Death Knight

Nov 9, 2012 DK armor I had completely forgotten about the DK starting armor and how cool it looked until I saw a few profiles of players here. I junked that armor right after leveling beyond it 4 years ago, and now I'm regretting that. Is there anyway to get that armor, or something that looks the same, back?Maddeath5 Nov 9, 2012
Nov 9, 2012 Dark Simulacrum - Broken? Let me start off with me saying I know it's intended to be used for PvP, I understand that. But looking at the tooltip, and it's wording is a bit perplexing, in the sense that from a PvE standpoint it doesn't do at all what it says. "Places a dark ward on an enemy, triggering when the enemy next spends mana on a single-target spell, and allowing the Death Knight to unleash an exact duplicate of that spell. Against nonplayers, only absorbs some harmful spells." Great, so for PvP whenever someone casts mana it basically means that spell, an exact duplicate will be cast. Awesome. For PvE, against lets use a Shado-Tien Soul-Render, simply because I tested on it specifically, and only took note with countless other mobs. "Against nonplayers, only absorbs some harmful spells." In this case of the tooltip Dark Sim states it will activate one certain spells, harmful only. You cannot steal heals, or shields. You must take damage from it in one way or another. Sure. I take roughly 14k unmitigated magic damage from Jolting Pain, perfect. Awesome, whatever. However, when I steal this spell, which Dark Sim can "Absorb" the definition of the word "absorb" in this case is that the debuff is absorbed, you don't absorb the spell for those wondering still about it's wording. So the debuff gets used that I place on the enemy, aka Dark Sim, and I get Jolting Pain in return. Where I take 14k damage, the mob only takes 191.. I was trying to explain this to a GM to ask why, and they simply kept telling me to read the tool tip.. I am, and I'm wondering why I do .01% of the damage in return that I recieved.. IT's not an exact copy of the spell then, it's as if the game gives me what the level 1 counterpart of the spell in question. Happens on every pve offensive spell that you can take, used. I'm basically asking if there has been a direct answer, or a reasonable, logical explanation as to why it would be like this. Does anyone know?Hajiji3 Nov 9, 2012
Nov 9, 2012 Why do people say Unholy is bad for pvp? I actually do better in arenas and BGs as unholy. But then I've been playing unholy since I made this character back in early WotLK. Are the bashers just inexperienced and ignorant?Dilox52 Nov 9, 2012
Nov 9, 2012 frost pvp in MoP.. to dual wield or to not... I have been considering whether I should go dual wield for pvp or not... Currently I am using a two hander just cause i dont got a decent pair of one handed weapons yet... Advantages of dual wielding: -two weapon enchantments (10% frost damage and weapon chain with hit%) -frost strike does 40% more damage (straight frost dmg) this is used more than obliterate so more dmg. Advantages of two handed: -obliterate deals 40% more damage -basic weapon attacks deal 10% more damage passive. I havent been able to run numbers to find out whats more dps worthy.. I am just worried about burst right now for a pvp build.Onitnas24 Nov 9, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Pet sac macro issue in raids/arena. Anyone still getting this? Once in a while it will say target must be bound to you.Kricis5 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Unholy: Soul Reaper Priority Question I'm sure this has been asked alot of times but I'm still a little unsure as to the priority i should put on this power to get the most out of it or if i should be using it at all. My current Rotation is as follows 1.Outbreak/Icy Touch + Plague Strike 2. Festering Strike 3. Blood Boil (if mob is present)/Scourge Strike 4. Death Coil for RP dump in between rune regeneration and to proc runic corruption From there i throw in Death and Decay when i remember that its up scourge strike when a death rune or unholy run is up and festering strike for the purpose of converting blood and frost runes. So my question is should I be slipping in SR early for the damage proc, later for the haste buff if there's a mob, or just ignoring it completely?Howlingdead2 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Dk raid dps spec Which is better? Icy veins doesn't give a solid answer.Gimmiemyjaw4 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 DK for RBGs Would I play masterfrost and go DW T1 weps? Or should I stick with just normal olbiterate build and go for 2h and stack haste as usual.Marìo5 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Blood DKS THE UNKILLABLE CLASS if your melee you should well know that killing a blood dk no matter how bad of a player they actually are is impossible... just wondering why blizzard should feel the need to make such an unkillable class... on my 90 war i can kill prot pallies prot wars and feral druids fine but blood dks nope never... It gets quite annoying when i fight any 2s setup with a blood dk cause even if i own his teammate im stuck for 45 mins hittign something that doesnt die... i know this isnt what you want to hear but blizz really needs to make this class killable by melee instead of how it is now where they just dont die at all... what other class could you say has no chance of dying to melee? TL:DR ? blood dks need a nerf so melee actually has a chance INC millions of rage posts from blood dks telling me i should just L2PVassild71 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Presence dancing? Do you guys do this?????????????Multidot20 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Leveling advice for returning DK Hi all. Just dusted off this unholy DK. I read the above Unholy guide to see what the changes were and set my action bars accordingly. Have not played this toon since WotLK and I decided to do a random instance while questing. I'm using Unholy presence and I am waiting a few seconds before spreading my diseases and using my AoE skills. Yet, I steal aggro like crazy....the first tank left, and I thought, "hey, it was him! *dances* But the same thing happened again! I stole aggro and died again. How long should I be waiting till I start spreading diseases and using Blood Boil, DnD, etc? I've been waiting 3-4 seconds, but I feel like a noob just standing there doing nothing...thank you in advance for your help.Cogsprocket3 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Best horde race for PVP? I am looking to roll a DK. Which race is best for PVP? I read this: ... Sounds pretty good. What about BE silence? I can't decide which would be more helpful. Reduced stuns or a mass silence. Bah!Needfriend11 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Frost DW hit cap question Hello all. Have been playing around with Dk frost, its been fun. Read a little on stats in Icy Veins. Question is, with the gear available is the 26.5% hit cap for DW obtainable?Aitqwa6 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 2h VS DW Frost (pvp) So as it stands I really don't have that much trouble killing people with 2h but I feel like dw would be more viable for pvp with a higher dps output and disarm slight immunity (fallen crusader main hand and swordbreaking offhand, or vs non disarms razorice mainhand, crusader offhand). Honestly the only reason I 2h is because I have starshatter and... everyone else is doing it. So is it viable to dw in pvp or is this just too much of a nono?Shenanigen5 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Death Coil as Undead We should be able to use this as a self heal! We are undead, it heals undead, but it doesn't work. We shouldn't have to take Lichborne to use it as a self heal. This should just be one of our racial perks =)Lichtor14 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Death Knight Survivability Out of most all classes, we death knights have the least survivability of all. As Frost, I can pop IBF for some damage reduction from physical damage, AMS for some magic damage reduction, raise dead and sac for a heal, DS for a baby heal. Sounds like its decent, but when put into practice, our abilities are lackluster to say the least. When you compare our defensive CDs to other melee classes, ours are a joke. I love a challenge, so I will continue to die to a pesky mage, resurrect and pwn his face. But I'd at least like the option to survive against a decently geared, fairly skilled arms warrior or Ret paladin. Please and thank you.Daemonight4 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 DK Season 13 Set Hey guys, question about the new DK season 13 set leaked today on MMO. I was just wondering if it will still cost the same as other PvP sets? Keep doing the great work guys, awesome looking PvP set.Dutty22 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 How is blood in PVE? I do not pvp at all. I'm strictly a PVE player. I just want to know how well we stand up in PVE. Plus what rotations do we use? I use Frost>Plague>Blood Boil>Death Strike(If health is low)>Death Coil followed by blood strike if they're still standing. Also are the BOA's I have on better than the blues you get at the end of the beginning quests? ThanksKrixxis3 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 New remorseless winter graphic, I like. Very cool looking, though hard to see myself.Ghatok13 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 DK PVP Gearing I am 2h frost and was wondering what is the stat priority and what trinkets is everyone using out of the medallion, insignia and emblem of tenacity?? ty in advanvce <3Zuldamik7 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 DK starter blues So how many dk's are planning to wear the blues gear we get from the dk starting zone when Transmogrification comes out? I still have my set in the bank and i am so wearing it with the hoddie we start out with and the wrathful gladiator's greatsword or the quel delar sword i still have. Any other gear sets that might look better on a dk?Deathgiver30 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 How do you guys use Dark Sim? In Pvp, on my DK I haven't been using it much. Do you just use it off CD?Marìo22 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 PvP gems What are they and what should I use? I prefer a diverse list. I know some prefer offense while others prefer defense.Gethrian1 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 How to Survive? I understand that I'm far from any high ranks or far from pro pvp, but I really feel like when I'm fighting another melee class I have no way to survive. I can pop IBF and switch to Blood Presence but I'm still taking huge amounts of damage. Is there anybody that can give me some tips/help with this?Amben1 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 So, everyone says DKs need a huge buff I disagree. I honestly think DKs will be fine if the following is done. Buff Icebound Fortitude to 40% baseline damage reduction. Reduce the cooldown on Death's Advance by 5 seconds and add a freedom mechanic to its active effect, so it may be on par with freedom, maybe give it a DR with the actual freedom. Make Necrotic strike scale with PvP Power. That is really all we need. I don't have any exp with high rated arenas, so you can leave or take my word, but whatever you choose, it won't change my mind.Myroæn2 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Returning player, New DKs? Haven't played since just before the Lich King raid came out, the one where you kill the Lich King. If that helps at all. So 3-4 years. I was one of the best DK Tanks, and above average in Blood/DW Frost DPS on my server before my long absence. My questions are basically how much has changed? I've noticed there are no more talents, and that the blood spec is now apparently the Tank spec (I really favored Blood tanking and blood DPS =( ) Also, is DW Frost still viable? I think i primarily used what was called the Chain Gun Icy Talons DW Spec. Al though I do recall many of my obliterates when I did use them hitting just as high or sometimes higher than my 2h build... I've tried the Warr out since my return, and I do enjoy it, but I am honestly missing my DK and I am thinking of doing a free server change and just starting over with a new one to relearn everything. Any info would be great, I am reading the Frost PvE Guide right now, but I am curious as to the viable "Specs" for PvP aswell, and if anyone is willing to help me out finding the DW Frost rotation, that would be great!Baelgar4 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 Frost DW Blood Tap Question If I'm not wrong DW frost with blood tap is the most optimal spec right now for PVE, but I'm not sure about how to properly use it instead of just macro it with frost strike. Can anyone explain the proper way of using blood tap? Thanks!Bedknight2 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 CC and Survivability Options Well I had a long intro but the site reloaded ._. and deleted my entire post. I'm listing some options that would be viable for the next patch. You could add more options to the lists or mix and match them in a way that sounds good to you. CC Options: 1. Strangulate 1min CD, 5 sec silence, cost a blood rune 2. Strangulate 1 1/2min CD, 5 sec silence, not requiring a blood rune 3. Strangulate same, Asphyxiate doesn't replace Strangulate. 4. Remorseless Winter instant, 2 min CD Survivability Options: 1. Lichborne increased healing 2. Allow death coil to refund RP when healing self (Glyphed) 3. Lichborne baseline for all specs, Replace it with Bone shield in 57 talent (<3 Reinhart) 4. Shifting Presences glyph is baseline 5. Rework Death Siphon/Conversion to not be detrimental to certain specs. IMO I think you could use 1 and 2 from the CC options, and 2+3 from Survivability options. That way Strangulate would be on a 1min CD, 5 sec silence, no rune. Bone shield would increase survivability against melee, and the extra RP conservation by the glyph wouldn't hurt either. I don't really have anything to do atm so either way this was a good time burner :PDrunkenrage0 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 glyphs and talents for frost About to make a Worgen Frost Death Knight and was wondering what talent choices, as well as glyph choices are best for a Frost PvP spec, as well as a Frost PvE spec. Two seperate lists would be appreciatedFylerian4 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 One Green Dk Tank As you can tell, I'm a Orc DK and I'm speced as blood. I want to tank but never have before and I have heard awesome stuff about a DK tank, and now I have some general questions. 1. Should I use a shield and OH axe? If so why? 2. Should I focus on hit or crit? Or both? 3. What glyphs would you use?Syco34 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 8, 2012 So... frost dps? Apparently its.... Single target with equal weapons DW with proper bloodtap use > DW while gaming RE > 2H with RE From what I can gather on MMO champion DK forums Agree or disagree, discuss? (Everyone agrees that DW > 2H in cleave and aoe fights)Fytzy28 Nov 8, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 2 handers from heroics compared pvp weps Anyone have the scoop on if the 490 conquest weps are better than the ones from heroics at all? The elegon sword keeps evading me and i was wondering if it was worth my timeSinfulrayne4 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 A bit confused Hi. Stupid pally here. So recently, all of my Death Knight friends have been complaining about how Dk's are "Underpowered" or "Weak." I really don't understand it. Most of my dk friends I see in battlegrounds, 2s (lol), and 3s do well in terms of survivability and are amazing in damage when they're staying on a target. And in terms of ranged melee damage they seem strong as well. Or is it just that its hard for me to see how dks are "underpowered" or "bad" because I like playing a support ret. Mainly with interrupts on enemy spell casters, ccing enemy targets, and off healing whenever it seems like its required. Basically, can the dks of this forum (especially seasoned dks) explain the issue with dks atm? Really, its especially hard for me to understand why dks get so upset, especially after watching a undergeared dk with me pull some pretty out there damage and cc so well.Shinrah6 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 2H Frost DK Talents? Hello, as you can tell from my title I am in need of know what talents I should have as a 2H Frost DK. If it helps I do play alot of PVP.Bloodybladez1 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 JC useless PVP prof??? Why didn't blizz make this and other profs have some sort of Power or resil multiplier? Are the JC Str gems worse than the regular pvp power gems?Injin17 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Unholy for Wind Lord Mel'jarak? I've currently made it through all the content up to this point as 2H Frost and I feel pretty confident in my damage on most encounters. I was considering, however, trying Unholy for Wind Lord Mel'jarak, as I was thinking perhaps the diseases would lend themselves well to such a AOE centric fight. I'm generally second on damage anyway (behind the Guardian druid) but thought this might even be an improvement? Has anyone done WLM as Unholy that can attest to its performance? Blood is my offspec, so I'm trying to avoid having to tweak my gear/spec and waste raid time if its just not comparable. Thanks!Gorehowl2 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Dk dps People are telling me that dks r 1 of the top dps classes in the game right now. And as I was to level a pure dps to 90 I already have a 85 dk so I might aswell get him to 90 for raising. Are dks good for dps and what spec is best for raiding/5 mans/leveling TyPandakik7 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Easy way to avoid devastating combo? I keep looking for the blue arcs, but by the time I see them it's generally too late. Suggestions?Ghatok19 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Dead time I started leveling a frost DK only lvl 62 at the moment. He seems to have a lot of dead time waiting for runes to come back. Does this continue through the levels or does that get better?Chuga4 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 How are DK's so far? I lvled one in Cata on the ally side to 85 and all, but I deleted it due to not being on ally much. I might lvl one again on the horde side, how are they? Or would a warrior just be fine?Moshu11 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Frost DW AND 2H? Let me preface this by saying I know my gear is very subpar, and maybe when I have a lot more secondary stats to allocate I'll notice a bigger difference, that is why I'm here, to ask. I just managed to finally get a 2nd Heroic 1H weapon, so I did a few dungeons dual wielding, and hit the dummy a little bit. It seemed my AoE was far superior (obviously) but my single target seemed to have fallen by 4-6k DPS. My stats right now don't really go for a certain weapon type because all my reforging has been into hit and expertise, and I'm still not capped in either. So I guess this is a very round about way of asking... (TL;DR INC) Is it worth carrying around 2 1 handers and a 2 hander and switching them as needed? will my stats (Mastery for DW Crit for 2H) really make that big of a difference?Wrath9 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Important macros you use Hello everyone, I've recently returned to the game after an extended hiatus and I've completely forgotten the best ability macros or combos to stick together. I'm hoping to save a little space, right now I have 20 main buttons and I'd like to consolidate them a little if I can. For PvP primarily, what are your favorite button-saving macros? Thanks!Tessah3 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Just some questions about DK Hey all a new DK is born. I chose Worgen as I think it's really cool to be an undead wolf. XD Anyways my question is about blood. What rotation should I use starting off? I was thinking apply my diseases, Blood Strike x2 and Death Coil? Then when I get death Strike I can apply my diseases, Blood Boil, Death Strike, Death Coil for runic dump followed by blood strike. I honestly don't know. Just by looking at the action bar that is what I came up with. Also what gear should I look for and how long will the blues last me? I chose blood to be a tank. I heard DK tanking was alot of fun and I'm all about being a tank. Thanks to those whome reply and for any advice. Thanks very much.Krixxis2 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Glyph of Icy Touch "Your Icy Touch dispels one helpful Magic effect from the target." I got a few questions about this. I'm asking them here rather than trial and error in the Arena. I assume Magic effects, it would dispell Heal over Time effects? Does this remove buffs like Horn of Winter, Battle Shout, etc? Would it dispell a Priests bubble? Or would the bubble itself block the effect? Is it affected by some sort of Diminishing Return? Can I spam my 4 Icy Touches right out of the gates in the Arena and knock off 4 enemy buffs? If it removes helpful effects would it be able to 'break'/dispell a Mage's Ice Block? Cuz they made it so Dark Simulacrum can't spell-steal it anymore, and it's getting annoying. Does it get rid of stackable buffs/HoTs? If a Blood DKs Bone Sheidl has 4 charges left in it, would 1 Icy Touch dispell the whole buff or a single charge? Anything else there is to know about this would be great. I think this is an overlooked glyph if it works the way I hope it does. I don't hear many DKs talking about using it since Howling blast > Icy Touch and the other two specs have other means of spreading diseases. ThanksFrostfel15 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Are DK's worth playing? Please give me honest answersAzazér38 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Just to try and help. Some helpful... OPTIONS To echo the opinion of most PVP Death Knights, survivability is our issue.(period) Death Knight damage is currently fine, I don't find it out of hand in any of the specs. However, whether dueling, bging or in arena, it seems that other classes have significantly more control, mitigation and healing. -Hybrid classes currently heal really well as damage specs, without the efficiency of a healing spec, but with the burst or sustained damage of any damage spec/class. (Aside, Boomkin need love, but the above pertains to Shadow Priests and Feral Druids as examples) -Other damage specs such as Warrior, Mage, Hunter and Warlock to name a few throw around damage and burst of a DK but with the control and healing far superior when compared. ---To name/compare similar melee class and few things; Warriors, have Double Time, Shock Wave, Throw-down, Intimidating Shout. With the added utility of Mass Reflect, Spell Reflect, Shattering throw. And the healing of Second Wind, Rallying Cry and Commanding Shout. ---To compare today's Death Knight has at his or her disposal, Remorseless Winter, the choice of Asphyxiate/Chillbains/Death's Advance, and Ghoul Stun. Utility includes Dark Similacrum, Necrotic Strike and a glyphed dispel to Icy Touch. The healing offered to us Death Pact/Death Siphon/Conversion and Lichborne Death Coil spam. -I believe when compared other classes. Healing and Mitigation of others are superior in total healing, healing efficiency and or up-time. I believe an easy fix to this is make Lichborne baseline for all Death Knights, reduce the cooldown to a minute, add a small damage mitigation to it and remove the loss of control escape. (currently it heals fine but usually you take so much damage while spaming you don't get much out of it) Then you can offer in the talent tree an improved Lichborne where you can add loss of control trinket ability if you'd like or new option all together. -Control, one of the Death Knights weakest areas could also be easily fixed Making Remorseless Winter a active ability where you can pop it and either benefit from the 8 sec reduced movement speed or click it again and immediately proc the stun would be an exponentially better option as a control option. Also Chillbain needs to be baseline for all Death Knights then we can pick up one of the other options. ---------Another fun option to help control is, GNAW! I've always liked Death Knight kind of being the Grim Reaper of WoW and a cool addition to the Lichborne combo would be as we turn Undead on activation, it also opens/unlocks a few abilities like our pet (since our pet is also Undead), where we can leap to a target, Gnaw a target (stun) and attack like normal while in this new Lichborne form (no graphic necessary). -As far as utility I think Death Knight is fine in this area. -Another thing I would like to bring up, is currently as Unholy our pet is a significant portion of our damage and with poor pet mechanics, more often than not my pet runs off, de-spawns and I am now waiting 2 minutes to get him back out. Which consequently leads to throwing off my best healing option in Death Pact. May I offer the solution of a glyphed or Unholy baseline, No cooldown, small cast time Ghoul.Hailey0 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Blood tanking advice I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism from other blood dks regarding the way I have my stats and possibly some general advice on deathstrike vs Heartstrike as it pertains to dps. Is heartstrike better for single Target dps or should I be prioritizing deathstrike for its damage? As it stands, I try to time my DS to get the largest heals and mitigation out of it. After that if I have runic power, I dump it and use heartstrike as much as I can while maintaining diseases with the thing that procs for a free blood boil (I burn a rune if needed to keep diseases up) That is more or less my priority system I use for single target encounters. Advice? I am looking to improve and really become a great dk. Anybody can be a good blood dk, but I want to really demonstrate what it means to be the hero class in a 10m raid setting.Tomaraya4 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Use pvp belt and/or bracers for tanking? I been doing sha and got the pvp gloves and belt, are these acceptable to use for tanking or should I just stick to the blues I am using? ThanksJyroo3 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Sorry, stupid question. Alright so a little more then a week ago I posted an idea I had for improving Unholy in this forum and it was very well received by the DK community (who were also very polite, props to you guys =D ). Since it was so well liked I am considering sending in the idea to Blizz to see how they respond to it and was wondering which forum/communication method I should use to send in such a request/recommendation. My first thoughts were the PTR forum, but for some reason it didn't seem like it fit in there so I never posted it. Thanks for any and all help =D --LilaesaLilaesa2 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Who is the coolest DK of them all!? Other than myself of course ;)Ice17 Nov 6, 2012