Death Knight

Oct 20 Noob question sorry Hey guys just coming back to game and I am no unholy expert but I find my self with at least 3 runes plus and almost always close to runic power capped. So my question is since I can't seem to spend enough runes/runic power what takes priority scourge strike(with the festering wounds)or death coil?Deathx2 Oct 20
Oct 20 Archimonde's Hatred Reborn is the absorb shield your base health or does it increase when you pop stuff like vampric blood? also if it does work with vamp can they be macroed together since their cool downs are only 15 sec different. thank youDirtysamurai2 Oct 20
Oct 20 7.3 Frost DK pvp guide video Created a tutorial for Fdk (2.7 legion glad exp) Examples in video also. 7.3 Frost dk tutorial *2.7 legion glad experienced* LIKE/SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE If you have questions regarding my addons please subscribe and like the video and will post my addon video (already made)Sàmáritan0 Oct 20
Oct 20 Tier 21 stat changes Frost favored? Death Knight (Forums) Overall - Versatility increased, Critical Strike reduced Dreadwake Bonecage - Haste changed to Versatility Dreadwake Greatcloak - Critical Strike changed to Haste Dreadwake Helm - Versatility changed to Mastery. Stat budget shifted to more Critical Strike. Dreadwake Legplates - Critical Strike changed to Versatility. Dreadwake Pauldrons - Haste / Mastery changed to Critical Strike and Versatility. Flamelicked Girdle - Mastery changed to Haste Dreadwake Legplates - Critical Strike changed to Versatility Doomwalker Warboots - Versatility changed to Haste This was taken from the MMO Champion post today. Seems that Blizzard did a rework of stats for the tier sets. I can't help but notice that they changed a lot of stats to favor Frost Death Knights. Versatility is very much a Frost Death Knight stat and it buffs all of our damage including our hardest hitting non-cool down ability Obliterate. As you know the tier bonus hasn't changed at all so our Obliterate and Frost strike are still getting that 15% damage buff with the 2 set. Also they seemed to have removed mastery from a couple pieces which as every DK knows is generally the best stat for Unholy. I could be totally wrong on this but with the shift to more versatility on our tier set we could be looking at a more Frost DK favored tier. What do my fellow Death Knight mains think of this change? I would like to know everyones opinions on it if possible. Please keep the posts civil this isn't a Unholy is superior to Frost post and vice a versa.Drapster15 Oct 20
Oct 20 Frost DK Legendary Questions I run Breath Spec with Legendary Hat and Empower ring. I just got Leg trinket today, should i switch to trinket and ring with breath spec? I dont have the chest, bracers, or belt. Should i even still be running breath spec? i'm back from a 7 month break.Tkoqtmlgyolo5 Oct 20
Oct 20 Blood DK World PVP Looking to gear up my Blood DK and realized I possibly wouldn't have to worry about Rogues so much ganking me anymore. How do you guys do with the Lego's offered against classes in World PVP? Do you ever get destroyed 1v1?Knasstickler19 Oct 20
Oct 20 is the 5% frost dk buff for 7.3.2 is frost getting the 5% buff in 7.3.2 or will that come when the new raid releasesSeptimos4 Oct 20
Oct 20 28% frost dk buff Am I seeing that correctly, is there a 28% buff to frost on the ptr for 7.3.2?Enhanzzed21 Oct 20
Oct 19 T21 frost changes! 40% chance to proc 2p and now 420% weapon dmg of spikes 4p set, will this finally put frost right next to unholy? What do u guys think? Is their even any frost players out there at all lolRagingpowers1 Oct 19
Oct 19 Murderous Efficiency vs Freezing Fog I tried freezing fog last night in heroic on accident, actually noticed a small DPS gain from ME. I'm wondering if it's because I have the belt or whatever, has anyone else noticed this?Redneckromeo3 Oct 19
Oct 19 DK Hype! How come the DK was introduced back in 2008 and only now I started playing one seriously. Shame on me... I'm having a blast with this DK alt. And I only tried Unholy so far. I can't wait to get my hands on the Artifact weapons and know their lore. DK is pure badassery. I love plate. Cool looks. Who gives a sh*t about mobility (most of the complains I read anyway) when you can look and play like a boss. I mean, we can spread disease on other players. Walk on waters. Raise deads. Plate armor. Spread plagues and Death Grip other's arses at our convenience. CheersRaggosh13 Oct 19
Oct 19 Icy Edge Stacks Why do they fall off upon pulling a boss on Heroic Tomb? I understand it was made to do that for legacy bosses but it's a bonus from Tomb tier the f?Xartanum5 Oct 19
Oct 19 DK Tier 21 Is hideous. Looks like an ugly 5 man dungeon set. Are they running out of ideas or was the person who designed tier 19/20 on vacation?Panhead10 Oct 19
Oct 19 Thoughts on class mount? On the whole I like it, I liked the cut scene that mimicked that LK opening sequence with Arthas and Sindragosa, and I like that it changes its colors based on spec. The textures however need serious work. The back part and the wings are especially smudgy. The original ICC drakes look better, even. It's really sad :( Has blizz noticed this? I've gotten several class mounts and this one by far as the smudgiest textures. It really needs some polish. :\Surexxi21 Oct 19
Oct 18 Druid or dk? Thoughts Hi guys quick question trying to decide between Druid and dk and having a hard time. My biggest problem I did have with Druid was how bland the forms were but now with legion seems they have style and color. Right now I main a havoc dh so if I went Druid would Probably work on guardian/feral/balance specs and dk probably blood and frost. Figure get some thoughts guild I’m in we clear heroic each tier so that’s the raid lvl I’m at guild doesn’t do mythic although next tier I might put some. Thanks for thoughts and advice between the 2.Carêbear0 Oct 18
Oct 18 next patch BiS? so with the new tier focusing on deathcoil think the the dk legendary helm will become best in slot? along with shoulder or chest?Kurinka3 Oct 18
Oct 18 dk is too op dk has been op since WOTLK please nerf this black magic specSerpent25 Oct 18
Oct 18 Wraith Walk Can we please make it so it stops fall damage after all we are kinda turning into a ghost and it would make WW 1000 times better than it is now.Frostscythe23 Oct 18
Oct 18 Best Combat Ally Which is the best? Are there specific items I should hunt down to equip them with? I've been playing all this time without one, looking to use the best. I think I have all of them at 900 ilvl. Can it go higher?Azire13 Oct 18
Oct 17 Blood concern I enjoy my blood DK and always have. I just have a couple of concerns with it. One is a concern i've always had. I can't seem to get haste gear. It seems every time that I get a higher ilvl piece of equipment it has little, or more often, no haste on it. I think the pieces of haste geard that I DID get were while I was tooling around with frost. I am wondering if that is the same for everyone? Would I maybe have more luck getting haste plate if I set my loot spec to Frost for a bit? The other is mobility. All we have is wraith walk which is a very short 70% increase in speed on a 45 second CD. I wouldn't mind that so much except for it makes me hesitant about tanking mythic+ due to the timer involved. I also hate the idea that everyone in my groups are always significantly faster than I am... and i'm the tank. They're waiting on me (if i'm lucky enough for them to not get impatient and do something to FUBAR) to catch up all of the time. The time spent getting from fight to fight is a huge waste in mythic+. Obviously it isn't as big of a deal in areas that I can mount up. How do you all deal with tanking while being so slow? I know there is a talent to make wraith walk last longer, but I feel that doesn't overtake the time saved by using gorefiends grasp more often to get mob groups AoE'd down faster. Just looking for advice on how to get my haste up higher (I refuse to go below 25%) and how to make sure I don't blow the timer for my groups before I head into higher mythic+.Erllkonig13 Oct 17
Oct 17 WoW is down for twelve hours WoW will be down for 12 hours what will you nerds ever doRandonname7 Oct 17
Oct 17 Unholy or Arms Alt questions Looking to work on my warrior or dk as an alt, but wanted to see the communities thoughts as they have put more time into each class than I have. Im looking to roll an alt who has solid dps but also a tank OS. Have enjoyed both arms and unholy, but really only have time to focus on one alt in addition to my main. Between the two, I have a couple questions/concerns: 1. Which tends to have a higher learning/performance curve? 2. Is arms AOE somewhat competitive with unholy in regards to Mythic+? 3. How is prot performing in mythic+? 4. How impossible is it to get the stupid hidden artifact for prot?? (Taking forever.... kinda sarcastic....) 5. Which do YOU find to be the most enjoyable dps, and why?Vésuvius1 Oct 17
Oct 17 At the risk of sounding foolish... I have recently taken up my long ignored Frost DK, playing around with this neglected alt, and I find myself with a question that I shall direct to those who know far more than I do on the subject... What, if anything, does Crystalline Swords do? I know I have them. I often can see them, floating calmly by my side, floating... floating... floating... and nothing else. I know it's a passive, but, can anyone please describe to me what they actually do if and when they do anything? I'd like to know beyond a visual...Magadeth3 Oct 17
Oct 17 Killing MW monks and resto shamans in arenas Hello, I am hoping for some advice on killing either of these two healers in arenas? I feel like I have about zero shot at killing these two classes, unless the stars completely align. 1) MW, I chains of ice him start hitting him, he rolls away, I wraith walk..he rolls again, I grip him back. Now he trancends around the pole...gone 2)shaman, Chains on him, start attack, he jumps, I grip him, he roots me, I wraithwalk, he drops slowing totem and wolf forms....gone. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.Focushunter5 Oct 17
Oct 17 UH T21 Tests and Thoughts Hello Death Knight fellows, Because of the confusing wording, I was not sure about how UH T21 works. I'm sure many of you have similar questions. So, I did some tests with it on PTR. Personally, I think it's terrible and I think some issues have to be addressed before it goes live. Here is a link to my feedback: If you have good ideas, put it in the feedback post. Maybe devs will see the post and make some changes.Peedeedk2 Oct 17
Oct 16 Which trinket to use? I'm having trouble simming and DK discord doesn't let you chat for some reason. I wanted to know what you guys think is the better trinket. 945 Fel-Oiled Infernal Machine 3,138 Strength use ability grants 4467 haste 20 sec 925 Specter of Betrayal 2,604 Strength Use: Create a Dread Reflection at your location for 1 min and cause each of your Dread Reflections to unleash a torrent of magic that deals 898,915 Shadow damage over 3 sec, split evenly among nearby enemies. (45 Sec Cooldown) Which trinket is better? I lose 534 Strength picking Specter of Betrayal but is it worth it for the shadow damage ability?Rénder2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Xylem Hey guys need help and tips on the xylem challenge. I get to about mid p2Arraeda10 Oct 16
Oct 16 the call of icecrown - how to drop? i've been playing unholy since day 1 and have my legion weapon (apocalypse). i thought i'd be cute and get the frost weapon blades of the fallen prince. well, that's not gonna happen. i've never played frost before and haven't been able to finish the first stage of the scenario without dying multiple times. it's no big deal. i'm a bank toon anyway. however, i find my self stuck. everytime i use the death gate it takes me to the scenario and the quest "call of icecrown" had the "abandon" button greyed out so i can never get back to ebon hold. short of putting in a ticket, is there a way to abandon this quest? thanks in advance, fdicFdic9 Oct 16
Oct 15 BDK vs VDH G'day all, So I know I'm likely to get some biased opinions here, but I'm curious to see how you guys feel about Blood vs Vengeance DH's in relation to soloing hard/old raid content etc. I'm looking to play one of these 2 classes, and this type of thing is something I'm interested in. I know they are similar in terms of the self healing play style, but for those of you with experience with both, which do you find better for soloing content?? CheersJindur4 Oct 15
Oct 15 Do you use it ? Just curious if anyone weaves Death & Decay into your rotations ?Verdîct2 Oct 15
Oct 15 Professions? Hey All, Just getting back into the game from a long break. So pardon me if this a silly question. But do professions matter anymore? Currently miner/eng but reading through the forums alot of people are unhappy with engineering. Should I consider switching or just not even bother with profession's other than my 1 gathering profession.Whiskersz1 Oct 15
Oct 15 Unholy Pet PvP Hello, I'm new to unholy pvp and I noticed a lot of people have their pet on passive. Is there any reason?Arbitratus9 Oct 15
Oct 15 FROST vs UNHOLY IN PVP! Hello guys, first of all im sorry if i say something wrong but english its not my native language. I wanna main DK and focusing pvp and maybe some casual pve but i am a little bit confused on what spec should i choose... And before all of you guys saying that frost its brainless or boring i really dont care, played and liked but i also liked unholy so, give me your toughts guys! Help me out!! xoxo.Løgarianna3 Oct 15
Oct 14 To be or not to be Im wanting to make a melee class and really cant decide between the warrior and the Dk. Between the 2 what are the pros and cons between the two classes? I have played tanks and or warrior types in other games all the way back to Ultima online then over to EQ and so on. 1. Im looking for survievability. 2 Im looking for damage output. 2. and which has better mobility? I've read wow head and Icy veins and the forums for the last few weeks. I really cant decide and just wan to get people's opinion one way or another please. Thanks for you time. Oh and special note what race is better for the play style?Whitedevil11 Oct 14
Oct 14 Consumption The tooltip says : Does massive damage and returns health to the wielder. Where is the massive damage they are talking about?Dîomedes1 Oct 14
Oct 14 Runeforge Ability Unavailable Rune-forging ability is unavailable...I don't have the ability in my spell book. I need help in figuring out how to get the ability back. I reported the bug but I don't know how fast the response will be. Please don't tell me to look carefully through my spell book....ITS NOT THERE! LOL What should I do?Khaldroggo4 Oct 14
Oct 14 Beat Xylem, still lots of bugs along the way Hey everyone! So i finally beat xylem, but their are some serious bugs that should be addressed. Some of the bugs i encountered the most were 1. Ice on the floor being destroyed but still one shots you even when nothing is their. 2. Dying instantly inside a bubble of an already dispatched Arcane clone. Definitely the worst of the bugs and the most consistent. You kill a clone, hop in his bubble, no other enemies around because you killed everyone and bam! instakill. 3. Arcane volley spawning directly on top of you, or not even seeing the orb. 4. Xylem following you across the entire platform while casting seed of darkness therefore spreading the corruption across the entire platform. Very stressful to get to this part which is so very simple but have this happen 4 times. very strange! Well good luck to you guys who are having trouble. Learn the fight, don't be discouraged you can do it!Liveloveslay17 Oct 14
Oct 13 *Spoilers* Are we part of the Scourge? I just finished my DK quests and got my mount, I can't help but feel like we are rejoined the Scourge. Don't get me wrong I love the idea and enjoyed the story, I also love that Nazgrim is back :). That all being said I have definitely been bought by the Lich King and will basically do whatever he asks of me at this point, its a really cool mount and all. Out of all the Class stories of this expansion I feel this one really made me forget I wasn't even part of Horde at all. As of now I only really see myself now as part of the Ebon Blade and I really feel more loyalty to the Lich King than Sylvanas, who has done nothing for me this entire expansion. Just wanted others thoughts on it.Nargaal18 Oct 13
Oct 13 9 Unholy wishes for Lylirra I have 9 unholy wishes.... 1. I wish that contagion applied a single festering wound on use. 2. I wish that contagion procced a free death coil if we used it on an enemy we aren't in combat with. 3. I wish contagion had no rune cost, but was on a 3 second cd. 4. I wish that every time we killed an enemy, the cooldown on our wraith walk was reset. 5. I wish that death strike was redesigned to strike all targets in front of us, dividing damage between the targets hit, and healing us. If no targets were hit, it would refund the cost of attempting the strike. This would allow us to mash buttons and get a heal off. 6. I wish that death strike healed frost and unholy for more than it does now. 7. I wish that every time we killed an enemy, one of our runes was hard reset. 8. I wish that blood had a decent ranged blood bolt style ability that was more damaging than the crimson touch spell. 9. I wish the lich king would give us the ability to raise zombies that shamble around and attack other npcs in the area. They don't even have to infect the enemies. Simply being able to raise hordes of dead that destroy cities is amusing enough...Shadaver2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Blood DK Stats Help! Hello! So I've played blood on and off all xpack long. And now I'm pushing more with Blood towards the end and I need some help with stats! I know Haste is really good for us, but how much Haste do I need? Around 7.2 I think I was running like 15% and now I've been able to push it to 32% Haste. But I currently have a belt that I can use that is 10ilvls higher than my current one. But I'll lose 2% Haste in the process. I'll drop to 30% Haste but gain 2% in Vers along with 10ilvls. But idk if I'm near where I should be with Haste and have wiggle room to take some other stats! Is the stat priority Str>Haste>Crit>Mastery>Vers? Any and all help would be great! *I currently only run Mythic+ content if that helps! So no tier, no raids, just Mythic+Marrgoth9 Oct 13
Oct 13 Frost DKs are fun to play. I wanted to thank Blizzard for doing the 7.3 FDK changes. Before that, Breath was the only viable build and it's not fun at all that a huge portion of your DPS relied on one single talent. Besides, Breath was never really fun to play. Now the new frost DK is resource rich and you always have something to do after your GCD. I've been casting 30-40% more abilities than the second place on ToS raids, and that's fun and unique -- a spec which requires constant reaction and good resource/proc management from the player if he wants to maximize his DPS potential. I dislike all other classes/spec (with exception of Blood DK). I tried them all, I have characters of all classes, but nothing beats frost. Frost is best <3Caylara18 Oct 13
Oct 12 Unsure if Unholy or Frost for RBGs As the title says, I am not sure whether I should be one specc or the other for rated battlegrounds. I feel as though unholy performs well enough in terms of shutting down a heal target but I am not sure having what I feel is an unreliable pet ( He is ALWAYS dead when I need him or almost always ) and lower dps because of necrotic strike specc is the way to go. If I check the leaderboards for damage, a good frost is always above me and I am wondering if the raw dps is worth it to shut down healers. I appreciate any opinions/experience you guys would share, thank you.Thaoroth2 Oct 12
Oct 12 Rate this one... Everyone posting these “rate that mog” topics, so here’s another one. Rate that mog!Blace4 Oct 12
Oct 12 legendary question For mostly running mythic plus, is the trinket or the legs preferred for blood dk? I will be equipping decent 935 items in either slot without the legendary, so this is just about the most useful legendary for 5 man content.Kessar1 Oct 12
Oct 12 Passive Speed Boost Idea [Insert edgy passive name here] Every 20% of the enemies missing health gives you a 5% speed boost. (I feel like I worded that wrong) Anyway, you will gain a stacking 5% speed boost at 80%/60%/40%/20%. Basically the close the enemy is to death, the more anxious we are to get to them. I think it gives a nice class fantasy feel to it. I think this will solve our waddling problem. Thoughts?Defacex20 Oct 12
Oct 12 Frost DK Trinkets I just did M+ 10 Maw of Souls (which I do not recommend with tyrannical) and got a 915 Memento. Wondering if anyone knows the math on whether this trinket is any good for us right now or not? My other trinkets are a 905 Engine and a 915 Infernal Cinders. Crit 32% Haste 15% Mastery 37% Vers 7% CheersDrukalnn7 Oct 12
Oct 12 Rate the name (2) Continued from the last thread. @Stormdk, 6/10Raquel51 Oct 12
Oct 11 do trinket buffs impact dk pets? wondering if my eye of command increases my valkyrs crit chance or is it based on my unbuffed crit chance? in which case does that mean a crit stat stick>eye of command?Molerat2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Frost hidden appearance I just recently got into playing my DK so I don't know much about the hidden appearance. Is this a guaranteed drop from a certain world boss? You have to be AK 4?Draculous6 Oct 11
Oct 11 Funniest DK spec? Title, I'm thinking about playing a DK(rolling a ton of different classes). I know it's subjective but what's like the general consensus?(ex: most people think fire mage is most fun)Mithrandir6 Oct 11