Death Knight

Mar 16 wA runes and runic power hey guys, anyone know how to put this wa? Mar 16
Mar 16 dk questions hi, i was wondering if dks are doing well in raids right now.i decided to re-roll to a dk because as a ww monk it was hard to find groups and such. are dks wanted in raids? thanks!Soazin5 Mar 16
Mar 16 885 Memento or 900 Gift of Radiance? Opinions? Its for a BDKCowbae1 Mar 16
Mar 16 Mythic+ BRH Control Undead choice I normally default to the Arcanist because once he ramps up, his single target damage is pretty good However, a lot of the time he doesn't ramp up to full except bosses so I'm wondering if anyone picks something else, I'm thinking of the archers because of arrow barrage, but its on quite a long CD it feels to really be usefulRikward3 Mar 16
Mar 16 Class hall upgrade npc. So I just did my second spec artifact weapon at 102 but I dont see my class hall upgrade guy anywhere? Do I need to go somewhere to make him pop up, or do a certain quest or something?Cyuru1 Mar 16
Mar 16 Dark Stampede appearance Who else here believes Dark Stampede, after all we went through to make the most unholy mounts ever created, should probably have put our four horsemen on their actual four horses instead of 4 identical 'loaner' steeds? Personally, I think nothing has bothered me more about this expansion. Who else believes this should be updated so they are on their actual, respective steeds?Froszil10 Mar 16
Mar 16 Death March? It's only on the loot tab for Unholy. Does it work in Blood spec since the relative spells, excluding Death Coil, are all available in Blood? If so... this would be pretty handy.Noolore6 Mar 16
Mar 16 Bone Shield again casters If Bone Shield is only removed via melee attack, does it imply that casters (PvE and PvP) will always suffer 15% damage reduction against a Blood DK?Emberheart8 Mar 16
Mar 15 Necrosis Question I just moved to Necrosis and I have a question about it. I think I know the answer but I'm curious what someone better than me will say. So Necrosis makes CS do 40% more damage after a Death Coil. Death Coil itself is almost a waste to cast. So I'm wondering what I should do when Scourge of Worlds procs which is 30% to the next CS. Should I just spam CS as long as I have wounds while SoW is up or should I continue to weave Death Coils?Dîomedes6 Mar 15
Mar 15 DK Class Hall Armor Racks Messed Up The scaling on them is way off. T9/10: T11: Mar 15
Mar 15 In game stats Vs. Armory So, i noticed that my in-game Enhancements are much, much different than what the armory says. In game, i have 15% crit, and 11% haste as frost. Yet, on the armory i have 15.26% crit and 24.13% haste. The only accurate number is my mastery with 43% mastery both in game and in the armory. I've even noticed that my Artifact Ilvl is different in game than on the armory, with a 10 ilvl difference... I'm a bit confused. Why is this? Am i missing something? Any insight is appreciated.Twiggyx3 Mar 15
Mar 15 Buff Unholy further Unholy is still under performing please buff. tyPlutorium22 Mar 15
Mar 15 WoW PVP Movie Feedback/Guide I am a devoted WoW player, and personally find quite a lot of fun in creating WoW movies (most of which I never upload sadly). SO, the question is, what do you like seeing in WoW movies? What makes them good? Is it the insane outplays? The godlike kiting? Doing a legendary 1v4 and barely surviving? One shotting the odd person? All of the above are satisfying, but if too much of something is in one movie, it kills the effect it has. If it's a long fight with both sides kiting one another, and then there is a one shot later on, it CAN improve the viewing experience for everyone, making most people say "Holy $^&#!" and wanting to watch it again. I have found from watching loads of WoW movies over the years that most people use heavy metal, death metal, or some rock in the movies. What is the most suiting? Of course, it is a personal preference, but I am sure the community has a slight preference to one type. Honestly though, it should not matter as all of them fit the settings quite nicely, and if used correctly can enhance the viewing experience by having the music fit what is happening (a good example here is from Hansol). Notice how it starts quiet, yet gets louder as fights become more intense and just how nicely it suits the video itself. What kind of content is the most entertaining? Open world PVP? Arenas? BGs? Duels? It depends on how it is done and recorded, and how transitions/effects are used throughout the movie. A good mix of the listed are recommended. How much editing is too much? If you over edit it (such as ), it's WAYYYY too overkill, and although satisfying to watch, will make most people confused on what is happening. Editing is good, don't get me wrong, but under no circumstances should it have THAT much editing in it (unless you are using complex transitions which are satisfying to the eye and enhance the viewing experience). Edit wisely. How long should a WoW movie be? Most WoW movies range from 5 minutes to over 15 minutes long, and all lengths take different amounts of time accordingly. The amount of time and effort put in to the video is evident in the end result that people view online. Take your time. Some WoW movies take as long as 8 MONTHS to record the gameplay for. Of course, being a person that one shots people in PVP for the whole movie and starts it off with them walking out of Stormwind or Orgimmar and plays "Let the bodies hit the floor" the entire time IS NOT a WoW movie in the slightest, and leaves the community a sour taste in their mouths - avoid at all costs.Derodrene2 Mar 15
Mar 15 Blood Legend Trinket Q Why is the Blood tanking trinket rated so low? I believe it's 9th? I am not sure I could give this up if the shoulders dropped. It fills a gap all Blood tanks lack, a huge def CD. Paired with Vamp Blood it shields me nearly 2 million. It has saved me countless times (it was my first legendary). Why is it rated it so low? It has been an amazing addition to my kit. I legitimately asking.Baneblood4 Mar 15
Mar 15 UH needs more ghouls - how about Death Coil? Even though unholy death knights are better than before, I am still disappointed that they changed apocalypse so that it bursts only a maximum of 6 in PvE and 4 in PvP. I was thinking that unholy death knights should be continuously summoning ghouls passively. Doesn't have to be a lot but it would be nice to see ghouls spawning outside our 1.5 min CD apocalypse and 10 min CD Army of the Dead ability. So I propose this, how about giving death coil a small chance to summon a ghoul to fight for you for 15 seconds? This seems like a pretty easy change to make while only increasing our DPS in a minor way. This would be a positive change that enhances the class fantasy of an unholy death knight. The ghoul being summoned periodically would also allow us to take advantage of the artifact traits "Portals to the Underworld" and "Armies of the damned" constantly instead of once every 1.5 mins. It might also make unholy frenzy competitive since more sudden doom procs = more death coils = a better chance for ghouls to be spawned. There's a lot of value that can come out of this simple change. I know a lot of us feel like Death Coil is not worth casting, but do you think this simple change might make it a little more interesting? Let's hear your thoughts!Dakkachu27 Mar 15
Mar 15 Death's Caress Worth? I have been playing on my blood dk a lot after the prepatch, but the ability Death's Caress just feels weird to use. I get it is suppose to be a ranged pulling tool and apply blood plague. But why do that when I can just taunt, blood boil, and apply the disease without wasting a rune? It feel like it should either: A- Not cost a rune (maybe a cd applied to it) or B- Do much more damage (My Death's caress hits for around 8k, whereas heart strike hits for 24k for the same rune cost) All in all, I am really enjoying the changes to blood. But this is the only thing (along with maybe some talent choices) I can see that makes no sense. What are your thoughts on the spell or Blood as whole?Nero19 Mar 15
Mar 15 It finally dropped! The hook is mine! I about had a heart attack.... didn't even notice the orc had been summoned until i saw him slump over dead with the rest of the ghouls... And then I saw the journal on the ground. Caught me off-guard. Had just been mindlessly automating my actions for so long while watching livestreams or youtube or whatever... I just sat and stared at it for a good minute unable to comprehend that it actually dropped... good lord this grind was horrible, tho based on reports, it could've been much worse... But it's mine now. Gods it looks awesome. So glad this is over with. I know many of you reading this have already finished this, and this is redundant info for you. But for those in the dark about this, I'll go over the details of my little journey here... Approx. 9 hours spent listening to Trial Master Rotun welcoming me to the Proving Grounds, and telling me that I ran out of time as I reset the bronze damage trial over and over. Took periodic breaks to actually play the game and run dungeons/LFR/WQs. Tracked my time spent and Apocalypse casts since I started seriously farming it, which was well after I had the '2000 ghouls hidden cheevo' deal completed. With macros, I had streamlined the process to about 150 casts of Apocalypse per hour while in proving grounds. Had a soundfile of the Lich King screaming 'Apocalypse!' once the quest flag started popping up as 'true' after the journal dropped. Decided to keep it for good because awesome. Macros I used: #showtooltip /cast Apocalypse /script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44188)) /run if IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44188) == true then PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Creature\\LichKing\\IC_Lich King_Special01.ogg", "Dialog") end **This did a quest flag check for the journal drop at every Apocalypse cast, along with the LK soundfile once it did drop, in case it dropped in a dungeon when I wasn't paying attention** /target Trial Master Rotun /script SelectGossipOption(1); /click StaticPopup1Button1 **What I used to speed up the conversations in PG. Right-click Rotun to open the conversation box, hit that macro, and it auto-picks the necessary conversation options to start the trial or yield. Macro works for both. Saved me from a lot of time-consuming box-clicking** Exact process I used (for those who don't know anything about this process): 1. Enter Proving Grounds. 2. Right-click Rotun. 3. Press conversation macro to start the trial. 4. Walk to spawn in the middle of the room. 5. Smack it 2-3 times with Festering Strike to get at least 6 Festering Wounds up. 6. Cast Apocalypse (using macro). 7. Wraith Walk (to save precious seconds) back to Rotun. 8. Right-click Rotun. 9. Press conversation macro to yield the trial (and reset CDs). 10. Wait for the stun (from yielding the trial) to wear off. 11. Repeat from step 2. Only requirement is to be AK 6. Time spent was a bit longer than Corrupted Ashbringer hidden appearance, and I'm fortunate it did not take 20+ hours like some people have reported. As far as hidden appearance grinds, this is one of the worst. RNG is absolutely brutal in Legion, and this is a perfect example. Good luck to all still working on this.Xia18 Mar 15
Mar 15 frost or uh for pve Tryin to decide if I should stick with UH for pve or swap to frost...I fell like in raids frost is outperforming me quite often.Tricepp13 Mar 15
Mar 15 Hate and Crit Hey all. My crit and haste are extremely low, Crit at 15% and Haste at 11%. Does this mean i have to keep looking for gear with the same or higher ilvl to replace what i have now? I'm a casual player so i'm a bit clueless. Any help is appreciated!Twiggyx2 Mar 15
Mar 15 Unholy Is Not In A Great State So after seeing some statistics; Unholy looks like it's quite under the weather within anything above the 75th percentile, we are literally the weakest melee in the game as of now according to statistics. But I will further explain my personal experiences with the spec and give some suggestions to help improve our spec and explain what makes these experiences so bad. Detail 1, Legendaries: The Unholy Deathknight, for example, is heavily reliant for the BiS legendary wrists "The Instructors Fourth Lesson". This lets you burst more wounds per clawing shadows which is almost hugely overpowered, especially if scourge strike+castigator builds with this legendary can pretty much burst up to 5 festering wounds in one swing at the cost of 1 rune. To me this sounds like a dream come true, being able to burst so many wounds per Clawing Shadows/Scourge Strike. I am not suggesting nerfing this legendary because as much as a benefit it may give, it still doesn't make the cut. My problem is when we got a buff that allows us to summon all our Undead and do it's maximum damage via Apocalypse from 8 wounds to 6 wounds, as RnG was too big of a factor to give you an advantage. Now we have a new RnG factor that is bottlenecking performance again, the overly-reliant legendaries. Detail 2, Single Target: Single target DPS is.... disgraceful. I might not be fully equipped with BiS gear, but I can already round off that my single target DPS is going to be garbage after comparing what other Unholy DK's currently parse within 75th+ percentiles. So for single target, it looks like most if not all Unholy DKs run the Clawing Shadows build with stacked Mastery, a typical talent setup for Unholy single target is; Bursting Sores>Pestilent Pustules>Clawing Shadows>Sludge Bulcher, Lingering Apparition> Infected Claws or Necrosis>Soul Reaper My suggestion for single target would to obviously be buffing the damage of Bursting Wounds and Death Coil over all and not tied within a specific talent, Festering Strike could help but I think Festering Strike is in a good state for now. To maybe balance the extra Shadow Damage done when Bursting Wounds via Pestilent Pustules, we can decrease the AoE damage done by Pestilent Pustules when Bursting Wounds as our cleave is already comfortably high. Infected Claws was 35% at some point, raised to 40%, sadly, I don't think it's quite enough yet. I believe we should increase the attack speed done by the Abomination or increase the chance a Festering Wound is placed by 45% or maybe even both. Finally, I believe Virulent Plague needs a buff in ticking damage as well as a longer timer from 21 seconds to 30 seconds as runes are constantly juggled to maintain Festering Wounds and bursting Festering Wounds. Detail 3, Rotation: This is also something I believe is flawed. The Unholy Deathknight's rotation forces you to prioritize inflicting and bursting Wounds over any other spell right now. You can just forget about spending your Sudden Doom proc because whenever you inconsistently break your rotation away from Bursting Wounds, you will lose quite a bit of DPS. I find myself leaving my Runic Power capped until all of my Runes are on CD and I have to use Death Coil to make up for the down time caused by Runes being on constant CD. I would enjoy having to utilize my Sudden Doom procs more, I mean, I invested points into a golden trait that's pretty much useless by the way the current rotation forces you to play this spec. It would be a great improvement to be able to balance a rotation between casting Death Coils and using Runes to help keep the rotation consistent throughout all fights without suffering the loss in DPS. Conclusion: So in conclusion to my run down of the current state of how Unholy is, I must comment that our Cleave/AoE is still exceptional. But our single target does not make up for fights that require pure single-target DPS. There's not many of us left and bringing these buffs I suggested to the table may help increase the population of Unholy DKs and as well as give us a better competition and opportunity among other specializations. If there's other ways that might not be relevant to my suggestions but will help our single target DPS, please go through with it. I hope to see us within a better state next patch, otherwise, I will be forced to reroll my main spec due to not having required legendaries or just under performing in single target. Thank you for listening, I hope the developers are considerate of my suggestions. (Ignore my hideous mog, ingame it's all green but for some reason it's ugly mix matched colors on the forums)Malgroth14 Mar 15
Mar 15 Affixes-Bolstering, Skittish, Fortified Hey Everybody, Honestly, cannot stand Bolstering & Skittish as a tank. Not only do you have to worry about your aggro falling off randomly. You also have to make sure the DPS can cleave adds down evenly. You have to take your time through pulls instead of the normal GRIP, AOE adds down, GG. So in all, this week kinda sucks lol. Share some useful information for other fellow DK Tank's or DPS to help them out.Wrènch16 Mar 15
Mar 15 Frost dps questions Do we only use howling blast when we have rime proc? Do you use empowerment right when you start your breath? Do you use howling blast over obliterate in aoe situations ? Thank youShammean2 Mar 15
Mar 15 Finally switching to Frost Ok I think I may finally switch to frost, I just can't get unholy where I want to be. Just starting research on frost, any good guides out there or help would be appreciated. I have 4 tier but no frost ledgendaries, should I still run BOS or no?Egann12 Mar 15
Mar 15 Pros and cons of DKs in PvP/PvE? Hey guys. I haven't really played much DK since mid cata but I used to really enjoy the class. I've heard some negative things about the current iteration and I was hoping that someone could explain how the class is. From what I've heard, Blood is in a bad spot, as is Unholy, and PVP is frustrating with the lack of mobility. I've been meaning to try Unholy but is it that much worse, like an Arms vs Fury type situation? I don't really plan on doing much hardcore content with DK. I've joined this expansion so late I've basically relegated myself to alts and casual play, maybe this will change in 7.2Falliz4 Mar 15
Mar 15 PvP What's the better aura? Decomposing or necrotic? How does Decomposing work exactly? And does the preference change between Unholy and frost?Zephyrath4 Mar 15
Mar 14 Acherus drapes are so garbage The game state condition required for acherus drapes to be useful is way too strict. Even if in some alternate universe you could generate a situation every fight where its effect has meaning, it would still be garbage as a utility legendary relative to everything else. I got especially destroyed in my legendary situation. I am at 720 hours played at lvl 110 and still I only have 2 unholy and 2 utility legendaries. With acherus being so unreliably useful, I actually wear an unholy legendary instead for the extra strength lol. Acherus drapes would have to triple AMS absorption amounts as a static benefit to not make someone cringe to wear it as Frost/Unholy.Delkerramak20 Mar 14
Mar 14 Comprehensive Unholy DK DPS Guide Good morning fellow Deathknights! Updated March 2nd,2017 8am Pst Note: as I have more free time I will be adding more information and improving the guide so please check back every now and again to see how the guide/build has changed there is so much information to be put here and that will take a bit of time, Thank you As of recently I have been seeing an increase in the amount of Unholy DK's on US servers and just wanted to put some good information out for those who might be considering switching from frost. I will say that overall it will do less damage than frost in single target situations but as far as utility and constant AOE pressure I believe Unholy DK has a lot to bring to the table. first lets talk stats and the two most effective ways to build your Unholy DK I Mastery Build Str>Mastery(60-70%+)>Crit(to 21-25%)>Haste (to 18%)>Vers For Single Target in most situations For AoE in most situations This build will focus on taking clawing shadows as your bread an butter DPS and determines your secondary main stat as Mastery. For all of those uncertain STR will still be our priority as Str give Attack Power which increases damage from all abilities Now lets go over our talents and why we choose them Tier 1 Ebon Fever/Bursting Sores Ebon Fever : this ability received a huge damage increase in 7.1.5 and even in single target or bosses with heavy cleave deserves heavy consideration(when and if you get the 4 set NH tier set this will be your go to talent as the talent change in tier 6 will benefit more from this and will do overall more damage). Overall it causes your Viruelent plague to deal more damage. as its damage is increased and it deals it faster. Thus you will be maintaining this on the boss and any mobs that spawn 100%. When combined with heavy mastery this DoT will likely do 30-50% percent of your overall damage(depending on how much mastery you have stacked) Generally in single target I would only take this if you have 75% or Higher mastery as anything lower is a dps loss from the tests and data I have seen. As far as Aoe Pressure it is the most consistent because it does not require your targets to have wounds on them to burst to do a ton of damage. Nor be anywhere near your target. Bursting Sores : Overall this is going to be your go to talent for good single target and Aoe Dmg. When Paired with your Tier 6 Talent Infected Claws you will almost always have a Festering Wound on your main target and during Transformation on several targets at once. This talent prefers lower mastery and higher Crit and Haste. Thus if your only at 60% Mastery or lower this is going to do the most damage for you in most situations. Tier 2 Pestilant Pustules/Blighted Rune Weapon Pestilant Pustules Over all for single target and most heavy cleave fights this is your go to talent as rune starving youself is a huge dps loss. Even if you find yourself at points capped with runes while burning Runic Power it is still the best choice for all situations in raids. Overall it is a resource returning talent based on your top two damage rotation abilities and should always be taken in raid siruations Blighted Rune Weapon This talent is only preferred in lower level Mythic plus dungeons when there are lots off adds that you cannot maintain a decent amount of festering wounds on your targets Must be paired with Bursting Sores Talent from Tier 1. However it is worth a mention, mainly what you need to consider is how fast mobs will die and try to crank out the most AoE burst Dmg as possible. Your Ghoul can only transform on avg once every minute so keep in mind that if your pulling a mob of 3+ targets less than once a minute this will be a Dps increase Tier 3 Clawing Shadows Clawing Shadows: Overall running this particular Mastery build this is your only choice for this tier. Changing your scourge strike ability to do Shadow damage makes this build not only viable but incredibly strong. Considering this abilities damage will scale both with Strength and mastery increasing its damage done by a sever amount Tier 4 Sludge Belcher/Asphyxiate Sludge Belcher In almost all situations this will be your got to talent as it adds some well needed improvements to your ghoul. For one it has an additional Deathgrip built into the pet. For two during its transformation its AoE cleave ability hits all target around it rather than just in front as our base ghoul does. This also increases the amount of festering wounds go out on a mob during its transformation. Which in turns is a Dps increase. Asphyxiate This talent is Nice depending on the situation but is in no way useless. Adding a stun to our toolkit can be very useful in higher level Mythic + Dungeons and sometimes in raid depending on your raids needs. Overall this is not a DPS increase and should only be taken when it is Needed. Tier 5 These are situational and depending on the player Tier 6 Necrosis/Infected Claws Necrosis: This talent only gets its full value with the 4 set bonus from NH but if you really enjoy the play style of alternating between Death coil and Clawing Shadows be my guest. I will say overall once you have the 4 set from NH this will so more damage on single target fights as maintaining more stacks of Festering wound is much easier on one target. However even with 4 set this talent falls short as soon as there are 3 mobs present during part of the encounter. Infected Claws This talent overall will be your best choice for single and multiple target in raids and Mythic + Dungeons.Especially when paired with bursting Sores this is huge AoE Dps increase as you'll be able to explode multiple stacks of Festering wound and can just maintain happy clawing shadows spam. Note: using Death and Decay and Dark Transformation paired with this Talent will maximize your AoE and Cleave Dmg potential [Tier 7 Soul Reaper/Dark Arbiter Soul Reaper In almost all situations this is going to be your go to Talent choice for both Raids and dungeons. As a haste increase is always beneficial as it increases you and your pets attack speed and your rune generation. Allowing you to get of more abilities within a single damage window thus being a Dps increase. It is easy to maintain on a target and is paired well when using your Artifact Ability Apocalypse to burst multiple wounds at once. Dark Arbiter I still think this talent is good especially considering the most recent damage increase however I think it is very situational. I will increase your burst initially so it is not preferred for raid encounters of any type. However I will say it does have its merit within Mythic + Dungeons. Whether its Tyrannical Affix week and those bosses need to go down within 2 minutes or you are doing lower level Mythic Plus Dungeons and are just looking for some better single target pressure on a two minute cooldown. Overall not the best choice but it has uses. Okay so... you probably scrolled past 70% of that and you want know how to pull high Dps with Unholy Right? It really boils down to these key factors High Mastery: The Higher your mastery the higher your dps, it is nearly on par with strength and you should prioritize any piece that gives both strength and mastery highly especially trinkets. Maintaining Festering wounds on your target: never let your main target drop below 1 festering wounds as they last a long while and you dont want to be in a situation when your need to pop wounds and you have to expend runes and Gcd's to put them back on the only exception to this rule is when Scourge of the Worlds procs in that cast do burst all wounds on the target. Weave it in and keep track of them! Why? because you never want to be in a situation where scourge of the worlds procs and you dont have any or enough wounds on a target to take advantage of via clawing shadows. Its better to be able to spam clawing shadows to increase your damage output during this dps window Always use Single Target Dps Cooldowns on Cooldown I cant stress enough that you need to be summoning your gargoyle and using Apocalypse on cooldown make sure you are watching your cd's especially with Apocalypse make sure you have 6 festring wounds on your target before bursting them. Hold Runic Power for RP dump and dont Waste Doom Procs note:This changes if you are running the necrosis talent Number 1 rule never let Runic power go to waste or possible Runic corruption procs to never happen. Always build up to max RP then fire off 3 Deathcoils. As far as Doom procs go Weave them into your rotation so that you aren't hitting them to be able to spend your runic power that is a dps loss. As you could complete your runic power dump and start spending more runes to generate a full bar again. The reasoning behind this is due to the overall dps value bursting your wounds on the target has. As well as when scourge of the worlds will prob you dont want to have a lot of runes down and not be able to take full advantage of this proc. However, if you are using the Necrosis talent then you will always want to be alternating between death coil and festering strike. the only time this loses value is when scourge of the worlds procs at which points you should be dumping your runes into clawing shadows whenever you proc this debuff on a target. Know the best time to use Dark Transformation Generally you will want to pop this at the start of encounter to maximize its uptime and generally this is a good rule to follow. However dont forget that the synergy between infected claws and your empowered Abomination's Vile gas ability. As it will apply multiple festering wounds to multiple targets . this combined with Death and decay allows you to burst multiple Festering wounds on multiple targets with a single Clawing Shadows which is a huge AoE Dps increase. Scourge of the world is top priority Unless you have 0 festering wounds on your target when scourge of the world procs all you should be doing is bursting wounds during this burst window. This being said do not use a clawing shadows without a wound on the target as it is a dps loss rather one festering strike will apply enought wounds for 2-4 consecutive clawing shadows no problem Rotation Priority que whatever you call it these days ;p 1.)No matter what you should always maintain 3 stacks on your main target as this is the best way to maintain high damage on your target. If youre stacks fall below 2 this use Festering stike to reapply immediately as you'll want to maintain a good control of this debuff on the target to maximize Dps 2.)If you are running Necrosis talent you're going to want to alternate between Deathcoil and Clawing Shadows as much as possible as it is a large damage increase. This being said when your pet procs the increased Clawing Shadows damage use this time to dump runes into runic power. Seeings how it does not last all too long and already increases damage of your clawing shadows it would be a dps loss to still alternate while this debuff is on your target. As stated above whenever you trigger the Scourge of the worlds debuff on your target your priority will be bursting wounds on your target as the damage increase is too good to be wasting a global using deathcoil during this time. 3.) For mob DPS depending on your talent choice should be either to first wait until the mobs are grouped,cast dark transformation,cast outbreak.cast 1 Festering Strike on the main target then spam clawing shadows. Note if you took the Infected Claws talent and Bursting Sores you may not need to even cast festering strike pay attention to your debuffs on the target. Otherwise its the same. 4.) I don't care what spec or talents you're running always maintain 100% uptime in Virulent Plague via your Outbreak spell. No matter what it is still a DoT that only costs 1 rune and 1 GCD even if you are not taking the Ebon Fever Talent Note: The Unholy rotation varies greatly based on talent choice. Running Necrosis means you will be alternating two abilities and to achieve higher damage avoid hitting either ability as much as possible to maximize your Dps. This being said there are times when you will have no choice but to double or triple cast. An example of this would be casting your Soul reaper ability. In order to get its full affect on cooldown you will need to either burst three wound with clawing shadows OR use an Apocalypse CD to burst 6 or more wounds. Pre Pull this will almost always be your pre pull and is one of the most asked questions I get i goes as folows [i]Army of the undead at 7 secs to pull, Dps Pot,Engage target with outbreak,Summon Gargoyle,Dark Transformation,Festering Strike to 5 or 6 Festering wounds,Soul Reaper,Apocalypse,Deathcoil,Clawing shadows.[/i/ Then depending on your talent choice you will either build 5 Festering wounds and clear them with Clawing shadows or alternate between Clawing Shadows and Deathcoil. Legendaries As I know this is a sour subject for a large number of players I will say that unlike frost you do not need BiS legendaries to pull good Dps but as is obvious it does make a huger Difference. so In descending order here are your legendaries that I would suggest The Instructor's Fourth Lesson This overall will increase your damage output as being able to burst multiple wounds in a single go allows you to use Festering strike more often and genrate more runic power KIl'Jaeden's Burning Wish THis Trinket is like the Chrono Shard but immensely better as it not only gives you a ton of strength but an insanely strong burst AoE cooldown on of the best for Unholy by far Uvanimore the Unbeautiful Just good hands down it gives a tons of mastery and haste which is just amazing and puts more festering wounds on a targer and when paired with bracers is just insanse. Without the bracers it is not as strong but still very valuable Draugr, Girlde of the Everlasting King Amazing stats and an okay ability most would rank this higher but I have found it overall to do the least amount of good of the Legionaries I Have Listed Alright folks aside from roation which I will be adding more at a later time due to servers about to come up hope this helps you out!. I myself was a MS BoS DK since the start of 7.1.5 and found the playstyle boring and all too button mashy, RiP Frost DK's around the world! here are my logs as an 880 unholy DK last week in Normal NH had to go MS as the raid leader needed my Higher damage for a few bosses as we were running some new people through Please drop a comment or questions below I love feedbackFrõststriker34 Mar 14
Mar 14 Frost Dk DPS I'm a frost dk who keeps seeing all these different frost talent priorities and rotations, I'm just curious what works for you guys on raids and mythic dungeons. I'm just wanting to raid nighthold and get that sweet tier 19 transmog set. What rotation and talent set works for you guys to get the max DPS (I also dabble in PVP so if you've got tips for that let me know)Obbadon21 Mar 14
Mar 14 Frozen ground animation It's pretty neat, until it keeps interrupting my fishing channeling. Need to address that! Death Knights have vacations too.Maffe6 Mar 14
Mar 14 Got the wrists...time to play frost? UH dk since the start with wrists and belt, just picked up the frost dk wrists yesterday...time to start raiding as frost? I put some AP into the swords before 7.1.5 incase this happenedYamargi7 Mar 14
Mar 14 Serious help needed Guys im at my wits end. I have no idea whats going on with this frost dk but i can barely turn out 400k dps in Nighthold Heroic and im constantly being cyberbullied and made fun of and even worse...kicked out of pugs on the reg. i have an equipped ilevel of 900. Other frost dks with 15 less in ilevel have outperformed me. It makes no sense! Im using breath spec like everyone else and when its up im turning out like 600+k but i cant keep the thing up for more than 20-30 sec. then when its down i just sit there and obliterate and frost strike but my meter just tumbles and i drop from top of the chart to bottom over the course of a fight. This is super depressing. Several times i will get made fun of and then i go to the bathroom and scream at myself in front of the mirror and tell my parents that im just rehearsing for a part in drama class. But when they ask when the play is opening I have to say some lie about how im an understudy so i do all the prep but get no credit and never perform so the characters are just eternally trapped inside of me like the souls everyone refuses to soak on phase three of guldan. My crit is 27% My haste is 23% My mastery is 30% My verse is 4% i think my relics might suck as they are ambidex and razorice and i hear blast radius is what i should get. My other issue is i have literally top three BIS legends but cant figure out which ones are best. I have martyr helm, koltira belt, and torav bracers but i run with helm and kiljaeden trinket because icy veins said trinket was best after helm. My rotation is exactly what that guy hazzed said to use and basically jacedk and masterpiss and every other freakin youtuber frost dk says to do. On the dummy in my hall i hit for 600k over five min but in the nighthold i totally get nothing higher than 400k. With full flask food and rune i might be able to get 500k. But usually dont get above that. Im really sorry this was so long. If you have the time please help because i seriously am losing interest to the point of uninstall as its been two months now and i cant figure out why im so low compared to other frosts that have worse gear than me.Pympcaine5 Mar 14
Mar 14 So did anyone see this from (Frost) Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr: Howling Blast deals 20% increased damage to enemies recently damaged by your Remorseless Winter (was 40%).Apocalypseqq2 Mar 14
Mar 14 Trinkets Hey all, just looking for some advice on trinkets. I currently have an 865 DoS, 875 Foci and 895 Krosus, as was wondering which one I should pair with KJBW? I know DoS is crazy for my warrior, but not sure if the ilvl drop is worth it for an UH dk? I also know the effect on Krosus is pretty !@#$, but since it's so much higher was wondering if I should use it instead.Arioni3 Mar 14
Mar 14 Blood Dk Hidden artifact skin check list Hey guys Wanted to let you know I got my hidden skin last night. Here is what I did. Did it as blood Started with 20 withered Killed even single boss and mob Collected all free withered Ended with 640 score Didn't collect all chests. Only collected what I could after I finished it. Ignored the room that required 2 beserkers to open. Used the beacon to teleporting to chest and the large chest you get at the end of finishing the run had my skin. Hope this helps. Ps because I didn't get all chest that rules that out and I made sure I had 600 points but I'm not sure if you can do it with 400. My ilvl was 847 and had completed 3 artefact knowledge bangers!Astropoppins47 Mar 14
Mar 14 Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr Nerf Not sure why Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr is being nerfed in 7.2. In it's current iteration it gains massive amounts of power and synergy through the tier 18 4-Piece bonus, however tier 19 does not include a 20% increased chance to proc nerfing this item by 50% in 7.2 I don't see it being viable whatsoever once tier 19 4-Piece is equipped. While it is undoubtedly OP right now, I don't think that will be the case next patch. I hope those testing the PTR can speak up about this. I think 30% would be a nice middle ground, 50% nerf seems harsh.Vorceir4 Mar 14
Mar 14 Momento or entwined? 845 against 875 (for me) seems pretty straight foward, but people keep suggesting momento over entwined....they do the same thing dont they?Yamargi8 Mar 14
Mar 13 Returning DK advice please Just coming back to WoW today and wondering how DKs are doing in pvp? I see most of the top arena DKs are running unholy, is frost no longer really viable for arena? Would love some advice on DKs. Thanks!Gannicis0 Mar 13
Mar 13 DoS Bug?? UH For several weeks now I have been experiencing something extremely odd with regards to the Draught of Souls Trinket. Basically, 8/10 times I log in the trinket does ~200k a tick for me as UH (no army debuff and ~82% Mastery) The army debuff adds 15% or 30k. However, quite randomly it will do ~300k per tick after I login for the night (no buffs) or ~345k (with aotd buff). Same parameters! Here are my logs from Wed Spellblade Mythic vs Thurs Spellblade Mythic - Wednesday - Thursday This is just one pull comparison with roughly the same time but you can look at all the pulls from Wed and Thurs and see the same thing. It has become extremely frustrating as I basically have resorted to logging in and out over and over on raid nights till I get the better numbers. Anyone with any concrete info on this would be my lifetime hero! I don't even know whether the 200k number is correct or the 300k I just want this sorted out. ** EDIT** Ok so according to some DK bros this is a bug that has literally been around since NH launch and Blizzard just can;t be bothered to fix it. Apparently the lower number is the correct one if any others are having this problem!Paîntraîn1 Mar 13
Mar 13 UH 100 Talent Choice Can someone PLEASE help me understand taking SR over the others? Whether we SR then APOC or APOC then SR the 15s time for both just does not seem worth it.. or am I doing something wrong? FS for 6 wounds, Apoc. FS, SR (at 3 wounds), clawing x3... but that only gives a few seconds with a haste buff for the apoc zombies before they die.Astuutartus3 Mar 13
Mar 13 Good Arena comps for UH DK 3s? What are some good comps currently for uh dk in 3s? Are there any good casters that pair well with an uh dk?Denitor3 Mar 13
Mar 13 5 legendaries, still no frost one. kill me Hard to keep myself going at this pointDelkerramak6 Mar 13
Mar 13 Anyone else feel ring out performs belt? I am lucky to have helm/belt/ring. For the longest time I used helm and belt. But as I progress further into mythic i feel the ring out performs the belt. And it's controlled. I sim better with the helm/ring too.... Am I missing something? Opinions?Divinekhaos22 Mar 13
Mar 13 Frost in instanced PvP. Needs help? I've been away for a month due to work and I'm noticing my DK feels absolutely gutted in PvP. Chill streak and BoS are doing so little damage that they can't be justified. I'm critting in the low 100k range on my obliterates. Is there any plans/future changes to look forward to that I missed? My death knight is not fun anymore.Malus5 Mar 13
Mar 13 Sephuz or shoulders? which one would be better for my sad sack 2nd legendary to wear? Like choosing between being punched in the nuts or face.Dreagan1 Mar 13
Mar 13 Best DK for Legion PVP? Is there any kind of consensus as to the best kind of DK for doing PVP in Legion? While I wait for Legion to come out, I thought I'd make a DK and level him (they have a similar playstyle to ret pally from what I hear, which is my favorite class). Thanks!Wärangel14 Mar 13
Mar 12 Frost DK PvP optimization? Hello fellow DK's, Nice to see you all. I am relatively new to the PvP scene of things when it comes to a frost DK, at least since Wrath, but I am confused of how this class spec plays in PvP, everytime I get jumped by an alliance or my own faction, It feels like I'm getting chunked for 400-600k per hit per their big abilities, and I'm struggling to tickle them for 200-300k, I know they have a decent advantage of gear on me, but it doesn't look like on some of them itd be enough to notice this big of a gap, and I've had other melee classes with less gear chunk me just as hard. So I'm curious is Frost just a weak spec in PvP in general, Is there a suggested build for this, etc.Amoravath5 Mar 12
Mar 12 Opinion on Neck Enchant Hi hoping to get a few thoughts here. So I currently have Prydaz Legendary Neck piece equipped. I spend about 60% of my time as Blood and 40% of my time as frost. So i have it enchanted with thick hide at the moment. But for frost this is utterly useless. I'm curious if there is a middle ground enchant that suits both without hurting either spec too much,Bohkspunch8 Mar 12
Mar 12 Lore question Does the Battle of Lights Hope Chapel take place in Burning Crusade or WotLK? I ask as Im trying to tie up a plot for a story I'm writing and I need certain events to take place prior to the formation of the Ebon Blade and at least in early WotLK.Liovatar4 Mar 12
Mar 12 How do you bloody play... Happy learned to play, Finally starting to see some movement on a couple blood dks changing around a couple things but it's pretty funny still Bloods not in the greatest place as we see people complain about damage but they wanna roll an all haste build they'd rather be able to spam n spam things I guess idk....if you havent tried it yah we know mastery is very gimped but you guys who trippin bout damage , have you even tried some mastery for the ap.... probably not to busy crying bout damage super low... till its fixed rather complain about it then try different things out I can probably use 3 different builds all viable in heroic and still maintain a descent number of coarse the icy veins one... build I like for Spectral deflection/bloodtap(my favorite for pugs dont worry to much about reliable healers unless they that trash or heavy damage fights I don't seem to have a to much worrys about boneshield sometimes they drop sometimes they take for ever) also you can run a tombstone/ams build and crank some heavy asorbs mixed haveing 3 cool downs +4 if you run runetap off cd in 1.5 mins.. regardless I'm lower than I probably should be on haste but any of these build you can manage with 20% unbuffed. I manage with out teir .... don't raid enuff also hard to parse/ and obtain teir gear in pugs til end of content normally when I start to raid less time having to progress ** with pugs Maybe it's because im a washed up heroic cata tank or I'm casual n play during the am hours now .. or heroic just isn't as heroic as it use to be....Luchian5 Mar 12
Mar 12 An Unholy trait that wouldn't be awful Instead of this garbage of Apoc giving runes, which is pretty garbage, and ghoul having a chance to pop wounds which is pretty meh, why not something along these lines, which would also make our new tier bonus not nearly as awful as well. Bursting a wound has an X% chance to spawn a geist, maximum Y spawned at any one time. Geists last 15 seconds and function as army of the dead minions. This allows them to proc the debuffs as well as benefit from portal to the underworld, while also allowing tuning of the damage of the geists without needing to touch army of the dead ghouls damage, but give an easy template to apply to them. Could bind it to anything, but I picked wounds as just a common part of the kit.Furnael2 Mar 12