Death Knight

Jan 9 Yo, Blood tanks. Is it just me... ..Or are we awesome right now? I've done four dungeons on my blood and one on my prot warrior (the supposed messiah of tanks atm) and I'm sorry, much love to the warrior community, but: BLOOD>BLOOD>BLOOD>BLOOD>BLOOD>BLOOD>BLOOD> everything else. (In my subjective opinion.) I've got: better controls for dealing with ranged mobs (death grip, Asphyxiate), a great panic button for magic damage, CONSUMPTION for when I just don't care, baller self-healing with death strike, and my aoe dps is still pretty sharp despite the bloodboil nerf. Best of all, if some DPSer isn't paying attention and pulls an extra group, I can instantly bring order to the chaos with Gorefiend's grasp. Seriously, the only thing Warrior's got going for it is ignore pain, and ignore pain bubbles get popped pretty fast. I felt frickin' helpless because I was always so rage starved, and it felt awful that I couldn't help with my own healing like I can on my DK. On my DK, I tell the healers to just dps. They LOVE me. There's no comparison to the speed of my runs when we're all dpsing. Sure other tanks have got the mobility advantage, but as far as I'm concerned, a Porsche might faster than a M1 Abrams, but which is gonna get more work done in a fight? A Porsche, or the M1 Abrams? YOOOOOO. It's a damn good time to be a Death Knight.Geezlemort77 Jan 9
Jan 9 Conflicts on how Uvanimor Legendary Procs I don't know if a dev could clarify this, but myself and others have been looking at how the ring procs on live. LOGS ON FIGHTS: Based on many of logs I've looked at the total number of rune procs generated by the ring is around 10% of the ghoul's auto attacks, or put differently, 15% of ghoul special attacks. However the proc seems to only happen on the ghoul's special attacks according to the logs. TIME SPENT ON TRAINING DUMMY: I've spent quite a while on a dummy and can safely say that when you stop your ghoul from using its special abilities and just auto attack that you do not get rune procs from Uvanimor. So it seems that the ghoul's special attacks are the ONLY attacks that seem to proc Uvanimor. Ultimate Question(s): The ring states that: ... Generally in WoW terms (and logs as well) "melee" is auto attack damage. So was the intention of blizzard to make the proc rate be 10% of auto attacks, but had to use the special attacks for some reason to make this happen or is this a bug that needs to be fixed? SAMPLE LOGS The reason I ask this is about character simulations and planning. ThanksIlforte14 Jan 9
Jan 9 Ebon fever Hey guys , i don't really get what this talent means,,,, virlent plague deals the same damage in half the time? what does it mean?Mamaminozz6 Jan 9
Jan 9 Facing off center in login screen? I can't tell if I never noticed this or if it's some weird new glitch or something but to me it seems like the death knight is not facing straight forward in the character select screen. None of my other characters are slightly off. Anyone else experiencing this?Heizenberg2 Jan 9
Jan 8 A great QOL change to Wraithwalk Make it reduce or nullify fall damage.Would save idiots like me in repair costs.Machomadness0 Jan 8
Jan 8 my dps is low Hello im a 871 frost dk and ive simed myself and i cant get over 293k dps and thats pretty much what im doing. What am i missing. Here my armory Jan 8
Jan 8 Apocalypse Nerf 7.1.5 So if I read this correctly Apocalypse will now burst UP TO 6 wounds. So this means not all wounds will even burst now? Like seriously blizz just remove the Spec at this point. We aren't viable now and definitely will not be come 7.1.5.Bìde8 Jan 8
Jan 8 Blood dk overheal mythic+ Does deathstrike heal count towards the overheal debuff? Do ee just take the week off when overheal is the affix for the week?Regelcide2 Jan 8
Jan 8 How to choose between unholy & frost (7.1.5) 1. have you put lots of points into unholy? y. play frost n. play frost 2. Have you got good trinkets for unholy? y. play frost n. play frost 3. do you have any frost legendaries? y. play frost n, but i dont have the unholy bracers. play frost 4. do you like playing unholy? y. play frost n. play frost 5. do you like playing frost? y. play frost n. dont raid or pvp As far as i can see, this is what blizzard is telling usYamargi34 Jan 8
Jan 8 Question about an addon. Does anyone use Pawn addon? if so could you explain it to me? I use Simulationcraft also so that's taken care of. However, when pawn says something is an upgrade for me and has the green arrow pointing up with a percentage next to it; I equip it and sim that gear to only find that it is actually NOT an upgrade, therefore I'm confused about how to read Pawn. Example: it will say: Frost 5% , Unholy 1%, Blood 2% and then have my name on it (I think where i imported the string from Simc into it) with an 15% upgrade; and in reality it isn't after being simmed.Dramkohm6 Jan 8
Jan 8 Obliteration vs breath vs ga in 7.1.5 Which one of these is best?Frostyfriend1 Jan 8
Jan 8 How bout them gargoyle changes? Anyone else notice we were supposed to get changes in a later patch, yet there still has not been a single change to it. I'm holding out for a change on Tuesday but it is a bit concerning at this point imo.Searis0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Our Tier nerfed Apparently we were too good on ptr so our tier 4 piece bonus just got nerfed from 10 rp down to 8. Meanwhile, ret's got buffed even more. ROFL! Okay blizzard.Akusalol13 Jan 8
Jan 8 Old Abilities and Builds There was a post similar to this posted by another user on the paladin forums a while back. The question was essentially - considering all of the abilities the class and spec you play has ever had, what abilities would you like to see come back? What setup would you like to see? My alt is a death knight. As a casual player, my playtime on my main is limited, so imagine how little attention said DK gets. I just kinda play it as it goes (so long as it's still fun and has the same cool factor feel) and am not super knowledgeable of how the class has changed over time. So I ask you guys - for whatever DK spec you main (or if you feel the spec you want to main is not good and you are forced to play another, then answer for either the one you play or the one you wanted to) - what setup of abilities (from WotLK until now), resource generation, etc. would you like to see back on the books?Daromir11 Jan 8
Jan 7 Concerns regarding Unholy Death Knights Hello! I have been leveling as unholy for the past couple of days and have been absolutely loving it. However, I've noticed a few things that slow down the fun factor and smoothness of the spec. I'm hoping other Death Knights out there have noticed the same so I dont come off as crazy... Haha Okay so first off, pretty noticeable issue with consistently capping on RP. Not a huuuge issue for me but still annoying to say the least. Ive found myself having to hit 1 or 2 DS with DC in order to keep it from capping. I was thinking that DC could come off the global cool down in order to help manage this better. Noticed an artifact trait that further increases the proc rate of DC and gives it 2 charges each time... Im already dreading this trait. Second issue is the amount of time it takes to set up burst damage. Maybe im doing it wrong, I dont know, but I feel like it drags out that fun factor and burst damage that a Dk would be looking for. My best suggestion would be to take Summon Gargoyle and Dark Transformation off the GCD as well. I believe this would be beneficial for PvP as well because our burst is so easily predictable in it's current state. I dont believe these changes would game breaking. This is more of a QoL change that I would enjoy seeing. I know that Unholy is underperforming in end game content and there are more buffs/changes that are more important to look at first, I just dont know how to express them, let alone do it without sounding dumb haha but thank you for reading!Runwith4 Jan 7
Jan 7 Suggestions to reduce Unholy RNG Hi, I've been thinking of ways to make Unholy slightly better. I've noticed in the patch notes that they are still including and removing talents and redesigning some talents, so I think some things could be done. The main idea is to turn some RNG artifact traits into talents, and put some talents in the artifact instead. I must confess that I haven't personally felt the impact of the amount of the RNG Unholy has, but I feel my damage is kinda low, specially in PvP. And I've read a lot in the forums people complaining about this, so the ideas I propose are based on more experienced players' opinions. I've also noticed that for most of the classes, the talents give you the option to make your gameplay easier or harder, that doesn't happen with the Unholy talents. I think only Necrosis and the last row can change the playstyle slightly. For example, with Shaman you can talent a flat haste buff and take a spell off your action bars (if you only PvE), or talent into something that will give you more damage increase but requires one more thing to do. So... 1) First talent row changes 1.1) Make Virulent Plague deal more baseline damage and remove the Virulent Eruption component. Maybe also make Virulent Plague shorter (18 seconds, 24 with Outbreak). 1.2)Remove the scourge of worlds trait, and put Bursting Sores in its place. But only the cleave component of Bursting Sores, not the Wound burst damage increase. This is to help when the creature dies we don't waste all the wounds, since they will burst and deal damage to nearby enemies. 1.3)Then, the first talent row could be. Option 1 -> All Will Serve, remains as it is. Option 2 -> Pestilent Pustules: increases your festering wounds burst damage by 50%. Option 3 -> Virulent Eruption: applies back the Eruption component for Virulent Plague. This would be the RNG option for those who like. 2) The second talent row 2.1) Since pestilent pustules is now redesigned and in the first row, put the trait Scourge the Unbeliever with a fixed 15% chance in it's place as a talent. 2.2) In the place of the Scourge the Unbeliever trait, we could put something that makes our and our pet's auto-attack deal a portion of shadow damage. This will make the Unholy Frenzy talent more appealing and will make our pet scale better. 2.3) Maybe instead of Epidemic, we could have Corpse Explosion. "Causes your undead minion to explode, dealing area shadow damage and instantly raising another minion. 3) The third talent row 3.1)Make Festering Strike baseline applying 3-4 wounds and 5 wounds when crit. 3.2)Make Castigator only affect Scourge Strike, I think it will remain a strong talent, but with the changes in 2.2 the other two talents will become more appealing than they are right now. 4) The fourth talent row. Idk, leave it as it is? Maybe replace Corpse Shield with Death Pact, since it's an iconic ability, imo. 5) The fifth talent row 5.1) Swap places The Shambler's trait and Shadow Infusion talent. So The Shambler would be a RNG talent and Shadow Infusion would be a safe artifact trait. 5.2) Since we already have a RNG talent in this row (because of 5.1), we could have PvP Wandering Plague as a talent instead. And replace the PvP talent with something else. (Maybe Lichborne or Desecrate Ground, Crypt Fever needs some competition). 6) Sixth Row 6.1) Maybe make Soul Reaper baseline and put a disease talent here. Or maybe Unholy Blight as an AoE runic power dump again, costing 100 runic Power and always making Runic Corruption happen, with a cooldown. 7) Maybe make Runic Corruption something safer. Every 2 or 3 Death Coils or Death Strike it happens, instead of a probability. 8) Would be nice to see Death Coil dealing significant damage again. Maybe instead of the traits I suggested, we could have Death Coil applying a DoT based on % of the damage done. So, what do you think? Some safe talents are in the artifact or baseline, and some RNG components of the artifact are now talents, so people can choose. I, personally, like some RNG. I love it with my Shaman and my Paladin, but some people seem to hate it. They're still making changes to the classes talents, so we can have hope. :) Thank you for your time.Novera5 Jan 7
Jan 7 DK tank question Recently tried out tanking on a DK again. Yesterday I did some for quests. Problem: I don't know why, but my runic and runes feel horribly slow. I just don't know why. For example in Eye Of Azuna and Nefarians lair kept runing of runic for Blood Boil or Death and DecayCedartusk3 Jan 7
Jan 7 Ficing DK Mobility Fixing DK Mobility: 1) Wraith Walk becomes "travel form" toggle - not usable in combat, 30-40% buff, float/slow-fall (ghosts, you know, float). Purpose is QoL in between fights, open world, etc. 2) Death's Advance brought back, all current Wraith Walk talents converted to DAI instead. DONEXizene0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Finally Killed Mythic Odyn... If you haven't done it yet, you're lucky. If you have done it by now, I'm sorry for your loss. I don't think I've seen a single fight in the history of this game that comes even close to half as horrendous for Death Knights as the abomination that is Mythic Odyn. Do you like your terrible mobility? Good! You're swapping between the boss and the adds 24/7 and your Icy Talons is probably gonna fall off multiple times unless you tunnel the boss. Do you like being stunned and having Icy Talons fall off? Good! The orbs that stun you are invisible half the time and blend in perfectly because everything in Odyn's room is Yellow-on-Yellow action the other half of the time. Do you like having the boss move every ten seconds because all the spears spawned in melee and boxed you in? Good! Because that happens throughout the fight! Do you like having to stop everything so you can run halfway across the room after running halfway across the room to kill an add that was halfway across from where the other add that was halfway across the room died? Good! That happens every minute or so! Seriously. Does anyone know any tricks to making this fight not give me an aneurysm should we actually feel stupid enough to try this fight again?Dreadfury62 Jan 7
Jan 7 monk vs unholy duel how do you beat a monk? stun, fists, incapacitate, heal. i don't get how they are like a four button op.Thorshammerr11 Jan 7
Jan 7 Does Haste affect my rune regeneration? Does haste affect rune regeneration? If yes how much should you get or how much does it even make sense to have? Where can I get this haste, through gear only or do enchants work too. Is really important to have haste as DK right? Tnx.Daive5 Jan 7
Jan 7 Dominion over Acherus It's one of the very first passive abilities we get, and one of the ones that we've had sense the implementation of death knights in the game. It allows the dk to move at a heightened speed within Acherus. We still have the ability, but for some strange reason in our order hall version, the one relative to content in Legion, it does not work. Instead, we have the option to simply get on our mount. I'm not asking for a boosted speed on top of being mounted;rather I thought the whole point to this ability, other than fun, was that you wouldn't have mounts covering things like runeforges, and in legion the mission board, soulforge whatever. I realize some may enjoy the mounts but I and I'm sure others preferred the boosted speed; please make it active in new Acherus, while not mounted Has this bothered anyone else?Taelis2 Jan 7
Jan 7 Dk's Mobility issues Seriously fix Dk's mobility issues. Tired of walking around like we are hamstrung the whole time. Why can other classes have such great mobility and out damage dks tremendously. Some class balance would be great Blizzard. Bring back Death's advance or reduce the CD of wraith walk at least to allow us to be able to move like we aren't hamstrung the whole time.Aggrippa23 Jan 7
Jan 7 Blood DK PvP nerf? Just saw a blood DK 4v1 in Darkmoon faire... and win... gear aside this shouldnt be a thing... DK's were a mistake to begin with, but this is silly... Guy healed so much the hunter/rogue/warrior couldnt even kill him... was funny but now I worry as a returning player that BGs will just be won if 10 blood DKs queue.... I also played a DK in cata, good to know they are still considerably easy to play...Domass6 Jan 7
Jan 6 Official 7.1.5 1/10 and Nighthold 1/17 So, with the launch in just 4 days let's just see where DKs stands after the launch and guess what they did.. Instead of having official patch notes they posted a quick video of the major changes but not the class changes.. They really must know we are not in a state of release to not post an official patch notes.. Also, if you visit the 7.1.5 bug forums it's literally littered with known major bug issues that haven't been addresses or fixed yet either..7.1.5 will be an interesting patch and a quite possible I Quit Jan 6
Jan 6 So you use to play 2H Frost... If you're like me, DK's were what really made WoW memorable and exciting. I got into WoW at the end of Burning Crusades, heard about the release of the DK, and leveled a Ret pally up to 55 JUST so I could play the first Hero class...and never looked back. I was always playing 2H heavy DPS as a DK - back when Blood was the 2H DPS spec and auto-proc Death Coils and Heart Strike cleave were the tools of success. I found more synergy and utility with the move to 2H Frost as the DPS spec, and the fluidity that enabled stacking monstrous Obliterates together while being able to crush AoE damage at the same time just became how I thought a 2H DPS spec should play. But, as opposed to wallowing in nostalgia, there is a point here. I (like a few people I know) are getting back into WoW for one reason or another. Of course I looked forward to dusting off my go-to main character but...I just can't reconcile the differences in playstyle in the current release. I hate pet mechanics in WoW. As has been said by plenty of others in this forum and beyond, the changes introduced to the class have made it dead on arrival (hah...hah) and irreconcilable; I won't be playing the character I looked forward to coming back to because of it. Instead of dwelling on the disappointment and consternation, I've given a few promising others a try. As opposed to go into everything I've been less than satisfied with, I'm inclined to just jump straight to the solution that I found for purposes of brevity. Retribution Paladin. To some this would seem like an obvious move on a very 'crayons and finger-paints' level, but the reasons I've made the switch go a bit deeper than 'hurr, plate + 2H sword, hurr.' [Added] One of the things that was quietly intriguing about Ret paladins is that if you go to Icy Veins, or any of the min/max munchkin sites, there are multiple rows throughout the talent tree that have more than one choice for an optimum build, even a row with some ambiguity in the form of a question mark. The breadth of possibility and nuance is reminiscent of an older more technical feel, which is something that I appreciated as I was making my final choices. Ret paladins have come to have the same...I'm going to call it 'flow' (or one that is similar enough to bear credible resemblance). There is a straightforward 'setup' phase in which you amass your 'opportunity space' before you start the pain train. Where this was stacking diseases and spreading them around in a DK build, it amounts to generating Holy Power through the application of a few strikes, followed by applying your debuffs (read: Judgement, that when talented, can knock between up to four baddies and guarantee crits on everything above 50% health). So, there's setup and the AOE grooming in both, and they evolve in similar ways. What follows is a flurry of 'nasty' in the form of Templar's Verdict (read...more or less an Obliterate) that can just as easily turn into a string of Divine Storms (which is tantamount to Howling Blast), and you're waiting on the Divine Purpose procs to make your next big spender (either of the two above) free (which is essentially Killing Machine). You even have a nice Justicar's Vengeance (if you talent into it) which is an interesting parallel to Heart Strike that also synergizes with Divine Purpose to mitigate the high cost. So, the broad strokes are there. Ret paladins have nothing close to Death Grip (which is a big mechanical difference in itself) or the smattering of defensive cooldowns we all know and love like AMS, AMZ, and Icebound Fortitude...but you get the pally bubble and an overt heal a la Flash of Light to provide some survivability elements albeit in a less fluid, less 'on the move' kind of feeling. You don't get the same snap-utility powers like Chains of Ice and Path of Frost that have made themselves small but solid elements of DK utility play. And of course you lose the combat resurrection that DK's are loved/ hated/ loved for. However, the novelty of access to the Blessings (Kings, Wisdom, Might, respectively) takes things in a fun direction that Horn of Winter just couldn't do. So again...the broad strokes are there. Enough to matter (for me), and enough to have me running somewhat smoothly through a rotation that feels familiar though remains unique. I've only been at it for 8 levels (started with a boosted 100) but I get the feeling that the seamlessness I'm use to (that I've regarded 2H Frost for) can be found in the Ret paladin camp as well. Your mileage may vary, but if you're like me and tried to make Unholy DK work (but couldn't), it might be worth giving Ret a try over. Happy hunting! -CCorilias12 Jan 6
Jan 6 Trying to understand Army of the Dead If I use this ability do I need to stay in place and wait for it to cast or can I just click the ability button once and continue fighting. I am asking this because I see no casting bar when I use army of the dead. Thx.Daive3 Jan 6
Jan 6 So 7.1.5 is almost here.... And UH honor talents which are probably the worst of any class didn't get touched. Still have a slime that doesnt do any thing, still have a ghoul that dies if a fart is wafted into his general direction, and still have a necrotic strike that doesn't worth with the scourge strike talents, and even if it did is still a pretty bland skill compared to say, overpowered rune weapon, or chill streak.Orcs3 Jan 6
Jan 6 Frost dk hidden artifact So our hidden artifact drops off a world boss. Which im assuming is the soultakers. But 2 months into the game and soultakers still havent spawned and our hidden artifact is nowhere to be found while every other class found theirs unless you're a hunter who can just buy it. LOL DEVS ARE A JOKEEEEArthasreborn16 Jan 6
Jan 6 So i decided to play around with Unholy... Good god i feel so sorry for anyone who in maining an Unholy DK right now. After getting my Frost(main spec) and Blood to 35 points i decided to play around with UH. How do you guys do it? I havent felt that weak since i hit 110 on my FDK the first week of the expansion. I almost died to regular mobs that i would have no problem killing within seconds on my FDK. There felt like there was no synergy within the kit that Unholy has. Also i can see why you need the bracers. Scourge Strike only popping 2 wounds(RNG) sucks and Death Coil doing almost nothing just feels awful. I really hope you guys get some love here soon.Faulkner9 Jan 6
Jan 6 Anyone tested Ebon Martyr Helm in 7.1.5 PTR? A few weeks back there was an update to the wording for this "Howling Blast deals 40% increased damage to enemies recently damage by your Remorseless Winter". I'm curious if they actually implemented the fix and if it now works on bosses and raid bosses. I've yet to read anything official or from anyone who can confirm it... so, is anyone able to test it and confirm they actually changed the mechanic and not just the wording?Thegovernnor13 Jan 6
Jan 6 When does DK starting gear become bad I have been playing in the outlands for a bit, I'm using the DK starting gear every other piece of gear I get isn't significantly better to what I am wearing it's only a few points higher on one stat like stamina but the strength for instance might be like 6 less then the DK gearAshtonus3 Jan 6
Jan 6 Death Gate goes back and forth Something I noticed the other day while leveling. I used Death Gate in order to reach the runes for runeforging and then used it again to go back to were I was. It works as a two way portal dropping you somewhere in the map of the first place you used it on. Was it always like this?Daive2 Jan 6
Jan 6 for pvp world quests honor talents for Bdk? for a blood dk what should my honor talents be for world quests?Plumber1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Nature's Call Is Nature's Call any good? I have a 865 one and was wondering if it would be worth using over a 845 stat stick (with haste). Also currently am using a memento so idk if these two would have synergy together.Jollyrancher5 Jan 6
Jan 6 Amusing lore Q- Do DK's have Kids and a life and family? I asked this before the forum reboot and can't find my orginal post. So I thought why not simply ask again. Firstly I generally don't think about how momy and dady orc or dk might have kids. I seem to recall that in my orginal post I thought some people had said somethig something yeah as long as they keep them selves up why not? I also thought Vrykul of the North (death Vrykul apparently) were the ones that went about making DK's with Aurthus somehow. I have a fealing I might be missing something. That as compared all the Valkyr? Vrykul? of the South(life possibly) we keep running into on the broken shores as Shield Maidens (for example) who devoutly follow the old ways with OdinBullandis5 Jan 6
Jan 6 Frost DK's I just gotta say i've lvled a rogue, warrior, druid all to 110 prior to my DK and man oh man Frost DK's are so much freaking fun!!!!Icydeadpplz12 Jan 6
Jan 6 I've been PvPing a Blood Ever since the Frost 10% strenght nerf and I was thinking of trying Unholy soon. How is Unholy doing in PvP?Vynecro7 Jan 6
Jan 6 Frost artifact skin idea. So I see alot of frost dks mourning the loss of 2hand being an option. While that won't happen in this expack. An easy thing they could add (provided they add more skins for all classes), would be to make a new hidden skin that combines the 2 shards of frostmourne into a single nasty spawn of the legendary liche king weapon. Kind of like Carnage being only a fraction of Venom but looking more gnarly and wicked whilst still being super stronk. (Comic book reference). This also would act as a 2hand weapon as far as xmogs are concerned. Dmg, att speed, and relevant combat proficiencis would remain the same as if you were dual swords, it would expect purely aesthetic. How say you?Grumpkïn4 Jan 6
Jan 6 New dk tank Hello all, as the title says I'm new to dk tanking but have some experience as bear tanking which was lots a fun. Anyways I just wanna know if anyone has any tips for tanking on a dk, stat priority and how is it in comparison to bear tanking which is what I'm really used to.Cajiin1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Antique Blacksmithing (Enchanted Thorium) Hello I am in search of an old Blacksmith from back in the original days to craft a recipe that has since become unobtainable due to the discontinuation of the quest that led to the recipe: I am hoping to find a blacksmith that was around back then and learned it when it was available. I absolutely love this piece and it has been very hard to find, I will pay you whatever you would like!Foxymethoxy4 Jan 6
Jan 5 Unholy Log Analysis Since I'm new to reviewing logs for specs I don't know much about, i'm reaching out for help regarding a fellow Unholy DK on my raid team. I'm hoping for some insight as to what he can do to improve or any advice I can pass onto him: Thank you for your timeOnemoreswipe6 Jan 5
Jan 5 7.1.5 frost BEST build Maybe someone can clarify this if its possible. But, will breath spec become top dog over RA/obit for ST and scyth or m+? Since it is getting a hefty buff that's all I hear about. And if that's the case, anyone else not that excited about it? Played breath leveling up and the beginning of 110 and found it too hard to keep up on certain fights. Just lpoking for opinions. ThanksJorg21 Jan 5
Jan 5 Fdk pvp burst rotation? If your trying to nuke someone what a the rotation you guys use?Plumber7 Jan 5
Jan 5 Blood DK stats? I think I asked this before 7.1.6 or what ever the new patch's number is. Icey-Veins seems to be suggesting Haste/Verse or Mastery simillar to Prot Palli. Am I understanding that right? Haste Makes sort of makee sense for good and fast rune recharges. Verse? oO I the verse no one sane in WOD took seriusly? Was it buffed and I missed the memo? Mastery in MOP was arguably the most fun stat to pair with Perry and Haste (fast recharges and blocking damage) I thought Master(Legion) simply more fun and you could get to work better because it doesn't take nearly as much for it to work. That compared to Verse seems to take an enormous amount to work no matter the spec. Or am I wrong? My Blood DK just hit 107 yesterday.Bullandis11 Jan 5
Jan 5 . .Ayycorn0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Is 230k+ dps low for my ilvl? Unholy dk @849 ilvl no gems or enchants and just random trash trinkets. Also should note that's single target dps aoe I do around 350k+Whorror18 Jan 5
Jan 5 Why so much Versatility? To my understanding, haste and crit are a frost DK's focus correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just get some much versatility on my pvp gear drops that i don't know if I'm focusing on the right stats.Raggnaroks9 Jan 5
Jan 4 Frost hidden arifact skin? So, ive been watching this vedeos ehere they show that to gt the hidden wepon skin you have to kill the boss up in stormhime, but i was wondering if people gey groups to kill this boss or i have to wait tilk they make a world boss quest and if so, is there anyway to know when its gonna be a world boss?Makabree3 Jan 4
Jan 4 For wpvp, who is better? As strange as it sounds, wpvp is the most fun aspect of this game for me. Of equal skill/gear, who is a better choice for a wpvp toon; Veng Dh or Blood Dk?Teekarova4 Jan 4