Death Knight

Dec 24 If You Could Name Your Abom.... I'd go with Phil KesselPharsalus11 Dec 24
Dec 24 Chill streak vs tundra stalker Which is preferable in 3s pvpIhero6 Dec 24
Dec 24 How I feel playing an UH DK in PVP It's like everyone else has speed hacks.. movement and GCD wise. I'm a Drowning weak slow obese man having my head held up above water only by a passive pvp talent known as crypt fever. I feel like I'm the monkey in the middle chasing WW monks and Havoc DHs. I feel like I'm just trying to prevent chaos from consuming my group through chains of ice ranged kick and grip but can never really unleash any of my own. I feel like the only good thing about my spec (survivability) just delays the inevitable loss because I had no decent pressure before deep dampening. I feel like the only reason UH dks aren't good. Is because a majority of DKs prefer frost and in order to keep subscriptions higher they need it to be the better spec overall. (I don't blame you frost lovers) I feel like the only real pro plays I could make are stopped by a gross misunderstanding of the way PvP plays out. example: Pets can't use DT ability from melee range and the time it takes to pull them back in order to interrupt a cast (ghoul) or grip/root (sludge) it's far too late. Not too mention I would have needed to DT BEFORE hand because for some reason DT is on the GCD anyway. I sometimes feel, and I pray to the gods this isn't true, nobody at blizzard plays an UH death knight so they literally have no idea what to do that's how I really feel... /sadface Edit: oh crap I forgot my pet died... better rez him now because he takes 90 minutes to get out of the ground and then he can go atta..... crap hes dead again.... I guess I'll wait another 60 seconds and try again.Nydrek14 Dec 24
Dec 24 Only great frost legendary? I have recently gotten my 3rd utility legendary, the acherus drapes, and have been feeling pretty salty to not have a DPS leg yet. I currently have equipped the agrammar boots and the cloak. I decided to run some sims to see what I was missing out on, since many other frost DKs now have the helm, belt, ring, or bracers. The bracers were a huge single target gain, like 35k, and the belt was prob only about 10-15k. The helm and ring barely increased dmg much at all. This actually made me feel better, the only ppl who really have the huge advantage it seems are the ppl with the whitout bindings. The belt was a nice boost but maybe just about 3%. Anyone else have similar results with sims that show most all the frost DK legendaries to be kind of underwhelming? There are so many reports that some classes and specs have legendary items that boost dmg but like 60%, at least I don't feel like I'm getting screwed that bad.Djibi4 Dec 24
Dec 24 Death greets you, young one. How weird is it that such a minor character got the best voice in the game? Amal'thazad for those who seriously don't know.Gratiano1 Dec 24
Dec 24 Need a bit of help with trinkets Thank you in advance. I've got 845 Memento 840 Spiked Counterweight 835 Marfisi Censer My stats are fairly balanced at 30% Crit 20% Haste 26% Mastery I only intend on running Mythic +Illaandra2 Dec 24
Dec 23 How good are these new unholy changes Will they make the spec viable? Pestilent Pustules: Rune gain now occurs once per 8 Festering Wounds, instead of once per 6 Festering Wounds. Unholy Death Coil: Damage dealt increased by 17.6% (from 127.5% of AP to 150% of AP). Runic Corruption: Chance to activate per Runic Power spent decreased from 1.25% to 1.00%. Unholy Death Knight: Damage dealt by most Unholy Death Knight abilities is now increased by 6%, up from 3%. 6% buff seems really insulting lolBattlezone11 Dec 23
Dec 23 Frost - arms or ret? so far I got SV hunter, ww monk and mage to lvl110. I'm looking to lvl my next toon, and I like melee more then range. all 3 of my toons sit at lvl102 (DK, Ret, Arms) I'm pretty much looking to top the charts dps wise. I run more mythic + then anything else but do like to raid as well. any suggestions?Unkovvn4 Dec 23
Dec 23 Blood DK prb's with Tyrannical BRH So, if you don't main blood, or don't tank 10 or higher mythics this won't really apply to you. So BRH 10 tyrannical is pretty easy up to the 3rd boss. Really I find it to be more a !@#$ block then HoV hymdall tyrannical. So Brutal haymaker is way overtuned it feels! I've found I have to bring speed pots or a monk/preist to do this fight. It's so rough.. The first haymaker I typically end up popping everything and sometimes just get 60% to 0% with bone shield up, and normally vamp blood. I just find that to be so rediculous! I know I know, He does a charge a few seconds into the duration of the debuff. But still living through those few seconds is tough. One attempt Vamp was on CD cause I had to pop it earlier on. I got life gripped by preist to kite but I couldn't escape him. A few weeks ago I ended up doing 2 12s and 4 10s tyrannical there and I only beat the timer three times. Which isn't typical for me or my group. We normally two chest 10s. This week with pugging into a grp (Keep in mind this is a pug, no voice comms and the key was a carry. So it would've helped with a stacked competent grp.) I ended up rolling all of CD's just to live through it. Cause if you don't get lucky with parries during DRW on that boss the CD is basically useless (Aside from DPS incrase and Blood plague healing. But in this scenario it's basically useless). My Go to strat is basically. Try to tank the first few hits with vamp blood/DRW. Then he'll usually charge someone which will give me enough time to kite it out. On the second one I pop IBF and pop a speed pot and kite. My question is what's your strategy for him? Do you have trouble tanking him on tyrannical? Any suggestions? (Wasn't running purgatory tonight cause I normally don't run it under 12s. So that would've helped some I guess.)Crayz11 Dec 23
Dec 23 Frost trinket help. I have a few decent trinkets, but not sure which ones i should use, looking for insight on what's worked best for you all. -895 rending paw. (has 1875 Str) -860 Eye of command -860 arcano -860 momento with slot. thanks for the helpBoréd5 Dec 23
Dec 23 Unholy pets really need a new model. I love ol' Mudtaker but he looks like I summoned him up 8 years ago. How has our pet not been updated yet like everything else?Lyotomachida3 Dec 23
Dec 23 Tier 19 Set Bonus Discussion Hello fellow Knights! What do you think of the set bonuses for Tier 19? Blood: 2 pieces (Blood) : Heart Strike and Marrowrend generate 25% increased Runic Power. 4 pieces (Blood) : Death Strike has a 25% chance to generate a Rune. Frost: 2 pieces (Frost) : Obliterate has a 15% increased chance to trigger Rime. 4 pieces (Frost) : Howling Blast now generates 10 Runic Power while Rime is active. Unholy: 2 pieces (Unholy) : Causing a Festering Wound to burst has a 10% chance to activate Runic Corruption. 4 pieces (Unholy) : Death Coil has a 50% chance to cause a Festering Wound to burst. I play as a Blood Dk primarily and although I feel the set bonuses do not add a particularly large amount of flavour to my rotation. However I felt the increased resource generation would translate into a larger damage mitigation and less lockouts on what I can use or do next. Given I can now store 125+60 runic power due to Rattlegore Bone Legplates and get reduction in the cooldown of Vampiric Blood from Service of Gorefiend. Building runic power faster means I can dump it when the fight gets intense more often. Not to mention more Death Strikes = more runes = more heart strike = more seconds off Vampiric Blood = more +% healing and absorption uptime from VB. Kinda feeling like the flavour is coming from my Legendaries already and this is just a double bonus. Regards, Hexter Blood Death Knight BarthilasHexter16 Dec 23
Dec 23 Haste cap for DK's? So if the stat priority for Blood is Haste > Crit > Mastery > Vers, is there a percentage where we want haste staying at? Or just stack haste as much as possible?Gadgetrawr12 Dec 23
Dec 23 How would a uh frost hybrid spec look like? Lately I feel like balancing is a real issue with the number of classes and specs in the game. What if dKS follow the dh route of having 2 specs and roll frost and unholy into one spec? How would the class function and would it be powerful?Ihero7 Dec 23
Dec 23 Could I have done better? Last night my guild did some mythic EN. I scored a personal best on Ursoc of 414K. My question to you fellow DK's is could I have done better. According to Warcraft logs I was in the 50th percentile. Anyone have any tips on what I can do to bring my dps up more? Link to log: Dec 23
Dec 23 what is some good lvl 85 DeathKnight gear? Dinged 85 couple days ago and was wondering what is some good gear for a frost death knight?Mfcamo6 Dec 23
Dec 23 My dps is garbage and i'm getting annoyed Can someone explain to me what the problem is with my gear? I do like 160k-170k dps ST and like 220k-250k on trash i know i should be doing more. While on my hunter i do like 210k to 230k ST at 850 ilvlDrackorin22 Dec 23
Dec 23 Why dont they just delete UH spec? I mean, since blizz caters entirely to blood and frost specs, whats the purpose of having UH at all?Belmönt16 Dec 23
Dec 23 Socket lengendary with haste or strength? Above question, I have Lana'thel's Lament and I'm wondering what to socket it with. I know I should have about 30% haste but I'm curious.Fryktløs5 Dec 23
Dec 23 How do i hold aggro as blood Hey guys im a beginner and i was wondering how do i hold aggro as a tank as a whole. Like what abilities should i be using to keep aggroDsdarkstards8 Dec 23
Dec 23 Please fix Absorb priority for Tombstone. Since they are tweaking Tombstone I really hope Blizzard reverts the priority change. When Legion launched Tombstone would take preference over Blood Shield, allowing you to roll a large Blood Shield during a 15 stack Tombstone. It made Unending Thirst not useless as you could get a Blood Shield large enough to survive autoattacks. I don't know which hotfix patch changed it but somewhere along the way it swapped and Blood Shield starting taking preference. It was a really annoying change that didn't get any attention.Neoplasia0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Eyes to match your spec as a Death Knight Good morning! It's been awhile since I've played wow and as I get back into Death Knight, I was thinking it'd be cool either through Glyph or through your Talent set if your eyes could match your spec. Can't stand being Unholy or Blood and having Frosty eyes. Unholy Green or Orange or Purple? Frost Blue as expected. Blood Red. Just a thought. Thank you. (Sorry if this is the wrong area to post suggestions.)Reavestlife5 Dec 23
Dec 22 Death Knights in Legion I feel so under powered as a death knight, compared to other classes it seems like death knights dont stand a chance in numbers. Anyone else feeling like this, im even considering rerolling...Morzan12 Dec 22
Dec 22 Ideas for Unholy For PvP: Clawing Shadows -- Only option due to minimal mobility, remove the 25% dmg reduction on it. We don't hit hard as it is this is just an unnecessary nerf. Level 60 Tier -- Only real option is Asphyxiate. Give unholy Strangulate baseline and change Debilitating Infestation so that targets with wounds on it are slowed by 50% (similar to WOTLK era slow on scourge strike) then make chains a 3 sec root (no slow). PvP talents -- Only real option is Crypt Fever. Buff Wandering Plague back to beta dmg +/- some of that dmg to balance. Template -- Add mastery and strength (currently -20s on both?) Along with the overall dmg buffs on 7.1.5 PTR these easy fixes will help to make Unholy viable again IMO.Anheuser2 Dec 22
Dec 22 POF & Obliteration Is it better to save Pillers of Frost cooldown for use with Obliteration? I notice their was a 30sec cooldown gap.Avarath4 Dec 22
Dec 22 Newbie need help with blood tanking I'm a newbie blood dk and need some helpful information on how to tank as blood, all beneficial info will be greatly appreciated.Brianwill14 Dec 22
Dec 22 Improve stats Hi all, I have a few questions about my stats because I just don't know if they are optimal (I know they are not) and I wanna know what should I change in order to improve my dps, I have 33% crit, 19% haste, 21% mastery (frost spec, recently changed from Unholy). What should I look for? Which pieces of my gear should I change? Thanks in advance!Uzrogg2 Dec 22
Dec 22 Is there a huge difference between specs? I love the idea of playing an Unholy DK but everyone seems to be playing Frost. How big of a difference is there between the specs? As for leveling should I just bite my tongue and level as Frost then switch to Unholy once at 110?Habskillaa9 Dec 22
Dec 22 Got the braces, what should I change? I got Toravon's Whiteout Bindings yesterday and I'm curious on how/if I should my talents/stat priorities and rotation based on this. I'm thinking of speccing into icecap for example, and trying to avoid having to use obliterate while pillar of frost of up for example. Is this right? Anything else I should do? Would love to see a guide or something based on this; the one on icy doesn't talk about how/if the braces affect gearing/rotation/talents.Remox8 Dec 22
Dec 22 DK Legendary Advice So I still have two more legendaries to go before I hit four, and I'm wondering if I should continue to get blood legendaries(my main spec) or if the ones I have are actually pretty good and I can safely acquire some Frost legendaries. Keep in mind I do not have time to run thousands of instances so once I hit four, that is most likely my cap so I'm trying to be very careful on what I decide to do. It would be very cool if I could dps and tank on this character, but if it means sacrificing my power as a blood DK to a great extent then to me it won't be worth it. Anyone have any thoughts? You can check my armory to see the legendaries I have so far. I have the leggings, and the death and decay ring. Edit: especially looking for some info for those of you who follow the PTR changes(I don't know whats going on in there)Celestora3 Dec 22
Dec 22 Fortitude of the Nightborne Hello, i have recently completed the Fortitude of the Nightborne Set. I was wondering if it has any viability for Frost or Blood Specs. Also if anyone has information on a Weak Auroras template for the proc .Onespoon0 Dec 22
Dec 22 necrotic strike If i were to hit someone with NS twice, would it make the heal absorb larger? or would it just refresh the time on it?Brantelis2 Dec 22
Dec 22 One step forward.. "An upcoming PTR hotfix (unsure of timing) will increase the damage of Portal to the Underworld and proc rate of Armies of the Damned. One other set of changes is meant to help free up a little space in the rotation, or at least get back to the point where you're not frequently wasting resources due to not having enough time to spend them all. We're reducing a few effects that inject large amount of resources into the rotation (such as Pestilent Pustules) and increasing overall damage slightly. The net result is that people playing busy builds like Castigator/ Pestilent Pustules/ Infected Claws will likely still be using most or all of their global cooldowns on abilities, but will less often be in a state where they ignore or overcap Runic Power." This solves 2 issues we've had; 1: The apoc change from 8 to 6 made a lot of us, if not everyone, see that as a nerf, even with the armies dealing 33% more damage. Players thought that it would be harder to stat all the debuffs army applies as well as doing less explode damage with only being 14 ptr, 16 live. As long as they increase the proc rate enough, this should be a fine change to !@#$ty rng pulls. 2: This is kind've a sudo fix. They really should've buffed DC to feel like using rather than make it a filler spell, but now we can actually weave it into our rotation if they're doing what they say they're doing with the other talents. However, this still doesn't change the fact that the spec is in need of help, but these little baby steps are a good path to glory. I would much rather them come out with small fixes at a time and test the waters rather than a big overhall mid expac for it to be hotfixxed because it was too broken OP. W/o any numbers on what they're doing yet, i'm really excited to see how much they're buffing Garg/DA's damage as well as see what/how they change those 3 talents to make it worth using DC. Maybe they're changing DC and are keeping that part hidden? Who knows, only time will tell. Suffer well, Death Knights. Edit: We got a 6% buff from 3% buff! Blizzard is actually listening or hyping us that they're listening.Draeneicutie0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Quick question on frost trinkets My tank set is already 882 and using same pieces minus tank trinkets I already hit 26% haste 28% crit 28% mastery and 6% vers which is perfect I can maintain 300-330k dps without a single frost legendary but my question is ideally what are the best frost trinkets? I use the 860 str/crit trinket from last boss off Kara and a heroic trinket off ToV 885 str/vers trinket Is the trinket off Ursoc considered any good? What other trinkets can I aim towards?Andarick3 Dec 22
Dec 22 How to kill DH in 1v1? Too much dmg even if i kite them. How do you do?Klîce9 Dec 22
Dec 22 Gear Color Inhibits Class Fantasy Hey Devs, and Death Knights. TL;DR - Why not have our class armor be colored to match our spec, rather than arbitrarily gated behind progression? I've been a fan of death knights from their inception, and have always loved the classic look - skulls, painfully heavy plate, and the blue glow of undeath. Frost has been my favorite spec for as long as I've played a death knight, and after the starting gear wore out I've had problems creating a look that feels satisfying as a frost knight. In my opinion it doesn't make sense for a frost knight to wear green armor, any more than it makes sense for unholy to wear blue. How my character looks is important to the feeling of class fantasy for me, and the popularity of the new transmog systems prove that I'm not alone in this. The problem isn't that the gear isn't in the game, as the tier has always been near perfect (especially the set from Icecrown Citadel). Instead, the problem lies in how the tier sets have been allocated. Blue death knight armor, instead of matching frost spec, has always been gated behind as-hard-as-possible raid progression. In Icecrown Citadel, the blue armor was gated behind tokens that dropped in the heroic 10-man version of the raid. Now, in Legion, the only blue death knight tier is gated behind Mythic raid progression. As a casual player, I don't have any interest in joining a raiding guild or putting in the dedicated time to run cutting edge raids. This means that I effectively never get armor that feels good for frost spec: I only got the blue ICC set during Mists of Pandaria when I could run it solo. This basically means I have no motivation to raid at all during the entirety of the Legion expansion; instead, I've resigned to maybe getting the gear to match my spec in another expansion or two when I can solo Mythic Legion raids. Why should a frost knight be blue, you ask? This is a theme played out throughout the death knights' in-game history: presence icons matched the color of the spec, many spells have always been color matched to spec, and recently we even have glyphs to make certain spells match spec color as well (I.E. Glyph of the Chilled Shell). Supposedly the epic class mounts coming in the next patch will even change color to match spec automatically. Clearly, the community and development team both see the value of spec-color to class fantasy. It has always puzzled me why an item as important and iconic as tier armor has been left out of this equation. Why not have our class armor also be colored to match whatever spec we like to play, rather than arbitrarily gated behind progression?Saroth17 Dec 22
Dec 21 How to sim best gear? I have so many different pieces of PvP gear I keep getting and 3 legends I legit have no clue what is BiS to wear anymore. What stat %s should I aim for? Right now I got 23%crit 21%haste 26%mastery 9%Vers I have so many pieces that are like 10-15ilvl upgrades but have huge amounts of vers its really hard to tell what I should be wearing, especially with this new trinket I got its 880 with a socket but has so much vers...compared to my 865 eye or 860 arcanocrystalBattlezone1 Dec 21
Dec 21 Blood PvP? Anyone enjoying blood spec in BGs and rBGs? Any representation in arena ? Or has the 20% more damage taken nerf ruined tank pvp? I used to play prot warrior in BGs sometimes (especially WotLK), so Im no stranger to playing an interrupt/carrier/peel role, and am not expecting it to play like frost of course. Is blood fun lately?Vladdtepes10 Dec 21
Dec 21 Got a legendary And it wasn't the bracers. Should I reroll?Huggablysoft3 Dec 21
Dec 21 Unholy or Frost for levelling? I feel like this topic has been asked multiple times, but I can't find a good answer about the state of Frost DK levelling post 7.1 Currently I used Unholy to work through WoD.. It's not bad but I feel there is quite a bit of setup. And by the time I set everything up the mob is already dead. Would levelling using Frost better instead? I am really looking for a spec that can burst quickly at the start without too much setup.Xenomundus7 Dec 21
Dec 21 Frost artifact traits Why are the placeholders still here? I really like Frost as a spec and how the gameplay is. I like the immediacy of it compared to Unholy's set em up and knock em down style for example. I'm having a hard time making myself play it though, because we're stuck with these major artifact traits that never should have made it out of alpha. Crystalline Swords. I don't think I even need to say anything else. Sindragosa's Fury. Why are we summoning Sindragosa exactly? Ignoring the fact that she's dead (for realsies), she doesn't really have anything to do with us or frostmourne. I feel like it's just member berries going "member sindragosa? I member". Hypothermia and Frozen Soul. Less egregious, but really unexciting major traits. More damage yay, but absolutely nothing changes about how I play. Hypothermia is a completely passive rng damage boost to frost fever, and it's not like prior to Frozen Soul I'm going to avoid doing AoE damage with remorseless winter. Am I alone in feeling this way?Gratiano8 Dec 21
Dec 21 Unholy Ranged class Have you guys thought about changing the 2 abilities that make unholy melee to be used at ranged and just make them a ranged class?Mechinator5 Dec 21
Dec 21 Are we getting some mobility next patch ? Can we please get Death's Advance passive back ? It's really annoying when trying to get into M+ timers to always be the one behind the group, especially when tanking, everyone has to wait for me. Just disable it for PvP if you think frost does too much damage (it does good damage there everyone can agree), but for PvE it's really, really annoying to move that slowly. Thanks.Oxez13 Dec 21
Dec 21 Help!!! FDK and Frost Mage 3v3 with Mmonk. FDK and Frost Mage 3v3 with Mmonk. Hey, me and my friends want to start a 3v3 comp. Me as a FDK with Frost Mage and MMonk. But i dont see any info about Fmage and FDK. Is it not a good comp? If each other does more dps againts Freeze target.... Any advice?Yanni2 Dec 21
Dec 21 Am I ready for mythics? Not talking about with guild or friends. I'm probably going to be mostly using the group finder. I'm 831 ilvl I do have Sindy's Fury but that's my only gold trait. In random heroics I'm usually doing 300-500k aoe and 190-220k ST.Draculous9 Dec 21
Dec 21 PTR 7.1.5 Patch Notes Compilation ...Ronaldosouza12 Dec 21
Dec 21 Aggramar's Stride - I love it I felt suuuuper slow until I got this. Without this I totally understand the issue of dk's being too slow. I feel when more people get this and accumulate more legendarys they can switch it out with this from time to time when they feel like they got the need4speedNoolore19 Dec 21
Dec 21 Newbie question about attributes Hi all was wondering what attributes are best to stack for each spec any help would be appreciated thanks.Borkaz3 Dec 21
Dec 20 Hard to keep up frozen pulse with belt. As title says, since I got the belt I find it harder to keep up a good uptime on frozen pulse. Is it worth overcapping runic power or ignoring rime sometimes when the belt procs in order to keep frozen pulse up?Modimus11 Dec 20
Dec 20 Imagine if your Blood Dk had a passive where- Each time you take damage you bleed and when the blood hits the floor it comes back to you little by little depending if you're faced against one or more? Like, if you were faced with a crap load of mobs you'd stand in your own puddle of blood to get health back little by little. OH! Maybe if DnD was activated and you were standing on it the blood would heal for a larger amount?! Ohhhh that would be awesome. Maybe depending on the damage you take the amount of blood that falls heal you for a lot more? I feel lt would smooth the damage intake a little more. Sure tweaks here and there would have to happen but still, it would be an awesome thing and really tell me i'm playing a blood dk. Idk, I don't want to just keep this thought to myself. TySometimesyea7 Dec 20