Death Knight

Sep 6, 2012 Corpse explosion [bug] fix plz cant target playersAfrõsage3 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 WTB glyhp that turns off Bloodworms GG Blizzard thanks for making it so we can't turn this crap off and ruining my TK fun good thing I already have the mount Edit: It's still possible to down him as blood but rng gods must be with you, did it last week after 2 attempts, today after 5 attempts I gave up and said screw itJellysíckle3 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 TK is now impossible ? Who thought it was a good idea to make bloodworm baseline, resetting the encounter with 0 ability to control it. Really good job guys, Naiyrlol4 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Why can i still only make one deathknight? What is the deal with me still not being able to make another death knight on same realm. I'm sick of deleting my death knights and re leveling when i want to change race or twink pvp. Its ridiculous, hero class my @##%, death knights are hero because they start at 55? Why cant i make 5 on same realm, 1 death knight for every other character i get to 55. They should really increase the cap to 5 per realm. Death Knight is my favorite class, why limit players. I want several death knights for pve and pvp without having to reforge/ re spec/ re enchant / re level...Glacialblade7 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 new lfr loot system question If i am using dw frost, would i still have a chance to win gurth? While i only have 378 weapons, i figure ill just stick to dwing because i like that more but i would switch if i got gurth. Not sure if i would be able to get it now.Marston6 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 New Unholy <3Sidvîcious6 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Does Desecrated Ground break roots? I had originally thought DG was another trinket with an aoe effect, but after reading it again it looks like it doesn't remove "movement impairing effects". Is this true?Spirix0 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Do ya feel me? ...I'm comin atcha like a stone cold pit bull linebacker freight train muther effin gorilla beast on steroids... Every five minutes. P.S. I love being a frost dkBaeroq1 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Best leveling/questing spec Wondering what it is, I plan to have a blood spec for tanking dungeons here and there, but mainly im gonna quest.Rikie1 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Preferred stats? What are the preferred stats for 2h frost mostly pvp?Hindusloveme9 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 PvP MoP: Hardest hitter, DK or Warrior. I want to prepare for MoP and i cant make my mind between my DK or my Warrior. So i came here for inputs on wich will be "better" for capping 2.2k+. I don't want replies like "chose the one you like playing the most, both are equals" or "its too early to tell wich is best" there is always a choice better than the other. i want your beta experience feedback from a pure PvP melee heavy dps point of view. I want to be the hardest hitter, i got good friends for CCs. Thx for your inputs.Tampaxe12 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Purgatory item damage Are you supposed to not take durability damage when you die from it?Torquen1 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012 Dks no longer deal tons of dmgz. Dks deal tons of phenomenon damage.Kathrynez19 Sep 6, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Rate the Death Knight name above you I'm bored.Gypsydeadkid500 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 5.0.4 my dps is really bad now before the patch I was pulling 45k average in raids as haste frost. since the patch my dps has droped to 25k so I tried masterfrost instead and no real change in my dps. so basicly wth my dps has droped 20k since the patch. is/has anyone else had this problem? if so how did you fix it? I have gone from being the heaviest hitter in my guild to one of the weakest literally overnight after changing nothing P.S. I have tried Runic Empowerment, Ruinic Corruption and Blood Tap macroed to frost strike for me they're much the same with RE being slightly aheadAridian5 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 anti magic zone only 40k so the anti magic zone only absorbs up to 40k. This seems really weak to me just testing it out in cata raids. Think just nerfing the time its up (currently 10sec) to say 5 or 4 secs and majorly increasing the amount able to be absorbed be too Over powered?Griller4 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Give Howling Blast slightly more RP. Right now, there's no practical reason to dual wield. It's more complex, bursts less and yields more or less the same DPS. I think that dual wield and 2H are imbalanced, this time in the favor of 2H. 2H is easier than dual wield by a long shot, and 2H bursts for more. So, since 2H does ridiculous bursts, give dual wield the overall (slight) advantage when stretched out over time, rather than making the two spec's DPS equal and then calling the two specs equal based on DPS alone. Especially in PvP situations, 2H's advantage is strong. When you're CC'd, you usually already have some built up runic power, and then your runes regenerate while in some form of CC, so when that breaks you can burst like no other with a crapload of obliterates, frost strike to uncap runic power, then obliterate more. This mechanic just doesn't work with dual wield masterfrost, since you burst with frost strike. When you come out of CC with extra runic power, to start bursting without screwing up your rotation, you need to clear your runes for empowerment/blood tap/runic corruption, which means that brief moment before another CC comes in, you spend your time not bursting or wasting resources. This is a small change request for balance. I would not request a ridiculous amount of runic power. I'm thinking along the lines of adding like 2 to 4 extra runic power (no more than 5, I seek balance, not overpoweredness) while in frost presence to death siphon (can replace howling blast with blood tap with a rotation tweak) and howling blast. I don't think that dual wield should be ridiculously better than 2h in DPS, but if it can't get a DPS advantage, it needs some niche in which it is better than 2H, which it lacks right now. Lets give good reasons to play as 2H and dual wield, and give them each their own role with a minor change to runic power granted from single rune abilities.Evilsantana22 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Frost PvP Unholy Runes What do we use them for, pre 5.0.4 they were for Necrotic Srike. Obliterate was mostly used only on clothies, with Frost Strike taking preference, has that changed now? Anyone have any thoughts on Frost PvP in 5.0.4 they can share.Kydren1 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Rune Addon Hey guys Ive been looking for a good rune tracking addon. After 5.0 hit my favorite addon, Magic Runes is out of date and acts up. I'm looking for something like it. Preferably bars, that track runes, RP, and my diseases on the current target. Anything extra is just a plus. Any recomendations?Vizjunii4 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Quick question for 2H Frost I've read in a few places that crit is better than mastery for 2H frost. My question is if this is indeed the case on live atm? ThanksGalamon4 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 PVP help Apart from magic shell. Is there anything I can use to absorb damage or reduce damage? Also, something that heals me would be a great help. I am tired to do enough damage but they always have something like quick heal or shield or deflect damage which is always helpful when fighting and I dont seem to find anything to help me in terms of armor and heal. All I do is dmg dmg dmg any help would be appreciatedBullshaite2 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Death Pact macro Is their a way to macro Death pact to take the HP from my gargoyle if its out and my ghoul if my gargoyle isn't out?Baiyingai2 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 No Blood strike in Blood? Maybe im missing something and it tends to be an overly useless spell but what happens when i need single target strikes. blood strike used to be my go to spell. if we run into cleave unfriendly mechanics i can see this being a problem or tanks just sitting idle waiting for runes sorry it just seems rather curious that only unholy would have it a spec that really has no use for itDumbleforce7 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Need Epic Helm I'm in desperate need of an epic helm of some kind, but my JP vendor in Stormwind only sells an upgraded helm that you have to trade your existing basic helm for :p I also cannot find any Faction that rewards a helm, even at the exalted level. But if anyone knows of a Faction that rewards one then please let me know. How did you guys get yours? Do I have to wait for some dungeon boss to drop one or what?Lovisa6 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 How to play Masterfrost. Greetings everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Just had a couple of questions on How To play Masterfrost Frost DK for PvE. Looking for a top end PvE raiding DK or someone with a ton of knowledge on it. What i know so far: Stats: Str > Hit > Exp > Mastery > Haste > Crit Glyphs: Outbreak - AMS - DND Geist - Army of the Dead - Army of the Mengarie Rotation: ? Please fill in. Anyone able to assist at all. If so PLEASE add me via RL ID. More than welcome to delete afterwards, appreciate any assistance. If your on Sargeras i'd be willing to pay. RL ID: Thanks a ton.Sávagé6 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Did they nerf the gold from old raids? So, after patch i was doin BT with a dps friend of mine and we were gettin +- 10g from each boss, do u guys have any info about that or a list about which raids gold that were nerfed?Seräphim2 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Frost PvP Guides for 5.0.4? The PvP guide on the front page is outdated as hell. I was thinking about dusting off my Death Knight for some greasy frost PvP action. Any changes in the stat priorities? What's going on with frost, can it hold it's own in BGs?Abravewizard0 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Help me get even better please! Hey guys, long time forum dweller and first time poster. I've been playing since release, and playing my DK alot more lately so i've been tuning into these forums for all the insight into the latest patch. Feel free to critique me and offer up opinions on ways to improve. I will say that if I can catch a lucky heal every now and then in random bgs, that I pretty much dominate the damage and kb columns as this guy stands currently. (but i'm always looking to get better)Thanks in advance!Gromloxx0 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Why do I suck at unholy.... So I finally after nerf and need again hung up my axe and retired my warrior as my main, I will be maiming my dk now and I want to know what is the pvp priority for uh dk spec I feel compared to frost its just no damage, as of I'm just back on my warrior hitting things with a wet noodle(but I have been tore apart by uh dks so I know I'm doing it wrong) So I get into a 1v1 Deseases up Then what normally u want to get your NS up now right with healing absorb and it hits harder now but u don't have death I use FS 2x 2? Then my uh rubes stay death tunes untill when(when they regenerate) As u can see I'm just so lost looking for a basic priority system for the most part.Vascular4 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Best 1h weapon for dw frost pve? Maces, Swords, or Axes?Hackebeck8 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Question about Blood Tanking hello!!!! As you might see if you inspect, this is an alt I don't play a lot. I learned blood tanking before 5.0.4, but now it is a bit different and I am going play this character a bit more. So I have some questions!! Is there anything different with Death Strike and how we use it or do we use it the same now as we did before 5.0.4? It looks like we will be taking the Conversion talent, right? It seems a bit awkward to use, is there any specific amount of RP before using it or anything like that? Is Runic Empowerment better than Runic Corruption for that talent? Is there an actual benefit for having diseases applied now? Mainly this question is just for that rare moment that I would sacrifice a death strike to apply them without Outbreak. Is it worth sacrificing a Death Strike for applying diseases with Outbreak on cooldown? all help is appreciated!!!Bigrhonda11 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Corpse explosion target requirement So, I was more than a little excited that we got Corpse explosion back. Then I applied the glyph and started playing with it. the target a dead body makes this pretty horrible. not only do I have to find a dead body among the 10 mobs I am tanking, but I have to untarget my current target, and target the body. I can't even hit my hotkey then target a body. I get the message "Your target is alive" Really blizz.... really..... How about removing the target req and making it like the old CE and a random target. maybe making it explode the closest target (within X yards of course). PLEASE some game master see this and help us out. I loved CE and really want it to be usable, but with a target req it is not going to be very usable.Horobi8 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Old masteryfrost Does anyone that played mastery forged frost pre 5.0.4 miss the old feel of it or is it just me? I'm very distraught with the new play style feeling. I ended up going 2h frost for the rest of cataclysm because I find it more entertaining and higher dps than DW atm. Only thing is 2h frost isn't nearly as fun as 4.3 masteryfrost :(. Let me hear your thoughts, I feel alone in the darkFróstbitez0 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 Rime. Anyone besides me think Rime should generate RP again? No idea why they removed it in the first place.Selsix3 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 5.0 Changes? I was unable to find any major or minor changes listed for the DK class. If anybody could link me to where they fully explain what changes are happening to all classes in the MoP update I would be very happy. - Bash 'em Dead with a Giant Axe, DktopDktop0 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 UH pet too squishy? Ok so, firsts things first, I loved our new talents. Frost and UH are now in the same "pvp lvl" for me, and choosing talents now are really hard choices and very situacional. Frost dmg is awesome, UH pressure even more, our survivability is amazing too (at least as UH, which is the way it must be, imo). Only thing I really don't like is our pet hp as UH... 65k~70k is a little too low... I mean... UH highly depends on his pet, as much as frost mages, locks or hunters... Right now, in bgs, my pet dies much more quickly than I'd like, and my CD doesn't cover it... I feel like, when we step in arenas, people will just train our pet first, than they'd get rid of one CC AND our survivability, and this could really make the diference... Plz don't get me wrong, with the sac change, its supposed to be better now, but the low hp on the pet makes it so squishy... Is just me feeling that way about our pet, or do you also think this needs to be fixed? Thank you all Obs.: Sorry for me bad english... =xDerpington12 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 5, 2012 DW frost before 74? Is it possible to be DW frost before you get Threat of Thassarian? just wondering because i plan to make the DK DW frost and would like to start DWing as soon as possible but it seems kinda silly to pick up two one handers before you get that talentTuhawe2 Sep 5, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 DPS in blood seems super high Was tanking heroic Ultraxion on my DK just now and was pulling a solid 32k DPS. I'm not complaining it just seems super high considering last week i pulled 16-18k dps in the same gear.Hecubusx27 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Whatever happened to the glyph from beta... That turned your Army of the Dead into an Abomination? Anyone happen to know why they removed that?Bitsi0 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Hc Dragon Soul Well, hello there. First of all, yes, I do care about raiding even though it's the end of this expansion. So, this is my blood/frost dk (now using 2h on frost) 405/399. My raiding core isn't really hardcore or anything, and our dps is "low" compared to cores who take down hc spine plates in 1-go (we need 2-go all of them, in 30% debuff we couldn't even do 1-go with BL). We have not went raiding together since the 5.0.4 update. Our raid has me as main tank/off-dps, a warrior as dps/off-tank (a good warrior), shammy healer, druid healer/off-dps(good healer, bad dps), pally healer, pally dps, spriest dps/off-heal (good at both), rogue dps, hunter dps, mage dps. Our only legendary is the rogue, and we got almost none hc weaps (although our iLvl is an average of 402-3). I would like some tips on the "new" blood dk tanking on hc DS (specially about maximizing damage done/dps). I'v been running this "rotation"-like thing where I execute my Runes Strikes (on a macro to blood tap automatically) to generate runes, generally dumped into heart strikes/blood boils (maintain diseases, or when there is more target's) or death strikes if I need the shield/heal or UH/F runes are up. Didn't have much problem keeping aggro since vengeance is so strong right now. I would like to do some really nice numbers for the lulz (and cuz I like to try soloing stuff like 10m LK, which I don't know the viability anymore) and to help my mates in spine hc. On spine I'v been thinking about abusing cooldowns and purgatory(I picked it up, but healers aren't used to it yet, althought I don't know if I would trigger purgatory cuz maybe CDs are enough) to survive Nuclear Blast and do massive burst damage on the tendon... is that viable? Usually in spine I take the amalg and warr takes the bloods. Maybe cuz of DK's really big AoE damage right now (powerfull bloodboil's with diseases), it might be better to swap our roles in the fight. Any thoughts on that? Do chillbains slow the bloods? Cuz that would be really nice for running them around... Oh, and about the abusing Nuclear Blast/Vengeance thing, I'm sure that our pally ret got some nice 30k burst dps buff in 5.0.4 (went thru some test with him) or more, so if one of the tanks was able to dish out a big chunk of damage (prot warr has that execute thing right?) we could do at least a 1-go with BL. So, anyone has any ideas to share about any of the fights in DS? Don't just come with bad comments, please. I know that DS is in it's end days, that my core only got it hc very very late, that we`r bad and all that...Coldhoof1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 DK final tier talents nothing for raids Honestly looking through the Death Knights level 90 talents i see NOTHING beneficial to PvE players there is no talent that would work on a raid boss there.... they are all AoE CC abilities i would love to see remorseless winter deal damage again then be just CC. as of right now i doubt i will be playing my DK in pandaria for raiding purposes because of this and its been my main since i started playing and reached level 55 :( i hope you could look at that and find a way to include one that can be used on a raid boss THANKS!Tyeren11 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Dk's fall short 5.0 Haven't been having any fun on my dk since patch release, Idk I feel like other classes have gained a ton and Dk's have kind of stayed the same since they came out in wrath Mages can just global me instantly, im spam rooted, deathgrip isnt as powerful as it used to be I think I may try out monk though in MoP and try out the new hero classAmiracle8 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 OMFG Stupid How can they possibly think were remotely close to ready for launch? I created this guy and had planned to level him up to get a feel for all the changes and I can't stand it. I know they wanted to free up GCDs but i'm spending more than 60% of the fight with no runes and no RP. I just stand there and auto attack while I wait 4-5 seconds to push ONE button before I wait some more. Its so un-fun Its retarded. Abilities should be generating twice as much RP even with that i'd still end up sitting for 1-3 seconds with nothing to do while i wait on resources. Having free GCDs is good and all if you have things to use for them. But everything costs runes or RP which I don't have. Pestilence, chains of ice and death siphon should be free. Then I'd have an option to try and fill up some time while I wait and wait and wait for a button to press. There is nothing more frustrating than attacking normally getting a mob down to 90% health and dying because you stood there unable to do any ability attacks for 5 seconds, nothing, nadda, zippo, zilch. Doubling the RP gain flat out and swapping the level 60 AND level 75 tier is the only fix I can see for this. edit: I also think that ToT and MotFW should come with the frost specialization. I hit like a wet noodle and if I went DW(like I want since I hate 2handers with a passion) it'll be worse.Wardshatter6 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Corpse Explosion... why? When DK's first came out I created this character as Unholy because some of the talents they had were very unique. We could come back as a ghoul after we died, the cool unholy blight (didnt have a cast time and counted as a 3rd disease) and corpse explosion. I was always annoyed about the removal of some of the things that made UH DK's great (unique) and wished to get some of these spells back. I was very happy to hear about the return of corpse explosion but I had no idea it was coming back as a usless spell. I mean whats the point now? It does nothing and you have to target the freakin corpse to use it instead of it just blowing up the nearest corpse. Very few would even bother with this in its current state. If your going to leave it useless, at least make it work to explode the nearest corpse instead of having to target stuff. Then I could just bind it to the key of an actual useful skill.Ellafien5 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 [Blood Tap and Plague Leech] annoying to use why do both these abillities ONLY work for fully depleted runes, i can understand fully depleted runes being the top priority rune target for these abillities, but is is very frustrating when im sitting on 12 blood tap charges and a plauge leech, and i cannot start stacking necrotics or hitting death siphon because all my runes are up. why am i unnable to get immediate death runes when i need them from these? bad implementation imo. TLDR, change BT and PL to use any random rune if none are fully depletedKrysís9 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Demoting My DK The following is just a reflection, not a judgment: I will come right out and say it - Frost DW in Cata was the ultimate facerolling class/spec. Or at least that I can remember (if you remember others please refresh my memory (I have 6 85s and have played since Xmas 04). I played HB, Ob, FS like a piano. And, most critically, I never really had to pay any - yes, any - attention to my runes. That all changed with 5.0.4. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but it killed the unbridled joy that my DK provided. After a long day at work there was nothing more satisfying than just wailing on stuff and scoring big numbers. I consistently finished in the top 5 - often the very top - of the dps charts in LFR (I know, I know, LFR is [fill in the negative comparison]). Now instead of banging on the piano I have to actually read the sheet music, and at least for the moment, it is Greek to me. As of the end of the first week of the patch my most fun dps is my mage (frost, the fotm) and my most fun melee is my enh shaman. My kitty does well but is fairly boring.Chophouse3 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 how do you feel about DKs? making a somewhat triumphant return to WoW as so many people are and although I have a good smattering of classes, given how far along the pvp season is - entering BGs is frustrating no matter what. So far the first class I've played around with is my Druid and I have to say I really enjoy the changes they've made to them. I get !@!#d repeatedly but as I said this is a gear issue that can't be avoided. Other toons: DK, Priest, Mage I've historically leaned toward casters but before I quit playing I absolutely adored my Frost DK. This isn't meant to be a qq thread in any sense - just wanting to hear from people that are in the position to know - how do you like it? :)Cloberella0 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 2H/dw frost, or UH for my dk alts OS? My main alt is my dk, she is mainspec blood but I dps the 1 tank fights, what is better now after 5.0.4? I've been doing so much shaman research I haven't even checked D: I know on beta 2h frost was doing really well, is that the way to go?Spectîe1 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 Heart Strike/Rune Strike Rotation? I used to be a fair facerolling DW Frost DK...and then 5.0.4 happened. So I am browsing places like Noxxic and Icy-Veins and playing with both Frost and Unholy and slowly getting the hang of them, but on raids I have seen a couple DKs whose primary attacks were Heart Strike and Rune Strike. That is something I have seen no write-up on but would like to know more. Links, thoughts, suggestions? All appreciated. Thanks!Chophouse2 Sep 4, 2012
Sep 4, 2012 So frost dw for pvp(need help) Always used 2h but I'm going to jump to dw since I always seem To be spamming frost strike anyway, so what is the pvp priority for dw frost? Deseases up Hb Frost strike Necrotic strike For use of my runes? Or go with death siphon instead of necrotic strike?Vascular2 Sep 4, 2012