Death Knight

Jan 14 UH vs FR Hey all. Just wanted an opinion or two. Here is my char to start: 110 Goblin DK 883ilvl FR - 44 traits (889 ilvl weap) legendaries - Ring (erw) and Back UH - 26 traits (883 ilvl) Same legendaries (only gotten two total) Would it be worth switching to a CS build and still be able to do good dps if I focused efforts on my UH weapon? Thanks in advance - I can play. It's pretty well I think.Hellrazzar4 Jan 14
Jan 14 Consort's Cold Core Icy Veins states that its one of the weakest choice, what do you guys think?Arthanial5 Jan 14
Jan 14 7.1.5 (Hazzed) Breath Spec Questions Hey all!! New to frost DK @ 110 & brand new to the breath spec. I have some questions as far as the general "rotation" is concerned; specifically the opener to gain enough RP for breath & the what to prioritize in between breaths. I recently lucked out and got the Ring of Necrofantasia, so I know having that second Empower Rune Weapon stack is gonna help immensely. I'm just not sure if I should open with HB, spam OB 'till roughly 60-70 RP, blow a stack of Empower Rune Weapon and begin my breath burst or wait for the majority of my runes to come back naturally before beginning my burst--I'm impatient and don't really wanna wait for all that windup. As far as my "rotation" between breaths goes, I usually just do my best to make sure I have as many runes as possible for when RW comes off CD so I can oblit spam and bring it's damage up as much as possible. Am I doing this right? Kinda going in blind, and have decent burst, but I taper off and maintain anywhere from 240-243k DPS on a target dummy @ iLvl 859. Not sure if that's adequate for my iLvl, but I feel like it should be a bit higher. Thanks in advance for the input!!Erogance0 Jan 14
Jan 14 worth dropping 2 item levels on weapon Is it worth dropping2 item levels on your artifact weapon to have the right relics,say I replace a 875 relic that gives a extra1% frost damage with a 870 relic that gives a extra 10% to howling blastWickereduu4 Jan 14
Jan 14 Next balance nerfs no RE fix So after they collected data and determined out class was balanced - they nerf our resource generation undocumented making the class feel like dog shet. We let them know, silence. Silence. Silence. Now I see this, seeing death knight having upcoming changes gave me a bit of hope, but wait.... Naah, they just nerfed the only thing blood dks actually liked about the butchering of their spec. And not just "toned it down" but needed it into oblivionSorrow11 Jan 14
Jan 14 blood drinker i was messing around on my dk and seems that changes have been reverted anyone else confirm this?Myoka1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Blood drinker seemed nerfed or no Is it just me or does blood drinker seem nerfed late last night early today like hot fixed? Also I noticed the damage increased is it based off strength or or ilvl or something.. I can average 500k per non tick and even gotten as high as 1.2m crit ticks almost globaled a pvp warrior with a single burst all 3 crits for roughly 3.1 million lol...Andarick19 Jan 14
Jan 14 To the Devs: Explanation Needed GD Post, which you should bump until we get a response: I'm sure a lot of fellow Death Knights have been noticing that they've been getting less Runic Empowerment procs as of the release of patch 7.1.5. Initially I didn't notice much of anything while playing a more standard RA+Obliteration spec, but when I swapped to Breath of Sindragosa I immediately noticed that I wasn't getting much of any RE procs - essential to maintain the talent for such a long time and to get the most benefit out of it without proper legendaries virtually nobody has anyway - and that I was finding myself hard-pressed to even hit an Obliterate before I'd run out of Runic Power pretty quickly. Logs from the past two days, both in the US and EU, were showing this trend, too: in other threads folks were noticing about 20% fewer RE procs over the course of fights in their logs and this seemed largely consistent. They'd find themselves experiencing downtime to the point of it negatively affecting their damage - which was never particularly excellent to begin with - and that never feels good, no matter which spec you play. Naturally, people complained. I complained after initially dismissing it. Many others complained even though others dismissed it. "What could've caused this? Nothing's in the patch notes. Nothing's been documented. Is the entire DK community just that unlucky?" you probably asked yourself. Well, Mishy, one of the theorycrafters on our class Discord server, came out with the following statement about two hours ago: ... There's a lot of technical stuff in there, but the main gist of what Mishy said in this post is this: for all of 7.1 until the patch released, we were bugged. Runic Attenuation had a hidden effect that caused Runic Empowerment to treat all our RP-spenders as if they spent 20% more RP. This explains why Frost was so spammy and experienced so little downtime before the patch. The downtime we are experiencing now, however inconvenient it may be, is normal and intended. So, in an effort to hopefully address the devs (even knowing they virtually never check the class forums and that this will fall upon blind eyes and deaf ears), I request the following: revert this. Seriously. If this is meant to be believed - after the logs and everything all but confirm it - a single undocumented bug fix to a very popular talent effectively hit Frost DKs extremely hard where it hurts the most: our damage and folks' overall enjoyment of the spec. We have to cast Frost Strike twice as often to achieve the same thing now. We have to rely twice as much on complete RNG to maintain any relevant form of uptime on Breath of Sindragosa, which is arguably the most legendary-dependent spec in the entire game now. We're watching Icy Talons periodically fall off when it had otherwise seen 100% uptime, resulting in a massive loss in DPS for every second we cannot reapply three stacks of it because of how resource starved we may become. Were we even remotely strong enough for this change to be warranted? Even with this bug existing we weren't overwhelmingly strong. We couldn't logically compete with the Fire Mages, Shadow Priests, and Marksmanship Hunters of 7.1. All this is doing is making an upper mid-tier spec worse when it could've honestly used buffs if anything. Is there anything in the works for us to remedy this? Because this is far, far too major of a change to go virtually undocumented and to go without compensation elsewhere.Dreadfury34 Jan 14
Jan 14 Is Unholy VIABLE for PVP? Hey guys. I know everybody is freaking out over how OP frost is right now, but the playstyle of unholy seems really cool. I'm a casual for PVP and PVE, if I were to roll unholy at 110 would I be regretting it or would I be able to pull off some decent pressure in bgs and arena? How does unholy do at raiding vs frost? Thank you.Floyd27 Jan 14
Jan 14 Blood DK? Hey all, Currently just got my DK to 110 and gearing him up, just a odd question might be common knowledge to some but i have just come back from a recent break. How is Blood doing for farming and dailies etc? Like in prior times tank specs were horrible for clearing etc just not wanting to switch from frost to blood and it be horrible and do my head in. Any input is appreciated, thank you. <3Nattodeo13 Jan 14
Jan 14 DH vs. DK Solo King? I understand both classes are the top self healers in the game. Before Legion, DK's could almost solo anything with no issues but in Legion, it changed a bit although DK's still can carry themselves. As of Legion, I have heard DH are much better and soloing harder content compared to dK's although both are viable. This is due to DH's self healing being burstier although DH's are squishier. Is there any true to this?Untouchable16 Jan 14
Jan 14 Unholy Pet Hook Nerf Anyone else have there pet grip (Hook) ability nerfed to the groundSlaììn7 Jan 14
Jan 14 Why is Frost still at the bottom? I'll go ahead and assume it's because we're brokenly op in PvP but wow. I've played fdk since wrath launch so I know it quite well. I've been going through my raid groups parses and seeing how I've been doing and well.... it's not even fair. I'm parsing on average in the 90% of fdks in my ilvl range for H EN, sometimes even 99% and then there will be a warrior or hunter parsing at 40% and only be 20k behind/above or something like a warlock/rogue at 80% and be doing 100k more than me. 7.1.5 almost every class got buffed I feel, yet we remained untouched other than minor buffs to a few pitiful talents we have and it only made them slightly less pitiful. If I'm playing at the top of my class, think I shouldn't be middle of the pack in meters lol. Any thoughts?Nioxous12 Jan 14
Jan 13 ilevel cut for relics Is taking a 3 ilevel cut for a relic worth it if it means getting Ambidexterity? Is there a general rule of thumb for DKs in our relic priority system that I could use?Kaidenn2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Nothing Much Has Changed Even after 7.1.5, I really haven't changed any of my talents, I'm still finding the my current talent set to function just as well as it did before the patch. I've tried the this "viable" Breath of Sindragosa build but have found it's inferior to the pre-patch "Machine Gun" build. Before the patch I was doing about 400k DPS and after the patch, I'm still doing 400k DPS. Talents unchanged. I was somewhat stoked that there'd be some variation in play-style--maybe a spec that didn't require so much refreshing of Icy Talons or something like that. Turns out, the buff to Howling Blast still isn't optimal (and therefore begging the question: what was the point?). I was wondering if I could somehow rise from this "middle of the pack" status that Frost Death Knights have found themselves. But it seems we're destined to remain here: among the top five, but never at the top. So, I guess what I'm saying here is that there was a lot of hub-bub about 7.1.5 and I logged on to find nothing much had changed...Cheeseknife3 Jan 13
Jan 13 UH hidden skin Does anyone know if the default bonereaper's hook (purple) will drop if I am using the 1000 hk bonereaper appearance (blue)? Thanks in advance.Kennä2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Dont need BOS So i'm sure everyone is aware of the buff that blizz gave to BOS i gave the spec a try in H EN and a couple Mythic + dungs and i didn't really like the spec atm the downtime was terrible it can be due to the fact i don't have any legendary's and i think BOS strives in the 4p t19 set. I went back to having icy talons horn of winter, avalanche, winter is coming, white walker, frost scythe, obliteration and i was number one in dps in mythic + in trash pulls and boss fights i wasn't able to give it a try in a raid but i do have to up my haste a little bit more to have a smoother feel but i just can't roll my dices with BOS atmIcydeadpplz5 Jan 13
Jan 13 BoS - burst rotations Arena Question for those sim-craft/max damage enthusiasts. I've put in about 100 2v2 arena's since the patch with BoS lineup with resto druid partner. I use the 3-1-3-3-3-3-2 build. My PvP talents I am having a hard time deciding on the last row, leaning heavily towards ORW. In most cases I can burn down a resto druid or resto shaman in the opener with the right rotations. I have a much harder time with disc priest or a DPS if they have a monk (cuz monks feel like they have hax with unlimited mobility and getaway). My first question is whether or not anyone uses GCD's for Howling Blast procs during the BoS rotation. As I run the remorse-winter buff, I spam Oblits the entire BoS rotation right now to get most up-time for snare and damage from RW. I have a hard time justifying the use of GCD for something that doesn't build RP or extend that buff even though its burst could be 200-300k over an oblit. Thoughts/comments appreciated> My second question is a general success ratio people have had with tundra stalker or chill streak. Against a monk healer I don't think anyone should ever use chill streak, but for the other combinations I am wondering if its worth it. I feel like its 50/50 chance that the DPS will come to help the healer in my BoS rotation for me to be able to utilize Chill Streak to burst. If they don't, I am forced to focus more on using my grip to just get a chill streak rather than keeping the healer near me. And Tundra Stalker just doesn't seem like a fit for BoS as its only use is keeping up a steady damage when BoS is on CD... in which case we rarely get a finish. Lastly - any tips/tricks people use against MW monks and disc/!@# ? Against a MW/DH or MW/DK, I feel outmatched. I have a hard enough time getting hits on the monk without being perma-70% snared. And disc/$%^ is always a toss up as I can't seem to finish a disc priest in BoS burst. 2nd Lastly - feral druid + healer seems like the only spec we are guaranteed loss again. Feral druid DPS just so insane and can't burst down. ThanksXerical0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Unholy DK Hi guys, I would like to know how is Unholy doing in 7.1.5 (I know it has only 2 days live but anyway). I really love Unholy DK but I'm playing Frost just because I got 2 sh... legendaries. Do you think is a good idea to keep trying to get a good legendary for Unholy? Or just keep on Frost? I have 32% crit, 23% haste and 33% mastery, do you think that's ok to go unholy? Do I have to increase Mastery? Thanks in advanceUzrogg18 Jan 13
Jan 13 Bug: Frozen Soul Currently Frozen Soul does not work properly with Gathering Storm.Eviltapeworm4 Jan 13
Jan 13 7.1.5 All Unholy Changes!? There are many changes to unholy that aren't on the patch 7.1.5 notes but were changed in the PTR process. Things like apocalypse only bursting 6 wounds now, or anti magic shield getting buffed from the artifact trait. Is there a complete list of all the unholy changes somewhere?Archronic1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Brutal Gladiator's Dreadplate is BACK! YESSSS! They must have hot fixed it in! I have been on them like crazy about it lol! Im a mog junkie so this one was driving me crazy!Wroth3 Jan 13
Jan 13 BoS Did breath get a damage nerf or am i tripping?Vunderpoon1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Fix Death Strike Please It's been bugged ever since alpha. When you use death strike on a target, and it get's dodged/parried/immuned then you DONT get a heal. And to top it off, you also consumed 45 runic power....for nothing. It hasn't been like this before. I remember Death Strike always working regardless. Why hasn't this been addressed? This is a serious problem especially considering the fact that it's basically our only heal.Zagnarox74 Jan 13
Jan 13 Transmog for Death knights Hello fellow dks, So as most of you know death knights dont have a lot of good looking sets, The few that we have that look decent and feel death knight like are overused and old. With this tier however that we got in nighthold they seemed to really make the armor look like Arthas's set, The helm is almost a carbon copy lel. Something i think should be done however is to add more sets like the one we're getting in this tier. And im about to go full edgelord on you really fast but as a Death Knight i want Black, Dark, Not flashy, Skulls everywhere, And a beautiful cloak. Black is a color starved from our appearance selection as a death knight and very few armor sets are really even dark nowadays. I was scrolling through pictures when i came across this bad boy have a look to get a general idea what im talking about when i say i want black and give your opinions down below on how you would like to see dk armor sets start to turn into Jan 13
Jan 13 Different talents? a good problem? With SimCraft kind of broken at the moment I'm kind of stuck. I have the legendary belt and helm. I'm struggling to find the right build. I like BoS because its fun and I can keep it up 50 seconds to a minute at a time. So if I kill something in a minute or 2 i can pull 600-700k. But my guild doesn't killl raid bosses in anything less than 3 or 4. Andif a fight has mechanics with bad RNG you're screwed for 2 minutes. So would the safe spec be RA/OB? Or because I have the helm is it worth using Freezing Fog and Storm? I have no clear answer and I can't sim lol. I would think using Fog and Storm would be viable because it gives me a wider range of Dps beyond ST. My stats are solid 25 crit/25 haste/29 mastery and 7 Vers. I can also switch gear to favor BoS. Does anyone have any type of input?Divinekhaos0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Do you need haste for CS? I have 23%crit 11% haste and 80%+ mastery. Haste is being weighed as my lowest stat weight by far using Necrosis/BRW. Mastery>>crit=vers>haste. Is there even a point to stacking haste anymore? I don't have a gear set to test mastery/haste vs mastery/crit.Wîllow4 Jan 13
Jan 13 Why the RNG on Festering Strike Feed me em 4 festering wound opener so frustrating. Also did anyone experience Apocalypse armies and AoTD just standing there and jacking it for their entire duration it happened to me a couple times and i dont know what to do when it happenSwolefie2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Stoneskin Gargoyle changes Just noticed that Stoneskin Gargoyle grants +5% to all stats. Given that Fallen Crusader has been reduced to 15% Does Agility actually give us crit (and therefore Parry?) Strength is ok Stamina is good as always (and given its 5% of stamina its ok) And that sweet sweet int will be awesome! So if agility does not give us crit... then really this rune kinda sucks by giving us 10% between two stats (all the time) and some armor rather then 15% and a Self heal? Thoughts?Avaxxa15 Jan 13
Jan 13 Best Blood DK Legendary Icy Veins and Wowhead both say Shackles of Bryndaor is the best blood DK legendary. It basically gives you 1 free Death Strike for every 7 you use. This does not seem very good to me. Meanwhile, neither site even lists Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus, which can potentially give us a 600k+ absorb shield for every pull. This seems like it would be by far the best since it gives us a cushion to build RP and bone shield without taking a huge HP spike on pulls. It also seems like it could be very powerful when chained with the Umbilicus Eternus absorb shield. For example, 600k Prydaz shield on pull, wait 10 sec, use Vampiric Blood for 10 sec of 50% more HP and heals, followed by a 10 sec Umbilicus Eternus absorb shield, followed by a second Prydaz proc. That could end up coming out to around 40 sec of "god mode" for most pulls, especially with Service of Gorefiend as a second legendary to reduce the VB CD. Am I completely missing something here? Why is Bryndaor so high and Prydaz not even in the running?Pseudocool17 Jan 13
Jan 13 DK = M+ DPS Class? So with the added damage boost to BoS, our "burst" dps has gone up significantly. We really shine on shorter encounters where our burst DPS can be utilized to its fullest. Now this is all well and good, but leaves us running in the middle (if not lower) of the pack when it comes to dpsing the longer fights. I know Blizzard likes to design classes around certain niches when specced a specific way, but even our "sustained" dps spec doesn't perform nearly as well as the top tier sustained dps classes. The class changes in the last patch were great, and a really good step in the right direction for a certain spec (AOE/Burst for short encounters), but the maintained DPS spec over a long period needed some help as well and was sadly passed over. Reality is, there should be a certain style fight where DK should excel at over all others, and that is a patchwerk style fight. Our mobility will always be our achilles heal when it comes to high mobility fights, but in fights where we can sit on a target..... IMO we should be topping the DPS charts. Now I haven't played this DK since Wrath, and only HC raided for Vanilla, TBC and Wrath, but looking at classes strengths and weaknesses... ours really doesn't have a 2+2=4. IMO this is a class design failure, and really does need a hard look at fixing it.Ghannon9 Jan 13
Jan 13 About "Class Fantasy" and our Mobility Us DKs were first introduced in the old RTS WC3 in which we were mounted hero units that gave speed to everyone around us. Compare to paladin (who now have mounted combat) did NOT have mounts in WC. So i think somewhere along the lines someone got our fantasy's mixed up. I'm not saying nerf pally mobility i always thought speed of light was an awesome spell. I'm saying maybe give US the mounted speed ability. Wraith walk is a dumpster fire of a mobility spell. If i want not not get caught on every out of place pixel i need to dump 3-8k on a glyph for every spec.Avagnar4 Jan 13
Jan 13 Problem with BoS So I wanted to test the new hotness in a live setting and thought LFR Xavius would be decent enough. I bank my RP during the last trash wave since we all know LFR likes to chain pull. Get all ready, pop my potion, PoF, Remorseless and BoS all excited to do mad deeps. It ticks one time then drops off. I check Skada for verification and sure enough it crit one time for 426k then decided it was done. Anyone else have this is issue? I didn't click it off (it was gone before I even could have) and I had max RP. I want to use the spec because it is pretty fun but if it just doesn't work sometimes I don't see the point.Deathbold9 Jan 13
Jan 13 Blood or Frost? Hey guys, looking to make a death knight because I want a second melee character. However, I am not sure which spec to go. I am a casual player and most of my time spent so far on Legion is World quests. I kind of want to go Blood because you can take a whole pack at once however I never tanked before and I am not sure how I feel about not doing any damage... (Current classes are Feral, Mage, and Lock) Any help? Thanks!Coolmagic5 Jan 13
Jan 12 7.1.5 news on frost hidden skin The skin can now drop from saurfang or the lich king. Many people reported getting the skin on wowhead and reddit. Its not 100% btw. Edit : It seems the 4 horsemens can drop it too Jan 12
Jan 12 Blood leg legendary for Frost spec? Just a question about Frost spec and using the Blood leg legendary that increases the runic power pool by 60. Has anyone used the blood legs with a breath of sindragosa build? I have the legs but haven't tried it yet, it only just occurred to me that they work together pretty well. How does that stack up against the frost legendaries? Would the blood legs be the best one compared to the others in terms of dps? Frost is only my off spec so I don't know a great deal about it but it would be amusing if the best dps legendary for BoS build came from blood spec.Xenoul2 Jan 12
Jan 12 Hidden appearance dropped from ICC Is this supposed to happen?ßear10 Jan 12
Jan 12 Best legendaries using blood drinker So some things here that benefit blood drinker Crit and haste both benefit this improved ability Unsure of the thresholds of haste versus extra blood drinker ticks but i'd say range for 40% haste with the bone shield buff should be good Crit also works with blood drinker getting crit damage and I've even seen the crit damage converts the damage into extra healing as it doesn't for death strike heals Vers also benefits blood drinker for the minor increased to its damage/healing Now my question is what is best combo usage for legendaries for blood drinker Seems the DnD ring which I have that increases damage and healing received while standing in DnD that also converts to blood drinker so I can time drinker while standing in a active DnD With VB and standing in my DnD with the ring I can heal from 10% back to full almost instantly which is awesome, I'd say the ring and belt because belt reduces the cd of VB via heart strikes Any input or ideas to what is the best combo?Andarick8 Jan 12
Jan 12 7.1.5 Frost Dk Breath of Sindragosa Guide Hey, I made a quick Breath of Sindragosa guide for all the Frost DKs who want to try it out but don't know where to get started. I hope this answers questions you might have about the build: Jan 12
Jan 12 Unholy DK looking for Mythic Raiding help Basically looking for a tutor. I've read through the rotation, and I still don't feel like I'm up to par. I'm hoping a mythic raider could spare some of their time in helping me figure out how to maximize my DPS while not being a complete fool. Basically going into Nighthold with a fresh DK (Switching from enh sham), and really need to push myself to make up for the lack of gear, and experience in EN. Name is Syrosa-EmeraldDream Send a whisper or friend request if I'm not on.Lysaira1 Jan 12
Jan 12 Disarm vs icebound fortitude I would just like to know if other dks who enjoy to pvp as much as I do, feel like this new "disarm" talent for warriors affects us, deathknights, a little bit too much in pvp. It seems to be really unfair when our 3min defensive cd is being countered by a warrior's 30sec cd.Schwan3 Jan 12
Jan 12 DK HIDDEN ARTIFACT. yo,im the dude that started the search in the forums while ago. But i came up with a new idea. Maybe its not out yet because Blizz scrapped it. Theyre replacing it with something that actually relates to Frost.Youngsinatra27 Jan 12
Jan 12 Guide to using breath og singrosa Hi are there any guides or videos on how to properly use breath for frost dks in 7.1.5Yadalovet6 Jan 12
Jan 12 Undocumented Frost DK changes? Is anyone else noticing that Frost Death Knights feel significantly 'slower' than they did before the patch yesterday? I ran a random heroic last night for shiggles and I feel like there is something significantly different about a regeneration and overall damage output.Snobbish13 Jan 12
Jan 12 Unholy DK current logs higher then Frost. Anything higher then 75 percentile has unholy higher the frost. Unholy also is sitting at 8th at 75th percentile, and 6th at 99th percentile. While Frost is sitting at 17th, at 99th percentile.(As of 3:29pm CT, Jan 11th) At time of post: 1100 unholy parses 4000 frost parses (at the 99th percentile) This might be a lack data/uploads because of how new the patch is, or because lots of frost DK are using the new BoS spec while we still aren't sure if BoS or MG is best build. (Lots of high level DK's saying MG is still the best, but between people not have correct secondary stat weights and people being unfamiliar with the rotation, it is currently unknown) Thoughts?Yatamare16 Jan 12
Jan 12 Howling Blast/Death Grip while moving? Am I losing my mind? I can't quite pinpoint if I'm having some sort of UI issue, or what it is. But did they change Howling Blast, and Death Grip, so they can't be cast while moving? I'll need to look into it more when I get off of work. But I've been reading patch notes and haven't seen anything about it.Malgùs4 Jan 12
Jan 12 Is it just me or am i missing something hey guys i tend to enjoy pvping as unholy more then i do frost but i feel incredibly squishy compared to frost spec. Is there a way to stay alive longer or at least live through some ones burst it doesnt seem corpse shield and death striking is enough and yes i do us ibf just wondering if there anything else i'm missing out on thanks!Deathx0 Jan 12
Jan 12 Bone Shield Concerns... Hello fellow Death Knights and Death Knight enthusiasts! As of 7.1.5 we have come across a potential issue with Blood Death Knights in the Discord server regarding Bone Shield. As of today many of us have been unable to track it, and there are many possible reasons for this. Troxism has stated that it's probably just been changed into a hidden absorption effect (which would result in the deflation of our Healing per Second which sucks for epeen but was otherwise ridiculous anyway). However, some are not convinced of this and are concerned that it has been changed into true Damage Reduction, which would be an overall nerf as it would then mean that our Death Strikes are up to 16% weaker, which in turn means our Blood Shield is up to 16% weaker. We've tried devising methods of testing this, however in the end there is no real way to test it, and as such have resorted to asking questions to Blizzard via Twitter and the forums. Please help the Blood Death Knight community out by drawing attention to this thread; ...and helping us get the clarification response we need. Thank you!Atraeus4 Jan 12
Jan 12 Dark Arbiter vs Soul Reaper Which is the better Dps Talent?Fearsome1 Jan 12
Jan 12 Level 100 Blood Talent? Currently deciding between the talent I've used all xpac (Bonestorm) and Blood Mirror. Not interested in purgatory as I've found most times this is used are just when the healer has died or ran out of mana, hasn't been useful in mythic+. Current issue is that I've found bonestorm to be great when paired with vampiric blood for big pulls, as it ends up being a full heal (especially now that it's gotten a 1% increase). It has a very quick cooldown as well. But. I swapped from heartbreaker to blooddrinker since it got buffed, and it seems that would work even better with vampiric blood for a large heal, and now I'm left wondering if using Blood Mirror would be better, as I'd have more mitigation going into big pulls, + still have a big heal when I need it. More mitigation = less of the healers mana = more mana for when mitigation runs out/rest of the group? Only setback is the cooldown, 2 minutes. Has anyone compared the two for mythic+?Primeevíl3 Jan 12