood until the next drop, as it should generally be faster, just for a chance at the 4 multi-spec ones? Ultimate goal is to get everything available for Unholy, the other specs would be nice but not necessary. I have two Blood spec and no Frost spec legendaries also. Thanks!Xizen4 58m
2h the dk campaign was terrible man that was messed up having to try to do the last part that you try to do. (no spoilers in case someone hasn't done it yet) i don't think i'll be able to finish it again on my ally dk. :|Dokthar18 2h
3h What will a Paladin miss? Looking to make a Dk for just general play. Visually they look exciting to me, I like the whole necromancer commanding the dead army thing. My question though, having played Paladin on and off a lot, does a DK the same sort of jack-of-all-trades that a Ret paladin has? By that I mean things like HoF, HoJ, etc. How's the survivability of a Dk vs a Ret Paladin? Is PVP going to be a huge learning curve? ~Thanks for the replies.Celtik1 3h
3h T20 4pc, how impactful is it? Title, I want to know Due to just sheer dumb lack of luck, I've yet to get myself the 4pc and still run only 2pc. No bonus rolls, no drops in LFR or Normal, and Heroic tokens have been given to all my other guildies feelsreallysadman I get slightly envious when I see another DK with his 4pc, but I really gotta wonder, how big is it for all 3 specs since I still play them all?Rikward9 3h
3h Struggle to get a feeling for UH I played frost since WOD when I started playing wow, but kinda got bored. Now with all the buffs and people saying it is more fun, I tried UH and even though my DPS is !@#$, I don't have nay legendaries, I am trying to get a feeling for the spec but am still struggling with my DPS. So I gotta keep my plagues up, gotta keep wounds up, then I use my shadow claws to burst sores and when I wanna burst properly I use dark transformation, gargoyle and use soul reaper with 8 wounds up and finish with apocalypse right? what do I do after and in between the CD's for soul reaper and Apo??Zabuzar7 3h
3h deathknight weakauras updated where can i find them? i need them for tier 20Nânâ1 3h
3h Blood DK Tanking. Hello there fellow DKS. So, i just picked up death knight recently, and have fallen in love with blood. Something about its ability to survive hordes of enemies is entertaining to me. So here's the thing: I don't think i've ever actually tanked for a group before. I intend to start with dungeons, but how can i make sure i'm doing my job right? I'm pretty much asking for the basics here, so any help is greatly appreciated!Gurathnakà17 3h
4h What is recommended iLvL for the Challenge? Tried it last night and got floored about 10 seconds in by the aoe spears. Is Frost the way to go to get it done? I really like the skin it unlocks for my frostmourne juniors. I've just now started raiding so perhaps it is out of my league still? I have yet to loot a Legendary, so I do not have that to lean on yet.Omegadeth14 4h
5h Cold Heart I'm on the brink of passing out, but as I was wandering around, I looted this from... get this... a Wymtongue Cache. Life's funny, eh? I just wanted a few legionfall resources, but instead I get one of the BiS legendary. Hurry! Except... how does one use it? I mean, I get the basics, but it is better to hold it for the 2 set of the new tier, or use it on CD? That's basically my only question, but any other tips are welcome.Dradnor15 5h
5h Best way to level from 90-100 etc Just coming back to my DK after not touching him since the end of MoP and Frost seems hella different right now. I was considering leveling as unholy, but I kinda wanna gtfo out of WoD asap. Would plowing dungeons as blood be fastest for 90-100? And after that, how is unholy for leveling and afterwards in higher tier content like myhics and raids? And has blood changed much since MoP?Dharythside2 5h
8h Frost DK 7.3 Talent Changes/Arena BoS Build Hey all, these are the current (PTR) talent tier changes to Frost DKs for 7.3. Not sure what adjustments will be made for PvP, but this is the updated Breath build I’m toying with for arena: Lvl 56 Shattering Strikes – Icy Talons – Runic Attenuation Lvl 57 Freezing Fog – Murderous Efficiency – Horn of Winter Lvl 58 Icecap – Glacial Advance – Avalanche Lvl 60 Abomination’s Might – Blinding Sleet – Winter is Coming Lvl 75 Permafrost – White Walker – Inexorable Assault Lvl 90 Frostscythe – Frozen Pulse – Gathering Storm Lvl 100 Obliteration – Breath of Sindragosa – Hungering Rune Weapon *All damage abilities increased by 21% *Icy Talons: Bonus 15% (from 10%) *Shattering Strikes: Bonus 60% (from 40%) *Freezing Fog: Effect 20% (from 30%) *Murderous Efficiency: Chance 50% (from 65%) *Horn of Winter: Cooldown 45s (from 30s) *Permafrost: Shields for 75% of auto-attack damage (from 30%) *White Walker (redesigned): Wraith Walk cools down 100% more quickly anytime no enemy is within 10 yards *Inexorable Assault (replacing Volatile Shielding): For every 2 seconds spent in combat without melee attacking, you gain a stack of Inexorable Assault. Each stack causes your next autoattack to deal additional Frost damage *Frozen Pulse: Damage reduced by 39% *Breath of Sindragosa: Damage increased by 10% *Hungering Rune Weapon: Duration 12s (from 15s) and additionally grants 20% haste *Obliteration: Duration 10s (from 8s); now causes Howling Blast to grant Killing Machine, as well as Frost Strike Source: Looks like my days of making the enemy team eat really long breaths are over. But the trade-off will be higher burst damage and sustain (21% dmg abilities buff, 10% Breath dmg buff). For lvl 56 tier, may be situational (single target sustain vs. extended Breath/burst). Defensively, Icy Talons synergizes with Permafrost better, but overall rp gain from Runic Attenuation means more Death Strikes (and Frost Strikes/longer Breath; probably the better talent if you're not the kill target). Lvl 75 tier will be situational, depending on whether enemy comp or kill target is melee vs. ranged. (I still don't see myself using White Walker much, since Delirium shuts down mobile targets already.) Again, this is all tentative and pending any additional PvP/honor talent changes. Thoughts, fellow theory crafters?Darkbadger9 8h
9h Unholy and Frost Glyphs for D&D I know frost does not have Death and decay. But there are Blood, Unholy, Frost glyphs for wraith walk and anti magic shell. So why not death and decay?Cimeriel10 9h
9h Well that could have gone Blood DK tank halp opinions wanted. First part first. Like I say in many of my Halp! kind of posts. I simply don't know Blood DK as well as Prot Palli. Bad side: Tried out TOS twice on this toon. Both times felt super squish. Once was raid finder. The other to help some guys get a friend loot and experience with tanking and generally try to help that person have fun. I was pugged in last second for that group. Something about the person who was supposed to help couldn't show up. As they put it: "looking for a whipe dumby need a off tank! Bro needs loot and beer!" ( On with the problems ^_^ I simply don't have all the spells memorised yet. Goroth Goroth was regularly ripping through bone shield and blood shield. I think that was because of infernal burning. I thought to do this boss when a arrow showing where he was going to cast his bad you ran behind some spikes that showed up then quickly ran back to the boss and taunted back and forth. Am I wrong? is their a better way to handle that boss? Weirdly on both Normal and Raid finder Harjatan wasn't a huge problem (sort of) I've read a few tactics. I honestly don't know what the better way to go is. Mistress Sasszatine(?) crazy naga...crazyER Naga lady. She was a lot of fun to tank. On Raid Finder I start with her in the middle only so as when she starts her AE stuff it gives people a bit more room to move (hahahaha when/if they move) Her little exploding bomb thing though...I thought you wanted to run from that (and hope deaths advance or divine stead aren't recharging) And Arg. I kept getting stuck or stun with Death's Advance. I have no clue what to do to not be stuned by her jellyfish type adds. Stop attacking? Desolate Host. LOL well Downed it...eventually and that was just a chaotic mes. This boss reminds me a bit of Sarth and Pride. On raid finder from what I can tell you're just sent to the spirit realm. I simply didn't have the stats or ilevel to be useful for that on normal. And (tried to) help those guys get someone with way better geer. In Raid finder the adds were a headache. I don't know if that was some of the dps litterally just standing around. I thought if I got hit by mind crush or spirit fissure I needed to be neer me and who ever else had it? Or am I wrong? One of it's spells was leaving behind a nasty green AE making it a PITA to find a clear spot to get adds. What all do I need to do so as to have more fun tanking that stuff?Cedartusk2 9h
10h Unholy 4P questions Hey DKs, I'm currently gearing up my UH dk who I plan to make my main alt. Hes 913 Equipped, 918 Bag and has the 2 Piece + Cold Heart. I was wondering wether its worth it to take the 4 piece even though it gives some pretty lack luster stats, espacially compared to other options in the dungeon.Fluffykinz5 10h
10h Unholy's rotation sucks I dinked around with UH for a few hours last night, and boy oh boy is that an unfun DPS build. It's just clunky - add stacks, consume stacks, keep up short-duration plague, can't AOE effectively without dropping D&D. I understand the appeal of UH - as a kind of armored necromancer - but as far as a DPS rotation is concerned, it's the height of tedium. More power to the people who make it work, but compared to the absolute joy that is frost, I daresay I'll never swap over again.Barrowmourn180 10h
13h Tier 21 DK Armor Set Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this armor set looks awesome? The art department has really outdone themselves this time IMO...Draith3 13h
15h Rate That Mog! How I look?Reapérs496 15h
17h Frostscythe Frostmourne glyph? Just a quick request. Seems plausible enough to me, just a little visual glyph that makes the 'scythe' that appears during the Frostscythe animation look like a ghostly or icy Frostmourne. It would at least harken back to the days of 2h frost, and feel like an optional reminder. The only problem is that it's a glyph for a talent and not a baseline spell, making the glyph pointless for many if the meta and balance factors make Frostscythe a noncompetitive talent.Fraustis0 17h
17h Question regarding BoS build Do you necessarily need Legendaries to play BoS build? I'm very limited in legendaries, I would like to perform at peak efficiencyDis6 17h
23h RNG Festering Wounds on Strike Does anyone really like the way this works? I have been getting so frustrated with getting 4-5 wounds on the opening 2x Festering Strikes. I know I could swap Pestilent Pustules for Blighted Rune Weapon and have it help with it, but PP seems to sim a good deal behind BRW for me. It just feels so terrible to get under 6x Wounds when you open, and getting 7-8 doesn't feel like it counter acts how awful it feels to get 4-5. I just wish this one RNG aspect could be removed for Unholy, and have it just be a consistent 3x with each FS.Lorsaire4 23h
1d Legion Spoilers:The 4th Horseman & Koltira I don't know if any of you have seen this yet, but it seems as if we have to go rescue Koltira from the Undercity and we raise Tirion Fordring as the 4th Horseman... Rescue Koltira Step 01: A Personal Request - Name changed from "Step 01: Speak with Thassarian" to "Step 01: A Personal Request". Step 02: A Bold Rescue (New) - Escort Thassarian through the Undercity. Step 03: Prisoner No More - Name changed from "Step 02: Fight your way to the Apothecarium." to "Step 03: Prisoner No More". Enter Rescue Koltira from the Apothecarium. The Fourth Horseman Step 01: Meet At The Gates (New) - Speak with Darion Mograine. Step 02: Prepare for Invasion (New) - Prepare for Invasion. Step 03: Raise Tyrion Fordring (New) - Raise Tyrion Fordring I'm going to go ahead and assume "Tyrion" is just a typo. Damn interns.Verod81 1d
1d Pre-7.3 Frost Changes? Given the recognition of the devs that Frost is very weak atm dps-wise, doesn't it make sense to at least hot fix some damage buffs into the spec? I'm not sure I understand why this isn't happening. At this point, it's just math right?Auriga12 1d
1d 7.3 Changes - Suggestions/Solutions Looking at the talent tree and how it will sit in 7.3 seems like someone decided they just wanted to Break the BoS spec so it isn't competitive, and in doing so hurts the other play style. I currently play the BoS play style mainly cause Their isn't anything else really viable outside of going unholy. Our 100 tier of talents leave a lot to be desired. Momma said, if your going to criticize something you better come up with a solution also. If your going to rework our talent tree, then you really need to rework some of these abilities and make them have some serious choices. Something is going to have be come baseline in the Frost DK Package. My suggestion is move Icy Talons and Horn of Winter back to Base line. Change horn of winter to grant " Blow the Horn of Winter, causing everyone with in 15 yards weapons become coated in ice for the next x amount of seconds. Causing their auto attacks to do (x% of Attack Power) as frost damage." Icy Talons can just be a flat % attack speed aura. Doing this grants frost DKs a raid buff, that is unique and flavorful that rings back to DK from WotLK. With that change losing 2 abilities already opens up the talent tree to be pieced back together more strategically. Murderous Efficiency, Runic Attenuation, and Hungering Rune Weapon (7.2.5) can be placed together, therefore breaking up the Resources you guys were so desperately worried about. Glacial Advance, Frostscythe, and Gathering Storm all need to be brought into the same Tier, Each on has to do with an Active use AoE, with 2 out of three granting a new on use ability, and the one granting a fairly large damage increase to and existing one. I think this comes in line with making a meaning full choice when in comes to picking an AoE ability. It also helps with making the new legendary ring a powerful choice for AoE fights to give second thought to other leggos. Now with scrapping Hungering Rune Weapon (7.3) from the final Tier this would be me suggestions in kind of fixing the left over 2 talents and making them competitive with BoS. First Obliteration seems to be taking a step in the correct direction, but it leaves you flooded with a resource either Rime procs or teeming with runic power. My solution would be a simple one take all the abilities off the GCDs for the duration of Obliteration, this would make this a very powerful cool down providing a huge amount of burst over a very short duration. The final talent in tier 100 I would make Abomination's Might, changing this ability works completely, just retaining the name. I would propose Abom's Might to be a transformation for 20 sec or so, granting health, armor and all that fun tanking stuff, and making making all our abilities be usable at range, and having all do (X% of attack power) as additional frost damage. Think Ascendance for enhancement shamans, but more useful and looking like Kel'Thuzad. Now if i took abom's might and make it a teir 100 what about the stun for tier 60, I'd move Freezing Fog into tier 60 and pretty much replace Obliterate with Howling Blast instead. This would then in turn leave Tier 57 with 2 talents open in how I envisioned our Frost DK Tree. I would create a new talent ability called "Cold as Ice" giving you "Increase the damage of Frost Fever by 20% and increase the rate in at which it does damage by 0.5 sec". The last talent ability in this tier would instead of being an AoE based one, Would be a single target one "Freezer Burn" Froststrike does additional frost damage over 6 seconds. (X%of Attack Power) Stacks 5 times. I know this is kinda a wordy, but this is just how I would try and fix some things, while maintaining and offering up new ideas. Picture on how the Tier would look 1d
1d Spec/Gear Recommendations? Hi! So I just picked up Death's March as my 2nd legendary. Its not the shoulders I wanted, but its what I got, so I'm trying to figure out if spec'ing out of DA and into Defile is worth it. Obviously for AOE I'm sure it is, but I play fairly casually and do LFR and other stuff more than mythic +, so I'm wondering if its really worth it to drop DA, or if I should just use this legendary for the extra stats and ignore the effect. Simc Says Defile is more DPS but I'm not sure I'm convinced and I'm not sure if its referencing a st fight or it assumes AOE? Any advice is appreciated, as well as general advice on gearing or spec, since I'm just returning to the game. I'm looking to drop a tad bit of haste for more crit, as my understanding is 20% is the goal point for haste. Also, other than "more is better", what level of mastery is usually considered the goal? Glad UH is finally in a better place though. Thanks!Valéra5 1d
1d unholy stat + ilvl weighing Just switched to unholy relatively recent and was wondering how much of an ilvl upgrade should I give up in order to hold on to a piece with mastery? Obviously not talking about rings and neck. Like at what ilvl difference is it almost not worth it to hold onto the mastery pieces and trade up to the gains in str/stam and other secondary stats? I know there are probably a lot of variables that could go into determining the best gear tradeoffs, but I was just looking for maybe a general rule. Same for relics if anyone could offer some advice. Thanks in advance, appreciate it!Caaboose3 1d
1d New(ish) unholy DK Legends Question So I have gotten a bit bored designing by ice palace with the frozen husks of my foes and decided to branch out a bit into Unholy. Alas, though, I have no Unholy Legendaries to slap on BUT I have a few thousand shards I'm willing to blow. Where should I target the shards to get the most money from the fewest legends? Thanks!Vasyrmalia10 1d
1d Unholy trinket dilemma... So what is everyone's opinion on the realistic BiS choices now? -for DA id say fel oiled infernal machine is bis since CD aligns and the haste pushes it into the next breakpoint as well as more DC's. but it does overflow during lust, as well as being by far one of the hardest things to farm. but with some ST dmg being shifted to cold heart now, is this still BiS? -CoF - again low ilvl momento - this is is the best proc based high str trinket as fas as i know but still pretty hard to farm due to m+ being so absymal now are there any ToS trinkets that are worth while without a massive ilvl advantage? if you could have any ilvl trinket what would be your BiS for DA build? and realistically what would you be farming for?Kairuime19 1d
1d Blood Elf or Tauren? so recently iv been thinking about geting a race change... i have narrowed it down to 2 races, blood elf and tauren. which should i pick? i like the blood elf racial for pvp, i also like how evilish they are... but honestly they look kinda like fairys so yea. i also like the tauren racials... increased health and war stomp (im a tank, both are helpfull) but a tauren is kinda huge and i would aways look like im crushing my favorite mount, headless hourseman's mount... what do you guys think?Orcajin24 1d
1d Can't start other Artifact Weapon quests. So I've been Blood the whole xpac and I finally decided to pick up my Frost and Unholy weapons only Darion's busy chilling on the balcony with the other horseman and won't give me the quests for the other two weapons. Any idea how to force him back to his spot by the Scouting Map so I can get the quest for the other two weapons?Missgloomy1 1d
1d Blood DK Trinkets Hey everybody! Need some help with what trinkets to use. I'll list out everything below and if I could get some feedback on whats good and whats bad that would be extremely helpful. Thank you! Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish-970 Leviathan's Hunger-920 Legionnaire's Mandate-900 stat stick with str/haste Vial of Ceaseless Toxins-895 w/socket Chaos Talisman-895 Memento of Angerboda-890 Writhing Heart of Darkness-890 w/socket Animated Exoskeleton-885 Entwined Elemental Foci-885 w/socket Chrono Shard-880 I know that some of them are definitely not for tanks but I would like to know what is good and what I might be able to use on another spec. Thanks again!Mightyorc8 1d
1d Shattering Strikes So far this xpac frost dk has had two dominant builds, MG and BoS, neither of which have utilized shattering strikes. So instead forcing us back into MG, open up a new build option for us with Shattering Strikes and finally make it useful. Shattering Strikes If there are 5 stacks of Razorice on the target, Frost Strike will consume them and deal 40% additional damage. Simply change it to: Shattering Strikes If there are 5 stacks of Razorice on the target, the next ability that deals frost damage will consume them and deal 40% additional damage. This would have great synergy with key legendary items/talents. HRW's upcoming 20% haste buff allowing us to stack razorice and then consume them faster BoS could consume the stacks and either do 40% increased damage the entire duration, or each tick that consumed the stack would deal 40% more (guessing the latter since bliz wants to gut BoS) Frostscythe and Rime/HB would deal 40% increased damage to every target hit when consuming the stack (potentially increasing more with each stack consumed on each target hit) Glacial Advance would be useful again Cold Heart and Sindragosa's Fury Gathering storm/remorseless winter with Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr making one of our weaker legendaries useful again since its nerf Consort's Cold Core could perhaps even be used in ST buildsObviously this is just spitballing, what will likely happen is the upcoming changes will go through with perhaps slight number tweaks and Shattering strikes will be removed next xpac having never been useful.Serathy5 1d
1d Dark arbiter questions. Is it viable?Viletune4 1d
2d Frost dk rotation help/breath Hello there fellow death knights, I'm fairly new to this class and just have a couple questions about the rotation. After watching several YouTube videos, for my opener I'm currently starting with popping remorseless winter with pillar of frost followed by about 2 obliterates to gain some runic power. After this I pop breath with hungering rune weapon. During this phase I keep hitting obliterate and hit howling blast with any rime procs I may get. Once hungering rune weapon wears off I then pop horn of winter once I run out of runes and startin to run a little low on runic power, and then shortly after I hit my second charge of hungering rune weapon following the same kind of pattern previously mentioned to try and keep breath going as long as possible. After this I just go into my normal rotation of going between obliterate, frost strike and howling blast per procs and runic power, making sure not to cap runic power and hitting rime procs. Like I said before I have watched several guides on the rotation and I still feel like I could be doing something wrong but figured I'd go to the pros and get your input. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!Hâdës4 2d
2d Wanting to start tanking I was wanting to start tanking but I was unsure which one I wanted to play, and it was either a blood dk or a brewmaster monk. I believe that BMs have had a history of being rather poor in tanking (correct me im wrong) but I know they're very strong right now. Which one is more engaging to play in your opinion and which one is more beneficial to a group? Strengths and weaknesses of each?Arcaelyr1 2d
2d MG viable? Hey guys, I loved MG a lot more than BoS build. The MG rotation without frostscythe that is. I tried it out the other night and had about the same burst as i did with BoS and i know it has better sustained damage. Is MG close to BoS build at all or viable? Also i have most of the top legendaries to switch to MG or Bos if that makes a difference.Zrocker1 2d
2d Unholy I always ran frost but now I want to go UH. Teach me to unholy DK please.Redneckdeath9 2d
2d 7.3 frost changes Dead ...Jakeygore130 2d
2d Fixing Skulker Trought this past week thanks to the timewalk event i had a blast using our second summoned pet, altought im quite aware damage wise its subpar it doesnt meen i enjoy it for what it does and offers. Its been writen quite a lot of times but this talent needs a mechanical and number change in order to put it in a better spot in comparison to the other vastly superior talents. First of all it needs some mechanical changes: - Fix the continious problem of the skulker out of nowhere stoping from atack the targets. I have noticed that this particular prolem arises from "us" the player stoping our own atacks, it makes me tink that instead of their command being tied out to our main pet its tied out to us. Making them follow the lead of our main undead (ghoul/belcher) could potentially fix the problem, for the most part the ghoul/belcher hardly ever has any trouble keeping the atacks around, heck sometimes it goes crazy and keeps fighting. - The skulkers atack speed its another problem, its somewhat on the slow side of things, increasing it around a 20% i feel would make things better, perhaps eben 25%, that way it would become much more reliable as a damage dealing pet as its way bellow our main one. - Talking about damage a tinny buff could also help, considering it has cleave potential something along the line of 10/15% damage buff would put it on a better spot. Another potential fix could be take away the cleave and boost the damage around 50%, this way it would become a more reliable single target talent, i feel both things would work. - Dark Transformation . One of the most important changes i feel it needs, by giving it the damage boost and change the skulker would definitly become much more usefull, our pet actually manages to put decent numbers specially on AoE fights, with this the archer would definitly become better. As mentioned on the previous point IF the damage was boosted the atack could change to two diferent types: A) IF the skulker keeps its cleave potential the atacks could do 120% base damage AND apply some kind of DoT disease (tematically correct for our class) B) IF the cleave its removed from the base pet it regains it while under Dark Transformation (increasing the AoE damage while under its efects but without the disease) With all the previous changes also allowing it to be afected by the legendary shoulders would aslo bump out the damage again making it a more desirable talent to have. Finally as we all remember for some time there where the new legendary gloves that where meent to come out (then they where taken away), with that in mind they could have the efect of summoning a "shadow" skulker wich would imitate the one whe have, with this the "army of undead" creatures its keep and enforced further more, but instead of being summoned the way it did before (wich i feelt was to "meh" to be good), this one its a permanent one as LONG as the skulker its active (doing 75% overall damage of the one whe already have and its unafected by DT, but to make it an interesting choice it does pure shadow damage afected by mastery), that way it works with it, boosts the cleave damage and just gives us a tinny perma army to have around (personal idea i seriously want to happen). Without the talent it could just summon the shadow pet for 45/60 seconds with a CD of 1:30 each useTylendish6 2d
2d Best to 110 So I'm just picking this toon up again and want to rush it to what best gets me there the fastest? Blood doing invasions seems to maybe fit??Niecia5 2d
2d DK, DH, or Pally My pally has been my main throughout the expansion, and I love the looks and the ashbringer but the class just seem to suck from the sound of things on the forum. I like to tank whenever I don't feel like doing dps, and my dk just seems to be way more fun to tank with. Self heal tanking is just way more fun compare to prot, but when it comes to dps I like frost more than UH but I've been hearing that UH is better. As for DH the mobility is just amazing, and they have awesome animation along with easy high dps. I'm leaning more toward DK but the mobility is just so awful when it comes to pvp, but I havent play UH for pvp so I'll like some opinion on this. Thank YouToushin12 2d
2d Explain ALL WIll Serve please Am I missing something? I use All WIll Serve in Arena and still have times I can't re summons.Sugedknight11 2d
3d Best UH Ghoul names? What were the best/funniest/most random names that the random name generation for your ghoul/belcher? Just curious as to what some people got. I remember when the name generator for me had a stroke and named my belcher RotrotÈurus13 3d
3d About necrotic strike I'm having loads of fun playing DK & pvping I'm rearing up on honor level 46 Can someone enlighten me? How would Necrotic Strike be better than Scourge Strike in situations where enemies (Think: 1v1 scenarios) don't have a lot of self sustain and healing? I can see how it's immeasurably powerful in 3s and in most cases 2s, but is there a time you want to prioritize SS over it? Assuming unholy frenzy is active and not close to expiring. Wondering about that in 2v2 and 1v1 scenarios; It seems pretty clearcut for 3vs3. Thank you.Jaimel1 3d
3d Frost Artifact question anyone wonder why blizz didnt come up with a cooler model for shadowmourne instead of making us get our twin blades as frost? i mean if shadowmourne is canon we went and got the shards of frostmourne to create it to begin with it sorta confuses me. and to my knowledge most frost dk would have much rather been with a 2h wep instead of dual wieldArtrin2 3d
3d How to Fix Frost Once and For All Step 1. Design the new Expansion pack. Step 2. Give us 2-H Alternative, make it a reforged Frostmourne Artifact Weapon for us to acquire via quests. Step 3. Balance its stats in accordance with traditional 2h Frost stats, change around some tactics and give it a unique weapon power that actually does something viable and predictably useful. Step 4. Make sure it's viable for PVE and won't be crushed under the overwhelming weight of other DK specs. Look, I used Frost ever since I came to WoW during MoP and used it up until Legion. 1h Weapons can't compare on its own, the spec needs to have variety. Hence 1h and 2h options. People love options. Step 5. Regain communities love for Frost by giving what people have asked for over the entirety of 5 years if not more. Step 6. Profit.Bargrak21 3d
3d Obliteration This is targeted at the upcoming changes to 7.3 Obliteration needs to be reworked to make it competitive, not have an increased window. Perhaps you should try this Obliteration, 8 sec window, 1 min CD While active Obliterate and Frost Scythe have a 100% guaranteed chance to proc Rime and Rime procs consumed while this is active are off the GCD. This would give some competition for sure because anyone interested in the machine gun build would take it. PS, please make Frost Scythe do 50% of Oblit's damage if it strikes a single target.Wardfury3 3d
3d Hi, frost DK here I'm currently leveling as a frost DK. I have seen the 7.3 changes so it give me some opinions on it. Regardless what happens I'm still playing frost DK. But my main question is how should my rotation be like? And what about PvP? So far I really like it but is haste a big deal with Frost?Xalvador2 3d