Death Knight

Sep 1, 2012 Glyph of Deathcoil and Icy Touch Aight folks lets talk about it. Been having a blast putting the shield on my team mates. Sadly though I was so busy killing evil Horde I didn't get a chance to see how effective it is. Anybody been using it regularly? And ripping mage's shields off has been a lot of fun too. I'm enjoying these two new additions to our arsenal.Aaron30 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 yay exploding corpses! I've been away from the game for a bit, and wasn't really paying that much attention to the mists of pandaria news. I decided to log in today and check out some of the new things with the patch this week. That's when I found the glyph of corpse explosion. omigosh guyz I can explode corpses again?!!! I was so sad when this went away and now I am so happy! thank you thank you thank you whoever put this back in the game! I want to high five the dev team, because THIS is what makes being a death knight fun (well, this and the army of undead minions)! you just made my whole day! :) (I'm not even joking - this was my favorite ability when death knights first came out and I've missed it ever since. thanks for bringing it back!)Gìna4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Control Undead??? So I've been wondering and just tried in a BG... Control Undead does NOT work on Unholy DK ghouls.... so um.... wtf good is it? I think blizz is 4 years too late... this would have been kinda fun in WOTLK... but I don't see many undead in our future. I guess I'll just keep it the same place I keep my warlock's Enslave Demon ability.........Deezstrikes6 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 spell hit cap Has anyone else found it annoying that our bonus spell hit was removed? Detween death coil missing and messing with dark transformation or outbreak missing and waisting runes on diseases (then icy touch misses......) it is making unholy's playstyle kinda wacky. Is it going to stay this way come MoP with stat scaling at lvl 90 or are we stuck with this inconvenience?Mericansauce5 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 DK's killed by MoP I rolled one a day ago thinking "oh, my friends are 60, and DK's are OP. I'll roll one. and i did to my dismay. the once godless killer in BGs pull the lowest damage in pvp now, and i'm well geared. I'm at lvl 66 and at most i'll get a 1k crit here or there. meanwhile, receiving crits for well over 5k-9k. this is rather biased. I know DK's were hell, but blizz, this is just dumb. DK's of all classes should do more then that, considering a hpallys hammer of justice can 1. kill, and 2. oneshot people. given the survivability of dks, i'm not asking much. even a 2%-5% damage buff to all their skills would be sufficient without making them OP. it would balance the class out as to where it now stands. however, i do have to say i like the tanking ability of blood. My DK is the first i've rolled, and i didnt mess up once trying to tank for the first time ever. just went in there, threw down my DoT's and AoE's, and spammed my self heals for large pulls. Even in frost i can tank like a pro. but pvp they're now kinda dead untill 85 where they cant die. but like i said, they get no kills, no killing power, i have better gear then both my friends i'm playing with and they're outdpsing me in any spec by like 1k. this is something that NEEDS to be worked on. Even now i wonder if hell froze over from the fact DK's are useless pvp now. But yea, Dk's just need a tiny bit more killing power, and the rest is fine as is.Kahzuul12 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Lifting The DK Realm Rule Is it possible at some point the rule for "one death knight per server" could be lifted? I can understand initially when the DK was a hero class for having that, but now with Mists coming out I would really like to get one of my DKs over to Moonguard. Or even roll a Horde DK. It seems like if every other class can have more than one on a server, it may be time for Death Knights to have this same privilege.Eliza2 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 my only complaint with dks I think my only complaint with DKs is that it is very, very... very, very, very, very painful to level until 75 without our rune regeneration talents. I would love o see a switch of the 60 talents and 75 talents so that it becomes easier to level. If not than it's no big deal I'll just have to suffer with it. I'm leveling another DK on another server to pvp with my friends since this is my pve hero. Thanks for letting me vent.Thrakx3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Back to Ebon Hold for flight training? I'm about to hit 60, my highest toon ever, and found conflicting info where DKs need to go to get the ability. Ebon, or somewhere else, if I finally get the darn patch working? Thanks!Konkanna3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 @Pachyderm Out of all the regular Death Knights I see on the forums, I trust your word the most. (JackBauer at a close second, maybe) Is Unholy Still perfectly competitive with 2H/DW Frost in PvP damage? Survivability is basically identical now that all the utility CD's have been moved to talents. And I mean PvP damage as in all forms of PvP, sans random BG's. You can roll as any spec and dominate randoms.Grothskar17 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Question about Death's Advance I'm posting here in hopes of finding out if what I am seeing is intentional or a bug. Currently it seems that the passive speed increase (10%) from the talent Death's Advance is stacking with the passive speed increase from boot enchants (8%) putting you up to 118% run speed if you have both. I was under the impression that the speed increase from boot enchants was not suppose to stack with other passive speed increases. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can reply and clear up my confusion. =)Apathy4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Army of the Dead causing FPS issues? I've noticed in a couple of instances, on a couple of boss fights, that Army of the Dead is causing me to have a massive drop in FPS, to the point where I'm pretty much frozen in place and can't do anything until the undead are gone. The fights I've noticed this on so far are the dragon in Stonecore (cannot remember his name for the life of me) and Archbishop POWAH in heroic Hour of Twilight. My video settings are set low in the game yet this still happens. Is this happening to anyone else? I know I need to upgrade my video card but I can't afford it right now. Running an Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS card right now.Alexeii1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Fix blood worms please Now that we cannot spec out of blood worms while in blood, it is impossible to solo Kael'Thas due to mind control. Please if you are going to force us to have this as a passive then please take them off the threat table and make them immune. Very aggravating. Thank you!Ixìr3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Best pvp Race? So im making a death knight but not sure which race to choose Any suggestions? (Preferably Alliance)Oakshras18 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 ATT: all PvPing DKs Death and Decay procs runic return (4 pc bonus) making it the highest Rune to RP gen ability in game 1 unholy rune = 25 Runic PowerDoomguard0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 I'm hitting for 50% of what i was prepatch... This is ridiculous I can't kill a thing.Hexxin24 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Which looks better in plate? Male Draenei or Female Draenei?Creations21 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 lvl 70 armor Is there any other armor sets once you get to northrend besides the cobalt set? Its all a tanking set and I dont want to tank. But thats the only thing I see my blacksmith making. Should I just stick to what I get via quest?Peanutsauce1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Do you think this is a good PvP class choice? At level 90. I know it is a bit of a guess but you all are more experienced than me so make an informed guess please. Would you say that this would be a good pvp class choice? PvP is prob going to be more important for me in this xpac and I am trying to decide a class to play. What do you think? I am more interested in RBGs then arenaRuneslol0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Frost 2h vs Dw whats better for both pve and pvp, can anyone help me out?Viíruz6 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 New to DK. Needing a little advice So I'm not completely clueless. lol Let's state that first. I'm a long time MMO vet, and a returning player to WoW (I last played when BC was still new...) What's a good stat setup on gear for a PvP Frost DK? Like, Hit > Haste > STR > etc etc. Hope I'm not too much of a nuisance, as my main has always been spellcasters (this time a lock) and haven't traditionally played a melee class before. :P Ty. <3Corbenix4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 blood pull 90k dps single target wtf i do things right as frost and pull only 55-60k single target. blood need a big nerf before all dk switch to blood. 25 blood dk in 25 ds heroic rock! check the logs from my friend dk Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 I need 1 hand swords to match this transmog set, been wanting something like greatsword of ebon blade look but 1 hander but have not been able to find anyÁbâddon2 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Hey Ghoul... Where Did You Go? Since patch 5.0 there have been an absurd amount of times in which the Unholy pet randomly despawns. This is especially noticeable during raids, I did Heroic Dragon Soul last night and 5/8 of the bosses I had at least one ghoul randomly disappear (no despawns on Ultraxion, Blackhorn, or Spine) . As far as I've noticed it only happens during combat and can happen while my ghoul is right next to me hitting the boss or while it is running to me as I switch to another target (yes I'm familiar with the normal range for despawning). Has anyone else been having problems with their pet vanishing for no apparent reason?Deci3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Help me solo Kael'thas! So with this most recent patch, blood worms now count as a friendly party member, meaning when I try to solo him I can get mind controlled, making it....difficult to solo. I've attempted to line of sight it as per hunters, but since my worms don't have threat on him, he simply follows me and I can't get out of sight. Is there a way to even do it now?Xethorsiph1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Did 5.0.4 kill Unholy? Yeah... I always used to kill most other players. Now my damage is low and UH feels terribad in PvP. Advice anyone?Kizashi16 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Absolutely no change for for us? Am I the only one who noticed that all the other classes get the cool spells while we keep the same old stuff? Even our talent points are composed of old spells/talents or slightly modified spells/talents we already had. Hell, even Remorseless Winter, in the last talent tier, is a cheap version of Hungering Cold. It says it stuns the targets around us but from what I've seen from the very few videos on youtube it seems it has the exact same effect as Hungering Cold. I'm extremely deceived, our class is not a new class anymore and we need a worthy change. Tell me your opinion about it, agree or not. I thought I would finally have some challenge into my rotation, being Frost DW in PvP is way too easy and I think it will be even more or at the limit it will stay on the same level of difficulty.Kovegon6 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Runic Power Just a quick question, why does Howling Blast not generate RP any more?Spliph7 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Death Pact... I was dueling at the Underbelly when suddenly "The target must be bound to you." "Invalid Target" "You can't use that here." *loses the duel* Seriously wth?Kimerian4 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Boneshield Hey guys, i know this question might sound noob, but i have to ask it. Where's bone shield????????? i can't find it :/ it has been removed ??Dureacuir1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Blood pvp guidance I'm switching over from frost because I want to turn this guy into an fc (altho I would prefer to try and still be a killer on the field, albeit one hard to kill; think sith juggernaut in swtor), and I need advice. My current set up is probably primitive at best, so I implore you my fellow blood dks, critique and guide me please :)Wödan3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Death Pact - Reduced Healing in AB Just noticed that Death Pact is only healing for 35% in AB. I haven't tested this anywhere else. Can anyone else confirm on this and whether this is intentional.Baatin8 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 unholy/blood pres swap I dont know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems to me, that blood pres is worth using again and getting buffed even more in beta. does anyone know that old macro for presence dancing? i cannot get one to work. tried: /cast [presence:1] Unholy Presence: [presence:3] Blood Presence /cast [dance:1] Unholy Presence: [dance:3] Blood Presence I dont like searching around the internet. i dont trust most wow sites. Had my first dk stolen while i quit. I know there was one in wrath. it's not on arena junkies.Zerolimits2 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Crazy dps as frost Using the first boss in HoT as an example (forgot his name) Before patch I was maybe hitting 40k on a good day... Just recently I hit 60k with all the same gear! I know this may suck to some of you but was a personal bust for me. Needless to say I am loving the new dk changes :))Sylvias0 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Quick unholy pvp guide/overview Ok I have noticed a lot of people posting about pvp unholy dks, either posting that they need help or are just baddie posting (trade marking baddie posting definition is at bottom). While I am not glad I am 2.2k rbgs and 2150 arena, decent not great but this was my first full season (have to make some excuses for myself *sad face). I have decided to give a quick guide to maybe help answer some questions for the general dk community, yes we have one even though we are not a friendly group :). The unholy dk changes are amazing, in my opinion, we are fit to change to a players personal preference or different types of comp setups, will not go into all of that for now lets just go talk about the main spell priorities since that has a lot of people upset/confused. The main spells are still the exact same but we are use are scourge strike (SS) way more often! Necrotic strike (NS) does cost a death rune, not a big deal since we can generate them runes pretty easily by using festering strike (FS). When I find the target i wanna kill I usually open up the same way everytime Chains of Ice (chains), Plague strike (PS), FS, SSx2 death coil spam (also recommended to death coil after you get plague strike up so you get a chance to gain your frost rune back faster), once you have your frost rune up FS again then DC (death coil) spam and from there rince and repeat, something should die if you add a strang/ghoul gnaw and burst. Ok now lets talk about staying alive, really just need to say AMS lichborne icebound and deathstike if you get low (NOT ALL AT ONCE!!!), also you have a ghoul sac which seems to be bugged for me sometimes, not sure why. forgot to add AOE to the dmg, they gave us a nifty spell that gives everyone dots/diseases use that and army and DnD, enough said... baddie Posting- verb: the action of someone who is usually around 1500 rating, give or take 200 rating, complaining on forum about something unfair, usually it is very fair, or pointless just to attempt to get a general populace to agree with his qq in hopes that blizzard may read and respond and fix his/her problems. example: Man that ret just healed full.... FORUMS!!!! P.S. Trolls have at me for the grammar/spelling mistakes :DDemoralizes10 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Death Strike heal Please remember that death strike heal is NOT based on the amount of damage it deals. I was wondering why my death strike heals me for around 14k out of BGs but during BGs it heals for 8k. I don't think PvP power has anything to do with it, because wouldnt PvP power increase the heal? If anyone knows why, please explain.Illucia1 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 Purgatory as tank just wondering as i have not been able to test this in raid yet but is Purgatory worth taking as a tank if another group member can provide AMZ?Krouger15 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 5.0.4 Blood pvp wtf happend all my glyphs turned into unholy stuff and all the talents seem to be frost and unholy 2 me (Leave response if u think they could add more blood talents '-')Elfofblood3 Sep 1, 2012
Sep 1, 2012 I'm feeling resource starved As far as I can tell DW frost hasn't changed that much, but since the patch I'm definitely experiencing more downtime where I don't have any runes or runic power, so I can't really do anything. I'm using Horn of Winter almost every time it's off CD, as well as even Arcane Torrent, but it's not much help. It's not so noticeable on short things, but in a longer fight, it's really obnoxious. I'm thinking it might be a talent thing, though...right now on the "regen" tier I'm running with Runic Empowerment. Has anybody else come up against this problem? It's making me all kinds of sad. :cAraiae9 Sep 1, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 rune management addons updated for patch?? I usually play with DK Monitor, i disable everything except the big runes and put them in the top middle of my screen so i can monitor easier than the blizzard ones under my health bar. I notice that this patch i need to be more aware of them so i can necro every death rune but DKM is currently out of date and doesn't work. If there is one out there that currently works can someone give me a link? If it is customized for this patch and yells at me or something that grabs my attention that i have a death rune that would be preferable.Demoralizes8 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 So how are you dealing with loss of diseases? Seriously, the CD for outbrake is now a full minute and we completely lost festering strike for all but unholy specs. WTF, Dieseases are our bread and butter. Guess I'm mostly just QQ here, but how are you dealing with it. (if you're not unholy) It has definately changed my rotationsDedmeett5 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 So DKs have an Optional 3rd resource now? + So first Blood Tap, it really does feel like a 3rd resource as compared to the rest of the talent teir. I'm not complaining, i'd rather have a complected rotation vs a face roll (lol hint's the druid) , but 3 resources seems unnecessary. also, Plague Leech ... 1 death = 1 frost + 1 unholy / Outbreak 1 death rune every 25seconds is basically worth 1 NS and on that note why are death runes being so focused on considering only 2 skills REQUIRE them, 1 of which is a talent in itself. Also Runic Empowerment vs Runic Corruption... it's the same proc chance, but RE is more restrictive and only works on 1 rune. That said Runic Corruption's buff time reduces with haste (which works fine with something like a dot or hot but the buff remains 100% faster regeneration regardless of duration) Just curious of other people's insight and experiences is all :)Deadlychuck2 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 Undead or Regular? Female Nightelf Which skin looks cooler in your opinion? The undead death knight skin for a nightelf, or just the regular nightelf look?Copy2 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 Necro Strike Question What is the cost now for Necrotic Strike? Death rune? I havent been fallowing and i cant login for a while now, just curious. Talent Calc on MMO-Champ shows no cost... so i got scared. Thanks.Gigawat2 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 Blood Boil vs. Heart Strike I know this is a tired discussion but I can't even find anything on EJ about this since 5.0.4. With HS's lower damage and (maybe) Vengeance changes, what's the amount of adds where BB > HS? I tried figuring it out for myself using the aoe packs in End Time, but I'm getting unreliable results... Recount isn't really too helpful. Using rolling blood, assume all targets are fully diseased 100% uptime.Epidemix6 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 Army of Tentacles They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll let them talk for themselves :P Also got my Main Hand Warglaive from this run, completing my set. :DNiernen4 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 Just give DKs tamable pets like hunters. Control undead is good fun, but it runs out! It would be far more rewarding if your basic ghoul was instead a tamed pet that you pick up, or rather, an undead minion that you've enslaved. The variety of undead creatures in the game is large, and with control undead, getting rid of the overpowered ones is already going to take some work. So, after doing that, why not just finish the job and make control undead work like a permanent pet?Evilsantana7 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 2H Frost DK BG Video - 5.0.4 Hi guys! Dirtee Z here bringing you another Frost DK video. This time I'm doing a BG in AV. I make these videos for educational and entertainment purposes and am NOT claiming to be the best PVPer. With that said, I hope you enjoy and if you do... like, comment, or subscribe to my channel! Thanks! The Link: Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 T14 is ulgy as hell Srs blizz, your gona take the mighty deathknight class, and put us in flowers and dresses? Who is on drugs on the art team, he needs to be fired. Plate dresses are for pallys, NOT DKs. A common thing you see is casters in dresses and melee in pants, i have never seen a rogue, hunter, or warrior in a dress, but yet all cloth, druids, shaman, and holy pallys have had dresses for the caster specs. The DK dress is retarded, none of our specs are ranged caster and none of us work off of mana. Also this set just does not look death KNIGHTy at all.Grøve80 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 So, I just started PvP and... I use Blood spec which I find is very good because I like never die. I'm just wondering what the best presence to use is. I know frost now reduces the time of fear and other things that make you lose control of your character. Blood pres gives me a lot of help but I feel like I lack damage. Is UH Pres the way to go in pvp? Sorry I'm still pretty new to this whole DK pvp thing. Thanks in advance.Palk4 Aug 31, 2012
Aug 31, 2012 Master frost? Keep hearing this term what does it mean sorry haven't played much of dk untill recently.Slowbleed1 Aug 31, 2012