Death Knight

4d Obliteration This is targeted at the upcoming changes to 7.3 Obliteration needs to be reworked to make it competitive, not have an increased window. Perhaps you should try this Obliteration, 8 sec window, 1 min CD While active Obliterate and Frost Scythe have a 100% guaranteed chance to proc Rime and Rime procs consumed while this is active are off the GCD. This would give some competition for sure because anyone interested in the machine gun build would take it. PS, please make Frost Scythe do 50% of Oblit's damage if it strikes a single target.Wardfury3 4d
4d Hi, frost DK here I'm currently leveling as a frost DK. I have seen the 7.3 changes so it give me some opinions on it. Regardless what happens I'm still playing frost DK. But my main question is how should my rotation be like? And what about PvP? So far I really like it but is haste a big deal with Frost?Xalvador2 4d
4d Unholy Strength procs/Pillar of Frost in PvP I am curios if anyone waits for a uh str proc before using Pillar in pvp? I know Pillars cd is 1 minute but id like to know if it's worth waiting a bit longer for a uh str proc. This is assuming you don't need your stun (winter is coming) for now or are running blinding sleet.Rimefang2 4d
4d Unholy DK guide for Mythic+? I've been Blood with frost dps offspec for the entire expansion ( Except at the start when unholy was significantly better). It seems like unholy is performing well again so I want to try it out, I've tried a few mythic + dungeons and my damage is decent on bosses but pretty low on trash. All the guides I've found really only cover raiding. Anyone know of a good guide that focuses on mythic + content?Fanatix2 4d
4d t 20 bonus... hold pillar? Hey everyone, for the t20 4 piece bonus... is it better to save pillar after pull so you get full stack on 2nd breath. or, is it better to use pillar on cd even though you dont get full stack on 2nd breath? I tried to research for this but couldn't find anything. thanks!Kruen6 4d
4d Stat weights vs 20% haste for DA Do you think it's more important to get to 20% haste while keeping low 80% mastery or use what sims says is better and end up with 16-18% haste?Spirtknight16 4d
5d Blood DPS help I have been doing a few Mythic+ lately and finding that I average roughly 400k dps thorughout the dungeon most times as Blood spec. For a tank this seems right to me (roughly 50% of what dps are doing). But when i play as a dps and get a tank of roughly same ilvl they are pulling 700k+ easily throughout the dungeon, sometimes ending up higher then the dps in the group. Am i doing something wrong? Any input would be appreciated.Pravak3 5d
5d Nerf the !@#$ out of Blood Dks in World PvP Significantly ruin their self healing, as it stands they were in a 1v3 against 3 geared dps, and were healing for over 1.5-2m a cast, it was retarded.Elaena41 5d
5d Choosing between mage and death knight Hi guys I wanted to have your advice I want to play a new character and I am hesitating between arcane mage and unholy death knight. I know people will say play the one you like the most but I like both equally. I wanted to know which one would be the easiest to find a guild to raid and which one would be preferred for raids and mythic dungeons. Thanks!Umäru16 5d
5d All the questions. So, todays a great day! i got the frost ring seal of the necrofate and im really hyped! Now im frost 24/7 but i have a question about frosts stats priority. Im stacking : crit 26 % haste 20 % mastery 53 % versatility 4 % Leech ( just for transparency ) 3%. Not really sure how to better weigh my stats here. My crit is a little high and my master is astronomical any advice?Viletune2 5d
5d Unholy PvP talents? Just looking for some advice on how to spec for PvP. I think my talent choices are mostly on point but would love some feedback. Also could use some advice on Honor talents, have all of them available to me.Mokrath13 5d
5d Cold Heart Just now got this and am wondering, shouldn't it do bonus damage when used at 20 stacks on targets immune to stuns? Much like the demon hunter talent Fel Eruption?Necrosanct20 5d
5d Whats a good race for horde dks? Honestly,i love alliance. The alliance pugs i get into are completely chill and happy but Im going to transfer to my home server and i really enjoy horde mounts... so . What is everyone choice? I know im isolating half the dks here so i ask another question. If you HAD to swap to horde, what race would you chose and why?Demontune22 5d
5d Dark Transformation should work for Skulker! I really think that DT should work with our Risen Skulker with the shoulders. Why can we buff our temporary AotD ghouls but not a permanent minion!Anjack4 5d
5d Need a Mentor! I'm Lost! Hey guys, I was super interested in legion and decided to purchase the expansion. I made it to ilvl 870 in all but I'm just simply lost in this game. I've really had to do a lot to get to this point because it used to be that I would make it to level 20 and I'd quit. There are so many things that you just can't figure out by yourself like addons, how gear works, raid content etc.. I've gone through way to many guides on legion and they have been helpful but they are just not progressing me much further through the game. I need someone that can really stick with me for a while to help me get out of this hole. If somebody could just put some work into me I'd be forever grateful! Thanks!Vedrianis4 5d
6d TOS Halp? I want to try tanking TOS. I did it on a pally. It went well (eventually) I simply don't know BDK as well. Anything to know or improve before jumping in?Cedartusk1 6d
6d Soaking kiljadens buddles of doom!!! Is it possible as a deathknight? I ... wont lie i was kicked today after dying in a pug. They professed that it was completely true and very easy but even through AMS & Ice bound i dropped dead. Any advice?Viletune8 6d
6d Just coming back to the game I'm ilvl 870 and coming back after like 4+ months off, what should I do first and have I missed anything super important?Vazurian0 6d
6d Blood DK Threat I tank with a Vengeance DH in Tomb and one thing I've noticed is... Holy wow, his threat/damage is obscene. I'm not sure if it's the spirit bomb or what, but sometimes I actually need to use Death Strike as a means to gain threat. And maintaining threat on adds over him? Good luck with that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Kratheros8 6d
6d Blood DK Hidden Appearance So I've ran the withered army training scenario about 4 times to completion, each time with 550+ score, but I still haven't gotten the item for the appearance. I always hear about people who get it in one or two tries to completion. Am I missing a prerequisite or am I just unlucky? Appreciate the help.Hecatae5 6d
6d Class ring Imbalance Did anyone notice DK RING Soul of the Deathlord Item Level 970 Binds when picked up Unique-Equipped Finger +3,515 Stamina +1,025 Critical Strike +769 Haste +1,281 Mastery Prismatic Socket Classes: Death Knight Equip: Gain one of the following talents based on your specialization: Blood: Foul Bulwark Frost: Gathering Storm Unholy: Bursting Sores Requires Level 101 VS MAGE RING Soul of the Archmage Item Level 970 Binds when picked up Unique-Equipped Finger +3,515 Stamina +1,153 Critical Strike +1,666 Haste +1,410 Mastery Prismatic Socket Classes: Mage Equip: Gain one of the following talents based on your specialization: Arcane: Temporal Flux Fire: Flame On Frost: Frozen Touch Requires Level 101 The Mage class ring has 128 more crit, 897 more Haste, 129 more mastery and its not just mage ring the shaman ring has 205 more crit, haste and mastery while the monk ring also has 128 more crit, 641 more Haste, 385 more masteryDoomgard5 6d
Jul 15 New DK Need Help Hello everyone, I got bored of my fire mage and I always wanted to play a dark and cool edgy melee class and after doing a bunch of research I created a Death Knight and played it for a bit and then bought a character boost. I'm very overwhelmed and confused about the rotation cuz I have never played any melee class before. I'm AOTC KJ in TOS on my mage but I have no idea what I'm doing on my DK. Can someone send me a extremely simplified link or rotation guide or anything else to help me out? Thanks!Zarkafor3 Jul 15
Jul 15 What did you get stuck on today Using WW What did you get stuck on today using Wraith Walk? Blizzard wants evidence of this ability being trash lets make a huge list of what we get stuck on and what resulted from it. Past experiences work as well, but ideally we can all come back here, and give examples of the worst movement ability currently in the game.Itsgunabhuge19 Jul 15
Jul 15 Frost Frustration / Blood Only Worth It? Since I picked up this Death Knight and have been playing him extensively, for general play and pretty much anything I've found I always end up having the best time when I'm playing in Blood over the other two. Frost was the spec I started out with because I was a fan of old 2h, and I wanted to see how dual wielding felt after all the changes. The damage is great and I enjoy how it all feels, but as an avid pvper, the lack of mobility and sustain was frustrating beyond belief. I don't understand why Wraith Walk doesn't make you immune to roots while it's duration is up; the amount of times I've been immediately re-rooted after Wraith Walking and moving two inches honestly makes me not want to play Frost, since the cooldown is 45 seconds. Unholy is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the ranged aspect of it where you're almost a spellcaster with all of the in-and-out weaving with your wounds and Clawing Shadows, but the setup required to get things rolling felt awkward sometimes and against classes that get their setup a lot quicker + having little mobility made it difficult. It was doable, but it wasn't fun to fight them, it was just frustrating. --------- I've really been wanting to play Frost, but with my only survivability being on a 3 min CD + being able to be completely negated by anyone who has a lucky dodge / one of the many classes that can weave around Death Strike, it's just more frustration than it's worth. The result is that I rarely play much else but Blood these days; the spec can't kill things as fast of course, but that doesn't matter if you die in 1/3rd of the time. It gets the job done very well when out in the world questing / wPvPing, I can flag carry in battlegrounds or peel infinitely with all the grips I have, dungeon queues are shorter and I can throw myself into mythics or raids pretty much anytime I want. I know the others have their place if you really want to devote yourself to it, but the output you get (at least from what I've seen) is still far less than other classes required amount of investment isn't worth it. On that note, is there something I've been doing wrong? Is my spec all wonked up? I swap talents in arenas based on matchup, and usually avoid locking myself into one set of talents 24/7. Just feels like Blood is the only one worth playing right now if you're a regular kind of player. Help me out here guys.Zacchaeus0 Jul 15
Jul 15 Worgen Cosmetics After much deliberation I think ima make up a DK and see how I like it. Big hurdle for me now is race. I like the savage look of worgens as I think it fits the class, but there are two things that I'm on the fence about. The first is their deathstrike animation, which feels a bit accelerated over other races as as such looks a bit weird to me. I could ignore this though, which brings me to question 2, how does armor look on them? I know the less human races can have issues with clipping, stretching, ect, but for those of you who play worgen how do you find it? It would be easy to just roll human like I did back in WoTLK but that feels like giving up lol. Thanks for the help!Aoshun11 Jul 15
Jul 14 is Scourge the unbeliever working? to make it clear Scourge the unbeliever is an unholy trait that says "clawing shadows has a % to generate 1 rune back when used" the % chance depending in how many ranks u have for example i have 5 ranks (16%) and it never ever proc not even when u use death and decay with +8 adds. while u are stading in ur death and decay ur clawing shadows hit all targets so is like using a CS for every target witch means ur chances to get a rune back increased by a lot but still not a single proc for me maybe is broken at rank 5 ?¿?¿? IDK.... is someone else having this problem?Cpx7 Jul 14
Jul 14 FDK PVP Burst Hey Guys, I'm pretty new to FDK. Having fun with it so far. I'm running breath spec for arenas currently. The way I'm bursting is to hit remorseless winter (root) then I Obliterate two times to build runic power. I pop hungering rune weapon, pillar of frost, horn of winter, and Breath. After that I pretty much obliterate and hit howling blast when I get a proc. Does this sound like the best way to burst? Should I run chill streak to add to the burst? Thank you!Khemdawg5 Jul 14
Jul 14 Looking for a good unholy guide website. I just re-roll a unholy dk. Is there a better guide than Icy vein that can teach me unholy? Also is there a sim 7.2.5 trinket for unholy?Taanksk1 Jul 14
Jul 14 Soul of the Deathlord Has anyone tried the talent that generates a rune via auto attacks? I cant remember what its called. If its viable, or if frostscythe gathering storms together is way to strong, to not use them.Mónty3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Frost T20 4 Piece - Analysis? Ok, 4 piece T20 for Frost has the potential of huge burst DPS if you save up your Strength increase boost from the 4 piece bonus. My time to test such things is limited at best due to IRL constraints, but like to perform the best that my class/spec is able to in any fight. Question is, is it worth holding onto that strength increase boost for BoS only, or is it an actual DPS loss to not use PoF in between breaths? Perhaps on certain fights where you get a burst window it could be viable, but I don't really see any fights where you only get a small burst window for this to be any benefit. Not to mention the fact that the margin of error is MUCH more punishing if you do manage to mess up the breath during this time. Thoughts? Anyone had a chance to test this?Ghannon5 Jul 14
Jul 14 Death Strike opinions so do we want death strike to cost runes again? or keep it as it is? also should the condition for the heal be the same Frost n Unholy?Krissignacia13 Jul 14
Jul 14 Blades of Destiny Is it worth it doing the quest. I don't see the real benfit from it if I'm totally happy with blood tanking. No disrespect to Frost or Unholy, but I don't have a real reason to switch specs.Nomadfenrir1 Jul 14
Jul 14 UH macros/keybinds (PVP) Hi guys, I started playing wow in legion and started straight with pvp, then i got over it (because of not enough skill :P) and started PVE'ing. Now I wanted to go back into PVP because I think I enjoyed that more when I look back. My goal is to reach 2k this season (my highest cr was 1700 my first season ever) and started using macros like /cast [target=arena1] Asphyxiate etc. for death grip too, mind freeze, pet kick, dark sim, and Asphyxiate. I played frost before which was very simple, but do I have to macro all these spells x3 for arena and then of course my basic spells and talents? That just seems crazy to me?! pls helpZabuzar0 Jul 14
Jul 14 Blood dk mobility Question for the blood mains out there...I've tanked on every class at different times during the history of the game, from late vanilla onwards. I am a tank, that's what I do and have always done, both casually and in various progression situations. Warrior has always been my preferred main, but I enjoyed blood dk during cata/mop. I didn't care for the way blood played during wod, although I like the redesign for legion, except for marrowrend and bone shield, and the severe mobility issues that probably seem more pronounced coming from a warrior main. MS has always been a complaint for blood, although in the past talent and glyph choices helped to minimize it somewhat. Bone shield glyph/deaths advance and such were tolerable bandaids, but wrath walk is total garbage. How are you other blood dks compensating?Bloct2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Anyone willing to "mentor" me? Hey guys, I was super interested in legion and decided to purchase the expansion. I made it to ilvl 870 in all but I'm just simply lost in this game. I've really had to do a lot to get to this point because it used to be that I would make it to level 20 and I quit. Then come back to make it to level 40 and so on. There are so many things that you just can't figure out by yourself like addons, how gear works, raid content etc.. I've been through way to many guides and there still just not enough. If someone wants to put a little work in to me I'd be forever grateful! Thanks!Vedrianis3 Jul 14
Jul 14 Blood Trinket Question The 3 trinkets I currently have are an 880 haste statstick w/ speed, an 890 Ettin Fingernail w/ socket, and an 885 UAC w/ socket. Obviously I should use the UAC, but is the haste statstick better than the fingernail? Or should I bite the bullet and dump some gold/herbs on the DMF tank trinket?Galson5 Jul 14
Jul 13 PvP question - UH DK vs totems Just a quick question, when a resto summons a counterstrike/skyfury/windfury totem, these are supposed to have only 10 health: Why is it then that clawing shadows does not 1 shot these totems? When I do not have runic power available to dump on the totem I end up having to use festering strike, which isn't ideal because it costs 2 runes. Any better way to kill them?Nightsharky3 Jul 13
Jul 13 Frost DK Stealth Buff? Rime proc rate 45% w/o T19? Frost Fever generating RP more often? Can anyone confirm? I've suddenly recognized a huge increase in Rime procs and RP generation.Rayzerr8 Jul 13
Jul 13 Unholy: Festering Strike TLDR; please make FS's wound generation more consistent. It needs to always be 3 wounds. Or if RNG still needs to be there 3 - 4. This solves many of the clunky aspects to a UDK's rotation and opener. As many know, an UDK has a good deal of RNG in how it does dps. This by itself is not bad. In fact, many classes have elements of RNG procs to do optimal dps. An UDK is no different. What is bad about UDK RNG is our builder, festering strike, which costs 2 runes per FS. We only have 6 total runes that can be active at a time. FS falls into the bucket of RNG skills by the effect of using it. It will add between 2 and 4 festering wounds on our target, which we then will pop with Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows. This randomness of 2 - 4 will often ruin our opener as it can be unreliable as a builder in general. In general, an UDK will open with two casts of FS. This is in hopes of getting 6+ wounds on our target so we can use our artifact ability, Apocalypse. The wounds on the target is key because for every wound popped by Apoc, we'll summon an Army of the Dead ghoul. Up to a max of 6. This is why two FS in a row is key. That said, many are finding that as often as we hit 6+ we hit 5 and less... This is a problem, especially when we're losing our T19 bonus which made it easier to fish that last wound up if we're out of runes to spend. Why does missing that extra 1+ wound matter? Well, it's a significant dps loss to have 1+ ghouls NOT spawn with Apoc. Many efforts in testing show this because of the benefits an UDK gets from his AtoD ghouls. Well, you have 6 runes to use on pull so why not cast again? Prior to Tomb of Sargeras and T20, you'd be correct, correct-ish. Our biggest CD, Army of the Dead, takes 3 runes to cast, and because it's a 10 min CD you'd cast AotD pre-pull so you'd have all your runes will regenerate and be up for the pull. You generally only get one AtoD cast per fight, which is another reason we cast it pre-pull in most situations. At pull you'd apply your virulent plague, costs one rune, and then FS twice once in melee range. This means after VP and 2 x FS, you'd only have one spare rune left in most cases. If you didn't hit your magical 6+ wounds you'd have to sit and wait for a rune to activate and FS again. In Night Hold, it wasn't the end of the world if this happened because our T19 4p gave Death Coil a 50% chance to proc a wound. After VP and 2 x FS you'd have enough runic power to cast DC at least once and hope you got a wound. If you didn't you'd likely still have enough to cast DC again, and/or use FS as enough time had pasted for a rune to become available to spend. At most, this meant four GCDs, excluding the VP cast, before you could Apoc and start in on your rotation. If you're lucky you get the preferred two GCDs and then Apoc and start. With ToS and T20, we no longer want to AtoD so far in advance of the pull that our runes spent for AtoD return. Having AtoD ghouls out gives a UDK a good buff to damage output with our T20 2p. This means we need to cast AtoD when in range of our target so we can take full advantage of the new buff with all our abilities. This means we'll have enough runes to AotD, VP, and 1 x FS, before we have to wait on runes. We've already spent three GCDs for these 3 abilities, which means at a minimum we're looking at five GCDs before we can Apoc. Why VP after AotD? This is so the damage buff UDK gets amplifies our VP application as well. If you cast VP while running in into melee range then the VP cast before AotD will be weaker than if you do it after. Why five GCDs now? Our runes take time to regenerate, by the time we've done AotD, VP, and a FS some of the runes are generating and others aren't. Based on what I've seen after our FS we have around two to three seconds before we have enough runes to cast FS again. Which means we fill with a non-rune ability like DC, or we wait. Using SS/CS would only use a rune that we need for FS. A GCD is ~1.5 secs depending on a variety of factors so using SS/CS could make your next FS possible be another 4+ seconds. If we don't get to our 6+ wounds after the second FS we either have to cast Apoc in a sub-optimal state or wait some more... This is not enjoyable when trying to open up on a boss. When you look at other builder/spender classes, their builders are constant and predictable. If I use ability X I will get Y resources to spend. UDK is the only builder spend afaik which has a builder like this which is very random and to the point that it can total break you on a boss pull. It's not fun to watch other classes go ham and we have to stick our thumb up our butt and wait. UDK needs to be brought in line with other builder/spender classes. FS needs to give a standard amount of wounds, leaving talents and legendaries to make the generation of wounds more RNG if so desired. If FS would always give 3 wounds this solves many RNG problems UDK faces on our opener, with or without tier coming into play. At no point in our gameplay does having more than 6 wounds benefit you to any large degree. You need 6 for Apoc and your normal rotation can survive quite well balancing around 1 - 3 as you still need to FS from time to time. That's part of what we do. :P The spec already has to manage runes and runic power. Managing wounds, while fun at times makes the RNG of building them painful and frustrating. Having these three resources to manage can be very off putting when RNG doesn't benefit you. Making the building more consistent will vastly improve the quality of life for an UDK as you still have to manage wounds but you can more aptly plan and predict when you'll need to cast FS to keep your wounds where you need them. This helps everyone, new players, pve, pvp, world first progression raiders, casual mom & pop raiders, etc. If the devs really feel our builder needs to have RNG in it then it should be 3 - 4 so at a minimum two FS will always get us to where we need to be. This means the only situation where we can waste wound generate is if we're at 5 wounds but need to get to 6. What about infected claws? Doesn't that talent give you extra wounds? Yes, but it is also RNG. If IC was 100% then this would be a different discussion. Again, the problem UDK faces is the RNG of it's building of wounds, regardless of where they come from. I'm sure there is more I could say and things I've left out, ie our artifact trait where our pet also consumes wounds. This is just another point to plan and manage for. I know I will get flamed for this post (really it's a giant wall of text so sorry for that) and get told to "get gud" or "L2P". My goal here is to improve the game play of UDK where many feel we lack the most, reliable building for one of our three resources we have to manage. Thanks.Stormblight32 Jul 13
Jul 13 Blood T21 four pc bonus Item - Death Knight T21 Blood 4P Bonus - Vampiric Blood Rune Haste While Vampiric Blood is active, your runes regenerate 0% faster. I guess this will make the belt come out ahead of the shoulders?Dîomedes1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Holly AP Grind While taking a break from my Pally. Getting AP and some geer for this guy Any opinions or advice some ways to get AP these days? And any opinions on: -What artifact traits/spells to get first (not sure that order matters...) -Geer?- CUrrently my plan was to push the toons stats to 860-870. Try to get some geer from RaidFinder TOS. I suspect when I unlock the last relic slot that'll help a ton. BDK vs other tanks in TOS As a gut check. Worth while for fun to get this guy to 860 for Raidfinder first then Normals ?(if/when I find new guild I might want to move this toon to) By all meens I will not be offended if the opinions are: Meh just play what ever... Or Based on your posts you might like(spec here)Cedartusk0 Jul 13
Jul 13 For blood DKs 925 and up I'm chilling out here smoking and drinking by the pool with some friends who also play wow. You cannnot beat the geared and experience blood DK in wPvP sooooo.... why come to the forums to advertise????Andarick7 Jul 13
Jul 13 What build should I use? UH Hello, After playing my WW monk since the start of MoP I gave him up and I recently started playing my DK only a few weeks ago. I am Unholy. I've tried looking at a few sites and looking at other DKs, but I still just don't know what build I should really be playing. I'll be doing Normal/H raiding with my guild. I have crappy legendary pieces sadly, 63% mastery, and no tier bonuses yet. I've been mainly using the generic icy veins Soul reaper build. For trinkets I have a 900 infernal cinders, 900 chaos talisman, 880 ironrune charm with Str/Crit, an 885 nightmare bark with Str/haste and an 875 CoF. Any suggestions on these? Any tips or help is appreciated. Thanks. -SolSolanian1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Silly Blood DK, help needed So, I usually tank on my Paladin, but lately I've been having the itch to tank on the DK. When I pop Vampric Blood, I'm maxing out around 15m HP. A week or so ago, I could have sworn I was at 22m HP. I don't know what changed. I did upgrade a few pieces of loot. Any thoughts? Again, I'm pretty new to the DK so any constructive help is welcome, tyVargas5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Unholy Legendary I have a question on legendaries... I am currently using Draugr and Lesson but i am wondering if Soul is a stronger choice over Dragur. I've simmed it with my replacements for the belt but thus far it usually comes out lower. Is it simming correctly? Wouldn't have 2 talents from the same tier be insanely OP? Tried asking in the class discord but i got trolls and people who don't seem to know what the comparison is. NOTE/EDIT I don't have it yet but i'm grinding away! Thanks in advance!Celesta14 Jul 13
Jul 13 Frost DK PVP - help Hey All, I have recently been getting into this DK. As a pvper I have a few question I'm hoping you can answer. 1. What is the best burst build for FDK? Breath? 2. Any good macros I should use? 3. Any tips and tricks? Thank you in advance!Khemdawg11 Jul 13
Jul 13 Lord-Commander Arete Loved this guy in Icecrown questing, but he's suspiciously absent for the Legion DK stuff. What gives?Malvared3 Jul 13
Jul 13 Change to t20 set frost? So I currently have a mix of mythic/heroic t19 4set. I can swap them all out for a t20 heroic 4 set that would gain me only 10ilvls in total (on gear not average). Is this worth it? I'm not sure if the t19 bonuses are stronger for dps but from a gameplay perspective they seem better and smoother for breath. I only have ring and bracers as far as relevant legendaries go. Any opinions on whether I should make the change now or wait until I get better t20 pieces? Also, is it worth trying hard to maintain a 4set/2set combo one way or another?Naxa3 Jul 13
Jul 13 How Much Haste Is Too Much For Blood? Hi! I'm Minxee! I'm an experienced player but I'm always looking for tips! So my haste is at about 38% which is pretty high. I'm noticing though that sometimes (especially when bloodlust is active) that my global is too short to effectively optimize my rotation. Is there a sweet spot of haste that I'm looking for?Minxee5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Why can Orc DK's be brown? I find this a little weird. Some of the skin color options for Orc Death Knights is brown, then I ask myself "Why can't REGULAR orcs be brown? It's in the lore!" Can anyone explain this?Thermaplague14 Jul 13