Death Knight

Jul 4, 2012 UHDk Pet Management Video Guide Hey guys, I decided to make a guide to Pet Management. I'm welcome to any and all feedback and any personal tips/tricks you may want to add, please leave a comment below. I felt that the ways I talked about work really well to control your pet, but I am open to throw in annotations on the video or even re-make it if there are any other ideas that you all have to add. Hope you all enjoy :) Also, if I rambled at all during the video, it was 8 am after 4 hours of sleep. Wasn't really there :PProdígy16 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Unholy discrepancy Live and in MoP As Unholy, I'm a bit confused as to what the staple of the spec is supposed to be - both live and especially in MoP The spec has undergone numerous changes since its birth, having both its ups and downs like any other class. However, when a friend who's interested in playing WoW for the first time asks me "what makes Unholy Unholy?" I have a tough time explaining. I play a Death Knight, I should know right? Its a gray area with a select few other specs as well (Arms vs Fury, Marksman vs Survival, Assasination vs Combat). In the case of Unholy I have narrowed the individuality to be that Unholy is based around DoTs and a pet. Then it occurs to me while editing a research paper that the spec really does seem to lack focus and that its "staple" seems more of a "DoT/pet/SpecialAttack/kite/tank/ranged/melee/and now heal with the changes in MoP". Even taking out all the glyphs and talents choices, I can't seem to put my finger a better way to explain the fundamental differences between Unholy and Frost. What is the design team's intentions with respect to how they differentiate Unholy from Frost? Frost Mastery: Increase Frost damage Unholy Mastery: Increase Unholy damage A good assumption based on Mastery is to assign that DoT's and Unholy Special Attacks are the staple of Unholy damage, however the Ghoul and Gargoyle are the key components of the spec and the ghoul does only melee damage (not scaling with our Mastery) while the Gargoyle does only Nature damage (also not scaling with our Mastery). Its awkward to think about it because if our Mastery were similar to a Demonology Warlock - increase pet damage and your damage when transformed - then Unholy would be the Pet spec which it doesn't seem to be the direction the designers are going for MoP. If it is, then some clarification would be well received as to knowing if the intent behind Unholy is the Pet or DoT class. If its both, maybe it might be time to reevaluate the Mastery and/or glance over what type of damage and scaling issues the ghoul/Gargoyle should be doing.Eyros7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Special attacks? ok i was talking to a friend of mine in game and he was helping me with my stats and gear and noticed i cant view my special attack damage? im trying to figure out how to dish out the best possible damage so i can actually be productive in raids and dungeons any help would be greatly appreciatedWaazzuupp4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Opinions wanted for my UI Spent a good part of the evening downloading mods and creating a UI from scratch, all i had was Bartender before i started. I'm new to making UIs, i had trouble finding variety inbetween types of mods. If You guys have better mods don't shy out. For example Chinchilla is about the best minimap mod i found although it doesn't offer much of a skin variety. this is the link to the my UIColumbia5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 PVP and PVE, quick question. I have mostly PVP gear, or rather i'm working towards getting a full PVP set, but i do also want to go on raids, and i know PVP gear is definitely not ideal. Until I get enough points for PVE to purchase PVE gear, should i use my PVP gear, or is my old Vicious Pyrium set better? (For when I do decide to go on raids.) Sorry this is an incredibly stupid question...i've been playing on and off for short periods of time for only a year so I'm still kind of new.Aphrodíte1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Unholy PvE Expertise So, In the Unholy PvE guide, the poster says that you should reforge out of expertise even before the soft cap. I thought all melee DPS specs were: Hit (8%) = Exp (26) > All other secondary stats Why is expertise rated so low?Relques4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Trinket Macro PvP DK Okay I was wondering, is there anyway to make a macro that will equip my CC Trinket (the insignia one), use it, then requip my other trinket? Or is this too much going on at once. OR!, could I put it on my bar, along with my other trinket, and just double right click on it (once for quip, another for use) and then single click my other trinket back on, after im out of the cc? because I really want to grab one of the str/resi trinkets but I would like this trinket also for CC/Oh sh!t times.Dreadling2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 MoP--where have all the pve talents gone? I tried to post this in beta but I do not have an account so it wouldn't allow me. I've also looked around online but couldn't find a clear answer. Current wow is no matter what class or spec you pick you'll find a mixture of abilities that are pvp or pve. Looking at MoP(all classes, but especially DK) I can't help but notice that pretty much every single talent is survivability or PVP oriented. What is happening to all the talents that boost damage for things like obliterate, scourge strike, dual wield, 2h, spells and abilities and procs? Are they all just being built in and given to everyone automatically? Or is the game removing them and massively dumbing itself down?Eternyl3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blood DKs with high DPS?... As i've been leveling this toon, using only blood spec; i've come to realize that Blood DKs, even though they are meant for tanks, have insanely high DPS. This isn't some "I'm so awesome at this game, lulz u noobs i rock." thread. I'm just wondering if this is an extremely common thing and why something hasn't been done about it. In most dungeons i do, as the tank, i am often pulling the highest DPS. Even against heirloom'd warlocks, mages, warriors, frost/unholy dks. Is this simply because of how viable Blood DK's are when it comes to AoE and at this level (70 so) dungeons are filled with packs?... I dont know what im trying to accomplish with this thread. Just curious. TL;DR Mostly just wondering why Blood DK's dps is so high at this level.Dakkara9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Best Spec Based on My Gear So I'm not here starting another thread about whether unholy or frost is better, I know both being played correctly, unholy pulls ahead. I've always been a DW frost and have a decent gear set-up for that spec. What I'm wondering is, with an LFR Gurthalak will unholy still pull ahead of my 2 403 Souldrinkers? I would really love to try unholy, the only reason I haven't is my hate of pet classes. But I LOVE the Gurthalak, and I know it's not really a viable option for frost. Enough rambling, put simply, with my gear + an LFR Gurth (and with deathwing on farm, I'm sure a 403 gurth if it would ever freaking drop) will unholy pull ahead of frost with 403 Souldrinkers? And before someone says "try it on some dummies", that wont really help, as I'm pretty decent with Frost and have NEVER played unholy.Agandaur20 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 BEST WAY TO LEVEL UP hello, What is the best way to level up and im a level 59 blood elf DK i really need the help im spec is bood and i am horde plz help me Sneakybstrd6 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Cool DK starter gear glitch Armoy me, Im wearing the whole set. You can get the starter gear at the DK starting area vendor. It bugs me into Death Wing Human formPopcornchikn4 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 4peice dps question. I just picked up some Normal Backbreaker's Spaulders. Would it be worth it to wait until I get the Tier 13 Helm before switching to the spaulders or would the increase in stats from Backbreaker's be worth using over the 4 peice? ThanksFoegrim3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Blood pvp? Hey guys I'm currently leveling my DK and I'm doing blood tank and frost (2h) pvp dual spec, but is blood a better pvp spec? I seem to see a lot of blood DKs in full pvp gear in the 85 BGs and I don't see a blood pvp guide so I'm curious if it's currently better than frost and unholy for pvp and there just hasn't been a guide or if those people are just raiders with pvp gear?Wtfwasthatt3 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 dk spec for cata and MOP hey everyone i was just wondering for a pvp dk who does both arenas and rbgs what is better unh or frost and wht will be bettr for pvp in MOP and if frost for the bettr pvp spec dw or 2h and no people im not the real reinhart lolReiñhart0 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 DPS Help I was just wondering if anyone has any tips they can give me on how to improve my dps so that I can hopefully run DS with my guild. Currently, I can do about 20k sustained on the dummy. I use EJ for the rotation/spec. I know I'm missing a few enchants but I'm working at getting those. I know I should be pulling more dps for my gear so any help is appreciated. Thanks! Edit: Btw I'm specced unholySadistic5 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Death Knight Frost PVP A few things, I DW, and I'm following Noxxic almost to a T, along with guild advice because I'm new to PvP. I haven't tried a 2h build, but I have tried Mastery, and Haste builds, and seem to enjoy Haste more, not sure if it is actually more beneficial or not, curious about that though. I know I'm not that geared, but I'm working on it. Now, moving on. I'm wondering what is better overall, and what is the specialty of each build, pvp wise. I am Frost now, but I've heard things about Unholy, what does it bring? Also in frost, DW or 2H? I understand 2H hits harder, but DW stays on them, and more white damage... Not sure what is better though. Also, haste or mastery with 2H frost? Is there a preferred rotation, or go to sequence for pvp? Also any good oh !@#$, or interrupt macros or anything? I haven't found many 4.3.4 macros for Dk's out there. Sorry if this has been covered before but I used google and this site and couldn't find much on it. Well, not a clear answer at least. I know one isn't better than the other necessarily, I just am looking at pros/cons of all of it.Dreadling22 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 DW frost pve weapon question. Right now i have a Heroic Souldrinker, Heroic No'Kaled, and a Heroic Hand of Morchok. Which 2 weapons should i be using and which should be in my main hand/off hand?Kinvaras7 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 3, 2012 Best Race for DK's? This is a thread for anyone who wants to discuss which race is perfect for DK's. Personally, I think Worgen's are best for DK's: You have the Worgen - a Cursed beast that hungers for blood and murder. Then you have the DK - a Chaotic abomination with a lust for pain and suffering. I also think the Forsaken are good as DK's: The Forsaken - Cursed undead, bethralled into service of the lich king and broken free. Evil and insane. Then you have the DK - a Chaotic abomination with a lust for pain and suffering. So that's a Alliance and Horde thing i guess, post what you think works best and why - race/DK?Bloodmayne9 Jul 3, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 PvP-Frost DK (New to spec please help) Hi guy's I'm trying to switch it up and play Frost. I'm not trying to be top frost dk but any kinda help on stating/basic rotation/spammables etc.. will help I'm planing on going DW and want to strive for damage.Ønysablet10 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Souldrinker Frost DPS So yesturday I got a souldrinker off maddness in 10 man and then got a 25 raid finder souldrinker is it best to use double Souldrinker dps or would it be best for tanking?Elderhunt2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 I need a Helm and Cape for Transmog This is my Transmogrification so far: (look at it using Draenei male model) I just recently got Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful and have been trying to get Helm of the Illidari Shatterer but im not sure If it is the best helmet for this look. I dont think I need a tabard for this transmog, but if you have one in mind that looks good, please post. Thanks.Bacherus0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Advice on masterfrost? Currently I am hastefrost and I'm finding I'm doing pretty decent with it, but I heard masterfrost does even better but I can't find a good guide anywhere. Googling yields limited info and none of my guildies play a frost DK. Anyone have info or a link to a guide? Is the rotation any different from hastefrost? Do I reforge to complete mastery? ect.... EDIT: also, does it really do better than haste frost? I'm only considering switching if it has at least a 5k dps increaseLitharrale6 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Need advice from DK pvpers. (I am Frost) Hey guys, So i finally managed to level my DK up. I also have full ruthless now and working on better gear. I am a Frost DK, 2h user, and not completely retarded when it comes to pvp. I have watched some videos and read alot, but i still think I am missing things. I thought i would ask here on the forums. I play mostly BGs and 2's arena (arena - just today) First, I think my spec is jacked a but, but i can fix that (any look and advice would be great) second, I know i am not gemmed/enchanted just perfect, but i am saving the best stuff for the best gear. (I think i did ok with my current gear, need to grab shoulder enchant) third, I use the HB, FS, and throw in a NS when needed rotation. I also pay attention to my CDs and use them when needed. I will use a plague strike from time to time, or a Death strike when the right time presents itself. so, here are my questions: I do not use Oblit, I have recently started using it on cloth wearers, but my FS hits anywhere from 8k - 20ishk (mostly around 12-14k) on crits. seems weak, am I doing something wrong? I dont seem to have finishing power, I can spam HB and FS with OBL all day and i cannot seem to kill people. advice? DKs do not have a stun? just mind tap interrupt, stangulate silience and a very situational hungering this correct? Seems against melee opponents i fall flat, If all my CDs are up I will usually come out on top, but if not I am basically dead. I have the macros, I use the self heals/dark pact etc, but i feel that I am very "weak". Perhaps I am approaching my rotation all wrong? Chains, HB, HB, FS, HB, FS on procs. this is prettymuch what I do (situation dependent). I will use Outbreak when up or plague strike/NS when a unholy rune is available. but this is really it. So, if any pvper could read this and give me some advice I appreciate it.Zoax12 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Gladiator Andry here to have a word. ╔═══════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════╗ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong duelist ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who don’t need no gladiator ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ╚═══════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════╝Andry3 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 An Evaluation I'm going to tank my first normal raid tomorrow, and I would like a gear, spec, and reforge evaluation from the DK community as well as a prediction of how spiky I'll probably be. Unfortunately, I won't likely be able to replace the DPS gear, as both the belt and the legguards drop from End Time. I'll likely see how much JP I can grind to replace the legs and trinket. For the prediction, it would be best to assume I know how to react to most mechanics. Regardless, any input will be greatly appreciated.Terase4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Unholy Ghoul help and using blood boil? Just making the conversion over to unholy. I've read everything and feel pretty confident I'll be fine. 2 things left to figure out, one is a few times I've read about using blood boil, when should I and why exactly? I've always used that only in blood spec, and even pretty rarely then. Last thing is, is Claw the only thing I care about for Timmy? I was expecting to have a lot of pet macros and learning how to control him, but all i've seen is the claw/SS macro, what about all his other abilities? And last thing I just thought of, is he gonna be standing in !@#$ all the time, and how would I control that?? Thanks for any help in advance guys, I know we all see the same threads all the time but I appreciate the help!Dkzorz3 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 DK / Priest Stream! Hello there Deathknights. Im here to tell you about a new stream that is here! ! Half of the time, my friend Seized from Vigil (a top US guild), will be streaming his tanking adventures! The other half, I'll be streaming my healing adventures! Sometimes we will stream together as well. If you need help with your class, and want quick live help, want to have fun, or come hang out, check us out! We'll be giving away a Heroic Ragnaros mount at 50 followers! So make sure to follow! once again. - Thanks! The Jarastargaming team!Lillèth0 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Death Knight/Druid/Mage/Shaman I'm posting this in all 4 forms.I have a priest and a warlock covering Tailoring/Enchanting/Herbalism/Inscription. I am trying to find a 3rd toon to play that will also handle Mining&Jewelcrafting. Reather then playing all 4 to like level 60ish I'm looking for some opions from players that have Priest/Warlock alts and also play one of this 4 classes here. I do like my Priest Disc and Shadow. I like my Warlock Demo and Destro. With Mage I'm thinking Arcan+another. With shaman I'm thinking Elemental/Restro With Druid I'm thinking Balance/Restro With Death Knight I'm thinking Blood/Unholy Knowing that I like Priest Disc/Shadow and Warlock Demo/Destro can players with play time on this 4 guess what I mite like playing best. Just a best guess is all I'm looking for here.Thx u all for your time.Brokensaints2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 vampiric blood isn't giving hp bonus!?! Just wondering why my vampiric blood want giving additional hp for the 10 or what Eva seconds it use to while leveling but now it doesn't. Have I done something or could I ad a stat or something. Please request what i should do Also to add I'm in blood spec pvp I don't know if it works in os or in pve gear mainly play blood wPVP thanks RunnxRunnx4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Create another way to summon pet It's really annoying having 2 unholy specs switching specs and not having a ghoul for 2 minutes. Or if your pet desummons it self somehow and you are stuck with out your pet for 2 minutes it gets pretty annoying. Maybe blizzard could add a way to resummon our pets when our instant summon is on cooldown? maybe a spell that has a cast time of 10 seconds is interruptable and uses a blood frost and unholy rune that revives or summons a new ghoul pet.Leafytoast2 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 How Do I One Tank Madness? I am having a problem with my ice bound fortetude usage. I get to the last platform and I do not have the CD ready. What is an in general breakdown on the fight?Terribledps3 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Make a button.. What do you think about a button to mute some ones account so instead of muting one toon/character you mute them on all there characters.Runnx4 Jul 1, 2012
Jul 1, 2012 Need help with gear Today i went to LFR and won [item="eye of unmaking" /] i have [item="rosary of light" /] and [item="Varo'then's Brooch" /]. My DK is Unholy so which one should i change, if im correctly it should be the second one but im not sure. Can someone help me please?Bästion1 Jul 1, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Think before you grip To all you deathknights out there, please think before you grip!!! I am so sick and tired of idiot DK's deathgripping EFC's when i just kidney shot and smoke bomb. If there are already 2+ melee on an EFC and hes going down, why on earth do you think its going to help the cause to grip him away from the other melee and have just you on it? Stop being idiots and walk your happy @$$ over to him instead of costing us the game just to grip it to you. kthnxbai.Corayo40 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 DK t14 set Was just looking over the DK t14 set which can be found here: I noticed that on the DPS set there is only one red gem slot, is this a soft solution to the item squish problem? Also, the gem bonus on the chest piece has a +120 crit rating, does this mean that crit will have a higher value for frost DK's? I have no problem with the reduced red gem slots, in fact i think it is better that way so people just don't go nuts for stacking strength as there are strength gem bonuses on all of the other pieces of gear except for the chest piece. (AND a +180 strength bonus on the helm which is pretty big) I think a genuinely civil discussion is needed, and would be appreciated. ALSO I don't have any connection with the link i posted, it is in no way my property so all credit goes to the creator of that website.Zooties2 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Best FROST DPS Spec : DW vs. 2H I would like to maximize my DPS in FROST. I do like FROST, h/e I would like to know what the best frost spec is to max DPS. Opinions on either DW or 2H would be greatly appreciated sand the benefits of both. Best regards.Deathvader1 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Help holding threat I've been noticing threat generation issues in raids. It seems like whenever I taunt off the other tank (due to crush armor/ impale/ void bolt/ flavor of the month tank swap mechanic) I always seem to hover around 100% threat. I'm going through a proper priority rotation (DS > 1x HS > RS spam) but the game keeps yelling at me that I'm "losing threat". I've never actually lost threat in LFR or BH before, but it worries me. Does this happen to tanks at higher gear/skill/progression levels?Peedle3 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Quick question Ok what is a good title for a deathknight sop i can go hunt one down:) all i can think of is champion of the frozen wastes but er yeah lol.Pòstal6 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 how much mastery? hello i was wondering,how much mastery would be enough for a cap? im already at 3100 mastery and wondering if i should stop there?(im blood dk)Symphogear18 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 lost starting quest ?? I started a death knkight and was doing those start up quest. I forget which one but I deleted it, forget why I did that but I figured I could start it over. You know delete the quest and then go and pick it up again, but I was wrong. So my question is how do I get those skill points if the quest isn't reappearing? Will my character forever not be able to get all his skill points...or do I just delete now and start from beginning?Drodox6 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Dk Leveling questions Hey so im speccing frost and im wondering if i should be in unholy presence or frost. And also if I should spec into dw or 2h? also what should i runeforge on my weapon?Burnd2 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Race Change: Human or Draenei?? Okay i want to race change for pvp, but im unsure which to choose. Shadowmeld can really save me especially when a hunter has me netted or a frost mage has me nova'd. Other then that its not that amazing. I have to stop to use it (although im usually already immobilized when its casted). I understand that frost DKs already do a good amount of damage and the extra trinket from human would be amazing. But our survivability isnt the best and therefore would a draenei's HoT, a 20% passive heal which would prove very useful for me, like an enraged regen but weaker. So, what do you guys think? Human or draenei?Dethlegend18 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Gems/enchants for lvl 70 Frost DK + Rotation I'm in the process of getting the last items for full Brutal Pvp armor but which Gems and enchants should i buy for lvl 70 pvp on my frost dk? Also what rotation should i be using atm?Delumio1 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 30, 2012 Frost Dps I can get a good dps rating in dungeons and I don't know what to do i'm always last.... I don't know what to do I need to get the rate up what should I do? Some one segested the addon spell flash but I don't get addons. Sorry if there are any spelling errors.Naleanna4 Jun 30, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 DK FROST GEAR? pve Hey guys, now ive been looking for a bit, and i have found tips on what the reforging should look like for frost dk, but never what there gear actuallly is. Like the gear they used for getting into 10 man DS and what not.Knyghtmeire4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 blood fc Im trying to figure out what my best option for bracer enchant is I believe my options are expertise strength or dodge. Im leaning towards strength since I get a bit of parry from it plus increased damage and death strike effectiveness. before I get grieff for geming 50 strength gems I gemmed that b4 I knew I was gunna have to be fc and I dont have the gold to regem them atm. Also i arena as frost so the extra strength is nice thereAitron2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 yet another nerf in MOP any thought on new nerf? I feel sad when I keep seeing nerf on every new MOP patch. Our new tier set bonus seems OP, so our OB and FS got nerf. Item - Death Knight T14 DPS 2P Bonus Your Obliterate (deals 20% increased damage>original set bonus but gone now) and your Scourge Strike deals 10% increased damage. Frost Strike, and Scourge Strike deal 10% increased damage. Frost Frost Strike now causes 110% weapon damage as Frost damage, down from 115%. Howling Blast base damage was reduced by 68%. Obliterate now does 240% weapon damage, down from 250% weapon damage plus 2,250.Bingchai6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Macro Help Could anyone help me with a macro? I want it to work like this: Startattack then hit for Scourge Strike, but if its a friendly target and undead one of course use death coil to heal. I tried: #showtooltip /cast [help] [target=friendly] Death Coil; Scourge Strike /startattack but it does not work Help plzZhull2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Unholy rotation-level 70 right now I'm just button smashing and I really want to know what a good rotation is for a level 70 unholy Death Knight. It would be very helpful and i know I'm level 69 but I'm only a few bars away from 70Âshßringer5 Jun 29, 2012