Death Knight

Sep 3 Sweeping Claws (dark transformation) According to description: Sweeping Claws 40 Energy Melee Range Instant Requires level 50 Rakes an enemy with deformed claws, dealing 80% of normal damage as Shadow to the target and nearby enemies. -------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone else has noticed that the skill does physical damage on instanced pvp? Combat logs and recount addons can comprobate this. Was it ninja nerfed, or are there some patch/hotfix notes i didn't see?Steelgear0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Frost vs Unholy Arena 7.3? I just came back from Season 1 of this expansion and Frost just got buffed back (it was starting to get nerfed when I last played). It feels like it has decent roots and mobility now and ok sustained. Is unholy better or is Frost ahead with the new changes?Neosoul1 Sep 3
Sep 2 I dont get why gorefiends is blood only It was cooler when all DKs could massgrip. Makes dps DKs more desirable and a nice bit of utility to help out tanks.Unlivable4 Sep 2
Sep 2 FDK 7.3 - PVP build Hey All, 7.3 brought lots of changes to FDK. Looking to see if anybody has a build that they like for PVP. Arenas and BG's. Please post them and your thoughts. Thanks!Khemdawg11 Sep 2
Sep 2 Dark Horseman on Argus? Anyone have the Dark Horseman (mounted combat) order hall upgrade in 7.3? Does it work on Argus?Melphas3 Sep 2
Sep 2 Can't figure out Unholy Hey guys, I'm new to the DK and can't seem to get my head around the Unholy spec. I can find a rhythm with frost and blood which feels great but not with Unholy. I find myself starved of runes and runic power a lot of the time and it gets even worse in AoE situations. I think I'm doing something wrong in my rotation. Is popping wounds supposed to be the primary source of damage? Can you guys please share your rotations to help me out? Thank youBlackmalice4 Sep 2
Sep 2 Sanctified Scourgelord plate boots This is something that bothers me for a long time and its been impacting on the way im playing the game. WHY Sanctified Scourgelord's Plate 25 man normal, doesnt have plate boots to complete the set? If you fellows DKs loot into the Sets journal, you will notice that the 10 man set and the 25 man Heroic set have the boots that match with their respective sets but the 25 normal doesnt. This matter HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED SINCE WOTLK. How hard to to re color a pair of boots and put it into the game?.Mendeleiev3 Sep 2
Sep 1 Blood DK - Best Tank for Mythic+? I'm coming back to the game for 7.3, and so are 4 of my other friends. We're all on Discord trying to come up with reasonable classes to play, that will be fun, and also complement one another. I'm considering going Blood DK, and it will probably be my main character. I've read the patch notes from 7.2.5 and I can see that Blook DK have a lot of life and leech, but may have problems with mobility? I'm going to play a tank, and I don't really want to play a Druid or Monk. Maybe some former Blood DK's can give me some opinions? Friend 1: Holy Paladin Friend 2: Fury Warrior Friend 3: BM/MM Hunter Friend 4: Enhance Shaman Friend 5: Sub Rogue Any of these classes be viable for GG Mythic + runs?Cenadena4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Rate the DK name Rate the name above you on a scale of 1-10!Brawn500 Sep 1
Sep 1 did something change with Unholy in 7.3? maybe I'm just having a severe run of luck but since the patch I constantly feel starved for resources or rather starved for runes in particular.Ebrathil2 Sep 1
Sep 1 "It will be an honor to fight by your side" okay Liadrin? Err...I mean yeah of course, hah...not like we're technically at war with each other after that little incident at your base of operations am I right? Hahahaha...Rikward11 Sep 1
Sep 1 BIS leggo? Just an alt I have and since they boosted the 1st and 2nd legendary drop way wondering what the bis was. I saw some people using the chest in obli builds and the one that buffs damage during pillar seems very good. Just checking since icy veins is pretty bad (what I've read) and I wanted to try and target for a dps increase. P.s do the legs really help with movement speed cause I'm pretty tempted tbh Edit: wrong alt lolEilwrath3 Sep 1
Aug 31 DK resources? With IcyVeins being wrong a good amount of the time and Noxxic being laughable, what other sites/guides are there? I've heard about the Discord group but I don't really do well in large group chats like that.Coldrain3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Bonejaw Is there ANY transmog that matches this weird set of colors on a weapon? Like for real.Noolore9 Aug 31
Aug 31 Death Grip Would I be so alone in saying this, but wouldn't a gap closer that brings you to a group of enemies be better than just pulling one? At least for maybe Blood and Frost spec. I know as frost and blood I would rather get to the fight faster and AoE/Single Target then just going, ohohoho that 1, yes that lil guy, I will take him and everyone else just kill the rest of that group........Maybe its just me. And shouldn't frost be a more mobile spec? I mean being all Icy and stuff shouldn't frost be sliding all around the battle field like Iceman....that would be fun.Kieshen9 Aug 31
Aug 31 That's it, I've had enough Give us back deaths advance and remove wraith walk now, I'm not asking blizzard do it.Beondx21 Aug 31
Aug 31 Beginner unholy pvp build ? Trying to wrap my head around unholy , wondering if there is a easy build to help me get started. Doing bgs :pCrimsonita0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Dark Arbiter Place in rotation Hello, Ive been using Soul reaper since playing Unholy this expansion. Typically i get my 6 stacks and use it, then pop apocolapse, then make sure i have 4 runes when Apocolypse isnt up to get all 3 stacks. Ive been hearing that Dark Arbiter is really good but seems to kind of do the Opposite based off the tooltip. So i was curious if it does damage similar to Breath of Syndragosa.. when im fighting to keep up runic power.. or if it just simply means that i want 100 RP before popping DA. Also is it only worth taking DA over SR if i don't have the set bonuses for summons? Thanks all :)Vladius1 Aug 31
Aug 31 Frost DK Trinkets I just did M+ 10 Maw of Souls (which I do not recommend with tyrannical) and got a 915 Memento. Wondering if anyone knows the math on whether this trinket is any good for us right now or not? My other trinkets are a 905 Engine and a 915 Infernal Cinders. Crit 32% Haste 15% Mastery 37% Vers 7% CheersDrukalnn4 Aug 31
Aug 31 Fire relic Sup guys! Just wondering where you got your fire relic from? I don't have access to raid content at the moment (not enough time) so that's out of the picture. I'm asking because I've been getting plenty of shadow/frost/blood relics from WQs and heroics but I only saw ONE fire relic from WQs and it's the +42 ilvl I'm still wearing that I got a couple weeks after Legion launched (thank god it warforged at least). We're talking about several months of doing the content I have access to over and over and yet, no freaking fire relic anywhere! I'm a bit baffled by that and I'm starting to consider the fact that Blizzard may have put a flag on my account which prevent me from getting any :P I've even tried my luck on the relinquished relic tokens and after 5 shadow relics in a row, I kinda gave up and returned to that no fire relic flag theory on my account :/ Any help would be gladly appreciated before I go completely insane!Ramoneur12 Aug 31
Aug 31 Shattering Strikes Is this working at all? After you get the 5th, the next Frost Strike should hammer with a 60% increase but I'm not seeing it on my charts. Anyone else getting this thing to work for them? 60% should be a huge Frost Strike. Normal it's just under 1mil for me. Should be crushing the meters with that 60%.Sennra1 Aug 31
Aug 31 What it would be the DK 4th Spec well with the entire talk about Next Xpac being Specs instead of new class With 4th Spec would fit with DK's? we're already necromancers with plates, will a Ranged Spellcaster spec with plate work with us?Zøgwort37 Aug 31
Aug 31 Frost dk dps question is around 750-800k sustain dps good for around 905 ilvl with no set bonuses?Artrin2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Legion S1 DK elite set changed? I logged onto 7.3 today and noticed that the eyes for the legion season 1 elite dk set helmet are bugged or they were changed. They used to be blue and they are now red. Can this change be reverted? I'm not sure why blizzard had to change this helm that people worked to get. I wanted this set for the blue eyes and I'm not sure why it was changed unless it was a bug. As it stands now it just looks off and doesn't feel like it fits the set. Please fix this blizzard.Necrobliight2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Unholy DK trinkets i have a ilvl890 brulstone idol ( 1879 str + 1137 mastery ) when i equip/unequip that's 2400 attack power and 6.4% shadow damage. and i have a ilvl885 arcano ( +930 crit/ver/haste/mastery) , i usually run brustone and arcano recently got ilvl875 cof (1634 str with a socket ) what do you guys think is better when comparing these trinkets 1 by 1, and which pair would be better to use ? arcano better or brulstrone idol ?Dkmamacita2 Aug 31
Aug 31 does cof get nerf tommorow? or is the cof nerf down the road( i see nothing in patchnotes about it)Nânâ6 Aug 31
Aug 30 fastest way to get artifact relics? im trying to make my frost dk better but i cant seem to get relics quickly, or at all. whats the best way to get them?Ophiae3 Aug 30
Aug 30 Did something change for unholy in 7.3? was looking at frost numbers on goroth and suddenly see unholy is #1 on mythic goroth now for all %tiles. i remember we were behind at least 5 other specs prepatch. i know the sample size isn't big yet but theres already quite a few parses. i don't see any other high preforming classes getting nerfs, nor unholy getting buffs. anything change? lolKairuime6 Aug 30
Aug 30 Returning DK With Questions Geared my uh dk around 870 then gave it up for Warr to have mobility but decided I'd give up mobility for a fun rotation plus arms Warr get's melted in bg. Anyway I have one legendary wrist and jw what legendaries to run with also what rotation and talents. Thanks!Crookedmán1 Aug 30
Aug 30 Trollbane's Death Charger I saw an orc deathknight using this Charger in dalaran when i was on my way to stormwind, do you guys have any idea how to get it? Google doesnt help here.Mendeleiev6 Aug 30
Aug 30 DK Dps specs I want to boost my DK. I am having a difficult time deciding which DPS spec to go with. •Which is more forgiving? •What are the pros/cons of Frost and Unholy? •Why do you play the Frost or Unholy? *Not looking for the best of the two just want to grasp a better understanding of each.Chronic4 Aug 30
Aug 30 Raise Dead Not a big fan of The 1 min CD to Re-summon are pet. Argus is killer for petsApocalypseqq0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Frost Choices Ran ToS tonight with my DK and I'm more confused than before. I'm not sure if I should be crushing out Oblit's like crazy over HB or keep going back and forth as they proc from Oblit talent. I'm also unsure of using Oblit over FrostScythe. I ran through the numbers on all my fights and any fight with a plus mob FS is a better choice. Single target Oblit is maybe 50k ahead. Not really sealing the deal for me. Does Oblit synergize better then FS? My numbers were up from previous week but they still suck compared to my Arcane mage which is about the same ilvl. I don't understand how the dps coming out from them can still be so low. Nothing in that talent tree feels like it belongs to the next. The first tier doesn't feel right to me. RA I see is the one to go to but it's very unimpressive when you look at the numbers it's bringing in. Looking forward to trying more but right now. 7.3.5 better bring some higher numbers for Frost. Can easily be done by just upping the off-hand weapon dmg. Bring that up by 30% and I think Frost DK is right where it needs to be.Sennra2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Death Knight lore going forward The Lich King seems confident that we are his instruments. That we only believe we are in control of ourselves. Are we? Or is he simply awaiting the defeat of The Legion to take its place?Xandrious24 Aug 30
Aug 30 Wraith Walk I have had an idea for a while to help mobility for raiding while not breaking the class in PvP. How about making Wraith Walk function similar to DVAs defense matrix. Meaning you can use the ability at any time but it has a rechargeable resource. That will only allow it to last so long. Either that or dramatically reduce the cooldown please.Cerebro3 Aug 30
Aug 30 How To: Breath Alternatives. So 7.3 dropped and I am dismayed. The talent shuffle ruined my fun. But the idea is to make breath less dominant or bring the viability of other builds up, right? Well the way blizz did it was simply to destroy the dominant build. Bam! Now the other stuff competes or at least it seems that is their logic. But instead of making the changes they did perhaps they could have done something better in making another build viable. The Idea I present is Obliteration Frostscythe. Many of us have been playing Hungering Breath but now think about this. Frostscythe is underutilized but great in potentia. What changes do I suggest? Frostscythe Replaces Obliterate. Frostscythe costs 2 runes. Damage of Frostscythe increased to match rune cost and balance spell replacement. Obliteration lasts 15 seconds increased by 2 seconds for every 25 runic power spent. Frostscythe is basically like a soft replacement for obliterate already. It merely lacks some of Obliterates deeper functionality. So if it becomes a full on replacement that scales better than obliterate due to doing frost damage. It begins a new viable replacement to breath in making obliteration shine more for burst. And with the change to obliteration above it becomes a manner of optimizing your obliteration for maximum damage. Now to change over to the new talents... Seeing as we now have to deal with the fact we are going to breathe in shorter windows. it'd be nice if Frost strike reduced the CD of breath by like 1-2 seconds so that we can at least breath a bit more often. But that might be more of a pipe dream.Zephyrath0 Aug 30
Aug 29 Legion S4 Elite Set Ninja change Legion S5 Elite Set Ninja change Elite set i earned throughout season: Elite set ensemble i purchased today: Why?Moldran3 Aug 29
Aug 29 Dark Horseman upgrade in Argus I would like to see the dark horseman class hall upgrade (mount hitching post) usable in Argus for dks (and paladin equivalent). If not, then I'm afraid this option will become obsolete, as most time will now be spent in Argus.Vynesticor0 Aug 29
Aug 29 How to not pull as much aggro as 2nd tank? Heya guys, DK main here! So recently I've been running raids with my buddy Darcey. He's kindof a DK main like me, but his focus is more on the AH and raiding and he doesn't seem particular about what class he plays. Anyway, he's pretty good at what he does. Right now he's more geared than me, marginally. I haven't upgraded my legendaries yet, mind you. If you inspect me obviously I'm not the best geared DK out there. I've been playing DK since wrath, and we've obviously gone through so many changes that most spec's aren't the same as they've been, year after year, with each expansion. But I'd still say I'm experienced at adapting to the changes. But I've had issues being his secondary tank - for some reason even though we use the same abilities he can't even come close to topping my aggro. I'd say obviously that means maybe I should taunt less but even when I avoid taunting it's hard for him to out-threat me. As blood DK's we can ignore certain mechanics to a point more than some other tanks, but this is still obviously a problem for him lol. I've got all my abilities, my rotation basically has zero breaks in it, and I only use dark command when it's my turn to bump up the aggro, yet according to him I'm somehow pulling like 3,000% threat generation... I realize that this may simply be because the phases he has me pull on are a little short before he needs to take it again, but he has dark command too, so why is this an issue? Is this issue just imagined lmao? (He lives in australia btw, could it be latency?)Schraede15 Aug 29
Aug 29 My Blood DPS, or Lack Thereof. So I like to think of myself as a reasonably competent blood DK tank. 8/9H only running it in pugs, know what spells to use when, etc. What has become apparent (and gotten me rejected from a raiding guild) is my rather lackluster DPS. Looking around, I seem to be doing what you are supposed to to increase said DPS, but still am averaging around 350k at 926. Is there just something I am missing? What are these 'massive numbers' that blood DKs are supposedly capable of? I am assuming there is just some... basic skill that I haven't learned for DPS, especially since I am more than capable of tanking bosses and have excellent survivability. Any help will be appreciated, as I am at something of a loss and getting extremely annoyed at my lack of progress. ~MooHuriinne14 Aug 29
Aug 29 How is Cold Heart affected by BLP? I just got myself Death's March, after being sad for quite a while I am now because I've been trying to get Cold Heart for so long and am STILL stuck with Uvanimor because apparently it's too good a stat stick and I can't get any dang haste/mastery gear, I'm now at quite a bit of a crossroads Do I leave my loot spec at Unholy and go through the month long grind again? Or do I switch to Frost and see if I get my next one faster? The only other Legendaries I have left for Unholy are shared across other specs As I understand, Cold Heart is both a Frost AND Unholy legendary, but I did just get an Unholy Legendary and no Frost one for a long time Furthermore about 3 weeks ago I got KJBW which is across both specs, but also got Instructor's 2 days later which seriously confused me about how spec specific BLP worksRikward11 Aug 29
Aug 29 When All Will Serve? When should I even take this talent? It feels cool but I'm already using both of the other talents for this row (legendary ring). What interaction does this have with Corpse Shield? I just want to be informed, not looking to start fights.Noolore13 Aug 29
Aug 29 Anyone else wish for a petless unholy spec? This is just a what if theory crafting post. Please do not be toxic and that stuff. I would like to have a nice conversation with the community and see what other think. I am prepared for this to get ugly sadly. Now I understand part of unholy fantasy is necromancer. Still the other half of it is death. I kinda wish we could get talents that would go more like ret paladins. Left side would be more of a necromancer build. That works on buffing and helping with pet damage. While right side would be more of a grim reaper build. Buffing up our shadow/dot damage. With rune regeneration build into the talents. Mid talents would be a half and half play style. So level 90 would replace Ebon Fever with something like Walking Death. DK loose their ghoul but shadow damage is increase by 50%. Dots damage is buffed by another 20% on top. Before anyone says this is op. I am just guessing on what the damage changes would have to be to make up for the lost of our pet. Blighted Rune Weapon would be changed into Controlled Corruption. Runic Corruption no longer procs on DC. Instead will pop up when not on cooldown. Has a 5 second cooldown. So it activates for 5 seconds. Then goes away for 5 second. Comes back and goes away. Like how the legendary neckless works when you are not in combat. Claw shadows will stay the same. Infected Claws would become like Death Coil Mastered. Death Coil no longer on GCD and will passively fire off if you go over your runic power max. Don't hate me. I am not sure what to replace Infected Claws. I just know a lot of people hate DC and wish it was passive or not on the GCD. Soul Reaper might change. Not sure if changing the haste buff to a mastery buff would be good or now.Daemonette32 Aug 29
Aug 29 unholy dk pvp question best comps for unholy atm?Artrin2 Aug 29
Aug 29 Reccomended build for Mage Tower? Would MG be better than BoS for Xylem?Myrallinok3 Aug 29
Aug 29 Does Necrotic Strike Stack New to DK and couldn't find any information on necrotic strike from legion. I am wondering if the healing debuff (absorbs x amount of healing done) stacks. What I mean is if i cast necrotic strike twice does it about 2x healing done or does it simply renew the debuff of absorbing x healing. Thank you for any help.Illiidan1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Frost dk question any idea what legendary's will be the go to tue? i have 4 atm they are Acherus Drapes, Cold Heart, Aggramar's Stride, and Seal of Necrofantasia.Artrin5 Aug 29
Aug 28 Where are my Heroic Scourguelord Boots? The DK in the Acherus loading screen has some, why can't we have some as well? I know this has been a thing for a while now, but I almost wept when I noticed that the loading screen DK gets boots to match the H ICC set, but we still get the shaft.Leylanyssa2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Tuesday So will frost be the pvp spec after the new patch or is UH still the way to go?Redneckdeath7 Aug 28
Aug 28 New DK, want to know something Greetings fellow knights of the ebon blade I am curious about which specs will be dominant after patch 7.3 with the frost buff. Is it worth gearing that up after I gear up for blood when i hit 110 (kinda want to main blood, not sure yet) Or will unholy rule? I will mainly be doing PVE, maybe some PVP if I can get rid of my bad luck streak.Fleshrend7 Aug 28