Death Knight

Mar 8 Reading Parses Question Was looking at my Frost DK's first parse when in Nighthold Normal. I took a peak at his damage rankings, not sure what I'm looking at. I don't usually look at logs. When I look at his rankings against all ilvls, he's gray or green for every boss. When I look at just the ilvl bracket he completed the raid in, he's either purple or orange. So what's the accurate measure? Against all ilvls or against my own ilvl? Either I'm doing pretty good or I am doing pretty damn awful. Thanks!!Zavandrimm4 Mar 8
Mar 8 Need help picking spec for PvP As get closer to 100, I need find a spec to main on this class so I can properly invest in my artifact. I've been playing mostly Blood because I like being a tanky life thief, but I'm not sure how well it works out in PvP as I hear blood isn't in the best of spots right now, and neither are tanks in a PvP environment.Rengalnn8 Mar 8
Mar 8 Funnest DK spec? I have played DK's to 100 but not since Legion. Regardless of dps, what is the funnest spec to play? Specifically for leveling 55-100. I haven't really tanked but am curious about Blood. Or Frost. Don't like the idea of diseases, mind you. I started a new undead dk tonight. I can't wait to play him tomorrow! I am worried about mobility, though. DK's seem... slow.Sideeffects3 Mar 8
Mar 8 Pandaren DKs When I say we should have Pandaren DKs in game, I generally don't get a lot of agreement. Just tossing this out there for consideration, because Pandaren melee animations are *fantastic* for DKs: Mar 8
Mar 8 Arenas and getting to 2k+ I've dabbled in PvP a little before, a quick look at my achievements will show you that I've never progressed very much into it although I've always had fun trying. Recently I saw the Elite Dreadplate set while wandering around Dalaran and really liked the look of the armor, I immediately set about researching the steps I would have to take to earn it. I think I should note here how awesome I think it is that these sets are special and rare to those few players who really persevere in trying to earn them and go even higher in the ranks. Truth be told I've mained a DK since WoTLK, seeing everything from blood DPS as it used to be, any of our specs being able to tank, the rise and fall of the Blood PvP craze in MoP, to the controversy over Frost becoming a solely dual wield spec, but I've never really accomplished anything. I think my fondest memory is from all the way back when ICC first came out. I wasn't in a guild at the time and was pugging a normal group to see how far we could get. We made it to Saurfang pretty easily and after downing him I see the Deathbringer's Will drop. I win it of course! After declining multiple offering of massive amounts of gold to get this trinket I happily equipped my newfound treasure, ready to take on the same stuff in heroics. I, to this day, haven't really had a drop feel that way again. Back during Wrath since I never found a guild that wanted an "okay" DK, I never earned my Shadowmourne, and the legendaries of today don't really do it for me. Most raid gear nowadays just feels like I'm getting that tiny bit more DPS. That trinket was different. Special. Sorry for the rambling nostalgia trip! I guess I just really want to know if I try could I get this set of gear? I'm not the greatest DK but I know what I'm doing most of the time. I read a lot about how bad of a state we as a class are in and wonder if trying hard enough just won't cut it. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far and have a lovely day. ^-^Pride16 Mar 8
Mar 7 During BoS - overcap RP to keep up RW or no? what do u guys do? i usually end up waiting to not overcap RP. but im not sure if its worth to just oblit at 90 RP to avoid Remoreless winter from dropping. Should i priroitize keeping up RW? and does this change with the helm?Mykeyurcarry4 Mar 7
Mar 7 What % of damage absorbed typical in a PUG? Returning player so I'm not sure. I was in a PUG earlier in a heroic on my blood DK, I thought we were doing good. Using recount I was over 60% of all damage taken most of the dungeon and slipped into the 55% range and no one was dying, then the one DPS guy that thinks he can run ahead without letting me pull and just burst at will ended up dying. One death and this guy and his buddy are telling me learn to tank. I know ideally the tank should be absorbing 100% of the damage but in practical application in a PUG about what % should it be?Dorn3 Mar 7
Mar 7 Best gear choice? This used to not be much of an issue for me, but all of the "forging" of gear drops and WQ stuff has messed me up. When does a set bonus outweigh (if it does) higher level individual gear paces? From doing lfr in NE, i have the chest, back, hands and shoulder pieces (all 860, nothing special). When I look things up individually, what I have currently equipped is better and my ilvl is higher (it drops down 2 if i used the entire set). Any advice is appreciated.Lalle3 Mar 7
Mar 7 blast radius frost relics/horn of valor rant pug m ilgynoth/spamming highlvl BRH/praying weekly chest which one is more realistic to get blast radius relic? lol. is spamming 15+ HoV fun? lol. I feel bad to have 0 of this but i don't know if it's worth spamming those two dungeons...Zeroruin15 Mar 7
Mar 7 Runes of the Darkening also drop off from LK Managed to pick one up from Heroic 25m LK yesterday. If you don't want to wait for soultakers. You can try LKAmeril1 Mar 7
Mar 7 Frost PVP Is anyone making frost work in pvp, i just can't get into unholy and I feel like frost just doesn't hit hard any more in any variation?Illestdk11 Mar 7
Mar 7 Tank looking to respec for PVP, gear question Hi gang, I took a 6 month hiatous from WoW due to tanking EN normal and just not having enough time to tank it in Heroic while working my job. My ilvl is 863 on my Blood spec. However, I want to start playing again but this time take a PvP approach. It seems like Frost is the way to go, but Unholy is more complex and therefore funner... I might decide to roll Unholy. Anyways... how should I go about PvP with my current gear? -Should I run Mythics and EN Normal as a Tank but roll for DPS loot? Or -Should I just start PvPing with my tank gear but playing as my DPS Spec? Lastely, due to the new PVP stat system... what iLVL should the DPS gear reach before I start wearing it instead of my higher iLVL tank gear?Rapgenius1 Mar 7
Mar 7 Dk Army of the Dead in Legion ... So I tried asking this in general and didn't get any responses, does anyone here possibly have any answers? Thanks.Drekula6 Mar 7
Mar 7 Tired of getting stuck by Wraith Walk? For those that don't know. You can Glyph Wraith Walk using "Glyph of the Wraith Walker". This makes it so that you actually walk when using the skill and you wont get stuck on every damn pebble or stairs that you run into while using the skill. Its silly that it takes a glyph to fix a default skill. Wish someone would of told me sooner.Whatadk9 Mar 7
Mar 7 Death Knight Names I Have a Night Elf blood DK lvl 110 (Alliance) changed realms and have to change my name and im drawing a blank any Ideas?Whatsmyrole13 Mar 7
Mar 7 Death knight exclusive new mount? I don't need it.... I don't need it.... I NEED IT. Are pvp mounts geared towards classes now? That would be awesome. It looks similar to the WoD alliance human mount.Capríestsun7 Mar 7
Mar 7 DK tendrills Glyph quoting from my thread on general ...Galeina1 Mar 7
Mar 6 frost or unholy, new to the DK totally new to DK wondering if i should go frost or unholy. whats more viable, whats a batter dps output, whats not boring to play as im going to level not buy a 100 toon lolDourdenn23 Mar 6
Mar 6 Blood looking good 7.2 Between the new traits and changes for some talents and baselining and changes and rework to a couple abilities found it looks like blood may now even shine brighter than it already does.Andarick14 Mar 6
Mar 6 Small request for Frost Artifact This is the smallest of requests....but I wish we'd have an option to display the Frost swords along our back when sheathed VS the hip. I honestly think it be nice for each 1h sword/axe/mace be given that option. It better show off the swords imo and Ivr just never been a fan of how DKs looked with regular 1handersÁmorphophall2 Mar 6
Mar 6 Blood Death Knight Tanks So after committing to one of the most grind intensive expansions in the game, I also happened to roll one of the weakest tanks this expansion, and now we're headed into another ap grind fest in 7.2. I am not speaking from any position where I represent anyone but myself. Personally this expansion just required so much time investment, I could not justify it. The only reason I came back and undeleted my death knight (deleted my other 10 toons), is because of rumors that the next expansion is WoTLK 2.0, and even then only after initial reviews.Conqistador4 Mar 6
Mar 6 Blood DPS compared to other tanks Look at the top 10 Tank DPS in all NH Mythic fights, notice something? All classes show up, except blood, blood is doing around 100~150k less single target DPS than the other tanks (even if they build super ofensive) and our AoE which was one of our strong points is laughable, it bothers me how much blizzard doesn't care of the blood state right now, since even defensive-wise we shy away from the other tanks. Not the mention guardian druid that is super tank and has insane DPS. I was expecting to see some changes by now.Ganser29 Mar 6
Mar 6 Frosty dk BoS How is this spec ? Yes I know it's insane numbers ATM but is it enjoyable to play? Is it a complex rotation? Is it legendary dependent ?Dubquan34 Mar 6
Mar 6 Help with Topps on Brawlers Guild? I know the fight, I just don't have enough DPS currently. Is there anything, anyone knows of, that would help my dps for a bit? I am open to anything.Clòùd0 Mar 6
Mar 6 what trinkets should I use? (BoS) I have: 875 chains of the valorous (crit) 885 claw of the crystalline scorpion 890 Might of krosus 890 Entwined elemental foci also with might of krosus if you use it on 1-2 targets is it better to use it on cd or just wait the extra 15 secs so that you can use pillar of frost with it every time?Ebrathil3 Mar 6
Mar 6 I almost have unholy presence move speed back At 1900 speed rating which is 13% increased move speed.Akusalol4 Mar 6
Mar 5 Memory of Arthas So is this our artifact power acquisition secret? If it is how many are there? Ive only found one so farTankindude30 Mar 5
Mar 5 Just thought I'd throw this out there Crystalline Swords is still a lack luster ability with bad animations and offers no game play mechanics and needs a change. Since it's been awhile since someone has talked about it, just thought I'd remind everyone.Noolore5 Mar 5
Mar 5 UH trinkets? Anywhere to find a list of best trinkets for unholy ? So hard finding info on this spec. I miss elitist jerks :(Alinn13 Mar 5
Mar 5 Lack of good runed weapons? In general, I crave weapon transmogs that bare a resemblence to Frostmourne. And as it stands, there's only a few. And sadly, the one that looks the most like Frostmourne(Slayer of the Lifeless) is a 1h, and It seems we can't transmog 2h weapons to look like any 1h weapons, despite the passable size similarity among many of them. That means it's off the table for Unholy and Blood DK's who need to keep their artifact weapons equipped... Idk, anyone else agree?Darthious9 Mar 5
Mar 5 860 EoC, 875 CoV, 890 Blood Hankerchief Which combo should I use? BoS FDK ofc Don't tell me to sim since it seems to think CoV is awful for me (Lol pls)Deidara2 Mar 5
Mar 5 Paladin Prot vs Blood DK I cant decide beside paladin protection and blood DK. I like the idea of being self-sufficient, heal-up and build shield but i don't want to be in more difficulties at higher end content. Right now i am still doing normal dungeon so everything is easy and i d'ont see any difference between the 2 classes. - How is blood DK for mythic +. aiming at around level 4-5 and karahzan, EN heroic? - Does it scale well with stats and gear? ThanksMavelian37 Mar 5
Mar 4 CoF and Hungering Rune Weapon So I finally just picked up a CoF today and using it with Hungering Rune Weapon I don't see a huge difference, I was hoping it would help me line rune with BoS. Is it better to not talent Hungering Rune Weapon?Galand6 Mar 4
Mar 4 New Blood DK Help Hi all, I've been looking to try a DK character for a while and really liked the idea of Blood, so I started this guy a few days ago and having a few issues understanding some of the rotation basics: 1) How should I properly use Death Strike for healing? When you use it, does it cancel out the "damage taken in last 5 seconds" ie don't spam it? Also, if a healer heals you before you use Death Strike, does that take away from the available healing it can do? 2) What is the priority of defensive CDs? Or is there one? 3) I feel like I don't pull as much threat as I should being the tank. This could of course just be a factor of running old content where everyone is just flying through as fast as they can, but I feel a little helpless some times when large mobs get pulled and I don't have any big aoe "taunts" (outside of Gorefiend's). Thoughts? Does this scale better with level? 4) Is Death's Caress ever worth using outside of maybe pulling a mob from afar and death grip is on CD? Thanks!Axaerion5 Mar 4
Mar 4 Blood and Mastery So I just got my DK to a fairly decent ilvl (875), so now I feel comfortable enough doing things with him. But my question is this: is our Mastery even worth trying to build up? The shield it gives us is laughable at best in any sort of relevant content. Doing WQ, granted, it's amazing....because everything hits like a wet noodle. Running dungeons and raids though, that shield is hardly any sort of deterrent. Would I be better off running focusing on Versatility over Mastery? Im at about 40% Mastery and it won't seem to drop below that. My Haste has been neglected due to bad luck with gear drops. But my Versatility I've been able to keep around 11-12%. Better to focus on that than Mastery? Edit: I've got Prydaz and 2 absorb trinkets as well...kinda makes Mastery redundant eh?Evast3 Mar 4
Mar 4 Death Grip Animation 7.2 Just a cross post from General Discussion, I figured it would be a good idea to bring awareness to the DK forum. Death Grip is getting a new animation in 7.2, and with it comes slight changes to its mechanics. The new animation replaces the iconic unholy crackling energy with a purple chain that we toss at the enemy, complete with chain rattling sound effect. The animation is almost a carbon copy of similar skills such as Survival Hunter's grapple or the Abomination's Hook. However, not only is the animation undergoing a downgrade, it is also getting an added delay; Now you must wait for projectile travel time in addition to the gripping effect as well. This effectively doubles the time it takes to pull a target to you. (Naturally, the time itself is dependent on how far away you are from the target.) Either the new change must become a glyph, or the old one should. For every one person who likes the new Death Grip animation, there are dozens who don't. The only solution is making enough noise so that Blizzard finally takes notice. If you don't think the animation is bad, or haven't seen it, here is a link to it: Here is a link to the General Discussion thread: Here is a link to the PTR Thread: It is not a placeholder, Blizzard has mentioned on Twitter a month ago along the lines that this was the finished product.Amberstelle17 Mar 4
Mar 4 Frost stat weights & sims So I'm simming much higher using higher ilvl rings and neck with lower overall mastery (20% or so). But on the target dummy my dps is consistently higher using slightly lower ilvl rings n neck that bring my mastery around 30+%. Question is how much crit, haste, mastery should I be aiming for? I'm confused that sims aren't matching actual performance.Steroider4 Mar 4
Mar 4 Rate That Mog! How I look?Reapérs105 Mar 4
Mar 4 Getting Unholy Buffed Re-leveling my DK this expac, have seen that frost is THE spec right now. Hypothetically, what changes have been seriously talked about to bring Unholy up to par? Ability pruning and subsequent buffing? Is Blizzard looking at the spec at all? I don't see Bloods anywhere tanking really so I won't even ask. If I don't get bracers on this guy should I just switch specs/classes again?Xandrious0 Mar 4
Mar 4 Deleted - Dupe Just realized there is a similar thread. Deleting this one.Rotbeard0 Mar 4
Mar 4 New unholy changes!... New disappointments. As many of you know, today we received a buff to our gargoyle / arbitor CDs, and a hefty damage buff to our dot. I was really excited for these changes, mostly because i've felt as a 'master of disease and pestilence' my disease has been .... Very weak. I was excited to see virulent plague and virulent eruption get their 67% buff only to find out... Only plague has been buffed not eruption. So, now with these changes, eruption procs feel even more anti climactic then before, as well as our buff being no where near as good as it initially appeared. The two dots seem to tick for about the same numbers which also just makes it hard to distinguish which is which. A buffs a buff I guess..Orcs64 Mar 4
Mar 4 Dk class hall Lets fly that !@#$ right into ToSTilvayne8 Mar 4
Mar 3 UH secret skin Does only Apocalypse have a chance to drop this or does army as well?Tygerr9 Mar 3
Mar 3 Runic Power Cap vs Gathering Storm vs Rime So, I'm at a point where I want to start fine tuning and getting the most out of my theoretical DPS. The dilemma I am having is prioritization. When using BoS I am routinely capping runic power, but I also want to keep my 10 Stacks of Gathering Storm to carry over to the next cast and I also want to be prioritizing any Rime procs above all else. Is it a dps gain/loss to Oblit when Runic Power capped just to keep your stacks of Gathering Storm? Also, to keep Rime procs in the top of the priority list I will most likely not be able to keep the 10 stacks of Gathering Storm rolling. As the time between Rime procs, Oblits and timer on Remorseless just doesn't line up. Any tips?Ghannon4 Mar 3
Mar 3 What was the best X-Pac for DK Best X-Pac for DK? Frost, unholy, and blood.Jahronie12 Mar 3
Mar 3 Unholy Stat Weights Hey guys need a little bit of help. As of right now I have about over 80% master for clawing shadows Is this good, bad? I really feel Like its a bit much but I'm not certain. What are your thoughts.Sapphirion3 Mar 3
Mar 3 Followers Hello, I'm a frost dk and through all of my quests till lvl 110 I have not unlocked a single follower. I have been to my class hall and were the follows missions should be there is just a map of broken isles. Iv been looking for weeks for the mission to unlock it all but i have had no luck. Can anyone help me?Allarthan1 Mar 3
Mar 3 Memento or Chrono shard for Tank? Both are same Ilevel. Both seem tasty! Help me out, please.Baneblood8 Mar 3
Mar 3 Blood stat weight/do secondaries matter a lot Does anyone have any reliable stat weights for blood? Does it even matter for this spec to the point where going with ilvl is the best way to go? I know roughly what the priority should be but I come from playing as a holy priest where mastery is way more important than haste (roughly 3x more valuable) and was wondering if there were any huge gaps like that for this class/spec as I start gearing upCynamun2 Mar 3
Mar 2 Frost vs. !@# Rogue Hey. Im looking for some suggestions by other DKs as to how they fight !@# rogues. Normally the $%^ opens with cheap shot into a full DoT rotation. I normally use my medallion on their intro stun and start giving them the dirty one-two. The problem Im having is that after that stun break its a race to see who will outdps the other, coming down to lucky dodges and whom has more available cooldowns. How can I counter Veil in Shadows? Is there any non magic skill that can penetrate that defensive? Would spamming a Luffa to remove poison and bleeds be viable after I AMS their burst, or not worth the global? Any tips would help so that I can change from my wins vs. -*! rogues being less RNG and more satisfying. Thank you.Karnen9 Mar 2