Death Knight

Oct 5 Blood vs Bear So if a blood dk and a bear druid go long does the fight last?Deathbroker22 Oct 5
Oct 4 Why all the crit gear Im haveing a hard time finding haste gear. Any sugesstions? And if i could get a suggestion on opening rotation for tabking that would be great thxBringhate3 Oct 4
Oct 4 Unholy crit build? Sup fellow DKs! Despite trying really hard to get Haste/Mastery gear, RNG decided to give me a mix of Crit/Haste and Crit/Vers pieces of gear. Stat wise, I got: 28% crit 12% haste 72% mastery 3% vers Since I'm a casual and I don't have time to get involved in any form of raiding, I'm pretty much at the mercy of RNG with the Relinquish tokens and War/titanforged stuff. So why not try to fit something decent with what I have right? Is there any crit builds out there that would fit my stats? Do I have enough crit to even think about going with a crit build? Or maybe I have too much and it devaluates? Maybe I should aim for a specific piece of gear available to me that I don't have yet which would smooth things out... Currently trying out Castigator over Unholy Frenzy. Seems ok but I'm not sure. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thanks!Ramoneur16 Oct 4
Oct 4 Help Fixing Mastery In my quest for a higher ilvel apparently the great irony was I destroyed my dps in the process. My question is should I continue to play rng lottery with the 910 argus vendor items or go back and run heroic tos for what I assume is i900 gear but the set and set bonus are catered to dk? ThanksKovár6 Oct 4
Oct 4 Blood DK, blood drinker is now amazing So people who tested the PTR even though not noted stating that blood drinker has really been ramped up live in 7.1.5 PTR. Stating now it was been increased to 3000% based off of attack power for someone with 4 million hp during its 3 second cast can restore roughly 1.3 million hp on a 30 second cooldown.. Can anyone confirm this and if this is the case blood drink is now a must get along side rune tap with 40% damage reduction.Andarick19 Oct 4
Oct 4 Weapon Enchants I am curious as to whether Stoneskin Gargoyle will ever be useful. Do you think it will be buffed, changed? Is Fallen Crusader too good? Every Spec uses Fallen Crusader? Blood and Unholy only being able to use one, while Frost does use Razorice and Fallen Crusader. Will there ever be more balance? Perhaps new Enchants?Azire3 Oct 4
Oct 4 How do i get the quest for this item? Oct 4
Oct 4 Death Gate bug? Experienced a weird bug today. I had my last death gate used in Orgrimmar. After I came out of a random dungeon I used it to try to get back to Orgrimmar from Acherus and it just took me from the second floor to the first. This sucks cause I forgot to set up my hearthstone, has anyone else experienced something similar?Dethcow2 Oct 4
Oct 4 TMW Tracking Dark Succor Help I need help tracking my Dark Succor Procs with tell me when. I do not want to download another addon, so please do not recommend I use another if I can use tell me when. Thanks!Tendriel2 Oct 4
Oct 4 Proposed Frost dk change So i have read a few of the threads in here about how unholy is ahead of frost dk, and it seems to be from their Ebon Fever in no small part. My proposed change is remove Runic Attenuation and add a new talent in its place that makes Rime procs also apply to frost fever, at the cost of maybe a cooldown on howling blast around 5-8 secs or so. I am no expert so please give me your ideas and any tweaking / Name for this proposed talent option.Kjeldoran13 Oct 4
Oct 4 Cold Heart Management so I just got Cold Heart pretty damn happy! But.. I have no experience using it or when is the best time to use it is there an add-on that can help me manage it?Èsdeath3 Oct 4
Oct 3 Anyone think Frost may overtake Unholy? Yes we will have to wait and see, but here's what we know so far: Frost gets (IMO) a far superior tier set, directly buffing the damage of 2 of its hardest hitting abilities by 15% AND a potentially strong proc with unknown numbers but damage is damage Frost also is slated for more buffs next patch and none scheduled for Unholy Unholy basically gets moderate Death Coil buffs and will lose out on its extremely powerful 4pc from this tier. Feelsbadman Then we have the Titan trinkets. Sadly due to the way the procs work, DK's probably aren't gonna be given Arcanocrystal 2.0 in any serious progression raiding, instead we'll mostly be getting the strength trinket with the autoattack buff while Arcanocrystal 2.0 goes to well...everyone else So that means Frost with its way faster autoattacks will benefit far more than Unholy with that trinket, even when using Unholy Frenzy Unholy has the benefit of scaling better with mastery at the moment, but how much can you scale when you're forced into sub-optimal gear choices?Rikward26 Oct 3
Oct 3 Why was Apocalypse in the Badlands? From : "The Dark Riders scoured the lands of the Eastern Kingdoms before finally discovering the blade in the Badlands. Despite Aegwynn's efforts to hide Apocalypse, it had somehow surfaced again. Who had abandoned the weapon in this place, Ariden did not know. Nor did he care." I'm curious (for some personally very relevant reasons) to know why this was. I'm trying to come up with a sort of list of suspects. One of the theories was that Aegwynn tried to bury Apocalypse in Blackrock Mountain. Could it have erupted from here and shot itself all the way into the Badlands? Was Apocalypse's presence causing great unrest within Blackrock Mountain, if it was indeed brought there, and some faction decided to dump it in the Badlands? If so, who would that have been, and why? Could it have been the Dark Iron Dwarves, who had inhabited the mountain by that time? Perhaps the Grim Patrons and all their brawling are a watered down version of some terrible events that spawned as a result of Apocalypse's presence? ( ) What are your guys' theories/thoughts? A map I was looking at, for convenience/reference: Oct 3
Oct 3 Frost dks macros What are some macros y'all use for pvp?Treefiddy6 Oct 3
Oct 3 Being feared So I was goofing around yesterday and I decided to pull Malificus anticipating on being 1 hit. To my surprise, a druid healer started healing me and I was tanking this thing. So anyways, having never tanked anything in the game in the some-teen years playing WOW, I have not a clue, but I'm tanking this thing. LOL, the person healing me must of been like WTF, OMG what a @#$%y, anyways, well eventually, enough people showed up and eventually we killed him only for a lousy 100 nethershards. No 900+ epic upgrade which I was drooling about from the goofing around stages of the fight. Now I did lose aggro eventually about halfway through the fight to a obviously more seasoned tank. Which I was kind of thankful for because honestly. the fears were getting old rear quick. Anyone wondering how I knew anything about tanking with a blood dk, I have to give a big TY to some blood dk named something beacon or bacon. I read a how to guide he posted on one of the wow forums either here or wow head or icy veins or wherever, anyways, Using that person's method really worked. I call it rotation, I don't do priority, priority kiss my but, I go left to right, proc or no proc, thats how I roll. If I cant mouse click it, move on to the next one I can click. So what I got burned out on though, was being feared. Which brings me to my question. Is there something that I do not know about that allows tanks to not be feared? I rarely see tanks get feared when doing raids or instances.Onig11 Oct 3
Oct 3 Need help with Unholy pvp Looking for tips for unholy the rotation really confusing for me like what to open up with what talents to pick and honor talents if anyone can give me some advice thx.Sekhmetdk2 Oct 3
Oct 3 unholy trinket trouble Having trouble deciding between trinkets, the best few I have are the following: 910 Mastery stat stick 920 socketed cradle 915 Chaos Talisman 915 Engine 875 Convergence Any insight is appreciated, thanks!Jollyrancher2 Oct 3
Oct 3 Orb of Torment /Blood DK just rolled this, could anybody tell me how good this is for a blood DK, my only other trinket is a 915 Kara trinket off shade, stam/mastery Oct 3
Oct 2 Breath of Sindragosa still viable? Is the talent still competitive in a raid environment? I'm getting conflicting information. Some say it's on par but more difficult to pull off, while others say it's now far behind other options. I really enjoyed the Breath play style and would be sad to see it go. It feels like something more difficult/strategic to pull off should be more rewarding than other options.Alyrabell2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Frost DK or Ret 7.3 Good afternoon all, I'm returning form a bit of a break. "Play what you like" aside, what looks to be better in 7.3, Frost DK or Ret Paladin. Thanks so much.Sunraven17 Oct 2
Oct 1 Blizz really nailed unholy this xpac One of the most fun specs I've played in a long time. As far as class fantasy, I don't think I've ever felt more unholy with all the exploding ghouls. gj blizzKizzeh13 Oct 1
Oct 1 Greatsword of the Ebon Blade Attainable color variations please. Thanks! We can see it used by NPCs in acherus with different colors, even Hearthstone has a red version of it. Make it happen!Yirenar2 Oct 1
Oct 1 Unholy or frost?! Right now i am making a dk, never played dk since Mop and i need some advice. 1.What spec should i lvl with from 55-110? 2.What spec should i main for pve? (i enjoy mythic+ and raiding equally) 3.Whats more fun to play, unholy or frost? Thank YOU!Fistsofmight10 Oct 1
Sep 30 Perma slow and gap closers DK too strong coupled with perma slow, icy chains cc in an arena situation for ranged dps.Holydarkest7 Sep 30
Sep 30 TMOG help Only been farming old content for a bit so don't have much to choose from but anyone wanna suggest ways to make my mog cooler? I like it a lot but feel like the boots needs replacingRacemik1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Death Grip resetting upon killing mobs I fondly remember this glyph when I was questing in previous expansions. It felt powerful to continuously chain mobs together and mow them down during the leveling process- it was an interesting take on our lack of mobility. Anyone else miss that small but impactful glyph? Seems like the new glyph system removed it but I would love to have it back in some capacity.Tenebray11 Sep 30
Sep 29 Loving blood dk so far Sure feel the difference leveling a Brewmaster monk to 78 now trying a blood DK. Even if healer sucks or goes afk can still do the entire dungeon as a blood dk. But on my brewmaster that's an entire different story. I think I've found my tanking class I want to main now. Every dungeon my goal is to do more healing than the healer.Deth6 Sep 29
Sep 29 Don't you wish your DK was hot like me? Seriously, wearing this sanctified armor is pretty ruthless. AFK, combusted again.Phage9 Sep 29
Sep 29 Pros and cons Of Veng vs Blook Dk?Sullidan6 Sep 29
Sep 29 Dual Wield Unholy? I feel like 2h fits frost more than unholy. Thoughts?Defacex58 Sep 29
Sep 28 frost dk talent and rotation Hey so started to level my Frost DK up, got him from 830-910 in just a few days thanks to argus! Really curious on the best talents currently for PvP and also PVE and the type rotation you guys are using. I know their are few buttons but maybe i am missing somethingInyoribs0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Ripping threat on Mistress Do you guys stop DPSing with Burden? I find that I easily rip threat from my co-tanks. Yesterday did H Mistress got Burden on me I stepped away for a few seconds, came back in and within 2 GCDs I had Mistress on me. Other tank was DK as well. Also had issues grabbing threat from another co-tank, Guardian. I notice my DPS is much higher than my co-tanks. Not sure why, we should all be around same Item level.Victor4 Sep 28
Sep 28 2h frost next xpac? I want to play a frost dk but I think dual wielding is lame. Will frost be restricted to dual wielding the next expansion?Fìrebrew150 Sep 28
Sep 28 Unholy Legendary for Mage Tower For Unholy I have KJBW, Shoulders, Ring and Aggrmars Stride. Im guessing with Bear tartar I wont need the boots? Im thinking Shoulders ring?Victor11 Sep 28
Sep 28 Blood DK Trinkets Hey! Messing around in blood for purely Mythic+ and I have some left over Trinkets from grabbing unholy trinkets. So I was wondering what would be the best trinkets for me to use! Side note I know DMD is amazing but I personally don't want to spend all that gold again on another tank to get that Trinket! Okay! Here we go! 920 Strength+Vers stick 915 Strength+Mastery stick 910 Memento of Angerboda 910 Shivermaws Jaw 910 Windscar Whetstone I really liked Shivermaws Jaw. All the extra Stam and I tested the on effect use. I got up to 40% versatility. Which seems pretty nice! But not sure if it's really that great! I know Strength+Haste/Crit are probably my BIS aside from DMD. But out of the ones I have ATM what would you run if you had these options? Thanks!!Marrgoth1 Sep 28
Sep 27 Recommended Haste for 7.3 Hey guys, new unholy DK here. I recently hit 920 ilvl and am looking to maximize my damage via enchants/gems. I have read in a couple guides that unholy DK's should shoot for 20% haste then throw everything into mastery, but Ask Mr. Robot is still telling me to dump more into haste and the guide's I've seen were written for 7.2.5. What do you guys recommend? All my gear should be updated via armory.Doomlo2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Unholy Legendaries Questions I'm little confused as to what fights in ToS count as cleave vs Aoe, can anyone tell me which 2 legendaries I should be using in which fights. I have: Soul of the Deathlord, Cold Heart, The Instructor's Fourth Lesson, Draugr, Girdle of the everlasting King, Tak'theritik's Shoulderpads, Uvanimor, the Unbeautiful, Sephuz's Secret and Kiljaeden's Burning Wish.Ebrathil7 Sep 27
Sep 27 Unholy PvP I'm planning on boosting a DK for PvP and i've narrowed the races down to human, belf and orc. Which one do you guys recommend and why?Taylorgangxo12 Sep 27
Sep 27 2h and Shield Ok. I have been maining a blood dk for a while now. I LOVE dks...but I will admit that i have shield envy... Yea, bone shield is cool and all but what about having a 2h weapon and a shield? I feel like that would give us a pretty cool feature (like fury warriors double 2h). Im tired of other classes getting all the cool stuff and us kind of being a second thought. What do y'all think?Hellfall12 Sep 27
Sep 27 New to WoW, need help! Can someone please tell me which spells I should use as a frost dk from left to right (rotation) at my level for dps/pve? Thanks.Soulslasher1 Sep 27
Sep 26 Problems With Aggro as Blood DK Hello everyone. I came up here because in raid( mythic TOS) I am having some real issues with OTHER tanks holding their aggro and Im not sure why is that. This is the first time it happens to me at all since my rotation is the same since Legion came out. I believe is because they have really low DPS, a Monk that is doing 190-230K damage and a druid(replaces the monk whenever he is not online) that does somewhere around 250K to 310K. I do way way more than that, when I ¨Burst¨ I go up to 1.1 millions DPS and sustained I usually do between 450K and 700K, depends on the fight. My raid leader saids that I should lower my DPS but I do not agree with that, I believe the raid should do the maximum DPS possible even from the tanks. I have tried everything, even lowering myself to 320K-350K but It really hurts my rotation. What can I do? or is it the other tanks problem for doing such a low DPS? PD: the gear that appears on my armory is not my raiding gear, more like questing gear. With my raiding gear Im 932 ilvl equipped.Tormentorxx15 Sep 26
Sep 26 Frost DK: So How is this Fair? I have a 110 DK and a 110 DH. Below are the differences I've found out. * A DH has insane mobility with double jump, glide, and dashx2 with a 30sec CD. DK's have wraith walk on a 45 sec CD. * DH's can gather up 6 mobs and burst them down within seconds using Fury of the Illdari and Eye Beam while ending the fight with full health. DK's will die, period. * DH's currently are one of the top DPS's without even trying. Metamorphis and the talent Demonic allows you to keep up demon form for about half a boss fight if not more. DK's aren't bad in 5 mans, but they're not godly like DH's. My point is that DH's have all the tools in their box to do their job extremely well, while also having great sustain in the open world, and great mobility. Blizzard really needs to do something about this, because as of now, we have very little reason to play Frost DK's. I still want to play one, because the class, Frost spec, and the class lore is what appeals most to me, but I also don't want to feel like I'm letting my friends down in a raid, nor do I want to feel gimp while in the open world trying to do what many other classes do with ease.Vallidorn53 Sep 26
Sep 26 I like Dual-Wield Frost Dual-wielding is fitting for Frost because it makes me look as cool as ice!Aztorak6 Sep 26
Sep 26 What did they do to Frost pvp? I popped wings on my Paladin and got thoroughly owned by a Frost DK. He even started with less health than me. What did they change?Candieland4 Sep 26
Sep 26 Your Class Fantasy I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with. Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose? What did they do good? What did they do alright with? What did they do bad/ leave out? Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on. Thank You in advance for your responses. :)Curtens21 Sep 26
Sep 26 Switching from Spriest? I've been toying with the idea of dusting off this Blood DK and switching from my Shadow Priest main ( If I were to do so, since I've not really done much in WoD content, should I just boost to 100 (I think I even originally boosted her to 90) or just play through WoD until I get to 100 and then start Legion content?Gihaahia1 Sep 26
Sep 25 Runic Attenuation vs Icy Talons which would be better as i am using this trinket... Faulty Countermeasure ilvl 920 Use: Sheathe your weapons in ice for 30 sec, giving your melee attacks a chance to cause 149,000 additional Frost damage and slow the target's movement speed by 30% for 8 sec. (2 Min Cooldown)Èsdeath16 Sep 25
Sep 25 Unholy DK Trinkets Hey so I'm new to Unholy DK and DPS really. Mostly heal and tank. And I've been getting some nice drops from the relinquished gear and I need some help deciding what I should be using! First let me state that I ONLY do Mythic+. I currently have 4 trinkets that I do not know which to use! 915 Strength+Mastery stick (assuming BIS) 910 Infernal Cinders 910 Memento of Angerboda 910 Specter of Betrayal So I'm just very confused what two I should be running! And if my Trinket choice will change for Tyrannical/Fortified weeks. I run dark Arbiter build btw! Any help would be great! Thanks!Marrgoth12 Sep 25
Sep 25 Unholy and librams I be read a lot around latlely about the fact unholy doesnt scale well when it comes to weapon damage and the math behind it, altought im not specifically going to talk about that (i know very little behind the matematical part of the game) i did got an idea and would like to hear your opinions about it. first of all while doing my weekly old dungeon runs for transmogs i noticed that librams actually are added to my list, not that i have that, in fact i kinda like them, theres plenty of nice looking ones, but then i tought, what if unholy was given those as an extra equipment AND melee powers were tied out to our weapon while spells to the libram. Im not sure if that would make things more complicated but for me at least having unholy wield one kindo f makes sense, from the 3 specs unholy seems to be the more "magical" adept with the array of spells it has but of course thats just me. what do you guys tink about that? would it be good bad or just overcomplicated?Tylendish2 Sep 25
Sep 25 Blood DK Legendaries Question So, I just got Shackles of Bryndaor, and I also have Skullflower's Haemostasis, Rattlegore Bone Legplates, Acherus Drapes and Prydaz, and I want to make sure I'm using the correct ones. Last time I checked Skullflower's Haemostasis and Shackles of Bryndaor are the best choices for most content, and Acherus Drapes is good for some Mythic+ affixes. Has any of this changed recently or can I use these 3 most of the time? Also, if I equip Shackles over Acherus Drapes I lose a little bit of ilvl, is the legendary better than a bit of couple points of ilvl? Thanks for the answers and sorry if the questions are dumb.Alaanthis16 Sep 25