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21m S6 Arena Comps Want to get back into arena. I know the usual. FDK: TWD, TSG, vanguards, hero. However, I like playing with a range/caster more than melee cleave, and I see some movement back to UH DK on the top of the ladder. What comps are these UH DKs running? Shadowcleave? Is there any good range/caster comp with FDK? I see some BloodDKs too.... what the hell are they running? lol Thanks.Diecruxx4 21m
25m Frost DK PvP Just came back to WoW and debating on a Frost DK do they still melt people like in WoD? or did they get hit with a nerf back and hit like a wet noodle now?Hakutaku3 25m
2h "Tanking" This is what passes for tanking in Legion. Tank runs thru instance as fast as possible, aggro'ing dozens of mobs, which he leaves 3/4 alive for the DPS and healer to clean up. Essentially, Tanks make a big mess and blame the group when it wipes.Rio1 2h
4h Xylem Challenge I want to know who designed the xylem challenge and thought it was even possible even at ilvl 933 i cant even get through phase 1 even with flasks and augment runes the one shot is a bs mechanic theres no way to survive it what hack am i missing to beat this what cheat do i need to download to finally beat itSilford8 4h
5h Suggestion: Petless Unholy So, I did used search (a bit) and it does not seem very popular, but hereby I make a request: Petless Unholy! I play both Frost and Unholy, since I can't quite make up my mind. I prefer the flavor of unholy (diseases, shadow damage, iconic spells (in my mind) like Death and Decay and the awesome Army of the Dead) over the frosty... frost spec (specially after the pruning of Legion), but I hate having a pet following me all the time. About the pet, if I take the abomination it looks too big beside my character, but at least it spawn instantly. If I keep the ghoul, it always has that animation time and that get on my nerves. And in PvP it dies too fast. Also, Frost is a dual wield and unholy is 2H. And last, but not least, I hate having a pet following me. Did I say that already? :P Even hunters and warlocks have a pet free spec and Frost Mage, a spec that has been a pet one since Burning Crusade, now has a level 15 talent to go petless. So, Blizz, can we get a petless unholy option? Pretty please?Xeogorathyus51 5h
7h might make blood dk? hey guys. all my wow life ive been mostly DPS and occasionally ive healed as well. ive never tanked and its not really appealing to me. however blood DK seems different, and looks pretty fun. they also seem to do pretty good damage as a tank ( i know it wont be out DPSing everyone else) but it seems like they pack some punch. any fellow DK's want to fill me in on how blood is?? Thanks matesZanarkandx6 7h
7h Battle for Azeroth - 2H Frost There has been a couple threads here talking about whether or not 2H v DW Frost will be available next expansion and a lot of the discussion seems to boil down to balance. Now I'm not sure if I am in the minority here, but when I am asking for 2H Frost back, I honestly just want the visual of being a Frost DK while wielding a 2H weapon. I don't care about seeing bigger numbers, I don't care about the rotation being different, it isn't a question of balance, its one of aesthetic. With it being confirmed that, at this point, Frost can still only DW and use all spells, I am asking for some sort of glyph, or the ability to tmog to a 2H weapon for Frost. To me, it seems that this would not be any sort of huge undertaking for the team and gives those of us that would like it the option of having the appearance of a 2H weapon, without effecting any gameplay/balance or those who enjoy the DW appearance. I'd like to know if there is anyone else out there that enjoys the current iteration of Frost but would just like the appearance of a 2H weapon like me. Please let me know below and see if we can get some visibility!Shwob351 7h
7h Blood or Brewmaster? Hello all, I have been playing monk since WOD, and have really been enjoying brewmaster. However originally starting the game back in WOTLK, DK's have a special place in my heart. I love to tank and I love how smooth and sturdy the Monk feels, however they have the least amount of self heals and I do not feel as sturdy in pve, pvp or even mythics. DK on the other hand can have such a large health pool that they can take huge hits. However they do get chunked more than a monk of course. But the self sufficient factor of the DK is very appealing. I mostly do raids, on normal and heroic difficulty, and have started to gring mythic dungeons to get higher keys. And of course world bosses and pve content with the people I play with. Not so much PVP. Basically what I am asking is your opinion. I am conflicted on who to play more of, and I am not asking you to tell me. I just want to hear your opinion on why you play the one you do, and for what I have described that I have done in this game, which would be a better fit for me. Thank you.Brewski6 7h
10h Devs, you must be confused. I've been devoted to this game since early Vanilla. I've managed to be competitive in both arena and raid for most of the last 13 years (currently raiding in US top 200). And I've watched you not only rob every class of its identity via pruning/homogenization, thus removing any sense of importance any one player/class has to bring to the table, but I've also watched you tear my preferred class to its foundation and rebuild it into something much less useful, much rougher, and much less interesting to play. Can you even explain how Unholy and Frost got to where they are now? Did you honestly see no problem in giving a handful of specs absolutely no mobility in an environment that requires increasingly more movement in order to succeed? Did a Dev actually think that adding and popping zits as a fundamental aspect of a rotation would be fun to play? Sure, the complexity is great. I love complexity. But Unholy was already at the higher end of complexity in WoD. It wasn't broken, and you tried to fix it anyways. Now it's in a place that requires the most awkward combination of legendaries/talents/rotation to be competitive (which it isn't anymore, you were onto something when Necrosis build wasn't bad) That said... I could train my cat to play frost. Basic rotation of four buttons, playing Whack-A-Mole on Coke. Such a blast. We went 6/11 M tonight, we'll be 8 or 9/11 by Sunday, and I had absolutely no fun participating. Think about that. Please take a look in the mirror and figure out what the Hell you're doing to your game.Abël7 10h
11h Class Insight Greetings fellow nerds. Please pardon the wildly out of date armory. WTH, Blizzard? I’ve been playing a Blood DK as my only character (I don’t do alts) for a few years and love the lore, mechanics, etc. On rare occasion, I queue as DPS just to toy around with something else. I recently came back to WoW after a two year hiatus and, in my first to heroics as Frost am really bummed about playing the spec. For 70% of the dungeon, I was trying to physically keep up with the group, most mobs being at least 50% dead by the time I engaged them. Bosses were a similar experience where any boss movement resulted in my running around, having only DoTs to sustain my DPS while the mage and hunter wrecked everything. My question is fourfold: 1) Is this just what it means to be melee DPS in a late-xpac heroic where most others outgear me? 2) Is this likely due to me playing frost incorrectly 3) Is Unholy largely the same? 4) Is there another tank/dps class (DH and Monk also interest me) that is as viable as Blood DK but that has a DPS spec which, due to mechanics, can have a better uptime than Frost? TLDR: Are DHs or Monks prone to significantly better uptime in melee fights, due to mobility, than a DK?Dettenwulf2 11h
13h Other Unholy single target builds? I don't really enjoy the Dark Arbiter playstyle mixed in with the pool up runic power and save up cds even though this does the most damage. I am trying to find other single target builds that don't have to do the same amount of damage as the Dark Arbiter build and are more flexible. Would the defile build with the legendary helm(the Death Coil does 10% more damage and reduces defile cd by 2 seconds per cast) with the legendary ring(Soul of the Deathlord) be a good alternative? The talents I would use would be Virulent Plague, Pestilent Pustures, unsure if either Unholy Frenzy for more Death Coils or Clawing Shadows for the synergy, Belcher, situational, Shadow Infusion for more empowered uptime or maybe Infected Claws, not sure, and Defile. Ideas on how to improve this and whatnot? Implying I have every legendary(5 from all DK leggos).Meganada1 13h
15h Frost opener and rotation Hi all, I recently switched from unholy to frost and was wondering what the opener burst rotation is. I've watched other guides and don't find them helpful. I don't have any of the tier pieces or anything. As for the rotation after the opener, I usually press what lights up while using howling blast on CD. My question in the rotation is when to use frost strike when you have a lot of abilities lightning up. Do I use it to prevent capping runic power or is it better dps to use what is lit up even if I'm capped.Gulzog6 15h
16h Can we please get these quests removed blizz? Both and are some of the buggiest and worst quests I've ever had the misfortune to do repeatedly. I've seen that other things in the game have either been removed completely or fixed completely but the frustration I've had with these two quests has made me loath making a DK ever. I've actually had friends quit playing DKs because they get stuck on the friends and influence quest because the rng is so bad.Jairen5 16h
19h UNHOLY DK NEEDS A REAL AOE STUN Why can't we have something like " If enemy remain in Dead and Decay/Defile for X amount of seconds, they will be stunned for Y amount of seconds" or even just a single target stun that i don't have to sacrifice my lovely Pudge for itDkmamacita11 19h
1d lvl 57? What? I made a DK alliance side today and cleared the starting area ready to head off to Northrend only to find that I wasn't given the choice I expected after talking to Anduin. Looking at my level I realized I was only 57, something that's never happened to me. I've made a lot of DKs. I'm guessing this has something to do with the new leveling system? Is this a mistake? Because having to go into old world content just to get enough exp to choose between Outland and Northrend seems rather anticlimactic.Isorik3 1d
1d New transmog thread! Yay! Testing out this mog. It's not that original, but I think it's rather nice. Rate me!Stormdk189 1d
1d Devs, I'm tired. Tired of being left behind because our mobility sucks while other classes zoom past v-tec bumble bee engine and all.. Seems the game is becoming more mobile than before and we're still rocking a uni-cycle compared to motorcycles. 911. Please send help.Píe0 1d
1d Bone-Wrought Coffer of the Damned... SO i recently received all the legendaries on both my death knight and my demon hunter. today's emissary chest granted me the "Bone-Wrought Coffer of the Damned" on my demon hunter. So i sent it to my death knight only to have nothing happen when i click it. Why, if i would buy a token with 1,000 essences it can become some other classes legendary... but this random drop. that i have zero control over is just going to sit in my bank along with 2 warlock tokens b/c oh, of my 5 x110... a warlock is not one of them? can I get any type of response blizz? probably not...Smandyr0 1d
1d DK Blood - Priority stats? 7.3.2 Sup Guys, I see a lot of DK tanks focus on mastery (mastery > Haste (20% - 25%) > Versatility > Cri), but a lot of guides (ice veins, youtube and others sites) saying: Survivability Haste; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Strike. DPS-oriented Haste; Critical Strike; Versatility; Mastery. Balanced (Recommended) Haste; Versatility; Critical Strike; Mastery. i used pawn to know if i get a good item to my spec, and always when i get a item with mastery addon tell me to use... Anyone can help me? Focus first in mastery? Haste? what`s the best stats priority? any stat cap to focus first? Ty guys!Kitaji30 1d
1d Please take a look at my logs Unholy Hello I need help finding out what I can do to improve. I've been enjoying my unholy DK and looking to play him as my alt this time round so looking for any tips on what I can do to improve. I've read some some guides on rotation and all but want to look for ways to improve. My ilvl was 928 in this run and my performance is on the low side any advice on anything is appreciated. ThanksGnomie8 1d
1d Order hall armanents Lately I've only been getting equipment that give buffs from champion armaments and no longer any gear that increases the ilvl of followers, did they lower the drop chance of equipment that increases the ilvl of followers or are they gone now?Drnoodlehead2 1d
1d Bolvar corrupted? Hey, if my weapon is going insane and breaking from stuff, and they happen to be pieces of Frostmourne, does this mean that Bolvar is by extension also being corrupted? Is he like the next big mid-boss?Zidalf8 1d
1d Frost vs. Unholy Started dabbling with my death knight again. Which of the two specs works out better in Antorus? I've seen some strong arguments both for and against both specs but very little in the way of people substantiating their claims. So far I've been running frost. My numbers in the raid aren't bad, but its crippling lack of mobility coupled with simplistic nature can be off-putting at times. Might start to focus on unholy unless it turns out that frost outstrips it. Which, comparing the frost four piece bonus to the unholy four piece bonus, I have to wonder if frost isn't going to straight out beat it once I have my four set on the DK.Stereoninja20 1d
1d Dark Arbiter Bugged Is unholy dark arbiter bugged right now seems to be not doing as much damage or hitting the target as much as it use to ?Sqûirt3 1d
1d Aggramar's Stride not Working Properly UPDATE: see my post two below this one. I'll post in the bug forums. OLD POST: Aggramar's Stride is now capped at a 20% speed increase. I'm not sure what the limit was before, but I had it over 30% when screwing around stacking crit.Rotbeard11 1d
1d DK in 1v1s? How is UH/BDK for 1v1 situations, with -templates: I realize DK probably loses to things like WW/rogue with pillars, but what about say in a BG with open ground but templates enabled? -open world without templates provided proper legendaries Is blood still king for open world or do sub rogues beat that too?Goulmasta3 1d
2d Bring back the WOTLK Death Knight Honestly, when looking back over the years the DK was at it's best class design when it launched. I had so much fun. It was rather short lived, but sooooo much fun. Those are the days that I long for to return. Who is with me?Gorund21 2d
2d Death Knight Language?! I just came up with this idea, might be a terrible one, of Death Knights having there own language. Locks already have it with demo spec, and mages in a way sorta have, but not really, where they can speak all racial languages with a glyph. I think it would kind of make sense for Death knights to have their own language, like after they were raised up they automatically learned it. I'm not sure if it makes any sense lore wise, like if there's a scourge language or lich, and idk how cross-faction would work, but just throwin it out there! :DLockonaut22 2d
2d Frost vs. Unholy Hello all, I have an alt DK I've leveled to 102 and am seeking opinions which role to spec going forward. I get the whole "play what you enjoy" theory and appreciate it, but what if I enjoy them both? Not seeking hardcore statistics or anything like that, just wondering why YOU role YOUR spec. I haven't played Frost in a while. but if memory serves, it was really easy, almost to the point of boring. I've been Unholy for about 20 levels now and feel like I have a good idea on how to play it but it seems to have a LOT going on. Possibly to the point of overwhelming. Anyway, I could really benefit from some feedback as to why you role with what you did. Thank you all in advance and have Godspeed.Ragefoote18 2d
2d Which class/spec plays most like frost dk? Title says it all. I really enjoy frost DK but I haven't managed to find an alt class/spec that satisfies my need to smash procs as they come up like frost DK does. I think I want something more complex but not feral druid levels of complex.Íl5 2d
2d Icy talons, dark succor Did anyone notice that ever since the patch on Tuesday that icy talons is now 12% per stack instead of 15%? Also dark succor doesn't proc in random bgs.Biglanpa1 2d
2d Frost DK hidden artifact appearence? I know it drops from soul takers and has a chance in ICC... ive been running ICC and have been keeping an eye out for WB for about a month now and still nothing.... getting really really frustrated. any idea when WB may be up again?Morana5 2d
2d Blood Tier 21 + Rarely-Used Talents I was looking at the language for the Dreadwake Armor 2-piece bonus (reduce DRW cd by 3 sec when a bone shield charge is consumed), and it got me thinking: How does this interact with Spectral Deflection and Tombstone? Normally, you can consume a max of 1 bone shield charge every 2 seconds. That means you reduce the cooldown of DRW by 5 seconds every 2 seconds (2 seconds time + 3 second bonus), so the cooldown becomes 72 seconds best-case-scenario. Now look at Tombstone. You can consume 5 bone shield charges instantly for an additional 15 second reduction every 60 seconds. Just a single cast drops your overall DRW cooldown to 57 seconds. Now look at spectral deflection. Additional charges being consumed on big hits. Has anyone tried this kind of build out? How frequently can you cast your DRW with it?Goodarthas2 2d
2d The haste/mastery neck wont drop Off virimathras... Im sadDottypardon5 2d
3d i only play 1 i strictly play frost...i cant get into unholy or blood. people i know play multiple specs in their class but DK i really only like frost. is that bad?Zanarkandx6 3d
3d Frostscythe on fel hounds What's the reasoning for running frostscythe on fel hounds just curious. Because I don't see alot of AOE cleave damg in that fight except at start if group stacks them for a few seconds?Krolabar6 3d
3d Shadow singed fang vs Eye of command I just simmed my 935 ilvl eye of command vs a 945 shadow singed fang. Results came back that the 935 eye was slightly better then the fang. I thought the fang was frost dks bis?Krolabar6 3d
4d T21 Questions! Hey all! Can't find a good guide for T21 so what would you all consider the best Stats and BIS leggos for T21 FROST. Haste or Mastery? Leggo wrist and belt, or wrist and chest? Please help!!Inyoribs7 4d
4d Blood: fallen crusader vs stoneskin? I know the pros and cons of each rune but I've seen a lot of blood dks running with fallen crusader, why? It does proc a lot but the heal is not that great, or is It? What am I missing here?Vládimir5 4d
4d Rune Starved Any other Frost DK's running into situations where they're becoming rune starved during fights? I think my stats are pretty much on par with the build, but I'll be kicking !@# during the fight and then run into situations where I become rune starved and I watch my dps plummet.Ghannon8 4d
4d Favorite DK Race Mine is OrcZkyge30 4d
4d Unholy Dps So I open up with Army of the dead, Outbreak, Festering Strike, Festering Strike, Apocalypse, Dark Arbiter, Dark Transformation, then spam a few death coils. Then my regular rotation follows maintaining outbreak, popping and popping wounds at 6-8 stacks, and death coil to dump. I burst like 900k and maintain around 620k dps... What am I missing or is unholy legendary dependent? Spec isn't good atm? Also, my frost also does low dps... I want to play a DK, but everytime I'm not tanking, I do low dps...Gulzog6 4d
4d Fix this macro ! /cast [pvptalent:3/2]Dark Simulacrum(Honor Talent);[pvptalent:3/3]Anti-Magic Zone(Honor Talent) It will cast Anti-Magic zone fine but will not cast dark simOrcos6 4d
5d Please Buff Unholy Its been 3 tiers now that unholy has been the bottom 3 specs in the whole game and that i never get the chance to play the spec i really like. I have nearly perfect resource management and normally hit near my sim but i still do less damage than literally 15 other specs. I have a list of a few abilities that could be buffed- Scourge strike- Hits too little (i would suggest buff the shadow damage effect) my auto attacks out damage it over a ~6-7 minute long fight. Death Coil- I like the buff it got but i think the RP should be dropped to 40 as opposed to 45 it feels really bad when you're tier is revolved around a spell and you can actually get destroyed by rng. (I.E burst phase with DA) Dark Arbiter- I really like how you guys made it viable but it has a ridiculous variance if you get procs or not and personally i get some between 25-75 million per cast. I think it would be better off if instead of allowing such a huge variance you made it longer but reduced the damage modifier again and it should balance itself out.Consistence20 5d
5d Where is my Frost Crux work order?? I just got my Frost Crux work order, then the guy disappeared and hasn't come back yet, anyone else seeing this?Daethnight19 5d
5d I think "All will serve" is bugged The Unholy DK talent "All will serve" summons a skeleton archer with your normal ghoul or sludge belcher. The Unholy DK legendary shoulders buffs all current pets damage out for 30 seconds by 40% when you use Dark Transformation. The skeleton archer does NOT get buffed. While the talent isn't picked often, it should still benefit from the legendary shoulders.Meganada3 5d
5d Frost vs. Rogue burst Are there any method I can use as a frost DK to deter the burst of a rogue that initially breaks stealth? It seems there are no mechanics to negate such heavy burst and I find myself either dying or running away after a few seconds of combat.Tnug5 5d
6d Low health frost I know we wear plate so it makes up for it a bit, but I've seen a 915 bm hunter, a 913 ele shammy, and a 911 feral druid that all have more health than my 932 frost dk. What's with that? The hunter had 400k more health than me. That's insaneBweedoo3 6d
6d What's a Blood DK's "rotation"? I can't ever figure out what I'm supposed to hit So typically I go plague->blood boil to spread->use Marrowrend as much as I can until I get to 10 stacks->Death Strike if I need heals and/or have too much Rune power->spam Heartstrike/bloodboil as available - and "consumption" on CD Not factoring in personal CDs that I use as needed Is this at all right? Am I not supposed to bloodboil on a single target? I keep plague 100% The problem is sometimes I can't click charges or lack of rune power or death runes or whatever I haven't truly played this toon since Cata when it was all Deathstrike spam for insane bubblesMazari8 6d