Death Knight

Jun 6, 2012 dual wielding blood tank I only do heroics on my dk and nothing more. given that I want to really explore the possibility of dual wielding as blood and not ruin the game for the healer at the same time. and given that heroics are easy mode, can I get some advice on how to tailor my dk? has anyone explored this for non end-game stuff?Antz16 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 best spec for 2v2 with frost mage as titel says friend wants me going blood but i was looking at unholy what does the elder dks have to say?Soveren9 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Damn I feel good. Death Knights are easily the most fun class in pvp. Edit - Oh yeah Frost > Unholy for everything. Frost is Chee.Andry33 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Resilience Dilemma I have approximately 5284 resilience as a MS Frost DK (currently not enchanted on most gear). I believe the preferred amount is 4.9k for arena, right? I'm only pugging teams on weekly basis so I can conquest cap and buy epic gems either for myself or for alts with empty slots in upgraded gear so in that sense, I've been wrecking everything at the low ratings I've been playing at (including RBGs). My main question is oriented toward arenas though. At some point soon, I'd like to start aiming for a rating in 3s. Since FDKs are incredibly squishy and my damage is still pretty solid, should I keep my extra resilience or should I sacrifice my +50 resil gems and lose -125 but gain +125 strength (placing me at 5160)? My current relevant stats are as follows: HP: 155319 Armor: 23197 Str: 6094 AP: 12423 Hit: Capped Spell Pen: 202 Mastery: 15.52 (31%) I know I'm missing enchants right now, so that's out of the question here, and that I should be aiming for Gurthalak instead of my Cata weapon, but I don't have time for PvE raiding. Any assistance would be appreciated. Edit: I also have 2 Cata 1h weapons in case I ever decide to switch to DW.Alexstråsza6 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 DK t14 So, what do ya'll think?Unholytoast31 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Why so many DK's? Why do I see so many DK's in the game? Is it really because they start at lv 55? I doubt that is enough to explain the plethora of DK's.Galaxxy35 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Rate my masterfrost Just making sure I got all my bases covered and evertything looks good.Dittrakzak2 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 BiS Shoulders question Ok so AMR says that BiS shoulders are Backbreaker Spaulders over Necrotic Boneplate Pauldrons. My question is; does the 4 piece set bonus proc make up for the loss in strength? Edit: I post that backwards AMR has the tier piece over the 403 shoulders.Ruryk3 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 need a spec for frost pvp all the guides on the internet are from 2011 and cant find one up to date i decided frost over unholy because im playing with an ice mage. guide or link to one thats up to date greatly appreciated tySoveren5 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Enough of the starting area Transmog Every second DK I come across either has the blue set transmogged, or the green set. Do people just lack originality, or do people actually like the set?Thurggan24 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Frost DW or Unholy 2H (SD vs Ataraxis) Is frost with DW souldrinkers (normal) or unholy with ataraxis (normal) better? My friend's been telling me they're close enough to see a little difference.Exalus0 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Did i do this right? This is my first 85 so bare with me please. I know that it is mastery for frost and haste for unholy. I have also heard that haste is more important for frost that crit. So i went with the haste pvp boots and then reforged to mastery. Should i have gone with the crit boots and reforged to mastery? Just seeing if i did this right. Also they have a belt that matches these boots. Am i suppose to go with that belt or the matching belt for plate and legs?Golo3 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Horn of Winter's Duration Why does this buff only have a duration of two minutes? I feel like I'm going to have to be recasting it during long fights and stuff and I don't really understand why it doesn't just last an hour like all the other buffs.Pangolin11 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 new to tanking gear check me plzzzzy Like the title says new to tanking just gemmed all my gear Ive acquired over the last few months. I'm hoping for some feed back on any and all advice to get me raid rdy Thx to allRytherion2 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Why is my DPS so low? I read the forums, I've looked at the tutorials, I (think) I have a decent rotation, but I just can't seem to keep a high DPS. I've been getting kicked out of FL and DS10 because after about half way through them my DPS seems to drop considerably. For example, last night I was doing DS10 and in the beginning I was pulling around 20k dps, and by the time we hit Ultraxion I was only doing about 13k and I got the boot. My rotation consists of HB, Oblit, and FS and they're usually always flashing. I try and keep diseases up, and do an occasional DS when my life is low. I try and use potions to help my stats out too, but they only do so much. My hit and expertise are just shy of the cap (85-88 are all 0% and 89/skull are around 1% if that). If you look at my profile you can see I stack strength and mastery for the most part, and I do have decent gear. I'm just baffled why I can't keep up with other DKs that I see in raids. Any tips or advice?Jagatron20 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Unholy DK PVP Tutorial/Dueling Guides Hey guys my main is a Unholy DK named Rockan, If your trying to learn to PvP on a dk I might be able to help, My youtube channel name is BattlemastersSoE. Thanks.Dutchie0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Why can't I que a Party bg? Im trying to que me and a friend into a bg together, but nothing happens when i click 'Join as Group'. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?Asageh1 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 DK 70 Twinking Hi. I'm trying to turn my DK into a 70 twink, and don't know which talent spec to choose. I've tried all 3 of them, and they seem to be on par with each other. I've come to really like unholy, but is blood or frost better?Leckdoom3 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Haha, Death Knights haha, death knightsWatermelynn16 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 DK talents ... I had to steal this from a thread in the beta forums because it's level of truth is astronomical.Rhio2 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 What else is soloable as a Blood DK? I've soloed Heroic General Husam (Lost City of the Tol'vir) without any issues. Are there any other level 85 heroic bosses that can be soloed by a Blood DK?Sarvam2 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Why can't I que a Party bg? Im trying to que me and a friend into a bg together, but nothing happens when i click 'Join as Group'. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?Asageh0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 T14 What's up with the #&@$'ing roses on our upcoming tier? Come on blizz we are mighty gods of death... throw us a bone once in a while.. What do you guys think?Rikku20 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Frost PVE vs. MasterFrost PVP vs. Blood PVE At the moment I have Frost PVE that respects to MasterFrost PVP and Blood PVE. I don't plan on running Dragon Soul on my Blood PVE. I was wondering if there was a good Blood PVP/PVE hybrid? Any advice would be much appreciated. :)Xenessa2 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 WHOS INTO 70 DK TWINKING? ok i kno its kind of cheating but i think 70 dk twinking is the best no this is not my highest toon but i want to kno who else likes 70 dk twinking so much trashtalk but no backup "WHERES YOUR KINGDOM AT NOW FOOL"Ddoda7 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Tips on fighting other classes in pvp? This is my first 85 death knight so I am unsure of how to fight other classes so if someone go give me good tips on how to just fight one other class that be awesome more then one is more then welcomeKinos8 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 gnome is the best race for dk,s i personally feel gnome dks are best since they have a 3 expertise and the racial buff of escaping artist and since they are too small with powerful attacks. and to be true i even hides in the bushes of arathi basin and some hordes never see me lol :)Callmea12 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Some Questions About DK (PvP) Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my thread and consider helping me! I decided I wanted a melee class so I started to level up my Death Knight that I've neglected for sometime. My goal for this character is mainly just to have fun doing arena, as my other characters are already on a rbg team. I've looked at the three specs and it seems that unholy is the most appealing to me, I like having dots and a minion to help me. But I have a few questions first. My first question is how squishy are unholy DKs when compared to frost? One of the main reasons Unholy is more appealing to me opposed to frost is because frost is one of the only melees my balance druid can actually solo and they are always focused first. Which I'm tired of after playing a balance druid. If unholy DKs are squishy would you recommend stacking res (+20 str +20 res in red, +40 res in yellow) or is it better to just stack strength and haste? What are some specs you would recommend for me once I hit 85? I'll probably end up trying around a few different ones, but I want to know what the opinion on the forum is, and if there is as much deviation within unholy as there are in other specs. What guides would you recommend I read and are there any DK specific addons I should have? Thanks again for taking the time to help me!Runepanda1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 rune speed whats up with this new rune speed stat and how can you improve it?Xxanlann4 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 What class?? I can not decide between my DK, Warrior, or my Hunter to play at 85 I preferably want a pve PoV with a little pvp insight because I enjoy doing that during my freetime or when I bore out of heroics and raids. So if anyone can give me some advice and just what is doing best right now and what would be funnest to raid onGorelas1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Leveling build that will help me most in PVP I'm trying to determine what build I should use to level that will help me most with end game pvp. I'm currently using frost, but I'm not sure what is good for PVP and I figured it would be best to practice the skills and combos while leveling up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.Darkneshine1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Just a quick question! (pve frost/leveling) I was reading the sticky Frost PVE guide, which recommends DPSing in unholy presence for both 2h and DW. Is there a specific benchmark at which unholy presence gets better over frost presence? (like a certain %haste?) And is it only something to worry about at max level? I've been chilling in frost presence while leveling because I'm frost and it seemed like the thing to do. But reading that in the sticky made me think I might be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance!Gawb2 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Ataraxis vs Gurthalak = Ataraxis, Cudgel of the Warmaster = Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps When talking strictly 2h frost pvp, which is better in your opinion? Killmemage10 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Leveling, need some help So I haven't played this character in quite some time. At least a year. I hopped on him today for the first time and noticed that I have virtually no gear to level with. I have no idea what happened. That's where my problem begins. But the question I have for you guys is, what skills should I be using as an Unholy DK? I don't remember rotations at all. Especially as UH. Basically, I'm looking at my spellbook and am completely lost as to what I should be doing. Sorry for the really dumb question, but I'd appreciate an answer. Thanks. For some reason tl;dr - What skills should I be spamming to level as UH?Horror1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Help with some dps. It was my first time raiding this guild, so I want things to be perfect, and my DPS was subpar in my own opinion. I didn't go frost for the entire raid night, which I believe to be a big mistake, but I picked up HNok so that should make it a little better next time(really only had H HoM). I messed up some cooldowns from jitters, and taking time getting used to their strats, but see anything I don't see?Cutiepatoote4 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 My DPS feels bad Im a 396 ilvl unholy dk. I was top dps for my guild for a while but then my little brother joined and he plays a ret paladin. I was beating him out on dps for a while but just barely. I do about 32-35k DPS on an average no damage buff fight. Sometimes with good tentacle procs i can get to 38k-40k. But he does 40k-45k almost every fight. He got his s11 Elite weapon from 3's and hes been using that he said that crazy increased his dps. So im tired of like getting beat out unholy just cant compete to ret paladins. Hes critting bosses for like 150k i might crit for like 60-70k. I just dont see how unholy can beat ret paladins. So i been thinking of trying 2h Frost I know there is alot of critting in frost and maybe that will help me keep up. Ive tried 2H frost with Mastery>Haste but it wasnt very good way too much downtime. So im thinking. 2H Frost Haste>Mastery and for weapons im not sure which one to use. I have: S11 Elite sword (410 Ilvl) Gurthalak (403 Ilvl) Im not sure if the tentacles procs are as worthwhile for frost or if the extra weapon damage will come out on top. Plz help me out i wanna be #1 on the damage meters again lol.Skillcøil3 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Lvl 90 MoP Talents With the lvl 90 talents out, and my lack of beta, I gotta ask: A: Do they feel "Awesome" as the crab tried to paint them or do they lack luster? B: Does their lack of damage make them feel de-fanged compared to other classes lvl 90 talents?Darkzilix2 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Hit/Expertise Question? What should these two be at? I'm new to DK Dps, and I current have 12.5% hit and 28 expertise.Kwuähh5 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Beta: Why the new Frost Presence is a Mistake I'd appreciate it if someone could repost this rant in the Beta class forum - but, if not, I'll just have to vent here. The single most sizable change to Death Knights in MoP is the new Frost Presence. In an effort to make Frost DKs fight in Frost Presence, it has been changed into a mandatory feature for Frost - which has caused no end of complaints and tooth-gnashing from the testers. Dual-wield frost is currently not a fun spec to play - and even Unholy spec is suffering from the decrease to RP generation and total runic power (back down to 100) that coincided with the new RP-boosting presence. As a result, the class is currently nowhere near what it is on live - and will need a whole lot of additional tuning just to make it viable. I want to plead for scrapping the new system altogether. Revert it. It isn't necessary. The development time involved in making it work is development time spent not developing other, perhaps more critical things. There are parts of the DK that really aren't working right - and should be looked into. Presence use isn't one of them. There is nothing inherently WRONG with Death Knights using Unholy Presence as their go-to DPS stance. The new change separates Death Knight DPS into 1-sec global DPSers and 1.5 sec global DPSers, and drives an even bigger wedge between the two different styles of Frost. It's not fun to play, it will take a lot of effort to make viable, and it introduces all sorts of future balance problems down the line. The system, as it is right now, works. It works very, very well. Change is GREAT - but this change makes things worse. "Frost should use Frost presence! Unholy should use unholy!" Why? This has never been the case in the past. Frost Presence started its life as a Tanking presence. Blood was used for DPS, and Unholy was something a bit wonky that didn't have a good niche. Unholy becoming so useful was a huge improvement for the DPS specs of the class as a whole. The faster movement speed and lower global cooldown were sizable improvements. People enjoy them. The presences are baseline abilities. Whatever trees they are classified under, they are part of the base toolkit of the class, before any specializations get involved. Why does it matter what tab they fall under? Unholy, the spec, doesn't specialize in faster attacks and faster movement. It specializes in pets and shadow damage. Frost specializes in faster attacks, with Icy Talons. The current Frost playstyle is fast-paced and hectic, and Unholy Presence fits very well thematically, even if its color is green instead of blue. "It's confusing for Frost to use Unholy!" Granted - but that's only because Frost continues to masquerade as a viable DPS presence. Giving it a third purpose - and focusing on Unholy as THE single-target DPS presence for all classes, can only make Death knights less confusing. As it stands, the new system will be very, very difficult for new players to understand. Dual-wielders are supposed to use Frost. Two-handers use Unholy. But now that Frost is a Specialty and not a talent tree, most new players won't be paying very close attention to all of the quirks that separate 2h and dual. A player is dual-wielding - but suddenly gets an excellent two-hander. How is it NOT confusing that this change completely uproots their entire playstyle? "So should Frost Presence just remain useless!?" If that's the only alternative? Frankly, yes. A useless ability is better than hobbling a spec just to make the useless ability matter. There are also other things that can be done with Frost Presence to make it matter, without wrecking the current playstyle. Options could include: 1) Making the Frost Presence the "AoE Presence". It already fulfills that role in a small way. According to all reports, the Unholy spec is seriously suffering from a lack of AoE and AoE burst in MoP. Making Frost Presence boost AoE damage even more significantly than it does now (disease damage, AoE-ability damage, something that makes diseases tick faster, or do a LOT of damage right after being applied, then less as they wind down) could really help them, without really affecting their single-target damage. Why buff Frost Presence to help Unholy? Because, again, the Presences are baseline. So long as each spec keeps this ability, it should have a purpose. And it's not like Frost = AoE Power is an alien concept to anyone who watched a Frost DK at work. 2) Make Frost Presence Frost-only. Make it replace Unholy Presence. Have it retain all the benefits of Unholy Presence, but, perhaps, replace quicker rune regen with slightly faster Runic Power generation. Two DPS stances for a class isn't easy to balance. Blizzard seem to be changing Warriors and their Arms/berserk stance for the same reason. So why not just cut it down to Tanking and DPS presence for each spec?Sylassanna13 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Glyph of the Conga Sooo...the new minor glyphs in MoP seem fairly whimsical. I have a dream...maybe if this thread gets enough attention someone at Blizz will take notice. My dream? GLYPH OF THE CONGA! Causes your Army of the Dead minions to join you in a conga line when you /dance. How epic would that be?Smacko7 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Gargoyle Pet (Unholy Summon) If there was a single thing I could change about my unholy DK, it would be the Gargoyle summon. Don't get me wrong, I love the Gargoyle and think it's totally BA to have with you, but that's the problem. I hate how the gargoyle is a 30 second summon, I think it should be a controlled pet, just like the ghoul (Unholy only). Maybe there should be a glyph or a point in the unholy tree where the gargoyle becomes a permanent summon instead of a ghoul. It would be optional, like how a warlock picks between demons. It could keep the 3 min CD, but I think death pact should work with gargoyles as well. It could be a melee pet that casts every 5-10 seconds, with spell damage increased by your spell penetration, and shriek, increasing all magic damage taken by enemies by like 3% for 15 seconds. Basically, if you're a high level Death Knight, you shouldn't have to keep summoning crappy zombies for a reliable pet. Gargoyle pets would be sick!Fallenhero24 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 What do most other players associate with DK? DPS or Tank? Which talent point build is appropriate for tanking, and which for dps?Mokia10 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Heroic madness, need expertise? Googled and couldn't really find an answer, is it worth using expertise or should i reforge out of it for the higher dps? Any insight would be appreciated :DIrtwaz3 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Frost vs Unholy Pve Whats better? With my gear also getting my 397 got them bankedDotaunited5 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 So who's dumping their dk come Pandaria... -And going to a ret paladin when the gear-difference-slates get wiped clean again and they get all of our defensive abilities we currently pull out of blood-spec on top of their own old defensive abilities, better group-benefits, and a new blind ability?Malvarick27 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 How or when do you use Necrotic Strike? How or when do you use Necrotic Strike? Seems like it might be good for pvp but what about pve? Do you work it into a rotation?Thuro14 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Who I am and who I will remain! Greetings, I am Massinclair. A lot of people judge me on everything lately. Which is fine. We all have that option to say whatever we want to another. But, I thought I would explain my character out to people in hopes that everyone could refer to this and stop pestering me day in and day out. (Edit - Sorry for making this sound like a rant. I am not trying to, but sometimes typing out what is on your mind makes you feel so much better!) FACT: I am not level 85. (yet) FACT: I do not have any other characters at 85 in which I have no end game experience. FACT: I have only been playing a few months. But, my character(s) are built on MY personal playstyle. What does that mean? It means I do not follow guides. I do not listen to others recommendations. I learn from personal growth. I grew up in a guild that accepted me regardless how I built my characters. I do not run in groups (E.g. Labeling people as tanks, dps, healer) I know this is how others play the game. I also know that others play the same way I am about to describe. I chose to be a Death Knight because I wanted that close combat style with a unique feel (E.g. runes and not mana or rage). I chose the Blood Spec because honestly I liked the sound of it and I perferred the way it reacts. But, just because I picked what was labeled as a "Tanking" spec. Does not mean I HAVE TO play as a tank. So then you would think I would be striving for top DPS, right? No.. I do not care about achieving top dps, I do not care about tanking. All I care about is having FUN with the game. Now before you start chewing me out. I know people have fun playing as a tank or a healer or whatever, I get that. But just let me play how I want to play and quit judging me about playing a certain way. About my character: Massinclair. He is a Blood Elf Blood Death Knight. I will be ignoring the rules of tanking and will be building on more damage with survivability. Which means: My stats will go like this: Strength > Hit Cap (8%) > Expertise (26) > Stamina > Haste > Crit => Mastery These are subject to change depending on what I will find more important once I get closer to end game. My Talents and Glyphs are posted on my profile and they will not change. If you have a problem with that. Too bad.. But, go on ahead and throw some opinions around. That is what I will consider them as: Opinions. Hopefully, this will clear up a few things with me and my toons. Respectfully, LeonMassinclair23 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 Reforging out of mastery to tank stats? I've read the sticky and mastery is suppose to be our best stat tank wise but i've been using and it has me reforging out of mastery to dodge and parry is this right or should I keep as much mastery as possible?Digitallove5 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 2, 2012 good skill rotation macro DK blood tank Parthanux6 Jun 2, 2012
Jun 1, 2012 I am the Frost Death Knight!! Hahahaha!!!Randalph5 Jun 1, 2012